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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 20, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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in that terrible incident. people in the community outraged in the back of the yards neighborhood and the englewood neighborhood. we go now ... the shooting's victims all recovering tonight. wgn's randi belisomo has been following up on that part of the story and joins us live with the details. randi? superintendent garry mc-carthy says is a miracle nobody died and one little boy separate serious injurieboy suffered ser those at the prayer vigil surrounded the family of the little boy who shot in the year last night. deonte howard and others were wounded by someone
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shooting a military grade weapon. he is not talking. talking.. at mount sinai hospital three of the victims' were treated and they had a visit from rahm emanuel. this woman was among those hit and she said she is fortunate to be alive. i am glad to be here. i leave that up to god. a 17 year-old corporal shot in the foot and a 50 year-old boy shot in the arm and they are stable at lacrosse hospital. mayor rahm emanuel says that should not take the optimism public from chicago used but tell that to this woman who once went to the park every day but now her parents say not anymore. father michael phlager was in
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the streets during a peace march tonight and join him with former nba player and coach isiah thomas. what the resources to stop this violence. you have a perfect storm when you have four schools no jobs and the communities like thurber developments and hopelessness on our streets. rev. corey brooks say people in chicago need to take notice now even if they have not before and a city desensitized to gun violence should alert even the most jaded among us. in connecticut when it was a smash it connecticut should out stood up. in d.c. when there was a mass shooting they stood up. and now when we have a mass shooting in our city a great city it is important that we in chicago standup. the boy's uncle was killed by gunfire over the labor day weekend and the boy has suffered extensive damage to his face and
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will need several rounds of reconstructive surgery. live at mount sinai hospital of the west side, back to you. let's go back to julian with more on the story. we have seen police saturating the back of the arts neighborhood and of course detectives continuing to question several individuals. news a affairs not revealing much and superintendent mccarthy and came to area central headquarters earlier this evening of not showing his cards but he says he believes there will be a break in this case. the city's top cop expect a swift resolution to the case that has drawn on wanted national attention to chicago. kerry mccarthy says that detectives have several people they are talking to. we have an indication there were a number of offenders on the scene. hominy fired is being
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investigated. it may be as many as three or maybe just one. says there are leads coming in a measure of the outrage over the shooting that injured 13 in the back of the yards. rahm emanuel urging witnesses to come forward. for a city to have its sense of civility and sense of community. it must live by a sense of morality and not silence. they were dismayed of another deplorable act of gun violence this time in his home town. the president sent his condolences to those shot and the president remains committed to pushing congress to push common-sense measures and is doing what he can in its executive power to reduce gun violence. the president's reaction coming on news that a military assault rifle was used in the attack. based on ballistic evidence at the scene and information and
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intelligence at the scene we believe the weapon used was an assault style rifle with a high- capacity magazine. senator dick durbin says he is ready to lend assistance. i know they added more cops on the beat and there was a dramatic change and it looked like things were moving in the it right direction and they were bought one we have setbacks like this, this terrible shooting incident in back of the arts, is a reminder that we are still vulnerable. as far as the feds are concerned, superintendent mccarthy says he has asked for services of the fbi and the atf all in an effort to solve this devastating shooting. at area central headquarters, back to you. here to talk about the steady rise in violence in chicago is darryl smith. he is the president of the englewood political task force, good evening. thank you for coming in. when you see something like this, you
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lived in englewood for 43 years and when you see stuff like this one goes through your mind? it goes on and on and on. in my mind i think, when bloodstock? who has the solution to it? there is no right solution. there has to be a band together to band together as a community from community activists to community groups to churches and police and elected officials. everyone needs to band together. there should be a place where we can go in a brown with representatives from every level of life and sit in this room without news cameras and come up with a holistic approach to this. until we do that we are in trouble. everyone has been horrified by the shooting. police think it is gang-related that you say not in the traditional sense. these are
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new kinds of gangs. as most people know there are no more " on " dance. they did a lot quot e unquote gangs. these many gangs, block to block clliques. when there were gangs there were territories. if you do not cross my territory you do not have to come into contact with me. but block by block you will see me every day and you will see me every day and there will be shootings. jobs in the neighborhood. the whole problem is social economics. we are in a poverty- stricken community in englewood and roseland and alston. they need to bring in the economics.
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when there was this rash of mob action, it stopped right away because that is the financial district and that is where the money pours in. they are not worried about ankle but because ankle but is not bringing any money to the table. there it stopped but ankle would it keeps going. we need to, i think, sit down with the government, federal government and city government and state government and bring jobs in, jobs, jobs, jobs. we need jobs. i said that before. but that will not do it be it by itself. we have to go out to nontraditional things, not traditional policing. they tilled the streets with police and 13 people were shot. thank god pal one died. but if we go to unconventional ways and go out and talk to people and get
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things solved. what i am. trying to say am.. change the way they... i can't talk to people on the street but they are scared. at the are sitting on the street talking to the sky and the sky is under investigation and pictures are taken, they are on their rico act. .... thank-you for all the good work you are doing. new tonight, one person seriously wounded in a police involved shooting on the northwest side. a large police [ indistinct conversations ]eg
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and bacteria proliferate. ♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. a 2-year-old girl crossing the street with her great-grandma, is run over by a car on the south side. police say the driver blew through a stop sign and may have been drunk. wgn's gaynor hall is in the newsroom with more on this horrible accident. they were walking to a daycare center...when that horrific accident happened. at just 2 years old...relatives say ja'mya love was so full of joy.. and police say alcohol may have played a role in the crash...that claimed her life.
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she was always wonderful. she was the smartest little baby in the world. a purple pillow, teddy bears, a toothbrush. these are some of ja'mya love's favorite things, making up a memorial at the corner of 57th and morgan where the 2 year old was fatally hit by a car. and police say the driver may have been drunk. it's like it came straight from hell, that is how fast he was coming. jamya's great grandmother,pamela thompson, says it was their normal routine. at 6:30 this morning, she was holding the girl's hand and pushing her 1- year-old brother in a stroller. they were walking to daycare when the car came out of nowhere. speeding down morgan. blowing a stop sign. thompson tried to get everyone out of the way but she lost hold of ja'mya. she looked at me and she died. she opened her eyes and she closed her eyes and i knew she was already gone. i just kept
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hoping. police say the 27-year-old driver of the chrysler concorde kept on going, hitting construction horses and parked cars. then ditched his car and took off running.police spotted him and took him into custody, leaving ja'mya's family still trying to understand why this happened to their little girl. it is pretty much a challenge for us now has a family. we are trying to keep it together during this trying time because we're not prepared for this. no one knew that this would be the way that we would say goodbye to our baby. the family is trying to raise money for jamya's funeral. they set up the jamya love foundation account at u-s bank. again, the driver is in custody. so far, no charges filed. a chicago bears legend joining the ranks of former players suing the national football league over head trauma. hall of
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famer gayle sayers filed the lawsuit in federal court today, accusing the nfl of failing to protect him from "devastating concussive head traumas." sayers claims to suffer from headaches, short-term memory loss, and other cognitive issues. also named in the suit, rosemont-based helmet manufacturer riddell. republicans in congress take aim at obamacare and the president strikes back. the looming battle that might result in a government shutdown. and she first made headlines for a chronic hiccup problem. now, she has even bigger worries. the so-called hiccup girl now on trial for murder. ♪ need advice on how to juggle those big family meals? this kenmore elite dual temperature double oven, exclusively from sears, can help. so you never have to worry... ...about dropping a dish. impressive! and so is j.d. power ranking kenmore elite highest in customer satisfaction. come celebrate kenmore's 100th anniversary
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president obama and the republican-controlled house are locked in another nasty budget, battle. at stake, the new health care law, the debt ceiling, and whether the government can operate after september 30. shannon travis has details from washington, dc. the message, take that, u.s. senate. to date we urge the senate to take action. now it is up to senate democrats to show responsibility and show the fall of the lead of the house. friday house republicans passed a short-term spending plan that funds the government bought the funddefunds obamacare. it may fe a government shutdown if it cannot be resolved by september 30th. the looming fight over the 16 trillion dollar debt fond.
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they're not focused on new. they're focused on politics. there are focused on trying to mess with me. they want to default just to make sure that tens of millions of americans not have health care. in the senate harry reid says the bill will be dead on arrival. even republicans acknowledge the obvious. and the united states senate we will not repeal or defund obamacare and to think that we can is not rational. why did republicans pass this bill that will not become law? the 43rd time they have done so? they are afraid of people in their own party moving further and further to the ride and they feel like they have to take this out. we want to hear from you. do you think the government is headed for a shutdown? text yes or no to 97999 or vote on line at we'll have results after tom skilling's 7-day forecast.
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the hiccup girl on trial in florida. jennifer mee gained national attention in 2007 for her five-week case of the hiccups. she's accused of helping lure 22-year-old shannon griffin to a house to rob him. griffin was later shot and killed. mee's attorney says his client has been diagnosed with schizophrenia but the court psychologist says she's fit to stand trial. mee faces life in prison if convicted. coming up in the medical watch... new evidence that an apple a day really does help keep the doctor away. residents of pilsen say that she's like a saint. meet micaela, one of chicago's very own.
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determines whether it is the viral or bacterial. doctors will say it is just a virus and antibiotics to not work on virus. the journal science translation of medicine reports and a test that does not look for one strained to confirm infection, instead it has the body's immune response to determine the cause. less radiation may carry a punched
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for people battling breast cancer. a five week radiation course is the standard treatment bought three treatments is just as effective. breast cancer patients could do well with just one high dose radiation session. a study found that we lapse was the same for women who found recourses of radiation verses those who had up to 15. it is apple season and that could be good for your help. apples are filled with fiber making you feel awful logger which means you could stick to your diet and make you lose weight. it stabilizes blood sugar and helps with cholesterol. the could lose lower blood pressure but you would need to eat three apples per day. advocate christ medical center and advocate childrens hospital honoring some exceptional patients today. all five of them singled-out for completing
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extensive rehabilitation and overcoming enormous physical challenges. they include a four- year-old stroke victim, a man who lost both legs and an arm to legionnaires disease, and evergreen parks mayor who fought west nile virus. he says the disease has changed his outlook on life. slow down a little bit to enjoy life and look at your family and grand kids and brothers and sisters and i have come out of this not a victim but a winner. i would like to thank christ hospital for all they do. doctors said today that the patients honored overcame big challenges, encouraging doctors, nurses and their fellow patients. rain washes away warm temperatures, replacing them with below average weather. jim ramsey tells us how cool it will get this weekend. you know the problem with tall things in small spaces?
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downy unstopables. try with downy infusions. it will get milder tomorrow and we're looking at temperatures probably only in the '60s saturday. this was a gloomy friday. we had rain drops, a few of them this morning. all hair had a trace of rain fall but those clouds have been persistent hanging around the area and we still have a few hot there and mostly cloudy skies is what the airport reports at 9:00. the high temperature today was 76 degrees but that is three
9:29 pm
degrees above normal for this date. back little pocket of cold air is going to the south and southeast and that will make it to us saturday and live here into sunday and pull out quickly and that will allow temperatures to incrementally increase over the next four or five days after the weekend. 62 at o'hare. west wind at 10. sunspots to the west already in the '50s as you see here but closer to the lake shore temperatures in the low 60s. that cold air we are talking about, watch it moved over the next few days. it stays around chicago for a couple days but the warm air sneaks back in and by wednesday and will have temperatures close to or above 80 and it will stay that way for the ensuing two or three days. dew point temperatures dropping suggesting dry air and that will
9:30 pm
be nice but it will be nippy and you will need a sweater tomorrow. winds from the west between five and 14 mi. per hour. radar and satellite shows rain to the east and that is accompanying the bleeding edge of the cold air and notice the backwash cloudiness over chicago. the clearing is getting close and we are getting optimistic that skies will clear after midnight tonight. meanwhile that is a nasty brainstorm for some spots particularly in the gulf coast and texas. there have been a number of spots reported more than 6 in. of rain in texas. that will be around another day at least and probably produce an additional problems. a flash flood watch for northwestern gulf coast. also in texas south texas in a similar situation while cold air is in the dakotas frost advisory in effect
9:31 pm
for dakotas and minnesota. cold air up there certainly. tomorrow night it's possible we'll see '30's in the chicago area. for us tonight, skies will be partly cloudy but clearing later. low temperature between 47 and 55. on saturday the sun returns but temperatures fall. temperatures between 61 and 67 degrees. saturday night clear skies and upper 40's and low 50s. sunday some improvement but still chilly and high temperatures in the low 60s. some patches of clouds but wins not strong. at a relatively nice day for the first day of autumn. thank you jim. coming upper one of chicago's
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as we celebrate hispanic heritage month, we take a look at some of the people contributing to the growing community. wgns lourdes duarte introduces you to a woman who has become an icon in pilsen and tonight is one of chicagos very own. for 25 years, shes been taking on simple volunteer projects
9:35 pm
and turning them to gold, helping thousands of families in need. the interesting thing about her is that while others her age are thinking about retirement, shes thinking about her next project. her love of people keeping her focused. 'de la roja no hay mucha verdad.' at 83 she is living her mission, one day at a time but a few projects at a time. 'everybody knows her.' 'you know, people who are out randomly on the street, theyre like mikita.' 'if shes not here for a while, people are like, where is she? is she coming back?' she always comes back. micaela ibarra has been volunteering at st. procopius church for 25 years. shes quiet but effective. 'jack of all trades and master of all (laugh laugh).' father sean sometimes has to do the talking for her. you see, mikita, thats her nickname, will tell ya, she only speaks a little english. 'como gracias, thank you... y excuse me, con permiso. hahaha''
9:36 pm
she didnt learn to read or write until she was an adult but none of that mattered. she is literally the face of a church in a small neighborhood in pilsen. 'she coordinates most of our social services.' and theres a lot. she organizes the churchs food bank. 'vamos a ponerla.' the clothing bank too. 'she often puts something aside because she knows somebody needs it. she will put it aside and wiat for somebody to come back for it.' 'aqui estan las camisetas grandes.' 'very nice lady. she goes out of her way to help you, for a bag or whatever. shes a good lady.' she also oversees the soup kitchen, does a little cleaning, and its a full day. she used to do it 7 days a week until they told her to scale back a bit. 'ultimamente me pidieron que agarre un dia a la semana. hahaha.' so, unwillingly, she takes fridays off. and she has to be done by 4. 'often times ill walk down at 5:30 and ill shout her name and shell shout back its 2 minutes to 4 and its actually 5:30.'
9:37 pm
mikita has made such an impact in 25 years, its hard to imagine the church without her. she knows shes getting older but says shes healthy. no medications, just vitamins. but just how she maintains the energy is the big question around pilsen. 'i wonder that often but i think its her faith but i think shes doing it, knowing that gods with her.' mikita has no plans of retiring either. she likes the people as much as they like her. 'a mi me encante verlos a ellos contentos y agradecidos.' micaela ibarra. one of chicagos very own. by the way, she turns 84 next week. shes now getting ready for her yearly thanksgiving project. every year she puts together 250 baskets with food and other items to help families in need.
9:38 pm
happy birthday to her. hardcore apple fans line up on michigan avenue. their mission: to be the first to get their hands on the newest i-phone. and the wait is over for the chicago sky. rich king has highlights from the first playoff game in franchise history, later in sports. [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria.
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the u.s. marshal's service stopped the online auction of assets seized from former chicago congressman jessie jackson, jr. the marshals service says there were concerns about the authenticity of the guitar supposedly signed by michael jackson and eddie van halen. the marshals service will conduct a secondary review of all the assets. once that review is complete, they will decide whether to repost any of the assets for sale. the money from the auction is to help repay the 750-thousand dollars in campaign cash jackson jr. illegally spent. the waiting is over as two new apple i-phones went on sale today. anxious customers stood outside the apple store on north michigan avenue throughout the night. some even arrived several days ago so they could be one of the first in the door. the store opened at eight this morning, two hours earlier than usual so eager fans could buy the new i-phone 5-s or the less expensive 5-c model. i am happy with it. it was the
9:42 pm
first one i wanted and i am sad. as is a tradition for me, the third year. i have no clue. there was some disappointment today as a number of stores ran out of the new gold colored i-phone 5-s. we have some interesting weather this weekend, cool temperatures, and now it is 62 degrees in chicago, in fact that is close to the high temperature we expect for tomorrow. temperatures across the nation's midsection are cool. we are breaking up the clouds. we had
9:43 pm
cloudy skies all day today and even periods of light rain today but most of that appears to be going. look at this. a very high mold count. 120,000 and. 125,000 sports per cubic meter. that is high. the alert level is 50,000. we had 125,000 spores. we had 68 degrees today. we will slowly move up to 84 degrees by thursday. we are not done with the warm air but we have cool temperatures for this weekend. more warm air coming. there is reason to hope. a crime thriller premieres on the big screen this weekend with
9:44 pm
big name actors! and dancers seem to fly-off the screen in 3- d in another new flick. here's wgn's entertainment reporter dean richards with his reviews. four days have passed since they were seen by the. the..the best movie of the weekend is "prisoners". it's a psychological thriller about a man who takes the law into his own hands, when his little daughter and the daughter of his neighbor are kidnapped from their home. hugh.jackman is the father who launches a relentless, full-on search of his own, that focuses on a creepy neighbor, despite the fact that the police, played by jake gyllenhaall, suspects someone else. it is a tense, well-made story, not only about the kidnapping, but the lengths to which a person will go to get his child back. jackman and gyllenhaall are especially great in this story that takes you in one direction, and then cleverly surprises you into another. it's tough to sit through two and half hours long, but it is still a worthwhile dean's list grade of "b". not screened is the dance competition film, "battle of the year." chris brown, laz alonso and josh holloway star as part of the dream team of hip- hop dancers coached by a former
9:45 pm
basketball coach who wants to bring the championship back to america. and 74 years after its original release, the original "wizard of oz" becomes the oldest film ever to get 3-d and imax treatment. aside from the fact that it is always cool to see these classic films up on big screen the way they were originally intended, it is especially cool to see this classic explode with today's latest technology to tell the story that is part of everyone's youth. it is coming out for one week only before going back to dvd and blu-ray. i've got my current and past reviews, along with my a-list interviews with the stars, including my one-on-one interview with breaking bad's bob odenkirk. it's all on my page of the website, and if you'd like to get my weekly movie review grades sent to right to your mobile phones every friday, text my name, dean, to 97999.sponsored by "million dollar quartet" at the apollo theater. i hope you have a great weekend. dean richards, wgn news.
9:46 pm
chicago's very own hip-hop poetic lyricist, "common", was the keynote speaker today at the very first "chicago music summit." the summit is being held at the cultural center in the loop. it's designed to provide musicians with the tools, resources and networking opportunities to advance their musical careers the way "common" did. the south side native burst onto the hip-hop scene in the early 90's while still in high school. he later received a recording contract. through the years he has won two grammy awards. chicago, do not place mall. played big. believe in your past and split it. god is with you. god bless. numerous aspiring musical artists will be perfomring this evening at the cultural center... featuring rock... contemporary classical music... hip-hop... jazz... and blues performances. a familiar face returns to the ice. still to come, the blackhawks continue their preseason schedule in the nation's capital. and could the bears be without one of their pro bowlers this sunday? ring king has the injury update, next in sports.
9:47 pm
football legend jerry bradshaw is here... we are getting your is here... we are getting your weekend
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pre-season game number three for the blackhawks and the first for the captain... jonathan taves on the ice in washington after missing the first two games with a hip flexor... and guess what... he won the game... taves and the hawks off to a fast start in the nation's capitol... . they led 3-2 in the 2nd when they add another... brandon bolig gets a nice feed and nails the wrist shot.. his second goal in two nights.. but the caps came back to tie..... it was alexander ovechkin with a wicked slap shot that goes in.. this would make it 4-4 and send the game into overtime and a shootout.. and the only goal of the shootout came from taves.... the game winner.. right here... the hawks take it... 5-4... at washington... the final bears injury report for the week has charles tillman listed as questionable with a knee injury. tillman also got
9:51 pm
fined today by the nfl for his horse collar tackle last sunday against the vikings greg jennings. the bears face their first road test in a hostile stadium on sunday night against a desperate team. the steelers 0 and 2. we are excited about going and i think the guys are excited about going and headed east and planning at pittsburg, a great environment for football like ours. we will find out more about ourselves, playing in the noise and playing in an environment where there will be a great sense of urgency for both teams. it will be exciting. as the chicago sky began the playoffs against indiana tonight, they were awash in league honors. ellena della donn is rookie of the year; sylvia fowles is defensive player of the year; and swin cash won the sportsmanship award. but the first playoff action did not go well. even the support of jimmy butler could not help the sky. della don does get a lay-up and also gets fouled, but the sky would fall behind early in game one of the best of three. the
9:52 pm
fever was up 13 when shavonte zellis gets a base line jumper over fowles, and the indiana wraps it up. briann january buries a three. they shot 63% from beyond the arc and the fever takes game one 85-72. the sky must now win sunday at indiana to stay alive. our defense was poor and their trouble driving and getting any stuff they wanted to pyrrhic we cannot get into transition and the main thing is to clean the defense at it ... bad day at the office for kevin gregg..... the cubs and braves tried at 5-5 in the 9th... and greg gave up 4 runs to lose the game... andrelton simmons with a double to drive in a pair.. cubs lose 9-5...... after the game gregg ripped into cubs management in an apparent misunderstanding about his role... he apologized to team brass later but theo epstein is considering disciplinary action... mercifully.. there
9:53 pm
are just 8 games left in the season. in detroit.... max scherzer had been sitting on 19 wins since august 24th but in came the white sox to make sure he got his 20th.... torri hunter led the charge with a double in the 2nd to drive in a run... the tigers going on to wallop the sox... on a rainy night in detroit... the final... 12-5... mercifully the sox have 9 games left. also, the white sox have shut down john danks for the final week of the season... college football tomorrow... notre dame plays michigan state in south bend.... northwestern meets maine at ryan field.... niu is hosting eastern illinois.. henrik stenson broke a 5 wood in practice but even playing with 13 clubs... he leads the tour championship by 4 shots.... the shot of the day came belongs to billy horsehell from the sand into the cup.. he is 6 back but if stenson wins the tourney he wins the fed ex cup and the 10 million dollar bonus... tiger woods is tied for 26th .. 14 shots back.
9:54 pm
i still cannot believe that hockey is back already. i thought we were just doing the parade. well they won the stanley cup. you think they will win again? i certainly think they will have good chance. the bears have a lot to prove on the road and notre dame is up against a tough michigan state. but i think they will both win. the bears game will be a close game. that's the news for this friday night. we're happy you shared time with us. i'm micah materre. i'm mark suppelsa. updates on for all of us here, have a good night. you know the problem with tall things in small spaces?
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