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tv   Today  NBC  August 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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scade platinum... so let your dishwasher be the d this morning on "today's take," jennifer garner is with us talking about her new flick "nine lives" and the inside scoop on one of the coolest places to visit this summer and james franco gets more animated than you've ever seen him befo. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." feel like i'm on repeat this week. another beautiful morning here in new york city. just gorgeous weather around here. it's august 4th, 2016. inside studio 1a, i'm willie along with al and tamron. we have your morning jam, al.
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justin bieber and mo. >> what made you pick this song? >> i heard it and liked it. it just went away. leila is a major lazer fan. >> lucy likes the previous jam. >> love that your daughters keep you cool. cool. we just know what they're listening to. >> rio, the games have begun. opening ceremony is friday. one day away. it's tomorrow. >> the games have already started but they have opening ceremony on friday. >> what's the rush? let's hold the soccer game until friday. >> do we have an explanation about it? >> natalie is down from rio de janeiro with the latest from the games.
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one coconut, guys? two coconuts. >> why do you do this? that's a screen grab right there. >> i set you up. >> that's going to go viral. >> glad to know dark natalie travels. >> wow. really? really? >> dark natalie is always in rio. >> did you see what mom did this morning? >> they're so come on. i had to. it was just for you, al. >> everybody in the studio is thinking it. okay. a show of hands, was everybody thinking that? >> back to the olympic business here, guys. as you talked about, the women kicking us off here. they're hoping to go to their fourth consecutive gold and
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goals against new zealand. our fans back here on copacabana beach with us enjoying that as well. lloyd and morgan scored two goals for team usa. off to a great start hoping to go for fourth consecutive goal. they play against france on saturday. tough competition in that group. by the way, on the way here i was at the airport and it's really fun when you get around the same time. who did i run into? none other than some of the family here for olympic gold medalist connor dwyer. there are 21 members of his family including his twin brother there in that picture with me that are going to be here to support him. if you remember, connor was the one who gave me a tour a couple months back at the u.s. olympic training center in colorado springs. i'm going to be cheering him on all the way and all of the other
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here for team usa. opening ceremony now just a day away. it's tomorrow night. 7:30 p.m. here on nbc. hosted by matt, hoda and meredith. great to be back in rio. guys, i don't know if you had a chance to check some of the photos that we've been posting from here, but i put this one out there. throwback thursday. for me this is a little bit of a coming home visit. that's me at christ the redeemer statue with my grandparents in the background, my mom my older sister patricia on the left. i'm the one with the cute grin in the middle. >> amazing how much you look like your mom. >> fun to be back here in rio. everybody says that. i was seven or eight years old. many moons ago in that picture. it's good to be back. sharing lots of memories and great moments from here in this spectacular city. still to come though this morning, i also have a great interview with jennifer garner
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down with her. she gave me a warm welcome there. she's ought promoting her new film "nine lives." she talked about how she balances family life, what's going on with her and ben affleck and so all of that coming up. guys? >> very busy. wow. >> you and those coconuts, very busy. unbelievable. we'll see you in a little bit. >> all right. one of the hot topics this morning, do you answer every e-mail? how many e-mails do you have on your phone rht >> i keep mine clean. i have zero. >> you remember the new year's resolution -- >> you respond to every e-mail with i got it. >> if there's a direct question. but stuff i don't have to answer, i delete it right away. >> people send e-mails that are more like statements or comments. i don't feel they need a response. people say you didn't respond to my e-mail. it didn't end with a question
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of the secrets of success to his success include a few key things. one of them, you don't reply to every e-mail. based on that, i'm hugely successful. i have -- >> what! 69,433 unread e-mails. >> well, it's not 70,000. >> i didn't know your phone could hold that many e-mails. i weeded them down. i'll be successful. he also says get lots of sleep. and take time out to think. do you take a moment to kind of -- >> not enough. i try but not enough. >> no. no. you're always moving. always doing stuff. sometimes i get up a little earlier than i need to so i can
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the morning. >> i do that on the weekends for sure. i'm up before everybody else. cup of coffee. >> weekend time. an hour before the family is up. it's gold. >> you get up before them and walk around. >> just sit there. even before pepper gets up. >> the dog. >> you hear people moving. okay. it's over. >> feet come down the stairs. the day is on. >> i love that. >> that time of the morning around 7:00, it's gold. >> everybody is asleep. >> all right. >> and when you wake up on the weekend, you like to cut a good bagel. so let's bring in some bagels. here's an interesting thing. so this is -- when you're in school you think i'm never going to use math ever again. check out this mathematically perfect way of cutting a bagel.
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rings and more surface area for cream cheese smearing. >> that's a sharp knife. >> you go in and so you kind of create almost like a half olympic ring of bagels. >> looks like a pretzel. >> cut the bagel in half. >> you have to make four separate cuts. you rotate 180 degrees between each cut. he designed the method. >> i'm sure mathematician. who has time? >> my hangry level is past everything. >> you put it on. >> i don't cut bagels. it's one of the frightening things. >> you don't? >> i use the chopper thing. it's like a pineapple thing. >> it squishes the bagel. >> some things intimidate me to
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>> yeah. a pineapple, mango, we've done segments -- ladies are nodding as you nodded at the coconut. there are certain things that are hard -- i feel like i'm going to cut my hand. you don't understand this at all? >> i almost cut my finger off a couple years ago. >> that's because you were trying to open a vodka bottle. >> i didn't know we were going to get to those details. >> you were trying to use the and there were cocktails before that because you were opening another bottle. >> i think people understand what i'm talking about. >> she's got a bagel. >> i'm not afraid to use it. mangoes, pineapples, some things are hard to cut. >> you cut tropical fruit but you won't cut a bagel.
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. >> bri: if you liked >> if you liked yesterday, you'll like today. let's do it again, shall we? light sunshine, 70s for cape cod and the islands, and elsewhere, warming up into the 80s. underneath, that warm sunshine
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doesn't arrive until we head into the weekend. we could be in for showers and storms, but not a washout. stay tuned for the details on the timeline of those storms as we get into tomorrow morning. >> that's your latest weather. >> you can use a fork and then a knife. >> up next, jenner garner opens up about her new film and her when people ask me what it's like up about her new film and her life with ben to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life.
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to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure... ...kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ? tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow.? ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. ? you're only a day away ? it's a new family friendly comedy out in theaters this weekend. all-star cast that includes jennifer garner and natalie got a chance to catch up with her. nat? >> hey, guys. once again, jennifer garner for her there is no such thing as a summer break.
10:15 am
in "nine lives." i caught up with her in los angeles before coming to rio to talk about her latest film and finding balance as a working mom and second chances. >> i kind of remembered. >> jennifer garner is joined by an all-star cast in "nine lives." the role of father played by kevin spacey who is trapped inside the body o mr. fuzzy pants until he makes things right with his family. >> alley-oop. >> the message of second chances is something that resonates with so many people. why was it important to you to do a film like that? >> i love the idea of celebrating that parenting is about time. you can't buy time.
10:16 am
spacey's character is so focused on career and we are all trying to make our kids' lives better. it doesn't have to just live on the floor but you do have to find the time. i love the movie that celebrates that. >> in between nonstop filming schedule, garner found the time for her most important role as mom to her three kids with ben your family doing? >> we're definitely a modern family. we are doing really well. thank you. the kids have had a great summer. it's all going okay. >> you went to europe recently. good family bonding trip. >> ben was working in london on "justice league." i felt like the kids should have
10:17 am
amazing time and he worked hard. >> did they get to see him? >> of course, yeah. i want them to see everything is okay. >> that's really admirable how you and ben have both -- it's all about children first and being a team. that's what you have to do. >> you don't have a choice. it has to be. >> garner also wants to give back. earlier this summer the west virginia native headed back to her home state bringing attentio by flash floods. >> people are just made of stern stuff. it's a unique place because people take care of their own there. there is more help that needs to happen. we need a larger neighborhood to take care of our own in this case because the devastation has just flattened people already barely hanging on. >> a humanitarian and hands-on parent with a successful career
10:18 am
her life. >> i'm glad i'm playing mom. there's no more rich time than when you have your babies and try to figure out how to parent them and balance everything and emotional weight of seeing your children struggle or whatever it is, there's so much there to draw from that it feels like i aged into where i should be as far as acting goes. you know what i mean? as far as my career, i feel like i finally fit. >> she has certainly hit her really, really well. guys, "nine lives" hits theaters this weekend. >> natalie, thanks so much. coming up next, a childhood classic comes to life in the new film "the little prince." we'll talk to star james franco and director mark osbourne after and director mark osbourne after these messages. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine?.
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if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. one of the most famous stories of the 20th century translated into 250 languages and sold more than 250 million copies worldwide. >> now the "little prince" is
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>> you will recognize the voice of the fox played by james franco who emphasizes the importance of relationship to the little prince. good morning. good to see you guys. we're excited to have you both. your family is in the building. riley, your child who participated and now your son is a young man now. they're the inspiration in many ways behind this adeadaptation. >> my wife gave me the book when we were than 25 years ago. it was a significant time in our lives. i was getting more interested in animation and i got accepted into cal arts, which is in california. so it was a big move. she gave me her copy of the book as a way to keep me connected. >> very good. >> there you go. >> you were there when they met. >> you provide the voice of the fox. we saw a little bit of it there. it's beautiful the way it's done.
10:23 am
this is what i look like in the movie. i guess the fox is a particularly beloved character. >> incredibly. such an important character in the book and incredibly important character in the movie. and the hand crafted sort of stop motion footage is unbelievable to see. >> this is such a beloved book. was there a certain amount of pressure to be able to come up with an to be true and that people are going to embrace? >> that was the scariest thing about this is the book is loved by so many people and i had a deep affection for the book. i knew that so many people have a real strong connection. that's why at first i felt like there's no way that you can make a movie out of the book. lives in imagination of the reader and everybody has their own way of connecting to the book. that's why i came up with this idea of the larger story around
10:24 am
the book stay small and poetic and let it be the beating heart of the movie and we could be very, very -- let that sort of be what it is and larger story is celebration of the power of the book and how the book can affect your life. i chose to make the main character a little girl and it was inspired by my daughter as a way to sort of bring us into the world of the little prince. she's the one who reads the story and she imagines it and in this other kind of animation. >> this is a change for you. this is like doing "sausage party." >> it's so weird. >> he's been waiting to say that. >> here's behind the scenes trivia. he was going to direct "sausage party" and then went with this one. >> you flipped a coin? are you kidding? >> you guys are like six
10:25 am
to do "animal house" or "little house on the prairie." >> that's perfect. >> what was it like for you participating in both of these ventures? >> you know, it was great. they gave me great characters for both. i haven't actually done -- despite talking about two ? ? ? ? ? ? (whispers rocket) get your kid's sneaker game on starting friday at kohl's. score the sneaker brands they love
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police in london say a woman killed in a knife attack last night was an american. the suspect who was arrested is of somali descent and moved to britain as a young boy from norway. he does appear to have mental health issues. 33 american service members have contracted the zika virus overseas and one of those service members is pregnant. six dependents of military personnel also have the zika virus. in florida today, aerial spraying got under way to help kill mosquitos that spread that
10:31 am
to add five sports to the 2020 tokyo games. softball, football, surfing, climbing. starbucks is recalling 2.5 million metal straws that were to be used with two different sizes of to go cups sold by starbucks. there are reports of children kids should not use them and that customers can exchange metal straw for acrylic ones and students will be able to get college credit by playing pokemon go. the department head says it's a way to develop creativity and developing leadership skills. a great way to turn folks onto an active lifestyle. someone who is active in a
10:32 am
but on his bike and other ways is al roker. let's get a check of the forecast. >> basket weaving. >> don't be that guy. >> credit for pokemon. that's a look at your weekend. i'm too old. i have become that guy. for tomorrow we're looking at wet weather along the southeastern atlantic coast and wet weather southwest. saturday that monsoonal moisture continues. more rain along the eastern seaboard into the gulf coast. and then as we move ahead to sunday, sunday, the sunshine returns for the latter part of your weekend northeast new england into the great lakes and out west. more monsoonal moisture in the southwest and wet weather >> if you liked yesterday, you'll like today. let's do it again, shall we? warm sunshine, 70s for cape
10:33 am
80s. mid to upper 80s, underneath, that warm sunshine sticks around again tomorrow, and the next weathermaker doesn't arrive until we head into the weekend. for saturday, we could be in for showers and storms, but not a washout. stay tuned for the details on the timeline of those storms as we get into tomorrow morning. we get into tomorrow morning. >> that's your latest >> sirius xm radio host is here to help us mark our calendars this month doing it with a fantastic new hairstyle and pants. it's all working for you. let's dive in. suicide squad. >> so much anticipation for this movie. megavillains come together for a top secret mission. the cast is amazing. will smith.
10:34 am
role. sent the entire cast a dead pig during a table read among other things. the reviews have not been good. they might need "superman" to save it. >> also tomorrow, opening ceremonies for the 2016 olympics. >> michael phelps will be the flag bearer for this country. there's going to be 6,755 hours of coverage across the nbc platforms. little plug for the network there. i'll especially gymnastics. sometimes twice. >> al roker will be down there as if you need more reason to watch. let's jump to thursday the 11th. green day with new music. >> people are super excited for this. it was just announced on instagram that it would be coming out. it's called "bang, bang."
10:35 am
>> and live action remake of a classic. >> "pete's dragon." it's not an actual remake. robert redford tells stories of a boy and his dragon and his daughter thinks he's nuts until she meets the boy. not scary. very friendly. >> and the telling the story of origins of hip-hop in 1970s new york city told through the eyes of a bunch of kids in the bronx. this show has been plagued with problems. way over budget. $10 million an episode. i've seen the first episode. it's amazing. >> all right. tuesday the 16th. our pal amy schumer has a book out. >> the girl with the lower back tattoo. she's brilliant. it will be great. tackling everything from cross
10:36 am
line. it better be good. friday the 19th. a new jonah hill flick coming off. >> it's called "war dogs" through a government loophole land a $300 million contract to provide arms to u.s. troops in afghanistan. jonah hill getting gained a lotd we have a new album from dolly parton. >> love her so much. "pure and simple." 70 years old. 43rd album. a love letter to her husband who she's been with for 50 years. >> let's move to tuesday the 23rd. >> this is hilarious. >> i'm so excited. it's called "better late than
10:37 am
list. no personal assistants. no limos. no perks. rely on each other. >> that's fantastic. >> friday the 26th, barbra streisand dropping a new album. >> all broadway songs. she does "climb every mountain" and she worked in banter with melissa streisand. >> she's been big on that. >> you're our barbra streisand. jessica shaw, thank you. next, lilliana does flavor tripping. her visit to a one of a kind summer attraction for ice cream fans after this. don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ]
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institute of art. >> from a pool of sprinkles to sugar helium balloons, tourists and locals can't get enough of the new museum of ice cream. >> so we asked this wonderful woman to put her body and soul on the line to go in for it. i wanted this assignment. >> you'll have to check it out for yourselves. the museum of ice cream will be around for just one month and it's already sold ou packing district to get you guys the scoop. brand new museum of ice cream is the latest flavor of the month when it comes to must-see attractions in new york. it has visitors and residents in a frenzy for a coveted ticket which promises a sweet escape from the summer heat. >> it sold out in less than a day? >> it sold out immediately.
10:43 am
private tour before crowds arrived. >> you can't eat those. we'll start you off with an edible balloon. here you go. >> eat it? >> just inhale. >> i love ice cream. that's helium. >> that's helium. we go from the cone room to the sundae room. >> i used to work stand that had ice cream in the middle so i scooped a lot of ice cream in my day. >> let's see you scoop a massive school. this becomes a 1,000 scoop ice cream sunday. >> i can't eat this? >> plenty more ice cream to come. >> and the sprinkle pool. >> i asked this question about ten times. you know what i'm going to ask you. can i eat the sprinkles? >> you cannot eat the sprinkles. >> they are made of plastic but
10:44 am
out of my way. it may be called a museum, the main attraction in this gallery is the shots that away visitors at every turn. >> you have sprinkles on you over here. they're all over the museum. >> the grand finale, a taste that transforms sour into sweet. >> it has a protein inside of it that coats your tongue and transforms your sour taste buds into sweet taste buds. >> i scr please. just like that. >> it's magic. go after those lemon slices. >> i'm nervous. >> go for it. >> taste like lemonade. just like lemonade. >> it transforms it. >> more lemon, please. >> killed it. >> whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart, there's no question that a visit here is a tasty treat for your senses. so much fun.
10:45 am
i have another special treat for you guys. i had you take the flavor berries during the piece so now what you're going to do is taste your lemon cone and the flavor berries turn everything that is sour into sweet. so ready. dive right into the lemon. sour or sweet? >> tart. sweet. >> sweet. >> a sweet tart. >> like lemonade. so we can go back to ice cream. it wd. so much to do. not a museum but definitely an experience. >> you had a question about this. >> i'm fascinated by what you gave us. >> it will last ten minutes. anything you eat that's salty or sour takes on a sweet taste in your mouth. >> your tongue goes numb. i have numb tongue. >> good job. >> up next, he made us laugh on
10:46 am
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ood. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. this turned out great. cascade. you know adam pally from "happy endings" and dr. peter princess on "the mindy project." >> adam stars in a comedy about a groupf go ahead for a bachelor party for their buddy even when his engagement abruptly ends. >> this is an emotional roller coaster of male bonding. >> i really wanted to make a movie about men who don't talk about their feelings because i never talked about my feelings once in my life. >> this is like therapy for you. >> in a sense like therapy. it was like therapy.
10:51 am
to do with my dad than this movie did. >> do you ever do stuff like this? guy time. not in these circumstances? >> yeah. look, i have a gambling problem. i'm open about that. so i like las vegas and i like going with buddies. but there's always i think part of the reason that this movie was so interesting to make is any time you do that, there's an underlying emotion of people want to bond and be like, how are you really doing? no one ever talks about that. it was fun to kind of go in there and make a movie about it. >> it's a bachelor party that is interrupted in a sense because the fiance has committed suicide. >> yes. and it's more of a cleansing trip the characters like to call it. i think that part of the thing that i took away from this movie is you can't really judge how
10:52 am
life is short. at the same time. however anybody needs to move forward, you can't judge it and you just kind of have to be there. >> it's interesting. the modern man at least how the stereotype is that you talk more. do you cry openly? >> cry all the time. >> i know you wear size 32 jean. >> did you hear that? >> show us these jeans. they look fantastic. >> he now wears a 32. jeans. >> when i commenteded on your look, what did you say? >> i said i look like a jewish french montana. >> something you never hear in history. you seem like an open guy. >> i guess i'm open. i still have all of the guy tendencies not to want to confront anything and to, you know, bury my head in marijuana and video games.
10:53 am
>> at the same time, you know, all of those people have really deep emotions, too. so they need to confront it. can i ask you a question? can i zika from that background? >> we sprayed it. you're good. you're covered. >> just want to make sure. >> adam pally, thank you, sir.
10:54 am
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