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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> i want it to be a good nation. i want it to be something i can be proud of. >> 7 news spreads out awaiting result in the new hampshire primary. and you're looking live tonight at a polling location in hudson, new hampshire. voters still make their way to the polls at this hour and in just a few hours we'll likely start winners. everybody. thank you for joining us. adam williams and we're coming to you live from manchester, new hampshire on what is expected to be a history-making night. >> sure is. a record turnout is expected for today's primary. with a lot of undecided voters out there, it could be anyone's day. we have reporters covering everyone's campaign talking to candidates as well as voters. byron barnett is live with the clinton campaign. byron. >>reporter: hillary clinton spent her last day here in new hampshire campaigning right down
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as everyone knows, she's been behind in the polls and she's doing everything she can to close that gap. >>reporter: an upbeat hillary clinton up early greeting voters at the polls and snapping selfies with them still hoping to sway anyone who is undecided. >> i just love the way new hampshire does this. i like the way the people of new hampshire take it so seriously. they focus in on the issues. >>reporter: hilary rodham clinton has spent the last week trying to catch bernie sanders who has had a big week in the pols. many believe it will come down to what she says if she loses. >> i would say look at the record, i know that i'm the subject of almost consistent, constant attacks, but the fact is that i have a record of service. >>reporter: hillary clinton has been saying all along that she's hoping for a win here in new
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her top supporters are saying they believe she can survive a loss here in new hampshire as the campaign moves on to other states where clinton has a big lead. that's the latest live here in hooksett, new hampshire. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> byron, before you leave us, what's this we're hering with carly fiorina's husband having some sort of run-in with the clinton campaign today? >>reporter: well, you know, i wouldn't call it a run-in. kind of a bump into each other i suppose. there's so many candidates out here. it's not surprising they would bump into each other at all. it's frank fiorina, candidate carly fiorina's husband. she walks right into frank fiorina. they exchange pleasantries. they talk about what a great process, part of democracy this all is. frank says i heard bill is out here. out here. she says you want a
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saying to all of the other voters out there and frank says sure, love one. so the two of them posed for a picture. just one of those moments on the campaign trail. >> all right. great. yes, thank for clarifying. i see there everybody had smiles on their face. it was a positive moment. i'm sure these candidates have crossed path as they try to get these last minute vote here in new hampshire. hillary clinton for sure because she has been polling far behind bernie sanders. >> the vermont senator has managed to hold on to a double-digit lead. kimberly bookman joins us live in concord with how he's feeling heading into tonight. kimberly? >>reporter: we know he went out for breakfast this morning, then he went for a walk by a concord polling place telling everyone he met he' feeling great. >> if you guys want to walk, we're going to walk. >>reporter: lead in the polls by
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concord. >> usually i like to take nice quiet walks but i guess not today. but i thank you all for the company. >>reporter: the 74-year-old has really resonated with young people and women on a platform of free college and ending wall street corruption. >> it sounds to me like you're ready for a political revolution. >>reporter: after a week of heavy campaigning, sanders now needs his supporters to come out in force if he hopes to get the big win. >>reporter: and because it really represents youth enthusiasm which they say is what their campaign is all about. kimberly bookman, 7 news >> the trump campaign hoping the republican front runner can stay on top. he has had a commanding
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so trump is still expected to get the win here in new hampshire. >> after what happened in iowa it's clear it's anybody's race. dan hausle live the trump headquarters for dan? >>reporter: well, an hour ago i showed you the small banquet facility that they are going to hold this victory party in. well, the overflow crowd is going to be out here in a cold parking lot. it will be interesting to hear donald trump tonight because he said at one point he might actually decide to curb his language. donald trump seen leaving a manchester hotel this morning. >> i think we're doing well. you see the response. that's typical. >>reporter: he spoke to some of his smallest crowds yet and finished up with one of his biggest in a manchester arena. >> let's have a big, big victory tomorrow. we love you. thank you.
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>>reporter: and we're expecting trump here tonight after the very interesting night. we're live in manchester, dan hausle, 7 news. for republicans it's shaping up to be a battle for second place. really all of the republican candidates are within striking distance so there's a lot at stake here in new hampshire. as we saw in iowa candidates from behind out. new hampshire has a very large, large group of undecided, undeclared voters, hover you want to put it. >> and ted cruz saw a lot of success in iowa. question right now is will he build on that? jonathan hall live at ted cruz headquarters. john? >>reporter: hey, kim. cruz sure hopes he can build on that momentum. yeah, he might not win tonight but a strong second place finish could put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces
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he didn't have time for eggs and bacon but we caught up with ted cruz arrow diner. >> i was encouraged by the results from the midnight. as of right now in the reported numbers, we're tied for first in the state. >>reporter: cruz says he will win votes with his ground gamement there are 30 of these offices set up around the state, volunteers called supporters making sure they are calling supporters. >> we're feeling good. we're excited. >>reporter: basic at the diner as summer cruz answered my questions, a man called him a bad name. >> donald trump got nine votes. >> [bleep] >> you can see how friendly the bernie sanders supporters are. they yell and curse almost like some of the candidates. >>reporter: a not-to-thinly
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jonathan hall, 7 news. well, marco rubio is coming off a far better than expected finish in iowa. he's hoping for the same here in new hampshire but there have been some issues in the last few days for him. >> the florida senator took a hit and has been campaigning very hard obviously hoping for some recovery. jennifer eagan is with the rubio campaign now. >>reporter: senator rubio has been fighting the notion he's row pottic in his pitch and his answers. he's held more than two dozen events and the final push today. senator marco rubio powering through until the end in new hampshire. he's hoping to get any last-minute support. >> i'm feeling great. >>reporter: volunteers at the campaign' manchester headquarters worked the phones. >> a lot of energy,
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office to see sign up and work. i feel good about it. >>reporter: he was caught sticking to his script. >> that's a media thing. the voters are excited this campaign. we feel really good about it. >>reporter: and he's promising a solid showing in the granite state. >> we're going to finish strong tonight. >>reporter: rubio's campaign is looking ahead to south carolina. earlier today they announced the first events for that state. that will be held tomorrow. for tonight he will be here in manchester. in manchester, new hampshire, jennifer eagan, 7 news. >> amazing how they just pick up after so much work and on to the next week. >> all the volunteers behind the scenes. it's an incredible amount of energy and effort to run a campaign. >> absolutely. ohio governor john kasich got some early good news here in new hampshire. >> he got the lead in the small towns voting
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brand senate live in concord. >>reporter: kasich said he's having more fun than he ever has in politics and now it's time for the voters to decide. >> we're going to south carolina. >>reporter: perhaps the biggest day of john kasich's political life starting off with a win. dixville notch, with nine voters, opened its polls at midnight. >> prepared to let the voters decide. i already won dixville notch. there's nothing but blue skies and rainbows. >>reporter: he's spent more time in new hampshire than any other candidates, holding more than 100 town hall meetings. >> this is no different than when i first started in politics which is really getting with the folks. like we used to do coffees. now we do town halls. it's the most fun way to do politics.
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pulled up to kasich and told him i'm a registered democrat and otherwise i would vote for you. that's what they are hoping to do, win the nomination and steal some voters from the democratic side. in concord, new hampshire, brandon gunnoe, 7 news. and the bush campaign keeping busy today. tim caputo live up the road in manchester with more on jeb's day. >>reporter: jeb right now still in concord but his bus has been seen crisscrossing the state. he trouble believes this last-second push is important because he knows there's an awful lot of voters showing up to the polls who still haven't made up their minds. he's fighting hard for those undecided voters and a late surge has jeb bush optimistic to have people vote for him. this morning bush and when i wife visited a
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hampshire. he thinks he could surprise a lot of people. jeb finished a distant sixth in iowa but spent a lot of time in the granite state. he's openly taken on donald trump, even calling him a liar, whiner and loser on monday. >> i feel like it's important to stand up to the guy and i'm not the only guy doing it. i'm not sure i volunteered for this role by myself. >>reporter: he says this primary isn't do or die. >> we have the best organization in nevada, a nationwide campaign. >>reporter: it's been early interesting to see the ebb and flow. you might have thought jeb was completely out of it since the debate on saturday night, he has seen huge crowds showing up to his events. there will be a big crowd showing up here to manchester community college. he's hoping that will lead to a lot of votes as well. tim caputo, 7 news. that's the latest on the candidates with the
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highest polling numbers in that crowd that could go anywhere. but the other republicans presidential candidates are also out there meeting voters and trying to get last minute voters today. >> carly fiorina told reporters shelves very good about getting her message out here in new hampshire and has no plans of backing down. and dr. ben carson out in new hampshire today, shaking hands, giving a big smile to a crowd of supporters chaptering when i -- chanting his name. turn now to new hampshire, new jersey governor chris christie, he campaigned in derry and manchester. he's picked up the endorsement of massachusetts governor charlie baker. >> i thought the crowd that chris christie's
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and i went to was terrific. he was very energized coming out of that. i know he had a great day on sunday and monday. >> governor baker saying he think the independent voters will turn out to make all the difference for governor christie. >> that independent story is huge here and the undecided but mostly the independents. this is a story we're going to take a closer look at at 5:30. people going to the polls, have they even made up their mind. we'll be live in hudson asking that question. >> andy hiller takes a look at the number of independent voters. >> the excitement just beginning here in new hampshire and we'll be with you all night long. just a reminder as the polls close and the results start to come in tonight, kim and i along with our political editor andy hiller and our reporters will be keeping you covered.
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10:00 for a special edition of 7 news. it looks like it's going to be quite the night. because of our special coverage, we have a special crime time line up. chicago med at 8:00 and chicago fire at 9:00, both an hour earlier. hollywood game night airs at 2:07 a.m. we are following some more news here today. when we come back ice sculptures smashed. who is now facing of vandalism. crowd problems in rockland, a town investigation for dumping snow where he shouldn't.
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the new hampshire primary well under way. polling locations have been busy places all day long. here say live look as people still have a few hours to get to the polls before they close, and so it really shouldn't be too long now before we know the projected winners in new hampshire. >> imagine being one of the candidates, what right now. very exciting day here to be a part of this, but we are staying on top of other news today, and for that we're going to send it back to boston for some of the day's other headlines. that's right, guys. some sad news today, a
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brockton has died after falling through thin ice. the boy was in the hospital for weeks. witness says cj thompson has under the water for close to ten minutes before rescuers pulled him out of a pond in early january. his family says he passed away yesterday. five teenagers are facing charges in connection with vandalism. >> police say they smash ed ice sculptures for a festival. >>reporter: an ice sculpture to this, a block of ice buried under a fresh blanket of snow with the head of the animal carved in ice now held here in the freezer of the evidence room at salem police officers. >> this is his head. >>reporter: troubled youth. i don't really know what to chalk it up to. >>reporter: police have charged
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several juveniles with the crime caught on surveillance cameras and detectives have seized the suspect's cell phones checking to see if they videotaped their rampage. >> if stupidity was a crime, these guys would be in jail. it's just stupid. >>reporter: the ice sculptures are sprinkled through salem for the festival which bring people in. >> it brings people in and kids like to see them and enjoy it. >>reporter: if the teens thought it was all just a joke, salem residents aren't laughing. >> i'm got a sense of humor. i don't get what's funny about that. >>reporter: the two 18-year-old suspects will face a judge in the morning. in the meantime frustrated business operators say they hope for starters those suspects are forced to pay for the damage done here. crews are out collecting the chairs,
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take a look at that. the space savers are only allowed during and after 48 hours after snow emergencies but there are no snow emergency declared after yesterday's storm. that's going to do it for us in boston today. >> we'll send it back to manchester. >> you know well and our viewers that the weather, what a story yesterday, that snow. so we're keeping a close eye on the forecast as we head into this evening and next week. >> luckily the weather cooperated with people wanting to get out today to the polls in new hampshire. are you more concerned with cold or snow? >>reporter: everybody wants to
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primary day here in new hampshire. all kinds of support for bernie sanders in manchester including this guy, a couple of farm animals. the scottish highlanders fully equipped with signs out there. there's bentley. people lined up to take pictures of the cattle. they came it a local farm to remind people of the many farms in the beautiful state of new
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>> when are they called? scottish highlanders. >> there was also a pig that showed up at a polling location today. after that snow yesterday we need a little bit of a break. are we going to get one? >> we have more snow showers. a weak disturbance to our south, then it moves to our south but enough energy in our atmosphere to bring us some scattered snow showers. possibly more potent heavier snow squalls moving through the area. tomorrow there could be areas that don't even see the flakes and others could pick up a coating to possibly isolated areas with two to three inches. you can see the best case scenario just with scattered snow showers but the potential is there for some isolated areas to pick up one to three inches of accumulation. that's very isolated. most of us don't see any extra accumulation tomorrow. just flakes flying around. mostly cloudy overnight tonight, cold, 16 to 24. tomorrow those
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should top out above freezing. looking like the mid 30s for most of us but that's it with those temperatures above freezing. for a while, the first arctic blast of the season. a look at the 7 on 7 forecast showing highs topping out in the teens for both saturday and sunday with the possibility of more snow showers early on sunday. another potential storm for next week. we'll keep an eye on it but it looks like rain for now. much more political coverage from here in new hampshire. >> then ahead at 6:00 a very big career announcement from dick donohue, the transit police officer, injured in the boston marathon
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