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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> christa: good morning. taking the top spot, americans dominating. raisman and simone biles leading the way. >> sarah: how the pats looked without tom brady the lead the trashing enter a truck on the track, pushing it along until it comes to a stop. >> sarah: and new details in a princeton murder. what investigators are saying that they hope will lead to a suspect. >> this is 7news "today in new england." >> sarah: good friday morning, everybody. we made it. i'm sarah french. >> christa: and i'm christa delcamp. i think we have to readjust the make-up after crying, watching the women's gymnastics. >> sarah: i missed it last night. it was on right before. seeing aly raisman cry brought me to tears.
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softies, chris, you'll have to put us back on track with the weather. >> chris: i thought you were reapplying the make-up because of all the heat and humidity. we'll do it again. 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. heat indices 100 to 105. temperatures back in the low to mid-90s with dew point levels in the 70s. 78 in boston. 78 in beverly. 78 in norwood. 78 in fitchburg. dew point levels running into the low 70s. 74 in plymouth. high humidity remains in place. quiet start this morning. a couple showers try to get going up across new england. mainly dry this morning. but if you look across upstate new york and western new york, there are a couple showers and storms there. enough instability this afternoon to create some scattered showers and thunderstorms. keep an eye to the sky, especially mid to late afternoon. earlier in the day, an isolated shower or thundershower popping up. we'll track these scored storms into the evening.
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into the mid-90s. >> sarah: time now for a fast track alert. the mass pike shut down in both directions right now. danielle gersh has more. >> danielle: thanks, sarah. this is eastbound in charleton at charleton plaza on the pike. what we're hearing, a multi-vehicle crash involving a truck. so eastbound all lanes are closed on the pike, and westbound all lanes were closed, as well, but now we're hearing that one of the lanes may have opened westbound. again, this is a serious crash. the back-up stretching about two miles from thatid closer to home, not looking too bad. mostly green. no issues on route 2 or 3. 93 fine back to 495. route 1 problem-free. braintree to boston northbound on the expressway just ten minutes. you're all green south of town. let's check those drive times if you're getting ready to head out the door. ten minutes braintree to boston. northbound on the expressway, ten minutes into town from 128, 93 southbound, 128 to the zakim bridge 11 minutes. both the "t" and commuter rail expected to start the morning on schedule.
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you. we're tracking breaking news this morning. 22 passengers and two flight crew members all sent to the hospital after a jetblue plane flying out of boston hit turbulence. the flight to sacramento was diverted to rapid city, south dakota. you see here a woman on the plane was taken off in a neck brace. all the victims were treated for minor injuries. they've all been released from the hospital. jetblue officials say that they sent a permanent replacement aircraft to take the remaining passengers on to sacramento. >> sarah: the olympic zone. needham's own aly raisman getting emotional. tears flowing after she aced her floor routine to secure her silver medal in the individual all-around. her teammate simone biles cruising to gold and just a dominating performance. >> christa: clearly. both teammates coming from behind to take the podium spots. here's 7's nancy chen with all the action.
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individual all-around gymnastics final. needham native aly raisman seizing silver. i was there when she stepped off the podium. >> thank you. >> nancy: the entire arena erupted for you. you seemed emotional, as well. >> yes, it was so special, they were jeeping and cheering and standing on their feet, not something you expect not being in the u.s. it's so amazing, i'll never ever forget it. >> nancy: teammate simone biles crowned the world champion. >> i'm excited, happy both me and aly because we both went out there and we both did our jobs. i couldn't ask for anything more. >> nancy: but this was a fight to the finish for the two members of the final five. half-way through biles, the three-time raining world champion, found herself in unfamiliar territory. >> she is not leading at the half-way point of the women's all-around. >> nancy: biles and raisman both behind russia's aliya mustafina, but both came roaring
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other to have fun, it's only one more routine. i think that's what we did. >> nancy: then raisman's floor routine would increase her score. the entire time her parents on the edge of their seats. this silver sweet redemption for aly. four years ago in london she was knocked off the podium by miewses mousse due to the tiebreaker rule. >> i'm so excited to have my all-around medal. it took me five times for t very happy. >> nancy: support pouring in from back home and around the world. sox slugger david ortiz tweeting, "congrats to my good friend aly raisman on the silver medal, making boston proud as usual. boston strong." both young women still soaking it all in. >> it's just insane. i don't have words. >> nancy: michael phelps, ryan lochte, head to head in the 200m individual medley.
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away the pool. >> this isn't even close. michael phelps is swimming away from everybody. >> nancy: claiming his fourth gold of the games. [national anthem playing] the 22nd of his storied career. >> i had a really hard time holding it together. so it's obviously a very emotional event for me. and something that, you know, it's very special. ing with able to win 22 olympic gold just dream of. >> nancy: lochte losing steam, settling for fifth. >> i wish i did a little better. i felt great before the race, and i guess i just didn't have it tonight. >> nancy: phelps was back in the pool a short time later for the 100m butterfly semifinal, but exhaustion wouldn't impact the superstar swimmer. >> but he has gained some ground coming off. phelps to the wall. and he's second. >> nancy: he won the event in
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night. the 100 backstroke belonged to ryan murphy. >> i guess i'm taking over because i was getting real tired at the end. i was able to hold it together. >> nancy: another gold for the first-time olympian. emanuel is going to do it. >> nancy: an olympic record for simone manual. the first african american womao in swimming. >> it's been a long journey. i'm so blessed to have a gold medal. i'm just so blessed. >> nancy: it looks like no one can stop katie ledecky. the 19-year-old phenom breaking the olympic record in the 800m free style. ledecky will swim the final friday night, trying to sweep the 200, 400 and 800 free styles for the first time since 1968. nancy chen, 7news "today in new england." >> christa: so kayla harrison
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she repeated as olympic champ by dominating her competition in judo. harrison, who trains in wakefield, used an arm lock, forcing her opponent to submit. four years ago harrison became first american to win olympic gold in judo. now she's the first athlete from the u.s. to win back-to-back medals of any kind in this sport. >> it's almost unbelievable. like i thought being the first american to win a gold medal, i thought that high, there would never be anything to top it. champion tops it for sure. >> christa: harrison says that she is retiring from judo. she's received offers to join mixed martial arts but she says she's not planning to go into mma, at least not at this time. >> sarah: the u.s. is maintaining a sizeable lead in the medal count heading into friday's events. so far americans have earned 38 medals including 16 gold. china remains in second place with a total of three medals and japan is third with 22.
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nancy chen is in rio bringing you all the latest results from competition. you can catch her live report in our next hour. right now a chilling collision. a train slams into side of a truck in wakefield. the driver rushed to the hospitals with serious injuries. 7news has more on what went wrong. >> we had to have come out of nowhere. >> reporte c cameras, the truck dragged the length of a football field down these railroad tracks. >> two things going on. >> reporter: it was the last thing won young expected to see. the video from his automotive shop captured the moment a southbound commuter train hit this pick-up truck. young ran to help, first getting the air bags out of the way and then speaking to the driver. >> he just started to move and he was making some noises he was out of it. >> the mbta says the railroad
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working properly. the bell sounded. the gates came down. but then this. a 76-year-old man plowed through them in his truck. young wonders if he had a medical emergency. >> he didn't go around it, he just drove through it. >> reporter: the truck was lifted off the tracks, the 76-year-old rushed to mass general. people on the train shaken by the surreal experience. >> i was crying and i was shaking and i was calling 911. i wanted to make sure he was already. >> reporter: police tell me they are considering a $200 fine against the driver f we have learned that he is a retired firefighter here in the city of wakefield. for now he's still in the hospital. in wakefield, 7news "today in new england." >> christa: 4:40 right now. we have new details on the murder of a woman jogging in princeton. police say vanessa marcotte fought back, fought for her life during that attack. and the suspect should have injuries. the d.a. says the 27-year-old victim's killer was a man, and she would have left marks on
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bruises. investigators searched the woods yet again yesterday where her body was discovered. say they are locking their doors and they just want this killer caught. >> it's shaken people, but more importantly, it's the sense that who is this person or what really happened. and that's... the unknown is what makes people very uncomfortable. >> christa: marcotte left her mother's house in princeton to go running on sunday afternoon. that's when police say she was killed. >> sarah: still morning, a suspect collapsing in court. the dramatic moments when a former uber driver goes before a judge. >> christa: and jimmy g and the pats getting down to work. how they fared in the first preseason matchup. >> chris: football has us thinking fall. the weather doesn't. hot and humid again today. it will feel more like 100 to 105 degrees with combined heat and humidity. temperatures into the mid-90s with a few scattered storms.
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>> sarah: all right. 4:44 a.m. early. >> christa: it is. hazy, hot and humid. kind of nice for the summer, chris. >> chris: if you have beach plans. if you have to work outside, slow down, take it easy, find some shade. once again heat advisory in place.
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that means temperatures in the mid-90s. heat index between 100 and 105 degrees in the afternoon. heat advisory going into effect at 11:00 a.m. look at the numbers. 4:00, 5:00 a.m., temperatures in the upper 70s. that's all we can do for overnight lows. 78 in beverly. 78 in boston. 78 in norwood. we have a high air mass in place. cooling off at night. so we see temperatures in the 70s overnight. the dew point levels also holding into the 70s. dew points 72 in bto 74 in plymouth right now. has been rather quiet out there across much of southern new england. though we did have some big thunderstorms and some flooding rain in portions of connecticut yesterday afternoon. the bulk of the activity is south and to the west of us. today what we're watching, if you look across western new york, really close to buffalo, you can see some scattered showers and storms there. also a few across northern new england. there's enough instability later on this afternoon in combination with the heat and humidity to
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you see that developing. most of them mid-afternoon through the early evening hours. especially late afternoon, early evening. they'll be scattered about, but not every town will see it. but much like yet with the storms that do form, one or two may have some gust owe winds and we have the atmosphere that guides these storms, they're not all that strong. so they ring out heavy rain. we'll have localized street issues. if you get a quick inch, inch and a half o having a lot of problems on the roadways. get into tomorrow. same page in terms of the showers and storms being scattered about. i think they tend to favor a little bit away from the coastline. inland has the highest risk of heavy rain once again. tomorrow the temperature setup, especially along the coastline. it's going to be cooler as we go back to the cool front that tries to go on in. the storm over the next few days
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capable of producing heavy rain. could produce wind gusts up to 40, 50mph. keep an eye on that. so here is the rain chance. about 40% of us or so should pick up rain later this afternoon, early this evening. and same case tomorrow, though i think there are opportunities for higher inland, especially out near 495. we had that back door cool front very close to that area. southern new england, a chance in the afternoon and into ts ohio valley into the 70s. so we'll remain humid into the weekend with those scattered storms. tomorrow big temperature range from 90 out near 495 to the 70s along the coastline. you get into early next week, temperatures more seasonable. >> christa: and the patriots starting their preseason. q.b. jimmy garoppolo leaving the offense for the entire first half. jimmy g completing 11 of those passes for 168 yards.
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severe injury to his right elbow in the second quarter. x-ray, however, were negative. according to espn, he dislocated the elbow and missed several weeks. final score here, 34-22. >> sarah: all right. just ahead on "today in new england," a teen terrified when someone tries to break into a rockland home. the man police are looking for. >> christa: and he was taken down on the side of trump tower. now he's being charged with some serious crimes. we'll tell you. for the road. for the ride. for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love.
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>> christa: it's 4:51. we have warnings for you this morning. a driver collapsing in a courtroom in malden as he's charged with rape. prosecutors say 33-year-old darnell booth sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl after giving her a ride. police say booth friended her on snapchat and later contacted the teen through the app offering to give her a ride. that's when prosecutors believe he location and raped her. booth will be back in court coming up on monday. also uber releasing a statement today saying what's been described today is deeply upsetting. the individual has been permanently daned from the app and we've reached out to local authorities to offer any information that could be helpful in their proceedings. >> sarah: police are releasing this sketch of man who they say tried to break into a home in rockland. investigators say a 13-year-old boy was inside the home and found the man trying to pick the
4:52 am
into the woods when he saw the teen, and if anyone knows where he is, police want the hear from you. >> christa: happening today, the national transportation safety board will hold a hearing about a data recorder. the recorder was found ten months after "el faro" sunk. the ship sunk with all 3 members on board. >> the infamous trump climber facing charges, trespassing and reckless endanger. after the nation watched him suction cup his way up the tower in new york city on wednesday. he made it 21 stories high before police finally pulled him into the building and arrested him. >> christa: next aly raisman, everyone was having watch party,
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get lays family size chips or smartfood popcorn $1.99 each, limit 4. 32-ounce gatorades 79 cents each. and 2lb california strawberries or 18 oz blueberries $3.33 each. shaws and star market's anniversary sale. it's huge! >> christa: the bay state going for gold in the olympic zone. young gymnast in massachusetts were up late last night cheering on aly raisman as she won that silver medal. >> sarah: these girls are training to become future olympic champs at the same place
4:56 am
career. here's kimberly becomeman with more. >> aly, aly! >> kimberly: in the heart of neton's excel gym, a cheering section so full of love you have to believe aly raisman felt it all the way in rio. >> we like aly. that's so good at gymnastics. she went to excel, of course. and excel really gave her good stuff to learn. >> kimberly: it is at this gym where the needham native got her start. >> we're so proud toe it's so amazing how she keeps going and going. >> kimberly: they are team aly all the way. >> i think it's inspiring. >> kimberly: in fact, this instructor wear patriotic sneakers raisman gave her in hopes they'd be a good luck charm during the women's individual all-around competition. this inspiring gymnast from raisman's current practice facility in burlington put her
4:57 am
positive vibes. >> i feel like she's going to do a great job because she's been working really, really hard. >> go, aly, go! >> kimberly: rooting for raisman while practicing their own routine, there's little doubt she'd take home her pride. she took home silver, but she's second to none with her fan base. >> i'm so happy she got silver. that's really, really good. >> aly, aly! >> kimberly: it looks like raisman's gyms are getting a boost. excel says after the last olympics four years ago, it had a 25% increase in business. children inspired by raisman wanted to sign up for gymnastics. the gym owner expects a similar increase this time around. >> sarah: leslie jones getting rowdy in rio. she posted this video of raisman dominating her floor routine.
4:58 am
>> whoa, whoa! >> sarah: it looks like it has the snapchat filter on it. of course, nancy chen spotted leslie at the gymnastics event in rio. she snapped a few pictures of the comedian cheering on team u.s.a. looks like nancy was pretty close to her. >> christa: pretty awesome. i loved her statement. is that how the veterans do it? is that how the veterans do it? how about the weather for today, chris? >> chris: just like yrd i'm talking about high heat and humidity out there. used to it by now. mid-90ed this afternoon. temperatures 100 to 105. watch for scattered storms developing this afternoon into the early evening. they're hit-and-miss. if you get hit with one of these, there's locally heavy rain. moisture in the atmosphere. hotter on sunday versus saturday. scattered storms through the weekend, as well. >> christa: chris, thank you. much more ahead at 5:00, including breaking news.
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sacramento forced to land in
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>> christa: breaking news first at 5:00, high anxiety. 24 people have to go to the hospital after a flight from logan is forced to land in south dakota after hitting severe turbulence. >> sarah: all-around redemption. needham native aly raisman finds her silver lining in the gymnastics all-around competition in rio. >> christa: andew in princeton. investigators releasing new information about the killer. >> sarah: a real-life case of home alone. now rockland police are hoping you can help them catch a would-be thief. >> this is 7news "today in new england." >> sarah: good friday morning, everybody. we made it. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm sarah french. >> christa: t.g.i.f. i'm christa delcamp. the air conditioner was working overtime because it was another


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