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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  November 6, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CST

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the archdiocese of chcago is releasing child sex abuse files on dozens more priests. we are *live with details. a man from california was arrested in the suburbs.. on a school playground.. wearing a bullet-proof vest. and governor quinn officially concedes defeat to bruce rauner in the race for governor. we'll hear from him. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. still waiting for that that is to kick in. >> it's kicking in the weather forecast has been changed a bit with our recent developments. a system coming through will not
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bring us snow. apportions of northwest indiana could see some. we did dodge a bullet. it would of been a flaky white novelist. light showers today. we had some snow across portions of central and southern wisconsin but here we are at 47. the radar shows dry conditions generally to the west of green bay. today, rain, breezy conditions temperatures are going down. 45 by noon. 41 by 5:00 p.m.. high temperature reaches 46 on friday. caught will increase. >>a boy is hospitalized in stable condition after being shot in both legs in the jackson park neighborhood. it happened about seven p-m near 69th and stony island. police say witnesses saw a man in a blue hooded sweatshirt running from the area just after the shooting.
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the boy's age has not been released. six people were injured when two vehicles were struck from behind by a hit and run driver on lake shore drive. it happened shortly before midnight near the oak street curve. police say a grey or silver chevy tahoe rammed a northbound taxi, flipping it onto its roof. the tahoe then hit a jeep, sending it into the concrete road barrier. three of the injured were in serious or critical condition, but none of their injuries are considered life threatening. the drive of the tahoe took off. the man was arrested wearing a bulletproof vest of such a school in california. jeffery waiman wo is from san francisco. school administrators say they saw him hanging around the playground , the parking lot and asking for a tour of st. mary's school on herrick road in riverside. he said he worked for the f-b-i and the bureau was trying to kill him. police checked...he never worked there. he wasn't he was only charged with disorderly conduct and asked to get a medical evaluation. just hours from now, the chicago archdiocese will make public its private records of dozens of priests accused of sex
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abuse against children. tonya francisco is live at the archdiocese headquarters with a preview. good morning to you. >> good morning. the files are about 15,000 pages and will be released on line at 9:00 a.m.. church officials are hoping that it shows that the archdiocese is committed to openness, transparency after years of secrecy. >> they plan to open the books today on 36 priests who they say have sexually abused children. church officials say the new information along with documents released back in january involving 30 other priests cover all those who have substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct with more than 350 minors. all of the priests are reportedly out of ministry and 14 are deceased. but information on to the priests will not be
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included. that of the new mccormack because it has been sealed like a judge and that of an irreverent whose case is in review with the church. the scandal has rocked the archdiocese and his lead to the $30 million of federal claims. the release comes less than two weeks before cardinal francis george is set to retire. in a statement, he says we cannot change the past but we can hope to rebuild the trust between open and honest dialogue. child abuse is a crime and a sin. the arch eyases of chicago is charged with bringing healing to their victims. >> with the release of the new documents, the archdiocese says they expect more of victims to, ford when it released information back into and worry about 15 people came forward. you can find that information
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about the new priests on line. it's on the website arch chicago dot o r g. >> quinn refused to concede on election night since all the votes were not counted yet. but he finally gave in. but yesterday...aas more votes were counted, the gap between quinn and rauner widened. rauner was ahead by over 170- thousand votes, so quinn felt it was time to give up. he gave his concession speech in a couple minutes. >> it's clear we don't have enough votes to win the election. we expect to respect the results respect of the voters did. >> quinn says he'll work toward raising the minimum wage, to ten dollars an hour, by the time he leaves office. he didn't say anything about extending the income tax hike
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that expires in january. rauner released a statement, thanking quinn for his years of service and his commitment to a smooth transition. state prosecutors launched a criminal investigation into robo-calls that disrupted voting in chicago. 2-thousand election judges didn't show up to their assigned polling places on tuesday, because they received automated calls that gave them false information. the workers were told that they were not qualified to serve as judges on election day without more training. >> we can tell, somebody got a less perilous with names and numbers. call them, not to educate them or promote the democratic process, but to sow confusion. >>the staff shortages led to long lines at some polling places. republican and democratic party officials both deny any involvement. the race for illinois treasurer is still undecided. republican tom cross has a slight lead over democrat michael frerichs, by about 85- hundred votes. a spokesman for cross says he
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feels confident the lead will hold. but, frerichs is not conceding ... he's waiting until every vote is counted. president obama is warning, he's ready to issue a controversial executive order on immigration before the new congress is sworn in. in his first news conference since the democrats' devastating losses in tuesday's elections, obama said he's willing to work with the republican congress on easy issues like road repairs and expanding foreign trade. but he remained defiant on immigration... saying the republican house must approve a democratic senate immigration bill. if they don't...he'll sidestep congress entirely, and do it himself. >> they want to get a bill up whether it's three lame-duck or next year, i'm here to see what they have to offer. but i won't wait. >> it's like waving the red flag in front of the bull to say if you guys don't do what i want i will do it on my own. and the president has done that on obama care and immigration and
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threaten to do it again. >>the president's plan would sharply reduce deportations of undocumented immigrants. but it's not clear whether it would grant them permanent legal status. republicans say the president doesn't have that authority. federal agents rescued a 22- year-old philadelphia woman whose kidnapping on sunday night was caught on police surveillance video. agents closed in on a car driven by 37-year-old delvin barnes last night in maryland. carleesha freeland-gaither was still in the back seat. video showed a man approach... grab and struggle with the victim just blocks from her home. police say it doesn't appear the suspect knew freeland- gaither. >> something like this doesn't make sense. he's a vicious predator. his office streets and hopefully he will be in jail for the rest of his life. >>barnes was already wanted for attempted murder and assault in virginia. freeland-gaither's a-t-m card was used after the kidnapping, helping police track her whereabouts. a change of heart is delaying the trial of a suspected cop killer. officer thomas wortham the fourth was shot and killed when robbers tried to take his
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motorcycle, in 2010. defendant toyious taylor initially picked a bench trial. but yesterday he changed his mind and requested a jury. proceedings were delayed while lawyers picked one. a separate jury is hearing the case against co-defendant paris mc-gee. prosecutors say they drove the getaway car that struck worthham and dragged him a quarter of a mile. a team of smash and grab burglars made off with 40- thousand dollars worth of designer accessories from an aurora store. surveillance video from the chicago premium outlet mall shows a van smashing into the front of a ferragamo store at 4:30 wednesday morning. four suspects grabbed all the purses and luggage they could carry. they abandoned the van in the parking lot and drove away in a second getaway car. chicago's christmas tree will be chopped down today, and make its way to daley plaza. the 57-foot colorado blue spruce is coming from elgin. the owner wants to get rid of it, because the tree overshadows her house. she nominated it the past three years, but it was always a
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runner-up. the tree will be delivered to daley plaza tomorrow to be decorated. the city's official tree lighting ceremony is the tuesday before thanksgiving. our own micah materre will emcee the ceremony. now all we need is a little slut snow. >> could you ask for that. actually no, not so for us. i think we hold off on that for a bit. we dodged that bullet early on because the snow will stay to the north. if you live in portions of northwest indiana, there is potential for some light snow shower. also lakeshore flood advisory goes into effect. 50 degrees in gary. lincoln park and 50. elsewhere in its 44 in carol stream. union reading of 44. the radar shows light showers continue into the south and east. the snow up to the north in portions of western wisconsin. it continues to turn around low pressure. cold front moves through. temperatures will
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fall through the 30's. good chance of rain. tomorrow, 46. saturday 44. sunday nearly 50. breezy. tuesday, another big drop comes in time for veterans day. >> coming up, hunters in alaska had to be rescued after being attacked by five bears. >> where another day of marriage ban was overturned. and a yankee third baseman admits to using performance enhancing drugs. >> and the big winners and a revelation from the country music association awards
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suspended yankees third baseman alex rodriguez finally admitted to using performance enhancing drugs from anthony bosch's bio- genesis clinic in florida. under a grant of immunity, rodriguez told d-e-a investigators early this year that he used several forms of testosterone from late 20-10 until october 20-12. he was suspended for the entire 20-14 season. the new information could trigger another suspension by major league baseball. ray rice and his wife are expected to testify today at the former raven's appeal hearing. rice is fighting his indefinite suspension from the n-f-l. yesterday's hearing in new york began with testimony from n-f-l commissioner roger goodell. details were not released, but goodell had said that the elevator video was why rice's suspension went from two games to indefinite. rice is arguing his rights are
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being violated because he's being punished twice for the same incident. a judge in missouri overturned the state's ban on same sex marriages, calling it unconstitutional. for now, the ruling only applies to saint louis. but same-sex marriages could be allowed statewide, if the missouri supreme court upholds the decision. missouri's attorney general has filed an appeal. in the last month, bans have been overturned in alaska, arizona, kansas and wyoming. more than 30 states and the district of columbia now allow same-sex couples to marry. a group of deer hunters was attacked by bears -- five of them -- in alaska. the coast guard had to rescue an injured hunter by helicopter, near the town of kodiak. the men were carrying a deer they had shot, when the bears ambushed them. the hunters said they were *prepared for bear encounters... but not a confrontation with five bears at once. the rest of the hunters weren't hurt. who would be? is the way you
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said? i don't think i could take on five bears. >> i will get them out here. >> we are men we can do things like that. >> we are prepared. >> let's look at our current conditions. don't get used to these temperatures its 48 right now the wind and 9 mi.. but we are expecting to see our temperatures go wrong way. right now we are cloudy. later rain will move through. it's 50 degrees in chicago. 47 in a aurora. kankakee at 48. satellites composite, rain in eastern counties. even down towards a conciliar. i'm watching this line of rain and snow with the rain moving through southern and western wisconsin. the good news is much of the moisture moves out today before the cold air. what that means is as the temperature drops we dry out. no snow in the forecast. you can see the snow
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moving through portions of eastern wisconsin. it will mix with snow into the afternoon. it's coming in from lake michigan. also generally because of a disturbance moving through. tonight we clear out. hope you can see the full moon tonight. into tomorrow we got sunshine early. today we drop down. starting in the mid '40's. we dropped down tonight. send the kids with a heavy coat they will need it. 46 degrees on friday. saturday, back up to 44 degrees. time for traffic. >> you know i thought if i stayed away longer you might be nicer. i made a late appearance this morning. we have some work on the kennedy. like it will last through tomorrow. to stretch as we're watching in bound cumberland taking a the right lane and we have another pocket of construction from chicago over for 290. those
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relations will be blocked until 5:00. another 40 minutes before that's moved out. numbers are good. we will break it down for you and take a full look at traffic in just a few minutes. >> coming up, we attempt to explain the hoax behind the hoax. it's the alex from target viral sensation. >> and in sports, the bulls take on the box for the first time. >> and we are going to meet a few guys who are big fans of the dead still a film franchise so they spent four years creating their own godzilla movie. they are premiering that tonight and they're raising money for charity. you can check it out. we will tell you where coming up.
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good morning. the bulls are different with their crews in the lineup even if he is not having a dynamic night which he did not last night. but with his crew he doesn't have to do with all the time. imagine the milwaukee, the man out there was gibson. like an animal on the offensive glass, 44 minutes, 23 points 10 boards. and great support from his teammate as well. on the assist, 22 and 14,
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this still trailed by four but they hit with a 13-2. butler steals it. it's finished with a seven point lead. solid for jimmy. all points and seven assists. some huge buckets down the stretch as the bulls put five starters and double figures and win 95-86. they are the 3-0 on the road. the bears get ready for their trip to green bay, lance briggs is back after his rib injury. one of the better players in franchise history, he apparently spent part of his week reflecting on the career that made very well be winding down. >> i understand. this is probably my last year as a bear. could be the last time i played the packers. but for me, i'd just, i really do enjoy my
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teammates. and it's been unfortunate to watch in the sideline because i want to see them find success. and any bear making a play is always a good thing. somebody has to want you first and then you go from there. but right now, my focus is on the packers. >> to forget friday night at 10:00 we will we have in this bears midseason report assessing the first half and looking ahead to the second friday night and the clock right here on wgn. that's more exports. the blacth >>stocks closed at record highs after the republican party took control of the senate. nasdaq dipped slightly. s-and-p up 11. two chicago-area target stores will be closing next year. they s are in mchenry and calumet city. target announced a total of 11 stores will shutdown nationwide, effective february first.
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workers will be offered the option of transferring to other target locations, or a severance deal. at this point, you've probably heard of alex from target.. alex became an internet sensation when someone posted a picture of him working the cash register at target. marketing startup 'breaker', took credit for the viral meme as part of a marketing ploy.... but they have no proof of it. the kid in the picture, "alex lee" is just as confused as you are. he say's he's never heard of the company... and target also denies any involvement. either way... alex is embracing his 15-minutes of fame, appearing on 'the ellen show' and scoring several marriage proposals. i think one of them came from erin. >> what is he 17? call the authorities. that's creepy. that might not be legal here. >> i don't like you anymore demetrius. >> the guy has 5 million followers. i guess he's doing something right. just talk about
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our temperatures on the drop through the day. 48 degrees early morning. we're down to 45 by 10:00 a.m.. 50 percent chance of showers. 30 percent chance of rain. by 5:00 p.m. the sun will be down. 51 degrees there. down to the upper 30s by 9:00 p.m.. expect to see cooler conditions coming this weekend. that will all be in the seven day just a moment. >> let's take a look at this a workable been talking about. it's finally going to wrap tomorrow. this is impacting 26 st.) from east and over to state. take a look at another project we're close to seeing get out of the way, the roosevelt and road resurfacing project it goes all the way to pulaski. lane closures through december 14th. we're talking about that being done next friday. we have a few other spots coming in just a few minutes. >>there's more to come in our next half-hour.
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including how many people have applied for marijuana. >> and arrested overnight for killing his girlfriend. >> and what went wrong to cause that rocket explosion. >> and the penguins of madagascar are teaming up with the white house for a very the white house for a very important mission. we
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the archdiocese of chicago releases child sex abuse files. we are live with details. >> the governor concedes to his opponent. >> and we're meeting the newest president of the aquarium. his story coming up. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. no snow? >> not today. the jury was still out because we do have snow in portions of wisconsin. but the moisture seems to be staying to the north. that is good news for us. but temperatures are going the wrong way. here are our current temperatures. we are dropping in these areas. wind out of the northwest indicating the cold front has moved through. central trading at 44.
4:30 am
the radar shows showers across eastern counties. down towards iroquois. maybe coming into the porter counties. later today there is the potential for rain and snow mixed in northwest indiana. here we've got off and on showers. preconditions with temperatures dropping down to 45. 5:00 p.m. we are at 41. 9:00 p.m. 38. early 7:00 a.m. we are up to 30. expect temperatures to fall about 30 degrees tonight. tomorrow minute 46. saturday, 44. i don't think i sold that right. it's just not that exciting. sunday, 49! here's traffic! >> i just had a flash back to when i used to have to do weather and the newsroom just wanted to take all the counties out to see if i knew my geography. we had a jet stream coming through this big county over here and some other stuff over here. it was a disaster. that's why i do traffic. in
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bound on the kennedy at cumberland, we keep the words missing easy here. blocking the release until 5:00. another accident thises chicago over to 290, 2 red winter blocked with construction. should be cleaned up in about 30 minutes. we will have more traffic coming up. >>this man is due in bond court today for a chain reaction crash that killed a woman. maciej machniewicz is charged with aggravated d-u-i and other felonies. police say he caused the crash that killed a pedestrian at belmont and austin tuesday night. they say he turned his s-u-v into another vehicle, causing it to hit another car. machniewicz's s-u-v hit a woman, a light pole and a fence. he was arrested at the scene. a hit and run driver smashed into two vehicles on northbound lake shore drive near oak street injuring six people. a taxi flipped onto its roof in the collision just before midnight. the driver of a grey or silver
4:32 am
chevy tahoe got away. none of the injuries was life threatening. police in riverside arrested this man -- jeffrey waiman wo, of san fransicso -- after officials at saint mary's school reported him lurking in the school parking lot... and wearing a bullet-proof vest. they say, waiman asked for a *tour of the school. since he wasn't armed, wo was charged only with disorderly conduct. he was asked to take a medical examination. just hours from now, the chicago archdiocese will make public its private records of priest sex abuse against more than 350 children. tonya francisco is live at the archdiocese headquarters with a preview. >> good morning. the files totaled 15,000 pages and will be released on line at 9:00 a.m. this morning. the archdiocese is hoping this release will show that it is committed to transparency after years of secrecy. the archdiocese plans to open the books today on 36
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priests who they say had sexually abused children. church officials say the new information along with documents released back in january involving three other priests cover all the priests who have substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct with more than 350 miners back to 1950. all priests are reportedly out of ministry and 14 are deceased. but information on to known priests accused of abuse will not be included. convicted corp. former priest daniel mccormick which is sealed by a judge and record edward maloney because his case is on appeal with the church. the sex abuse scandal has rocked the third large diocese lead to payments of $130 million over the years in federal claims. the release comes less than two weeks before colonel francis george is set to retire. in a statement he says, we cannot change the past but we can hope to rebuild
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trust to honest and open dialogue. child abuse is a crime and an offense. the archdiocese is concerned first and foremost with bringing healing to abuse victims. with the release of these documents, the archdiocese officials say they expect more victims to come aboard. back in channel raid when it released the first batch of information, 60 victims came to power. this information will be released on line at 9:00 a.m. this morning in a confined and the archdiocese website, arch chicago dot zero r g. a man suspected of murdering his girlfriend in washington state, has been captured, in oregon. police in portland say david kalac strangled his girlfriend amber coplin... then posted pictures of her corpse online. neighbors say they found a written confession by kalac. investigators were able to track him to portland, where he was cornered and captured after a high-speed chase. police say kalac has admitted to the murder. he said it's not as easy at it looks in the movies.
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a 22-year-old philadelphia woman whose kidnapping was caught by police security cameras has been rescued by federal agents. authorites closed in last night on 37-year-old delvin barnes' car in jessup, maryland. carleesha freeland-gaither was in the backseat... in good condition. surveillance video showed her struggle with a man sunday night a few blocks from her home. barnes was already wanted for attempted murder and assault in virginia. governor quinn is now accepting that he lost the governor's race to bruce rauner. quinn refused to concede on election night. he said he was waiting for more votes to be counted. but as that happened, rauner's lead increased to over 170- thousand votes. that's when quinn decided to >> i understand how important it is to the people of our state to understand that when we come together in an election and the election is conducted, results come in and we go forward on
4:36 am
behalf of the common good. >>quinn says he'll work toward a smooth transition to rauner's administration. he also says he still wants to raise the state's minimum wage before he leaves office in january. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. state prosecutors launched a criminal investigation into robo-calls that disrupted voting in chicago. 2-thousand election judges didn't show up to their assigned polling places on tuesday, because they received automated calls with false information. they were made to think they weren't qualified to serve. republican and democratic party officials both deny any involvement. president obama warns, he's prepared to sidestep congress and sign a bill suspending the immigrants by the end of the year. congressional republicans say he doesn't have the authority to do that. obama's defiance follows an overwhelming series of election victories by republicans tuesday. now that chicago teacher union
4:37 am
president karen lewis has decided not to run for mayor, the union is throwing its endorsement to cook county commissioner jesus garcia instead. union delegates made the decision yesterday. the union *leadership endorsed garcia a few days ago. about eight thousand illinois residents have begun applying to use medical marijuana. but the state's department of health says only 15-hundred have completed the process and just 230 patients have been approved so far. pot has been legalized to treat 37 specific illnesses. the state is still reviewing applications from potential growers and retailers. an orphan is getting all the attention at the shedd aquarium. this sea otter was rescued in northern california about a month ago. someone found it crying and all alone. it was underweight and taken to an aquarium there, before it was moved to the shedd for rehabilitation. the otter is now five weeks old and has made a full recovery. >> i am ill little emotional
4:38 am
about it. he's so cute. >> you are okay? >> you have to love those animals. michelle obama is teaming up with the stars of a new animated movie, to promote a cause that's close to her heart. >> we are getting tired of all the seals getting all the good missions. >> as a top secret mission that is perfect for you. >> top secret? this is an honor. we will be all over this job. >>the "penguins of madagascar" are helping the first lady emphasize the importance of supporting military members ... and their families. it comes ahead of veterans day, which is next tuesday. it's also to promote the new movie, which comes out thanksgiving week. >> that is a good marketing. >> good morning. showers across the region early on. but not all they feared we move towards dry conditions and clouds will break up tonight. cold front moves through brain are temperatures down. we are starting off at 50 but cold air
4:39 am
up to the northwest is coming our way. expect to drop into the low '40's by the afternoon. that would drop even more down to about 30 tonight. the rain is isolated in portions of the kankakee county superior but take your umbrella if you needed periodically through the morning. 53 now in chicago. 46 in union. 47 as a travel to the north. 48 at o'hare. wind at 9 mi.. temperatures are at work in progress. 45 degrees by lunchtime. precede with scattered showers. wind gusting 45-50 mi.. that will be windy. clear skies the wind will diminish down to 30 degrees tonight. a full moon tonight. 46 degrees on friday. saturday, 30 percent chance for a shower and that will develop leader in the day. high temperature 44 degrees. >> still ahead, much more to
4:40 am
come on the wgn morning news. we will tell you the story trending this morning behind the a ctc drummer who was arrested. that's coming up. >> and looking into the investigation of whalast week'ss
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being blamed on one of its engines. this unmanned rocket blew up six seconds after lift off, last week. a company official said it was destroyed deliberately when they realized there was a problem. it turns out the problem was that one of its two main engines failed shortly after ignition. the engines were made in russia, during the 19-70's. orbital sciences, which owned the rocket, says it will likely stop using them. a newly published u-s army document approves the use of a controversial word to describe black or african-american personnel. the army regulation states that it is acceptable to use the word "negro". it's written in a "racial definitions" section of the document. an army spokesman could not say when the word was added, but he admitted it is outdated ... and, said it will be updated soon. here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... the former navy seal who wrote about about the raid that killed osama bin laden, was ordered to pay 4 and a half million dollars in damages, for potentially revealing government secrets. now, matt bissonnette -- pen name "mark owen" -- is suing
4:44 am
his *lawyer, for failing to tell him he needed government *clearance to write the book. bissonnette is currently the target of a *criminal investigation. ac-dc's legendary drummer has been charged in a murder plot. phil rudd was arrested in new zealend and charged with attempting to procure two murders, threatening to kill and possession of drugs. the names of the intended victims and the hitman were not disclosed. the 60-year-old was released on bail and entered a no plea to the charges. ac-dc is set to release a new album later this month. one winning mega millions ticket worth 326 million bucks was sold at a gas station near middletown, new york, about 50 miles north of manhattan. the lump sum payout to the lucky buyer is just under 200- million. the station's employees don't know who bought the ticket. a bonus of about 10-thousand dollars goes to the station's owner. the blackhawks "winter classic" sweater is trending. this is what they'll be wearing
4:45 am
when they play the washington capitals, on new year's day. it's based on the sweater from 19-57. patrick sharp was supposed to model it yesterday, until he suffered a leg injury tuesday night. sharp went down after he got hit along the boards. the tribune reports he could miss at least a month. b-b-c magazine, radio times, polled fans to find out what the nations favorite film quotes were. here's what they found out. >> to infinity and beyond. that line uttered by "toy story's" buzz-lightyear was voted the best movie quote of all time by british filmgoers. >> if you are only supposed to bloat the bloody doors off. >> michal caine's line from the cult movie "the italian job" took second place. >> say hello to my little friend. >> that when desert to make the list. that was from score face came in third. i think another line
4:46 am
from. break came in there. >> you always " a movie. >> what about go ahead and make my day? that's a good morning. >> i'm sorry but. break that that that >> you are the only person who remembers it now. let's take a look. was that like a crime surfing movie? >> you have to see the cable. that's all on board said. it's a classic " paired shares across the region 44 right now in henry. crystal lake at 45. 46 for there are around. today we reach 41 by 5:00 p.m.. 9:00 p.m. we are at 38. the seven days forecast shows 46 tomorrow. saturday, 44. over the commercial break we found that erin did not launch watch much television growing up.
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>> didn't cease our face. we lost our tv for a few years because i actually poured orange juice down the back of it. so i shouldn't have complained because i broke it. let's look get some infrastructure work. we have an electrical voltage work they're not moving as out of the way quickly because it's such an extensive project. it will be there until about christmas. it's at lasalle and washington. one lane in each direction and it can't turn left. so basically it's going to be clogged up there. if you can avoid it to avoid it all those lean ships will be there through the end of the project. still watching north bend 53 heavily traveled corridor early armed impact in northwest highway off ramp and the kirch off off ramp. will be moved away by 5:00 a.m. but up until their everything is moving we do have some volume of attended-15 minutes. that traffic. >> i like that noise from
4:48 am
jurassic park. let's keep our armed. with a fun story today. elmhurst village this is a marketing assistant company this works at a lumberyard but in their spare time the guys have been making it shot on a green screen in billy's garage. it's been a lifelong dream - to bring their favorite movie chicago. >> we are here in illinois, lead residents in this seemingly peaceful neighborhood have been reporting strange disturbances. we have drawn coronets for these reports which have led us to this location. and no!
4:49 am
>> the target for mass destruction. >> the council of battle royale is a fan film we worked on about four years celebrating everything about godzilla. his friends and his enemies and we just happened to finish right on the anniversary. most limit on the green screen shots. i travel to chicago to get the background shots for when i do the green screen. sometimes i got up on the parking garage to get a man shot of the building. first time i saw the film i want to see him go at it in chicago. >> you actually built this. tell me about it. >> this was a project that took my dad a little over 200 hours to make. my father and i were both huge movie buffs. one of
4:50 am
our hobbies was to make monster costumes. we had these that make the eyes blink. this is my godzilla costume. and it back in 2008 and finished in 2009. i have been touring it around each week to all the chicago areas. >> what you hope people take away? >> when we were kids we all loved monster films, burley's most of us did. and i just wanted to bring the magic back. when i was a kid i always had ideas in my head. and i hope that i can bring back that old school feeling from a monster films. >> the film is tonight in park ridge 6-10:00 p.m. you can watch it on line. it's absolutely
4:51 am
free. it can check it out. also they are raising money for victims of the japan earthquake from a few years ago. good checkout. is a really fun film. >> coming up, who won big at the country music awards.
4:52 am
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4:54 am
did you watch a last night? >> i did not. >> night performing a rendition of "all about that bass" with meghan trainor. she also dominated taking home four of the nine c-m-a's she was nominated for... including album, single, and vocalist of the year. luke bryan took home last night's top honor, as
4:55 am
entertainer of the year. this was his first c-m-a award, thanks to his multi-platinum album. one of the biggest moment's of the night wasn't an award, but an announcement. underwood's co-host, paisley revealed she's having a baby boy... also suggesting she name her future son in honor of garth brooks. marc anthony is giving marriage another shot. the singer is reportedly engaged to girlfriend shannon de lima. j-lo's ex-husband began dating the model, on and off, since 20- 12. he proposed back in march. that was such a from a vent. >> if you sang but i did back out of our was terrible. and in more engagement news... actor benedict cumberbatch is engaged to longtime girlfriend sophie hunter. the 'sherlock' star announced the engagement in an old-school way, posting an ad in the u-k's edition of "the times", under "forth-coming marriages." the couple met in 2009, on the set of the movie, "burlesque fantasies."
4:56 am
>> good morning. we continue to see temperatures go the wrong way. the start of a 50 to withdraw down to the '40's. the 50-50 shot of showers. it will be rain. down to 30 tonight. dry out quickly into tonight. 46 on friday. more rain comes through for the weekend. >> coming up, the chicago archdiocese releases sex the schlep.
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