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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 18, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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start right. of the classroom for 7 full days, as chicago teachers continue their strike. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm robert jordan in for dina bair. wgn's tonya francisco is live outside cps headquarters with details on our top story. >>the teachers received a show of support this morning from parents who showed up to try to deliver 1000 postcards to jean- claude brizard ceo of the cps. security guards would not let
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them up to speak with him instead they collected the postcards and took them upstairs to his office they were against plans that would reportedly close phase out or turn around as many as 120 schools as for today's house of delegates' vote there was a hint of optimism on the picket line this morning at side cps headquarters when both cps and the c t u expressed optimism that there was a deal at hand much like last friday but hopes were dashed after the house of delegates meeting sunday when the vote got postponed until tuesday when the actual contract language were able to get reviewed and discussed with the rank and file that move angered the mayor who ordered city attorneys to go to court monday with an injunction to get the teachers back to work claiming that the strike was illegal because it wasn't about money issues ... the judge put the hearing off until after the tuesday vote ...
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karen lewis says she's optimistic about the vote and she said there will be healthy debate because the teachers don't trust the city public school system because of getting burned in the past ... internal disputes and high expectations have mma made it difficult for them to reach consensus ... >>we are like family but we remain in this together ... it's important for the city the union members and the kids most importantly that we go back to work >>i think we've done everything that we have set out to do and we'll want to be back in school we don't want to lose the parents' support. the c t u house of delegates' vote is at 3:00 if this passes the students could be back at school as early as tomorrow if it fails there will be meeting in a cook county circuit court
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room before a judge wednesday at 1030 for arguments over the city's motion ... teachers from little village academy and other schools gathered at new life church at 27th and lawndale... to discuss details about the tentative contract. >>i am concerned about the language ... the contingencies if funding is available and how the clinicians the services the counselors are disproportionate for the areas that need that the most ... the teachers say they want to sign a contract that will provide better services to students. chicago teachers union members are handing out flyers today.. thanking parents for their support. the flyer spells out the demands the union has won through the strike.. but also points out fight. tsksthe union says parents and
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teachers are in it together for the schools chicago students deserve. nancy loo has been talking with parents about the latest developments in the teacher strike. she's live at the perez elementary school in pilsen. >>quite a few parents have been on the picket line with the striking teachers but today there is a lot of anticipation over that house of delegates' vote this afternoon and many are hoping that this will be the last day of picketing. the fun and games continue with in the districts children's first program while the picketing and the chanting continues out on the streets ... seven days into the teachers' strike it's clear everyone wants to date to be the beginning of the end
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>>my child is not learning much here only sports he needs to be back in regular class because he is learning nothing >>the juggle of child care and alternate retains is taking its toll on the parents ... >>i know it's taking a lot for them but i hope they agree soon this is not getting easier >>teacher's handed out fliers today thinking the parents for support and they highlighted the gains made from the negotiations they're eager for the delicate road on the tentative contract but they remain on the picket lines until further notice >>let's see what happens at the house of delegates meeting meanwhile i am going off to try to talk to parents and people on the street and express my support for their children ... >>both sides are hoping for good news this afternoon as the cps principals are preparing for the possible return of the parents
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teachers and students tomorrow >>we have our plan of action for the year we will be ready to pick up right where we left off >>many parents do support the teachers' but some are dismayed that they did not push harder to get settlement before the beginning of the school year regardless many are hoping the academic year can resume tomorrow. in lake forest, students are back in class while their teachers remain on strike. for now, the school board is staffing schools with administrators substitute teachers and volunteers. after 14 hours of talks, the board withdrew a two-tiered salary offer. the board now waits for the union to deliver its salary proposal. the two sides will resume negotiations this afternoon.
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coming up next: presidential candidate mitt romney is standing by some controversial comments caught on hidden camera. and the investigation in the south shore community: police search for suspects who injured two police horses after breaking into mounted patrol stables. ot sfilodour hi. ooh, that's so...
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s. m uuele
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the attorney for an 18 year old charged in a local terror plot says it was entrapment. daoud remains in custody after yesterday's federal court hearing. he's accused of trying to detonate what he believed was a car bomb, outside a bar in the west loop last friday. the bomb was fake and given to him by undercover fbi agents. the fbi says daoud first posted comments about jihad when he was 17. daoud's attorney says investigators just took an immature kid and pushed him down a violent path. two chicago police department horses were injured during a break-in sunday night at a stable in the south shore community. a 20 year-old horse named "j.r." suffered swelling to his eye after being sprayed with a fire extinguisher... and a horse named "schott" was apparently hit on the back of the right leg and flank with the same fire extinguisher. 30 horses were let loose from their stalls during the break- in. both injured horses were given the day off to rest and are doing fine. no arrests have been made.
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of course i want to help all americans. all americans have a bright and prosperous future. the president's approach has not done that and will not do that ... republican presidential candidate mitt romney is defending comments he made at a private fundraiser. his speech was secretly recorded and has gone viral on the internet. romney made the comments at a private fundraiser in may. the obama campaign issued a response, saying ... "it's hard to serve as president for all americans when you've disdainfully written off half the nation." in a news conference last night romney said his remarks were "off the cuff"... but defended the main message. romney's campaign is calling on the person who secretly recorded the speech to release the entire video and put it into context. an interesting footnote... the grandson of former president jimmy carter is listed as a research assistant on the story
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that brought the video into the national spotlight. james carter the fourth tracked down the anonymous source for the piece published by "mother jones" magazine. president obama has a star- spherestudded evening planned. first, he's headed to new york to tape an interview for the "late show with david letterman." this is the president's 7th appearance on "letterman." the president will also attend a campaign fundraising event hosted by singer beyonce. it will be held at the new york nightclub owned by her husband... rapper jay-z. coming up: a security warning to internet explorer users.... what microsoft is announcing this midday. and later in lunchbreak: it's national cheeseburger day -- we're getting recipes from the folks at burger boss.
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we are live from the new york stock exchange with your bloomberg "on the money" report: a study by the aarp says the real-estate crash has deeply affected older americans as of december 2011 millions owed more on their home and what it is worth ... more than a million alder americans lost their home as a result of the mortgage crisis ... microsoft is putting out a warning for internet explorer version 9 and earlier versions needs protection you must get a special tool kit from the website any computers running x p or visterra or version 7 runs the risk of opening a window for cyber
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criminals ... american airlines has more cancellations than any u.s. competitor because of labor issues ... the bankrupt airline is implementing cost-cutting labor concessions 11,000 workers were notified yesterday that they might be laid off as american airlines makes its final decision ... looking at the market's there's not a lot of movement today the dow the s&p and the nasdaq are all relatively flat in trading in today's trib u: why we have the desire to change others, and how to cope with that urge. tribune "lessons for life" columnist jenniffer weigel is here now. >>because their messed up and we
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want them to be like us? >>why do we want them to change ? the reason is our needs aren't being met ... they either have different core value or belief systems, we need to take a look at this because the experts say that you cannot change a person although you might be able to influence them but it's not lasting >>the man who wrote the synthesis of fact and experts from harvard medical school know about trying to do this ... when we look at why we go there we hope people know what's best for themselves but we always assume we do ... >>if someone is doing harm or in
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danger you must get protective but the change comes from extreme discomfort there is inspiration and extreme discomfort ... >>hearsay to communicate your reasons for the desire to change ... communicate them to them as to why you would prefer they'd do something alternatively ... >>using the word prefer seems to be key. when you communicate your preference this is easier on the yearear, >>the second tip is to be compassionate >>if someone has bad behavior chances are they aren't happy so
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find out what is triggering this behavior. >>are we hard wired to resist change? >>we might be running away from something even if something is safer we go with what is familiar >>and the art of allowance ... >>you don't necessarily condone a person's behavior so you allow them to be that way it is not giving up but it's giving up the fight which is a self preservation move on your part >>sometimes you have to set boundaries ... if it makes things too uncomfortable for you to be around that behavior you shouldn't be there you cannot be and enable our enabler. it's not so
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easy. jenniffer weigel, thanks for joining us. to learn more go to: specific coming up next: the latest in the trial of christopher vaughn... he's acused of killing his wife and three children. the defense could rest this afternoon. and we have live music from "los jefes del rancho".... they're new album is out today on itunes p
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the defense may rest its case today- at christopher vaughn's murder trial. vaughn is accused of shooting his wife and three children five years ago. wgn's julian crews is live in joliet with the latest.
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>>this gut wrenching four week trial slowly nearing its conclusion closing arguments conceivably could come at the end of the day certainly by tomorrow with the jurors likely getting the case by thursday christopher vaughn is accused of murdering his wife and his three children in 2007 prosecutors say that he drove his family to a remote and secluded area off the interstate 55 allegedly shooting his 34 year-old wife kimberly and the couple's children he then shot himself in the thigh and the wrists and concocted a story that his wife was the culprit shooting him and the children before turning a handgun at on herself defense attorneys are casting doubt on the investigation calling a crime scene expert to the stand saying that forensic specialists
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failed to test the blood on the wife's thumb ... christopher vaughn says his wife was suicidal taking medication for severe migraines and she was distraught over fractures in the couple's marriage but the defense attorneys have a steep hill to climb ... an exotic dancer was called to the witness stand weeks ago and spoke of christopher vaughn talking about leaving his wife and removing himself to the remote wilderness of canada ... he had gone to the shooting range the night before the deaths and has changed his stories several times alternately saying he didn't remember what happened to complaining about blood on his cowboy boots and a third emergency room ... many inconsistencies in his behavior it's been difficult for the jury
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jurors possibly can have this case to begin deliberations ... still to come this midday .... tom skilling has your full
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dina bair is off today i want to welcome you to the grumpy old maen edition to the wgn midday
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news ... >>nonetheless we are all smiling today ... we might have some frost on the way tonight that's amazing to think that's the case and there are clouds developing over lake michigan bringing lake effect rainshowers ... the cool air is running out over the warm waters of lake michigan ... here is the radar view of the situation: you can see the shower is coming into michigan right here the northwest wind is delivering the cool air to the chicago area. the showers are towering over indiana as we speak ...
12:30 pm
it would otherwise be considered a snowbelt but now you just sees some rainshowers ... the east coast will be seeing some severe weather this afternoon and this evening there are some big storms running through right now ... new york and upstate new york has an outlet for severe weather today ... there is a moderate risk of severe weather in the mid- atlantic corridor from washington d.c. all the way into new england ... the wind is blowing with gusto here in the midwest and we have those frost warnings for this evening that's for the far northwest suburbs it will not enter chicago city proper this
12:31 pm
evening there is the warning for wild fires out west and the plains states it's been cooler here ... we are looking at the low forties for the overnight temperatures last night ... it has not been as cool as it was this morning not since the end of may 3rd and half months ago currently it's about 57 degrees here in chicago there are some clouds that are
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fading away that they could read develop as the day continues we could get some showers later today they will be scattered you can see those autumnal colors coming out across the region the warmer air will enter into the region tomorrow along with those powerhouse wind conditions ... another cold front will be reinforcing the chillier weather for the weekend showers for south western michigan and northern indiana later today they will fade away this evening the colder air will bring the frost. there's of long stretch of warm
12:33 pm
air across the western end of north america but that's causing a buckle in the jet stream ... there will be more coal they're coming down with these wind conditions later in the week ... if we get frost tonight it's highly unusual if we do ... rockford dekalb and other northern suburbs could see some of that frost we don't expect to see any until mid october here in the city ... in rockford they could break a low temperature record tonight headed into the mid-30s that's three weeks early for that frost in the area
12:34 pm
temperatures are coming back out in the west we see a puff of warm air coming tomorrow thursday will make us chillier for the weekend. the high-temperature today will be about 59 degrees ... it will be a hot day out in the southwestern united states we have gusty northwest winds 22 mi. per hour humidity 39 percent across the chicago area the forecast for this afternoon partly cloudy windy and cooler with isolated showers later today a few downwind of lake michigan. the high-temperature will be 63 degrees tonight
12:35 pm
clearing and calder mid-30s inland 43 at the lakefront ... increasing cloudiness tamara the high temperature 68 degrees 72 degrees for thursday showers later that day with temperatures falling into the fifties we have a cooler weekend coming up i will have more in the 7 day forecast later. it will be interesting to see what sort of colors we will get after having that rough drought this summer plus lots of leaves time now for today's trivia question: what metallic element gives the brilliant red and green color to rubies and emeralds? a. copper b. chromium c. manganese the answer is ahead in this hour of the wgn midday news.
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time for sports: the white sox "magic number" is now 14, with 16 games left in the regular season... and they don't face the tigers again. the sox trailed detroit 3-0 early... but they're only down one run in the 5th with the bases loaded... dwayne wise hits a double-play ball, but alex rios slides hard into second causing a wild throw to first... 2 runs score. sox still lead in the seventh... omar infante hits a hard-liner back to the pitcher but nate jones makes an
12:39 pm
impressive grab. the sox bullpen only allowed one hit in five scoreless innings. they beat the tigers, 4-4, and extend the division lead to 3 games. they're in kansas city tonight. the cubs and pirates waited through a three-and-a-half-hour rain delay. the first pitch at 10:42 is the latest start in wrigley field history. no score in the third with runners on the corners when starling marte hits a 2-run triple down the line. the cubs struck out eight times and only managed two hits before the game ended at 1:30 this morning. cubs lose 3-0 nothing, and split the four- game series. cubs lost 3-0 and split the four game series ... the host cincinnati tonight
12:40 pm
the bears returned to practice to prepare for the rams this week, and the offensive line will look different on sunday. the line allowed seven sacks in green bay last week, so left guard chris spencer has been benched, but jamarcus webb will remain at left tackle. coach lovie smith shrugged off the confrontation between webb and jay cutler during the game, and says he supports cutler. at least one player disagrees. nickel back d.j. moore openly criticized cutler for being unfair to webb. i think it's wrong to make it seem as though it was just my fault ... he has always been that way it is what it is ... that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. good afternoon. here are in your winning pick three numbers 9 2 6
12:41 pm
the lotto jackpot tomorrow night is $3 million ... here are the winning pick four numbers: 3211 the power ball jackpot is $149 million.
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in medical watch.. cancer has replaced heart disease as the leading cause of sick death among hispanics in the united states. it's due in part to the younger age distribution of u.s. hispanics. hispanics in the united states tend to be younger, working-age adults.. and heart disease typically afflicts older adults. it's estimated that more than 112,000 people of hispanic ethnicity will be diagnosed with cancer in 2012, and more
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than 33,000 will die of the disease. a new weight loss drug is available by prescription starting today. qsymia is a combination of 2 medications.. one to suppress appetite, the other to reduce cravings for food. it's intended to be used along with a healthy diet and exercise. about one third of americans are obese.. and many have conditions such as heart disease and diabetes as a result. qsymia is the first new weight loss drug in 13 years to be approved by the fda. lunchbreak is next. we're celebrating "national cheeseburger day" with the folks from "burger boss".
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in today's lunchbreak: it's national cheeseburger day! anthony gambino is co-owner and operator of burger boss in elmwood park thanks for coming in. the food network says you've got some of the best burgers in chicago. congratulations >>we're always excited to serve the food network ... >>the double with jalapenos
12:49 pm
american cheese ... and the classic cheeseburger is the greatest >>congratulations on that endorsement >>thank-you we are honored ... >>what sort of beef to you use >>we use 100 percent angus beef paddies that we grow to order ... 80 percent lean 20 percent fat we cookies on a chrome grille that cooks the meat in its own juices ... it's a flat top grill process. >>what happens when you get one of those grill flareups is it ok to let that go >>don't put it out with water close the lid if you have one
12:50 pm
>>typically it will go out? >>take those beef patties and move them over to a cooler side of your grill as well this is a classic american cheddar cheese burger. we have a contest going or a pole on the facebook page ... we are making homemade guacamole to accompany this. we are managing some of the condoshing avocado adding jalapeno pepper, lime juice onion
12:51 pm
commanumin salt and some fresh clilantro, black beans and co rn.... what's great about this is that it can be made today in advance ... you need to cover this with plastic the lime juice will prevented from discoloring. we are putting this guacamole on deckthick.... the burgers are just
12:52 pm
about ready. >>white cheese do you prefer? >>blue cheese pepper jack are popular the white cheddar is the popular one ... >>there are some exotic types as well that the customers ask for ... >>i am using and not showg a nacho
12:53 pm
for this, topping the burger with sour cream and jalapeno and cilantro....and some crispy tortilla chips... and the famous brioche bun... here is one with pepper jack coleslaw and crispy onion we have a greek style burger with feta and tzaziki sauce you can
12:54 pm
go to the facebook page to vote ... anthony gambino, thanks so much for joining us. burger boss is at 7512 west north avenue in elmwood park. for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to: questions? anyone have occasional constipation diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. s. m uuele
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: what metallic element gives the brilliant red and green color to rubies and emeralds? a. copper b. chromium c. manganese the answer: b. chromium >>it is cool out there its breezy and pretty nice ... 59 is the current temperature let's take a look at these
12:57 pm
readings we were close to 80 degrees yesterday and now we are 15-20 degrees cooler today with the north northwestern wind blowing at 50 m.p.h. and humidity is 38% the water in lake michigan is warm the mold count is high the pollen counts are moderate to low we still have some sunburn times to register ... the headline is for the cool and windy weather to continue this afternoon with some showers across the lake in parts of indiana and michigan we may get some instability showers to pop this afternoon but tonight frost could occur in the far northwestern suburbs ... we will in to disperse some warmer days this week but it will be a below normal pattern going through the rest of september ... high
12:58 pm
temperatures in the 60s today. we will be back into the '70s tomorrow and that will be nice for tomorrow and for thursday friday we will reach the '50s late in the day it will hover at 60 degrees for the high temperatures saturday and sunday the air will be on stable this weekend we will have overcast skies and maybe an errant rain shower much cooler this weekend ... thanks for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. remember we are back at 5:00 this evening and again at 9:00. ....we leave you with more music from los jefes del rancho ... their new album is out on i- tunes today.
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