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tv   Today  NBC  August 1, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee glitchford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. hello. hope you had a great weekend. it's funday monday. first day of august. and honey i'm good because andy grammar is my guest cohost today. welcome, welcome. >> so sweet to be here. >> you've already sprung for your sparkling water. >> we played a lot of music already. >> you did. >> i've been excited about this. me and hoda has spent a lot of time together and we're already besties, and we needed time. >> we needed bonding time.
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you've got to get out of here. >> i'm looking forward to this. hoda is down in rio already. we had -- i think we have a little b roll of her frolicking. you know they said don't open your mouth anywhere near the water and there she is doing everything you're not supposed to do. jogging with strangers. and having -- she's got this -- such a great energy, doesn't she? >> yes. and great run, too. >> she just situation she's in. so we miss you, hoda woman. we love you. but you i got a good pal here. >> all right. >> so earlier today andy performed hits on the plaza including his new song "fresh eyes." let's listen. ? i'm in love with a stranger ? ? i can't believe she's mine ? ? now all i see is you ? ? fresh eyes ?
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it's new to the audience this morning. >> only takes a second when you add the new ones. >> you know when you already have them because they love your hits, they're open to it. >> they're open. >> yeah. but -- >> it's really fun to watch the arc of a single coming out and then if it does really well you can see everybody like over a period of time getting super into it. they play like the first note and the crowd screams, that's great. >> you are starting a nationwide tour august 28th. >> gavin, super excited. were you guys friends already? >> already friends. our band has been like swapping for a while. so i played with a lot of guys that he's played with. it's going to be a family affair. >> great. i know you've been married for four years. >> yes. >> and so the thought of "fresh eyes" is a good one because that time by four years you know each other pretty darn well. >> pretty well. >> you guys spend an awful lot of time apart because of your career. there she is. look how pretty she is. >> my sweet lea difficult.
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through fresh eyes? >> i don't know if you can say how to do it. you have the moments that come up through life, where you -- you're spending time with someone and then you hyper focus in. for some reason about a joke they say or she puts on a dress that's gorgeous or something happens and you're like, i love you. for some reason in this moment like right now i so am in love with you. you know? you have those little moments. >> hopefully you have them a lot for the rest of your life. we should go to a different subject than we were going to do only because you're talking abou worst things you can say to somebody. >> okay. >> -- after they -- someone says i love you. >> yeah. >> do you remember if who said i love you first in your relationship? >> i probably did. i say it all the time. i'm quick with that. i'm fast with it. if i like you quick, i'm like, i love you. i probably said i love you to you already. >> not yet. >> i love you. >> i love you, too.
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me. >> probably first. >> on reddit, one person asked what's the worst response to i love you. >> close to 5,000 comments. we thought some of these were funny. say to me i love you, please. >> i love you. >> i used to love you, too. that's a pretty bad one. say it to me again. >> i love you. >> sorry. ooh. >> sorry? >> how about i'm hungry. i'm hungry. >> let's -- wait. you're supposed to say i love you, right? >> i'm really hungry. i think we should get something to hit. that's terrible. i feel like thank you is bad, too. i love you. >> cheers. honestly you've got a problem with that. that's private thing to ask but a lot of people are probably, especially family members, starting to give you a little -- a little push towards the baby thing. >> the baby thing. >> you getting that from both sides? >> everywhere. i'm not against it. we're taking our time. >> having fun.
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yeah. >> because you guys are young. >> we're young. i'm out on tour for like three months so i don't want to leave, you know. but we're easing into it. we're slow. >> there's another answer you can give them, too. >> what's that? >> none of your business. >> do you think that's an okay thing to ask? because some women are like i don't ask that question. my wife is one of those women. that's cool. >> it depends on who is asking it. you know? i mean, if a stranger asks you, yeah, it's a little -- fine question. the girls don't like it. >> it's usually familthy are th. do you like your in-laws? >> i love my in-laws. >> you love everybody. >> i really do. so i lost -- i lost my mom about seven years ago. >> yes. >> and my mother-in-law has become like the sweetest lady ever. so we have a really, really tight relationship. >> isn't that great. >> it's great. >> you were discovered near
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called third street? >> have you been there? >> yes. hoda and i have done our showdown there, too. my husband was born in santa monica. i mri kids love to go to l.a. did you ever in your wildest dreams -- >> think i would be sitting next to you? >> no. >> no, i didn't. they're about to kick me out. >> to receive this kind of success to the point that you -- they're all over the plaza singing -- knowing all of your lyrics. >> so, so sweet. >> are you pinching yourself? >> the analogy i use is a lot of asau get to go to the moon. you know when it comes up? only a couple get to go. i feel extremely blessed. yeah, i mean, there's tons of people out there and it's so early. they got like -- i'm walking on stage, i've been here since 3:00. oh, my god. >> camp out. they camp out. >> amazing. i feel lucky. >> you're not the only one. kelly clarkson, i'm sure you're a huge fan. >> amazing. >> unbelievable. >> we all as performers even if it's singing our own songs we've all forgotten the lyrics, right, at times. >> yes.
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>> did you do it this morning. >> not this morning too bad. it was like a little -- it's a new song. there was a section i was like feeling out. what's cool -- >> you can pull it over with a new song. >> i heard that pavarotti you hoped that he would miss a note because then he would come backfire. like because he would be on stage and if you miss something then he would be like, oh, my god. and everybody would wait and hope for it. the you on stage and miss a note, i think a seasoned performer goes, okay, now i got to make the insane. >> do you have a story of the worst thing that ever happened to you? and then we'll get to kelly. >> the worst thing -- >> as a performer. >> as a performer. >> have you ever fallen off the stage? >> no. i was singing the "national anthem" for lakers/clippers. i was -- and in my head it was li like" -- oh and i was singing
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like ? of the brave ? i went and sat down. i looked at my wife and said is everything cool? everything was cool. i think it all went well. it's the scariest thing that's ever happened. >> i sang it. >> you sang it? >> at the super bowl. >> wow. >> in 1995. yeah. >> did you have the same? >> they made you -- they made you lip sync it back then. i didn't want to. i wanted to sing it live. i wanted to sing it a cappella and they wouldn't let me do at reasons. you get through it though. people forget. >> wait, she forgot lyrics? >> yes. >> it happens. >> facebook live chat from her house and she's just such a real down to earth person. she was trying to remember the lyrics to "catch my breath", a song that she co-wrote. ? i don't want to be left behind ? >> here we go. ? catching my breath ?
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? turning my cheek for the sake of the show ? ? now that i know something -- sing it. what is it? i won't be told what? >> what's supposed to be right. >> i wrote that. >> at some point -- at some point you have so many songs to remember all the lyrics. >> she's very hormonal because she's had her second baby, too. >> that's fine. would never do. i would never -- never. i'm not a daredevil type, are you? >> yes. >> you might do this. did you hear about the skydiver? >> sounds awesome. i think you need a lot of training to make sure you t hit your mark. >> over the weekend. 42-year-old guy named luke akins made history to be the first ever to sky dive without a parachute or a wing suit. >> have you been sky diving? >> never, no. >> it's awesome.
11:10 am
25,000 feet above california. look at that. landed in a 10,000 square foot net. about a third of this size of a his wife and 4-year-old son were waiting for them. it took -- what? he spent a year and a half prepping and that took a little over two minutes. two minutes he was free-falling. >> that's really cool. >> what's cool about it? >> it doesn't sound awesome at all? bungee coaster? >> you're either are or you aren't. i can look at mt. everest and say what a beautiful mountain. i have no need. >> no desire. >> no need to get up there. i respect the ones who do but i've been in showbiz for 50 years, that's risk enough. >> plenty of risk enough. >> speaking of an old time whole be gets better with age, last week we told you how to get your hands on two tickets to barbra streisand's concert. if you're in our area, you're in
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? crank it. ? now listen for the drums. >> that's a long note. ? >> throw down the mike! so, you a streisand fan? >> i mean, i am now. >> we want you to come down to the plaza this wednesday. we're going to give you a chance to snag those tickets.
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time. and years ago she came back for the first time and i remember she was going to be at new year's eve in vegas. i don't know what year it was. that's all i wanted. >> did you go? >> oh, yeah. frank took me. my husband took me. you just sit there and -- she's just -- she was the reason i got into show business. >> really? >> yeah. i heard her sing "people" and it stopped me in my track. >> so you're a singer? >> yes. i used to be. >> that work. yeah, we do. that's good news. >> no, i wouldn't expect you -- you're a much younger person. i was -- i was the la-la lady on "name that tune" in 1977 and from there 40 years of live performing and 16 cds and i've got all 16 downstairs. >> you have 16 cds. >> if you would like them. >> you have 16 cd snz. >> yes. >> all right. i'm the worse. cool. moving on. >> it's fine. it's fine. i don't expect you to. i don't have any of yours
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anyway, don't miss our favorite things a little bit later. i might have to make up to him and let it sb b. an andy grammar cd. plus, gossip in today's fun. jerry, will you bring out a few of my cds for him? >> yes, can i please get a couple of cds? prep me for this. i'm terrible.
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this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. let's find out weekend. andy, tell us what it's time for. >> today's "buzz," the celebrity news you missed. pop goes the >> and ryan balthazar, whom we adore. looking very hugh jackman-y. >> i do have news about hugh jackman, who else besides barbra streisand, who did she pick for her upcoming c.d.? hugh jackman.
11:17 am
>> "any moment now" from the musical "smile." do you know it? >> marvin hamlisch. >> yes. ? >> you can go on and hear -- yeah, it sounded like that. you can go g on itunes and hear more. it doesn't go on sale until the 26th. you can win tickets. by the way, amazing performance earlier of you. >> you know, i told th repeatin. people have been writing in to i look at -- i'm lip-synching, everybody. that's the american way. >> that's kind of the american way. that's how we do it nowadays. other alec baldwin, melissa mccarthy is on this, anne hathaway, jamie foxx, seth macfarlane from "family guy." did you know that,andy?
11:18 am
out, i'm an amazing singer, too. check me out on itunes. and david bowie's son, duncan, had a baby six month to the day after losing his dad. >> aw. >> a bittersweet moment. we found out on twitter, he tweeted "denton david jones, born july 10th, exactly six months after his granddad made room for him." there's a cartoon. and they're -- each is carrying the other. that's why the one on the right is going, i'm too heavy for this or you're too heavy for this. a lot of well wishes cam o wishes by cleaning up a poopy diaper. >> life goes on. the cycle of life. >> the note about making room for him is kind of a beautiful way of honoring his dad. a beautiful things. that's the first child together with his wife. >> what's next, "harry potter"? good news in london. >> basically at midnight -- >> she needs more money. >> yes, she does. i think about that every night. i -- i wait for her. >> as you're writing something on a napkin in a diner? >> exactly.
11:19 am
of people dressed up as harry potter. some of them grown-ups. they showed up -- [ laughter ] some of them need to get a life. this is the eighth installment of the "harry potter" book. this is actually a stage play. >> right. >> so the seventh was actually back in 2007. this has already been the most preordered book since the last book. see, again, grown-up, dressed up as harry potter. they debuted the play in london over the past weekend. and j.k. says this is the end for not going to die, i don't think. the last of the story. he's a grown-up -- >> she's said that before. it's a huge hit in london. >> i have to say, sometimes we bring back things. barbra streisand said she was going to retire, and she came back. >> so did cher, 100 times. and -- >> hallelujah. >> don't say they're we love you, thanks for coming. good singer. >> great singer, as well. clearly. what to eat and what not to eat when you hit the fast food joints on vacation. >> i know this. i'm good at this. >> what?
11:20 am
>> what it -- >> i don't know how to do this. >> the drama. >> that's my relationship with you. the emmy-nominated star of the emmy-nominated star of "unreal" joins us afte at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. ? sfx: boop 1" durable binder, durable construction, on rollback for $1.92. save money. live better. walmart. happening now? curves you control!
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11:23 am
yeah, that's where our fan jolene watches on wral. and jolene is joining us now. are you surprised? >> hi! good morning! i'm so excited. i can't believe it, kathie lee. >> say hello to andy. my co-host. >> hi, andy. >> how are you doing? did you know that she's a singer? i just got. it she's really good -- >> yes, i did! yes, i did! >> cool. >> we'll tell you why you were chosen. beautiful children. her sons samuel and adam and her daughter anna. and she work as what -- >> a teacher. >> a absolute teacher. thank you, honey, i appreciate that. i see many of my magazines. i see -- i used to be big, on the cover of magazines. >> i know. >> jolene's kids constantly telling us she should be the fan of the week, and she gave it a try.
11:24 am
50th birthday, right? >> she said as she was blowing out her candles, her only wish was to get "fan of the week." >> we'll give you a chance, happy birthday. put your fandom to the test. you've got to answer if right to win, okay? here it is -- >> kathie lee is a woman of many talents -- she's accomplished all kinds of things. which of the following is something kathie lee has not done? a, authored a "new york times" best ll c, ran a they're moon with-- ra marathon with a glass of wine? >> what's the answer? >> c, ran a marathon with a glass of wine. >> yeah, you know i would never do that. good for you. you and a guest will head to monterrey, california, for three days and four nights on cannery road right there. and you're going to get an ocean view guest room, dinner for two at the sensational waterfront seas restaurant and bar, and two
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well, everybody, it is good to be alive on this funday monday. he's a great singer, andy agreeme grammer, while hoda is in rio if you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of a reality show -- >> i do all the time. y do becae time hand. "unreal" takes a fictitious look at the chaos and coniving that goes on behind the scenes of a reality >> and constance vilzimmer play quinn and is trying to get back into rachel's good graces. >> good luck with that.
11:31 am
why? >> because i want back in. >> i'm listening. >> okay. well, you need something that you can build an episode on, a moment people will be talking about tomorrow. >> mm. i know that look.who' your >> oh, real rachel versus hot rachel. go for it. >> congratulations on your nomination. >> thank you. >> what a thrill for you. what was your first thought? >> you know, i was in france. i got back two days ago. so i had found out about it on twitter, i didn't even -- my agents couldn't get through to me. i had no twitter, no wi-fi -- >> a real vacation. >> i was trying. this happened, and didn't believe it until i saw it then of course, i was crying and -- jumping up and down.
11:32 am
i mean, i started crying because it's the first time i've heard it. >> oh. >> great. awesome. >> great. that's great. the show is -- already in its second season. already been picked up. you are crying. >> yes. >> sorry -- >> awesome. so sweet. >> apparently jerry's in the men's room or something. [ laught get you a kleenex if you need it. >> i don't need it, it's fine. >> are you loving it? you must be having a hoot and a half with this things. >> it's >> why? >> i thought she was going to be too mean or people weren't going to get it, it would seem like i've done this before. i've been this vindictive character. what they've given me in this role is so much more than that. i didn't realize quinn was funny until the show aired. and people were like, oh, my god, she's so honest. it ae's fantastic. it's allowed me to just dive in and make her vicious. >> are you surprised monument u how many hundreds and thousands,
11:33 am
completely authentic and impromptu? >> yes. yes. also i think what our show is trying to do, we're not saying, hey, reality show's not real, we're giving you a behind-the-scenes information. >> a drama. are we going to play a game? is that what i heard? >> yes. >> we don't know what it is much do you know? >> i have no idea. >> okay. what i'm going to do shows, and if they are real or unreal. >> okay. >> you don't watch them, and i don't watch them -- >> i don't watch them. but let's go. >> you say if it's real. "american stuffers," this show follows an owner and founder of extreme taxidermy, a taxidermy shop where people come far and wide to say farewell to their pets in a special way -- >> real. >> with pet preservation.
11:34 am
real, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. it aired on animal plan net 2012. >> we have another? >> really quick. i'm going to give you this one. full of rotten pets. this looks at outrageous pet pampering where we meet shockingly -- >> real. >> real -- >> yes, aired on nag geo in 2013. >> i know. really want to have fun,at "unreal" monday nights on lifetime. my daughter has a movie on lifetime rules. >> talk about "unreal," you won't believe how many calories you could be packing on vacation. >> making smart choices when you hit the road after this. >> all right. >> all right. ? every day my challenge is to be in sync with my body, with myself, with my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics every day.
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but everyone knows cheese. cracker barrel has won awards for their delicious cheddar and they put that cheddar in a new macaroni & cheese. can you spell delicious? delicious. d. e. l... don't you feel like summer is an invitation to eat? especially on the road or on vacation? >> good things we're on a bike so we can burn all those calories after hitting the drive-thru. how are you? >> why don't we go for if we get hungry, like maybe right now, we'll meet with some friends who can help us make some good choices. we got here a little early. this is madeleine -- >> amazing. >> you know who she is. stars in "new health," nbc news health and nutrition editor. you want to take our order? >> i'll take your order. welcome to our sweet treat boutique. how about a little ice cream snack? we have two things.
11:40 am
>> okay. >> is it a 12-ounce vanilla milkshake, small one, or is it one cup of premium ice cream? premium vanilla ice cream? which is lower in sugar and in calories? >> what was the first one? >> a small, 12-ounce vanilla milkshake. >> i'll go with that. >> i'm going with the ice cream. >> oh, and andy would have made a good choice. [ bell ] >> 50% fewer calories and sugar in this. >> yeah. >> i'll take one for >> let's get going again because i'm starting to get hungry. how about we go to a beachside caf cafe? >> all right. >> okay, madeleine. it's amazing, she's here, too. >> here, as well. >> are we there yet? >> we're here. >> wonderful lunches for you. now, tell me the one that has lower calories. which one is lower in calories? is it the personal pizza, or is
11:41 am
dog? which is lower in calories? >> i'm going with the pizza because it seems like it should be the pizza. >> i feel like i would -- i would probably choose the chili dog. >> andy -- andy is right. >> andy's doing it. >> 200 calories fewer. you want to take the pizza -- >> no, okay. it. >> it's about 200 calories difference. this is weighing in at 350 calories. 200 calories more. you can cut the calories in half by going >> awesome. >> i'm still hungry because i've been wrong both teams. let's go to the beach and get beverages. >> today we're offering two regular beverages. one is going to be a 12-ounce lemonade. nice and refreshing. the other is 12-ounce cola. which of these has lower sugar? one of these is lower in sugar. is it the lemonade or the cola? >> seems like lemonade because it's got fruit in it. >> it seems that way --
11:42 am
>> the coke. >> that's the least? >> maybe. >> which is lower in sugar? the lemonade -- >> i'll say lemonade. >> i think it's similar. go on, what do you think? >> the answer is it is the colla they're both sugary, but there are three teaspoons less sugar in a cola. but pick a non-sugary drink. a low-calorie drink or water with flavoring. >> got it. >> this is why i don't eat any of this fast food. i have no idea. >> thi unfortunate i'm good at this. i've been in these situations way too much. >> you've been on a bus a long time. madeleine gets around. >> my favorite stuff. we're at my quickie mart, and you want a little snack for the road. which one has fewer calories, lower in calories? is it a large handful, quarter cup of trail mix, or six regular pretzel rods, six pretzel rods? >> i'm going with the pretzels being lower. i'll be wrong again, make it --
11:43 am
>> we're in calories. which is lower -- >> i'm going with the rods, as well. are we wrong? >> you would both be wrong. surprisingly, one of these little rods has 40 calories. 240 calories and under 200, 1 5 calories. >> aren't there chocolate chips in that things? in that -- >> some of them. it's just a handful. >> oh, she changes the things around. >> always keeping you guessing. take some for the road. >> thank you very much, madelee. ideas, go to don't leave yet. andy's joining use -- he's a really good singer.
11:44 am
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? we've kept andy very busy
11:49 am
outside all morning and co-hosting with me. i hope you've been having a good time. >> you are the best. the cute e. -- cutest. >> you always have so much fun. you recorded a song for us. what are you doing? >> "honey, i'm good." >> here he was earlier. ? nah nah honey i'm good ? ? i could have another but i probably should not ? ? it's been a long night here and a long night there ? ? and these long long legs are near everywhere ? ? you look good i will not lie ? ? but if you ask where i'm staying tonight ? ? i gotta be like oh baby no baby you got me all wrong baby ? ? my baby's already got all my love ? ? nah nah honey i'm good ? ? i could have another but i probably should not
11:50 am
alone no honey i'm good ? ? i could have another but i probably should not i've got to bid you adieu ? ? to another i will stay true ? ? i will stay true ? who i will stay true ? ? now better men than me have fail failed drinng grail ? ? now check it out i've got her and she got me ? ? and you've got that butt but i kindly gotta be like ? ? oh baby no baby ? ? you got me all wrong baby my baby's already got all my love ? ? nah nah honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not ? ? i've got somebody at home and if i stay i might not leave alone ?
11:51 am
another but i probably should not ? ? i've got to bid you adieu to another i will stay true ? ? i will stay true i will stay true ? ? oh i'm sure ya sure ya will make somebody's night ? ? but oh i assure ya assure ya it sure's not mine ? ? good i could have another but i probably should not ? ? i've got somebody at home and if i stay i might not leave alone ? ? no honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not ? ? i've got to bid you adieu ? ? to another i will stay true ? ? no no honey i'm good i could have another but i probably should not ? ? i've got somebody at home and if i stay i might not leave
11:52 am
probably should not ? ? i've got to bid you adieu ? ? to another i will stay true true ? ? oh whoa oh ? ? oh whoa oh ? pick up on the music now -- come on. ? oh whoa oh ? sing it ? oh whoa oh ? whoa oh i'll stay true ? [ cheers ] >> yes, yes, yes! don't miss andy's favorite things and mine, too, next. first, this is "today" on nbc.
11:53 am
i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. sometimes i need a little help. one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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time for our "favorite
11:56 am
beautiful lady who came on our show when she wasonored at the armed forces insurance military spouse of the year. her book is "sacred spaces: my journey to the heart of military marriage." $16.95 on we don't -- we don't pay homage enough to our military marriages. what they go through with their military situations. all the best. what's yours? >> mine feels extremely trivial after that. this is awesome. i travel a lot. this is my -- it actua up huge. i sleep a lot on a plane. it's this super bear and unsfwoelds a neck pillow -- unfolds into a neck pillow. >> nobody makes fun of you? >> nobody makes fun of colonoli bookbag. lifesaver. >> i loved having you here. and i have a parting gift for you. >> please, god, give me all of your c.d.s right now. i'm going to listen -- >> enough --
11:57 am
? clearly -- >> crank it! ? >> tomorrow we'll still be here for -- >> beautiful voice. >> came back tuesday. >> i'll come back tuesday. >> hoda, if you have a chance to
11:58 am
>> christa: more zika cases in south florida. the state's governor now asking for help. >> sarah: a house in swampscott up in flames. a home owner charged with setting it on fire. today he is facing a judge. >> christa: wild weather in flooding. >> sarah: caught on camera: a gorilla getting territorial at the franklin park zoo in boston. >> danielle: temperatures outside only in the 70's.
11:59 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. how can i help you today? yeah i have a big problem with my new tv. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. ok,i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, really, mr. mcenroe... um see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. hey it worked. so i don't have to see the cable guy again? oh no we're not cable mac. you just call me mac?
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see the problem over your smartphone. get super fast 100 meg internet, tv, and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer these speeds at a price this good. only from fios. >> sarah: some breaking news out of florida. the florida governor rick scott confirming there aen new zika infecti, transmitted by mosquitoes. this brings the total number of infections in the state to 14. the new days are coming from the same neighborhood in miami-david county as the others found last week. health officials say they think the transmissions are occurring only in that area. the governor also asking for a federal emergency respond to help stop the spread of the zika virus. >> christa: all right. a batch scott man facing a judge today after his home went up in flames over the


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