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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 9, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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dreadlocks and was last seen wearing dark jeans and sneakers. police say that he is responsible for two other crimes. 814 year-old raped at 645 this morning, she was walking to school when the attacker dragged her behind a house. an 11 year-old was nearly wrecked at 530 this morning in a home invasion. her parents are grateful that they heard something and walked in before it was too late. it is sad that this type of thing will happen at everything. i hope that she is not completely traumatized. it led to a rally with neighbors and community activist and rape counselors. unfortunately many rape victims feel they are alone. we will not stand silently by and do nothing. as part of the rally, an
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organization sent counselors for her free advice and help. a person of interest is in custody and the two victims are here participating in a police lineup to try to identify the attacker. as a high school football star fights for his life, friends and family struggle to make sense of what happened on the field last friday night. our julie unruh is live with the latest on this story. here is the latest on the condition. drew is said to be looking better but he remains in a coma after collapsing on the sidelines of a football game. here is an account of what happened friday. he "from that point i said, i hope that kids alright." neil hernandez, lane tech class of 1988. he was at friday's game against dunbar high school when
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#3 drew williams went down. hernandez's photos show the star wide receiver and defensive back practicing before the game, then on the sidelines... unconscious--williams' teammates watching as he was wheeled away on gurney. hernandez was trying to make sense of it all from the stands. he was on his back and we did not know who he was. "we saw coaches looked frantic... it did not look like a normal injury. it wasn't a normal or typical game day injury. williams suffered a subderal hematoma--a serious brain injury with a blood clot. far more serious than any concussion, says dr. julian bailes from north shore university health system. he is a neurosurgeon there and an expert on football head injuries. many times in football you do not necessarily now what blow caused the injury. it is possible that a series of blows, a second and third fourth or maybe more, something that adds up and at some point the
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bleeding occurs for a seizure happens and that is when it is realized that the person has a problem. but bailes maintains, football itself is probably safer today than it was years ago. concussions like the jarring and rattling of the brain you see in this video are far more common. neither a reason, this father and doctor says, to keep kids away from the sport. he says parents need to weigh the pros versus the cons. you have to realize, especially a teenage boy, if they are not at a football game or practice, what will they be doing? they will not necessarily be doing risk aversive behavior. meanwhile, the caring bridge website provides health updates on drew. it also provides a place for people who wish to donate money to help the family. in just2 days donations near $15,000. meanwhile, the search for answers continues--the illinois high school association weighs in on protocol when it comes to injured players. if a player leaves the field or is removed from a contest with possible head injury then he or
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she can't return to that same contest unless they've been evaluated and cleared to return to play. by either a certified athletic trainer or a physician who practices medicine. one of its cops for brutality. says there is a 50 percent survh a subdural hematoma. anyone interested in donating to the family at this time, you should go to our website for more information. a chicago woman suing skokie at one of its cops for brutality. cassandra feuerstein was busted
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for drunk driving back in march. she believes this police video shows the officer unnecearrily shoving her into the jail cell resulting in a head injury that required facial reconstructive surgery. the suit also alleges that police made false statements, claiming she resisted being put in the cell. skokie officials have not commented on the lawsuit. the cta's new ventra fare- payment system is not turning out to be a pleasant adventure for many who rely on public transportation. in fact, the transit agency is now resuming sales of the magnetic stripe transit cards it eventually wants to phase out because of all the ventra problems. wgn's marcella raymond joins us from the garfield park fieldhouse on the west side. that and adding more customer service representatives. a person you can talk to and not waiting on the phone for an hour. while the ventra system will be fully in place at the end of the year, right now riders can keep using the magnetic strip cards. and the
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chicago card holders can continue to add value to the card. figured out. when i get home i can check... people lined up at a ventra event where they could ask questions but mainly to transfer any balance from their disposable card to their new verntra card. for some getting to this point was a long tedious process. this person entered her card online. it would not activate online. it said the activation code would not work and so i went to the office to speak to somebody to see if they could help. she waited an hour and half in that line and 45 minutes in this
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one. seems like a lot of work. it is. i am glad i had the day off. ctas is extending the period to theventra card. 20,000 people called the cta center monday and waited an hour to talk to somebody. we are trying to make it easier for the body while we work with our vendor to clear up the issues we have been having. 87 percent of the system is working fine but still they send e-mail to people who track issues transferring to ventra. there were difficulties activating the card. the instructions were difficult. confusing. we are sending e-mail to people to explain the steps needed to activate the card in the clearest manner possible.
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people want to get this going and get the snafus strait and doubt. if you want information on the event here tonight or any other information about the ventra card, you can access their site on the internet. no tax hikes, but fees may be on the table. still to come, mayor rahm emanuel outlines some of his budgeting plans. cook county sheriff tom dart shares his frustration with what he calls an antequated record keeping system. day nine of the government shutdown and lawmakers work to fix a problem that's been the source of a lot of embarassment. and later, tom skilling says we'll stay clear until the weekend, when things will change a bit.
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taxes in his next budget. however there are many other ways of raising revenue, an array of fees the mayors open to increasing. and he told reporters about one of them at the end of this round-table meeting with small business leaders: the cost of applying in person for building and zoning permits. the idea, he says, is to provide an incentive to get those permits electronically instead. its part of a paperless way of doing business the mayors championing to streamline city services. he says his budget team hasnt figured out just yet how much the in-person fee will be or what else will go up. but he does know this: we will have three years in a row of a budget that is not only balanced but dost not raise taxes on property, does not raise taxes on sales, does not raise gas tax. those three will not be raised and inconsistent with my third budget. there is a 338-million dollar budget gap to close. some tempting targets include the citys amusement tax and the so- called sin taxes, on cigarettes and liquor. past years have brought increases in the water
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and sewer rate, cost of city vehicle stickers. the mayor says he and his budget team arent done yet, still working on the document hell propose to aldermen two weeks from today. the information super-highway apparently doesn't reach the cook county sheriffs office. sheriff tom dart inviting the media in today to tour the records department. the sheriff fed-up with the county's paper records system which has resulted in clerical errors including wrongful inmate releases. the reality is that it is an archaic system and this is a history tore up what it was like in the 1800's know. this is today. we have a paper system and it is not right and it has to be fixed because it lends itself to errors. the sheriff calls the records system embarassing and wants a digital system where electronic files can be transferred directly from the courts. office of the clerk of the circuit court says they have a computerized system and that the sheriff has yet to program its
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computer system to receive the data. a verdict in the death of a chicago police officer. this comes hours after a verdict and the case of a second driver involved. the driver linked to the killing of a chicago police officer found guilty today. kevin walker was driving the car when two passengers opened fire killing chicago cop alex valadez. christopher harris is also currently on-trial for the murder and his case is just wrapping-up. cook county state's attorney anita alvarez says the defendants were targets in a gang shooting and were seeking revenge back in 2009. officer valadez was caught in the cross-fire. a third man, shawn gaston, was one of the men who pulled the trigger. he's serving a 125-year prison sentence. it is a facet of government that brought embarrassment to lawmakers. republicans and democrats work together to restore the military death benefit. and the president introduces his picked to
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have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. since enbrel helped relieve my joint pain, it's the little things that mean the most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. there's progress toward restoring military death benefits stalled by the government shutdown. the u.s. house has voted unanimously to resume benefits for the families of fallen troops. the bill now goes to the senate. meantime the pentagon has a deal for a charity to fill the gap. fisher house is a nonprofit charity that assists military families. it'll pay survivor benefits, including a $100-thousand dollar death gratuity to the next of kin, until the government can resume the payments.
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tonight, on the 9th night of the government shutdown, democratic leaders left a white house meeting singing the same tune. they want house republicans to reopen the government and raise the debt limit before new budget talks. the president emphasized offer and all over again what we also share, that he is willing to talk about all the issues that republican colleagues want to talk about and try to come to an agreement but he is saying we can talk while the government is open. tomorrow, it's the republicans turn at the white house. the president has invited g-o-p congressional leaders. this comes as wisconsin republican paul ryan is floating a plan to pass a short-term hike in the debt ceiling in exchange for cuts in entitlement programs, with no discussion of the affordable health care act. there will be and illinois congressman involved in that. federal employees here in chicago once again rallying in the loop, demanding an end to the federal government shutdown.
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they say they'd rather protest at the kluczynski federal building than sit at home during the shutdown. demonstrators say the government shutdown eventually trickles down to those in the private sector. many of today's demonstrators from various government agencies are members of the american federation of government employees. she is poised to become one of the most powerful women in the world. president obama unveils his pick for federal reserve chair, the current vice-chair janet yellen. five-hundred economists signed a letter to the president urging him to give her the top job. if the senate okays it, she'd be the first woman to lead the fed and the first democrat since the carter era. i am honored and humbled by the faith you have placed in me. she does not have a crystal ball but she has a keen understanding of how markets work. yellen supports the stimulus policies of fed chairman ben bernanke who leaves january 31. so will those brain games and exercises actually make you smarter. coming up in your medical watch, a new report says no, but there's still something
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to be gained. we will give you that answer when we come back. we will tcu. the father of a nine year old boy who snuck onto a flight to vegas opens up about his struggles with his son. and later, one popular chains plan to bring a little happiness to people during the government shutdown.
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in tonights medical watch... brain games. the makers tout the ability to lift your iq, but when put to the test, these games do not enhance intelligence. there is a benefit according to georgia insititue of technology researchers: brain training games do enhance memory. and while they dont help with blocking distraction or fluid intelligence, there is some benefit to staying sharp! doctors believe they may have the prescription to stop some crying babies, and it doesnt come in the form of a drug. probiotics given to breastfed babies reduces colic. the journal pediatrics reports on a study with mixed results. while probiotics calmed colicky breastfed babies, there was no indication offering probiotics
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helped babies who were formula fed. while the cause of colic is unknown, many suspect it is related to gut bacteria. airport noise may cause your blood pressure to soar and that will bring down heart health. constant exposure to airport noise increases the risk for heart attack and stroke. that warning comes from british researchers who analyzed the records of millions of peope both in london and across the united states near busy international airports. they found the risk of heart attack skyrocketed by 20% for those living with high levels of aircraft noise. the noise also impacted sleep quality and that was related to elevated health problems. back to you. our mild and dry stretch should extend right up until the weekend. tom skilling is in next, and he's tracking some rain that could arrive here on saturday. need a spoon, dear?
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crystal clear tonight. we have had gorgeous days. we have storms on either side of us. this storm migrates away and then sinks. that was a sight to the example right there. we mentioned last night the northern lights. jackie novak took this picture off the indiana shoreline. beverly shores. northern lights. we have another. this is from shay cohen from downstate illinois. subtle display compared to last week. meantime here is another. look carefully. this is from ed and
9:28 pm
nancy is whose son is an airline pilot. you see the crescent moon above the city lights and to the left is venus. you can see that on your high definition tv. and aerial view of that. from and arboretum catherine said it was a great day the nature part peeled met their. look at the shot of the fall colors. and from billy ware, monarch coyote and the little ones. he had just come from the arboretum shooting the beautiful fall colors and they were sitting in the sun. they're enjoying the warm weather and they did not leave until dusk. everybody in joined the weather. although somebody route, why do you guys in the media always hype the warm weather? can't complain about
9:29 pm
this. low dew points, good visibility, and this beautiful weather will continue with cool nights and mild days through the end of the work week. so far october is running an impressive 7.8 degrees above normal. 64.2 degrees is average which is quite a bit warmer than last year. unusual. also unusual is 100 percent sunny days put together. since september we have had two-thirds of the day with great sunshine. cool over the west. the really cold weather to the north and next
9:30 pm
week a cooler pattern may come into our area. the high temperature today was 71 at o'hare. tonight's ratings, 60 and the city and '50s inland. the cooler air was the product of high pressure that turned the winds off the lake and that during the day keeps temperatures lower. it is cooler in walkie and as you get close to the lake. east winds keep it cool. yesterday they were southerly. they are east north east at 5 mi. per hour. 70 percent relative humidity. mold count was hi pot holland was low. gear is one storm in the west followed by energy that will form another storm and that will really rain on us tuesday and
9:31 pm
wednesday next week. until then that storm from the west buckles the jet stream and keeps the float hear coming from the south and so while the west cools off we'd warmup in this warm weather regime. that will dominate through the early part of the weekend. meanwhile on be discussed this is the remnant of tropical storm karen and is hitting the east coast with high wind and rain. for us the next rain is saturday and saturday night and that is when showers will,. it will clear the area in time for the marathon sunday. here is the chicago forecast. clear and cool tonight. southeast winds between five and 14. tomorrow sunny and mild with a high of 74. south wind coming
9:32 pm
off the water at 5 and 13 mi. per hour. clear and cool again tomorrow night and sunday at warm friday there will be all kinds of people running the marathon, but just one sister stephanie. next, how a chicago nun's passion for running is helping to fund a west side church. and later, the father of a nine year old boy who hopped a flight to vegas makes a plea for help.
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we don't have time for stuff like laundry. we're too busy having fun. we get everything perfectly clean by tossing one of these in the wash. and that's it. i wanted to do that. oh, come on. eh, that's my favorite part. really? that's our tide. what's yours? this sunday's bank of america chicago marathon is going to have a special runner in it, special because she'll be running to raise money to support a west-side charity. for sister stephanie, running used to be her main focus until she met her fate. wgn's randi belisomo caught-up with her on the track. her routine starts just after
9:36 pm
4:00 a.m.. a set regiment. she has miles to complete before this weekend's marathon. she meets this regiment with enthusiasm of body and spirit. sometimes i will try to be extremely quiet. that is because she is also known as sister stephanie baliga she runs through humboldt park and returns in time for mass at the mission of the angels. she went to the bridges life after graduating as a scholar athlete from the university of illinois. i was in very good shape. she was the sixth cross country runner in the nation went tragedy occurred. i was running and all this up my foot broke in half and my whole life was kind of taken away. she took off wants to heal and
9:37 pm
then her focus went to hire considerations. at the campus center she had a new mindset and a new orientation to religious life. stephanie baliga went on a period of assessment to see how she fit into the catholic church. this 1958 school fire left students and nuns dead but it was a new life for her. brother lombardo. god calls whoever she with he wishesshe stephanie had a critical question. could a nun run? a body is a gift from god and we should take good care of our bodies. the answer was yes as long as
9:38 pm
she covered her knees and her head. when your help the work better your body and mind are in good shape and she does the work of seven people, maybe eight. that is providing food for a large number of people each month. good morning everybody. every tuesday the mission holds a program for seniors that includes exercise computer glasses and bible study. it is here that differences in race and religious denomination become less important. you respond to what is tended to you. she has about it life in poverty but the services, and she had a solution to financial strain. eight marathon that collects money to the tune of $26,000. that is facing dividend portion
9:39 pm
of our yearly operating budget. more than 40 have joined the team. is fascinated to see people come by. father, pray that i can finish. not only is sister stephanie generating big dollars but her goal is to finish at under seven minutes per mile but that is not what truly matters. work is because i exist and god wanted me to do this and i am a child of god. we want everyone to know that every donation accounts, for real. for those of you who want to donate to sister stephanie's team, head to starbucks is taking an interesting approach to the government shutdown. next, their plan to try and bring people together. and later in sports... the blackhawks first road test is a tough one as they take on the division rival blues.
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saw significant symptom relief, and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira today. remission is possible. the father of the boy who snuck aboard a flight to las vegas is asking for help. the man covered his face as he explained his son's problems, sometimes breaking into tears. he says the boy has behavioral issues and he allegedly stole a delivery truck just two days before his flight from minneapolis. but, according to
9:43 pm
the father, hennepin county officials said they couldn't help them the boy hadn't done anything bad enough yet. "i'm in what you call a double jeopardy. if i whup my son, i get locked up. if i let my son keep doing what he's doing, i get in trouble. somebody please help me, please." the boy is still in las vegas, where he was taken into custody by police. a-p reports he should be reunited with his family by friday. let's talk to tom about the seven day forecast. some nice aspects to this forecast. it will be beautiful at the end of the week and a little bit warmer in the next couple days. mid-70s tomorrow. cooler at the shoreline. mid-70s
9:44 pm
and again friday. low '70s saturday and then the cool air hits. you will hear this about this storm especially if you are headed to the east. a storm surge possible and heavy rain. there is the radar showing these big brains heading onshore and all the rain action. we have a whether bob camera up there. this is a ocean city. some 16 ft. swells up and down the east coast. small craft advisory and coastal flood advisories because of the pile up of the water. and flood watches in rapid city. it is rain in the system on top of
9:45 pm
ground saturated by melting snow. winter storm warnings in the mountains and winter weather advisories and now with the advisory is in the southwest. most snow at high elevations. over the next 10 days, we may get weather next week. we are in the purple which is where we have not been for a while. that is the area of maximum rainfall. cooler weather regimes. it this tends to be a cool signal for chicago and a bit west. you see that reflected in the seven day temperatures, down into the '60s by tuesday and wednesday spirit of good news for the marathon. it looks like the rain will come away before the marathon. the race starts at around 730 in the morning. by noontime it will be
9:46 pm
in the mid-60s heading for an alternate high of 69. lots of sunshine. north and northwest wind that could become northeast sunday but not terribly strong. i think people will find that respectable weather for the marathon. that will be a good day to sit on the porch and watch the marathon. i am very good at that. the key tom. flying on thanksgiving could hurt your wallet a little more this year. travelocity says traveling for the holiday will cost 7 percent more this year. 415 dollars round trip is the average price to beat, and you should book by november 9th for the best deals. travelocity's booking barometer predicts prices will start to climb november 10th. other tips for getting the best deal -- search alternate airports. be flexible on your travel dates. and pack lightly to avoid baggage fees.
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sears is selling-off profitable stores in order to raise cash. it's' been under pressure to improve sales. so the corporation has dumped nearly a dozen profitable stores in the u-s and canada over the past year and a half. sears stock closed today on the nasdaq just under 60 down about five- percent. starbucks is trying to set an example for lawmakers fighting over the shutdown, and it's using free coffee to get its message across. c-e-o howard schultz says until friday, the company will give a free, tall coffee to anyone who buys another person a beverage at its stores. schultz says his offer is a way to help people support and connect with one another... as we wait for our national leaders to do the same. coming up... joe girardi decides to stay in new york. we'll tell you why he decided to stay with the yankees. and one bad quarter last week doesn't have the bears offensive coordinator all that worried. dan roan is next with sports. but first let's see what's coming up on arsenio.
9:48 pm
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good night to be in st. louis. hockey first. first of five between these two teams this season, you won't want to miss any of 'em... every bit as riveting as a post-season game, they only thing it didn't have was a proper result... hawks and the blues-- teeing it up, sheldon brookbank and chris stewart only minutes into the game... hawks were down 1-0 early, but a quick power play and patrick kane hanging around the net, pokes it in, his third of the year, 1-1... then second period, blues up 2-1, another power play for the hawks and jonathan toews is there to tie the game at two, where it stood in the final minute... hawks bunched up on offense, couldn't get back in transition, three-on-one, alexander steen through the legs of corey crawford with 21 seconds to go... game number three for the hawks, they're 1- 1-1 after losing to the blues, 3-2.
9:52 pm
and by the way, what about the goal last night by 19-year-old tomas hertl of the sharks??? i mean, really? drags it between his skates and then roofs it... that was his fourth goal of the night, sharks beat the rangers, 9-2... hertl will never forget this night, and i guarantee you the rangers won't forget it either. cubs are starting over in their managerial search, with joe girardi signing a four-year extension to stay with the yankees... don't know how confident the cubs felt about their chances here, they were apparently prepared to out-spend the yankees-- but never really got the chance... cubs have interviewed manny acta, others are sure to follow but girardi stays put, gets a million-dollar-a-year raise over his last deal, but as he said today, and you have to believe him, it was not about the dollars.... after talking with my family, we
9:53 pm
decided that this is where we wanted to come back and we did not interview with anyone. our lives have been here for six years and as the manager of a club if you have an opportunity to spend 10 years in one city and watch your family grow, it is extremely lucky. also in st. louis tonight, the decider between the cardinals and the pirates.... and it was a little bit too much david freese for pittsburgh to handle-- second inning, a two-run shot for freese, the hero of the 2011 world series for the cards... matt adams has also homered, it's over at busch stadium, cardinals win, 6-1, moving on to the n-l- c-s.... after losing two in a row, the bears get back on the horse tomorrow night when the giants come to town... another walk- through today, no doubt looking for ways to eliminate all the trouble at the beginning of the saints game sunday... bad early, better late-- and certainly no reason to panic right now... they could be the giants at 0-5...
9:54 pm
we are seventh in the league in rushing yards per carry and second in the number of sacks given up. as people panicked that we cannot play football in chicago anymore, i say they are wrong because when you look at the all season, the whole product we have put out, we are in the top-10 in both of those categories. and look who's serving up encased meats just around the corner from wgn today... da coach, working that grill full of his new mike ditka vienna beef monster sausages... what's next?? ditka's always been a hand-on pitchman-- then again, who doesn't love a good sausage? and who doesn't love dressing up like iron mike, if it's gonna get you either an autograph or-- a free lunch..... he is my idol, as i am sure he is for many other people in chicago. for some reason i look
9:55 pm
like him and i don't do anything special other than where the bears stuff. that is about it. except for the hairs those glasses shades, that is don being gone. add a couple sausages and beef up and you look like the coach. that's the news for this wednesday night. we're happy you shared time with us. i'm micah materre. i'm mark suppelsa. updates on for all of us here, have a good night.
9:56 pm
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i am not impressed with the talent in here tonight. and the more i drink, the less attractive they get. i'm one scotch and soda away from the cantina scene in star wars. what about those girls over there? they're hot. they're not hot. are you kidding? i hated their guts the second i saw them. which means they're hot. in fact, i hated them almost as much as i hated robin when i first met her. you hated me? a lot. aww. barney, they're hot. oh, there is so much to teach you all. you have just become victims of... the cheerleader effect. glad you asked. the cheerleader effect is when a group of women seems hot


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