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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  May 16, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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taking place of the garden shovel today. winter like the weather strikes in mid may. we welcome our viewers are watching us around the country. if we live with more on how people are reacting to this latest stretch of bad weather. >> it is not often we get snow in may. people we spoke to the north suburbs certainly were not amused. days ago we had t-shirts and shorts weather. today we're back to the hats and gloves. we look up to temperature's only in the 30's and 40's. most places it was raining. in many west northwest suburbs the snow
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came down and residents were in disbelief. shaking their heads especially after the very long winter we just had. places or it was snowing. it is may 16th it is almost memorial day. that is what we heard somebody times. i'm amazed that this. >> i am ready for summer if it ever gets here. a week away from memorial day weekend. >> unbelievable. i get here and it is snowing all the way to work. >> back as a landscaper and he said he could not get any work done
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today because of the weather. a man still trying to mold a lawn even a baby and a snowman. we had a rain stomachs when you first got here this morning. i guess we have to look at the bright side. at least we're not shoveling. >> to not forget you can get to weather any time. a woman in the albany park neighborhood was among five people shot across the city. >> told them she was shot in the stomach
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around 11. police are investigating the shooting. an elderly man was found dead. he failed to attend his usual church group. he did not show up at a church meeting tuesday night. he was retired from the ford auto plant. there have been no arrests. the investigation is ongoing. for young adults are killed in illinois after a vehicle slid off the road. app in yesterday and a small town of mendota. the victims are 20 ruled brenda hampton. >> the fifth person is hospitalized in critical condition. the driver lost control of the car.
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police investigating what caused this crash. police and investigating a possible new lead in the disappearance of a boy who went missing. in aurora with the latest on the case >> the only lead to come in so far since police released a new age progression in a. after years of false leads a relative to not have the hope so. it has been just over three years since the 6 stroke lead missing male lead. >> police released to this age enhanced image. that immediately brought in a tip from the far northern town of rock band. the more that we talked her based on the child's mannerisms.
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>> will follow this through. you less in the surveillance video with his mother and took him out of school for a trip to northern illinois and wisconsin. the days later years found dead in a hotel room. i left a suicide note indicating that he is safe and in the care of a loved one. there's been no sign of him. >> time absolutely certain that he will find us some day. the age progression image was developed by the national center for missing and exploited children. there have been some calls about timothy this week. could not tell me how many or from
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where those tips and now being forwarded. reporting from laura >>, the owner of a building that collapsed and killed two chicago-area firefighters. he never did. firefighters were killed. 19 other firefighters were injured. still faces lawsuits from >> the victims' families> police arrested pereira's wednesday evening. they say he is there to me and have sex with a 15 of girl. they communicated online. the girl was not there. used to be a volunteer wrestling coach of vernon hills high school. charged with felony and decent
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solicitation of child. >> file suffer losses. the fifth grade girls or her. they claim the rental company was negligent but not to turn the slide and not watching the kids closely enough. 17 children are in that incident. several children claim some of the students began rocking the slide back and forth. the unemployment rate fell last month. the rate for april was up 7.9%. that is the lowest it has been off since 2008. >> a house committee has passed a proposal that will ask voters to weigh in on whether the state should raise the minimum wage. to
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his republican opponent for said he opposed and then said he would support a hike if it was in line with the federal rate. no state law makers are opposed because they say will hurt business. former congressman pans to replay the government money stole from his campaign fund. >> there will pay the money before june 1st. >> he is also serving a 30 month prison sentence. >> the fda is sounding an alarm on a popular sleeping pill. responding to the punishment of his controversial
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the punishment of his controversial comments. e.
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mereh x
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starting a raging wildfire. the deadly burned body was found in a transient camp in carlsbad yesterday. these flames scorched thousands of acres and more than 125,000 people have left their homes. many homes have been destroyed. if you of the fires under control while others are still roaring. >> man was shot in the chest and killed in a vegas hotel. police say the shooting happened at 9:00 last night and this week of a palms casino resort. the music producer said eight videos being found inside of the room which was formerly known as the sheen hefner suite. no arrests have been made. >> american authorities are getting impatient. american military and intelligence specialists are in nigeria a month after the girls were adopted.
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>> security forces are not equipped or trained well enough. the search has since expanded across the borders. will not be taking bulletproof vehicles on his trip to the middle east. >> he rides around rome in a ford focus and used a fiat during a trip to brazil last year. they will accompany the pontiff when he visits israel and the palestinian territories may 24th through the 26. heads of state typically use will improve vehicles. >> >> sent the week in
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letter saying he is not going to pay it. the actions did not merit punishment. he was the ninth to process. admitted his comments were a terrible mistake. and he wants to other owners to vote on forcing him to sell the clippers. >> being treated like a hero and capping a very unique opportunity. this video was provided by the media. shows a boy and his drive like an attack by a dog. the family cat comes to the rescue. >> gets to throw out the first pitch of a minor league baseball game. i'm not exactly sure how that is going to work up. worker output >> the parent company of red lobster is selling the chain. celebrity chef is here. a
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combination of fresh seafood and green herbs. we're making seafood and green herbs. we're making
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wrapping up his third year as mayor of chicago. as it gets ready to run for a second term he is getting praise and criticism. following the mayor today and has the story. sphere years before he became minister he is the sale was the best of america. he seemed to relish the idea of rolling up her sleeves. >> the city of chicago is ready for change. the mayor has certainly brought change to chicago perritt more change than the chicago teachers union would like.
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hist >> and angry reaction in many neighborhoods could be part of the reason for low approval ratings. controversial red light candles have been on popular for many years camel's near schools and parks there for safety. the mayor told the public. i'm getting caught by the speed kim is that everywhere. >> it is just a piece of grass. i love my city but i do not want to pay everything for my city. >> millions of dollars worth of pension liability. >> despite all the troubles many give
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him credit for bringing boundless energy and new ideas and industries to chicago. >> i did have an opportunity to meet him a couple times. what i have seen so far has not done a bad job of. some >> this is a beautiful city. a ceiling of improvements to the infrastructure. the city looks completely different fift. >> the mayor softening his stance when he and his administration realized how many businesses in chicago still come to rely on these byproduct known as petroleum coke. hist >> stocks are barely budging at the end of the week. worries grow above an economic recovery. the dow down about 15 points. general
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motors will pay $15 million fine to settle a federal probe. general motors has admitted that employees know the problems as early as 2004. hist disabling airbags anti-lock brakes and power steering. it has been tied to a least 13 deaths. they did not start recalling the 2.6 million cars with the ignition problem until this february. to help systems are about to become one. the governing boards have approved an agreement to merge. the move creates a system of 60 healthcare sites across chicago including four hospitals and more than 4000 doctors. based in west suburban when the field and operates central to page some hospitals. if approved by regulators in the system will operate under the north western medicine brand name. if garden last month
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announced their agreement to sell restaurant chain red lobster for $2.1 billion. all restaurants and real estate assets will be sold to the investment firm. passover all 700 restaurants and use the money to pay off debt. will also be switching focus more on the flagship brand. the nba conference finals are set well the ishrf
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the black hawks will find other still be traveling to the west coast this weekend. the blackhawks return to practice at the united center today.
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>> the chicago cubs ripping a mysterious and st. louis. get off to a great start striking out the side in the first inning. after giving up a couple walks in the next inning the cardinals pitcher doubles up the middle and to run score. he hit his sixth home run of the year. the coast lose 5-3. they lost nine of 11. the sox were off yesterday. oklahoma city trying to close up the clippers game six.
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the next possession west but drops it ticket and a granto kevin duran >> in the east the pacers eliminated washington and have a rematch.
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a bit of a shock much like the weather itself. it is not unheard of to have snow in may. it is not come any there. serving these
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that will show its smothers that's to put this into a historic perspective. check out some of these scenes. this is left brooklyn illinois. says it was like a winter wonderland out there. sandy carlson sends up the scene from illinois. he said he is interested to see how far he gets with it. that is a great one. sends us the shot from an illinois. here's a scene from the front of her. sends us the shot of his life commute down route 12 this morning. there's even snow on the car. that is northern illinois
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university. little snow on the windchill. but the size of these flicks on his truck.look at the size of the snowflakes. >> please tell me this is just a dream. it is not as you can see. it is reality. it is real life. it has happened before. cloudy skies we have just light showers coming across the area right now in many areas northwest of the city. hadst flakes on the side of the city. we have some stats on that for a period the latest observed snow and chicago occurred on june 2nd 1910. we had flurries come down. it was may 2005 we last saw snowfall. the latest traces of snow that have occurred in chicago did so on may 25th 1924. it is
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not common. it has happened before. we have an unstable atmosphere producing bill chari spells. we have some coverage of showers during the course of the afternoon our as this in a cold pool of errors sandwiched between once on the east and record warmth out on the west. building in our direction warming is up next week. you can see what happens when it is cold any warming at the surface increases buoyancy in the air. you get the showers to develop. some of them have been flashing lightning down to the ground. >> there has been lightning with the thunder. here you could see scattered showers this afternoon. there will be scattering up as the day goes on. the showers tend to fade. as you can see right here that is 2:00 a.m.. a mix of sun and clouds. redeveloping some showers during afternoon. some
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really cool weather camera shots. but the snow cutting visibility appear in the crystal lake area. here is the view from harvard. this is the view from schaumburg. some snow flurries falling out there during the course of the morning. we've had some pretty good rainfall. nine tenths of an inch down and calumet city. here in the city 75 hundredths. streator has had some pretty good rain as well. the multi date totals. >> the showers will scatter up this afternoon. they will fade out tonight and redevelop during the day tomorrow. we're going to continue 17
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degrees below normal with today's 53. we may stay in the '40's. these are late march level temperatures. they come just days after july level '80s on sunday and monday. this is the warm air dome that runs up the west coast and to alaska. these readings will become history. they will take a couple of days to do it. the forecast is for four days. tonight we got down to the '40's. we warm tomorrow into the 50s. >> high-temperature later today. tonight the los upper '30's low 40's. tomorrow '50s but on sunday here at the '60s that we will see. 79
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percent our humidity. we have to buckle the jet stream that is going to undergo some radical changes. the flow will become more zonal. we will develop a rich. we're up to monday and is forecast sequence. when the check goes north the coolest areas north of it. that kicks the cooler air out of here. the loosened its grip slowly tomorrow. quite a home of warm air developing in this area. by the way the west coast with a have been blazingly hot kill sea temperatures crash of events. >> lead displacing
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the wharf to the east and we go out farther and time to this graphic you can see the effects. saw >> fell hair has already recorded more rain than we get in the whole month of may. even more at midway where we are approaching 4.5 in.. we've already had two- three times the normal amount of rain this month. let's check the forecast. we have that all important weekend coming up. >> the showers will continue and scattered fashion this afternoon. high temperature of 53. >> northeast wind at 5-13 mi. per hour. the snow is pretty well over period hist. >> tomorrow mostly cloudy and charge. sunday pearly crotty and while there.partly cloudy
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>> not the '80s we saw last weekend for mother's day. >> strange things have been known to happen. i do not see it. this was kind of a surprise. we knew we were getting close to the threshold. so just enough of the cool air to bring it down to the surface. >> see quite a shock after 80 is only four days ago. >> fan earhara man and her position your pilot's licensethe answer stillo position your pilot's licensethe answer stillo ♪
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>> the new studies suggest that obesity can increase the chances of cancer recurrence. researchers studied the prognosis of 80,000 patients. after analyzing their body mass index they found obesity appears to be strongly linked worst outcomes including death and pre menopausal women. the fda says they have evidence that some people use lunesta reported being less alert the following day. that can be a problem
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especially if the person is driving. we have a well-known chef coming up for we have a well-known chef coming up for lunch break. e.
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mereh x
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is here with us. i
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>>a puree of lobster meat. that is it. how did it get that creamy? >>whip it up with the butter. raw shrimp lobster and butter. >>here is the lobster meat. buy meat cooked. put the chunks right in there. >>you will see that. >>this is how you would make >>you are making a crab cake filling. >>you can use crab
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cake base if you wanted. >>if you have a mold you can cook it right in the mold. >>cook it more like a crab cake. the lower ones would be easier to handle. >>we want them bigger. looks more like a filet as oppose to a cake. >>we are going to
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make a summer salad. >>some of this lemon used for lemon juice. >>this is lazy man's lobster to eat not to make. you makecan make lots. >>guest are not fighting with the shell. >>it is not messy. you can grill this outside. >>here is a finished one. that is delicious. what happens is the butter gets locked in. you have a filet mignon. a little bit of chilli and black
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olives. >>i have eaten so many of those. >>i do not get tired of them. >> mlb mlb >>let's do the desert too quickly. >>left over coverffee. freeze it. this is just left over coffee. freeze it. you have a delicious coffee. >>it costs you nothing. >>pour a little bit of whip cream. add a
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little bit in sugar. >>it is fantastic. use that with ice cream as well. >>this is a prize steak for 140 dollars each. >>you cannot get it anywhere else in america. >>the showcase is this weekend. check out the restaurant. >>616 north rush street. wgn wgn
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she is issued her pilot's license. the one i thought would never be the answer. cosmopolitan. look of the spirit weaver in the area in the. the highs in the '40's today. temperature readings will go. we look for forties today. low temperatures tonight go down to the 30's and low '40's. by sunday we will be up in the '60s around the metro area. the cool air is in retreat. it is going to be a slow process. the warm-up will come in stages.
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>> here is our forecast. extensive cloudiness tonight. 58 tomorrow. " unseasonablclouds and seasonably cool. seven day temperatures recovering to 74 on monday. 83 wednesday and 70 is uncontested and friday in the chicago area. have a great weekend. happy friday.
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♪ ♪ the cubs are going green. the famous wrigley field marquis matching its color back from 1934. we celebrate the 1930's here this weekend. it is the brewers and cubs coming up. great to happy you with us. i am len kasper. it's cold, it's a little rainy, but we hope to start on time. a good pitching matchup, kyle lohse and jeff samardzija still looking for his first win of the year. the brewers are leading the central division by five games right now, and they have been road warriors. the


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