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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 21, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CST

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>> breaking news. the wait is over for gay couples who want to get married in cook county. we welcome our viewers watching us around the country. our top story federal judge has just ruled same- sex couples to not have to wait until june to get married in cook county. there is no reason to delay when there is no opposition presented. the district judge says gay and lesbian couples have already suffered from denial of their fundamental right to marry. we will find out how the county clerk will proceed following today's ruling. residents near the river and riverside are keeping a wary eye on the water as officials warn of flooding. >> we are above
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flood stage. about 20 nearby homes have water in their basements. a lot of residents tell us that they know that this could have been much worse. temperatures fell. we got snowfall early this morning. the weather might be actually helping the situation. stanley have noavenue they have been through this time and time again. this time is not as bad as they feared it would be. >> we saw that it was slowing down. right now it is at a standstill. thank goodness. flood stage is 7 ft.. it rose to about 8 ft. this morning. with less rainfall than predicted and a slower than expected meltdown. most residents made out ok. >> the water was not falling as fast as it could have. it also deferred the
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water. we put water into put water in places that you're not used the water going. a flood warning remains in effect through saturday. it is nearly at flood stage which is 19.5 ft.. >> water cover a portion of the nearby road. the return of winter like conditions might help keep the water level down. the ice that formed might stay awhile. >> we have been really fortunate in the 37 years that we've lived here. >> turned to bitter cold temperatures this weekend and next week. we've seen the fire chief stop by a couple times. from
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snow and cold to rain and not wind. under it wind advisory until three this afternoon. 50 mi. per hour wind blew off a roof last night. nobody was injured. >> we have to be careful. i think folks across the street might have things unsecured. >> we have become very resilient as a city this winter. >> the wind also caused scattered power outages across the area. a power line fell near peterson. the power there is now back on. a series of fall macleod responded in downstate illinois. one of them caught on video. this tornado touched down for a few minutes. there are no reports of injuries or damage. after the
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tornado was confirmed sirens in jacksonville rang out. >> ice might be to blame for a woman's that on the south side. the 54 year old was found around 5:00 a.m. this morning. she was stuck between a gay and defense. police are looking into whether she slipped on some ice. an autopsy will be performed today. interstate 57 bac open today. a major accident had the highway at a standstill. it happened just before 5:00 p.m. in the northbound lanes. high wind and high-speed contributed to a pileup. the excellent for a complete shutdown of highway in both directions for several hours. 10 people were sent to the hospital. there were no life- threatening injuries. details from the federal building. defense
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attorneys getting a crack at closing arguments. first the prosecution carefully laying out the evidence methodically following yesterday's extraordinary cross- examination of stephen mandel. he saw life as something to be squeezed and drained. holding up a 22 caliber gun one of many instruments of death and a culturetorture. it sounds like something that came out of the sopranos. the fbi say this man wore a wire uncovering his deadly plot to kidnap torture and kill a riverside businessman. he is a former chicago police officer accused of having chicago connections with links to eight killings. in court
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today the prosecutor sought to dispel his argument yesterday on the witness stand that he never intended and 1 million years to carry out the kidnapping and murders. you know it is not true prosecutors told the jury. by all the care and detail. the attention to detail. his desire to not have phones. the details about where to park cars. does it ties carefully laid out. the careful alignment of everything. defense attorneys say it is nothe is not accused of actually committing any of these offenses. he did not carry of the kidnapping or extortion. he was a scam are full of bluster they argue. it was all just talk, he never had an intent to actually murder anyone. this could be in the hands of the jury this after him.
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>> opening statements and the murder trial began this morning even though one witness already testified. he is charged with killing his wife in 2010. the defense says anita shot and killed herself. the woman testified she had an affair three months before his life back. her testimony was videotaped before opening statements. she had to leave town. it will be shown later. >> pornography charges against a former congressman have been dropped. he is being deported from zimbabwe for overstaying his visa. he has been in custody since monday. authorities charged him with possessing pornographic images in addition to overstaying his visa. he pleaded guilty to being in the country illegally. he was fined $100 or five days in prison. he is due back in the united states sometimes next week. >> police are questioning a person of interest.
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authorities say he was sleeping in the backseat of his mother's vehicle when it was carjacked yesterday afternoon. the driver later dumped the car in an alley. the person who heard about the amber lawyer spotted the car. the boy was still in the car on harmed. >> a football coaches testifying today at a hearing on his players' efforts to form a union. current and former player said the school makes a lot of money off of them. they want some of it. an official from the labor relations board said yesterday the players have yet to prove that they are employees of the university. the city moving forward with the redevelopment project. the $350 million plan will turn the hospital into stores. the 21 story buildings are the centerpieces of the plan. some people are against that plan saying it
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will lead to traffic congestion. the city is commission voted unanimously to move forward. visitation will be held today for a man who played a key role in building the tribune company into a media empire. he died at the age of 79 of congestive heart failure. if he was a director of the mccormick foundation. he was a director of the mccormick corp. his funeral is saturday at hope and charity church. >> dramatic images. a reminder to know how to perform and stan cpr. a good samaritan save a baby on the side of the worldroad
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>> remember those? one of the few remaining pay phone ceise atel ng t resanhyo,anthymeaicis-8
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veterans in the chicago area to get help with combat related conditions. >> error with the opening angelina's live at the medical center with a look. there are about 100,000 war veterans in illinois. they will be sure to appreciate this new center. it aims to supplement the services offered by the veterans affairs. this will also provide care for military family members. >> the road home program got a powerful dedication program. high- profile law makers including a war veteran turned congresswoman. >> the new center will offer free health care to not only all veterans but to their families as well. posttraumatic stress affects 30% of veterans and
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relatives offer often suffer symptoms as well. >> there is nothing more satisfying and seeing my peers get what they need and become successful in the long run. it is not easy. >> funding for the program is made possible by the mccormick foundation and major league baseball. eight centers are opening nationally. this is the first in the midwest and a veteran say it is needed. >> i was carried off of the battlefield. i was not under my own power. for those of us who have made it home it is our requirement, our job to make sure we take care of our buddies. in the name of those who did not make a homeit home >> the program will open in about one week. all services will be free. there'll be a treatment focused on posttraumatic stress as well as brain
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injury. the congresswomen offered the sobering statistic that every day about 22 veterans commit suicide. >> it is being called the miami miracle. a woman in florida saved her nephew with cpr. it was administered on the side of the road. a photographer captured these pictures. the woman was driving when she noticed the baby boy was not breathing. she pulled over on the expressway and jumped out of the vehicle and began cpr. another driver stopped and help performed chest pumps. in miami herald photographer stop and tracked down a police officer. the officer also assisted until the boy began breathing again. >> i was driving in the middle line. of a sudden i see her. she was screaming. she was holding the baby. she was
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desperate. i stopped the car and jumped out of the car. i asked her what was going on. we tried to start working as a team. >> the infant is hospitalized in stable condition. she said she last administered cpr seven years ago. >> the obama administration it >> opposition leaders signed an agreement with the ukrainian president today. the european union brokered the deal. national unity government and early presidential election this year. the loss of some power. the parliament also voted heavily in favor of an unconditional amnesty for those arrested. at one point things became heated among lawmakers. there were angry confrontations. nearly 80 people were killed. >> despite
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opposition from china president obama met with the dollar llamadalai lam. >> promoted a non- violent past. china urged president obama to call off the meeting saying it interferes with china's internal affairs. the united states recognizes tibet as part of china. >> the piece of nostalgia is going to be removed from main street. not in high demand. the last phone call someone made from this telephone booth with several months ago. for that reason along with the maintenance is about to go away. some say it is said to give up this piece of history. >> we have a cellphone. we did not have those tools. by not having those tools it forced us to talk to people as people. >> the phone book is not going to be dismantled. it will
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be donated to the local historical society. >> the current generation has no idea what they are. >> a new application to help drivers fight parking tickets. a warning to owners of porsche's. >> the irish chef is here. we're learning about a unique new dining experience. it will take diners on a journey to spain. i grew up with three brothers so i figured hey, i get it, kids get stains. but we have these three
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>> stocks post mild gains after better than expected results from technology companies. the dow was up 23 points. stocks on track for a third week of gains. taxpayers have turned a profit on the $187 billion bailout of two mortgage giants. back to the 2008
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financial crisis when the government gave fannie mae and freddie mac a lifeline. taxpayers have recouped all of that money. fannie mae reported they will pay an additional $7 billion in profit to the treasury. that brings the total payment to 192 billion. illinois is leading an investigation into the student loan and debt collection practices. sallie mae is the largest amount provider in the united states. it is part of an increasingly broad review of student lending. other states are taking part in this probe. they have not yet been identified. porsche is telling the owners to stop driving. this after two of the cars caught fire. the company is recalling all 785 of the 911 gt sports cars. there are 408 of the cars. engine damage occurred in two vehicles that caught
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fire in europe. neither caused traffic accidents or resulted in any injuries. the car maker says they're still investigating the cause. >> sports is next. a new application that can help drivers fight parking tickets. >> live music from the future laureates. >> [music]
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the white sox reported to arizona. the final spring training for the captain. it is his 16th season. for the first time he will not be a full-time player. he will split time with two other players. dunn is also working with the infielders. the final year of his contract. he will shift into the
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role of teacher this season. >> the job description as a little different. just knowing what the job description is they're going to be some times where the most important thing is to come in and not go out there and play, is going to be to rally the troops. the television schedule is out. you'll see 71 games right here. the games include opening day on march 31st. the home opener and the entire series with the white sox. >> the chicago bears announced that the nfl, combine, their pickle changetheir pick will change positions. he said versatility is a strength. he has struggled with a pass rusher. as a pass rusher.
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>>briggs will remain the weak side starter. our break for the u.s. women's hockey team.our break for the u.s. women's hockey team >> it is the fourth straight gold for canada. the united states did find gold. the olympic debut of ski halfpipe russia is close behind with 23. followed by canada the netherlands and norway. get ready for another big chillbrocta
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. an amateur photographer captures startling images of ice on the chicago river. he took his cameras out
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onto the balcony of his apartment and he snapped more than 1000 pictures. each photo was taken about five seconds apart. he used the photos to create this time led to video. of the current carrying the ice down the river. that looks really cool. >> it is just amazing the photography that is done. the technology that enables real- time transmission of these pictures. it is stunning. speaking of the same. we have some beautiful pictures. shows us an new lake in his backyard. i suspect many have awakened to this. in the wake of the drenching rains. of course the melting snow. i hope it clears up pretty fast. here is the fog coming off with the river. this shot
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is from leo. i thought it was kind of pretty. this frozen waterfall last weekend comes from tank. the docks as thanks for all of the snow i like it. >>can you say what can you say? this is just beautiful. >> finally from the pacific ocean. shows us the majestic pacific ocean right there. it is being caused by some wind. tossed by some wind . too bad we cannot get more of that down to california.
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that might be changing. there might be rainfall heading for california. >> these cumulus are tied up in a massive wind field that continues to dominate the area. it is really howling. we will be moving into a weekend of moderate chill. the real chill to come next week after a battle clipper system comes through here.clipper system comes through next weekend. >> there will be some elevated weekend velocities' sunday. this date squall linebegan squallbig sqaull line. quite a snow storm in the upper midwest. the isobars are always a signal that the storm is generating a huge amount of wind. the
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pressure at the center of the weather system tells you how fast the air is rising. just as a low pressure and the hurricane indicates a lot of wind. so too is the case in this non tropical system. look at the winfield blowing from the shores of lake superior. doing so with gusto. wind gusts of over 40 mi. per hour. 70 mi. per hour last night. there is a 61 mi. per hour wind gust early this morning. indicated the mayor.
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some of them up over 50 mi. per hour. the rainfall has been phenomenal. hebron libertyville it takes awhile to get these into the area. they do not rise right away. flood warnings are being issued for those rivers. takes the river levels up to where they are going to be. wind advisories up through our area. flood warnings in the wake of all that rain yesterday. winded pfizer eased go out to pennsylvania. these are thunderstorm watch as. lots of active weather. the wind is the big story. it will carry its strongest wind along with it. an interesting wave that comes through here. we will show that to you in a moment. there is
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quite a thermal boundary here. little disturbance will move along that tonight. we'll show you the small area in just a bit. we are eight degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. look at all of those storms reports. look at the red icon's the show you where the funnel clouds occurred. there is a lot of damage. trees were brought down. we took some roofs of some buildings. here is a blizzard that has produced over a foot and a half of snow over lake superior. wisconsin 16.5. this extended back into minnesota. here's where the tornadoes occur downstate. you can
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see the list right there. a lot of buildings reported destroyed. temperature is right now flirt with freezing. we will go below freezing tonight. that is not bad news. it will freeze some of the water that is trying to go into the rivers. it does slow down the river rises. all lot of snowfall that has not melted yet. blustery and colder today a high of 34. west wind 20-22. tonight the wind will ease. light snow might come through. specifically the southern half of the metro area. temperatures tonight down to 20. southwest wind will diminish considerably. a seasonable levels
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chill. high of around 31. misstep cooler on sunday. 26 for a high. a strong and northwest wind back in the picture. the clipper could bring snow is monday for monday night. pete >> you cannot scare us anymore. another rendezvous with the polar vortex. how many winter olympic games did canada host?
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>>your midday winning lottery numbers. wishing you the very best of luck. here we go with pick3. 8-0-9
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on to fireball. the lucky number is 9. >>here is hoping that the winds blow your way. >>here we go with pick4. 4-0-8-2
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fireball is 7. lucky day lotto 200,000 dollars. hope this is your lucky day.l 27-9- 18-25-16 mega million 172 million. have a wonderful afternoon.
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>> man who carry certain gene mutations might have increased risk of developing prostate cancer. it is one that runs in families. scientists have identified 13 mutations and eighteens linked to aggressive prostate cancer. researchers analyzed blood
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samples from nearly 200 men with prostate cancer with a family history of the disease. men with at least one of these mutations were much more likely to develop advanced prostate cancer that will spread to other parts of the body. in an application will help people fight parking tickets. creators say the application will help people contest tickets. it will help them gather evidence and submit the proper paperwork. if drivers beat the ticket they paid the application 25 percent of what the citation would have cost. the application creators hope to expand into the top 100 u.s. cities. >>is this big time chef week ?? we are cooking with an iron
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>>perfect pairing with fresh seafood. >>the restaurant has been there for 6 years. >>time flies. congratulations. you are opening a whole new experience. a barcelona room, a new private event space. it is inspired by a market in barcelona. that
12:50 pm
is where the restaurant inspiration came from. it was going into this great market. picking out seafood. they cook it for you right in front of your face. i have some fresh prawns. i have a lobster cut in half. kiit is very simple. >>razor clams >>they look interesting. the meat is right inside. a little more tender. i have some baby octopus. some grilled green onions. we are going shopping in the
12:51 pm
morning. we will go to several markets. >>still tickets available. tomorrow night it is open. it is a dine around event. it should be a lot of fun. come and hang. >>talk to me a little bit. it really looks good. what went into it. it is a classic spanish almond sauce. a little roasted garlic. that is pureed with olive oil. it is great with our seafood items. a little chopped garlic which i
12:52 pm
will add to the seafood items. that is what you smell at the restaurant. >>you see the sizzle right over there. i will squeeze fresh lemon juice. a little chopped parsley. you do not need much else. it is such a healthy meal. tell me something. is this just for us? >>you can get all of these items at the restaurant. i would like for you to try this. take the head
12:53 pm
off. we are going to dip it right into the sauce. >>it is very hot. >>you will be fine, i promise. >>perfect. >>that is one of the greatest seafood experiences. >>i will tell people how to get tickets. check out the new barcelona room tomorrow night at 7. 638 south michigan ave. go to their website and check out the menu. we will have
12:54 pm
the recipe on our webpage it is spectacular.
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we have come in the winter olympic games did canada canada only hosted the winter olympics once in 1988? they host the summer olympics once in 1977. >> that was interesting. you would have thought more than that. >> there was no cover all over the place. a beautiful day out there. a more moderate brand of cold. it is a lot cooler than that. 32 at midway. they will start coming down tonight. at o'hare the wind is sustained at 20 mi. per hour. it is pretty windy up
12:57 pm
there. a lot of sunshine today. we are up to 4:00 stepping through time. a wave of light snow moves into the area. it will exit by midday tomorrow. the sunshine is back out again. we can lay down a little bit of accumulation south of us. the couple of inches of snow might come through with that small system. snow system. a light in the forecast you'll see low pressure is late in the forecast uc low pressure is developing. it will produce perhaps another period of sticking snout. snow.
12:58 pm
temperatures will comecome down slowly. if you're out it will not feel quite as bad as it has in some of the other cold spells. the middle of next week it gets kind of chili. snow monday night. have a great weekend. >> thank you for joining usin the criminal justice
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