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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  August 12, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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instructions use the exceptions in his comments to not apply it to anybody. >> drug offenders making up half the nation's prison population. holder oargues the policy change will save billions of dollars >> the first of the speed cameras being installed and they are intended for child safety but they could also become a huge moneymaker for the city as well. we are live and dumpers park on the northwest side with that story >> these new speed cans are ready to roll and issue tickets. that will happen at the end of the month. so the first violation you'll receive a warning. after that you could get a $100 ticket depending on how fast you're going to go dot released numbers on the test did and the numbers make you wonder if it's about child safety or more about cash for a cash strapped city.
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a speed camera foster's is one of the city's first. the speed limit is 30 mi. per hour. >> i have no idea >> over 30? >> it you just go with the flow of traffic. so a lot of people have tickets in their pockets. >> going with the flow of traffic you could get a hundred dollars ticket in the mail. i didn't see that another eight cameras will go up at the school next month. >> everyone is going 40 and that seems to be the case. but then you have the people doing 50 and 60 >> the cameras are part of the child safety zone program, an ordinance graded the zones near parks and schools. when the program was unveiled the mayor would help cameras would generate $30 million in the first year. but in a monthlong test on cameras at four locations got 93,000 speeders. if the city had issued tickets it would have break and $4.7 million that month.
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with the cameras by the year's and the city could take in hundreds of millions of dollars. new foster avenue, a neighborhood group pushed for the new speed cameras. most of the time he is not a fan of the cameras. >> at this particular spot we need anything that slows down the traffic >> there's too many people are speeding and the city does need the money so it will put the cameras out along with-the red light cameras going and people below red lights >> dot says the estimates are overblown. it says the test runs were done in high traffic areas and drivers will eventually learn that they will need to slow down. the code he says there's 3000 accidents every year involving cars and pedestrians and 800 involving children. in washington these the install these speed cameras the cities as the number
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of violations dropped 90%. on the northwest side, w g n news >> a four year-old girl was left among three people during a shooting on the northwest side in the portpark neighborhood. a car drove up and someone started shooting. a 17 year-old boy and a 20 year-old man were also taken to the hospital a gunshot wound. none of the injuries are considerinare considered life-threatening. >> it was scary. it gives you the chills. it's scary >> i've been living in the neighborhood for 25 years. i never heard something like this and this is a great neighborhood. >> no suspects are in custody. this was one of three shootings across the city that left eight people injured overnight. >> a man was killed along the chicago public school safe passage out of the weekend. a 54 year- old and a 26 year- old man were shot in
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the 2900 block of south state street on saturday night. both were taken to the hospital where the older was pronounced dead. parents of children who will attend nearby brick elementary school say they are concerned about the shooting and the location on designated safe passage route. thousands of sick workers and volunteers in yellow vests will line the route when school begins on august 26th >> a sentencing hearing is underway for the man who carried out the murders of three family members. he admitted he shot and killed jeffrey, lori and michael kramer three years ago. as part of a plea deal he testified against a man convicted of plotting the murders of his ex- girlfriend's family. if he was given a life sentence. lori cramer's mother read an emotional statement and court today. she said he faces a minimum
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of 45 years in prison >> the first phase of road construction o'hare airport is now under way. two lanes on the upper level at terminal 3 will be closed, reducing the drop-off area to one lane. officials say that passengers and drivers should anticipates lower traffic accident in the terminal. the work is expected to be completed on september 8th and in phase 2 of construction that will follow. signs will be posted throughout the terminals to alert travelers to the new traffic pattern >> a massive sinkhole opened up near a resort in disney world. how guest got out in time >> and investigators are taking a closer look at the fiancee of aaron hernandez while they search for evidence in the murder case >> and a dramatic nationwide manhunt, a teenager found alive after fbi agents shot and killed her captor >> you are watching chicago's very own w g n news
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diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. >> 1 building collapsed and another began slowly sinking in the ground when a 60 ft. sinkhole opened up under a florida resort early today. the grader at the summer of a resort near walt disney world is about 15 ft. deep and runs as high as the third
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floor collapsed into the hole. about three dozen guests were back to it after hearing windows cracking and calling for help. >> it was the most surreal experience. i never could imagine in my wildest dreams this would be like 2013 vacation. i worked 51 weeks for this. >> resorts that's as everyone is accounted for and no one was injured left behind car keys, medication and other personal belongings when the building began to collapse. >> investigators searching for the gun used to kill semipro football player oden llyo are tryingd determine if aaron hernandez's fiancee the suspect had the weapon. jenkins-attempt to dispose of evidence which was held in the lock box. the defendant allegedly
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told the police that after the murder hernandez to guns into the lock box >> in california teenager has been reunited with her father every one chance in a trillion citing help fbi agents find her safe in the idaho wilderness. 60 year-old hanna andersson was found over the weekend, a week after she was adopted. her mother and brother were killed before hana was taken from her san diego county home. sheriff's officers and fbi got a tip from horseback riders who happened upon hannah and james the maggio in idaho's frank church river of no return wilderness. the maggio was killed during a confrontation with the fbi to go >> the airlines offering $10,000 to each of the victims of a deadly crash in sampras's go. and airlines spokesperson said the survivors to take the money aren't giving up their right to sue the company. flight crash landed last month and killed three teenage girls
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and sent more than a dozen to the hospital. officials said the money is intended to help survivors with medical and travel expenses. an ntsb investigation is expected to take a year or more to complete. >> a law that allows new york city police to stop and frisk has been ruled unconstitutional. until now new york officers could stop, question and frisked anyone they consider dangerous the bears, but in a class action suit separates plant police officers routinely stop minorities without legal reasons. a federal judge ruled the city must work witwork with an outside monitor to make changes. >> the state department is opening all but one of the diplomatic post that closed last week. 19 and disease and consulates were closed for a week in response to reports of a possible attack. all of the locations have since reopened except for the u.s. consulate in pakistan and the
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embassy in yemen. the u.s. has increased its use of drums against terrorists in yemen may be planning an attack. a special aircraft made its presidential debut as president obama began his weeklong family vacation in martha's vineyard yesterday. the marine corps mv 22 osprey by white house staff and secret service members from the cape cod air station. it can take off vertically like a helicopter but it did also fly like an airplane. for now there are no plans to have the president apply in those aircraft. next, check in the markets plus the latest on newt iphone availability >> you know her from dexter, a chicago native actress amy garcia stopped by the and
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>> attorney-general eric holder is making a speech to the american bar association in san francisco. he is talking about overhauling drug related sentences in the u.s. >> the president and i have been talking about issues he has felt strongly about since his days as an organizer and stop chicago. he's worked hard to protect our communities to keep violent criminals off our streets and to make sure those who break below are held accountable and he has also made it part of his mission to reduce the disparities in our criminal justice system. in illinois he passed legislation that addressed racial profiling and trained police officers to avoid racial bias and in 2010 the said ministration successfully advocated for the reduction of the
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unjust 100 to one sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine. that's the balance the president and i try to strike because it's important to safeguard our command these stay true to our values. and we've made progress as you heard the president say 80 weeks ago when he spoke about the trade on market days he also believes that as i do that our work is far from finished and that's why over the next several months the president will continue to reach out to members from both parties as well as governors, mayors and other leaders to build on a great work being done across the country to reduce violent crime and to perform our criminal justice system. we need to keep taking steps to make sure people feel safe and secure in their homes and communities and part of that means doing something about the lives been harmed- not helped by a criminal justice system that doesn't serve the american people as well as it should. at the beginning of
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this year i launched a targeted justice department view of the federal system to identify obstacles, inefficiencies and inequities and to address ineffective policies. today i'm pleased to announce the results of this review which include a series of, what i think are significant actions that the department has undertaken to better protect the american people from crime, to increased support for those who have become victims and to ensure public safety by improving our criminal justice system as a whole. we have studied state systems and we have been impressed ... >> you have been listening to the attorney general talking about reducing the prison population, rehabilitating as opposed to real incarcerating minor drug offenders >> those who are arrested for nonviolent offenses, not members of gangs are-or cartels, damage and should be given different types of sentencing and possibly treatment as opposed to
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incarceration. more on that this afternoon at 5:00 and again at 9. >> lot had been worked in new york with your bloomberg on the money report. facebook shares are finally above the ipo price of $30 for the first time since may of 2012. the ceo sold $91 million worth of shares to take advantage of the price increase. shares of the social network have surged more than 40% this year as the company tries to profit from advertising on smart phones and tablets. apple fans are buzzing about september 10th, when the company will introduce the next iphone. what can we expect from this person to go there's plenty of speculation about a camera and processor upgrade. also it fingerprint center that will a lot of phone in addition some reporting. the new phone may be available in several colors. married same-sex
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couples with children may face higher bills from the irs because they will be required to file joint returns with the irs and the combined salaries could push them into a higher income-tax bracket where there are certain deduction limits. joint filers could also face eight days out for the child tax credit as their incomes rise above a third-certain threshold. if you are gearing up for last minute road trip some relief for drivers out there. the industry analyst says u.s. refiners have been turning out to much gasoline and prices over the past two weeks have edged lower at its crude-oil prices remain relatively stable that could continue to fall the next two weeks. right now aaa says the national price average at the gas pump, 355 a gallon. down 6¢ from a week ago precocious daughter drivers a lot more, down 13¢ over the past couple weeks, though. stocks are little changed as we start the week. after
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data japanese economic growth slowing down. by the new york, back to you. >> next steve is talking with dexter's amy garcia in the studio. it's about the hit show in the studio. it's about[ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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>> she is on
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showtime's dexter, wrapping up their series finale. the chicago board and raised and northwestern university educated actress joining us this morning. any, welcome back home >> good to be home >> what does it feel like for you when you come back home and you are on the street where you grew up and family and all that? it's got to be sold on >> as soon as the plane landed, my heart goes faster and a huge smile goes across my face and this is home for me. i was here for so many years and i've spent more of my life here than any other city so i am very prideful of chicago. great food and great music. everything a city would need >> i know you are at the will ball tournament the other day. everybody had some much fun and throwing out the burst pitched tonight at wrigley field. are you more nervous at that >> a hundred times more. a cubs fan,
12:24 pm
or i could even talk. and its painful to be a cubs fan. we haven't won a world series since 1908. board dozen people, wrigley field i think is the best stadium in the entire country and i wasn't nervous before but now i am because everyone says, don't throw like a girl. and don't mess up in front of 40,000 people. >> you are on dexter! >> i will take your eyes and it came heights led the intimidation factor. somebody from dexter throwing a ball at you >> exactly >> are you having the time of your life? this show is so amazing, so exciting and a final series has to be a little bittersweet as you wind down >> it's such a iconic show. i don't think there's anything like it eight years ago and it's great. it's coming to an end and it's really sad and michael hall is amazing and people just love the show. i would never think
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some of the people would root for a serial killer but i think he's just charming >> what you think that is? it's amazing how this has caught on. it's the most watched show on showtime. >> it is. we have more facebook fans american family and american idol but i think it's because he's a vigilante. he goes after bad guys and the kind of, as some people put it, takes out the society trash. >> and antihero? >> exactly. >> you can give us all the secrets, they are so secretive it's not in our script >> they don't tell you in advance >> i have no idea how it ends. i don't know if he gets caught. i don't know of the lips. i tried to get it out of him. i tried to tackle him to death. nothing. try to give him money. nothing. i tried to give them-to get him tipsy. >> theirs and some internet talk that there might be spinoffs, at least
12:26 pm
one of the show. have you heard anything about that >> spinoffs or a movie made by i don't know how it will and >> nothing firm. >> nothing firm. and they are very secretive. wheat charette all our scripts. i am paranoid when a script is in my car. the won't steal the car but they will steal the script >> it can be traced back to you >> exactly >> you are a north western-educated-did you bring some of your chicago to the role in some of what you learned at northwestern? >> absolutely. i've been lucky. in rubble, i got to play scientist and in dexter i play grad student. you just come across so smart. and one of the writers at dexter is a northwestern graduate as well, a hole in northwestern mafia out there and everyone loved chicago. chicago is so friendly and such a great city but i feel like the one thing everyone says about my character is that i'm relatable. they say
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you seem so reliable. i credit that to my chicago up ring and. >> we found something from really early upbringing. take a look at this mcdonnell's commercial that you were in with michael jordan in a mcdonald's commercial. we have that? wait for it ... look at you! right there. it goes by quick. there you are again. what do you remember from those days? >> those are some big banks. i hung out with michael jordan-44 1/2 hours and have to tell you you run out of questions. he actually didn't even like the big mac. the only light as a strawberry milkshake and so he had a big bag on the side. but he was funny. he wanted to get to a golf game but he was so nice and i remember sitting there in silence with a
12:28 pm
chicago legend because i ran out of questions. we were all so tired. it was 3 in the morning >> you will bring some of that michael jordan to the pitcher's mound >> i asked terry for advice and he said the same thing. he said throw high and aim for the catcher's head but i will try to take it in and not black out >> at bieber joining us. we appreciate that. and for more info on dexter and contact and follow me on twitter. back to you. tom skilling is with your full tom ski[ female announcer ] you've always got a new accomplishment in sight. and now you've got
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new one a day women's proedge. a complete multivitamin with 8 essential b-vitamins that help convert food to energy. because an active lifestyle has its rewards. new one a day women's proedge.
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>> we have some breaking news now. jacob nadarsi and to 75 years in prison. it was expected 45 years after a plea
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agreement with prosecutors but the judge called this crime bizarre and tragic after he killed three members of the kramer family. now sentenced to 75 years in prison. >> tom skilling joins us now. we've had a nice weekend >> nice weekend. we worked out at the hit parade, beautiful to that and it's a little warm and humid out there right now. we have a mold help that is through the roof, just shy of the alert level. we'll talk more about that and a bit but we have a nice canadian high pressure on the way and look at this beautiful shot. we have the meteor shower over the weekend. our friend, mahoney, a professional photographer was out in iowa which was across the mississippi river from galena and did this time exposure of star trails across the sky but he also captured one of the need years.
12:32 pm
if you look carefully you will see a line and that's one of the meteors shooting across the sky above this beautiful church out there in iowa. thanks to loraine for a gorgeous shot. check this out. did you see these on sunday out anywhere across the area. dan captured these lenticular clout. they look like flying saucers and you don't often see those but that's a sign of a wave pattern in the atmosphere. michael was out on the schooner read which shooting the tall ships on saturday night. a beautiful shot right there. robert earl was out in north carolina outer batanks, how would you like that coming at you been on a boat somewhere? job was downstate and captured shell clouds just a couple weeks ago, down by
12:33 pm
lichfield illinois is a we've had our fair share of shell clouds. it is beautiful sunset from jeffrey. jeffrey has the city skyline framed against a beautiful setting sun. we have some talented photographers out there and thanks to all of you for sharing those with us. we put them on our web site and we get some we don't even get on the air, so many come in and we put them up there. it's a little gray out there and we might squeeze asia or thunderstorm out of these guys today but we got some mixed sunshine as well. here's a look at the showers and storms just to the west and south of us, passing downstate and it does appear like that's the main activity at the moment but as we hold this up there are clouds up here that may at night showers or thunderstorms as a cold front comes this way. the front moves across the upper midwest and behind it there is the high pressure that will come in and take up residence for the better part of the
12:34 pm
first half of this week. scattered showers may develop later this afternoon. this is our model depicting where the rains may be at around 5:00. we might keep a shower going in a spot or two early tonight. then the winds turned, northeast. these are puffy clouds that come in as the cool air sweeps down the lake and then the suggestion of an errant shower or a sprinkle in some spots, but the big story will be welcoming this cool air mass in the, the latest to write into this area from canada this summer, a summer that has been cooler than average but we see what may be a pattern changed getting to shape up on our model forecast out in two weeks, next week. if that happens the wind and jet stream that's delivering the canadian air mass may be about to break down and we would go to warmer weather regime, much like the one that is producing the heat at o'hare and midway. these temperatures all represent modest increases over what we saw 24 hours ago.
12:35 pm
we are up for decrease in chicago. madison wisconsin is 7 degrees warmer and the reason is we have a southwest wind ahead of the front that turns the wind sonorities and cools was down later tonight. but it also blows some of this humidity out of here. winds are west southwest at 10 mi.. there is a moderately high level moisture like in the gulf coast and a big story for hay fever sufferers. the mold spore count is high, 45,000 spores per cubic meter. but the house and is the threshold for an advisory that from dr. lee memorial hospital. this is one of the higher values of the year so far. if you will see a point and you have mold allergies that may be going on. these are the warmer temperatures across the area right now. of the weather up network, 180 sensors through the
12:36 pm
area. 84 high land indiana. the other hand, the cooler temperatures include 70 at inglewood combat lake geneva and west chicago lower as well. eighties the reading at chicago academy. a good view of our skyline right there under these six clowns. here's the set and a depiction. this is the reservoir of cool air that we have tapped over and over again. this warm air, unseasonably warm at that reaches to the arctic because of the jet stream buckles under this and come striding into the country with cool air but watch later in the week how warm colors come in here. this is the beginning of the flat jet stream that has not been very evident which this summer. that's one of the reasons why we have stayed cool over and over. it's one of the ironies
12:37 pm
that warming in the arctic regions of north america. even though the north pole itself has been running chilly, the warming in north america has buckled the jet stream and kept the summer cool in the midwest. clouds dominate the day with some filters on at times with scattered showers and thunderstorms possible. high of 81. winds will be variable coming in of the late. a light breeze on the shoreline. partly cloudy today, perhaps it _ and breezy and cooler and less humid later. winds shift north and debitors go down to 63. tomorrow is mostly sunny, breezy and cooler. lows at a news at the beaches and wednesday partly sunny, comfortably cool. should be about 75 on wednesday with a northeast wind blowing at that time. a little cooler canadian air once again. >> that has been the story all summer. i think it will get warmer, though you've been saying that. i will
12:38 pm
believe you >> you wait and see >> time for the trivia. in this day in 1898 u.s. and at the island territory of hawaii. on which island would you find the grand canyon of the pacific? the answer canyon of the pacific? the answer is still to putting up with those annoying period symptoms? general pain relievers, like advil, only treat cramps, but midol has three active ingredients to take care of that... and fatigue and bloating. because you deserve better.
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>> live from wgn chicago, the official drawing of the illinois lottery
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>> good afternoon york midday winning lottery numbers for monday august 12th, 2013. [ female announcer ] this is laura.
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autism have more masculine brains and they are affected differently by the condition than boys with autism. the study found the brains of females with autism appear more like though not identical to those of healthy males and the researchers say it's incorrect to assume everything found in males with autism applies to females as well. toys with lasers could cause serious injuries and even blindness. laser injuries usually don't hurt them may go unnoticed for days or even weeks. beijing can deteriorate slowly over time. the fda says the toys that most typically cause damage includes lasers mounted on toy guns that could be used for a man, as the spinning tops the project teams what they spend, hand-held lasers for light sabers and lasers entertainment that great optical effects in an open room >> lunch break is coming up next >> we are cooking with marinated mushrooms, fresh herbs, bacon and potatoes. its biggest that will certainly satisfy
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you deserve a multivitamin that supports your efforts. newly reformulated one a day men's has more of 10 key nutrients than centrum men under 50. we've stepped it up. newly reformulated one a day men's. >> a recipe made with special mushrooms, potatoes and fresh herbs. jeremy is the chef and founder of tuesday night dinner and he is preparing this is for a fund- raiser benefiting the step up women's network, in to help women and girls the bill their potential. jeremy is joined by step up alumni and aspiring ship jasmine johnson. you know about this program because you benefited from it. tell us about it before we get the recipe >> first off stepup thursday will hold an event and it's
12:50 pm
one of my favorite because it features all of these shi chefs from around chicago. i've been in step up for about six years. i started off as a sophomore in high school and at all these opportunities. >> you have this love of cooking and you join this program and you get to have this wonderful influence from all these terrific chef >> i have to meet and work with a lot of great chefs and some of chicago's best restaurants. i went on stores and had the opportunity to be confident enough and career focused to compete to go to johnson went university >> a terrific. very proud of you. congratulations. germany is one of those ships you have worked with and congratulations on all you are doing to help people out to achieve their dreams like this >> absolutely. it's
12:51 pm
what we like to do. >> other people to come and have a terrific meal so what are we making today? >> a signature dish, a play on the classic chicago- chicken the studio. we are using mushrooms. the restaurant opening in spring, this will be a feature- >> we can get these at a specialty store >> yes. the asian market, even go out and pick them wild if you want to >> how are you preparing them today? >> we will saute these and adding the marinate which is a solid and black vinegar marinate and we will add the sauce. jasmine is just about done with the- >> and what went into the sauce? >> this is an aerial esaus with manas and garlic man is and sauced
12:52 pm
>> manas' >> lemon zest in there. nice and fragrant and fall of lemon. so we think of the mushrooms- those are all done cooking. and start out by putting the potatoes on the plate, thing growing potatoes that have been up with some traditional herbs. a little rose mary >> i was called to say i saw rose mary in there >> some oregano. we will just add the mushrooms as well and everyone loves a little bacon >> of course. >> we have taken that we crisp up >> those are hearty pieces >> nice thick pieces. the midwestern cuisine. it's our new project. there's a kickstart going on right now. you condone it. the idea is to elevate the food of the american midwest
12:53 pm
>> where will you be? >> looking for a space and hopefully we will be open by the springtime >> statement because we will have you on the show. you have the last of that here. >> the last is a little cilantro to garnish and at some freshness >> do you cook for your family and impress them with your recipes you have learned >> all the time. i love cooking for people. one of my goals is to get them to appreciate food and however i can do that, cooking at home for my family >> wonderful. the event is terrific. i'm very happy for you. it's a terrific idea. it's called shine and 9, thursday from 6- 10:00 p.m. added benefits to step up women's network. you can find out more on the web site and you can check out jeremy's tuesday night dinner site also. it-we will link you
12:54 pm
to all of those and we will have the recipe on our website. website. and this park is the inside of your body. see, the special psyllium fiber in metamucil actually gels. and that gelling helps to lower some cholesterol. metamucil. 3 amazing benefits in 1 super fiber.
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>> we ask on this day and 1898 the u.s. and that's the island territory of hawaii. on which island would you find the grand canyon of the pacific? the answer, coli the's why a man can - >> it's absolutely beautiful. you drive there and number of miles and the road down is amazing because you are way above-about 5,500 ft. high, i guess. it used to be a lot higher than that and it's interesting. it's also home to the highest annual precipitation totals anywhere on the planet. they did at jurassic park out there and what was the one where- de plane? >> fantasy island. >> that was shot out there as well. we
12:57 pm
got a taste of hawaii weather here in the sense it's warm and moderately humid. but that will change. look at this jet stream. all summer long we've seen one branch of the jet stream shoot into the arctic because of unseasonable warmth all for northern north america and diving southward into our area with cool air and that pattern leaders this week but it shows a sign of breaking down next week, the flow going up to the arctic terns westerly next week and that they cut off the supply of these cool canadian air masses and allow us to warm up. you see tomorrow's error pop-up it's actually warmer and this has been the case all summer in northern north america that has been down here in many cases. a couple of thunderstorms with dusty northeast with blocking and later tonight. during the day tomorrow, the high comes over us and winds will let up they will blow
12:58 pm
with an easterly component wednesday and thursday and that keeps the temperatures cool and nights this week. 76 tomorrow after the mid '80s. 75 wednesday. 78 thursday and we step up into the eighties over the coming weekend and maybe warmer next week it looked like. >> pretty good. happy monday >> thank you for joining us today. >we hope we haveyou have a great afternoon. captioning made possible by sony pictures television
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man: come on, man. let's go, let's go. come on. come on. hurry up, hurry up. we got to show those b3 dukes whose turf this is. run! i got you, bad boy! where you going? where you going, bad boy? huh? dukes, baby. [car alarm blaring]


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