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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  August 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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sister priscilla fondly remembers her former student as she proudly shows us the lowell native's old yearbook where you can see a smiling then eighth grader of a young man who would grow up to a well like and respected college baseball star. he was fun loving, he was very, very outgoing boy, friendly kind of guy, guy you would like to have as a friend. >> reporter: the sister said she was in shock to learn her former student that relowed to california with his family spot in san francisco the now 20-year-old college pitcher gunned down while playing pokemon go with a friend of the investigators mystified by murder saying reilly was shot in the chest saturday evening. that shootings here are unusual. back in lowell, she says her community is praying for calvin and his family. you expect students to grow old gracefully. you don't like to hear that they have been shot violently. you can't love somebody that
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and not feel it and not let it touch you. >> reporter: we did approach reilly's family here locally but understandably they are very, very upset and overcome by emotion. there is a go fund me page where at this moment there are more than $40,000 raised for his family. in lowell, kelly o'hara, 7 news. >> anchor: well, passenger frustration at airports across the country. a power outage grounding delta flights for hours. flights have re cancellations and delays all of that still lingers. amaka ubaka live at logan where there were problems all day. you can see the impact the power outage has had here. very long lines at check in, all of this because of what happened early this morning. it hasa dom no effect for customers. the power outage affected hundreds of flights all day, more than 450 flights were
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the problem not only affected flights but passengers were unable to use their mobile ap or kiosk inside the airport to check in causing long check in lines and a lot of confusion for customers. my mobile app, that wasn't working so i went to see an agent and they informed me the systems were down. i guess we'll see if my trip is going to be on or off. i am not that strayed. i just got here. we'll just deal with whatever is in front of us. >> anchor: delays will continue into the evening, customers who had a cancel or several easterly delayed flight can get a refund or rebook their flight by august 12. we have all that information on our web site at for now we're live at logan airport, amaka ubaka, 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7 horrifying moments on the world's tallest water slide. a ten-year-old boy killed after going on that ride. today the park is closed as investigators piece together
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safety concerns at that park. in kansas city, kansas tragedy on a popular water slide. we are saddened to share that a young boy died. >> anchor: that young boy is kansas lawmakers scott schwab's son caleb. witnesses describe the boy going down the drop of the world's tallest water slide thursday then going air born over the next hill colliding with the safety net. extremely horrible. i have two 12-year-olds with me today and >> reporter: the park was closed an access to that water slide was blocked. park guests jessica lundvist said families were scrambling to find out what happened. i just saw everyone's faces as they waited to see if their t was their loved one that was affected. >> reporter: a spokesperson said it is the first death on the slide. >> reporter: we don't know what's. that's why an investigation, a full investigation is necessary. we have to understand what happened. several guests said straps on the slides rafts were not
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a alreadiy in front of me said multiple times she road the ride today and that the front harronest disease not work any of the times she road it. the water park trying to figure out how this sunday at the park. they let you sign up without an age barrier and you think your kids are safe but they are not. >> anchor: a goo fund me page has been created to cover funeral expenses an raised $20,000 so far. a deadly blast in pakistan has killat according to authorities there. now a faction at the pakistan taliban claimed responsibility from bombing a hospital where dozens of attorneys had gathered to mourn the murder of a prominent lawyer. 92 people were hurt in that explosion. japan's emperor said he is worried about his age and declining health. the 82-year-old emperor brought his recorded thoughts on tell vision and implied he wants to hand over his duties to crown
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the emperor has had surgeries for prostate cancer and heart coronary bypass. >> anchor: turning now to the race for the white house, former massachusetts governor bill weld vying for the libertarian vp position. they are hoping to get a candidate this fall of the weld was in boston today delivering a petition that would allow him and former new mexico governor gary johnson to run for vice president and president respectively. weld spoke about his party's chance of making it to the white house saying a vo2 for a third party would not be a waste. up the middle and win the whole thing here. that's what i think will happen. but libertarians never tell other people what to do. if anyone in the commonwealth wants to waste their vote by casting it for trump or clinton, it's okay with us. >> anchor: weld also said he believes libertarian party would have support in all 50 says. >> anchor: the state fire marshall is investigating after a deadly fire that ripped through a home in west bridgewater. the flames started around five
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a man in his 50's was found dead inside his first floor apartment. the other family living in that building was able to escape. the cause is now under investigation. a man accused of taking photographs up a woman's skirt on the orange line arraigned in charlestown today. mark barry was also charged with possession of child pornography and charged that he has been convicted of twice in the past. he is being held without bail after violating parole conditions from a 2013 conviction. >> anchor: a store in jewelry heist. police say thieves dropped in right through the ceiling. sara french has more on what tipped investigators off to the crime. >> anchor: it was like a scene out of a hollywood movie. providence police arresting two men just after midnight on sunday after the suspects broke into a jewelry store by cutting a hole in the roof of the building. i believe they caught using a saws all. >> reporter: andrew king whose family owns the store says suspects weren't able to steal
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place. it was just havoc. just a lot of, you know, messes and broken ceiling and all of that, that drywall. >> anchor: the store's motion detectors sounded once the men dropped into the store. and an alarm went off that was overheard by a providence police officer. when that officer arrived at the scene, he saw a man running a way into the woods behind the building. police say the 24-year-old man was found lying on his stomach and had a black ski mask, walky talk eand providence police also found a second man in the woods, sweating and out of breath when investigators got on to the roof of the building. they fund a pair of pliers, a book bag with a saws all and multiple blades. both men were arrested and providence police say they are possibly considering a third suspect and what they are calling a well planned operation. i was hoping one of them got stuck down here. that would have been nice to catch one person but they did
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>> anchor: sara french, 7 news. >> anchor: there is more news today. the texas clock by filing a federal lawsuit in of last year 14-year-old ahmed mohamed made international headlines when he brought a handmade clock to school. one teacher thought it was a bomb and notified school authorities who then called police. now he was detained, questioned and hauled off in handcuffs even though the clock turned out to be just that, a clock. the lawsuit claims the city of irving, texas, school dis principal violated his civil rights. for the state of my family, i have to go back to qatar because right now it's not very safe for anyone that's minority. his attorney said the family has received hate mail and several death threats causing some safety concerns. as the sihka virus hits south florida, senator marco rubio said he opposes abortions for infected women. rubio told politico he wants to
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centers for disease control reported 322 cases of sihka in florida through last friday. >> anchor: wild weather inical cat as brush fires continue to burn. the san bernadino national forest up in flame, about 300 fire fighters are battling the fire but officials say it's only 5% contained. nearby residents ordered to evacuate. and the death toll rising after heavy rain triggered mud slides in mexico. investigators say 40 people died over the weekend, tr causing hillsides to just collapse on to homes. police are still searching for missing people but not sure exactly are unaccounted for. >> anchor: still ahead on 7 news we are heading into the olympic zone. michael phelps still wowing in the water. what he is saying about his incredible olympic run. >> anchor: then new at 6:00 a manhunt for a killer in princeton. a jogger murdered while out for a walk. new details we're learning in this very disturbing case. >> anchor: a bold robbery in boston. a thief steals a state police cruiser.
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pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte
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to fios is easier than ever with hassle-free installation. we'll connect your devices to the new wi-fi and there is no cost to cancel early if you change your mind within 30 days. super fast 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. go to or call 1.888.get.fios to learn more. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. >> anchor: michael phelps going for gold and showing the world he still has game. yesterday the athlete swam the second leg of the four by 100
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of france. it also earned him his 19th gold medal. >> anchor: today phelps swam at his first individual rio event. that's the 200 meter butterfly. as nancy chen shows us, his competitive drive is keeping him in the water. what do you do when you have already won the most medals in olympics history? you go for more. that's what michael phelps is it will be a gold medal for the united states! it is the end of an era this was the last medal i will ever swim for. mpetitive race from in london, a man driven about i a consistent de h thing once i hang up my goggles is i don't want to have a what if. never want to have one of those. i doesn't want to look back and have a what if. that's the biggest thing at the end of the day.
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>> anchor: after announce his retirement phelps went through difficult times but a drunk drivving a rest led him to a transformation. he started swimming, reconnecting with his estranged father and started preparing for his own journey as a dad. i got this part. i think i nailed it. i think i got it in. this is how i will be coming into the village. watch out. you think back to 2000 i was a little boy at 15 and now i am getting ready for ri i could have my first child watch me compete for my last time. >> anchor: phelps is back in rethe what ifs he seeks to avoid are known to him alone. we do know the greatest olympian of all-time still wants to compete and when he competes he almost always wins with his relay team win he added to his collection but if he wins an
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the oldest american swimmer to take home an olympic gold. in reoh, nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: now the picture of the day coming to us from michael phelps son. boomer phelps posting on instagram here likely with a little help from mom, right? he posted thanks for sharing your gold medal with me, dad. i love you and can't wait until i get to seboomer with mo his fiance say nicole johnson. phones to sort of block out that really thunderous cheer he crowd. boomer mom and grandmom had plenty to cheer about of course after the swim team's big relay win. >> anchor: love the head phones. they are so stylish. just like dad. >> anchor: he will have have to get a picture of him and show it to him later. still ahead here on 7 news, a wedding, one would you el will is helping a bride connect with her father. >> anchor: more sunshine tomorrow and the chance of
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the forecast is up next. >> anchor: a community shaken. the body of a woman found in the woods in princeton. police now looking for her killer. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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>> reporter: fantastic tomorrow, much like today, mostly sunny skies. there will be the risk of a few scattered showers and storm wednesday around really the dew point temperatures jump so tomorrow is a comfortable day with a dew point down in the 50's. then by wednesday, thursday and friday we haven't seen that very often because we are in a drought so if the ground is dry it's tough to pull moisture out of the ground if there is no moisture in the ground. that changes i think wednesday and beyond. the humidity is going to jump and the humidity rising will lead to the risk of a few scattered showers and storms wednesday afternoon and again friday. right now 70's and 80's bedford
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with us for the rest of tonight and through the day tomorrow. then it will be this weather system right here that will just kind of begin to slowly drift to the north and up into new england. those a front and that front will generate more clouds and risk of some showers and storms. scattered on wednesday afternoon. for tonight mostly clear and comfortable lows 55 to 65, tomorrow lots of sunshine in the morning, a few more clouds in the afternoon, low humidity, temperatures tomorrow 82 to 87. wednesday again as that front gets closer showers and storms. not widespread. would not be a bad thing though being we are in a serious drought. so here you go, our time line on wednesday morning shows clouds on increase and these green blobs indicating showers and storms. you notice darker color green south of the mass pike versus north i think this is where we have a higher chance of seeing the rain and perhaps downpours and thunderstorms and most of that activity stays to the south of the mass pike but even as we
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shades of green do work north up into massachusetts. so at least we have a chance of picking up beneficial rain. most towns again with these showers and downpours a third to a half inch of rain, lighter amounts 209 north and when you get under a downpour even though this is one of our models indicating a third or four tenths of an inch in taunton and for wood the atmosphere will be loaded up with moisture on wednesday so some of you may walk away with an inch of some beneficial rain from those downpours on wednesday. that also will add a lot temperatures on wednesday near 80 the thursday and friday partly sunny skies, low 90's and we may be looking at a heat wave by the start of the weekend. but also continuation of some scattered showers and storms saturday and sunday. see you at 6:00. >> anchor: one bride's walk to remember, she wanted her father to be there but he passed away ten years ago. so she asked a total stranger to take his place. >> anchor: that stranger was a recipient of a heart that her father donated.
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it has been the best day of my life. generally is officially a married woman and she says this day wouldn't have been possible without this man, arthur thomas. you can never imagine what that would be like unless you actually do it because there are so many emotions involved in what you are doing. >> anchor: arthur, fondly known as tom, traveled from new jersey to walk jenny down the aisle in pennsylvania since jenny's thank you so much. are you kidding? jenny met tom on the eave of her wedding when she felt her father's heartbeat for the first time in ten years. jenny's father was murdered in 2006. tom received michael's heart after his death. i was on death's door when he was murdered and i needed a
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days.. >> reporter: so generally asked tom if he would do the honors in a letter. i was just so thankful that my dad could be here with us today in spirit and a piece of his physical being as well. that was really, really special for us. i was just overtaken by emotions when i finally saw her walking down, the most beautiful woman in the world that i have ever seen before. what greater honor could daughter of the man whose given his heart to him, i can't imagine a greater honor. >> anchor: nick emons, 7 news. >> anchor: what a sweet story. up next the internet all abuzz about this photo. a celebrity look alike on the u.s. archerry team. good evening, everybody. i'm kim khazei. great to be with us, i'm adam i am. we are following breaking news. there is a man hunt on for a killer in princeton.
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about. tonight the warning from police and the latest on the investigation. also a state police cruiser stolen then dumped. who took it for a ride? we'll head back to rio for the latest on local olympian alley rays manman. we'll talk to her parents about heart stopping moment as they cheer her on. all of that and much more.
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>> anchor: a member of the u.s. archerry team getting a lot of looks on-line because of his appearance. some say bernie ellisson looks a lot likely oh dicaprio. he helped u.s. earn the ville silver in the competition. i can kind of see of it a little bit. >> anchor: i think the olympian is cuter. is thatfair? >> anchor: whatever opinion you like. >> anchor: thank you. >> anchor: you can see the resemblance. >> anchor: lu >> anchor: another star seem to have personed her ticket to reo.leslie jones has been tweeting up a storm during the olympics. >> anchor: apparently her posts have earned her some invites. 7's nancy chen explains. >> reporter: comedian leslie jones going for gold on twitter. i already got my medals ready. we ready for the olympics 2016. >> reporter: the saturday night live star showing her support for team u.s.a. u.s.a.! in the house!
5:58 pm
we talking about go u.s.a.! s is she has been live tweeting the rio olympics. go, ledecky! seriously, dude, do you know how hard a grass stain is to get out of your knees? >> reporter: her feed is fantastic. this is most aggressive game of ping-pong i have ever seen and i'm scared. >> reporter: one of her followers so impressed he thought she deserved a spot on the olympic commentary team and twee nbc olympics agreed and made an offer tweeting okay, leslie jones, you are officially invited to rio. want to come? it sounds like jones's game, jones writing hmmm, don't play because you all need me. i would have the whole olympics pumped. nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: we understand she just feeted she is packing to go down there. can you imagine her showing up next to bob does as at some point. the ratings will be big. >> anchor: i have to see it myself. >> anchor: another 30 minutes
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i'm ryan schulteis. >> anchor: i'm jadiann thompson. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: the search for a killer in a frightened community. a woman murdered after going out for a jog. >> anchor: breaking news. stolen from southie, found in somerville, police searching for the person who stole a state police cruiser. a hot star in the olympic zone. needham's alley rays man shines in her debut. >> anchor: michael phelps providing a spark to bring home gold. >> anchor: first at 6:00 breaking news in princeton. police say a woman who was murdered while out for a jog had burns all over her body. just another stunning detail in this crime that has left that community shaken. >> anchor: understandably. tonight police are searching for a killer. we have night team coverage, team coverage of this breaking news starting with steve cooper who is live for us of steve? well, adam, we just checked with police and at thisur
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means a killer is on the run at this hour. that has everyone around here pretty anxious tonight, especially because this is the first time in more than three decades that there has been a murder in this community. stuff doesn't happen in princeton. we're just shocked. >> reporter: er in are frayed and residents are on edge following the murder of 27-year-old vanessa marcot. her body found last night in the woods off book station road just a half mile from her mother's house. ur burns to her head, hand and fee. we do know know if this was a random act we are asking residents of princeton and surrounding areas to use an abundance of caution. she graduated from honors from bu in 2011 and was living in new york where she worked for google as an account manager. the da said she had been in princeton for a true days visiting her mother and go gone for a walk or jog around 1:00


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