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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 13, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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to a bennett botched robbery attempt. a surveillance camera may offer some images of his final moments. >> they do not care who you are, just turn yourself in that. we will forgive you just turn yourself in it. >> i still cannot believe it. it is hard to sink in. >> the 53 year-old father and grandfather was on his way to work known as a family man and a hard worker he had the same job for 32 years. he was looking for it to retirement. >> is one thing i remember. he was
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always everytime i came over one of the ogles i've known since i was born. i want justice so i can have peace. i would never be able to get over this. i cannot put my father in the ground not know who is killed him. >> family members a very gracious and open in talking to us. he endured a great deal in his life of without complaining. police are still investigating at this moment. >> long lines at rush-hour the transit authority had to give away 15,000 plus a free ride because of the new transit cars system failed again. >> we spoke to a few dozen of the writers
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who said they were delayed and understandably upset about the new transit car problems that affected thousands of riders. we received video from one of the upset writers. dozens of real losers were held up and had to wait in line because of the cards would not work. they're on able to board the train. they had to get assistance from personnel. about 16,000 people got free rides due to a computer failure and the back office system. 165 readers have 60 different stations were affected. they started at 430 this evening and back to normal at a 30. in between is a rush- hour. the readers were malfunctioning for about 90 minutes at various locations. we spoke
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to a number of people as a short time ago. >> to modify 6:00 and everytime you would gulp it would not read it in woodstock. i would have to hold it there until finally get a read it. >> i keep trying the bus driver and maybe get out because is that i had no money at. >> going to like getting off a lot of people on the handicapped spot said why are they over there. all you see are signs out of order. >> we saw in number of people and having difficulty buying one rise at various locations. this chance the authority of listed this statement saying they are going to charge at the person
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that helped them with their computer for all the errors for these 15,000 rise at that were given out. a lot of frustration the thrust the system during rush hour. 15,000 free rides given out. a lot of investigations into what happens is is had a lot of problems since its inception. >> federal judge sentences of former bears receiver to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking. he took drugs from an undercover cops a sir. he pleaded guilty in april days before his trial set to begin in dallas. >> illinois pension reform the general assembly could be handed back to springfield zone for
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debate and vote on the public pension problem. illinois ranks last in a country with its painted hold. lawmakers say they have been told to keep december the second and third opened as a possible return to the state capital. we're told that have not been told specifically what the debate will be about but a general feeling is that perhaps a pension reform. >> new day in the philippines six days since the typhoon hit. there is a problem getting disaster relief aid to it storm victims. supplies are coming but they're not getting to people as close as a mile away. roads are blocked phone lines are down. people in coastal communities are feeling the pain of the most. bodies can still be seen in
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the streets and the death toll is now almost 2400. major relief effort under way on chicago's north side where money and other donations are being accepted. donors are are rising to give up whenever they can to help. >> the cars keep arriving here and the donations are piling up from the floor to ceiling in the side. what you're seeing now is people dropping off their goods. they're dropping off whatever they can. it's what they want to do they feel like they are doing something for the victims. amid all the bad news a bright spot for one family, they're missing tablets found at last. >> people here are keeping bezel berry does so on this cold night. outside there are on loading cars
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and taking donations. they're packing up will close of soleil and water for the survivors and the philippines. thousands are dead thousands more still missing. summoning worried about friends and family these volunteers are channeling their nervous energy. >> i feel helpless and not being there. " late this will get to them soon. >> she has not heard a word from her family and their most town. >> it is hard right now because we still cannot find our relatives. >> she can finshe was able to
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find her parents. they were doing missionary work when a typhoon hit. her parents were found alive and together. >> hard to believe it. >> social media plays an enormous role in this process not only getting the word out about the relief efforts but joint families in distress getting them together again. today is the last day of collections at this spot. begins as a lot more of the hard work packaging all these donations in preparation for them to get shipped. >> a long awaited numbers are out and
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they are low. how many people have signed up for health care a little more than 160,000 americans. the administration initially estimated roughly asked many people would have signed up by now. in illinois almost 1400 people selected the health insurance plans. nationwide most people have signed up through state based marketplaces. there are still problems plaguing the health- care got caught sight. >> the proposed cigarette tax increase would be much worse than it already has spent chicago ranks very high already. >> a closer look at the plant to develop the old post office. tonight questions about some of the names tied to the project. >> a break from the
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chilly weather we could see temperatures rise temperatures rise above 60 degrees.
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court room as a truck driver was charged with causing a crash that killed one of the their own. at the driver is accused of falling asleep at the wheel. this happened in march. both vehicles burst into flames. the truck driver is charged with driving while tired, and falsifying is time log. he will not face and reckless homicide count. >> there should be some other penalties if truckers are born to violate laws the penalty should be stiffer. >> both sides have nothing but heartfelt sympathy for the did trooper and his family. >> his bond was set at $125,000. he faces up to three years in prison if convicted. >> due date county
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health department confirmed to cases of legionnaires' disease in the county. the common denominator is a hot tub. the hot tub was shot down and could remain closed for another month. it will be thoroughly cleaned twice and inspected again. this well connected insiders it could score a big payday from under development. >> researchers try to come up with the way to stop a stubborn the super blog. >> no new taxes except for smokers again. again. >> craftsman will make his holiday with gifts like the 85 piece unimax tool set. six heads for any length fastener, all in one tool. craftsman. made to make.
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according to plan it will be one of the largest developments in chicago history. but what is the planned. >> a lot of attention has been focused on the old post office but to have to think bigger because it when it is developed the whole area around it will be booming. how much do you know about the people up behind it. it turns out there well- connected in outsiders. it is a massive venture redeveloping the old post office. >> one of the world's biggest billionbuilding. >> a multi billion
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dollars renovation has been making the rounds of for some time. >> there is a lot of work that needs to be done the remediation of the building demolition on the inside the building. >> by now city council is on board for development. zoning changes were swift but who are some of the players. we have a british developer who bought it, but to welts. when zoning went through it was not just about changing the zoning for the old post office but a handful of other sites as well. all of these other parcels, rezoning that can be difficult and this makes it easier to develop the land for a mixed use. on the southernmost point,
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blocks from the old post office the names behind that is of land are to new yorkers. they probably don't sound familiar but he would. he was one of the jaycees partners in its clothing line at periods of his former partner wants to build two towers with 700 units there. it could lead to big dollars. it especially with speculation that the family gets the go- ahead the old post office could be home to a concede all. the master plan as residential and commercial. >> you have any commitments right now? >> a lot of conversation. >> those of conversations wrapup let's move onto another parcel.
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right across the street from the old post office to pieces of land first holiday inn, >> we would clear that all site and eventually when we had the demand, >> and right behind the second piece of land. right now a parking lot. is a small investor and that project. >> he was a business partner with the man who was named attorney general. one of these families lost out on the rosemont casino deal eight years ago. >> he is also the c e all of the janitorial firm that won a big contract at the airport. he is a well-known and
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chicago businessman. the investors were hoping to sell the land, but that has not come through yet. >> if we developed this portion it will be on not on president developments that will affect all of the city of chicago for the rest of its history. >> whenever the plans are for these lots it is key, little is known about how one of the biggest development projects in the city will eventually take out. >> we did reach out but never heard back at this point development and some of the surrounding land is still years from becoming a it reality you have to be done in phases with the first portion of its possibly done as early as 2015. >> cracking down on
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all the city and new guidelines for doctors to help their patients fight weight problems. >> the greatest show on earth tells the boy was cancer get the room of its dream. >> chicago's own at jennifer hudson and gets a high honor in l.a.. >>
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started with a new drug the dormant cells woke up and self-destructive. combining the new drug with antibiotics complete the bid destroys that the bacteria the american heart association and other organizations and teamed up to establish new guidelines for physicians with hopes of drumming the role in obesity rate in the west. on the list at least once a year dr. should calculate your body mass index and get you if you are overweight if you need to shed pounds you should receive counseling and help develop a plan that includes exercises. >> said goodbye to the cold snap we should see temperatures at sorrentino. how long sorrentino. how long or that t
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>> this will be the week this does with snow and end without '60s and has more snow next week. remember these scenes are from yester day, 17 in. of snow in michigan. 14 in. in this town in michigan.
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awfully early to get that snow in their area. we have a beautiful day today wendywindy, we will have the same tomorrow with the same strong breezes. we are in the middle of a warming process. we could have 60 degrees by sunday but it will not last. the winds are blowing, we will stay wendy we will have zero wins in this rented by morning. the purple areas could see 35 mi. per hour when the dust. we will be wendy and tilt friday morning and then the g spot to pick up again friday night. 98 percent
9:31 pm
about a possible sign we have completely reversed the trend and and november. we now have 53 percent of our possible sign that. warming is moving across the plains and more gold is building up north. we will are as low as 14 degrees in some areas. tonight at there are gale warnings on the late frost and freeze advisories' at down the south. cold air will be diving into the west. our 40 nice state under winter storm advisory and freezing rain i advisory. lots of the act of weather over the western u.s. and is working in this direction. we had a high
9:32 pm
temperature of 40 degrees in chicago at 80 airports. denver was at 71 degrees. we are up by double digits at zero the airport, the problem is we have an above freezing temperatures any number of locations but the winds cool things off. the winds are out of the southwest at 16 m.p.h. and the air is dry no chance of rain. the camera is shaking around here. trees are blowing in the the breeze this
9:33 pm
brawling the canadian high has is on our back side. from this point at this point the pressure varies, so a wind blows. to equalize the pressure in never quite works, the winds keep blowing. you concede the effect on the temperature as we get into the 40's tomorrow. then at the 50 degrees on a friday at the '60s on saturday with '70s down state and that is the warm air that dominates into sunday as well. we may have thunderstorms at times on when this weekend. half of are now members have seen the thunderstorms. scattered clouds tonight quite windy not as cold. mid
9:34 pm
30's in the loop mid-20s in that. tamara a gorgeous day partly sunny, very windy and my other with more seasonable temperatures. mostly cloudy and not as cold and above freezing to our night. then at 53 with a mix of sun and cloud on friday and saturday heading towards 60 and sunday going to 68 degrees temperatures crash after that. >> a group comes together to brighten the day for a young cancer patient. >> actors lined up in chicago open to go were only a few
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and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. since enbrel helped relieve my joint pain, it's the little things that mean the most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. that today weighed the pros and cons of raising the cigarette tax. the decision that could determine if chicago as the highest price in the country for a pack of cigarettes. >> not
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particularly, because i do not buy within the county. >> and that is part of the problem. raising the tax will cause smokers to buy cigarettes out side of the chicago. >> and there are a lot of people going to indiana and buying them, there are no other options that we can look at for revenue. >> cigarettes sell here for $12 making $13.26 for a packet of cigarettes. the new tax will add 75 more cents to $14.10 for a pack of cigarettes the highest tax in the country. >> this is one more about step of getting out side of the state to buy cigarettes elsewhere. >> some of the men say raising the
9:39 pm
price will discourage those who smoke or wire plan on giving it a try. >> my father died of a coronary at 59. i quit smoking and struggled with it myself by and a bake fan of quitting. >> some all the men are against the increase, others are in favor. it will be interesting to see how it plays out at a full meeting next week. >> leaders and voted to ban the sale at electronics address the-end this account. it also requires stores to keep electronic cigarettes behind the counter or have a fine of up to $500. state law goes into effect at the beginning of next year, it will be illegal to sell or give any alternative nicotine products to anyone under the age of 18.
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struggling with cancer it got a big left and in the room. leukemia patient knew that there would be a circus celebration after he and his friends at their faces painted today. a circus same room renovation courtesy of the bank brothers barnum and bailey circus. >> it is awesome. i like it as a very much. >> we like to do at make up his room and tell him other people and the world care about him beside his family. >> more than 40 volunteers worked all day. he has two years of treatment ahead of him.
9:44 pm
>> we have a warmer weather on the way these are current temperatures we are at 35 degrees. look at the cold air up north. we will hit balls on whether it systems and the next week. we will warm up in stages. between today's 40 and sunday's 68 a degrees we will increase by 20 some degrees. part of the reason is that the winds are shifting and staff coming from canada day go south and then, from the southwest. we may get a respectable when i mounts over the weekend it will come in several ways and include a couple of thunderstorms. here
9:45 pm
in ca 7 day air mass defection, mao the one at the mar at 49 degrees. here is saturday's forecast and watch how the warm air spreads out. and then at night on sunday the cold air collapses down on us and it gets chilly once again. here is the forecast on sunday. there's a game could be a warm one with the gusty thunderstorms in the day and arctic temperatures bringing snow showers on tuesday. and only 27 degrees on tuesday. cos
9:46 pm
>> there is a chance you could be in at a new star wars movie. in the second installment will soar in two theaters in 2015. the casting team will be in chicago tomorrow and we spoke with a member of that team about what they are looking for. >> to rawls, a young girl between the ages of 17 and 19 and a young man between the ages of 19 and 23. anybody comes this is a meet and greet this is not an audition if you want to bring your head shot you are not required to attend. we want to get a feel for what is here in at the chicago area. they
9:47 pm
will find it soon. it will take place to allow at 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the west park theater in lincoln park. >> of chicago is a very young at jennifer hudson and got a star on the hollywood walk of fame this morning kerr star is end the recording category on hollywood boulevard. she kicked off 2013 with three high- profile performances. she just released her new single from her upcoming third studio album >> a bit challenge for and on and beat and northern illinois as they try to keep their bold hopes alive by locking off all state. it
9:48 pm
last night college basketball doubleheader at the knighted center left quite an impression on the nba tenants. " sports is next. but first arsenio hall with a preview of his show. >>t.
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suave professionals infused moroccan argan oil into our moroccan infusion line. the results were incredible. i love it! all this shine, yet it feels so light! [ female announcer ] suave professionals works as well as salon brands. ♪ important now. you have injuries but you have to go on, next man up. feeling sorry for yourself is an exercise in futility. the bears got back to work today. they will face the ravens without their quarterback linemen and other linemen. they'll also have to clear the mind from that loss to the lions last sunday. >> self pity is not permitted in the nfl. survival of the
9:52 pm
fed is believed little room for compassion. the coach was asked about a possible and over from the last last week,. >> i do not worry about much. try to spend time focusing on what we can get done. you can worry about hangovers after wins. each and every week it starts over and start fresh. proper mind- set proper work ethic. >> we come and knowing that we have to fight to the end. we made many mistakes, in the long run in the game. you need to be able to give your running back more lanes the fall squarely on the shoulders of the offense of blind. >> the coach makes this second starts he has been a presence on the field. their receivers have confidence in him.
9:53 pm
>> it is his preparation his approach to the game he's won the first ones here, he is here 5:00 in the morning in nearly 7:00 at night. he is reaping the benefits of what he sells. >> datdate game between northern illinois and ball state university. fourth quarter at kemper 27-27 tie score between the two teams.
9:54 pm
illinois year as a one its game at 58- 42. eric rose sat out practice. the bulls are at the 500 mark. it is still not clear if rose will play after suffering an ankle injury.
9:55 pm
>> i think he can play in at the end of the end it right now he works hard, he's a great get off the court. >> began not, of lives individually, but the level of talent from all four teams is very very high. >> " of the cy young winners for both leagues were announced today. >> that is the news
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