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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  August 10, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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len: stay tuned wgn news ollows the game. hey are standing by. michael blazek. j.d.: nine games with the cardinals in his debut season. no wins. no losses and an e.r.a. of 8.22. control has been a problem. stop me if you've heard this
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story, 359-round draft pick. len: heard it! [laughter] j.d.: 5-mile-an-hour fastball. what's up with that? 5-4, cubs. 35th-round draft pick, so supposed to be the guys with the marginal stuff. profiles as a back of the rotation guy. maybe, maybe he will get to the big leagues but typically you don't find 95-mile-an-hour fastballs in the 35th round of the draft. maybe he didn't have it then maybe his mechanics were so bad. en: right? high for ball one to junior lake. kevin gregg will get the bottom of the night. craig, holliday, freese.
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will not be easy, but this game is not easy. curve outside. j.d.: a little insurance would be good. ooking for some traffic. len: how about a double? .d.: that works too. en: third time he's been on. j.d.: walk, shmalk. astball down and in. if the cardinals were
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protecting a lead, that may be closer to the line. fouled back to make it 0-2.
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len: blake parker, the cubs pitcher of record. remember rosenthal for the cardinals after giving up the hree runs. so rizzo basically gave himself up. looked like in that swing down and out in the count and wanted to get licked and he did. i'm guessing. but -- j.d.: well, regardless of his intention, for him to get that man over, at least. so he'll get high-five's from the visiting dugout. well, you got the right guy up there. boy, castillo, the at-bats he has been having, got to like his chances.
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a little jelly-legged on that breaking ball. fortunately for him, it was not called a strike. good day's work. when your team has five and u scored two and driven in two, that's a good day. freeman, the lefty, getting ready. len: and he just got hit, and pretty high. i thought he got hit high last night, too. j.d.: he did.
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boy, this is scary. whenever it's a fastball. very similar to last night. 95 miles an hour. trying to crowd him. way up and in. take his catcher's mask to the plate. first and third. j.d.: cardinals middle infielders that were there said back up a step.
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len: that's into right. lake will score. castillo will move to third. 6-4. j.d.: first hit of the night for nate schierholtz. hit deep into right field but this is his first knock and it's a big one.
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len: always like to have a little insurance for the closer. right now, two-run lead. golden opportunity to make it t least three. castro takes a breaking ball or a strike. two out of four tonight.
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len: two down. castro strikes out and it will be up to ransom. back with you tomorrow. we'll have it here for you on wgn. 1:00 for the leadoff man. first pitch 15 minutes after that. edwin jackson, former cardinal. he will face a current cardinal, which makes sense. joe kelly. by definition, right?
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j.d.: couple of hard-throwing right-handers. en: kelly with a sub3.00 earned run average. e's been really good lately. j.d.: edwin had been on a nice roll but struggled his last time out. len: braves are looking to win their 15th consecutive ballgame. they are scoreless. at home against the marlins. bottom of the eighth there's three hits total in the ballgame. fish have two. braves have one. cards get a break because the reds did lose to the padres, 3-1.
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cardinals two up on cincy going into play today. and they have now just started in colorado. j.d.: wants to know where the pitch is. throwing his arms up saying never mind the swing. where is the pitch? thrown a couple sliders in this inning that he thought were right there but hasn't been ble to get the call. they are loaded on the walk.
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really have to like the cubs' approach tonight. be ready to hit. j.d.: and be willing to take your walk. seventh walk of the evening. for cubs hitters, and the cardinals have only taken one. j.d.: the man of the match right now. len: cardinals actually a better average with runners in scoring position hitting .400. cubs are .250 but that's ok. they have had a lot more chances.
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len: castillo is at third. foul by barney. tied the game with a two-run double and scored the go ahead run on the navarro pinch-hit ouble.
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len: here's kevin gregg. he was out of work for a bit. in april. and he's looking for his 25th save of the year. what a nice under-the-radar pick-up. j.d.: yeah. a great opportunity for him in chicago to re-establish his value and boy, he came along at the right time when he really needed to solidify things in the bullpen. taking over and done a heck of a job. awfully excited about that insurance reason at the top of the inning, because this is a uzz saw he's got to go through gregg, holliday and freese here at the top of the ninth. len: quiet series so far for craig.
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1-7. jumps all over the first pitch. a fastball, and he fouls back. his 86 driven in despite runs speaks to his approach and incredibly high average with runners in scoring position. len: fifth in the league in batting coming in. 317 no down to .315. j.d.: i don't know if kevin gregg experiences any anxiety
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when he is on the mound but he certainly doesn't exude it. looks calm but i'm sure the eart is pumping pretty good. len: i'm going to say, no. being around him, he is very easy going. j.d.: very dangerous man on deck. len: would love to face him castro.ody on
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castro will take it. the marlins with a ninth-inning run. danny hits barya scoring on a wild pitch. or the braves. 14-game winning streak in jeopardy.
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j.d.: fastball, slider, split rom kevin gregg. fastball sits around 90-91 miles an hour for the most part. ajor league average. could have been. the arms of holliday, man, you need some furniture moved? he's your guy. refrigerator in one arm, the ouch in the other. len: deep to right.
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schierholtz. can't get it. it's a home run. with two tonight. 6-5. insurance run? somewhere awfully big. first time it was a line drive into the left. goes off here. len: 15 on the season. now freese. till a lead down to a run now.
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oh, that deflects off gregg and goes right to castro and they get the second out and everybody on the infield heads right to kevin gregg. he wants the ball. j.d.: ha ha, he's so calm. what's the big deal, fellows. ooh, that's scary. that will go 1- 6-3. j.d.: find out just where it got him. len: oh, man. ack of the right shoulder? freese very upset. needed a line shot. thought it was going to get him to center. shake it off a little bit. j.d.: sturdy as those big christmas trees he grows out there in oregon.
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en: so a fortunate bounce. jay, 0-3. back to gregg. cubs win! maybe their best win of the year against their archrivals trailing late off a guy firing bullets at 100 miles an hour and they get three runs in the eighth and come back and stun the cardinals. 6-5, the final. >> coming up on wgn news, the bodies of two gunshot victims are found in a driveway. we'll have details. >> and turning to a wedding chapel to send a message and a faith annual march which means
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because at cheez-it, real cheese matters. len: here's our budweiser player of the game in the best stretch of his career offensively, welington castillo, a home run, two walks, hit by a pitch, a sac fly, two r.b.i.'s, two runs scored. a as the cubs beat the cardinals 6-5. cubs baseball brought to you by budweiser, the official beer of major league baseball. great times are waiting. grab some buds. cubs go for the sweep tomorrow. leadoff man hits the air 1:00 p.m. central time. grahame three of this series as the cubs go for the sweep. cubs 6. cardinals 5. cubs baseball on wgn. brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. for j.d. and our entire wgn
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shot to death at a home in the south suburbs. the police say their investigation is heating up. good evening. >> maggie carlow is live in the park with the top story. jackie and bob, the police say they have questioned a person of interest in the case. they are trying to figure out why and who would have gone down to people outside of the home. friends and family came by the scene on south loomis near 127th where to be bore shot saturday at 3 a.m., both found outside of the home. >> the early-morning hours, we received a report of two people injured. we got there, the officers got there and found the two people were doa. >> daniell johnson identified one of the victims ask her reese thomas. they were friends, but referred to each other as
9:30 pm
brother and sister. >> the love was always there. he was somebody i would call on and talk to and confide in and that i trust it with my life and my son. >> she said the shock of his sudden death has not set in. she said cariffe was the father of 4. >> it's a real sad situation and i am still in shock. just keep saying to myself, it cannot be real. >> the police say the second victim is a female, but they would not release her identity, saying the investigation is ongoing. person of interest we are talking with right now. any other details on that have to wait until monday morning. it is all under investigation at this time. the assistant chief credits quick police work for tracking down the person of interest. he said that early hour of saturday morning, there were fewer people on the street and
9:31 pm
the police were able to track down the man they wanted to question. -- live inll you me calumet arc, making carlo. and eight were killed other wounded in shootings all over the city last night and today. one of the dead was shot multiple times just eats of the intersection of saturday night at about 4 a.m. old kenneth18-year- barber, shot in the 6800 block of oglesby at 8:15. he was taken to the hospital, but died of his wounds at about 11:30. chicago police officer was hurt trying to stop a man who was driving erratically near the willis tower. motorist now faces misdemeanor charges after other officers attempted to pull him over. he is reported to have made quick u-turns between adams and jackson on friday. a bystander shot video of this,
9:32 pm
and the police eventually rammed a man's vehicle with a squad car to get him to pull over. he was taken to the hospital to undergo a psychiatric valuation. one officer suffered an injury to his hand. is chargedside man with an attempted sexual assault and the gulf coast neighborhood. deandre minor is accused in the attack friday morning in a high- rise one north stone street. the police say he choked a 54- year-old woman and tried to sexually assault her. the victim's son heard her screaming and call the police before grabbing a knife and of the minor out apartment. he was arrested outside of the building. >> schaumburg police have issued alert about a woman who was a a while taking out her garbage. his is a sketch. they say that the two hispanic males attacked the woman near northartment complex on
9:33 pm
millwood early friday morning. they beat her unconscious. when she awoke, they were gone. the second suspect has this tattoo on the right side of his neck. he also had a white people with a dark spot -- yell so had a white pitbull with a white spot over its eye. arrestice announced an of larry cox this evening. he is accused of participating in a shooting that killed a woman and her five-year-old son. oath were found inside of their home on south winchester on june 28. another suspect, antonio lewis, remains in the hospital. the police found him on the west side street with multiple gunshot wounds which occurred the night after the shooting. >> a final takeoff at gary airport. the legionnaire was the only
9:34 pm
commercial carrier based there. they cited a lack of demand for pulling out less than two years after its debut. lurewere unable to customers away from o'hare airport or midway. the airline announced its plan to stop service in may. the gary airport, which bills itself as chicago's real third airport, will continue a project to lengthen its main runway to handle larger aircraft. >> hundreds of thousands gathered on chicago's south side parade, for the annual one of the country's largest back-to-school celebrations. wgn was there. the second saturday in august means parade day on the south side, the largest and oldest african-american parade in the u.s. >> it is a celebration of our black traditions, black history. >> today is all about the
9:35 pm
children, all about education. >> the annual parade signals it is back-to-school time for kids. >> i'm excited, i have been trying to keep good on my grades this year, so i will try a lot harder. too,'s a serious magic's, let's go back to school. that was the reason for the parade and good thing to remember even now. >> education is the vehicle through which a quality is funded. >> some kids are less excited than others after closings have them attended new schools later this month. many acknowledge the mood is different. realistic, but i think it just changes. i think there are still be excitement of kids going back to school the first day, parents getting ready. i have been doing this so long, i was getting excited before school starts. >> every year is important. they get a full education. >> it has been a tough year, but
9:36 pm
we are ready to go back to school and get the kids back to school. one of the things we are trying to do is pull the kids together. >> the idea of the parade dates back to 1929, the founder of the chicago defender. tohe came up with the idea celebrate the newsboys, which mushroomed to the what it is today. it is the second-largest parade in the nation. today's grand was marshal, a special adviser to president obama. >> i'm excited to play my part in this great event. carried some of our very own and celebrated traditions of the south side. >> i hope everybody had a good time. a law takes effect in january that designates the first monday in october as the day that
9:37 pm
students bring parents and guardians to their classrooms. >> we believe in the future. we believe in our children. we believe in each and every one of these boys and girls. i cannot do this job of governor forever. one of these kids will be governor someday, and we want their parents to be involved in it. >> the law is designed to promote greater parental involvement. according to a study by the national center for education statistics, that leads to better grades through a child's cooling. >> a high-profile california kidnapping case has come to a close. in a remote section of idaho. asked, what led the police there. >> also, a special 100th birthday celebration for a chicago who has made a big difference in her community. >> widespread flooding in colorado. what, did we have a beautiful day here. >> we certainly did. this was a gorgeous august day. ur fortunes may
9:38 pm
not be as rosy.
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kidnapping a 16-year-old girl in california was shot and killed in the idaho wilderness this afternoon. the girl was safely recovered. california police say the man murdered christine anderson and her eight-year-old son, ethan, sunday, before kidnapping her daughter, hannah. hundreds of law-enforcement converged on the remote area in central idaho yesterday after finding the suspect's car in a town nearby. this afternoon, the authorities spotted a campsite from the air. dimaggio was killed during a confrontation with fbi agents. >> this operation started wednesday, when some hiker spotted two people they thought resembled dimgaaio and anderson.
9:42 pm
friday morning, the blue nissan leda was discovered, which to a massive federal, state, and local manhunt in idaho. we are related that hannah appears to be safe and was rescued and was reunited with her family in the near future. obviously, we would have liked mr. dimaggio to have faced justice in a court of law, that will not be the case. >> the authority say that hannah appears to be unharmed and is being checked out at a nearby hospital. mudslideslooding and in manitoba springs, colorado, cause the death of at least one person and three others are missing. massive cleanups are underway after an inch and a half of rain caused flooding in areas already devastated by a recent wildfire. one body was found under a huge pile of debris on highway state 24.
9:43 pm
one woman was found clinging to a tree near a click -- creek before being swept away. >> four people died when a small plane crashed into two houses in connecticut. the pilot had one passenger with him. this 17-year-old son. both are presumed dead. they were half a mile from landing at an airport in east haven yesterday when witnesses heard the engine cut out. a woman escaped from one of the houses were the plane crashed. the authorities pulled two bodies from that home, believed to be heard to children ages 1 and 13. >> still to come, a chicago alderman host a midnight rally in response to a series of robberies in one neighborhood. >> several politicians were part of mock weddings for same-sex couples on chicago's north side. >> and later, a local little league team doing more than just playing ball. 6 children, 44 years...
9:44 pm
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through the lakeview ward on take back the night mission. midnightmen led the
9:47 pm
walk with support for the police and to make their presence known in the neighborhood. residents have been demanding a greater police presence in the area. >> i am very confident in the police resources here. the entertainment district, late night, early morning, and really, i would love to see more police presence. we have it. we would like to see it more often. >> the walk comes after six armed robberies within nine days in the lakeview area. >> an honorary star was embedded in one of the chicago fire stations to honor a firefighter killed while battling a blaze in the west loop three years ago. dedicated to christopher wheatley, who was 31 years old when he died. lane wasstation at 324 his firehouse. he died in august of 2010.
9:48 pm
his family has established a scholarship fund in his name for students at lemont high school. wheatley graduated from lemont in 1997. >> the lesbian and gay bar association of chicago brought an unusual feature to this year's market day festival. congressman mike quigley and sheila simon joined members of the group and performing what they called a faux gay wedding. with politicians have supported making same-sex marriage legal. they were invited to make a statement by taking part in the mock weddings. >> the coach of a little league baseball team on the southwest side was sick and tired of seeing gang graffiti near the field where his athletes play, so he got the community to come together and do something about it. today, the baseball team unveiled a new mural that covers a garage that had been plagued by graffiti. the homeowner said he had to repaint the garage every couple days to cover the fresh gang
9:49 pm
signs. the coach got the idea from a project after overhearing a conversation between two parents. >> they were from a different park, having a game here. they were like, wow, look at that writing. they do not feel safe. that was one of the motivations, hopefully they stay away from it and respected and see there is nothing but kids and family out here. and it is a positive for the community, too. >> good luck to them. three students from nearby kelly high school designed and painted the mural. >> very nice. celebrating one incredible life on the west side. >> next, meet a chicago woman who has been making a difference for 100 years.
9:50 pm
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>> a joyous celebration this afternoon on chicago's west side. >> that's right, family, friends, and well-wishers all gathered at the greater open- door baptist church to say happy birthday to one of the founders, jeanette lemar, but this was not just any birthday celebration, she is celebrating 100 years of doing good work. >> i wish to welcome you to the 100th birthday celebration. living.ears of 100 years of giving. 100 years of serving and being a blessing to humanity. >> not many of us will live for a century. for those of us who do, many will not remember a lot about
9:54 pm
the 10 decades of life. onlyeanette lamarr not remembers, she can tell stories about her childhood and times before the great depression. she is also not shy about telling you the secret to a long and happy life. god,tell them, trust in good living. i never drank and i never smoked. , and good treatment. >> one of 12 children who was brought up in a proud southern family who owned their own farm, she learned that an early age the importance of education. >> her parents, my grandparents, were extremely successful african-americans back in the 1920s. they were not sharecroppers. they were actually leaseholders. land and actually
9:55 pm
leased land out to sharecroppers. they own all of their own farm animals. they owned their own home. they were successful in their own right. >> jeanette and her husband, william, came to chicago from detroit in 1921. a few years later, if you close friends and family began the greater open-door baptist church. >> in 1948, we organized open- door with the pastor and eight members. grownay, the church has to about 300 families with close to 2000 members. they are in the 1950s and 1960s, she was part of a group that fought to get chicago public schools open full-time for black students because before that time, many black kids only attended school part-time. >> i only attended school half a day until i was in the fifth grade. that was here in chicago. she was part of a group of activists to get it where kids
9:56 pm
could take school a full day. >> jeanette lemar acknowledges she has had a wonderful life, but don't tell her she has been lucky. >> i have not been lucky, i've been blessed. >> on her 100th birth a, she received a card and proclamation from a very special friend. >> we are grateful for your contribution to the american story and we wish you the best for your coming years. on behalf of barack obama and michelle obama. [applause] >> mrs. lemar has overcome at cancer scares and several surgeries, but in both cases she has fought back and her faith as she says, has helped pull her through. as son tells me she recently become quite a sports fan and loves to watch chicago's teams win. >> she is smart, looks terrific, and what a trail blazer. >> and 100 years, good for her. >> we had several chances for
9:57 pm
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thanks. >> half of it so far has been fabulous. the other half may be problematic. the system that i thought would bring rain monday now appears to perh


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