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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> eastern attack in east boston sending two people to the hospital. >> donald trump turning head with another controversial comment this one about who founded isis. >> big poppy in pain. david ortiz helped off the familied after this injury to his leg. good thursday morning everybody. thanks for joining i'm sarah french. i'm chris vallero -- i'm going to send it over to chris lambert. stay cool and hydrated and avoid strenuous activity. heat advisory for most area with the exception cape and island buzzard bay. it won't be as hot out there as rest of us. 83 in boston. 83 norwood. you look at the humidity.
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this is thick humidity. yo-yo press civil stuff that will stay with us over the next several day. we have a couple of scattered showers and storm over connecticut. maybe one or two that try to drift through the skies. but the theme here is the high heat and humid yid. 96 in boston. you factor in the dewpoint levels that will be running into the 70s and what it will feel like outside the heat index. 100, 102, 10 # at times. stay hydrated sthchl take it easy. we storms over the weekend. more on that forecast, ahead. he time for fast track traffic. here's danielle gersh. thanks, sarah. good morning, everyone. it's still slow going out there. here's a look at 39. slowly as cars make their way through summerville. this is what it looks like back to 128. let's look at the expressway this rn poing. stop and go traffic. it's all a little bit slow southbound there too. let's go to maps northbound braintree to boston on the expressway. still half an hour this morning. you're slow around the
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route 24 and 95 look good. 128 and northbound you are slow to pike from framingham to boston stop and go. a little bit of slow and go on route 2 and route 3. let's check those drive times if you get ready to hid out the door. 24 to 25 minutes on the expressway. braintree to boston. and then 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge. 21 minutes this morning. back the you guys. a back bay neighborhood on high alert this moring. after a women attacked and robbed by group of teenagers. let's head out live once again to the back bay. here's 7 victoria warren with the latest on the investigation. >> vicki? >> good morning. really scary situation that this women described. she said she was out walking when all of a sudden a group of teenagers came at her. >> a member of teens surround a young women and suddenly attack her. plates say it happened in the back bay a little bit after 10:00 tuesday night.
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hour. and we have a newborn baby. it's obviously very scary. neighbors on edge, police say there were about a dozen takens both boys and girls. the women was marlboro street. this is thought as one of the safest neighborhoods in boston. it's obviously disconcerting. the group of teens ran off. police searched the area but didn't find them. it sounds like it's time for someone to take tom make sure the neighborhood is being watched and taken care of. is that has to stop. a big draw for us in boston generally a real safe environment and friendly neighborhood vibe. and it's too bad. it's sad and uncomfortable. as scary as this situation was for this women, physically she was okay. she's checked out by paramedic. but she didn't have to go to the hospital. live this morning in the back bay.
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police are investigating after a man was stabbed at a home in dorchester, early this morning. investigators say the victim was stabbed six times in the stomach and the chest. and a stabbing in east boston on chelsea to report. one person suffering serious injuries and a second person also taken to the hospital. we're following up on breaking news an explosion sparks a massive fire at an apartment building outside of washington, d.c. fire crews are still on the still reported missing >> do you know 30 people were rushed to the hospital because of this. the fire started just before midnight after this apparent natural gas explosion and then the gas just continued to feed those flames. firefighters a mile away felt that explosion and they rushed to the scene. it took them hours to finally knock down the flames. several people as we mentioned were trapped inside. >> they were rescued by ladders and firefighters.
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several other building were damaged in the explosion. and so far no word on what set off the gas explosion. an unsettling scene at fenway. pig poppy helped off thefield after fouling a ball off his chin. x-rays were negative. happened in the ninth inning in loss to yankeesment. ortiz found the ball right off right chin. he needed assistance to leave the field. the manager farrell said he hit the chin twice in four olympic zone. team u.s.a. looking really good in the water. we got a taste of the the dual in the pool between friends and rivals. michael phelps and ryan lochte. that showdown will take place. nancy chi nancy chen has more from the pool. >> reporter: at one point they were trailing by a body length
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that's until katie sunner star anger the four by 200 meter freestyle relay. >> the u.s. women. women gold. coming from behind and storming ahead of australia, leading teammate alison smith leah smith and maya to the top of the podium. i'm so excited. this is most amazing thing i've ever done i m of it and soaking it all. >> a story rivalry. a big story line tonight the showdown set between phelps and ryan lochte in the 200 meter im. both are ready for final face-off. >> we like to go in and duke it out. we bring the best out of each other. we've deny doing since 2004.
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teammates snag silver in the men's 200 meter breath stroke. as good as he's capable of doing. two members of the u.s. pace men's gymnastic missing gold. sam looked strong finished in 7th. brooks wam in 14t jenning and ross continue their dominance in their closest match yet. the americans survive switzerland. >> the two dropped the second set but came back with a decisive third. bouncing back after an injury interrupted the swiss mow mow mentum. they were able to rally to walk away with the win.
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michael hecks in winning silver last night in the men's synchronized three-meter springboard. he and teammate sam dorman competing in the olympics for the first time. and get this, yesterday, also marked the first time the two competed on an international stage together. in rio. nancy chen, 7news today. nate ebner doing all he could to keep the medal contention. ebner said he still cherishes the olympic experience. for not only the fans but for my teammates the coaches, it just i keep saying it. it just says so much about that organization. >> ebner is not done playing in rio. the u.s. takes on spain at noon
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needham native ali raisman going forgold in thewomen's gym knat statistics all around. she will be competing against samone biles who is considered the top contender. big day in competition in store for judo competitors. she's a local gal. and she will be she made history in the 2012 summer games in london when she become the first american to take gold in judo. coming up before she left she talked to nancy chen. we'll have the latest on that. let's get a look at the medal count heading into today's action. u.s. staying on top.
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china is in second with 23 total medals. japan rounding out the top 3 with 18. we have much more ahead. including tower take down. a trump tower in new york causing anxiety. a lobsterman comes up with a rare cash in the water off of plymouth. >> feels like the deep south this morning. high heat and humidity continues into the weekend.
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welcome back everybody. this lobster man making the catch of a lifetime twice. he pulled in a two-pound blue lobster. this is look. experts say only one in every 2
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so wow this is not his first time pulling in a rare catch. he caught another blue lobster 16 years ago. >> it's bright blue. >> we're looking for the can of spray paint. kidding with that. as far as today's forecast. we're definitely going to see some major heat here today. >> not only that. the major humidity. you know that walking out the door. the soupy air mass in place will send the temperature 83 in town. but you look at the dewpoint levels. 75, 76 just about as humid as it will get across southern new england. once in a while you can edge into the upper 70s or close to 80. for all intents and purposes we talk about high heat and humid yid. current heat index coming in at 90 in boston. 90 in norwood as well. the numbers above 100 this afternoon. or close to it. how do you get there?
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dewpoint of 71 that will put you at 100. that's why there's a heat advisory in place. not expecting a lot of rain today. we expect scattered showers and storm pop up through connecticut. there may be one or two that form along the line south of the mass pike into southeastern mass. isolated chance is have. more island and connecticut today. north of the mass pike limiting that rain chance passing showers or thunderstorm possible on friday and saturday in the theme here is the heat and humidity continues into the weekend. by the second half of the weekend i expect a better chance of showers and storms becoming more widespread in the afternoon. not the case out there. it's limited to south of the mass pike. much of the time is dry. we're dealing with high heat and humidity.
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many towns this afternoon. warm and humid tonight. look that. 72 to 77 for the overnight low. the air conditioner running full blast overnight tonight. you wake up tomorrow morning. likely seeing more of that dew on the window. fogginess on the windows that you saw this morning with high humidity. how about the meteor shower. that's peeking tonight. if you can get clear patches between partly cloudy skies may be able to see shooting stars out there if it's completely clear across the sky you could see up to 150 per hour you get in the hot and humid air masses the tendency for clouds to form is there. 91 to 96 tomorrow. isolated storm. we got rain yesterday. for more on what happened yesterday in terms of rainfall amount and if it will improve the drought situation over to danielle. >> much-needed rain we saw yesterday. we were on track before
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tired here with just under 2 and a half inches of rain. we definitely did need the rain. and beverly over an inch and a half. boston cloet to a quarter of an inch. the drought money monitors updated. boston in extreme drought. we need much more of the rain. temperatures in august we actually started off school. temperatures were below average. nowre boxes, above average. an average high temperature 70s into the 80s. on average we see about 14 90 degree days in boston. we're at that now. as we head into the next couple of days we will add to that number and talk abouten the possibility of another heat wave for more on that, kris, back to you. >> the high humidity stays around the dewpoint levels we're seeing in the 70s today this is
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saturday, into sunday. vacationing on cape cod. we don't want to rule it out. friday and saturday across the cape. otherwise we're featuring high humidity and we'll likely see better chances of scattered storms on sunday afternoon. sunday night. lakes region thinking saturday. scattered showers and storm widespread at times with localized downpours up that way. it's northern new england central new england over the weekend. probably get the majority of the storms. we'll get some storms down here especially sunday and some by monday we do transition back to cooler weather. with temps in the upper 70s to near 80. >> still ahead. new details after a man uses section cups to climb trump tower, what was he trying to do? >> and today is a major day for wakefield judo competitor kayla harrison. we will hear her inspired her to
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ely, michele wright fellow mom and fellow citizen. citizens bank student loans call 1-866-999-0154 to apply now. rousey. a tower take down in the big apple. a climber scaling the side of trump tower before police finally got to him. 7's jennifer eagan has more on why this man did it. . >> reporter: the 20-year-old man from virginia. police say his came to new york after posting a video on you tube saying he wanted to meet with donald trump. >> a dramatic ending as police pulled this climber through an
9:21 am
new york city in the fight to get him inside playing out hundreds of feet in the air wednesday. i reached out took hold of his hand. sir, you need to come with me. and i brought him inside with the help of my partner. >> the 20-year-old from virginia used suction cups to scale the power. he had one mission. >> he wanted a personal meeting with mr. trump. and he posted a you tube video on tuesday. that you tube video explains that he's an independent researcher and he wanted to meet with him and that's the reason building >> floor by floor the climber moved slowly up the side of trump tower trying to avoid the officer whose had busted out some window to try to grab him. down below the fire department inflated airbags in case he fell. while a group of people watched the drama playing out high above them. at certain point the climber could be seen talking to police. he kept saying the same thing. at no time did he express he wanted to hurt anybody. his sole intention was to meet with mr. trump.
9:22 am
twitter writing great job today by the nypd in protecting the people and saving the climber. >> police say the climber is undergoing a meant alhealth evaluation. in the newsroom. jennifer eagan. 7 news "today in new england." in the race for the white house donald trump facing new controversy this morning after suggesting president obama and hillary clinton founded isis. >> in many respects you know they honor president isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> trump made the remarks at rally in florida. he was taking aim at the president's foreign policy agenda. >> for her part hillary clinton plans to deliver an economic address in detroit today explaining how she wants to put family's first.
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plans for universal preschool and paid family leave. the heart of proposal to fix american's infrastructure. she made history in 2012 when she become the first american to take gold in judo. coming up next we'll talk to kayla harrison about her road to rio. and at 9:30 swimming star missy franklin taking another shot at the gold. see what is different, though,
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>> a big day ahead for women's judo. kayla harrison will look to defend her gold medal title. she's prepared and trained with
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here's nancy chen who caught up with her. >> kayla has trained with some of the best in the world in wakefield. that includes olympic medalist and former ufc champion ronda rousey. >> they are two of the strongest women in competitive fighting. kayla harrison the first to win gold in judo. ronda rousey the first american women to medal in judo now a professional mma of the sport in wakefield. ronda my roommate, training partner when i moved here. she met ronda when she moved to massachusetts at 16. she become her training partner for 2008 olympic games. even travelling to beijing. she is probably the only other girl i've ever met who hates to lose as much as me.
9:27 am
kayla said she reached out to ronda while recovering from knee surgery. >> i was feeling like pretty down and she always used to have really good play list. like ridiculous crazy weird music that i would never ever be able to find. >> i said ron, do you have any good new jams and she was like and sent me pictures of 35 songs. i'm like thank yoi. that appears to have kayla. she's here ready to defend her olympic gold title. nancy chin. 7news. >> she's amazing. >> both of them are. we catch up with missy franklin after winning four gold medals as a 17-year-old in the super swimmer hoping for an encorps in rio. no lack of heat or humidity. we don't want an encorps of that. but we will see over the next few day. >> pats gearing up for first
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>> a back pay neighborhood on alert after a women says she was robbed by a mob of teens >> a dog dies after an attack in kennel. we head back to o winning four gold medals can missy franklin repeat in rio. welcome back everybody. 9:30. keep going. we're questioning to suffer through this heat. for throw back thursday. the humidity is going to be something else out there. we've been laughing about jeremy reiner.
9:31 am
as jimmy would say oh, right. dewpoints into the mid 70. stifling stuff. at least you don't have to shovel the humidity. 83 in boston. the dewpoint level running into the mid 70s. 76 beverly. 75 in boston. 75 norwood. doesn't get much higher than that in new england. occasionally upper 70s to near 80. but this is florida like humidity in place. connecticut. best chance for some scattered showers through the day across connecticut into rhode island. may be one or two south of the mass pike. and building heat and humidity. but once you factor in the dewpoints that will be running about 72 to 75. heat index what it feels like.
9:32 am
easy out there. not the best way to do strenuous activity in the middle of the afternoon. same day tomorrow. high heat and humidity. few isolated storms friday into saturday. and finally seeing a little bit of break from this by early next week. more on this ahead. we go to a scare in a back bay neighborhood. >> a woman tells police she was attacked and robbed by teenagers. victoria warren live with the latest good morning. this women described a scary situation to police. she said she's walking in the back way when all of a sudden a group of teenagers came at her. >> a mob of teen attack her. in the back bay a little bit after 10:00 tuesday night. we have a dog. we're on walks often at that hour. and we have the newborn baby. it's obviously very scary. >> neighbors on edge. police say there were about a
9:33 am
girls. the women was on marlboro street. police say one boy punched her and then another teen stole her cell phone. this neighborhood has always been thought of as one of the safest in boston. it's obviously disconcerting. the group of teens ran off. police searched the area. but didn't find them. it sounds lake it's time for someone to take some action to make sure the neighborhood is being watched and taken care of. that has to stop. a big draw for us in boston generally environment and friendly neighborhood vibe. it's too bad. it's sad. it's uncomfortable. >> even though this was a scary situation physically the women is okay. she was checked out by paramedics. and she didn't have to go to the hospital. live this morning in the back bay. victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." there's more news today a stabbing in east boston on chelsea street. one person suffered serious injuries. a second person was also taken
9:34 am
will be facing a judge after an alarming attack that happened in waltham. the suspect stabbed a 52-year-old and 83-year-old women. this happened at a home on westin street yesterday afternoon. the 52-year-old is in critical condition. and investigator say the suspect and victims knew one another. this is very sad. it's like shocking. i got stuck in the traffic. and i washe while wondering. when i went by, i couldn't top. the suspect has been charged with assault with intent to murder. >> also a competency hearing in new hampshire happening today in celina cass murder trial. the 11-year-old step father drowned her in a river five years ago. noise's friend said he suffers from schizophrenic. >> this own owner the facing animal cruelly charge after this
9:35 am
investigator say 3-year-old golden doodle bitten more than 400 time while staying at the kennel. when they picked him up he was bitten from neck to tail. he underwent surgery but died a short time later. my daughter has nightmares. i have nightmares. there's flashbacks about the horrific scene. he needs to be shutdown so this doesn't happen again. the town has suspended the kennel's license. >> we draft king. governor baker has signed a bill to legalize the online betting games here in massachusetts. now the bill allows company such as draft king and fan dual to offer contest with cash prices. they have to meet specific regulation and the law will go into effect july of 2018. draft king ceo released the following statement on the bill. saying in part boflt is always been our home and on the behalf
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employee we want to thank governor baker and the legislature for supporting our company in the city we love. lots of action in the olympic zone. the dynamic duo getting ready for a big night after a gold medal performance in the women's gymnastic team event. needham's test their talent tonight in the all arounds. also team u.s.a. looking really good in the water. >> people are saying they leaving everyone in the wake. from we have more from rio. >> reporter: the u.s. women's four by 200 relay good as gold. at one point they were trailing by nearly a body length here at the aadequatic stadium. that until katie dove in. >> a full second behind. now a full second ahead. stunning come back by katie ledecky. anchoring the freestyle relay.
9:37 am
ahead of australia leading teammate alison schmidt leah smith to the top of the podium j i'm so excited. this was the most amazing thing i've undone in my life. >> we're so happy to be part of it. just soaking it all in. a stories rooilry. a big story line tonight. showdown between phelps and ryan lochte. he edged out last night. both now ready for face-off. days i low the most where we duke it out. we bring the best out of each other. we've been doing it since 2004. anytime i get up and race him in the best. teammates snagged silver in the breath stroke. adrian taking bronze in 100. two members of the u.s. men's gymnastic steam missing out on medals in the individual final.
9:38 am
winning his second straight olympic all around gold. but sam looked strong. finishing in 7th cris blocks came in 14th. to beach volleyball now where dominance continues in the closest match yet. >> that is it. the americans's survive switzerland. they cam back with devisive third. bouncing back after an injury interrupted the swiss olympic play. a tough test for the men's basketball team. trailing at the half against australia they were able to rally to walk away with the win. they face serbia on friday. nancy chen, 7news "today in new england." >> michael hickman winning silver. they both competed in the olympics for the first time. we got a chance to catch up with
9:39 am
thank you so much for all the support. it's so special. everyone has reached out to me. it's so awesome. unfortunately the men's rug biteam won't be coming back with any medals >> it wasn't a complete loss. patriot's safety nate ebner still made history. nancy chin talked to him. even though he didn't get gold the olympics is something he will never et eliminated on wednesday against niji. that means nate ebner will be on his way back for training camp. he leaves with great memories. nate has made history in rio. first active nfl player to participate in the olympics. the dream of adding medal when the team lost to top ranked
9:40 am
to move on if they lost by four points or less. late score by ebner tied the grab. but missed kick sealed the fate. >> hats off to fiji. they are great. that was a tough game. we didn't edge it out. ebner did it all from support from his team home. player had a watch party for his support on facebook and even cope bell belichick wore an ebner shirt at practice. there's so much love for you. what do you have to say to people back home? >> hard to put in words. can't say how much it means to me. not only the fans but my teammates and coaches. it just -- i keep saying. it just says so much about that organization. those people up there that what
9:41 am
ultimately i couldn't have done it without their blessing. and their support has pushed me through. >> ebner plans to take time to reflect on his olympic moment. but one of the highlights of rio was marching in the opening ceremony with the famous cameo from brady's wife. they will place once more against spain and will determine if they end in or ninth place. all eyes will be on needham native ali raisman tonight. she will go forwomen's all around. she said no matter what happens tonight she will still be happy. i think all the girl agree there's nothing as amazing and special as being able to win that team gold medal. whatever else happens the rest is kind of icing on top of the cake. you have got to is see this too. it appears she always knew she would be an olympian. check out this picture from a
9:42 am
the girls were asked. what would you be. >> an olympic gymnast. she definitely knew she what want. officers you can do what you set your mind to. while she's looking for more medals so is swimmer missy franklin. >> she's trying to relive the magic from the land games. how the athlete is going for gold >> four years ago at the age of 17 missy frankling won over the world with a h but a lot can happen in four years. >> reporter: missy franklin one of the most memorable athletes from the london olympics with her smile exuberance and handful of medals. she looked like the happiest girl in the world. i had the time of my life. this is most incredible week. i've never been happier. >> four years later things are different. franklin graduated from high school and started college.
9:43 am
>> you realize that you know it's not just this wonderful journey where everything is rainbows and butter flies. there's a hard patches you have to go through. >> as franklin looks to rio the pressure to perform can be debilitating. but the more experience missy knows how to experience. >> there's two ways to look at pressure and expectations. you can look at them as people really wanting you to do something and putting that pressure on yourself. you can also look a people they believe in you that want you to succeed. in spite of the pressure and uncertainty. franklin hasn't lost her spunk. she prepares for the olympic the best way she knows how with a smile. >> i always start my race with a smile. i feel like for me that's the most important part of the race knowing why i'm swimming the race and why i'm there. the smile reminds me it's because i low it and wouldn't rather be anywhere else than
9:44 am
hard work. missy franklin workout includes four hours in the pool, two hours out. six days a week. in rio nancy chin. 7news. i love that montra. it's not pressure. it's support. >>able list talks about that with women's gymnastic. the toughest thing to do be the one favored to be number one. >> they all support each other. it's great. >> 7 sports i guess sports back here alternate home is next. gillette tonight. new england set for their preseason opener. >> saints will feel like it's home. louisiana weather in new england. that will continue over the next
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welcome back. >> it's a technical term. you want to hydrate and all that good stuff. i said yuck earlier on twitter. someone said you steal the words from your 2-year-old. yuck, gross. we will call it 83 boston. here's the gross and yucky dewpoint levels running into the 70s. you don't get higher in boston. once in a while you can edge into the upper 70s close to 80. but this is about as high of humidity air mass you will see
9:48 am
current heat index 9:00 in the morning. feels like 90 in boston. 90 norwood. the heat entices will be above 100 this afternoon. not a lot of rain expected. lit not be as widespread as it was yesterday. there's a couple of showers and storm through connecticut. there may be one or two showers and thunderstorms that tries to get-going close to the south coast of southern new england. i think the best chance to see that would be any location south of the pike. more concentrated toward rhode island and back into connecticut then across massachusetts.on through southeastern mass or southern worcester county. overall the theme here over the next couple of day will be high heat and humidity. i isolated storm friday. high humidity and you can see the storms tomorrow afternoon few and far between. so maybe 20 or 30% will pick up on passing shower or thunderstorms. bottom line triple h weather.
9:49 am
locations. air temperatures running into the mid 90. a little bit cooler across the cape. joking around earlier saying the saints will feel like the home game; right? tonight temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 at gillette at 7:30. are you kidding me. humid as well. dewpoint 70s all night long. same case at fenway park into the upper 80s to near 90 first pitch. only falling back to low-to-mid 80s by the owned of the game. in fact city of boston tonight 76, 77 for the overnight low. that's because the air temperature can't go below the dewpoint level and if the dewpoint level will hold in the 70s so will the air temperatures. patchy fog not out of the question. then we do it all over again. high heat and humidity lower-to-middle 90. more on the forecast. over to danielle. >> yesterday was humid. at least we got rain too. beverly topping the rainfall list. this was rain we really need.
9:50 am
actually ranked number one on the driest summer list. now we're down to number 2. we have been picked up 2 and a half inch of rain this summer in the drought monitor has an area of extreme drought. this area in red here just northwest of boston. so if you need more rain we can get for now we deal with humidity. we actually started off august with blue boxes. those are days when temperatures were below average. now we're back to orange boxes. days with temperatures above average. average high temperatures for this year upper 80s. and, again, we're in the 90s so we typically see about 14, 90 degree days in boston. we'll get to that today and continue to add to that number. we'll keep an eye on another heat wave. for more back to you. look a possibility of more storm and localized downpours ashead as well. no washout per se.
9:51 am
shower or thunderstorm will be capable of producing locally heavy rain. here's the dewpoint levels. this is hardly changing. we're right oppress civive cate. it will take until next week to catch a break. sunday has a chance to be more widespread in term of showers and storm. there's the 7 on 7 forecast. breaking the heat by monday temperature back close to 80 degrees. comg fan oh, takes nachos to the face. that's after his attempt to catch a foul ball turns into an
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9:54 am
game. pats received great news wednesday as receiver returned to practice. he participated in yesterday's session. he left the field tuesday after it appears he hurt his surgically repaired foot. jimmy garoppolo was thrilled to delman back on the field. it's good to see him running around. and getting back out there is nice. >> tom brady is also not expected to play of the snaps. kick off set for 7:30. baseball fan learns the hard way to not try to catch a foul ball while holding a plate of nachos. the toppings all over his face. he went for that. lost control of his plate. cheese going all over his face. let's see it again in slow motion. he didn't get a ball. but he did get a new shirt. so someone said, here, buddy we
9:55 am
these guys can do one handed catches. >> with a baby byorn. with a beer. >> that's didn't go so well. >> coming up next the celebrities are getting in on the olympic spirit. see which stars are sending out
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> the list of famous raisman just keep growing. taylor sent her biggest congratulations to the team. you did it girls. final five. excited ali raisman shared her love for the pop star's song single 22. the olympian also invited swift to go shopping next time she visi visits boston.
9:58 am
zack effron. of course i'm watching the final five. dominate the floor.
9:59 am
[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too.
10:00 am
michael phelps is going to do it again as they reach for gold. he did it! ? ? olympi park, the biggest hub of activity at these games and about 15 miles to the east another busy day on the sands at copacabana beach on day six of the rio olympics. and from our daytime home on the beach where the sunshine has returned, good morning, welcome along i'm rebecca lowe, now last night in rio, katy ledecky took


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