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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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down to this and we're covering it from every angle. let's begin our coverage tonight of the new hampshire primary with kim khazei and adam williams who are live in manchester this afternoon. >>reporter: and a very good afternoon from new hampshire, everybody. all eyes are on the granite state and the question who will come out on top. >>reporter: it's really anybody's game and a pretty low key day on the campaign trail for the candidates today but it's going to be a late night. we have team coverage. let's head out to dan hausle live at trump headquarters in manchester. >>reporter: yeah, this is where the trump victory party, as they are hoping to call it, is going to be held. this is pretty amazing. this is a banquet hall. this is going to be the place where they hold the followup to a rally
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here in manchester. trump doing most of his last-minute campaigning in television interviews. >> i think we're doing well. i see the response. you saw the response last night. that's typical. >>reporter: in trump's last full day of campaigning, he spoke to some of his smallest crowds yet and finished up with one of his biggest at the manchester arena. >> let's have a big, big victory tomorrow. we love you. thank you. thank you. >>reporter: so trump's people say this is what they get here in new hampshire. this is how you do it when you're holding a victory party. they say they expect trump to speak if that stage after the results are in and then shake hands with all the people that will be crowding in here. we're live at the trump victory party headquarters in manchester. dan hausle, 7 news. and still on the
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fresh win in iowa, a big one, ted cruz hoping to do well in new hampshire too. >> 7's jonathan hall has been tracking the cruz campaign. he's live in his headquarters in hollis. >>reporter: it appears to be a race for second place, doesn't it? but summer ted cruz hopes to do well tonight. he says no matter how he finishes, he will be on a plane to south carolina tonight. at the famed red arrow diner, business is brisk and ted cruz wonders if victory might be on the menu in new hampshire. are you feeling the surge today? >> well, that's going to be up to the men and women of new hampshire. i hope so. we'll find out tonight. we're doing our very best on the ground game. >>reporter: the texas senator has 30 offices set up like this one to get out the vote. >> all four of you, fantastic. thank you so much. >>reporter: a lot of undecides, even at the last minute so they
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reminding them to vote and making a last-minute persuasion to those still on the bench. >> as of right now in reported numbers, we're tied for first in the state. i don't know if that's going to hold on but i was encouraged to see we got nine votes. >>reporter: every vote counts in this first in the nation primary. live in new hampshire, jonathan hall, 7 news. senator marco rubio is hoping that could propel him to a win here in new hampshire. >> and he does seem to be closing the gap with trump in the polls. let's head out to 7's jennifer eagan at rubio headquarters. >>reporter: kim, senator rubio acknowledges he's the front runner here but he believes he will have a strong showing here tonight in new hampshire. he's held more than two dozen events in new hampshire in the past week and he's helping those supporters stick
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it's the last chance to meet and snap a picture with new hampshire voters. >> all right. we're moving, guys. >>reporter: senator marco rubio stopped by a bedford polling location, part of his primary morning push. >> i'm feeling great. >>reporter: volunteers at the campaign's manchester headquarters worked the phones. >> a lot of energy, people coming into our and work. i feel good about it, i >>reporter: he was caught sticking to his script. >> the voters excited about this campaign. you see the turnout. today's going to be historic. we're feeling good about it. >>reporter: and he's probably seeing a solid showing in the granite state. >> we're going to finish strong tonight. >>reporter: and rubio will be holding his final event here in manchester. his campaign already shifting to south carolina. earlier today they announced their first events for that state tomorrow. we're live in
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eagan, 7 news. governor jeb bush hoping to find his stride up here in new hampshire after campaigning hard during the past few months. >> but will it be too little too late? tim caputo live in manchester at bush campaign headquarters. tim? >>reporter: kim, they expect a pretty big crowd here tonight at manchester community college. jeb bush has been drawing really big crowds especially over the last couple of days. he's hoping that's a sign that will lead to a lot of votes. >> feel good. >>reporter: jeb bush is in good spirits and why not? he could surprise a lot of people with a strong finish in new hampshire. the former florida governor visiting a voting location in bedford this morning. he finished sixth in iowa but is optimistic he will have a better showing here. >> it seems like there's a lot of work to pay off. we'll see.
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one time has allowed more undecided voters to warm up to him. >> as you know, this is a volatile year. >>reporter: if jeb doesn't finish in the top five, it doesn't mean his campaign is over. >> a nationwide campaign. >>reporter: bushes have no problem taking shots at g.o.p. front runner donald trump. yesterday he tweeted out calling trump a loser, a liar and whiner. when asked about it today, he said all of that is true but i just want to stay positive. tim caputo, 7 news. the kasich campaign looking for votes one cup of coffee at a time. the ohio governor making a stop at a diner in manchester today. from there he visited polling places around the state. tonight he's with supporters in concord. chris christie back at campaign headquarters in bedford, new hampshire. the christie campaign
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they stand today. christie says he feels momentum shifted in saturday night's debate where he came down hard on marco rubio. >> dr. ben carson also today. he thanked them for all their help and of course took some pictures. and carly fiorina making a final push. she told reporters shelves very good about getting her message out here in new hampshire and has no plans of backing down. let's shift our attention now to the democrats, and the two remaining candidates keeping pretty quiet on the campaign trail here in new hampshire today. >> senator bernie sanders making a surprise appearance in concord. later tonight he will be attending a watch party there. that's where we find kimberly bookman live at that campaign. kimberly? >>reporter: we're live outside of concord high school here.
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they say it represents enthusiasm of the young and that's what the sanders campaign was all about. he's got his eye on the prize. >> usually i like to take nice quiet walks. apparently not today but i thank you all for the company. >>reporter: cheered on. it comes after a busy week of campaigning for the 74-year-old. >> it sounds to me like you're ready for a political revolution. >>reporter: ahead in the new hampshire polls by double-digits, he had a strong hold on women and young voters. >> young people are sick of the same old, same old. >>reporter: sanders spent most of his time on the momentum and hoping to win big tonight. >>reporter: now we understand that bernie sanders went out for breakfast this morning and
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him going for a walk. his campaign says they won't tell us exactly what he's doing leading up to the polls closing but he should be here as soon as those polls close and watch it for all of his supporters. kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> and now to the latest with the clinton campaign. hillary clinton consistently coming in a distant second in the new hampshire polls. she made some stops at polling places in both manchester and derry today and she is vowing right now to keep working until this last vote in new hampshire is counted. >> it's going to be a real waiting game to see if she made a last-minute surge up here. byron barnett live at clinton headquarters in hooksett this afternoon. byron. >>reporter: hillary clinton spent her last day in new hampshire campaigning right down to the wire. she's been behind in the polls but she's doing everything she can to
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hillary clinton up early hitting polling places, greeting voters and thanking supporters. >> this is a great process, and as i said over the last couple of days, we're going to keep working literally until the last vote is passed and counted. >>reporter: clinton has been playing catch up to bernie sanders who had a 38 point lead in the polls a week ago and many believe her campaign will be judged how close she comes to sanders if she loses. >> you know what, i am just looking for a great election day. >>reporter: clinton was all smiles this morning even whether she bumped into frank fiorina who was out campaigning for his wife carly fiorina. carly. you want to get a >>reporter: hillary clinton has been saying all week long she is hoping for a win here in new hampshire, thinks she can win in new hampshire but privately some of her top supporters say she
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loss here in new hampshire as the campaign moves on to other states where clinton has a bigger lead in the polls. that story live at clinton campaign headquarters. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> all right, byron, we'll see you in just a little bit because we're here in new hampshire all night long and we have a lot more primary coverage coming your way. independent voters expected to play a really big factor. new hampshire voters are famous for not making up their mind until the last second. we'll have more on that story coming up at 4:30. a wild scene in manchester. some farm animals came out to encourage people to vote or at least get some laughs. we'll have that for you all new at 5:00. come in here, tune in at 7:00 and then again at 10:00 p.m. for a special edition of 7 news. kim and i will have all the results and analysis of the big night. and because of our coverage we do have a
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lineup for you. we'll let you watch a couple of your favorite shows here, but we'll be watching the primary. tune in at 8:00 for chicago med and chicago fire at 9:00. >> let us not forget our political editor andy hiller who has been up here crunching the numbers and keeping minute polls. our coverage of today's all throughout the afternoon right here on 7 news. >> we have another live report coming up for you at 4:30 but right now let's go back to boston. >> kim and adam, thank you so much. we're following more news today. up next plow problems in rockland. a driver suspended after friday's big storm. why his actions are being reviewed. plus it's lights out. fans and players left in pot. what delayed the big wild weather on the south shore. communities cleanup as high tide rushes in.
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it's primary day in new hampshire. voters out in full force. it all comes down to this state. our live team 7 coverage continues.
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all right. in other news today, plow problems in rockland. a town employee under fire after a business
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intentionally dumped door. were cleaning up after the storm. suspended pending an investigation after the whole thing was caught on camera. details. >>reporter: you'll see in the video a front-end loader caught on video. he does it twice. it's the second time this business owner him. >> i was thinking he was going to run me over. >>reporter: but without flinching he stood at the edge of this front-end loader on sunday morning because he says a town employee was dropping snow in his lot in rockland. >> i stepped outside to stop him and that's when he saw me and he was driving towards me. >>reporter: he turns and dropped the snow as ray watched and as his surveillance cameras recorded.
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>>reporter: ray says he has these cameras for security but never thought he would use it for something like that. accord to the police report this all started when the same driver asked ray to clear snow blocking a sidewalk. >> if there is an incident like that, then the highway superintendent or the police department goes to speak to the resident or business. >>reporter: but that apparently didn't happen. with the driver taking the matter into his own hands when the snow wasn't clear prior to monday's storm. after hearing about this, the town highway superintendent personally came to clear the snow his employee allegedly dumped, and the town says they've launched an investigation. >> personally i was outraged. there's no excuse for a town employee to take that sort of action against any -- whether it's a residence or business here in rockland. >>reporter: the town says this employee is suspended indefinitely pending this investigation. live in rockland, 7 news. boston college is celebrating another bean
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>> but many are talking about the lights out moment at the garden. the tv links around the link went out during the first period. play was delayed for about 30 minutes. the rest of the arena was not affected. overtime didn't last long. >> san teeny plays it out. scores just like that. just like that ends the night. >> you heard it, alex tuck scored not even two minutes into ot to give the eagles the win. the sky's the limit in boston. fenway park gearing up to host a big week. more showers in the forecast but a bitterly cold weekend ahead. we'll get to those details next.
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take a look at this. fenway park getting a winter makeover. workers are preparing the ball park for the big air event this week. olympic athletes will try off the jumps there on the 130 foot ramp. the ramp is three times monster. >> that looks scary. tomorrow is truck day at fenway. fans can watch the staff load the truck with baseballs and bats. it leaves tomorrow among for the team's spring training home in sunny fort myers, florida. i almost wish we could just hop on there with them just to head out of town, see them play some sunshine.
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through some colder weather first. >> winter just arrived. why are you rushing this? we have more snow on the way, that starts tomorrow. the teens. watching another storm for next week looks more point. snow. we did pick up more than six inches in boston yesterday finally playing the catch up. we're just three inches below normal for boston. about ten inches below normal for worcester. still watching that chance for those snow current temperatures in didn't get above freezing today. tomorrow looks like we could get in the mid 30s but then that's it for a while. so the snow we picked up yesterday, unless you move it yourself, it's going to be sticking around with us. calm winds. we did see breaks in the cloud cover today for a little bit of sunshine. here we go with that next batch of snow showers.
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significant as yesterday or friday. this just looks like scattered to wide-spread -- not wide-spread, excuse me, just scattered snow showers as we make it through the day tomorrow. can you see this forecast model starts to push them in for tomorrow afternoon and we could get some of those heavier squalls that set up, and where that happens we know that it can be very heavy blowing snow for a time and that can reduce visibility and also drop a quick inch or two, possibly up to three or four in isolated spots. slight chance tomorrow but them we have a thursday. once again for us on saturday morning as that arctic front moves in. teens, lower 20s for us, possibly a snow shower after minute but for the most part that waits until tomorrow. i didn't create a snow map because it's hard to pinpoint where we do see the snow. for some of us we don't even see any flakes. for us coating to one.
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three inches possibly in localized areas but that's not very likely for very many people. highs tomorrow, mid 30s for us as we climb into the afternoon, so hoping to get just a little bit of melting done tomorrow, just a little bit. then you see how those temperatures slide when we make it into the weekend. the cold, here it is and it's going to be moving in for us saturday and sunday with sub zero lows and then we climb into the teens for the afternoon. so here's your valentine's day cuddle, stay inside kind of forecast as we make it into sunday. although we will see the sunshine. take a look at next tuesday. temperatures climbing into the 40s but we're also watching a potential storm. for now looks more wet than white. let's go out and get a check of those roads with joe stapleton. >>reporter: road conditions are fine. route 128 southbound right by throughout 3 a
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three car crash here in the right lane. on the map you can see the red lights here heading down into burlington but you can see the green, that's moving along quite nicely. no major problems on the expressway north or southbound. joe stapleton, 7 news. and next on 7 news, good afternoon, everybody. live from new hampshire with adam williams i'm kim khazei and we have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary. >> new hampshire voters making some tough choices as they make it to the polls today. and a pig on the loose in pelham. we'll have the latest on a pot-bellied problem that was on the loose in
4:26 pm
one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. ri want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton,
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now at 4:30 voters in new hampshire voicing their choice for the first in the nation primary. turnout is expected to be high. >> so most of the work done at this point for the candidates, months of that campaigning all
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we're covering it all
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