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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  May 30, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a school teacher was shot and killed while working at her second job. the l-a clippers may soon have a new owner....details on the man who bid two billion dollars for the team. and a scare for the glass cracks beneath their feet one hundred and 3 stories in the air. good morning. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. i have been out there i don't know if i would go there again. >> apparently they fixed it but still it gives you a second thought. >> don't do it. >> sorry we didn't need to mess up your weather. >> i understand. it cracked willis tower. ... the
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>> we have some time. >> today here are the weather headlines. a sun drenched private high temperature is above average. a breeze off the lake. if you have been near the lake you know it is a cool breeze. when you get out there in may need a sweater or a sweatshirt. it does get much cooler when the wind blows off the lake water. satellite and radar composite shows of dry conditions. high pressure for the next few days meaning no rain coming our way. this is day two. this stretch of dry weather brings us into sunday. 70 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. cooler along the lake. here is the 3 day forecast. 80 degrees for the high today. miles high temperature is 83. 87 sunday
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with scattered showers and thunderstorms. >> accident we are watching on the right and memorial. looks like it's in naperville blocking the lane. usually they are cleared up quickly. not expecting any huge delays. a lot of work on 90 this morning. an earlier accident caused some delays in the construction zone. it looks like that action has cleared but still seeing a back up. we will break that down >>a special education teacher, and sister of a chicago police officer, was shot and killed by a stray bullet on the south side. judy wang is live at gwendolyn brooks college prep with more. >> could morning. the top special here at the academy, she said her brother in chicago police officer said she was always there for her students
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even outside the classroom. no suspects are in custody. she was 50 years old. investigators do not believe she was the target. the don't think the two other victims with her were tied the other. the shooting happened around 5:30 p.m.. inside a real estate agency near 79 and evans. bullets came through the wall of the building. she was hit and pronounced dead. a man also inside the office suffered a wound to his stomach. a woman outside the building suffered a wound to her hand. the victim's brother says she was devoted to her students and to her family. >> 11 person and a loving mother. did all she could for you. she was a schoolteacher. she always help anybody.
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there is a $2,000 reward offered for information that leads to unrest. about half of that money is coming from corey brokers organization. >>taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a father from far northwest suburban woodstock has been charged with a felony for threatening to shoot a middle school student who got into an argument with his son. police say milland ray made a verbal threat against the student at northwood middle school wednesday. they arrested him at home after several witnesses confirmed what happened. ray is charged with disorderly conduct. classes are expected to resume at a school on the west side, a day after a man was shot and wounded nearby. the william penn elementary school, at 16-th and avers, was placed on lockdown at around three yesterday afternoon, while police searched for the shooter. after an hour, parents were allowed to pick up their children. the shooting was not related to the school. police found a three-year-old child living in a filthy mobile home in portage. the girl's mother, ashley
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neiswinger, and two men ... robert sappington and brandon merry face felony child neglect charges. authorities say the home smelled like a combination of urine and marijuana... and that the entire home was filled with garbage and bugs. the child was released to her father. today on a new state budget. the budget bill that cleared the state house earlier this week, allows governor quinn's temporary state income tax hikes to expire in january. quinn is still lobbying to either extend them or make the higher tax rates permanent. the l.a. clippers may soon have a new owner. the former microsoft ceo steve ballmer may $2 million may pay $2 billion. price ever... almost four times the price paid for the milwaukee bucks last week. but sterling's lawyer says, with racism accusations against sterling still lingering, his client wants more than just the money. his lawyer says with the
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accusations his client wants more than just the money. >> he is not going to consent unless the nba does something to drop the charges against him and so far we have heard nothing to indicate that will occur. >>any sale of the clippers needs the approval of the n-b-a board of governors. a teenager from highland park was found guilty of aggravated d-u-i for a crash that killed a 5-year-old girl. carly rousso confessed to being high on inhalants when she ran over a family of four on labor day back in 2012. she pled guilty to reckless homicide prior to her trial on a d-u-i charge. defense attorneys argued that illinois law does not list the chemical in the cleaner rousso inhaled as an intoxicating compound. she faces up to 19 years in prison when she is sentenced in july. the city of harvey has shut down a popular gun range after nearby residents complained it wasn't safe. the range at 153-rd and campbell is closed until further notice. people living near the gun range , at 153rd and campbell,
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say stray bullets frequently land on their properties sometimes, when their kids are playing outside. harvey mayor eric kellogg issued an executive order to close the range, until a public hearing on june sixth. a california family got more than they bargained for during a trip to the willis tower skydeck. alejandro garibay, his brother and two cousins were visiting chicagos tallest building wednesday night and decided to get some photos from the ledge. it's a glass enclosure which looks down from 13 hundred feet above the city. but when they stepped onto the ledge they say they felt the glass crack under their feet. >> as soon as i push myself up i heard the crack and i could feel it underhand. and glass was shattered or cracked and i just could feel it and as soon as i did i looked down and said oh my god. >>officials at the willis tower
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say the protective coating on the glass surface cracked. skydeck chicago will be operating as normal while it's being replaced. >> that certainly adds to the fear factor. they should charge more ... a tie was declared at the national spelling bee. >> i was knocked out in the second grade with an easy word. these kids were smarter than me. for the first time since 1962, the two top spellers were named co-champions of the annual scripps national spelling bee. they were both so good, the bee actually ran out of words. how did they run out of words!this is only the fourth tie in the history of the competition. an eighth grader from western springs also made it to the finals ...alia abiad finished in the top six.
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>> spell the word received. remember i before each except after c. it's a tough word to spell. usually just wait for the line to pop up on your phone and you can change it. although correct. it's 64 degrees right now in peru. dime pontiac its 63. streator is reading and 60. good morning to you in morton grove. here are the current temperatures. looking around the region, we are dry today and generally for the whole weekend except for a shoot few showers and thunderstorms moving in potentially sunday afternoon. ahead of that we have a warm-up. 87 degrees on sunday. we stayed warm monday showers and thunderstorms are likely. a cold front comes through next tuesday dropping our temperature a bit.
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>> coming up, a shocking confession in court. a teenager repeals the reason he stopped his own parents to death. >> plus -- can you tell the different between these photos? why a school altered some students yearbook photos. >> i always thought soft focus was a good thing. and --the a list hollywood celeb that surprised a theater full of movie goers in chicago.
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it appears, the newest terrorist suicide bombing in syria was carried out by an american citizen. four truck bombs targeted a government checkpoint on a northern hillside. the biggest explosion was followed by gunfire. there's no word yet on the number of deaths or injuries. but an islamist video of the bombing and its preparations, identifies the principal bomber as a man who grew up in florida, and went to syria months ago to become a jihadi. he took the name of a companion of the prophet mohammad... no word yet on his real name. clip is silent because it was narrated in mono a teenager in virginia confessed to killing his parents after having his i-pod taken way as a punishment. 16 year old vincent parker was an honor roll student and an athlete when carol and wayne parker were murdered inside their home back in december. prosecutors say vincent attacked his mother with pepper spray, stabbed her in the eye, and then beat her with a
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baseball bat until she stopped breathing. when his father came home, vincent attacked him with a crowbar and then stabbed him several times. >> a smart young man. smart in school, i don't know what happened. we sit on the job every day, it doesn't stop. >>vincent is being tried as an adult and plead guilty to two counts of second-degree murder. a psychiatric evaluation showed vincent was both sane and intelligent. some teenagers in utah are angry their high school year book photos were edited without their permission. dozens of female students at wasatch high school say their pictures altered to show less skin. sleeves were added to some of the photos, while necklines were raised on others. the students say the editing seemed to be random. two girls wore the same top, but only one of them was changed. >> plenty of girls wore tank
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tops some were edited and some were not. >> they did not give you the option to fix it or tell you before it happened. they changed the yearbook pictures. >>school officials say there was a sign posted on picture day warning students that photos could be edited, if the dress code was violated. they say the only apology they will make is, for not being more consistent with their editing. >> remember that game at the bar when you have to find out the differences in the machine. >> i am really good i am like high score. >> you have defined all the differences. >> i don't know what you guys are talking about. >> that's why i said demetrius would know. >> when you go out and you see guys huddled near a tv screen ... >> don't go near them. >> that goes across the board for a couple things. we are at 50 degrees right now. we find temperatures not much of the
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range today. stretched between the upper '40's in kenosha. lake front is at 58 degrees. today you might need your jacket to be in the closet. we will be in the lower east this afternoon. a high-pressure system is keeping moisture to the south. moisture up to the west stays there. we can expect to stay dry for most of the weekend. sunday afternoon this ritual from a breakdown. into sunday he could see all the green finally making its way in. if you have the outdoor plants i would say plan them all before sunday afternoon a chance of much-needed rain comes later. today's high temperature 80 degrees. typically we are at 74. the wind will pick up a breeze will warmus up. 83 degrees for the high arm saturday. sunday chance of rain. a temperature of 87 degrees.
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>> will have some construction taking advantage of the warm weather. morgan street is closed at harrison. also and long term construction project on state street between 11th and quite a bit of work on the 90 this morning at the jane addams. two separate stretches all should be picked up by 6:00 it is causing some minor delays to the east. will let you know more what to expect coming in the next few minutes. >>coming up ... a major airline gets slapped with a big fine for deceptive advertising. plus -- a nutritionist check out the inside of my fridge and gives me some tips on spring cleaning my diet. >> is that a bottle of regular coke in there? >> i will let you know there was not a lot left in my refrigerator when she was finished. and next in sports, one half of the stanley cup final has been decided.. while the hawks try to keep their championship hopes alive, in los angeles tonight.
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and i'm pretty sure i found the biggest blackhawk fan in chicago but it's not a person. i will explain. there it is.
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if the blackhawks want to force a game seven against the kings, they'll have to do something they have not done yet.. win in los angeles. game six is tonight at the staples center. so far that's where the kings have dominated the hawks in every way. game four was the worst, when the kings built a four-nothing lead. but the blackhawks showed some resiliency with their overtime win wednesday night.. they'll need to that again tonight. >> we have to have that desperation and we showed it last night. but at the same time, we tried to remind ourselves that the pressure is on them and that's the way it's going to be for the rest of the series. we will keep fighting to stay alive. >>one side of the stanley cup final has been decided. rangers hosted the canadiens in game six.. new york goalie henrik lundquist with the save of the night.. hitting the puck in midair to keep it scoreless. minutes later, ranger brian boyle finds dominic moore who scores right in front of the crease. that turned out to be the game winner.
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rangers win one-nothing. they're playing for the stanley cup for the first time in 20 years. spurs hosted the thunder in game five of the western conference finals. san antonio pulled away in the second quarter, as tony parker finds tim duncan for the lay-up and the foul. duncan finished with 22 points. the spurs bench scored twice as much as the thunder's bench.. manu ginobili dribbles up and knocks down the three to make it a 17 point lead. spurs go on to win 117 to 89. they are one win away from the n-b-a finals. the cubs and white sox return to action tonight. the sox will host the padres, and the cubs are in milwaukee to face the brewers. and chicago native taylor townsend has her third round match at the french open, later this morning. and that's sports. despite a weak report on u-s economic growth the s & p 500 rose to another all time high on thursday. dow jones and nasdaq also both ended the day comfortably
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higher. the dow up 65 points and nasdaq up nearly 23. southwest airlines just got fined 300 thousand dollars for deceptive advertising. the transportation department says, last october, southwest offered 59-dollar fares on flights out of atlanta to chicago, new york and los angeles, when it didn't have available *seats for those flights. the airline withdrew the ad promptly, and said the three destination cities were included in the ad by mistake. when it comes to eating, i am more of a junk food addict than a health food addict. just a week ago i debt markets i could go without sugar for two months and a loss of about five hours. >> it's the mints that you keep under the desk. >> so we sent a lifestyle nutritionist group to my refrigerator. >> are you ready for the ugly? here you go. let's start with these easter eggs that have been here for a long time because the
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kids can't let go of them. there's some butterscotch in here. margarita mix. coffee creamer it can have that i aided all i needed for my coffee. >> it's not too bad. i don't take away everything. but i did go into the pantry. >> that's a nice way of saying you're going to clear it all out. >> the nutritionist was not impressed with my refrigerator. even less impressed with the families snack stash. this is like the bad basket. people leave the rapper's so there may be like one laughed. >> there is only one left. >> i would be lying if i said didn't visit the basket frequently. >> put it on a high shelf. i'm going to give you all the replacements. >> i need one last milky way. >> you may want to warn the
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kids. >> she laid out her picks. >> i've brought you some hot dogs. it's summer in chicago. lots of grilling. these of beef and turkey and chicken. there's no preservative or additives. >> to the taste good? >> they taste awesome. >> this is 100 percent juice, organic. granola bars are the rage. these are kids friendly and women friendly to. 150 cals it's all all green. >> this is making me realize i have a long way to go before a trade in my oreos. even my canned tuna. >> always look for something that has a conscience. >> i didn't even know there was conscious to nab. >> there is. something that's not overly processed. >> will the kids eat this? >> by a flavored version. fruits
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and vegetables don't take a lot of effort that on process. you could even have oil but it should be rock local press. simple butter. >> she has some good suggestions but i took her crackers and hit it right into my guacamole that she made me throw away. she is all kinds of great suggestions. here's our website. people can throw in their ideas and she will have some recipes for people today. >> will have to wrap up but digit kids like any of that? >> i will tell you more about that in the next piece. >> let's take a look at our day. 64 degrees is the current temperature. 70 degrees by 2:00 p.m.. today's high 79. i think we will reach 80. dry today and tomorrow and sunday. >> more work on the blue line. i will let you know how that's good to impact your weekend plans. still quite a bit of construction along 90. will
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break that down along with travel times in the next few minutes. >> coming up, construction on the blue line. hal updates could impact your commit. >> an icon from the movie fairest dealer sold after five years on the market. and weekend movie reviews including a million ways to die in the west.
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police continue to search for the person who shot and killed a chicago teacher. graphic images....a brawl leaves a man badly beaten after he says he was the victim of a racist attack. and a hollywood star makes a surprise appearance at his movie premiere right here in chicago. >> always good to see him. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. or ago right over to weather. >> it's not, skilling? did you say tom cruise? my bad. you would not like me when i'm upset. is that what he said? that was a long time ago i think
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from risky business. >> that was fast they had that clip ready. we should just drop movie lines constantly to see if they can keep up. >> ": the like movies about gladiators? >> this is the satellite. this is not a mistake. we can expect to stay dry today. today's temperature 80 degrees by 5:00 p.m. we are at 78. down to 55 tonight. mar 83. sunday we make 87 degrees. chance of showers and storms later in the day. >> looks like we have some work on the blue line taking place this weekend. that will affect service between western and logan square. it will start at 10:00 and go away until 2:00 a.m. monday. all service through their will have shuttles try to
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get the update on that this is western california logan square station. they will transfer back and forth with additional buses to make up for that. will break this down along with some extra construction that could impact your morning commute. >>a special education teacher, and sister of a chicago police officer, was shot and killed by a stray bullet on the south side. judy wang is live at gwendolyn brooks college prep with more. >>, a tough day for students and staff. the victim's brother says she loved teaching. police do not think she was the intended target. they do not have any suspects in custody in connection with the death of the 58 year-old. investigators believe she was caught in the middle of dispute between rival gangs. she worked her second job as a real-estate agent. she was at her office at about 5:30 p.m.. bullets came through the
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wall of the building she was hit in the head and pronounced dead at the scene. a man also in the office suffered a graze wound to his stomach. a woman outside the building suffered a wound to her hand. investigators don't think any of them were intended targets. her brother says she was there for her students even outside of school. >> 11 person and a loving mother. did everything she could for you. a schoolteacher, always reached out to the younger generation of things. >> she was an innocent bystander. any innocent bystander should not have to leave the earth this soon just because of some is negligence. there is a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. that money comes from his organization and from project hood, the organization led by pastor corey brooks.
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>>we caution you that the images you're about to see, may be disturbing. a man was violently attacked and slashed on the northwest side, in what he -- and witnesses -- are calling a hate crime. john lloyd was slashed across his face, and on his right arm. it happened sunday night as he left a building at milwaukee and irving park road, in the "six corners" business district. >> i've got out the door. i didn't even get to the sidewalk. that's when i got hit. >> the attackers said and corn to slice you >> you heard all this? >> it was racial. >>witnesses say, prior to the attack, two men walked up and down the street, menacing women and children. lloyd says, if the attacker's knife had been three inches higher, he would have been left blind... three includes *lower," and his head might have been severed. police say the incident was just a street fight... and the other man, 33-year-old adam laskowski, is charged only with misdemeanor battery.
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taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. the washington post released an email exchange, in which n-s-a leaker edward snowden questions the agency's training programs. but the emails give no evidence that snowden complained to his bosses about n-s-a domestic surveillance before he leaked details of the program. snowden insists, the e-mails don't tell the whole story. former microsoft c-e-o steve ballmer may become the new owner of the los angeles clippers. ballmer reportedly offered two billion dollars, to buy the club from donald sterling. but sterling reportedly wants the n-b-a to drop all of its accusations over his alleged racist comments, before he'll sell. a california family got more than they bargained for during a trip to the willis tower skydeck. when alejandro garibay, his brother and two cousins stepped onto the ledge of chicagos tallest building wednesday night... they say they felt the glass crack under their feet. officials at the willis tower say the protective coating on the glass surface cracked. skydeck chicago will be operating as normal while it's being replaced.
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a tie at the spelling bee for the first time since 1962. and it's clear from western springs also made it. >> a new vote on the state budget. the budget bill passed earlier this week allowing the temporary state income tax hike to expire in january. still lobbying to extend it or make the higher tax rate per minute. >> we're getting a look at how three stations will look when the big renovation project is finished. this will be the new and improved station on the zero hairline. here's the western avenue station after completion. and knights facelift at the station as well. that work will be completed this fall. before that subtracts need to be fixed. the blue line will be closed this weekend until they can fix
4:37 am
these areas. >> a tennis sensation from chicago is capturing international attention at the french open. her first major tournament, one that almost didn't happen because of her weight. >> the thought i was out of shape but it was actually due to a health condition that we didn't know about. i was upset. i cried. i didn't know what was happening. i got myself together and i said i am playing and that's all there is. and gordon healthy. and the source said. >> in 2012 the united states tennis association declined to fund her because of her weight. she danced to the third round and has a match later today. >> she is showing them. after five years of being on the market, the ferrbs bueller
4:38 am
house is on the market. final sale price $1.6 million. that is less than half the price that was originally listed in 2009. did the car really go through the glass? >> it sure did. they didn't have that technology back in 1984. >> 1.6 million. there is this. >> good morning. but something else we can't afford. just added to the list. here's our current temperatures. a nice start to the day. and i start the weekend. speaking of pushing for race off the windows, going outside to clean your car there will be a good chance this weekend we stay dry until sunday. to a half or three days i say that winning in terms of
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keeping the car cleaned. hear of the current temperatures. satellite's radar composite shows no rain we will be dry for a while. a little cooler along the lake. tonight we're back down to the '50s. keep the windows open and should be nice. tomorrow, high temperature of 83. chance of rain sunday. nice weekend, warm sunday chance of rain later in the day. >> still ahead, the big hollywood name that dropped by a chicago movie theater for the premiere of his new movie. plus -- he didn't win the scripps national spelling bee but we'll show you the kid that captured the hearts of the audience. and -- maleficent starring angelica jolie hits theaters today, dean has a preview. her name was spelled wrong. her name is angelina. that movie hits theaters today. we will have a preview.
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[ shutter clicks ] hi there! [ laughs ] i'm flo! i know! i'm going to get you your rental car. this is so ridiculous. we're going to manage your entire repair process from paperwork to pickup, okay, little tiny baby? your car is ready, and your repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own it. the progressive service center -- a real place, where we really manage your claim from start to finish. really. ♪ easy as easy can be bye! nostalgia fueled the crowd funding campaign to bring back a children's classic. le-var burton, host of the p-b- s show "reading rainbow", was trying to raise one million
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dollars to get the show back on air. he gave himself a month to reach that goal on kickstarter, but raised it in less than a day. the show that encourages children to read was on television for 26-years, starting in 1983. the black hawks now know who they'll face in the stanley cup finals... provided they can win two more games against the l.a. kings. the new york rangers eliminated the montreal canadiens last night, 1-to-nothing. the hawks and kings face off this evening in los angeles... and hopefully, sunday back in chicago. >> give me a word i know. >> that's correct. >> the guy is great. students from across the country are competing in the scripps annual spelling bee in washington. but 15-year-old jacob williamson is perhaps the most memorable. he celebrated each word he got correct with squeals of excitement and a victory dance.
4:44 am
williamson is an eighth grader from cape coral, florida. he moved on to the finals, but fell short of earning the national spelling be champ title. >> i can relate to that kid. when i get the easy script i get so excited. >> you know how long it took me to say some of the names on the baseball teams? >> say i got when. >> is that hard? >> can you say medicine. >> imagined waukegan the first time. >> have the wheeling? >> please stay tuned. >> here's the day planner. cooler along the lake. high temperature about 78 degrees.
4:45 am
today high temperature reaches 80. tonight we're back down to 65 degrees. tomorrow we reach 83. out of one will probably be warmer at 85. 87 sunday. monday and tuesday it's hot outside and we are back to work. enjoy your weekend. >> let's take a look at the blue line. lots of work over the weekend impacting the rail line between western and logan. guards at 10:00 p.m. when we will have the boss is picking up the slack. that's in place until 4:00. pretty much the whole weekend you can expect to ride the shuttle bus reverses the rail pass. they're doing work on those stations. other than that we are in good shape. quite a bit of construction especially along 190. most will be picked up. so far volume looks good. no accidents to report. >> are you feeling good about
4:46 am
tonight? >> i am feeling good. it's a tough one the half to win this one on the road. then i think it's a slam dunk. >> not tonight we're not going down tonight. >> about this time of the year we get all kinds of interesting emails. i got this one here from a lifelong blackhawks band. he said to be a bunch of photos. this is the guardian of note read builders. if you've ever been down here and driven past year you know they have a giant paul bunyan statue he used to have a hatchet but i'm told all the local kids used to steal that as part of a school prank. it has been holding nothing. he got together with his uncle and they decided to build a giant hockey stick for the paul bunyan statue to hold. they put it on top of their truck and took it down to the rebuilt theirs and they mounted on top. and we talked about how they did it. >> musical
4:47 am
>> it's always been here for like 60 years we are big fans of hockey so we thought what better place than a hockey stick. >> originally it was 27 ft. long. we made it 23. we had a problem with the weight. i guess the giant wasn't strong enough for the heavy stick. >> the challenge was in building the stick it was getting it up there. we had to design some cables to hang it around its neck. >> it did not survive very long. but it was up there. >> it was freezing cold. break in the middle of winter when we
4:48 am
put it up there but it was nice. it's so weird because we were putting it up there and we could see everything shaking and we thought it was going to break. >> i don't know if giants have health insurance. >> how has the reaction been? >> a lot of people are driving past and people are seeing it. and what is written on there is a film that i wrote. we have a comedy group that we reference back to the movie swingers. it's all about outdoor hockey and the love of the game. chicago has come a long way when it comes to hockey. the chicago kids living the dream ... >> go on to my page of the web and to consume more of how to build that huge stick. i get in touch with the, the group
4:49 am
piquancy a real for the movie that he's making. if you are a hockey fan said it to me i'm always looking for weird and odd things around the area. >> you're doing good at finding that stuff. >> coming up... dean's got a look at the new seth mac-farlane movie "a million ways to die in the west." and -- a movie star stopped by and surprised the audience dean's on vacation - but he left and -- a movie star stopped by
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us his review of the new seth faralin flick, "a million ways to die in the west," take a look >> every year people die. every hold still. >> people die at the fair? >> if you have seen family guy or the movie ted you know what you are in for in the latest comedy, a million ways to die in the west. behind-the-scenes as a writer or creator or voice presence, he steps out in front of the camera after hosting the oscars in 2013 for this incredibly funny spoof of the western film a genre. nothing goes right for this fish out of water set in the 1800's as a reluctant sheep rancher who hates everything about the time
4:53 am
that he lives. also a sting from being dumped from his girlfriend who prefers the luxury she gets from the teak keeper of the town of must-shop. one scenario after the next is more ridiculous and often shockingly. characters at the absurdity. a number of a list actors among others all cut from every western stereotype you have ever seen. most witting to surprise you with their own clever oddity. and there is a silly song and dance. laughs and some slick choreography. there is a very thinly veiled story. not the most complete story but it's really only there to get you from one laugh to the next and that was enough for me. a million ways to die in the west has a million ways to offend burning every bit of its rating. i give it a b plus. also new this week is the untold story of
4:54 am
disney's most iconic villain from the classics sleeping beauty. not screened in time for my review rated pg. they could always check out my reviews along with my interviews with the stars all of on my page of the web. if you like to get my weekly movie reviews to your phone, text the word dean, 97999. sponsored by million- dollar quartet. have a good weekend. >> tom cruise made a surprise stop for the screening of his new movie. he treated that he was excited to surprise his fans. >> it's something i am proud of with my movie. it's fun for me. to be able to go to theaters, i
4:55 am
have spent a lot of my life in the movie theaters i am a fan. i like going to theaters it's a rare opportunity to do that. >> the edge of tomorrow opens june 6th. >> what about demetrius and dropping into places downtown he'd get a huge reception. >> i would take people's weather maps and delete them from their phone. >> way to go. them at 80 degrees today down the 55 tonight. mar 87 degrees sunday we reach 87. chance of rain later in the day. that's the 70 forecast. >> coming up, the latest on the search for the person who shot and killed its chicago schoolteacher. >> and a woman who plans to challenge from the manual for mayor. when she think she could win. and the new fashion from red carpet events.
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>> the following is a paid presentation for supersmile, brought to you by guthy-renker. none of the testimonials or dentists in this show have been paid to share their opinions. >> a bright and healthy smile can be your biggest beauty asset. it's one of the first things people notice about you. but if you're embarrassed by your smile because of your stained, discolored, dull teeth, it's hard to feel good about yourself. now you can turn back the clock on your teeth and safely get a naturally whiter, brighter, sexier smile thanks to an astonishing new teeth whitening system. it's time to turn your smile into a supersmile. >> my smile a month ago was more like this. my smile now is more like this. >> the supersmile system works in minutes to safely remove embarrassing stains from your teeth. plus, supersmile actually


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