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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 6, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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also made a little more difficult to find the victims. they were sweet talked to did not know the people who lived there. i did not see anything. that did not hear anything. that is not know the people who live there. it is said areas. nothing you could do but pray for them. there were no working smoke detectors at this home. >> it is what happened afterwards that told the passengers on a plane. american
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eagle says nobody that her. landed normally at all here this morning. while taxiing to the terminal, the aircraft accident the taxi way. no injuries were reported. passengers waiting for their luggage, it has been an eventful and to the journey. i replaced it, and ambulances and surrounded the american eagle plane. we landed, it
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was very windy. he served a little bit. we landed on the grass. >> passengers describing the plane skidding. in a written statement the aviation department cents a plane did not slide off the runway. hoof >> chicago and all over the world are remembering an award winning feature. use 54 years in the exact cause of death is not yet known.
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patroohis being remembered as a philanthropist, a demanding boss and a powerful influence on chefs who followed in. he is taking the technique some of the french restaurants and putting a midwestern spend on that. his restaurant closed last year. will be released in a few days. illinois is on its way to becoming the 15th state to legalize gay marriage. it started yesterday when the illinois house passed a bill with 61 members voting yes. once that happens county
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clerks to start issuing marriage license. we are planning a wedding next year. we're so excitinexcited. the governor indicated this morning that he will sign the legislation by the end of this month. the school teacher that shot last week says he crawled to safety on his hands and knees. he grew up in lake forest. he managed to take cover inside the small storage room of an airport retail shop. titus was sure around his own bleating like. >> the fbi has in a picture of what a missing baby might
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look like 50 years after he was abducted. the newborn is kidnapped in 1964. authorities believe they found him in new jersey. he is given to the family few years later. dna tests taken last summer show he was someone else. they released this picture of what he could really look like. the identity of the baby found 50 years ago remains a mystery. >> landed a man in trouble with police. the couple agreed that the loser of the that would get a taste. fla >> it was most likely consentual. still faces up to
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six years in prison. two former football players are suing the nfl and a home manufacturer. a former northwestern player who participated in pro training camp says the league know about the harmful effects of concussions but did not educate players fatklienlvin den
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fan the ex- boyfriend took a stand defending himself. convicted of killing the 21 year-old. studying in italy and 20 of seven. their convictions were overturned two years
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ago for lack of evidence. back home in seattle and refused to return home. in court today he called the charges and absurd. the supreme court decided last year to retry the case sang the jury that acquitted appeared not consider all of the evidence. he is not a threat to prison officials despite messages he wrote shortly before being captured. he is being held at and near total isolation. he wrote stop killing our innocent people and we will stop. they opposed lifting me restriction. then a visit to bethlehem
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john carey announced an additional $75 million in aid for a palestinian authority initiative. to include englisincluding construction. earlier he met with israeli prime minister. in his latest attempt to get peace talks back on track. asked the united states and other nations to uphold the sanctions. testified today about problems. how extensive those problems have been. a stack of daily updates by contractors shows in the first days after the october rollout, half of the cost to the farm center had problems. paper applications cannot be processed. up to 40,000 people at that time were sitting in a websites waiting room. tells the
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senate finance committee that shutting down the website to fix it for good is not an option. >> chris christie's reelected for another term. he became the first republican to earn more than 50 percent of the state's vote. he won the near city mayor's race by a landslide. the first democrat elected mayor of new york. in virginia the former democratic party chairman was elected governor. he narrowly defeated the attorney general. >> twitter launches tomorrow in a highly anticipated ipo.
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the early bird catches the worm apparently. a study by six science finds one out of three shoppers will begin their holiday shopping before thanksgiving. early shoppers most likely to be married mothers. one of the world's largest beef producer is giving customers what they say they want. more
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transparency when it comes to exactly what they're eating. this move coming after public outcry about the products dubbed pink slime by some. apple says they receive about 5500 requests for information from law enforcement agencies in the first half of this year. instead it would disclose more about those requests if it was not for a u.s. government can order. trying to reassure users saying it provides account content and only extremely limited circumstances. the nasdaq slipping a bit right now. we're waiting to see how twitter shares
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priced tonight i had of their first day of trading. the microbe logging site up the price to a range of 23-$25 each. we're told that could get even higher. the earlier they were selling for 17-$20 a share. the big question for investors, where are the company's profits? >> the polar express has become a popular holiday train ride. if the tom hanks movie has become real popular with kids. they enjoy riding the train through different towns and villages each year. that means the someone is also making money off of the intellectual property of warner brothers. warner
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brothers is now telling everybody involved if you play us pass. >> if we wish to run the program will need to obtain a licence in order to do so.
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>> company that called him and is rarely does inc.. they are licensed through warner brothers to be the entity to hold the event. if someone else would like to do it they have to pay a royalty. district officials still have not decided whether to pay a fee or change the name to something else. whether that is the same for what we're looking at for polar express, it will be determined. >> district officials are telling me that they can still use the name polar express this year. after that beginning next year they'll have to change the name to something like candy land expressed or there will have to pay royalties.
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i like a clean kitchen. i don't do any cleaning. i make dirt. ♪ very, very heavy. i'm not big enough or strong enough for this. there should be some way to make it easier. [ doorbell rings ] [ morty ] here's a box, babe. open it up. oh my goodness! what is a wetjet? some kind of a mopping device. there's a lot of dirt on here. morty, look at how easy it is. it's almost like dancing. [ both humming ] this is called the swiffer dance. the bears host the lions on sunday. cutler might not be ready to return. espn reported on monday that he is expected to play against detroit. he
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has not practiced yet and is not know how he will feel an life situations. the law have a better idea practice tomorrow. he does not know right now. i wish i could tell you. i think the way that trashes plane we feel good about that. we do not want to get into a situation where i'm out there and i came back a week too soon and i'm set back another four-six weeks. >> the bears' defensive back has been named defensive player of the week. rogers confirmed he suffered a fractured collarbone >> the bulls visit one of the best teams in the nba tonight. the pacers are the only
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undefeated team left in the leak. the chicago bulls are 1- 2. rose has struggled shooting just 28% with nearly six turnovers a game. still to come this midday, tom skilling has a full this midday, tom skillin[ female announcer ] when it comes to your smile, all stains are not created equal. a cup of coffee means surface stains. a cup a day for a decade? ♪ deep, set-in stains. crest 3d white whitestrips go beyond where most toothpastes can reach, safely removing stains below the enamel surface, to whiten as well as a $500 professional treatment. after all, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. so grab crest 3d white whitestrips today. life opens up with a whiter smile.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] experience new febreze sleep serenity and let the soothing scent of moonlit lavender lull you to sleep. ♪ new febreze sleep serenity in moonlit lavender, warm milk & honey, and quiet jasmine. an official product of the national sleep foundation. breathe happy. sleep happy. >> i had a raincoat on this morning. i think you're right. a couple of chilly nights on the way. we're talking about widespread 20s.
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>> beautiful fall colors. some beautiful photos. check out the frost on the ground. >> beautiful colors. always a beautiful place to be. we had high wind and rain combined to knock down some of the leaves. look how well it is. the falling rain is about over. we are about ready to turn
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a lot cooler. temperatures are betting right now. >> and a broad area of measurable rainfall. this was snow in the upper midwest. you'll chalets in the camera views. lucky as all the rain fall around the metro area. >> as you go west in the storm take a look at what happened up here. 9.5 in. came down there. there is plan ridge. pretty good
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coating of snow there. some of the rain totals from our weather but network included 168. will allow us to get cool. 32 percent as all of the sunshine we've had this month. this is one of the three claudius the months. might be one reason why november december january and not your favor months. look of the temperatures are coming down. here
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are down in the low 40's of and the western suburbs. wind gust over 20 mi. per hour. this produces windchill that will make it feel like the mid 30's. it is going to get pretty nasty. these are double- digit temperature drops. the big picture shows the spick it open from canada. it is 16 at this hour. those temperatures produce lushy sticking snow. his lawyer temperatures looked last evening. the cooler air was cool and up to the north. these are windchill as pierre the 30 degree wind chills reached down to southern illinois.
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the wind will be gusting even this evening. they will stay up during the night to. the school temperatures. is going to feel pretty mad. the rain is pretty well gone. here is 5:00 this evening. that is when temperatures get serious about dropping. claudius months. november december and january. each one of them has less than half its possible sunshine. what that some of the snow numbers. >> tyler minnesota half a foot of snow was night. the snowfall is up to
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the north. the storm is exiting the area. allowing high pressure to come in. tomorrow we will start sunday. there'll be some clout in the afternoon. the models are showing a couple of flurries the west. this one will be taking a no. track. as it happens it looks like we'll get the snow to fall to the north of us. that is good. the wind is blowing cooler air off the coast. there are advisory's for wind of the great lake. take a look at this nullifies recent and parts of utah and the northwest. tonight
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we will be down in the '20s. here is our forecast. the transition more deeply into the autumn season. scattered rainfall will be winding down. >> it is about where it should be. the
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taste test your for edy's ice cream a $250,000 insurance policy on what? >>
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now moving on to fireball. >> the lotto jackpot as 3.7 million. power ball is up to $70 million. get your tickets. good luck. >> and is time for
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those levels are altered and some cancers are growing and the body. the
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sensors can also be modified. moves through the body passing. injections of testosterone can help men feel young. in fines and might come at a cost to the heart. testosterone treatments might increase the risk for heart attack, stroke, death. >> compared to their peers with low hormone levels that did not seek treatment. previous studies have had some mixed results >> a competition to get kids eating healthier. to change the plan in the schools. they're doing it by actually asking the students. doing it by actually asking the students.
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[ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours, but your peanuts... are mine. ♪ a culinary competition putting students against the national school food debate. cooking up change is all about bringing nutritious lunch dishes. >> she came up with this dish and another one that is a seekesecret. first of all you have to tell me what her task was. it is amazing to me. it had to be completely nutritious.
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>> >> you go to the grocery store and ask what can i make last a lot longer? >> we had to wal- marwork off of our school ingredients. me and my four other teammates wanted to keep its traditional. entree.i'm going to be doing the entree. >> we talk so much about the importance of healthy food in the school. i think when the debate is only with the adults it is not ever going to filter down to the children. they really have their finger on the pulse
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of what they want to eat anyway. your friends really enjoyed it. >>you want me to stir that. after that we're going to put our dry ingredients and. you wanted to be flavorful as well. help season it with a little salt. they cannot the assault at all. it gives us a great flavor. >> i'm going to have replaced the chips and here. put them in there ahowever you
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like. we are going to add this to the pan. just place it in there. as much as you like. has better things in there that are good for you. the sour cream and all of those other things. last year this one was the winning recipe. you travel to compete in washington d.c.. we placed second. we won for best presentation. it was an awesome experience. they presented in front of congress. tomorrow night is the competition. we
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cannot sit with the recipe is. how many schools are competing? >> i think about 17 schools are competing against each other. all chicago public schools. tomorrow night from 6-9:00 p.m. at bridgeport art center. tickets are $100. they helped to offset the cost of all of the supplies and the company.that they need. >> if thethey do get to taste all of the offerings that the students made. there's an open bar.
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in 1985 the ice- cream cone and thcompany took up the policy on their own taste tester. that is interesting. the temperatures are crashing. 44 in downers grove. 44 at when the cup. 39 already in the cannery. these temperatures are diving. there is the view from sandwich. here is the view from crystal lake. we showed you some of the snowfall that occurred out west.
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the ear of the current temperatures. - 2. and in chicago the wind is west and northwest sustained at 18. they have been gusting over 25 in most areas. 40 m.p.h. when gus earlier. our storm moves on and high pressure moves in. >> maybe some sprinkles, a little bit of mixed, cover. cloud cover. there is a wet second weather system that comes through. perhaps a small fall towards the end of the forecast mixed with the rainfall in the middle of next week. we'll have
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more of that. 47 tomorrow, 40 friday and 58 saturday. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us today. we're leaving you with music from the we're leaving you with music from the ceremonies.
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let's just go grab a caddy or a lexus and get out of here. you know what a handicap van's worth tripped out with hydraulics like that? it's too special. right here in the parking lot? the keys are in the ignition. we'll be gone before she knows what's happening. look, maybe chico vouched for you.
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when you're with me, you do what you're told. all right? 42 minutes. what 42 minutes? i've been waiting 42 minutes. i wasn't in there-- know how many kinds of bottled water there are? one. tap. you drink from a swamp. o.k., watch it. come on. excuse me. hey, what are you doing? hey! what are you--


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