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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  August 3, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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details. >> for months and months, we've been hearing about reports, the racial incidents here at boston latin high school and allegations of the administrators that just were not handling it right. now we have the results of a comprehensive investigation by the city. it follows the resignations of boston latin's headmaster and top administrator in june after boston latin came under fire for how it handled the allegations of racial incidents. the firestorm erupted after students went online to complain about the incidents and the students organized a group called black at boston latin, black at bls. today's report was generated by an outside investigator brought in by the city. the group found 115 reports of alleged racial bias, 6 case where is administrators failed to take appropriate actions, 4 cases where teachers followed -- did not follow the policy of the is city and the scale district.
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were at fault. part of the report, a statement said that the nature and extent of the student and staff experiences attitudes and conceptions are comparable to what we've seen in many racially diverse schools across the country. at the same time, there were recommendations about how the school district should handle this. there were recommendations for specific discipline and training for the teachers and students and administrators involved in the cases where the findings were made and recnd district should instruct classrooms on how to have discussions on race and racial incidents. this comes after months of turmoil and there will be many continuing discussions on how to react. live at boston latin high school, dan hausle, 7news. tragedy in fall river. a young man is killed when he crasgs his dirt bike into a police cruiser. investigators say he was driving without his headlights on when
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>> kelli o'hara stroke with a friend of the victim and live with the very latest. >> yeah, friends very upset. they've been gathering here all day long trying to piece together how this wreck happened. they is say the story that they're getting from police to them doesn't add up. >> reporter: friends and family gather in fall river as they mourn the loss of rafeal cordera. >> a good kid. just loved to ride. >> reporter: the 19-year-old when his dirt bike collided with a police car. the district attorney's office says the officer didn't see cordera on his bike because the tan didn't have his lights on. friends disagree. >> i know the kid's not dumb. if he seen police lights, because they said they were on to another scene. if the kid seen police lights, he would turn around and head the other way. no one wants to get pulled over. >> three days ago, brand-new bike, lights all set, everything was fine. >> you find it hard to believe?
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from the impact. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office says several police cruisers were responding to a 911 call nearby when he and another biker came through the area. the police car slowed down but it was too late. the 19-year-old hit the car and died a short while later. >> police's vehicle didn't make any skid marks, so he didn't attempt to stop before he seen the motorcyclist. >> now, we did speak to family. they say he had a helmet and no word at this point in time on the status of that officer. reporting live from fall river, keli o'hara , a 7news. friends and family are saying goodbye to a 7-year-old boy who drowned at a summer camp in boston. a wake for kysr willis happening right now in matapan. they lit candles and left toys at the community center where he died last week. willis went into the water unnoticed at carson beach. his body was found hours later. the camp's directer is on paid
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continues. and 7news now with a check of your forecast. sunny skies outside right now of looks like the sunshine could be here to stay. really nice out, jeremy. >> yes. sure are. right now boston at 78. norwood 83, bedford at 84. absolutely ideal summer day with low humidity and temps about where we should be for this time of year. dewpoint temps 40s and0s august. i guess that's one of the talk upshots of a drought, there's not a lot of moisture to pull out of the ground to your dewpoints stay low. 40s and 50s, the dewpoint temperatures, air temps will settle into the 70s this evening. high pressure parked on top of us are all sorts of clear skies. just a couple of cumulous clouds here and there. and this blue is not really going anywhere anytime soon. we're going to advertise more sunshine for tomorrow and again on friday.
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will set up a southwesterly lea flow. we'll see a warming trend. temperatures tomorrow and friday into the middle 80s with a little more humidity, and our next weather system not on the map just yet. it'll be a cool front that may trigger a few random showers and thunderstorms on saturday. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. fire eve crash landing at dubai airport, a flight coming arom india burst into flames. but miraculously all 300 people on board were evacuated safely. adam williams is live here with a closer look at what happened. >> rescue workers had to battle the airplane fire. all the while temperatures in dubai soar to 120 degrees
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s all the >> answerses said 33 fire engines race to the scene. the entire incident appears to be resolved in really less than 40 minutes. emirates airlines say they are expecting significant delays. flights out of the massive airport have been temporarily suspended. [ indiscernible ] the delays we mentioned there in dubai, they're expected to
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worldwide, dubai is the busy of the airport and a crucial hub connectingure you, the middle east and asia. i'm adam williams, 7news. turning now to race for the white house. donald trump clashing with his party. he says he won't back washington's top republicans up for re-election and hillary clinton set to receive some serious cash from someone outside of her party. reporter scott mcfarland has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump is embarking on a southern campaign swing amid new controversy, his refusal re-election of john mccain and house speaker paul ryan. nbc news reports some of trump's fellow republicans, including rudy giuliani, newt gingrich and republican committee chair are planning an intervention to convince trump to reset his campaign. his campaign manager told fox news there's no turmoil. >> mr. trump has appeared this week in front of crowds that are overflowing on to the streets. so the campaign is in very good shape. >> reporter: trump tweeted there is great unity in my campaign, perhaps greater than ever
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mike pence later did what trump wouldn't, endorse paul ryan. campaign sources tell nbc news trump's operation is in chaos. >> the trump campaign staff is despondent right now because of the difficulty they're having in getting donald trump to take the direction that normal candidates take when you get to a general election. >> reporter: former cia director michael hateton today called trump erratic and fear it will would threaten national >> we may be setting up the circumstances that create a crisis in civil military relationships. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigning in colorado have picked up the support of meg whitman, 2010 gubernatorial candidate. >> donald trump announcing a different type of victory today, that the campaign raised tens of millions of dollars in july. in washington, scott mcfarland, nbc news. >> and the white house responding to a report saying
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iran. the wall street journal reports the obama administration secretly transferred $400 million to iran on the same day four u.s. hostages were returned to the united states. one of those hostages was massachusetts native matthew trivette. the white house says it was not a ransom deal but part of a settlement involving a failed arms deal from back in 1979. there's more news today, while america is on alert from virus, the first human clinical trial for a vaccine is now underway. volunteers received the experimental injection on tuesday. the national institute of allergy infectious diseases has been developing the vaccine, which works much like the west nile virus vaccine. the director of the agency spoke out about the challenges posed by mosquitoes. >> they are so resilient in being able to breed in the most stringent positions.
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pans, tires and little pools or what have you. but these mosquitoes can actually breed in the smallest amount of water. >> so the first phase includes 80 people. if early results are promising, a vaccine could go into a second phase of testing. that would be next year. all right, heading now into the olympic zone, swimmer michael phelps has been named team usa flight bearer, the most decorated elite american athlete during the stadium in the phelps is an 18-time gold medalist. it's considered an honor to be supplemented as the flight bearer, something that phelps isn't -- flag bearer. >> to even be nominated and have my teammates sleet me to carry the flag into opening ceremonies. it's just an absolute tremendous honor, for knowing what the flag stands for and, you know, to be able to kind of lead our country and -- it's a dream come true.
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rio today, two days before the opening ceremony. the flame traveled from southern brazil by boat and arrived at the naval school in rio, will pass through the city and end up at the olympic stadium at the end of the week. it's been quite a journey for hundreds of athletes training for the big games. for some it's their first shot at gold. >> and for others, they're old pros. 7's nancy chen has a closer look at the hopefuls with their eyes on the prize. >> reporter: the athletes are arriving in rio and are ready to compete. and while there are some faces going for gold, there are also some new olympians who are hoping to shine. >> no. 19! >> reporter: michael phelps is the legend. gymnast samone biles, the legend in the making... but 553 other athletes make up team usa. >> i think anybody is satisfied when they come across the line and make the olympic team, regardless if they're first, second or third. >> reporter: sprinter justin ann olympic veteran but two-thirds of the team are first timers.
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so strong right now, it's incredible to be a part of this team. >> reporter: kerri walsh jennings is in pursuit of her fourth beach volleyball gold medal in rio. >> it's gonna be such a huge party, and i can't wait to go there. >> reporter: she's part of the biggest female contingent ever at the games. the 292 women make up more than half of team usa. cindy mclaughlin is one of four 16-year-olds on the squad. while 52-year-old equestrian phillip cut itton is the team's senior olympian. so is kim roady. she's literally gunning for her sixth medal but for the olympic rookies, it's their first shot. >> it's kind of like a fairy tale. >> reporter: one they hope has the happiest of endings. 46 states including massachusetts have ties to olympians. nancy chin, 7news. and security in the city of rio de janeiro, a top concern. coming up at 5:00, we'll have more on what is in place to help
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remember, 7news is your home for the summer games. nancy chin is in rue oh. she is there for all of the excitement and her live reports continue right here on the news station. much more ahead here on 7, including a man on a very special mission. he's taking part in the a l.a. s ice bucket challenge and traveling across america to do it. it's not ice water he's dumping on his head, though. we'll explain. wildfires still out west spreading. where the latest fire is forcing people to rush to safety. on 7news at first medical marijuana dispensary officially opening
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it's not your ordinary ice bucket challenge, one man ditching cold cubes for some baked beef. he's a volunteer and taking his mission to raise awareness about als to every single state in the muntry. about those baked beans, right on top of his head there over at than all. nicole oliverio spoke with the volunteer and has the story. >> reporter: the ice bucket qhal well a massachusetts twist. is subs dutying cold water and ice for boston's baked beans. larry kaplan decided to spice things up as he takes his challenge to each and every
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states and flying to alaska and hawaii. >> reporter: 50 states in 30 days. boston was his fifth stop at durgan bark in thannial hall, finding foods that are special to each state. in new jersey, he dumped blueberries. >> oh, boy. >> reporter: in delaware, it was watermelon. rhode island coffee milk and connecticut nutmeg. >> i'm here in boston massachusetts and i did baked beans. i'll be in new hampshire later today and i'll b england clam chowder. we have everything from maple syrup to salmon with salmon roe to chili in texas, orange juice in florida. it is going to be an interesting month to say the least. >> reporter: interesting but worthwhile. the challenge is designed to raise awareness and fund research for als. >> i took off one month from my business and one month from my wife and children to do this, and i'm gonna inconvenience myself for a month ask then i get to go back to my normal life. if you have als, you wake up one
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that change is permanent. it's not really about me, it's about the patients and their families and the awareness for als. >> it's unclear if any of those stops he's going to be pouring any water or ice over his head, but he says he's about 500 miles into a 13,000 mile trek. and he's hoping to raise $100,000. in the newsroom, nicole oliverio, 7news. >> and you know what's key with als, is just knowledge. people being aware of what it is. so we're so excited that he came through our town and did >> and now he's gotta clean all those beans off of him. coming up on 7news, boston police partnering up with the community. we'll take you to the city's national night out where ice cream kept everyone cool. sunshine for the afternoon, and more sunshine tomorrow.
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perfect summer day. lots of sunshine. low humidity. temperatures at this time upper 70s and low 80s. the city at 78. fitchburg 85. the cape and the islands, hyannis at 74. nantucket 73. dewpoint temperatures helping to drive that message home, that is very comfortable air mass with dewpoints running into the 40sand 50s. james taylor out at fenway tonight is. no fire, no rain. a sunny day. gorgeous out there at f the upper 70s and kind of settle into the mid-70s working through the evening hours. high pressure is with us on the eastern seaboard moving slow and we hold on to the dry weather again tomorrow. eventually the blue h will drift south of the cape and when that happens, southwesterly wind will develop and begins to warm us up. but not tonight, most lea clear. temps 50s and 60s. tomorrow we are back into the sunshine, a little warmer
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temps tomorrow between 80 and 86. boston tomorrow afternoon 81. keene 83, barry at 82. worcester 82. and out on to the cape and islands, is this your vacation week? you done good. the beaches tomorrow, water temps in the low to middle 70s. air temp 75 to 80, with just a the afternoon. i had tide at 107 tomorrow afternoon. friday much the same, lots of sunshine. a little more humidity around on friday with temperatures into the middle 80s. and on saturday a cool front will bounce into the humidity. leading to a few scattered showers and storms on saturday. it's not all day, it's not
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storms midday in the afternoon on saturday. but again, a 40% chance so you may go through the entire day and not have anything. as you work into sunday, lots of sunshine. temperatures on sunday. middle 80s with lower humidity. i'll see you at 4:30 with an update on earl. >> thanks so much. let's get a check on the ride home. >> good afternoon, everyone. i bet you bish you were sitting on a nice beach somewhere rather than sitting in traffic. as you see here, it is a wednesday afternoon commute. headed over the sake imbridge both ways lots of volume and on the lever connector as you can see, it's backed up both ways, as well. a slow call to star oh drive as well as the tobin bridge is all backed up too, once you get over the zakim you can see that if you are headed northbound on 93 -- in fact, both ways on 93, once you get over -- off of the upper deck, you're just crawling. this is due to an earlier
4:25 pm
happening with the garden ride expressed-way southbound, you can see that you're heavy and slow all the way from there crawling all the way down past south bay. a little bit of running room and back in it again before granite avenue. if you're headed west on the turnpike, starting to see some increasing volume. headed west through brighton, got a lot of company sunday wednesday fan. jack he auto murphy, 7news. hundreds gathering with local police last night and the newested edition of the force taking center stage. 7's tum caputo was there for all the excitement. >> it's certainly not your typical police interaction. check out the newest car in the boston police department's fleet.
4:26 pm
help build trust and create relationships in neighborhoods around boston and pbd's toy was on full display of national night out. >> reporter: the annual be events held all over the country meant to promote police and community partnerships and this year comes at a time where across the u.s. people are very strong, often have opposing views on police. >> a young girl came up to me tonight and said she was so impressed. she's a teenager and all she's hear something about negative impact and she are really nice and people need to see that positive impact. they have to see it, and it's important for the police department and boston work at it every single dale. >> reporter: in boston there's not as much tension, but there has been. >> once you accept that issues do happen, you can come together on common ground and know that for each other we have empathy, sympathy and respect. >> a police officer like me. >> i think the most important
4:27 pm
other as people. i think the more time spent doing that, the better off we all are in the long run. no better ice imrairk than some ice cream on a warm summer night. tim caputo, 7news. up next, a man who caused chaos at a hillary clinton campaign office while in new hampshire last year, back behind bars laura (vo): mom taught us that families comes first. laura: hey, mom. mom: hi. laura (vo): so when she needs a little help... i am happy to give it. medicare is a big help too.
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i couldn't believe it. then i saw she tried to raise the retirement age... all while giving tax breaks to millionaires and big oil. kelly ayotte would rather take care of special interests than new hampshire families. narrator: women vote is responsible for the content
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a new report revealing allegations of racism at boston latin scale. the city >> turns out there have been more than 100 reports of incidents at the school in the past several years. adam williams at the breaking news desk with the details for us. adam. >> jadiann, ryan, the results of this investigation come after a firestorm of allegations of racism at the school in recent months. they detail more than 100 incidents at the school since 2012. boston latin's headmaster along with another top administrator


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