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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 28, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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nine days. >> i do not know how he got into this program after only nine days >> in september another inmate was released after a paperwork error. in january and in may was released for another mistak inmr mistake. >> we will look further into the issue >> investigators say they are
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looking at security video from the shelter. they're also trying to figure out how he made it up to the north side. a lot of questions going on here. no plans to stop the work program here. he was only facing one- four years. now he can face four-seven years >> a fifth suspect charged in connection with a mass shooting in a pack of the yards park is being held without bail. david logan appeared in court today charged with unlawful use of a weapon and obstruction of justice. prosecutors say he and
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four other men were behind a gang related shooting in cornell square park earlier this month. 13 people were hurt when someone fired into the crowd gathered for a basketball game. he will be back in court on tuesday >> a man drives his vehicle into a south side restaurant shattering the front windows and injuring two customers. witnesses say it appeared as if he did it intentionally >> surveillance video patches the startling moment when it plows into the rest rotrestaura. strikes 2 people... >> it never happened before.
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>> he is the owner of the restaurant. >> he believes the men were friends and he accidentally reversed his suv. by daybreak this scene was drawing a crowd ... >> pretty devastating >> the driver took off and left the scene
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>> the cleanup continues. he will have to close for several days >> funeral services were held in woodlawn today for an eight year-old boy and his mother, both killed in a suspicious fire at their rosalyn home. they died in last weekend's fire which broke out in their part in building. firefighters say the fire started in an interior stairwell. they suspect arson. police have made no armresrests >> rev. jesse jackson says he will travel to colombia to try and secure the release of a former u.s. marine who was kidnapped by farc rebels . he
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was taken captive back in june. rebels have expressed their interest in handing him over as a show of good faith since july but the process has hit a series of setbacks. rebel leaders said they wanted reverend jackson to participate. he plans to be in columbia within one week and expects the former u.s. marine to be handed over a short time later >> if you were driving around gary indiana today your eyes were not playing tricks on you. that was former chicago mayor off daley. he joined gary mayor and a group of volunteers for the latest neighborhood revitalization project. five blocks of five weeks and five neighborhoods. it is a partnership developed from the
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university of chicago >> since the program was launched in early june cleanups have taken place in three other and gary neighborhoods >> tackling chicago's gang violence problem from the inside out. next, a first of its kind summit was held on the south side today. also, the cubs said they wanted to get started on wrigley renovations the moment the season ended, but so far, they don't have their paperwork in order. and is congress on a collision course with a government shutdown? the house takes another step in that direction. winds still gusting... details ahead... break
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tell your health care provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions such as body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat, or sweating. flexpen® is insulin delivery my way. covered by most insurance plans, including medicare. ask your health care provider about levemir® flexpen today. chicagoans today in a gang summit to discuss inner city life and gang violence >> inside the house of hope.. 'so how the hell you think i
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feel about this new kids face?' if we can change the thinking.. we can change the behavior. the message was strong... you have no idea what its like to lose your child... even if the turnout wasnt.. this can open up some of the young kids eyes. aaron wright.. a former gang member... now motivational speaker came to this first ever national unity summit on chicagos south side wanting to turn young minds away from gangs and violence and onto a new path, by listening. because behind all that anger... theres some hurt if their momma dont care and their daddy aint around what you think they gotta do? they gotta fend for themselves 21 thats like a little guppy in a big old shark tank. what we want to do is get the right people who have a voice out in the community dr. gregory tatum, who organized the summit, grew up in cabrini green and now lives in california. chicago is the first stop for these first summits thatll include detroit, los angeles, kansas city and ohio... hes not surprised this first time isnt well attended. i think people have this wait and see mentality even the
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politicians and some clergy people. and some gang members. they want to see if this is the same old same old and i understand that. i think pastor tatum will go back to the drawing board and find a way to re-group and present this in another way in the future. but some were here to listen... the days of just kind of preaching to them and telling a child dont do that that no longer works. kim hunter-bradley s mission to train young men to stay out of trouble began in earnest when her son... kordero was, a college student and athlete was shot and killed two years ago, he was an innocent bystander. his dream was to work with young men.. he felt that his life experiences and the discipline that he had as athlete would help him help them solve their problems growing up. one of those she brought here with her mvp program is ti- shawn clark, who says hes turned his life around.. i wanted to go to college, so i had to stop doing a lot of stuff. so a lot of people that i hanged out with i dont hang out with anymore. its a small but important step some here say, to turn violence around.
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i think thats what we have here. this will matriculate in the community. this message is being conveyed all over the world. on the south side, sean lewis wgn news. bail is said at $10 million for a doctoral student at the university of illinois in connection with the stabbing death of his former girlfriend. the 29 year-old, a chinese citizen appeared in a champaign county court this morning. he is accused of killing his 25 year- old girlfriend a foreign national from china. she was killed in her apartment yesterday. her roommate was locked up in a bathroom of the apartment. she freed herself and called police. he surrendered peacefully later in the day >> aspiring cannabis on tripping yours got the business slowdown
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today in rosemonlow down today . enrollees in a marijuana business seminar learn how to make a profit from relaxed laws in some states. organizers predicted will be a $600 billion industry. the course offered information on zoning and how to find the best attorney in town. students were also offered information on setting up a marijuana business in other states. medical marijuana is now legal in 20 states >> after tomorrow the baseball season will be over for the chicago cubs but the renovation of wrigley field remains in limbo. back in january the half billion dollar plan was announced by the owners. however no city permits have been applied. there is still the impasse with rooftop owners
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around wrigley who do not want large advertising signs and banks jumbotron in left field >> a memorial to a slain at chicago police officer is dedicated in a park that already bears his name. family members police officers and loved ones gathered at the richard clark park on no. rockwell street on the northwest side. the memorial was paid for by a police fundraiser. he was killed in 1986 during a confrontation by a man who held police at bay for 36 hours >> house republicans turn down a senate deal aimed at avoiding a government shut down. still to come, the options that are still on the table for lawmakers. also, the crisis in syria dominates the talk during a major meeting at the united nations. and later, coming together to fight aids, hundreds in chicago participate in an annual run and walk.
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[ male announcer ] pluggable febreze eliminates odors and keeps your home continuously fresh for up to 30 days, so you can breathe happy. married to morty kaufman. [ lee ] now that i'm getting older some things are harder to do. this is not a safe thing to do. be careful babe. there should be some way to make it easier. [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up and see what's cookin'. oh i like that. look at this. it's got a handle on it. i don't have to climb up. this yellow part up here really catches a lot of the dust. did you notice how clean it looks? morty are you listening? morty? [ morty ] i'm listening! i want you to know. game of chicken over a spending bill linked to a funding the affordable care act. >> house speaker met with
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members of his party trying to get a deal to keep the government running. many republicans are opposed to obama care. >> obama care has been in law for four years. talk about something else... >> the plan to bring the new version to a vote... senate democrats have stated any changes to the bill will be a non starter... >> the president also issued his
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own warning >> the pass shut down has disrupted the economy... passed the budget and move on >> the president spent saturday golfing >> the u.n. security council voted unanimously requiring syria to eliminate its arsenal of chemical weapons. >> another international group, the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, voted earlier to a fast track serious addition to the chemical weapons convention,
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which bans such weapons. syria announced this month that it was willing to join the agreement >> in tehran today, a protestor threw a shoe at iranian president hassan rouhani. rouhani was returning from new york, where he attended a session of the u-n general assembly, and spoke by phone with president obama. the protestor was among a group of iranians demonstrating against opening a dialogue with the u-s. shoe-throwing is considered highly offensive in the middle east. rouhani's talk with mr. obama was the first direct conversation between leaders in tehran and washington in 34- years. pausing to remember and honor the victims of violence. next, the cook county state's attorney hosts an annual event. the new affordable health care act will mean different things for different people. tonight we're looking at how it may effect small businesses. and later, tasting the city's finest at the chicago gourmet in millennium park. break
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illinois lottery... pick 3... 3 4 7 fireball for pick 3... no fireball... pick 4...
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4 8 5 1 fireball for pick 4... 6 lucky day lotto...
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5 35 22 38 27 lotto... 52 13 2 7 22 50
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extra shot for lotto... 24 cook county gathered for a special memorial ceremony to remember those close to them who died violently. the event allowed relatives and friends to personally reflect on the loss of a loved one and share that
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experience with others. cook county state's attorney organizes the annual leave and instead news headlines focus too much on the criminal and sell them on the survivors of murder victims >> the state's attorney's victim witness assistance unit is one of the largest prosecutor based victim advocacy programs in the nation >> thousands of runners laced up their shoes today in the fight against h-i-v-aids. w-g-n's very own dean richards was on hand for the opening remarks at the 12th annual "aids run & walk chicago". runners took off from soldier field on five and ten-k courses along the lakefront. this event is the city's largest, raising more than four-million-dollars for aids research since the first run in 20-01.
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the money raised benefits more than 35 local organizations working with more than 25- thousand chicago area people living with aids and h-i-v. the first week in october is looking very pleasant. jim ramsey is in next to talk about a couple of 80 degree days headed our way. and a very different story out west, where they're already dealing with snow. break whoa! sweet mother of softness. paws off, pal. [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra soft is so soft, you can actually see the softness with our new comfort cushions. plus you can use up to four times less.
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the highs today was 84 deg toda4 degrees. time lapse... area of warm air... some showers tonight in places. currently 70
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degre8 degrees. 16-28 mph. temperatures across the area... cold front to the west. warm air follows that... next weekend... cooler air... winds from the south... impressive speeds. dew point numbers, mid to upper 50s. here is the rain
9:31 pm
we have been watching... we could see rain it later in the welater in the week. high wind warnings and advisories... freze eze warnings in new
9:32 pm
mexico... tonight, cloudy, shower is possible, 50-57 degrees. early clouds on sunday been afternoon sunshiafternoon sunshine. mondae cloud patches, possible 80 degree temperatures. >> in just a few days the
9:33 pm
affordable care act kicks in. so what will it mean for small businesses and the people who work for them? we'll take a closer look next. and just how much of an effect cell phones have on airplanes? plus, the first official practice is in the books for derrick rose and the bulls. dan roan has a full report, later in sports. break
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as the debate over funding for the affordable care act plays out on capitol hill some small- business owners continue to speak out about how they believe the president's health care law will affect them >> we will not build more restaurants. we will not hire more people. >> his best people are his full-
9:37 pm
time people. >> dire economic consequences. >> small businesses are being forced to provide expensive health packages to their employees. >> cost is the single most concern for companies. >> it is going to change the fabric of who we are as a country >> i do not think it is going to be so terrible. >> after years of being told to
9:38 pm
turn off your electronic devices, airline passengers could be looking at new relaxed rules on the runway. an industry of panel report will be presented to the faa next week recommending fliers to be allowed to use certain electronics during takeoff and landing. there are more than two dozen recommendations. the report advises against the use of cellphones during departure and arrival but e books and watching movies or playing games on laptops would be alright >> the issue is interfering with the airplane >> most of the recommendations require additional work and study by the faa still do not expect changes any time soon >> in the historical section of philadelphia a fire breaks out inside a fire station while
9:39 pm
firefighters were away fighting another fire. officials say it was only when the firefighters were returning from their other call that they noticed their own station was starting to go up in flames. apparently an ambulance parked inside the garage caught fire. no one was hurt. >> high school football in indiana turns ugly on friday night. next, players, coaches, and even spectators get into an all out brawl on the field. and something a little more refined in millennium park this weekend. we're checking in on the chicago gourmet. break
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indianapolis last night. it happened with a minute left in the third quarter of the game between arsenal tech and the visiting fort wayne south high- school team. one witness said a player from one of the teams was knocked out of bounds. that is when players leap from their benches even coaches stormed the field and a number of fans got involved as well. a police officer said it was crazy with players and coaches on top of each other. there were no of arrestarrests >> it may be summer like in chicago land but is snowing out west. early season snow and rain spell trouble for drivers in denver colorado last night. the wintry weather calls multiple crashes. sections of interstate 70 had to be closed. traffic was
9:44 pm
backed up for miles >> no snooki here in fact we're looking at a slightly warmer than usual staroctober a cold fs approachin us from tha cold frog us from the west... temperatures a little closer to normal on sunday. the rainfall dissipated as it reached us. we may get a few sprinkles tonight.
9:45 pm
7 day forecast... more rain... >> the autobots have invaded downtown chicago, causing more street closures this weekend. filming for the latest "transformers" sequel has shut down a chunk of downtown arteries centered around upper wacker, from washington to adams. pedestrian traffic will be restricted, but if you're in the area, you can expect to see some major pyrotechnics, explosions, and simulated smoke effects. shooting on those streets will wrap around six a-m, monday. millenium park is hosting a celebration of food and wine this weekend.
9:46 pm
thousands of food enthusiasts crowded into the park for the first day of "chicago gourmet 20-13". some of the world's most renowned chefs, micro-brewers and wine makers came together for this weekend's sold out event. in addition to plenty of high class grub and drink, there will be cooking demonstrations, book signings, and "ingredient smackdown" cooking competitions. the luck of the irish continues to fade. notre dame's post-season hopes may be done even sooner than anticipated. and the n-i-u huskies making college football history...again. dan roan has the story, next in sports. break could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that.
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but then it goes to the die. so try new glow unstopables. they fill your closet with scents so fresh they last for 12 weeks! downy unstopables. try with downy infusions. last year the irish used the oklahoma game in norman to vault themselves into a national championship game... today the sooners rolled into south bend thinking about getting even.... the irish at number 22 in the polls, oklahoma checks in at number 14.... not a good start-- first possession, tommy rees hit as he throws, corey nelson had it land right in his arms and it's a pick-six for the sooners less than a
9:50 pm
minute in... it was 21-7 at the half, but here's how the third quarter starts, with george atkinson ripping through the left side of the line and there's no way they're gonna catch him-- 80 yards, irish touchdown, 21-14... then 27-21 in the fourth, irish blitz on third down and blake bell makes 'em pay for it-- sterling shepard is wide open and off to the races, a 54-yard touchdown, oklahoma wins, 35-21... only the second sooner win over the irish in school history. the illini breaking out their dress blues for a visit from miami of ohio... and nobody had a better time at this function than illinois quarterback nathan scheelhouse-- first quarter, upstairs for 6-6 tight end evan wilson, that's a 15-0 lead... miami's in the bottom five nationally in offense and defense, sheelhouse taking advantage, josh ferguson steps through tackles, 22-0... scheelhouse basically played only the first half, 19 of 24, 278 yards and five touchdowns,
9:51 pm
all before halftime... matt lacosse caught two and illinois beats miami, 50 to 14... nice quarterbacking right there. it definitely felt like we moved the ball well. >> illinois has yet to win a big ten game under tim beckman, northern illinois was after its second big ten win this season... the huskies at purdue, jordan lynch being jordan lynch-- daron brown caught it, 10-7 in the first... n-i-u would never give it up, 27-10 at halftime and then it's tommylee lewis with the second half kickoff-- they never had a chance of catching him, 99 yards, the fourth in lewis' career as a huskie, 34 to 10... and on the very next purdue possession, freshman danny etling throwing and jimmie ward jumping the route and taking it to the house... northern beats purdue, 55-24, first mac school to beat two
9:52 pm
big ten teams in one season, tying largest mac victory margin over a big ten team... huskies are 4-0. we've been waiting a long time for this, since april of 2011-- derrick rose, taking first team reps as the bulls hit the practice floor for the first time this morning in deerfield... we don't get to watch the workouts, but by all accounts, derrick was his old dominating self at practice, which lasted about three hours and that was only the first of two practices... rose said he was winded at some points but was more than ready for whatever coach thibs put in front of him.... are workout three times a dai w >> his change of direction as
9:53 pm
much betteis much better... hiss still not there bears are all tucked away in detroit, waiting for their nfc north showdown with the lions at high noon tomorrow... looks like charles tillman is a go, and the bears will need him-- while jay cutler's been very good for marc trestman's team so far, the lions have a lot of weapons themselves including their quarterback matthew stafford... maybe the biggest test for the bears defense so far. they have a quarterback who can pull the trigger. they have one of the best receivers in the game. >> final tune-up for the blackhawks before the regular-
9:54 pm
season... they're playing washington tonight, they open the season against the caps on tuesday-- and the caps are flying back to d-c after the game tonight, coming right back on monday... and there were more extenuating circumstances before the night was over... on the hawks side, a great evening for nick leddy, letting it rip from the point-- his second of the night... but of course, the game goes to overtime, 3-all... didn't get to a shootout, though-- in the ot, sheldon brookbank put one on net and andrew shaw right there to shove it back in for the game winner... hawks take it, 4-3... same two teams play for real tuesday night.... so dale sveum's talking to travis wood before the game in st. louis... told him, i sure hope edwin jackson doesn't throw matt holliday a hanger-- guess they didn't pass the message along... first inning, holliday straightened out that breaking ball and knocked it over the right center field fence... two run homer, cardinals win again, 6-2... one way or another, the bloodletting will be over with tomorrow.... white sox playing out the
9:55 pm
string against kansas city, they fired hitting coach jeff manto before the game, no replacement announced... they were swinging it pretty well tonight, this was the game winning run, a homer off the bat of conor gillaspie.... that's one of four homers the sox launched against the royals and they win it by a final of 6-5... season finale tomorrow, 12:30 on wgn.... soccer tonight, mike magee and the fire hosting montreal at toyota park... magee was number two in the m-l-s in goals coming in, closing in on montreal's marco di vaio-- mike magee with two goals, owning the goaltender there for a 2-1 lead... but the fire gave one up late and wind up in a 2- all draw... not good for their fading playoff chances... back to baseball, cleveland won its ninth in a row to take the american league wild-card lead by one game over texas and tampa bay, two of those three are gonna get in.... and in the national league, the field is set, the question is-- who gets the wild-card home game??? and the answer to that is the pittsburgh pirates-- today in cincinnati, the pirates hit five homers off bronson arroyo, former cub marlon byrd got this one...
9:56 pm
six homers all day in an 8 to 3 win over the reds... pittsburgh is the number one wild-card, they will host the reds tuesday night at pnc park.... that is the news for saturday that is the news for saturday that's why i eat belvita at breakfast. it's made with delicious ingredients, then carefully baked to release steady energy that lasts. we're golfing now, buddy! i got it! belvita. steady energy. all morning long. [ female announcer ] and now introducing new belvita soft-baked breakfast biscuits. made with delicious ingredients and whole grains, they'll give you 20% of your daily fiber... and a new way to get nutritious morning energy. available in mixed berry and oats & chocolate.
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narrator: now, kids, the spring of 2008 was a complicated time in your old man's life. the last time i had seen barney was shortly after i found out he had spent the night with robin. are you saying you don't want to be bros anymore? i'm saying i don't want to be friends anymore. (phone rings) (groans) it's barney. dude, seriously, you need to stop calling me. ted, i'm sorry i haven't returned your calls. yeah, i never called you. you called me 15 times and my parents twice. i'm sorry. i got to let you go. there's just too many good wingmen out there.


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