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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a worker stuck in a cement mixer. cruise racing in taking apart this machine in order to free his leg. police unions taking a stand. the tough message they are sending to lawmakers demanding changes for the city's police officers. ready to go in rio, a live look at the city this morning. isn't that beautiful? the olympic opening ceremony kicking off tonight and some stars expected to make an appearance. this england. >> sarah: good friday morning, everybody, thank you for joining us, it is 9 a.m., i am sarah french. >> christa: i am krista del camp. it is not rio but the boston skyline looks wonderful. a lot of sun out there. bri eggers with the forecast. >> bri: third day in a row of these stunning conditions. in the mid-70s for most spots, impressive for martha's vineyard, a record low, 46 degrees and now 73.
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if you like the two before this, third time is the charm. 89 for the high this afternoon. into the weekend things change up a bit. tomorrow we got to be weather aware with scattered showers and storms expected. low humidity and comfortable warmth again as we move into sunday. more details of timeline of those storms to come in just a few minutes. time for fast track traffi traffic. here is danielle. >> danielle: good morning, bridge. looking at an accident southbound on the eleven eleven at storrow drive. you can't eit here. it has cleared 37 go to the maps. lowering things going into town. braintree to boston. northbound on the expressway only 14 minutes. the roads are looking pretty good. watching an accident northbound on route 24 at 128 there. a little bit of slow and go heading into town on the pike. route 2 and 3 looking real goo good. check those drive times if you are getting ready to head out
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braintree to boston. 14 minutes in the pike from 128. 93 southbound 28 to the zakim bridge only 13 minutes here. drive times not too bad. the t and commuter rail both running on schedule. back to you guys. happening now a worker on the road to recovery after he ran into danger on the job. his foot got stuck in a cement mixer and was twisted around by part of that machine. >> so crews had to step in and help free this mavr before he was hurt even further. head out live to newton where a victoria warren. vicki, it took a long time and this guy was in a lot of pain, you said? >> reporter: he was. he was in a lot of pain and conscious during the entire or deal. this was a very tricky rescue that took hours to free his ankle from the cement mixer. [sirens] >> reporter: a construction worker rushed to the hospital after an awful accident. fire fighters say the 22-year-old worker slipped and caught his foot in a working
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afternoon. >> he was caught deep into the mixer on the auger. >> reporter: we are told a co-worker heard him screaming, ran over, unplug the machine and then called for help. a difficult situation. the man was in pain and there was no easy way to free him. just a harden steel auger and we couldn't use the torch because the ankle was wrapped around the auger and the heat from the torch would burn the victim. we had to basically disassemble the whole unit to get the foot out. >> reporter: that took hours of careful w and cut away the body of it, and cut the auger off. he obviously wanted to get out of there as quick as he could. >> now investigators have to figure out how this happened saying the man may have slippe slipped. >> they had a -- bags of cement that were like four feet high. i don't know how his leg got in there, but that is still under investigation. >> reporter: they didn't
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the hospital we are told at the hospital he was stabilized. so that is good news. the investigation into how this accident happened continues. live this morning in newton, victoria warren, 7news, today in new england. breaking news from overnight. police are investigating a tractor-trailer crash in everett. officers say the rig went up on the curb and the trailer ripped open like you see there. happened at the intersection of broadway and b crews are investigating a fire in braintree after flames broke out on a garage on washington street. fire fighters were able to contain the flames before they spread to the home. right now a police officer is recovering after he's hurt in a crash in jamaica plain. investigators say his cruiser and another car slammed into each other at an intersection late last night. the officer is expected to be okay. the other driver was not seriously hurt. police unions here in boston
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the wake of violence against officers nationwide. one their requests, new equipment in order to keep them safe. head out live to boston with more on what they are asking for. here is 7's nicole oliverio. >> reporter: krista, this letter was written in response to the attacks on police officers happening across the country, and while the commissioner says safety is the top priority, he thinks this letter was perhaps written a little bit harsh. boston police unions are taking aim at the city's in a scathing letter, the union demanded more needs to be done to protect officers out in the treats. it read in part, we have asked long guns for our patrol officers. we now demand it. the need is necessary and the need is now. sometimes it can get to you and it is what it is. >> reporter: the letter comes after officers were ambushed and murdered in dallas and
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more officers and equipment like ballistic helmets. this as the boston patrolman association tweet out a picture of officer and kids. who needs police gear, we need hoodsys. the $80,000 ice cream truck meant to foster good will and community engagement. commissioner bill evans says safety is a top priority but believes that the union's letter is a bit much. >> the words he didn't use. they are a little offensive, but i think it is a hard time to be a police officer now, so i know where he is coming from. >> reporter: so the commissioner says the department is reviewing all of his policies to eif there are any changes that can be made. the latest in boston, nicole oliverio, 7news, today in new england. people in boston are expressing concerns of the police department's body camera program. police commissioner william evans and city councillors
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at a public hearing last night. many are upset officers have not been wearing body cameras. even though police officials say the program would start last month. commissioner evans says so far no volunteers have come forward to wear the cameras and that he will likely have to assign officers to be a part of the program. happening today, governor charlie baker will be signing new regulation -- legislation to regulate services like uber and lyft. backgroundck from logan and the convention center but will not require fingerprinting. john hinckley was declared legally insane after he shot president reagan back in 1981. and last week, a federal judge ruled the 61-year-old is no longer a danger to himself or others. once released, hinckley will be required to live with his mother in virginia. new this morning an airplane
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the cargo plane overshot the runway and slid through the airport fences. part of the plane blocking traffic. we are headed into the olympic zone, and things are about to get wild in rio. the opening ceremony officially kicking off the games tonight. gi gisele bunchen will take part. here she is at thursday at one of the ceremony's dress rehearsals. oh, yeah, she is exci soccer legend pele. speculation he may light the called reason do; however, health concerns may prevent him from doing so. we will ewhat happens. tourists seeing the sites in rio are being greeted by heavily armed soldiers from christ the redeemer to the sands of the copacabana beach, police are looking for any signs of threat. they are looking for high alert
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when the opening ceremonies our first look at team usa. >> christa: including folks from here in new england who are ready to compete and bring home the gold. nancy chen is rio with a look at the athletes you want to watch. >> reporter: dozens of local athletes coming down to rio. we came to south america, i had a chance to talk to them about their journeys. >> reporter: six olympic medals and one super bowl ring. needham returning for her second olympic games as the captain of the gymnastic. she and the fierce five were to be reckoned with. and now she is ready to do it again. >> nothing like competing the olympics and have everybody come and watch. >> reporter: made history when she became the first american to win gold in judo. she is ready to defend her title, but during her conversation, he admitted she
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>> when you care this much, you are going to be nervous about what the result is going to be and i know ultimately i am prepared and i have done everything in my power to be ready. >> reporter: native elizabeth byzel is looking to make a plash. the third olympic appearance for the captain of the u.s. swim team and excited to make the most of it. >> i am excited of swimming first day and seven days of watching the olympics. watching the best sporting ev it will be really exciting. i am so excited. >> the to he limb pick games is the first for new england patriot safety nate edner. he said he would take a leave of absence to try out for the u.s. rugby olympic team and paid off. >> part of one of the biggest sports competition in the world and how do you not want to be a part of that. really those thoughts are what flooded my mind along with what
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>> reporter: they will be going up against the best in the world, but hoping to bring hardware back to new england. in rio, nancy chen, today in new england. a preview teen she has with her co-captain alison smith that involves rhianna's song called "cheers." >> we do it at every meet and we did it at trials and will do it tradition that we do and we statistically swim faster before our races. something we want to do. and just something that really helps us enjoy it and keeps it light. it can get serious at olympics. >> christa: your home for the summer games. so much to tell you about that we are adding an extra half
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from 4:30 until 7:00. parts of the uniforms team usa will be wearing right here in new england. trouble for donald trump. another gop lawmakers saying he refuses to back the nominee. warm and dry for us again today, but tomorrow is a different story. expect scatter showers and storms. more ahead in the forecast. a home leveled in connecticut while people are inside. inside. what we know about that blast. pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record.
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and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down.
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. so, you know, it is something like saturday is not going to be the best day weather-wise. so i am feeling like we can just replace today. right, make this our saturday. and we just have to get out of this work thing. >> sarah: yeah, that's right, bri, see you later. >> bri: the responsibility?
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gif of ferris bueller. play hooky go to the beach. temperatures are 70s across the board which is impressive because we started in the 50s in many spots heading to upper 80s. even 90 not out of the question. highs tomorrow will be similar to what you saw here and it will be muggier. you will notice a difference and will feel warmer tomorrow even though numbers are similar. foodie forecast. food tastes better when you eat it outside in the 80s. music at fenway if you are planning on jamming out also hear they are performing on sunday at fenway, looks great as well. i mention the humidity stays in check for us today. i said it several times before, 60 degrees is a good threshold, a good marker. anything above that is humid. anything below that is manageable. today humidity remains manageable and creeps up tomorrow. the warmth, the humidity, the lift provided by a front moving on through and you get scattered hours and storms.
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humidity back in check. you get the sunshine back, and we also get the warmth around, comfortable warmth with the humidity levels lowering. high pressure still in control and take a look what is happening out to the west. we are already seeing showers and storms working through the midwest ahead of this cold front swaeping through for tomorrow. so timeline on this. pretty broad strokes here and chooser on wind and what they bring. we are watching out for the potential of strong to severe storms not out of the question with some of these storms they get out of control here. i think midday into the afternoon, that threat for storms subsides as we head into the evening hours. main concern or main threat will be for strong straigh straight-line damaging wind gusts and also for localized heavy rainfall. we need the rain and more on that daniel gersch.
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you may not want the rain for tomorrow but any rain we can squeeze out we really do need. this is the drought monitor and this orange is severe drought. stretches from manchester to new hampshire as well. lawrence and reading really interesting to point out from june 1 to august 2, this has been their driest period on record for those two cities. they have seen 20 to 30%. just 20% to 30% of the rainfall they usually see in those two areas. since june 1st, our rain deficit around 5 inches in boston and worcester and we really do need the rain and is interesting. since january 1 the definite between 7 and 8 inches. in boston we picked up 17 inches of rain and sounds like a lot but far below where we should be. heading to the lake, as bri was mentioning chance of storms on saturday. look good. cooler along the cape and pleasant with temperatures in the low 80s and the three for those showers in the evening on saturday.
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bri, back to you. >> bri: thanks, danielle. we can buy some of those raindrops but won't be a drought buster. partly cloudy, 63 to 69. not as cool as it has been. tomorrow mostly cloudy with the afternoon thunderstorms. we will just have to keep an eye to the sky. the seven-seven forecast in the 80s and into the beginning of next week with things heating up by midweek, an extra round of showers and storms for wednesday >> christa: bri, thank you. the harvard university club taking a stand. the harvard nominee they will not be endorsing. a smokey situation. a car burst into flames right
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ntenders. we are back at 8:21 with the latest for the race for the white house. from the harvard republican club. club will not be endorsing the gop nominee for president. by the way the first time in 128 years that the organization has not backed the republican nominee. in a statement the club says that trump lacks the temperament and character necessary to be president. more bad news for republican nominee. new polls showing hillary clinton continuing to grow her lead against donald trump, this as more politicians back down from endorsing their party's
9:22 am
stands for you are fired or stands for you are hired. >> reporter: as hillary clinton hammers away as how donald trump does business. >> he has cheated contractors. i take that personally. >> reporter: several new polls put her in the lead. clinton is up 9 points in the latest nbc "wall street journal" journal poll. 15 according to mcclatchy maris and significant leads in michigan and florida. trump is down in double digits in new hampshire and pennsylvania and wisconsin does no the look good either. wisconsin. i don't think he helped him self in his own party where his support is soft with picking a fight with the most popular republican politician. right now a lack of enthusiasm for him. >> reporter: trump is not backing house speaker paul ryan, but his running mate is. i. >> i said mike, you like him, he said yes, go ahead and do i it. go ahead. >> reporter: says he won't vote
9:23 am
losing a very winnable electio election. >> reporter: he is back where it all started in iowa. president obama said trump's claim that the election process is rigged is ridiculous. also this morning, there are questions swirling around trump's wife's immigration status and how she became a u.s. citizen. photos of when she was a young model and now they are questioning when she came to the u.s. she said she came here legally in 199 taken in new york at 1995. next in new england, a stolen bike back to where it belongs. why one young boy thinks it is so special to have it returned. a major makeover that started on one boston day.
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closed captioning is brought to you by luna. push. a teenager from beverly is thrilled to have his bike back again after it was stolen from outside his family's home. now the bike had belonged to aidan regan's brother who passed away in january. a 7news viewer spotted it thursday saying someone tried to bring it on a train. the conductor refused, and the person left the bike there, >> tried to get it on the train. not followed up on it and he took the time to call. gratefully called. >> thank you very much. and i would be nothing -- i would be nothing without this bike. >> christa: police are reviewing the surveillance footage to find the person who stole it. the pediatric intensive care room with a big reveal after a major makeover. it was all part of giving back
9:27 am
sponsors who made donations so the hospital could purchase the furniture. now the once dreary white room is filled with color and toys. a place for families to wait. >> you want this space to be as warm and exciting as possible when someone is going through one of the most traumatic experiences in their entire life. >> this room was always very importantnd how unwelcoming it was until you did your makeover. >> reporter: so after the marathon bombings, the hospital admitted 21 patients. local businesses like uber of boston and signature staffing helped with the room. and i love all the pictures on the walls and the colors and the toys. >> christa: looks so much more homey and i was wondering how that project turned out. >> i am glad we showed those. the next half hour, more
9:28 am
spending her time in brazil before he takes the gymnastic floor. shower and storms tomorrow and hot and humid. the forecast ahead. sunny here in boston. in rio, a gorgeous live shot. the olympic opening ceremony just hours away. can you believe it?
9:29 am
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blown apart. a connecticut home is leveled. children among those pulled from the wreckage. and trouble in a tunnel flames consuming a car on the mass pike. and team usa sporting new uniforms in rio. see the fashions some created right here in new england. this is 7news today in new england archdiocese sarah
9:31 am
i am sarah french. >> christa: i am krista del camp. talking about fashion, pretty much the same status quo we have been bringing you the last couple of days. >> sarah: bri: beautiful summer weather rolls on in store for us today. we are already in the low to middle 70s. warming up very quickly as we did the last couple of days. mostly sunny, low humidity. this is key. you will notice the difference in tomorrow while our highs tomorrow will be similar to today, add the humidity in and can feel even warmer. re we are watching out for scattered showers and storms into tomorrow afternoon and early evening hours. sunday looks to be the better of the two weekend days. more details to come on those storms in just a few minutes. happening now, investigator trying to figure out what went wrong after a home exploded in connecticut. debris from the blast scatte scattered, and people had to be pulled from it. >> christa: that included children who were hurt as well and we are hearing from people who witnessed the whole thing. >> i was cooking in my
9:32 am
>> it felt like the car hit a building. >> reporter: a huge explosion rocking this vernon, connecticut home and the force of the blast sending piece this was home flying when it collapsed.four people including a 7-year-old child had to be pulled from the debris. when police got there one adult and two children were outside the collapsed house. the young child had to be pulled from what was left of the home has significant injuries. >> what i can tell you so far at least four people, we when it collapsed. several of them were outside when responders arrived. they were injured and have been transported to the hospital. since i have been here, rescue crews pulled at least one injured child from the home. a young child. >> one guy in the very beginning was taking a away debris like where the front porch would be. we could hear him and at least we knew -- sorry, you know, that they were okay. >> reporter: you can see police digging through the debris trying to figure out exactly
9:33 am
and the explosion not leaving behind much. right now that 7-year-old boy remains in serious condition. right now, waltham police are looking for a person of interest in a gem break in. they say this man may have been involved at the break-in as the planet fitness on kleman tis avenue. it happened last week and if you have any information, contact police. weston police are looking for this man who was involved in a suspicious incident. a woman told police he walked into her house where her staying. the door was unlocked. the man started speaking english and the woman could not understand him. they want to find out if this was a break-in or a big misunderstanding. martha coakley is helping the cambridge family who fired a wrongful death lawsuit against irish nanny ainsley mccarthy. she is working with another
9:34 am
1-year-old daughter. it was initially ruled as a homicide but murder charges were dropped last year. a car going up in flames on the mass pike, and this happens in the tunnel on interstate 90 yesterday afternoon. you can see the smoke coming from the car before it finally burst into flames right there. right now police are investigating after they made a big drug bust at a home in quincy. investigators seizing $175 million worth of cocaine this apartment and they claim they found $65,000 in cash, but no arrests so far have been made. caught on camera the roof collapses in a subway station in shanghai, china. passengers had to run away from the collapse. the recent damp weather caused part of the roof to corrode. a large alligator has been removed from a home in west springfield. police found the six-foot-long animal at the back yard enclosure at the main street
9:35 am
heading back to the owe limb bic zone, the u.s. olympians will be decked out in some amazing outfits with a trick up their sleeves to make them even cooler. parts of them were made right here in new england. >> sarah: a look at how they were made. nancy chen has the story. >> reporter: ot he limb pick athletes will all be decked out in their special uniforms tonight and part of the parts made in new england and i had a chance to get a closer look. before the athletes their uniform and go for gold. they will dress in red, white and blue for the opening ceremony. and step on to the international stage, they will be wearing shoes that were made in maine. >> i have great pride in the fact we will make shoes that will be seen on the world stag stage. >> reporter: approached mike rancor and rancor and company last year. >> i was so proud to be asked and the answer, of course, was yes. >> reporter: the mission for he
9:36 am
closing ceremonies. >> for women a size 5 all the way to a size 16. and for the men, a size 6 and went all the way up to a size 18. >> reporter: took six months to create 1100 pairs for athletes and officials. >> when you get to those extremes whether small or large, it does pose some challenges. >> reporter: the workers paying attention to every details. >> the athletes are standing up for this country and they are doing what it is we do and they get >> reporter: the pride shared by new england shirt company. >> a great thrill to do something for country >> reporter: contacted by ralph lauren the shurts that team usa will make for the closing ceremonies. >> we didn't know what the shirts will look like so excit excited to have the possibility and we saw the shirts themselves and how expressive they were for lack of a better term, it becomes pretty exciting.
9:37 am
they were able to do this. >> reporter: nearly 500 shirts were handcrafted in a factory that dates back to 1883. every item going through intense inspections. >> i mean these are national and international worldwide visual products, and so obviously they wanted to make sure that they were absolutely spot-on perfect. >> reporter: perfect and patriotic items made in new england. keep an eye out for those olympic outfits tonight england. aly raisman is excited to be competing. she will be competing for the first time. raisman said she has been ge getting to know olympic athletes including usain bolt and almost flipped over the table to meet him in the dining hall. not the only star athlete she got to meet. >> i mean, usain bolt very briefly.
9:38 am
around the best athletes in the world and i have been having a lot of fun penetrating and meeting other athletes and everyone here is excited and here for the same reason and nice to bond over all the hard work and how excited we are to represent our country. >> sarah: pope francis showing his support for the athletes ahead of the opening ceremony. he said good luck to the athletes in rio 2016. may you be messengers of good will approximating spirit. there is so much excitement that we are adding an extra half hour of "today in new england" starting on monday. all the highlights from 4:30 until 7 a.m. >> christa: an extra dose of energy. >> sarah: more coffee that half hour. >> christa: i understand cooking up a summer dish. >> sarah: for coming up? oh, i thought you were talking about next week. >> christa: maybe not
9:39 am
>> lobster rolls. i can't wait for that. >> the sox trying to get back to their winning ways in seattle, but were the mariners too much for boston to handle? warm today, hot and muggy tomorrow, which also means we will be looking out for summe summertime storms. more on the forecast ahead.
9:40 am
pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte
9:41 am
you're making this up! no, no, no she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15?
9:42 am
welcome back. 9:41. another live look at rio. gorgeous day. our own nancy chen is there. she has been doing reports all morning long, and it is hard to believe that the opening ceremonies are tonight. >> christa: i can't wait for it and a breathtaking view there. the ocean and the mountains and -- >> sarah: we have the ocean here and perfect weather as well. great weather. >> christa: nothing on us bri. >> bri: nothing too shabby closer tom the temperatures warm up. specifically martha's vineyard a record low at 46. beating the previous record set back in 2013. we are already in the low mid-70s across the board and we are headed for the mid and upper 80s for this afternoon flirting with 90 degrees in many spots. the numbers will be very similar tomorrow, but it will look and feel differently, because the humidity is on the increase. enjoy the beaches today. dry warmth that is still in store for us.
9:43 am
friday's forecast because august is national golf month if you didn't know that. hitting the links today. looks like a warm one and dew dew points staying in check. i think 60 degrees is a good threshold for dew points. more than that is when it starts to get a little sticky. you might be feeling it beverl beverly, nashua, any less than that is really manageable amount of humidity. that will change as we get into tomorrow. it is not only warm, but it is also muggy making it feel warmer than the air temperature so pan mass challenge doesn't look too bad all things considered, but tomorrow might be some delays there because we will be watching out for not just the warm and humid hair to enter into the picture but scattered showers and storms. taking a look to our west, we are already seeing the storms fire up in the midwest specifically in -- south of chicago for today. and we will watch that activity as we he head into the afternoon. daytime heating fueling those
9:44 am
tomorrow afternoon. midday i would say around lunchtime into early evening we will be watching out for that keeping an eye on the sky. be aware of all the your surroundings because of the outdoor activities. severe risk. the spc has put us under the marginal category that some of the storms will get feisty enough for marginally close. watch out for that. a closer look at the timeline. after lunchtime until we hit the early evening hours and the three the main threat here will be strong damaging straight line wind gusts and also locally heavy rainfall. unfortunately, though, doesn't look like a drought buster, and for more on our dry conditions, danielle gersch. >> danielle: from lawrence to reading, june 1st from now to august. their rainfall is 20% to 30% where it needs to be 8 inches. fort lawrence and reading both those places are the driest
9:45 am
we do need rain. all this orange is where we are in a severe drought. so most of the state is in a severe drought. a moderate drought. we will take any rain we can get at this point. since june 1, since about a couple of months ago, our rain deficit is around 5 inches. we have only seen under two and a quarter inches in boston. we definitely need the rain and since january 1, our rain deficit running 7 to 8 inches behind where we lake, a nice weekend. upper 80s today and tomorrow. watch for scattered storms tomorrow and 80 degrees a pleasant day on sunday. south going to the cape. nice weekend for that as well. maybe some storms on saturday and temperatures sunday in the low 80s. the rest of the forecast, bri, back to you.bea be >> bri. not a lot of 90s. we will be enjoying the 8 80-degree temperatures. temperatures will not be as cool as they have been because
9:46 am
tonight. tomorrow, mostly cloudy throughout the day for all of us. and then watching out for those afternoon and evening storms. a look at your 7 on 7 forecast. again, not showing that boost in temperatures until we get into the next week. sunshine for tuesday. but another round of showers and storms possible as we work into wednesday. >> christa: nothing says summer like a forecast like you just saw or lobster, right. >> sarah: so good, right. i found this perfect recipe when you are in the mood for a classic sea treat. this is called a double lobster roll. let's take a look at what's cooking. >> reporter: art bar located at the royal sinesta hotel in dambridge serves seasonal cue subpoena everybody thinks look administer. >> reporter: staple the twin lobster roll. >> the most popular menu item. >> reporter: start with your lobster. >> if you get it any higher
9:47 am
flavor. >> reporter: place the lobster in boiling water. >> head first. >> reporter: cook for 30 minutes and then ice bath. >> stop the cooking process as quick as possible. >> reporter: chill until completely cooled and then ten minutes and break them down. >> separate the claws, then do the tail, same thing with a little twist with the claw. put it down on the board and push down. this is a big claw and i push it left to right to loosen it. and now this to get out. now time to crack the claw. >> lay it down flat. >> reporter: all right. >> don't be shy. there is a reason they call them hard-shelled lobsters. turn them over to the other side and we will do the same. i think they gave you a trick lob officer. >> reporter: now time to open up the claw. >> be careful. you got it. >> reporter: then the knuckle.
9:48 am
tail. >> take your towel, point it over so you don't get plashed. you want to give it a good crack. the shell open like that and the whole guy comes right out. >> look at that. >> reporter: remove the vein and time to chop off the meat. >> pieces. >> reporter: lemon juice, mayo, salt and pepper. add to to your lobster. >> not too mayonnaisey chef brian grills up hotdog rolls. >> sarah: so much better with the bun like that. the package is probably too long, but the chef i loved him. took a huge bite and he is like -- oh, okay. he had to take a drink of water. we will have to do that again. >> christa: funny. retake, retake. had to be one of the most labo labor-intensive segments. >> sarah: once you got lieu
9:49 am
sailing. building our teams in rio. some of our team usa are singing ahead of the games. a painting for papi with a local twist. this gift from the mariners where the massachusetts
9:50 am
9:51 am
looks like the red sox are getting back on track. it didn't come easy. boston needed extra innings to take down seattle. brock holt delivered a base hit up the middle. short stop o'malley dove for i it. couldn't prevent it. travis shaw and the winning run and the red sox won it 3-2. the game didn't get over until 2 a.m.
9:52 am
visit a foot specialist in north carolina today. he sprained his left ankle two months ago. he is working to rehab that injury. he is hoping to return to the field before the end of the season. so yesterday we showed you a portrait that david ortiz received as a retirement gift from the mariners. turns out the artist who pain painted it is from stoughton and we spoke what it was like -- or he did, to painting is for one of his favorite player players. >> i have a few friends that work at rock nation, which is robinson canoe's agency. he did see my work through social media and things like that. and he wanted to -- they wanted to do something for david for his last year. >> christa: so the mariners gave ortiz the original contract he signed with the team. seattle signed him in 1992 but the mariners traded him in 1996 before he made his major league debut. a group of children got to spend a special day at the zoo with the boston celtics.
9:53 am
with children. the chance had a -- the children had a chance to enjoy the rides and he took them to some of the exhibits. fun photos. i love it. >> christa: olympians hard at work training for their events. >> sarah: some of them are having fun on the road doing a
9:54 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. an donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh.
9:55 am
the opening ceremony is tonight and we are in the olympic zone. hundreds of athletes from team usa getting ready to get their first taste of the game in rio. >> christa: before they do, a few of them are having a little fun. you will love this. 7's nancy chen has more on how they are belting out a few tunes along the way. >> is anybody going to play music. >> reporter: the u.s. swim team
9:56 am
stars not only in the swimming pool but a carpool as well. ?[singing] ? we are all all right ? >>reporter: the team posting this video on social media, and you can see just how seriously they took it. >> carpool karaoke. >> reporter: michael phelps, missy franklin and rhode islan island's own elizabeth bizel some of the swimmers belting it ? ? ? ? [singing] ? with my hands up ? ? you know i am going to be okay ? ? yeah ? ? it is a party in the usa ? ? yeah ? ? it's a party in the usa ? >>reporter: now you may remember the u.s. swim team broke out to "call me maybe" to
9:57 am
that got 10 million views. this video quickly going viral as well. in rio, nancy chen, 7news in new england. >> christa: oh, my. just a reminder we are your home for the summer games. we have a lot it talk about and adding an extra half hour on today in new england. you can catch without the highlights at 4:30 until 7:00. check the forecast with bri eggers. gorgeous, bri. >> bri: beautiful as well. pearl jam p staying the 80s, watching out for scattered storms and showers for tomorrow afternoon and then things heat up as we head into next week. look, i distracted myself. archdiocese sarah what did you just sing? >> can't find a better man. >> sarah: you were singing pearl jam. >> christa: channelling eddy vedder and the weather. >> sarah: we love bri. >> christa: that was good. i am krista del camp.
9:58 am
can you tell it is friday. see you back here for 7news at noon. have a great day. have a great day. two years ago, silvertech had 40 to 50 employees. now we have 60 to 70.
9:59 am
we had about 70 employees a few years ago, we have over a hundred today. chynoweth: businesses like mine see how maggie hassan keeps this economy moving. mary collins: she's controlled spending and she's balanced the budget. narrator: and cnbc named new hampshire the most business-friendly state in the country. i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message because we need to show washington how we get things done
10:00 am
this morning on "today's take," country superstar blake shelton hits our stage for one of the biggest concerts of summer. then, ben affleck's wardrobe malfunction has got everybody talking. and we're throwing rules out the window with the ultimate pizza for breakfast. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: frombc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ? got a big crowd out on the plaza, and there's a good reason for it. blake shelton putting on a show, just killing it out there on the plaza. he's going to sit with us in a few minutes, do another song for us. stick around this hour. i'm willie geist with al and


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