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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  August 8, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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>> told police that grab the knife honestly to investigate what tripped the alarm. went into the garage and confronted the gun. the guy said get the gun like there was another person there. at this point in time he does not know for sure if there's somebody in there or not. if they came face to face. that is when the stab him. the 52 year-old intruder was armed with a hammer. leaving a trail of blood from the home to a vehicle block away. that is not known who drove him to the hospital where he said. phew >> shift works at a cable company. his garage houses cables and dia
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generator. in a police source says he will likely not face charges. >> the worker is attacked and a blue line station. live at the chicago avenue stop with details on the assault-and now people are worried. >> surveillance cameras to record video of the suspect. police have and they're working to determine who this man is that attack a worker. that was shortly after 5:00 a.m. when a 47 year- old worker said she was attacked as she left the bath, perrin a man asked her what time it was and then pushed her back into a restaurant. lives in
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the area. in the summer of for a walk yesterday morning. did not see anything but says it does not surprise him that it happened. wednesday's attack follows another scary encounter. a female employee told police that a man dropped his pants and asked her to perform an inappropriate act. when off after she started screaming. for the two incidents in not connected. always aware of her surroundings i see a lot of people who are plugged into their devices. i personally think it is dangerous. especially being a woman walking around she suggested
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as an attack is very disturbing >> just aren't taking the train yesterday. officials tell me that they've not seen any discernible trends when it comes to attacks they say it is rare given the 8.5 million ride the they provide every week. the employees did not receive any serious injuries. officials said there are no timetables for her return. chicago police are warning people and the lincoln park neighborhood after an attempted sexual assault. police a man tried to attack a woman in north magnolia. for how a man accused of trying conducted of rhode girl is facing
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charges the excellent good samaritan. the good samaritan was a guest tonight on the good morning america >> she rushed into the store where she met betty burke. she offered to what the girl home. outside of the store gabor confronted the man and took down his license number as he drove away. her zero children were not really shocked that her her actions but it >> he could have shot me but he is not getting using the license plate number police track down and arrested. charged with felony child deduction and is being held.
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>> the three winning tickets are being sold in minnesota live with the details been folks are buzzing year in the northern suburbs as well as the communities. a lot of excitement about the winner here. the lucky winner right here and around the lake. through five of the six members. he or she will soon be collecting a check for $1 million. fo often i >> lucky winners.
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everybody is trying to figure about timely but harmony that. folks in generally excited that somebody in this community $1 million in these tough economic times. >> to million dollars is pretty good. a nationwide manhunt continued for the man accused of. the investigation in
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dallas after a man went on the fatal shooting spree. a warning to u.s. air with customers. they admit that there has been a security breach.
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israel has temporarily shut down the airport until further notice. the spokesperson would only say that the decision was made due to the security assessment. the city as a popular tourist destination. more details as they become available. another drama attack targeted at all, the. this time a drug habit c >> x attacks have killed at least 29 people in yemen in the last two weeks. the latest comes a day after officials say they stopped the terrorists from ceasing to major oil and gas export terminals. all of this comes after the close down embassies and consulates because of a possible terrorist threat. >> allegedly of dr. a 16 year old on sunday in southern california. he is accused of killing her mother and that
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appears her brother is vehicle spotted in northern california and southern oregon. the accord is a they are receiving a lot of tips. a shooting spree is planning to cities left four people dead and four others injured. the suspect as a former dancer for the dallas mavericks. she traveled 7 mi. were police said he shot another for people. >> >> to of the wounded victims were boys ages 11-13. arrested
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soon after the second shooting. for old boy was killed after a half a foot of rain fell on south central missouri. and woman is missing. interstate 44 in several other major roads have been closed by high water. ordered 50 national guardsmen to help evacuate homes. >> firefighters quickly put out the blaze. watching a shooting rampages can continue to represent himself and child. the
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response to a request to stand by lawyers. they asked if they could reduce responsibilities in the case. impugns and wants to get the death penalty. the judge said this morning and there's a difference in strategy. the attorneys must keep helping him. u.s. air wis pigments that a security breach might have compromised some accounts of customers with frequent-flier miles. pis\ small number of accounts might have been compromised. they do not contain social security numbers. mileage might have been deducted. deactivating the couple was the colts' and working with customers to restore >> a politician in trying to get some good publicity by getting his picture taken with a bunch of kids. the prime minister did not realize that a five- year old boy was making faces behind
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him. the boy's mother was embarrassed. sh >> he didn't do anything alone. i think he is just being a cool kid. an underutilized government tool to help college graduates payback loans.
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first bank of america and now chases the biggest u.s. bank periods was there under federal criminal investigation for practices tauto lead to sales of bonds.
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turning our attention to market. looking to snap a three did losing streak. she >> there is some help available but not many people seem to know about. the financial protection to your house on number resources on their website including the know before you all financial aid shopping tool. allowing you to determine monthly payments. you could even have the remaining balance for given. in the vehicles' safety issue to light an
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elbow. recalling about 343,000 toyota tacoma is. can become loose causing the bell to malfunction. it made from 2004-2011. if you own and affected truck you will receive a notice in the mail. the can also find more information online. >> small cars and pressure. in a study says more than half of cars tested termed an acceptable safety rating. the best was the honda civic. for the insurance institute for what the news on sentra, kia soul, a poor rating. >> a warning to parents about mobile apps.
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happened yesterday to white chevy. two men that out of the vehicle and it appears to have something around the neck. claiming to be police officers and took his wallet and money. and the victim got out of his vehicle to see what was happening,
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the offender's drove off. the safe passage program is still not ready. safe passage is being expanded since 47 schools are being closed this year. officials plan to provide a way for a fact of studentaffected studento get to school safely. several vendors were hired to carry out the plan to moreno which treats they will be patrolling. training will begin in a week. >> hundreds of women and men will lace up their sneakers for tomorrow to take part in the final three they walk for breast cancer. the foundation announced that they are canceling mixture is walks in year's wan chicago. the funds were all eventually reinstated but donations drop off sharply. tomorrow's event kicks off at
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the shopping center and and and sunday at soldier field. >> yawning can be contagious. contagious yawning affects as many as 60 percent of people. it is associated with empathy and social skills. dogs might also be experiencing empathy and contagious yawning. the researchers observed dogs when their owners yawned and made a facial expression. >> study found the dogs yell more frequently in response to their owners. fo >> motion only connected in a way similar to humans. every dog is to have ever owned, can make them yawn. >> i will have to experiment when i get home today. tomorrow is adopt a pet tried and maybe i should try it.
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mariana r. of their making his final appearance in chicago. a single past alex rodriguez. the game is tied up. new york took the lead in the 12th. in the bottom of the and and come the it's one to comes home all the way from first to score the game winner. they're often thcrashes into nao
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hold onto the ball for the out. he hertz's like. >>he was 3-3 with 4 rbi. also lost thomas with a separated shoulder. >>cornerback calvin haden tore his hamstring. a good chance of making the final roster. >>it is more disappointing than anything. i am praying for his health. i hope he gets better fast. he has the right mentality and
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attitude. i think he is going to do well. that is a look at is going to do well. that is a look at sport.s. a weekend i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. ding! ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ]
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in reversing the discord is what the that we have going today. today without the thunderstorms that we saw yesterday that bubbled up, some nine degree temperatures. this comes from west beach indiana. a beautiful shot of the beach that has just been granted. that is quite a storm coming >> this club, what going on on that picturethis is from one of our colleagues here. one of our engineer spotted this fall in
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all 5 mi. east. from one of the thunderstorm yesterday at 223. he said the contrast made it hard figure out what the the vortexes in contact with the ground. >> thanks to our photographers particularly good group of shots tonight. mother nature. what a gorgeous feeday. the heat and humidity of yesterday are gone after two days in the area. the arson the storms
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downstate. what this summer they have had. some thunderstorms rolling downstate illinois. indiana and illinois. some indiana getting in on some of these we are high and dry. look at some of the rain totals from champagne across to indianapolis. columbus ohio getting in on it to appear that his lawyer at the green areas are. the blazing heat >> here recent under beautiful skies. if this is the view from space. the dew points which are a measure of moisture in the air have gone from steamy down to
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55. that is what it feels so much better. about 12 degrees off of the official temperature. the widespread nature of the school there. it is actually warmer out here in the arctic. actually pushed the cooler air down into our region time and again this summer. >> 91 was our highway. speaking of sizzling at midway airport restaurant foairport. all of the numbers on this map
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are negative. this is a 24-hour temperature change that. that means temperatures are lower than they were yesterday. 75 at o'hare. lansing is at 76. here are the actual temperature change numbers from yesterday. 24 hour drop is in the neighborhood of 11 degrees. part of the reason as the wind blowing in from the northeast. there are too far away is going on right now. the index is the same as the temperature because of the committee in dew point carlo. >> the most disturbing or irritating of the pollens is back in the picture for the first time this season. ragweed is moderate. sunburn times at 19 and 48 at 1:00 and 4:00.
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these are the warm temperatures across our weather but network. the upper '70's for the most part. these are the cooler temperatures. many of them positioned on the lake. the wind gust 16 mi. per hour. our main gauge had nine times lull. about half an inch of rainfall. these were yesterday's high temperatures. the reason they are history is because we are bringing high pressure from canada. that deflects the rain from the south. look at the moving weather map. there is saturday morning. the chance to go and look at some meteors. cooler and
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less humid today. how 76 and partly sunny skies today. 64 even some upper 50s if you go in and. northeast wind will be letting up from 2-8. clouds and next sunday. third weekend in a row where we have cooler than normal temperatures. 77 is pretty nice. i was going to ask you if i could go swimming today. the peak will be sunday and monday nights. it tends to
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see them the night before. they tend to emanate from the northeast part of the sky. the beaches are open late. >> oscar-winning actor dustin hoffman was born. what movie did he win his first oscar for 4-8-9
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moving on to pick4 join us tomorrow night for megamillions 28 million dollars. today's jackpot 200,000 dollars.
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high blood sugar might raise the risk of the mention even if a person does not have diabetes. previous research found diabetes and is a high risk of dementia. insulin does not work properly. they analyze the medical records of more than 2000 people older than 65 or part of a long time study beginning in 1994. those with higher luncheon at a higher chance of developing dementia. eventually lead to a nationwide consumer reforms. now complaining to the government about mobile applications clamming to help babies learn. the campaign for a commercial for a childhood says application developers are trying to track parents into thinking that there
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>> the owner is here with some traditional ice cream soads. we are going to make some
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sundaes. >> first thing we're going to do is make one of our special sundays. we feel it is the chemical also in this. and the changes. right now the bulk of the sunday. next week we are happy to introduce an we're using a premium and family has been doing it all son of chicago since 1935 no preservatives. and as a more romantic way of dealing with first >> know this is fresh. a little chocolate never anybody. we're going to start with that. now you go for the white chocolate. a little white
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chocolate syrup on top never heard anybody. a little drizzle of white chocolate. >> and going to go run for the resinous and pick we are not done yet. a little squeeze of lemon. just a little bit. the lemon kind of opened up. >>it is important to use a fresh pineapple. the syrup does make it last longer. nothing like fresh fruit. it is ice cream. it is a smooth consistency. a little strawberry is always fun. a little sprinkles or jimmys. >>the guy who ran
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the machine, his name was jimmy. >>peppered with history and fun stories like that. a lavender and vanilla milk chocolate. >>wafers for fun. and some whipped cream. >>last but not least. >> a cherry on top. there you go. >>i am going to make you taste that later. >>rootbeer float is my favorite. >>we are breweing
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our own rootbeer. a classic 12 month keg aged. then we are doing the blonde. 100 percent cane sugar. you have to finish this one. we are having fun with different floats. wwe are going to do a classic rootbeer float. with vanilla bean ice cream. this is the fun stuff shaft. wait for it. >>we call this the
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>>we are going to wait for the volcano. that is a rootbeer float. are you going to taste that? >>grab me a spoon please. >>2301 north clark st. >>we look forward to >>we look forward to hvalright guys, let's huddle up here and talk probiotics. hving you.
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for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today. in 1937 and dustin hoffman was born. what movie did he win his first oscar for best actor? >> the he is down.four triple
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digits over dinner. they're fighting force fires.they're fighting forest fires. we are talking about upper 70's and low 80s. this is a sad and a animation that we are travelling through. we will be about four degrees below normal we will get an occasional spike as you can see there on sunday and monday into the '80s. another one starts later next week. a nice lunch
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you got there. >> thank you for you got there. >> thank you for joining us
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quit playing with him, bart. get in there and finish him off. you're a hot dog! he's a hot dog. yeah, but he's good. come on! get up! referee: fight. waste him. waste him! 1... 2... out. at 1 minute, 13 seconds into the fifth round, the winner by a knockout: bart "the destroyer" valen!


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