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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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wet snow caused a large tree branch to snap and fall on top of her. the storm creating danger all across new england. downed power lines, smoking and throwing off sparks along route 138, also in canton, 100,000 people there without power tonight. the storm causing a scary ride for many people today. >> kim: this happened newton when a heavy tree branch fell to the street. we have night team coverage of this winter blast, but first the latest on that tragic accident that took the life of a little girl. will rest go to brandon gunnoe in canton. >> brandon: kim, this six-year-old girl, like all little kids, just wanted to play outside in the snow. but tonight family members, neighbors and really this entire community is deeply saddened by
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>> we're asking people the really stay off the roads, stay in your house if you can. until things at least lighten up, just be careful out there. >> brandon: fires say be aware. the hazard could be above you. >> you have to be wary when you're out shoveling your driveway and helping neighbors, kids in the yard, things like that. you have to understand the weight of the snow on the branches and the wires poses a significant hard. >> brandon: at last check 20% of the houses near canton are still without power. police are asking everyone to only call 911 in case of an emergency. live in canton, bran down gunnoe. 7news night team.
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the green line had to be suspended for hours after a big branch fell on some tracks. fallen trees also created a power struggle, taking down power lines and making a mess on streets and sidewalks. night team's tim caputo in chestnut hill with a look at some damage there. >> this is one of the worst ones we've seen. you can see the snow caked on the side of that tree, a big reason we've seen a lot of branches and entire trees come crashing down. this house only a minimal amount of damage. pretty good all considering, but certainly quite the clean-up ahead. during friday's evening commute, green meant anything but go when a tree toppled on the tracks. the "ts" were commuted. commuters had to hop on bus, making it that much harder to reach the weekend. >> it takes a real long time. it was very inconvenient. >> it was packed. there weren't any signs about where the buses were picking up. we had to guess and find people
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the driver didn't no where he was going. it was so long. but i guess that's a center day. the dee and e branches were closed. heavy, wet snow too much to bear for many trees, some landing on power lines, knocking out power in neighborhoods. some even sparked small fires like here in bedford. for many the clean-up was quick and painless. small branches on roads were inconvenient but easy to cut up and move. not everyone was so lucky. a few huge trees landed on top of homes. the mbta tweeted out these photos showing crews trying to clear the debris as fast as possible. >> they're trying. it sucks. >> reporter: so the e branch of the green line resumed service at around 9:30 p.m. they are apparently still working on that downed tree on
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live tonight, in chestnut hill, tim caputo, 7news night team. >> adam: slush and ice creating a road hazard. this truck in hingham slid right off the road. the storm hitting at the worst possible time. there were accidents and spin-outs all over the place. let's head out the worcester and jadiann thompson with a closer look at over a foot of snow today, jadianne. >> that's right. this is that heavy, wet snow. drivers were able to get on the roads now, but the slush that we've been dealing with all day is starting to turn to ice. highways coming into worcester mostly clear by now. the town had 11 inches of snow in one day, making it a rough time for drivers. >> this truck is great in the snow. i can't complain. i got four-wheel drive, dual rear wheels. >> jadiann: these two spent several hours shoveling and were headed for a break. >> roads are good.
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>> reporter: in yarmouth, two vehicles collide head-on after police say the driver of the truck lost control. the bus catches fire with only minor injuries reported. and in wareham, crews and heavy machinery had to pull a pick-up truck with a snowplow out of a ditch. as the snow started friday, 93 slowed significantly. one car loses control and tow trucks were a common sight. meanwhile, on 95 south, a fleet of plows were out to stay ahead of the storm. back in worcester, things are clearing up, even keeping cab drivers happy. >> it's been good. >> jadiann: tonight in worcester, public works is just reminding everyone that as you take that snow off of your vehicle, try and put it in the front or behind the car so it doesn't go back into the road that they're trying to clear for drivers tonight. live in worcester, jadiann thompson, 7news night team. >> kim: some people are dealing with more than a foot of snow from this storm. let's give you a closer look at the hardest-hit areas.
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>> >> jeremy: worcester 13 inches of snow. sharon 11 inches of snow. dracut, 11 inches of snow. quincy, 9 inches of snow. city of boston, officially 6.8 inches of snow, even out on the cape and the islands, sandwich with 7.2 inches of snow. generally between 5 and 10 inches of a heavy, wet snow. this was not light and fluffy like all the storms were last year, all that arctic air, no. it was warmer this morning. the snow had more moisture in it which led to the tree and power line issues across southern new england. so the storm, good riddance to out. you have a nice, quiet weekend with a mix of clouds and sunshine. meanwhile, further south, southern plains, oklahoma and texas, this may try to bring another batch of snow into new england monday afternoon. we will talk more about that in >> adam: all right. to the new hampshire primary now as hillary clinton works to cut down bernie sanders' lead. republicans hit the campaign trail ahead of their final preprimary debate. we have night team coverage from new hampshire. we'll begin with jennifer eagan
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republican candidates. jen? >> jennifer: and adam, the candidates will be holding fewer events tomorrow, so they can prepare for tomorrow night's debate. they were out and about in the snow today with one exception. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. >> jennifer: donald trump snowed out of his event in londonderry, new hampshire, continued on to south carolina. >> i am a unifying. we are going to bring people together. >> jennifer: the weather didn't stop 90-year-old barbara bush from giving her support to her son jeb, this time at a diner in derry. >> appreciate your support. >> her husband was the president and her son was the president. >> and my next son is going to be. >> and her next son. >> jennifer: john kasich turned the table on reporters and pelted them for a change. the governor from ohio is hoping his time spent here pays off. >> with the crowd campaign we have here and the town halls and the advertising, which is very
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things. >> jennifer: in massachusetts, governor charlie baker broke his political silence and endorsed chris christie. >> i admire charlie and appreciate his support. >> that's based on the concern that the fact that the two leads coming out of iowa are not folks who demonstrated an ability to collaborate, work across the aisle. >> jennifer: baker is referencing trump and ted cruz, whose win in iowa has been questioned in the days since. the cruz campaign was accused of getting iowa caucus-goers to abandon ben carson and back cruz. cnn has verified the authenticity of a recorded message. you can hear what the cruz camp was telling staffers. ask ben carson supporters that they vote for ted cruz. >> jennifer: the top candidates will face off in a debate saturday night. marco rubio held a pre-debate
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the florida senator has gained ground in the polls and is bound to face questions about his short record in the senate. >> this is about the future, not just a resume competition. >> jennifer: to again, the candidates will debate tomorrow night, except for carly fee row nap. she was told she didn't gain enough support in iowa or in the polls in new hampshire to get a spot on the stage. live in salem, new hampshire, jennifer egan, 7news night team. >> kim: democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders were both on the campaign trail in new hampshire where each picked up key endorsements. byron barnett is in new hampshire to see what candidates were up to today and tonight. >> byron: thousands of supporters listening to the candidates. >> we need to create a political revolution. >> to paraphrase your native son, daniel webster, new hampshire is a small state, but
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i am one of them. >> byron: earlier hillary clinton aimed her message at women with help from a group of women u.s. senators. >> the revolution is electing the first woman president of the united states. >> byron: and clinton reached out to bernie sanders' supporters. >> i want to say a word to the extraordinary people, particularly young people who are supporting senator sanders: i know you may not be for me now, but i am for you. >> one of the arguments against me in this campaign is i'm a really nice guy, i'm santa klaus i want to give away a lot of free stuff, but i don't pay for it. wellering with do actually pay for it. >> byron: and reaching out the african american voters, sanders secured an endorsement from former naacp president ben jealous. >> bernie sanders is the type of leader we can trust to fight for the future of all our nation's children as if they were his very own. >> byron: now, both of the candidates will be leaving the
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but they'll be back. bernie sanders is going down to appear on "saturday night live" tomorrow, and hillary clinton will travel to flint, michigan, to offer her support during that city's water crisis. that's the story live in manchester, new hampshire, i'm byron barnett, 7news night team. >> adam: on just one station, more move. in our exclusive 7news, umass/lowell tracking poll. >> kim: and it's not good for bernie sanders. despite maintaining a double-digit lead, political editor andy hiller in new hampshire to show us a major trend or two. >> andy: could hillary clinton actually win the new hampshire primary? yes. she is surging, and bernie sanders is staggering. sanders is still on tp 55% to 40%, but after losing three points overnight while clinton gained four, she's closing in on him. undecided? 4%. down a point. the tracking poll shows clinton's dramatic rise. she's now just 15 points behind sanders after trailing him by 31 when we started polling this
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sanders has lost 16 points of his lead, that's more than half of what he had. the republicans in new hampshire can't match the democrats' drama. there was very little change for the g.o.p. overnight. donald trump is right where he's always been, but he lost another two points. no change for marco rubio, who still has 15%, and that keeps him in second. ted cruz is in third, and he seems frozen at 14%. john kasich gained a point and that tied him with jeb bush at 8%. the change in the republican track seems slight but could be significant. for the second day in a row donald trump lost two points, which brings marco rubio and ted cruz closer. the increased support for clinton is coming from men, moderates and independent voters here. those independents are especially important because in the past clinton has not been their choice.
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in new hampshire, i'm andy hiller, 7news night team. >> kim: and we're headed into the weekend, but no break in our exclusive tracking poll. we'll have new results tomorrow. you can see them on "today in new england" on 7 nbc, which begins at 6:00 a.m. >> adam: all right. following a developing story here at 11:00, at least five people are dead, hundreds of others injured after a devastating earthquake shook taiwan. ryan schulteis is joining us with the latest. >> ryan: adam, among the dead, an infant just ten days old. rescue workers working to free the people trapped under the that rubble. daylight revealing just how devastating the earthquake was. these aerial pictures show the crushed buildings in taiwan. just before the sun came up, there was a scramble to find survivor, rescuers trying to crawl through twisted metal and chunks of concrete. hundreds were trapped after many buildings collapsed, including this high-rise. one man is able to crawl out of the debris and is carried away. the earthquake, magnitude 6.4, shook the area at 4:00 a.m. local time while many people
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the quake, only six miles deep, making the tremors even worse. you can see firefighters spread out on this pancaked building working hard despite multiple aftershocks. their hard work paying off. this woman was rescued from high up, very carefully lowered to safety, and then she's carried off. the more than 200 people who did escape happy to be alive. and tonight 150 victims remain in the hospital, and there are concerns that death toll could continue the climb. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7news night team. >> kim: up next tonight, a scare in the city. >> adam: tragedy as a massive construction crane comes toppling down in the middle of manhattan. >> jeremy: for the weekend, a mix of clouds and sunshine and the threat of more snow early next week. >> kim: and the snow could not stop the celebration in harvard for this year's tasty pudding
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gordon levitt's big d there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy.
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to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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>> only on the night team, danger from above. terrifying moments in new york city when a crane comes crashing down. >> kim: harvard graduate was killed when that crane collapsed. >> adam: tonight we're learning more about the moments before the collapse, including how weather may have played a role. >> he's dropping it really quick. >> whoa. massive crane crashed to earth, as stunned witnesses looked on in disbelief. >> holy [bleeped]. like the loudest bang ever, and the whole building, it felt like the whole earth shook and moved. >> adam: on the street below, debris stretching the length of two football fields. the 300-ton metal crane twisted and broken, its cab flipped, cars parked along the street flattened. >> we're going to need numerous ambulances.
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crane. we have one person trapped in a car. >> adam: the trapped man was one of three injured. 38-year-old david wichs was killed simply walking on the street during rush hour when the crane crashed down. hundreds of rescue workers rushed to the scene, as did new york's mayor, calling it a miracle more were not killed. >> this incident occurred as they were lowering the crane to secure it. >> adam: but neighbors say they worried about the crane well before this morning's wind. >> it didn't look right. >> so you're not surprised? >> i am stunned, but i'm not surprised. >> adam: the crane was inspected yesterday morning and was in full compliance, but the investigation there continues. >> kim: caught on cameras, an atv flying through a parking lot without a driver. you can see the four wheeler barreling through the lot there. it starts doing doughnuts and ends up going enter a wall. this time it's inside of the crates flying. the owner of the atv finally getting it under control
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>> now 7weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: right nows be at 26. nashua 21. jaffrey 17. orange at 19. storm system not even on the map here. it's moving that fast away from southern new england. a few lingering clouds from that weather system, but they're moving away from the cape. snowfall totals again, city of boston close to 7 inches of snow. worcester had about 12 inches of snow. and so for the season, the numbers up are to this: 17.2 for boston. worcester close to 2 feet. but for many cities and towns, still running a snowfall deficit. there's the storm system moving away. high pressure out through the ohio river valley, begins the move up into new england late tonight and tomorrow. what it will not do, it will not reach up into can this and grab this arctic air, like all the high pressure we're doing last area after the storm and bitterly kill air between the storm system, no. what we have on the way for tonight, it will be cold because the air is dry and a fresh coating of snow, but no bitterly
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make a nice recovery through the day tomorrow. it's coal early on. through the day a mix of clouds and sunshine. seasonal, temps tomorrow afternoon between 35 and 40. and then for sunday, mostly sunny skies. a few clouds around throughout the afternoon. nice winter weekend for all sorts of outdoor activities, probably the only knock would be, you know, pond skating. they still have not solidified obviously with all the warm weather this week and the snow this morning and then the cold conditions tonight, not enough. cross country skiing, taking the kids sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing looks awesome. 30s and 40s. up in i ask country, temps in the low to middle 30s tomorrow. middle 30s on sunday and both weekend days huge this time of year, the winds. here comes another storm system that wants to come up the eastern seaboard. it's a bit of a complicated situation because at the same time we'll have this area of low pressure dropping out of the great lakes states. that second area of low pressure might be able to help us out. it might actually kick first
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it could do its own dirty work. so next monday and tuesday, it's a bit complicated with two weather systems and the track in intensity unknown. i know it says here what we know and what we know is that i don't know the exact track or intensity at this time. but what i do think will happen is we'll have two days of snow showers and patches of light snow versus one powerhouse storm. but even with two days of snow showers, i would plan on some plowing and shoveling of snow monday and again on tuesday. nothing significant, but again, this storm wobbled west on us, so that storm next week could do the same. best advice, tune into brie. she'll have an update this weekend. >> adam: all right, jeremy. we'll be watching. joseph gordon leavitt getting a hasty honor at harvard university. >> so he says he hates cars because he has no sense of direction. well, we watched don john and we have to agree. >> adam: the actor accepted his 2016 man of the year award from the hasty pudding
11:22 pm
the group hosted a celebratory roast and had a lineup of skits prepared and some interesting outfits. and of course they presented gordon-levitt with a famous pudding pot. >> kim: always looks fun. not so fun, deflategate. are you really going the talk more about deflategate, tray? >> trey: believe it or not, this is never ending. roger goodell speaking out a bit more today in, and a huge test tonight for the celtics. some big-time drama going down in cleveland, coming down to the final shot. we'll show it to you next.
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>> and now time for 7sports with trey daerr. >> trey: to be the man you have to beat the man. the celtics are surging in the east, winners in seven of their last eight, but tonight they faced the man. lebron james, a guy whose owned boston of late, while guiding his teams to five consecutive eastern conference finals. cavaliers jumping all over the celtics out of the great. lebron picking off jared sullinger, taking it the length of the floor for the lay-in. miss the free throw. cavs running out to a 13-2 lead. pushes to 12 after one. celtics get it down to six at the half and take their first lead of the game in the third. amir johnson grabbing the offensive board, kicking it out
11:24 pm
part of 15-2 run for boston. celtics turn it up in the fourth quarter. j.r. smith off the mark. evan turner keeps it himself and blows by lebron for the bucket. 9-0 run, giving the c's a seven-point lead. james starts to take over. taking it at tyler zeller, drawing contact and hitting the runner. cavs up by three, but a loose ball going the celtics' way. 4.1 to play and avery bradley, your hero, walking it off with the three at the buzzer, giving the celtics their biggest win of the season. 104-103. just three days after classifying the league's random check of p.s.i. levels of footballs as spot checks and not research study, nfl commissioner roger goodell pressed on the topic again today. much like the past year, goodell stopped on the subject not very well received in new england. >> we don't disclose all the specifics on that because it is meant as a deterkt.
11:25 pm
times you're checking and which games you're checking, it's not much of a deterrent. it's a deterrent when they think that game may be being checked. it's also important that the data that was collected in that was not data for research. it was data collected just to see if there was a violation. >> play of the day brought to you by capital one. >> trey: back the cleveland. of course, we're coming to you from boston, and there were no bigger points scored than these three on a 14-point night from avery bradley. bradley's buzzer beater giving the celtics their 11th win in 13 games and taking home our play of the day. and the boston college eagles coming away with a 4-3 win over unh. on the night jerry york is honored for his 1,000th career win. b.u. also victorious at umass, so both teams head into monday's
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>> adam: we sure appreciate you being with us and wish you a warm and safe and wonderful weekend ahead. >> kim: people need to be really careful out there.
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enjoy that, maybe sled or ski. don't forget, we'll have our exclusive poll continuing out of new hampshire. always fun to watch these races. very important, as well. everybody. it was nice having you here monday. i'm kim khazei. >> adam: i'm adam williams. jamie fallon comes up next. make it a greenacres weekend. -- make it a great weekend.
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