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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 6, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive. two men dead and seven injured tonight in detroit after a shooting outside a neighborhood barber shop. local media there reporting the suspect fired a few shots into the shop, then took aim at people as they came out. police have not mentioned any motive for the shooting, although they report the barber shop is a known spot for gambling. the village of lyons slashed millions of dollars from its budget which means fewer cops and dispatchers. this follows a contentious board meeting. the village has just passed its annual budget and good news if you are the bare but not good news if you are on the police force or many of the reasons you just cited budget slashed by $1
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billion effectively 20 or 25%. what does that mean for residents? they are losing seven of the 25 police officers in total and they will be getting rid of their police dispatchers, which is eight people. the mayor wants them to join a private communications consulting firm that works for the village of lions. when that vote was taken tonight averell and walked out of the room. the village of lyons board meeting brought people from the community worried about public safety if they cut jobs by 15 and demote other spirit contracts would be apt to be renegotiated and members here fear that union busting is going on. the mayor maintains is about fiscal responsibility. the mayor elected five years ago at age 26
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said cutting the cost of doing business to keep lyons about business but he got a 70 percent raise in 2011. they had the board did not have their salaries cut in the annual 2014 budget. the budget is not big. it is very small compared to the size of the police department and it is over 50 percent of the entire budget and we are looking to get back in line more in the 40% range. what will hurt them is that they rely on the surrounding apartments to assist them more often. a is consenting to the health safety and welfare of these presidents and the officers to provide the services for the dispatchers. that is what this is about. the fraternal order of police is contending that other neighboring communities in this area are actually hiring more police officers, not firing
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them. they are dealing with additional credit issues. berwyn hired more and brooklfield also hired more but lyons is going to perhaps/as many as seven. a standoff between a cab driver and the driver of a stolen s-u-v ended with several cars being hit in the lakeview neighborhood -- and it was all captured on camera. it happened a week ago on west belmont avenue at southport and the video was just released today. it all began as a small fender-bender between the cab driver and the 19-year old driver of a black s-u-v police say was stolen. the cabbie got out of his car and began yelling at the driver for bumping into him. when the 19- year old had enough, he started to get-away but hit other cars in the process and side-swiped the cab. police caught the still unidentified 19-year-old down the street who now faces a variety of charges.
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ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on the ohare modernization project is expected to generate tens of thousands of jobs. add to that, safer landings and take-offs. all sounds good until you really hear it. three weeks after opening a new runway, families are saying enough! wgns lourdes duarte visited one neighborhood to get a read on what the aircraft noise level is really like. mark and micah, some
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neighborhoods have benefited from the new runway, less noise. but places like schiller park are feeling it worse than ever. one family says they knew living close to ohare means noise is always an issue, but they never expected this. now high follow the planei foll. cellphone a good deal let you see it and hear it. it has become too difficult to overlook, the danceable meter says 97. an average rock concert is 100 decibels, but at times these have reached 100 and or 115. wgn to show what the new
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run by men for him and neighbors. lived here 12 or 13 years and everything was fine until three weeks ago. that was about the time of a big kick off. the start of operations of runway 10c part of the o'hare modernization projects, 10,000 ft. of runway running east to west. that is less than three-quarters of a mile from the six story apartment building where they live. i cannot talk on the phone if the window is opened. the people cannot hear me talking. we measured the levels a half dozen times during 90 minutes. two different devices measuring the exact same thing. to you hear that? that alarm on the car went off loud enough to trigger car alarms just about every time. at night it gets worse. we went for
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different times and we clocked 1 at 115 db. what does all that mean? it is enough to cause stress at 110 and possibly even hearing loss. 110 is, we don't recommend more than about a half-hour or 45 minutes of exposure at this level continuously. there are some theories that the ... of a very loud noise can cause hearing loss. there are sound proof windows and sliding glass doors paid for as part of the modernization project. it drowns out the noise if everything is closed but don't open windows. chicago's department of aviation says it conducts noise tests at 32 locations 247. the october numbers will be in
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septembercom december. this cons been on the side of residence for some time. he wants the plans modified and rework the policy on what is too much noise. the policy does not take into consideration enough of a single incident affecting people's lives particularly at night the noise that wakes up people. the airport is busy but so are we. our work supper's it we have airplanes overhead waking us up at 4:00 in the morning. it's what they are hearing over and over again. you called 311. what did they say? they said we have your complete and so that's ok. the man expect to hear back from the faa in a month and right now
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the formula to determine what is too much noise is combining times when there is lots of noise and times when there is no noise and they come up with an average. they say that does not seem fair. if that formula changes theirthere may be relief for people at places like midway airport where there are noise problems as well. the first question i would have is, why did you move there? when it was in the earlier rage but it was manageable. this apparently is not because if they open their door or window even a little bet they hear planes coming through at all hours. by the same token there were neighborhoods in the past two got all this noise at now they are not. what can you really do about it? you can't
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just stop using that runway. the will have to come up with a better idea of what to do. still to come... in your medical watch, researchers say there's one sign to look for in spotting autism at a very young age. also ahead tonight, why the popular polar express might not even leave the station this year. and later, the end of an era for anyone who ever rented a movie from blockbuster. what does that first spoonful taste like?
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lower standards for blood sugar should be used to diagnose diabetes in pregnancy. there is no real test for autism, but just looking in a babys eyes, parents may be able to spot the disorder. autism is typically diagnosed in toddlers as behavioral clues trigger an evaluation. but the national institute for mental health finds within the first two to six months, infants with autism will begin to avoid eye contact. lack of eye contact in older children is one key to helping pinpoint autism. since autism affects social and emotional connections, an earlier hint a child is affected will yield earlier intervention, helping a child better manage their disorder. the moment of retirement is a critical time for how long a person will live after retirement. those who become more active after they leave the workforce, fare better than those who choose a more sedentary lifestyle. doctors at wake forest baptist medical center say retirees dont have to run marathons but they do
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need to walk briskly 3-4 times a week if they want better long term health. total sitting time rose with age in this study. healthier retired people spent at least 7% of their time being active. seems like a low number, which shows it doesnt take much to make a difference. thank-you. chicagoland has some cold nights in our future. tom skilling is in next, and he says we'll drop below freezing a few times. and that other stuff ... fluffy st
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weather office. it is cold out there. this will be a chilly but we have really chilly air next week if the models are correct. shelly milky noticed that one of your had arranged these beautiful color leaves. she said i did the same thing with the leads in my front yard. there is the array that resulted. beautiful shots. and from michigan sunday, dr. john sent us these beautiful shots. fall colors in chicago. nice shot. robert shaw sent us the fall colors out there. and enjoy a, these colors are amazing. and from another person, this is a comment that has been widely talked-about in astronomical circles. it may be the comment
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of the century with a tail that at some point those across the sky. he is really good with the astronomical shots. thank-you sheldon. thank-you for the nighttime shots of me youreteor. it rained this morning but now the skies are clearing and wait until you see some of these temperatures. the chilliest night in e 11 with the coolest highs this month. look at the readings. in the '20s and the western suburbs. '30's in the city. possibly 40 at the shoreline at work to just the 40's tomorrow. tomorrow night look at temperatures cooling down into the big 20's away from the lake had been freezing near the lake itself. and again in the 40's during the day friday.
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the real chill could hit after a break brief warm-up this weekend. it would hit next week here is the first shot of cool air tonight and tomorrow into friday. southwest winds blow saturday at war must stop their than the cool air spills in for the bears game sunday and this area of cold air arrives monday. and if it moves the right way they could be snow. the winds coming off 50 degree lake water which will be in the 40's by that. this northwest upper flow turns westerly and warm south over the weekend, it cools off. .64" of rain at the airport.
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57 was the high at about 10:00 this morning at both airports. since then it has been downhill. there is cooler air waiting in the wings and willie chilies stuffed with a subzero cold on the north slope pencil that will circulate in here. combined with the winds tonight still blowing which some gusts, it feels like 33 with '30's all the way south to oklahoma. we had double digit temperatures decrease is across the midwest. this chilly air is widely dispersed across the region. wind chills are in the '20s northwest of the city at this hour. look at the double digit increases compared to 24 hours ago. west northwest 10 mi. per hour winds. here is the storm. this laid
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down snow to the west in the planes. even the minneapolis area at northwest wisconsin had a coating of slosnow. tomorrow which start with bright sunshine and the rain is to the east. no threat of rain tonight and you will see the rains that come down across the area in some cases as much as 1.75 in. of rain. that is a good amount of rain especially having been as dry from july to mid october, the heavens have opened. it has been quiet for a couple days but next week could be interesting. clear a breezy colder tonight. 20s inland and 30 in the city. winds between seven and 17. tamara starts with bright sunshine but the hair is on
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stable with daytime heating producing pop the clouds and possibly a sparkle in the afternoon. tomorrow night's clouds scattered and mid-20s inland and mid '30's in the loop. sunshine in followed by increasing clouds in the afternoon with a high of 49. back to the 40's sunday for the bears game. we will talk more about next week in the seven day forecast coming up a little later on. i warned her. i did not use the word but i hinted. we will be gentle. see you later. controversy surounds a popular children's movie and a heavily attended suburban attraction. next, why a hollywood studio is pulling the plug. and later, the brookfield zoo welcomes a new baby gorilla. lily...she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress.
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we are going to see an increase of weddings across the board. i anticipate we see a pisses increase of 10% or 25% initially. the williams institute predicts 103-million-dollars in spending on same-sex weddings and tourism in illinois, and 8.5- million in new tax revenue. mayor emanuel announces an expansion of free mammography services which he says will help some 1500 additional uninsured women. a 200-thousand dollar investment at roseland community hospital on the southeast side will provide the services in an area that the mayor says has some of the city's highest breast cancer mortality rates. it is all about access. it is one of the few cancers in which if you diagnose it early enough you can actually deal with that. a spokesperson for afscme, the american federation of state, county, and municipal employees, hopes expanding
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services at roseland community hospital doesn't take-away from mammogram services at four city health centers in other areas around town. the mayor said the city health centers will not be affected. the polar express has become a popular holiday tradition around chicago. so who's the scrooge trying to put a stop to it all? wgn's robert jordan explains why the train might not leave the station this year. it is a popular holiday movie that is a big hit with families during the christmas season but because of licensing issues warner brother the company that produced the movie is telling cities to stop using the name " polar express " without permission. pay on the intellectual property rights to " polar express " and if we which to run the program in the future we will have to obtain a license to do so. that is money? that is money but we had not determined how much money it will be at this point.
9:39 pm
santa who rides with the kids to their destination was also told to stop using " polar express " on his website. that proved to be among the most popular santa claus events in the entire chicago area. a company from colorado is lessons through warner brothers to be the entity that holds events. if someone else would like to do it they have to pay a royalty. park officials in arlington heights have not decided whether to pay the fee or change been made to is something else. movies, we usually pay a licensing fee of about $500 to show a movie depending on the number of people we expect to attend. whether that is the same for the polar express, that will be determined. they will need one more year in
9:40 pm
which they can use polar express. after that they have to change it to candy land or sugar express' or some other candy, or pay for the rights. deals that put black friday doorbusters to shame. still to come, why some online shoppers got more than 90% off on walmart today. and later in sports... the bulls find out why the pacers are the league's only undefeated team as they pull away from the bulls in the fourth quarter. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore. [ male announcer ] with you can print real u.s. postage for all your letters and packages. i have exactly the amount of postage i need, the instant i need it. can you print only stamps? no... first class. priority mail. certified. international. and the mail man picks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale.
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find your co-pay cost at ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen today. twitter has announced the price for its initial public offering via, what else, a company tweet. shares will go for 26 dollars each, higher than any of the company's initial estimates. that values the company at over 14 billion dollars. large institutional investors get first crack at the stock tonight, before twitter starts trading on the new york stock exchange tomorrow. but individual investors should be careful. shares could surge well above the offering price on the first day. if only blockbuster could rewind back to the 1990s, when it was king of the video rental business. the once popular video store chain is closing the rest of its u.s. stores. there is only one left in the chicago area in elmwood park. blockbuster's business has been hammered by the internet and online streaming. when blockbuster was at its peak, going to the video store to pick up a movie on friday night was an american tradition.
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wal-mart officials admitting to a technical error today at their website, but will they honor the mistakenly low prices that were being offered? how low? many products were more than 90- percent off their list price with tv's and computer monitors going for just eight-bucks. wal-mart leaders report they're working on the website error, but would not say whether the retailer will honor bargains customers acted on. was the american airlines to give away those low-priced tickets? i think that was a nice 32nd television ad for wal-mart's. it was a mistake maybe but they packed their money from free advertising. but what a nice mistake. there was a storm west of alaska
9:45 pm
today and there is a buoy that measured 86 mi. per hour winds. i think that was the weather system that led us to believe that we will be cold next week. right now is 40 at o'hare. some whether bob temperatures, 33 app sycamore. look at the snow on the ground. porcupine south dakota. pine ridge at south dakota. meanwhile here's what we look like today. we will wake up to sunshine tomorrow. you see clouds developing in the afternoon and some could sprinkle on us. with cool temperatures, highest moral in the 40's and look at tomorrow night with how widespread the chill is around the area. let's cycle through there. a storm goes through over the weekend and that makes us warm saturday
9:46 pm
bought one globe for the of cold air for the bears game sunday. then a way it develops at the south end of this high and another high drops in from canada and that little buckle with an income increase in wins is an inverted trough. the models, they show a corridor of snow coming through tuesday and tuesday evening. the european center model is less aggressive with the snow and much of it goes to the south but the point is, both had snow in their forecast. there may be a mix in the city. we will keep an eye on that. this is just something to flag and be sure to watch. tomorrow sunny and a sprinkle in the afternoon and partly sunny friday. partly sunny for the bears game sunday and veterans
9:47 pm
day looking cool at 41. the chance of snow at northeast with a clocking in at mixed precipitation of the late tuesday and wednesday. we will keep you updated on that. it's that time of year, micah. brookfield zoo welcomes a new baby. it's a baby gorilla, born early monday morning. her mother is 18-year old "koola." the new baby girl gorilla does not have a name yet. brookfield zoo visitors will be able to see "koola" and her new daughter in an exhibit titled "tropic world - africa." "koola" already has a nine- year-old daughter named "kamba." coming up... if their last two games are any indication, the hawks should be picking up plenty of wins against division rival winnipeg this season. while jay cutler hopes to get back in the line-up for sunday's game against the lions. dan roan is next with sports. but first, arseno hall with a preview of his show. mark, micah, what's up chicago?
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i have some many names. the ladies of talk are here. and my friend george wallace, a very,vegas stand up. ...stay there y' losing their sacred home.
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bulls are saying with their injuries, they're a work in progress-- but they didn't make much progress at indiana tonight-- pretty good first half, a pretty complete meltdown in the second against their biggest divisional rival. thibs had a couple of practice days to get things ironed out, and in the first half they looked more like their old selves, including d-rose-- bulls were up by six at halftime... but caved in late in the third, luol deng turned it over and luis scola made him pay, 74-69 indiana with the lead... and then it the fourth quarter, it really got ugly-- lance stephenson did some work from downtown, that's an eight point lead... the bulls are getting out-worked, and that's unusual-- david west gets the board and then to the former bull c-j watson... bulls lose big at indy, 97 to 80... now 1- 3, their worst start in five years.
9:52 pm
at the uc tonight, michael frolik with a nice welcome-back as the hawks host the winnipeg jets, whom they beat in winnipeg saturday and whom they pounded again tonight-- jonathan toews doing the dirty work late in the first, his sixth in eight games... and then in the closing seconds, patrick kane waiting patiently and firing it in there, 2-0 after one... hawks were well on their way, adding on late in the second period, the rookie brandon pirri on the breakaway, that's how you do it, 3-0... and we did say the hawks pounded these guys, late in the game, brandon bollig bangin' the boards on adam pardy, they lost the glass over there and pardy lost his hat. the jets also lost the game 4-1. hawks at dallas saturday night on wgn. cubs are set to announce rick renteria as their new manager tomorrow. san diego's bench coach the past two years, a lot of minor league managing experience, renteria's got a reputation as a teacher of young players, which absolutely fits what the cubs are looking for. his contract is reportedly three year with two option
9:53 pm
years. we don't expect renteria to be at wrigley for the announcement. he's recovering from hip replacement surgery and can't fly for awhile. the possibility exists that the 2014 season will be the last with cubs game on wgn-tv. tribune reports say the team is opting out of its wgn contract. the station could get a new deal but at a much higher price to pay. we'll know more in a month or so. also, keith moreland is leaving the wgn radio booth to spend more time with his family in texas. bears practice today produced some news on jay cutler and some chicago perspective on the ongoing mess surrounding the miami dolphins. rich king has the story from halas hall. after all the optimism about j. cutler returning against the lions the reality is his status is in doubt. he has not been ruled out. i don't know where he is. he has been running around working with
9:54 pm
the trainers and working in the hot day with bobby and bands and we directing and things like that. it will be day to day and we will see tomorrow. the other big topic was the racial hazing incident in miami. king county del. should he be banned from the nfl? things have changed. for a guy to come into the locker room and he shows the vulnerability, that is a problem. that is what i mean how about the culture of the nfl and that's what we have to change. what is going in on in miami goes on in every locker room but it is time for us to stop start talking and have some group sessions where guys talk about what is going on off the floor. in copied across the line but talk of to any player and hazing is part of nfl culture. we will find out more on color
9:55 pm
tomorrow. if he can practice tomorrow and friday he will probably play against the lions over the weekend. but you have to be careful about that. that's the news for this wednesday night. we're happy you shared time with us. i'm micah materre. i'm mark suppelsa. updates on for all of us here, have a good night. i like a clean kitchen.
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morty, look at how easy it is. it's almost like dancing. [ both humming ] this is called the swiffer dance.
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narrator: kids, your uncle barney had been called a lot of names over the years. jerk! bastard! barack obama jr.?! mm-hmm. and yes... we can. but there's one name none of us ever expected to hear him called. boyfriend. barney stinson is my boyfriend. i've said it, like, a hundred times. it still sounds weird to say. well, anything sounds weird if you say it a hundred times. bowl. bowl. bowl. but other than that, things are good? bowl. bowl. i don't know. i think barney's been single for too long. bowl. like, the other night, i wake up at 4:00 a.m.-- bowl. (thud, robin gasps)


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