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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 19, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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in two new flavors. >> could evening, it only took firefighters two minutes to arrive to this location once they got the call but still despite how quickly they got
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here it was still too late for a 3 month old baby girl, the strong winds today and that fired just combine to make a deadly combination in tonight this community is grieving in life taken all too soon. the call came in just after 5:00, a fire in progress on the 3100 block of west franklin in chicago's east garfield park neighborhood. when firefighters are rived they were told to a baby was trapped inside a back bedroom, the bulk of the fire was in the back so they tried going through the front door but the intense heat held them back. we give an extra effort to try to get in there. >> it only took firefighters about 10 minutes to knock out the flames but by the time they made inside they found the three month old girl had already succumbed to the smoke. the 36
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year-old mark lee was able to rescue his sister and two young nephews before the fire reached their apartment but unfortunately, his home ended up being destroyed. it's a tragedy we have to start over from scratch. >> there are four apartments inside this building, all of them have either been destroyed or heavily damaged about 30 kids and adults are now displaced, he concealed a lot of people still standing around outside some of them have been allowed to go back inside to get some of their things and others are waiting for a ride or figure out where they're going to stay for the night. as for the cause
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of the fire is under investigation it appears to have started on the first floor and as for the baby who died firefighters say the grandmother was watching her at the time when this happened in just couldn't get there fast enough. >> another top story tonight 350,000 chicago public school students return to class after a seven day teachers' strike. the new teachers contract comes with a cost. we are on the south side with some of that info. >> it was for many a bittersweet day, the seven day strike kids are happy to start anew but plenty of parents were left a sour after this ordeal, teachers parents and students alike are looking forward to a little routine once again. >> it's wonderful to be back and it's where they should be.
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>> i'm really relieved, it's been a long two weeks. >> i appreciate that it came to a close. >> some parents happy and relieved to but still frustrated over contract problems that left their children on the sidelines for seven long school days. one mom was so angry that she pulled her son patrick out of the school because of the strike. today was their first day at st. andrew. >> i feel like we made the right decision for him and we're glad that we will have to deal with striking, possibly. >> i live any real world where i get paid based on what i do and how well i do it and i think the teachers need to think about that from the standpoint of if they were teachers whether jobs would they do and would they
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have all the benefits that they have? >> across the city more smiles on the faces of happy children returning to school, athletes to, 11,000 back on the field and in gyms all of chicago despite more than one week out of uniform the football team can still qualify for state tournament mayor emmanuel greeting some kids with high fives, smiles for them the school board is already facing a billion dollar deficit next year. in the past our taxpayers paid more in our kids got less in the new contract to the taxpayers pay less and our kids get more, an hour in 15 minutes every day. >> i'm standing outside a church on the south side where jean- claude brizard addressed this roomful of parishioners about education, the plan has been on
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the books for a long time and he talked to him about the fact that he has three children himself, and 11 year-old daughter who is being schooled in new york and two young babies that live here with him when asked about his commitment to supporting public school children he said you never eat the food the cook one eats, there is no way in the world i could be in charge of cbs and not have my kids in cbs this comment stands in stark contrast to the situation made by our meier to educate his children in a private school in chicago. there is still a big x and the fraction that needs to be figured out, how to pay for what was agreed upon. >> lots of questions but not
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many answers yet he admits there's a lot of work to be done but tonight he spoke at a new charter school, one that put on a show for parents. on the day union teachers went back to work meier romijn may work,, major rahm emanuel still doesn't have a plan on how to pay for the teachers 2012 contract and taxpayers are wondering if they will have to foot the bill. the city will save about $55 million a year on the new contract but it still has a budget deficit that will balloon to $1 billion next year besides the taxpayers
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where he thinks the money will come from. >> the most likely way that you will incorporate this kind of salary increases to reduce the number of overall teachers and personnel in the system and you will have to shrink the number of schools. >> many of the schools are underperforming and were likely on the chopping block before the teachers' agreement the mayor is not talking about painful decisions that will need to be paid because of it, he is not committing to anything right now. the property tax levy is already capped and the city would need voter approval to exceed it other possibilities being thrown around by watchdog groups is easing the district pension contribution but it's all speculation right now.
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>> another school strike is over teachers returned to class today at lake forest high school they looked for better pay and benefits last week the two sides agreed to a tentative deal no details released. the state's education department and those two days will not count as legal attendance days. it said the very first food that most babies et and in a nearly every chinese takeout, worries about the toxins found in a rise and changes for chick-fil-a not to their sandwiches but to their company policy. and what jesse jackson jr. is putting his d.c. home up for sale. and jim ramsey looks at a blustery week ahead.
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ot sfilodour
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♪ introducing free layaway at kmart. it's a great time to get shopping. >> arsenic is found in hundreds of rice products including cereal for infants they say there is no evidence that opposes any health risks the
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group that discovered arsenic once the fda involved. every type of rice into rice product you could think of has not tested positive for arsenic separate tests done by the fda and consumer reports showed the same and lisa madigan is warning parents who are feeding rise to their children. >> the one food that doctors say is the first solid food you should give your baby is rice cereal and there is arsenite in it. >> there is no federal maximum level of arsenic in food, matt against teams and their samples to the fda in hopes that they will eventually begin to regulate. >> brown rice is showing higher levels of arsenic than whites, madigan office reports that rice grown in the southeastern united states has more arsenic then
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rice grown in asia. until we get further information from the fda about the dangers hopefully standards will be put in place. >> i don't think we should be in a panic but we should keep our eyes open. the levels showing up in the rice do not coordinate with toxicity. the absorptive capability of that is very very low. it's there for not putting the child at significant risk. >> a chick-fil-a flip flop, the chicago aldermen marino is no longer finding fault with the chain. last month long lines snaked around chick-fil-a restaurants across the country most of the customers in line said they were there to support the company president
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who openly opposed to gay marriage into calls alderman joe morena to consider blocking the construction of a chick-fil-a restaurant in his first war jurisdiction rainout issued this statementmoreno issued this statement. anthony martinez of the civil rights agenda says he would like to see them take an even stronger position. >> what we like to see is them adopt an anti-discrimination policy they have not confirmed that they will not discriminate based on sexual orientation they did however say they will respect everyone and respect and not discriminating are two different things. customers
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outside a chick-fil-a had mixed reactions to the new position of the company. when you are alienating a good portion of what the chicago community is, i don't think it's rice. at least give them the opportunity to change their perspective. as a gay man i do not support chick-fil-a, i really don't. everyone has the right to their own opinions but personally i don't support it, i don't eat here. >> the company said it would not give money to organizations that are openly hostile i'll to same- sex marriages. >> going on the offensive romney attempting to deflect growing criticism of his 47% statements by attacking president barack obama.
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>> a report on the botched
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>> ronni is not backing down from his intelligent comments about 47 percent of americans being dependent on government. the question is who can help the poor into the middle class
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icahn, he can't, he has proven it in four years. according to the latest poll 36 percent of voters say that romney's statement make them less likely to vote for him. romney is fighting back against president barack obama by using his own words against him. >> the trick is figuring out how we structure government system that pulls resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because i actually believe in free distribution at least a certain level to make sure that everybody has a shot. >> the president's comments are said to have come from his appearance at loyola university in 1998 when he was a state senator. president obama was criticized for saying it was good to spread the wealth around. congressman jesse
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jackson jr. has put his washington d.c. home up for sale. for two and a half million dollars. he has been treated for bipolar disorder and was on leave from congress in june. if he wins and decides to step down a special election would be held the chief of staff blames the selling of his home on rising medical costs. the are grappling with soaring health- care costs and are selling their residence to cope. the long- awaited report on the so-called fast and furious operation released by the justice department 14 federal law officials should be disciplined for allowing 2000 u.s. firearms to fall into the hands of mexican drug cartels and attorney general eric holder did not know of the program's
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controversial tactics. republicans wanted holder to step down and they even voted to hold him in contempt of congress as they suspected he allowed the gun walking operations to take place. to top managers left the justice department following the release of that report. housing and hope for the homeless. taking a look at a safe haven with a special mission. why you could soon be paying more to watch your favorite chicago team in action. toys r us is already out with its list of the hottest toys for the christmas season.
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>> a blood test for depression and that may aid in treatment people with the greatest depression also have high levels of inflammation. bio markers in the blood. these patients could immediately start on stronger medication after a simple blood test and that will eliminate the need for trial and error medication changes. measuring
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bpa in the urine of children researchers have made a link between the chemical and obesity, kids with high bpa levels were more likely to be overweight or obese. they report on the latest-steady regarded bpa which is banned and baby bottles due to cancer concerns. a link between pain relievers and headaches medical school doctor set out to find the cause of recurring headaches and people who take aspirin more than 15 days a month to relieve headaches actually experience medication over use headache's the care is not an easy one doctors recommend stopping all painkillers immediately headaches will likely continue for perhaps a month but after that headaches just go away. >> the call last weekend in months, data from the weather center. coolest weekend in months,
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autumn has arrived and even though it hasn't arrived. >> 0 here measured a maximum
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wind gusts of 39 mi. per hour good news on that front as winds are diminishing slowly. it will be much better tomorrows our high today is 73 degrees. here is the cold air trying to move
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off to the east. they have already begun dying down all little bit.
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do. temperatures have actually been slowly rising today that suggest that perhaps some of the rain approaching right now moving through wisconsin may give us rain or thunder here is our forecast for tonight. then on friday, more storms which will actually precede all of the cold air that we expect over the weekend. three buildings are on
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fire in chicago southwest side the fire is aggressive and spreading and at least one of the buildings has completely collapsed. we are told there are no injuries right now there is a large fire department response at the scene. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i know is better nutrition.
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tonight we begin celebrations it looked at one group that is tackling a very difficult issue for latinos. we're talking about homelessness and it's not talked about very much but it impacts all communities. you are dealing with language barriers at times and culture differences. one
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group started 10 years ago trying to ease the problem. this is not a typical day for ricardo although they don't necessarily live in your typical home. some rooms are vacant some are moving out and others are moving in. my junior year of high school i was homeless for a month or so. from the job boards right down to the day, for carter has adjusted so well he is the resident of the month. my goal is to become law lawyer. the whole thing has made a world of difference and they point to
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the organization running the home in humble park and is addressing homelessness among latinos. what we see locally and across the country is extreme overcrowding and doubling up. some of them don't like talking about their stores because they don't feel like they are normal it poses a challenge but it seems to be working. there is also a future plan. they need to raise 15 million to make it happen to make 55,000 square feet of abandoned real-estate look something like this. they
9:39 pm
will provide 26 new homes for families and a rich community center. he says the key is making people understand that the model that we have has real results. and it goes beyond providing shelter and feud but clothing and education and making sure that those havethat have helped our helped back. we tried to educate them on healthy snacks. he is proud of that although a small contribution, he is well aware how one program can change a life. i know for a
9:40 pm
fact that if there were no programs like this i wouldn't be in school, i would not be working. such a great group and they started 10 years ago with two employees into they now have 40 there is still a need out there for organizations like this this is rich king in lake forest, jay caller tries to put the ♪ introducing free layaway at kmart.
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it's a great time to get shopping.
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a speed bump! [ wife ] a beached whale! lawn clippings! a mattress. a sausage link. mermaid. honey!? driftwood. come on, you gotta help us out here a little. [ male announcer ] febreze eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪ ♪ a pastor from a maggot church and indiana is charged with having sex with underage girl. he took a 17 year-old girl to illinois and michigan in july to have sex and he used a computer to lure the girl. his lawyer delivered a statement on his behalf today. it's always
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distressing when a spiritual leader x contrary to his beliefs and teachings but spiritual leaders are men susceptible to stumbling into a sitting and faith sinfully is not in men it is it gaga please pray for all of those affected by my actions. he decided not to contest the charges against him so he and his family could move forward with their lives and avoid a long legal process. gov quinn signed a pledge not to texting and drive into wants you to do the same he send the note text pledge highlighting a proclamation in september as texting and driving awareness
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month. the governor was joined by secretary state jesse wide as he urged all illinois drivers to promise not to text in drive. this is a public health measure. back in 20 09 gov quinn signed into law a statewide ban on texting while driving since it took effect more than 2600 people have been convicted for that offense. considering hikes in the amusement the year tickets could go up a lesser amount in the cigarette tax as well as the mayor wants to hold the line on sales in the real-
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estate taxes after signing off on the million dollars school property tax hike. j.p. morgan chase which was unavailable to some customers including tonight a group was planning to launch a cyber attacks on the west bank and the new york stock exchange. according to forbes 400 the country's three richest men are bill gates warren buffett and larry ellison. casey and buffett are also the most generous people on the planet and have given over $40 billion combined. some people just have to be first in line. a long gathering of techniques are camping out at the michigan
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avenue apple store awaiting the release of the new iphone 5. the new device could single- handedly had a half percentage point to the annual gross domestic product of the fourth quarter in the u.s.. a list of 36 at most demanded toys among the companies expected to make it the biggest splash, on the tax front are the wii u and the tabio, a tablet for kids. >> we have an interesting 70
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forecast to show you temperatures expected to really drop this weekend 58 for the high temperature on saturday and notice we have storm's coming in the area friday that is the beginning of the weather change saturday in sunday's temperatures will work to 70 by monday as warmer air once again pushes into the area and then wednesday, more storms come in as another push to coal there is expected later next week. the space shuttle has landed in houston retired space craft road piggyback on top of nasa's shuttle carrier aircraft. it stopped in houston this afternoon for refueling before heading to l.a. it will be on exhibit at the california science center. our first look at the newest addition to jay
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franklin delano! [ male announcer ] there's oreo creme under that fudge! oreo fudge cremes. now in two new flavors. la how did they do against those
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muddy royals? >> about how they usually do, royals hitter bruce chan cannot hit 85 with his best fastball but the sox could hit them at all. nobody could get any rhythm going against them. they had the bases loaded with nobody out in the fourth inning and never came close to getting a run finally a strike out of tyler the seventh inning to runs and two outs alex gordon they scored a double a a three-nothing game there and still 3-nothing in the
9:53 pm
ninth. the tigers they are not going anywhere apparently. they get another home run from miguel cabrera that's his third and two game against the a's in 42 of the year. he gets his 15th victory in detroit. chris buyer managing the reds at wrigley the cubs down 5-1 in the sixth. his 30th home run 103 rbis its 5-3. that's embarrassing. the cubs still trail 5-for the bears are taking a professional approach to this week putting the packers in their rearview mirror and looking ahead to the rams on sunday if they could just get this color web thing behind
9:54 pm
them. the day after admitting he went too far when he bumped to marcus web j. kohler did his best to put the incident at green bay behind him. there are still lots of moving parts how to communicate within the leak this guy is not falling quite yet. but the players take care of it and it's time for us to go out there and have fun again. brandon marshall and jake color go back a few years to their days in denver so it's not surprising that marshall has colors back he said he wanted to play for the quarterbacks with a
9:55 pm
backbone. that's the reason i wanted to be here and that's the guy i want to play for we have to be productive and to make sure we are communicating the right way there are some things we need to change bunt that's the guy i want to play for. as for this j. kohler incident will be history the bears win the next five in a row. >> the bears are 7 and 1/2 points. the nhl has canceled preseason games through september 30th i'm sure there is more where that came from. look on the bright side, you could be a kansas city fans. >> stop embarrassing yourselves! you are embarrassing this city, wife and
9:56 pm
children and your dog and your cat, you are an embarrassing train wreck to the 2.5 million people that call this metro area home, you have let down all the old ladies that are on life- support rooting for you trying to pull out another day you give people nothing to live for, you stop. >>suck. >> julie andrews is at a fire on the southwest side. >> three buildings involved now in what was an extra alarm fire firefighters got the call around 9:00 p.m. it started in one of the buildings a completely residential block here behind me it started in one building and quickly spread to three in total, everything is under control but the center building has completely collapsed. one building was vacant they think there were squatters there. a
9:57 pm
lot of firefighters on the scene, it's still active although the fire itself is indeed under control that is the good news here and there are no injuries to report. >> that is the news for this wednesday night. updates on wgn good night. have a good night. ot sfilodour notaxe
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