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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  August 21, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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single here in the eighth. three three-run innings previously. j.d.: normal will you i wouyou down in the eighth game over but the nationals' pen had some struggles lately, ubs hitters have had a good night. len: the closer rafael soriana in his last runs four appearances and homers in the last three. 2-1. wgn news comes up right after the ballgame. around.
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11-6. span trots home. they got their five-run lead back. j.d.: second hit of the night for zimmerman. e talked about his ability it cover the outside part of the plate even though he starts well off of it. outer third.he see again the inconsistency of hector. emput o he will put one down and then thigh the happy zone for the hitter. len: 0-1 to harper. team withmbined, each 11. he nationals outscoring the
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cubs 11-6. home run er missed a last time by just a couple of feet. the 1-2. bite. not get him to j.d.: for what it is worth there hasn't been an error committed. so many base
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runners and fielders are on their feet so long normally you expect a miscue or two. theso far that has not been ki case. but not byhe pitcher castro. he will step on second to end inning. they add to to their lead and it is 11-6 in the eighth. you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? how ya doin'? mmm. [ birds chirping ] okay bye bye! [ female announcer ] help satisfy your hunger longer with special k protein bars and shakes. willpower. what will you gain when you lose?
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len: 11-6 nationals. bottom of the eighth. this is tyler clippard who leads all major league relievers since in the d into relief middle of 2009. 123 strikeouts. carlos marmol and craig kimbrel on that list. for check out the hits innings pitched. that is the key with clippard. so he getsll pitcher stung with the long ball now and then but the batting average typically very low.
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outstanding and change-up. len: 0-1 on castillo. he had a sac fly in the fifth. that tied the game at the time. 11-6 washington. belt-high four-seamer. he is like the anti-craig stammen. at his best up in the zone. tell themselves to get the ball down on clippard. had to say get the ball up.
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len: he has some deception. over the top.h watch how he throws his elbow comes in the air and right over the top. don't get a long look at him. and a miss. 96.but it probably felt like j.d.: a little late getting started. if you be interesting are a pitching coach or somebody interviewing time similar not soon hum pitch you will ask him i will throw a about league average and throw best of your knowledge of them pretty straight 92 miles high and i will throw some change-ups about 84 about belt high. pitching coach would say son you
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are out of your mind you can't big ve like that in the leagues. watch him pitch long enough and fine alize it works just for him. his change-up is so good he can the d to throw it up in zone. len: watkins missed the change-up. len: suzuki had been able to cleanly that would have been a strikeout. instead it is just a foul ball.
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a che swing, foul. he's a pretty simple machine out there. catapult.ike a taking it back and then boom. there is a jaunty cap. len: it's not yours? actually like his a little better than mine, yeah.
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change-up and a clippard will get him on the easy groundout. one to three. and two away here in the eighth. j.d.: the change-up it fullroduced the change-up, swing, slow roller. it is almost like a father-son push him to the eighth, take him out and then i hit you leadoff and give you more responsibility. len: lined and caught.
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that will take us to the ninth. 11-6 washington.
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11-6. side from the scoring a it -- nice night. j.d.: always fun to come to the win, lose or draw although we don't draw any more. one a few years ago. to start inst werth the ninth. high again, 2-0.
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missed about the same spot all three times. 3 now werth likes to swing 3-0. caused a problem last year in washington when he swung at a pitch. we will find out. j.d.: we will find out here. didn't even think about it. ball four. you know the book certain things you don't do in baseball ethics.of the written thistually ba back, not a manual they passed a lot of u talk to different baseball people and they have different interpretations. 3-0 to swing don't have a problem. people with a five-run
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ead you have no business babbseball. a 3-0 there is the unwritten back. you have to be ready. dejesus takes a strike, just his second plate games nce in the three since he was sent from the cubs to the nationals. that was for a player to be named later. those numbers pretty much as a 0-1.ave for one rizzo bobbles and still has time to recover and get the out at fir first. j.d.: nice job staying with the play. willot sure how long david be a national but it will be tough to get at-bats with the way itd con tpeubgtd the is -- configured the way it is and span.r, werth
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span is a left-hand hitter. la roche with werth at second and one out. will pitch oriana the bottom of the ninth. it will not be a save situation. to get him ing straightened out. lately.en up runs here
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from his a sign catcher. here is the pitch. back with you tomorrow afterno afternoon. we will hit the air at 1:00 with the leadoff man" back in our normal spot up top at the tv booth, all-star travis wood. will go for burg the nationals.
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j.d.: a good let-up there by hector. two down. his second strikeout. quite a pitching matchup tomorrow. that is worth skipping work, to the park or tuning us up. then off to san diego and l.a. en: dodgers a winner tonight 4-1 in miami. j.d.: greinke again. roll.been on a nice len: 12-3. iancarlo stanton homered for the fish, his 16th. the dodgers have won two in a straight.losing two they will play again tomorrow
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afterno afternoon. to lombardozzi inside. j.d.: the red sox put a beatdown n the giants today 12-1 the final from san francisco. doubront beat zito. tampa , starting the day bay and boston were tied atop of a east although tampa bay few percentage points ahead. in baltimore ost and the red sox winning so their is a full game. minnesota 7-1 the final. j.d.: the giants continue to go
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backwards. we have been talking about the the most and who is disappointing team in baseball. the giants, world series a year ago. attling to stay out of the basement in the n.l. west. 10-7.the reds beat arizona choo 4-5 with a homer and three knocked in. it up and we ck will go to the bottom of the ninth. 11-6.ngton leads hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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reinforced with scratch- resistant glass and a unibody made kevlar strong. okay google now. call my droid. the new droid ultra by motorola. when strength matters, droid does. j.d.: time for our play of the game. scott hairston off the bench three-run jack, second of the game for the nationals. werth had one earlier. to feed us but my ability to jump cost us. brought to you by budweiser. great times are waiting, grab buds. len: he is playing right and
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soriana in a non-save pot facing a guy who has homered twice, anthony rizzo. the 1-1 is hit foul into the deck. j.d.: i imagine david is being treated a little more kindly fans than jayson werth. len: too high, 2-2.
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tonight xpect after anthony rizzo will be back in the two hole tomorrow. thing?s with a good walk, three ers, a knocked in. lake first time in the three 2-4 with a double and a run. obbed him of another hit by span. castro leading off 1-5 with a run. third hit of the night.
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the leadoff man is on here in the ninth. the pitch to lake is high. j.d.: we talked about soriana's s runs total in the -- seven uns total in the last four outings. len: way up in the air on the infield. caught by zimmerman.
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strike called. this game in cincinnati mike got his -- leake got his 11 the win. arold gets save number 32 on the season.
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the white sox have played better at kansas a 5-2 win city. dayan viciedo with a grand slam one.his first year got his win.
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once again the news comes up game. after the and the first, one out 0-2 to schierholtz. a swing and a miss, strike three. murphy. to
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the pitch. j.d.: the big bang theory of aseball is that the team that wins typically will score more than the e inning other club will score in the game. not the case tonight. had the big five-run fifth but not enough. up: the problem is they gave four different innings of crooked numbers themselves. foul tipped. 1-2. down to the final strike. -- droppede tkhopd wreug his ast 17 at and they are -- wrigley and a 2-7 in this rom a home stand that ends tomorrow. cubs hit to keep the alive.


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