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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 13, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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ssible side effects include headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. >>a 16-year old girl is shot and killed while riding in a car with friends. her grandmother says the loss of the spirited teen leaves a hole in her life. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's nancy loo has our top story. live from area south police headquarters. police are not talking about their investigation. there clearly a number of witnesses.
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but she >> has been my life for so long. when you think about going home from work she is not going to be there anymore. >> this teenager died at around 10:30 p.m.. if not long after she shot in the head while riding in the car with some friends.
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>> she is a sophomore at morgan park high school. she died your hair blond after eighth grade graduation. >> unclear if the gunman was targeting someone. she leaned into the people in the car with her when she was shot. chicago police are looking for the hit-and-run driver who struck and killed one man and injured another last night in the west rogers park neighborhood. wgn's tonya francisco reports.
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the vice-president of the rogers park chambers of commerce. he was the husband and a father of three young boys. his wife tells me that she is so lost without him she does not know what he she is going to was crossing the street with his brother and will when they were hit by a dark blue below it just kept going. he suffered a severe head injury and died about four hours later. she does not know what she's going to do without him. most of her family is in india and is not have many friends here in chicago. they will do all they can to help this family.
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>> he was a friend. he was a great asset to the community. he was an important person. he is the nicest guy you'd ever want to me. he always did the right thing. >> you want the driver to know? >> i think he is a monster. he did not leave anybodyer. do not leave anybody hurt. >> as asking anybody with any information about the car or the driver to call the accident investigation you did. unit. >> the wife is so lost without
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her husband she does not know where to begin. all she can say is that she helps the police catch the person who killed her husband. >> new developments in the scandal involving former c-i-a director david petraeus. general john allen, the top u-s commander in afghanistan, is now also under investigation for exchanging thousands of emails with jill kelley, a woman linked to the petraeus affair. kelley is said to have sparked the investigation into the relationship between petraeus and his biographer, paula broadwell when she told the f-b- i she was getting threatening emails from broadwell. kelly is a petraeus family friend. f-b-i agents meanwhile raided the home of the woman named in an extra-marital affair with former c-i-a director david petraeus. agents carried out two computers and ten boxes from paula broadwell's north carolina home last night. the f-b-i had been investigating claims that broadwell sent harassing e-mails to jill kelly, and in doing so uncovered emails between broadwell and petraeus indicating their affair and leading to petraeus' resignation
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last week. former new jersey governor jim mcgreevey, no stranger to shocking sex scandals, tells cnn he is not surprised by the scope of this high profile military embarassment. when you look at the generals, these are men that the nation need. yes we need to make sure military secrets were preserved and protected, we also need to understand the human dimension. >> he denies any wrongdoing and will remain the commander in afghanistan. congressman jesse jackson junior has left the mayo clinic in rochester where he was being treated for bipolar disorder. his whereabout are not known at this time but the investigation into his campaign money misspending is now widening.
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wgn's robert jordan is live at city hall with the latest. latest report on congressman jesse jackson jr. and the investigation into the alleged misuse of campaign funds is spreading to possibly include the congressman's wife. according to the wall street journal federal prosecutors are reviewing evidence suggesting that sandy jackson was complacent. involved. congressman jackson returns to the mayo clinic a few months ago for treatment of bipolar disorder. caracoling on
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jackson to step up and be accountable. >> i think congressman jackson it is incumbent upon him to have a conversation with his constituents about his intentions. >> we're in a position of public trust when we run for office. we are held to higher levels. >> congressman jesse jackson jr. was a big supporter of that effort.
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>> congressman jackson has been a great champion and partner of this airport. we're holding his news conference because we want to raise the profile of the airport and let the people now that this airport benefits all of the people of chicago land. i spoke with several aldermen inside of city hall. nobody wanted to go on camera. next the internet pioneer wanted by police in central america. and the latest in indianapolis after a deadly explosion. what may be to blame for the blast. plus congress returns to capitol
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these are my polar bears. he used to wash them in hot water. he didn't get the irony. i'm not the tree-hugging type. but i am the saving money on energy type. so we switched to the cold cycle and with tide coldwater his teddy bears are clean. polar bears. that's our tide for conserving energy. there were killed in the explosion. he colones the home next door with his ex-wife. he says his daughter sent him a message last week to say there was a problem with the furnace.
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he said he was shocked when his daughter told him that the house had been leveled. his ex-wife is not commenting on the report. investigators suspect natural gas played some role in the explosion. they have not pinpointed a cause. three dozen buildings are so badly damaged they will need to be demolished. congress returned for its lame duck session this morning and at the top of the to-do list? the looming fiscal cliff. the fiscal cliff is a combination of spending cuts and tax hikes that are expected to kick in at the end of the year. president obama has said he will not accept any deal that does include a tax increase on the very wealthy. speaker of the house john boehner is arguing for eliminating tax loopholes instead. the fiscal is just one of many challenges facing congress including the aftermath of super-storm sandy. if you're planning to travel over thanksgiving, you'll have lots of company. triple-a projects more than 43 million americans will travel at least 50 miles over the holiday. that's up slightly from last
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year. nine out of ten holiday travelers will hit the roads and they'll find gas prices slightly lower than last year. more than three million people plan to travel by air others will take trains and buses for their holiday trips. the thanksgiving holiday period extends from wednesday, november 21st, through sunday the 25th. just ahead. the states with the most cooking related fire-claims around the holidays and where illinois ranks. and, still to come this midday the money being wasted at air traffic control towers. where some employees are basically being paid to keep each other awake. tand later in lunchbreak: expert tips o that was me...
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according to the government's own guidelines. the shutdown could actually save taxpayers as much as $10 million a year. speaking of saving taxpayers, tax they are on the docket. they go back to work today trying to avoid the fiscal cliff. stocks are trading mixed. meanwhile it is time to start thinking about cooking up that thanksgiving dinner. be careful. state farm release statistics on cooking related fires last thanksgiving. texas topped the list. illinois was a close second. starbucks wants us to start thinking holiday. after their strongest holiday season in history last year, the coffee chain is offering to buy one get one free deal on all holiday drinks.
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>> the attitude of gratitude. to stay grateful during times of stress. lessons from life columnist is here to make of all better. us all better people. >> >> she is a best-selling author of books like positive energy and emotional freedom. when you're driving in traffic, you want to look at the accident. you do not want to look at the people dancing next deal. >> to have to rewire the brain to get them motivation going in the other direction. can be done but it does take a little bit of work.
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>>you have to work at it. we are worried about ourselves before we think of others. >> we have them in our work and our family. put up a boundary so you can protect yourself. you cannot play tennis by yourself. do not get sucked in. >>that is really hard though.
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>> forgiveness. forgiving somebody is not condoning what they did. taking the high road is a choice that will help you. >>pay it forward. she will leave a 5 dollar bill on the bathroom. they treat the next person better. pay it forward with positive momentum. >>i am not there yet.
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>>attitude of gratitude. >> plans for a new multimillion dollar casino. [ "the odd couple" theme playing ]
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jury deliberations continue today in the lawsuit filed by a chicago bartender who was severely beaten by an off-duty police officer. the 2007 beating of bartender karolina obrycka was captured on security video and seen around the world. obrycka is suing former police officer anthony abbate and the city of chicago. she accuses the police
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department of a code of silence that covers up police officers' bad, and sometimes illegal behavior. former political powerbroker william cellini has given up his fight to stay out of prison. cellini will report to prison in january. he'll serve one year for trying to shake down a hollywood producer to donate money to governor rod blagojevich's campaign. last month, cellini asked for a postponement of his sentence while he appealed his conviction. yesterday, he withdrew his request. it's possible he'll finish his sentence before there's any decision on his appeal. chicago's first snowfall of the season arrived last night and it surprised many drivers. the casino company has built casinos across the country. they say 100 a. site makes economic sense for various reasons. >> we intercept almost all of that traffic that goes out of the state. making it easier and more convenient to confenjoy
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yourself. if that is what you choose. to enjoy yourself in the state of illinois. >> the governor vetoed senate bill 1849 which would have added five new casinos in the state. it turns out the baby girl born last month it is a girl. still to come this midday. tom skilling has your full forecast!
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a little bit of early snow in november. >> we have made beautiful sunny day going. the only cloud nearby are on the other side of the lake. we have a gorgeous day. temperatures will be more like a late november day in a mid november day. readings in the low 40's expected across the area. coming off of a very cold night. we were not far from the
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record low. we are still below where we were yesterday. the real cooling has gone out to the east of us. the leading edge of that cold air is coming in. the 30 degree temperature dropped here. a change between sunday and monday would be like going from the normal high on september 28th to the normal high on september 1st in just 24 hours' time. it was a seasonal
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change around the metro area. quite a shocker. over night we went down into the teens. the average stay for flurries of the last 15 years has been november 3rd. we are actually a little bit late. here are the brains
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out to the east of us they're hitting the east coast and introducing the chill. just like clouds and our area. 30 percent of the country is not covered by snow. november 2nd only about 3% of the country. there has been a 13 fold increase in the area of country covered by snow. here's where the rain introduced the chill to the east coast.
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>> to jet streams, one across the continent. run across the continent. we ought to see these temperatures bouncing back within the next couple of days. here's our high
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pressure. there's a little disturbance right here that will bring some mid-level clouds tomorrow. we go back into high pressure. here is what is interesting. this high and low may begin getting tangled up in a blocking pattern. it would be horrible news because astronomically the tides will be high are again going into early next week. 38 is our forecast high temperature today. we move up to 45 tomorrow with fifties to the west. we will be getting close to 50 by the time to get to thursday around the area. that is pretty nice. here is the coldest air pulling out of here.
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we'll talk more about that the east coast situation. we will show you some computer model forecasts. we'll also look at our own thanksgiving weather. we might have a warm and windy thanks again. significantly lighter winds. a high temperature of 43. tonight increasing cloudiness. back to 50, mostly cloudy day thursday. a little sunshine through the clouds. maybe an afternoon sprinkle. nothing to write home about. san
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time for today's trivia. which of these elements got its name from the greek word meaning hidden? a. selenium b. krypton c. strontium
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time for sports. the bulls' defense struggled without krik hinrich, and could not contain boston's all- star point guard. rip hamilton honoring veterans at the united center. the celtics outplayed the bulls until the fourth. luol deng misses the free throw, but he gets it back for two of his
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game- high 26 points. the bulls down two in the final minute, but rajon rondo serves it up to kevin garnett for a big dunk. rondo had 20 points, ten assists and nine rebounds. bulls lose 101-95, and finish the home- stand two- and- three. before the game, coach thibodeau gave a rare update on the condition of derrick rose's knee. he has started cutting movements, which is the next step in his rehab from a torn a- c-l. thibodeau says rose is exactly where he should be in the process, and he'll meet with the team in los angeles later this week. the bears have re- signed quarterback josh mccown to back- up jason campbell. lovie smith says jay cutler is doing a lot better after suffering his fourth documented concussion. it's still unclear if he'll play against the niners on monday night football, or even travel to san francisco. cutler briefly stayed in the
12:40 pm
game after a vicious hit, but the n-f-l says the bears followed the correct protocol. bears defensive lineman israel idonije says he's always on the look-out for concussion symptoms. >>winning pick 3 numbers 4,6,7 winning pick 4 numbers
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6,9,2,4 + have a great afternoon.
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in medical watch. more problems for a sister company of the pharmacy linked to that deadly meningitis outbreak. compounding pharmacy ameridose is run by the same management as the now-closed new england compounding center. federal inspectors say they found crawling insects corroding walls, and concerns about safety and quality at the ameridose drug making plant. which is licensed and regulated by the f-d-a. the company is preparing a full response to present to the f-d- a. since 2007, ameridose has received more than 800 thusand dollars in drug orders from the department of defense, the department of veterans affairs and other federal agencies. too much sitting has been associated with everything from
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increased lung cancer risk to shorter life expectancy. now, doctors say sitting too long can also lead to chronic back pain. americans spend at least 50 billion dollars a year to treat lower back pain. and doctors say much of that pain can result when muscles become weak or imbalanced from disuse. they recommend a combination of strengthening exercises, massage, acupuncture, anti- inflammatory meds and injections.. and most of all getting up and moving around. lunchbreak is next. the folks from winnetka's trifecta grill are here with expert tips on pairing wine with food.
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in today's lunchbreak. pairing wine with food. mary oneil is the co owner of winnetka's trifecta grill. she's joined by chef juan ruelas. thanks for coming in. all of our items are offered as a bike or a plate portion. >> it has a little bit of a spicier sauce. the salad dressing is a little the sweeter. a great combination. it is a great balance. before we even get into that specific
12:49 pm
wine let's talk about that little gadget there. >> tell me how this works. >> we have a bac one roomk wine room. >> we have a system, a wine dispensing system. it has 28 bottles in the system that is preserved by gas. >> you do not have to get a full glass. all 28 are available. it is a 1 oz taste. and a 3 oz half a glass or a 6 oz full glass. all these lines that we carry
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our a little bit higher and. end. that is the benefit. i think with that i would do any of the whites. even some of the letter read. lighter reds. she is plating with the chipotle raspberry glaze. that is the plat,e size portion. >>i would hope so. >>we brought some high end. >>some of these we offer by taste half glass or full glass.
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which you would not get anywehre else. >>is there someone there like yourself?there are 4 other wine managers that work with me. we get the downlow on where the wine is from. we really have gotten a good education. we also do tasting notes that we put above each wine. it really helps and gives thema a great idea. we can definitely help people.
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>>just a little bit of education can help you enjoy it so much more. choose your own. educate yourself. >>those are some tater tots. >>they are gourmet. the pesto oil dipping sauce. that is considered the bite size. >>i am not much of a white wine
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girl. >> rules are meant to be broken. go with the lighter red. one is a lighter pinot. that is the great part of our job. getting them to try something they have never tried. thank you so much. >>mary and juan, thanks so much for joining us. trifecta grill is at 501 chestnut street in winnetka. to learn more go to trifecta grill winnetka dot com for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to wgn tv dot com slash midday.
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and lock in your rate for 12 months today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: which of these elements got its name from the greek word meaning "hidden"? a. selenium b. krypton c. strontium
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the answer: b. krypton. >> have descended into winter cold. if we're not going into any massive warm up anytime soon. by friday temperatures could be and the low 50s. a larger atmosphere will be warming around us, there will be some modification of that warm and read by likerming a by the lake. also the other interesting development are the northeast winds that my headmight hit the east coast. they
12:57 pm
6-10 the region's emptor's thanksgiving next week about 3.8 above normal. there's a high pressure over the st. lawrence valley. that the expanding red and purple area. that is a huge batch of wind blowing right up against the coastline. the astronomical tides will be high. at least be accumulating snow is not anywhere near us within the next 5-10 days. low 50s friday. mid- 50s saturday. early next week we go into the week with some mid to upper 50s as well. >>thank you for joining us
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