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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  August 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> anchor: glad you are with us on this monday. stay right there. another hour of 7 news is straight ahead. i am adam williams i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: more than three decades behind bars for a crime he says he didn't commit. and one man says a notorious boston mobster hold the key to his freedom. >> anchor: a texas woman ]ed with an unthinkable crime. how police say she murder her two un >> anchor: a disturbing discovery in north carolina. fliers they found scattered near their homes. >> anchor: and doctors have identified a new health concern. the way you listen to music could be a health hazard. >> anchor: in prison for more than 30 years for a crime he says he didn't commit. now one man is fighting for freedom. he claims he has proof that he is innocent from none other than the former crime boss whitey bulger. >> anchor: now he wants a new trial. dan hausle live in brockton with more on what happened today in
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>> anchor: well, bulger's letters were written to someone else who brought them to the lawyers who were in court today. the problem is getting whitey bolger to write something, well, that's one thing, but goinging him to come in and testify, that's another story. fred is fighting for his freedom 35 years after he was put behind bars. he is appealing his conviction for shooting and killing a braintree man outside the man's apartment. with the victim's brothers looking on, lawyers for the innocence project argued he was never given a newly revealed police report that suggests another man may have carried out the killing. it is purely exculpatory evidence and i say i don't think it ever made its way to the d.a.'s office, i don't think anyone ever saw it. it fell through the cracks somehow. >> anchor: months ago his new lawyers told the judge they also have letters from convicted mob boss the whitey bulger pointing to someone else as the killer. his lawyer sawed he had to drop the whitey's letter from the
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come in and explain them. they don't use names, they describe people with terms like boxer and unless have you someone tell you who the boxer is it's not terribly helper. >> anchor: his lawyer said even if bulger was willing to testify having a mass murderer in his client's corner would have been a mixed blessing. there would be downsides to using whitey bulgers a witness. we gave hem to the judge. we didn't want to be sitting on them. we told the judge we would pursue them if they led anywhere and at the last hearing a told the judge he wouldn t out not to be admissible. >> anchor: his lawyer insist the bulger letters were by far not the strong of the pat of his case. he is happy he says to go forward with the missing report and also questions of identification. the argument will continue throughout the week no. word on whether the judge would decide whether or not he deserves to go free. live in brockton, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: a roxbury man hid behind a door in his arraignment today facing charges he shut a
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kidnapped a nine-year-old relative. juan was charged with sick separate accounts including assault win tent to murder. the nine-year-old's grandmother, his legal guardian, filled a missing person report after he failed to bring the home home each was down in dorchester. the boy's grandmother said he is doing okay. >> anchor: also a new hampshire prep school where a young girl was assaulted by owen la grow back in 2014 wants that girl's name to be made public. st. paul school is being by that girl's parents. they say the school didn't enough to safeguard their daughter as they fight that suit the school is asking a federal court to disclose the victim's identity accusing the family of using a "cloak of anonymity" and ewing the throws go after the school's credibility. owen la brie was convicted last year of misdemeanor sexual assault on a 15-year-old girl among other charges he is currently out on bail and appealing his conviction. a major milestone now reached in the fall river bridge project. a new span has been installed on
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transportation connection between quincy an weymouth helping travelers get in and out of the city. overnight the three million pound lift span floated on a barge to the bridge for today's installation. >> anchor: violent protests erupt again in milwaukee over the deadly shooting of a black man about a milwaukee police officer. gun shots were fired in the air. an 18-year-old was shot and wounded, the second straight night of unrest. police officers used armored vehicles to rescue that shooting victim and get him to the these looters here caught on camera. several stores had been robbed and six business have been torched. local residents urging protestors to stop the violence. walk walk mayor said four officers had been injured and 17 people arrested in those protests so far. well, all clear after a scare at jfk airport in new york city. there were reports of gun shots inside a terminal there. the terminal evacuated late last night. hundreds of passengers were stranded outside and all flights
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get out! everybody get out! show me your hands! officers search for signs of a shooter but police found no evidence of gunfire. investigators believe the call was a hoax. so far, no arrests have been made. >> anchor: shocking allegations now against a mother in texas. she has been charged with murdering her two young children. she is new accused of drowning her 7-year-old son and five-year-old daughter. a friend flagged down police yesterday after he said thomas told him she had killed the children on friday. underneath a neighbor's home. thomas admitted to drowning the children in a bathtub. investigators say they are not aware of any history of mental health problems. a wildfire raging through northern california. the flames destroy more than 100 homes this week forcing thousands of people to evacuate. investigators say high winds and drought and hot temperatures are feeding that fire. so far though no injuries have been reported. >> anchor: neighbors in a north carolina town make a disturbing discovery they have been finding
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pleased around the neighborhood. the papers include the confederate white nights hotline number. concerned residents are saying the fliers are unwelcomed and just unwanted. some kids playing some pranks around the neighborhood or something like that. but then i looked over there and i looked over there and i looked over there and i looked over there and i was like hey, this is the entire neighborhood. >> anchor: so it's unclear who has been placing those fliers around the neighborhood. >> anchor: and now we're tacking you to the olympic zone. this is the competition is in its final week. still though, plenty of opportunities for the u.s. to add to that already impressive medal count. >> anchor: that's for sure. joe amorsino is here now with more on today's actions. joe? the brazilian world champions in a stiff copa can bana wind knocked the americans out of the olympic beach volley ball quarter final today. a bit of a shocker. brazil's did you oh advanced to the semi-finals, the gold
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rebounding from a disastrous first set to force a tie breaker. the americans fell behind 12-6 in the second then the home crowd took over this was the third olympics for doll houser and talked about the wind and how it factored into the loss. they handled wind way better than we did. way before the match this crazy wind kicked up and kind of changed the dynamic of everything and they just did a really good job of handling it and we didn't. >> anchor: more bad news. germany took down states 2-1 in women's field hockey quarter finals team u.s.a. went down 2-0 late in the first and could not get back in it. the united states failing to medal after a strong statistic. they beat number two argentina, number three australia in their first two matches then they beat japan and india to take the lead in their pool. there is plenty of action still to come and we'll have it covered for you right here on 7 nbc. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: thanks, joe.
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the goal. in fact she is one step closer to a major medal milestone. >> anchor: we have more news here to cover on 7 news. officials say they now know what caused a house on plum island to go up in flames. we'll have the very latest. >> anchor: a follower sox skipper terry francona and indians in an afternoon matchup. joe amorsino will come back with all of the highlights all coming
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>> anchor: going for the gold in rio today. she has already won gold in three executive olympic games but u.s. beachvilly ball star kerry walsh jennings is on the verge of something that is only been done one time before. she is hoping to become the second american woman to win four ec team senator. >> anchor: she is trying to win her first with a team partner and so far they are unbeaten heading into semi-finals. nancy chen has more. >> anchor: she may have change partners but for kerry walsh jennings the goal remains the same. gold. misty may and kerry walsh repeat at gold medal champ jobs. it is over here in london. misty and kerry three pete civilic gold!
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single set in olympic competition this partnership could be described as perfect but when misty may trainer announced he was retiring after the london olympics, kerry walsh jennings had to decide what was neck for her. misty was very vocal of the fact this was her last olympics and she would retire. of course human nature i am thinking okay, what's next for me. am i done? will i keep playing? i never wanted to be done. i never ever not for one second think i would be done competing. i just started thinki my ons and april was on top of the list. she just has all of the qualities that i desire in a partner. . misty may trainer kerry walsh jennings taking on april ross and jenn casey. >> reporter: she got the test of the acts of april ross on the biggest stage. it was the highest profile of job interviews because as one partnership was ending another was about to begin.
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went down in london, went to shake hands with april and jenn. i was giving kerry a and she liens in and said let's go get gold in rio. if caught me off guard for sure. my immediate reaction was, yeah, of course. like let's do it. a in. >> reporter: that was unplanned. that was something that was so in the moment but something that i felt so strongly at that poin. the fact that she switched focus so quickly it says a lot about her. the rio was even on her mind after just win a gold medal shows you what type of competitor this intuition i had that we could be amazing and we hugged it out and we did the whole podium thing then we reconnected a couple months later. >> reporter: when walsh jennings placed make sure you keep an eye on her hands she writes joy on them to remind her to play like a kid and remember the joy. in rio nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: she is so fun to watch when she is playing. isn't she? and remying yourself to be joyful about things with that much stress. a good note for all of us. >> anchor: all right. we've got much more coverage
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at 6:00. >> anchor: including this. fancy chen trying to her hand at judo. >> anchor: i like that. looking forward to that story and tomorrow tracking scattered showers and storms in southern new england. time lineup next. >> anchor: and then at 6:00 also some potential bad news from pats training camp. rob gronkowski leaving practice with a possible injury. we are going to have the latest. >> anchor: police called in to corally this snake's slithering
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>> anchor: wild weather doing damage in the philippines a tornado rips through the capitol city of manila. this is a time lapse of that storm as it formed and then moved through the city. power was knocked out and trees were uprooted but there have been no reports of any injuries. but that's pretty wild to see mother nature in that time lapse. something that you don't really ghetto see like that very off the spend you don't want to see that too up close.
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some storms maybe tomorrow but today pretty nice out there. not bad and it felt like the humidity hasn't been as bad so i will hand it over to the chief to help us understand what's going on. >> anchor: nice afternoon again for some of you perhaps still a little bit uncomfortable because temperatures did reach 90 in boston once again today but not quite as humid. humidity back in full pledge action tomorrow and that means there is the risk of showers and storms through the afternoon hours tomorrow and some of the storms may be rather intense especially western new england tomorrow afternoon there could be some locally stronger storms. right now with a mix of clouds and sunshine norwood 87, worcester 83. dew point temperatures, these are the numbers that have backed off at least temporarily down into the 50's but as we look down the eastern seaboard the tropical air is lurking. it's creeping us and it's going to come back into new england tomorrow thanks to this warm front which is generating scattered showers and storms and again when you have a lot of humidity in the air, that's like
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just takes off. all you need is a trigger, like a warm front or cold front to take advantage of that warmth and humidity and so that's why we do have the risk of some scattered showers and storms tomorrow. you find this evening even overnight tonight there won't be any overnight thunderstorms and then we have that saturday night and sunday morning it. was a short night for some of us. 66 to 71 overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. a lot of clouds, a few peeks of sunshine, more humid though with scattered showers around storms. temperatures tomorrow 82 do 87. so when we time out th batch of showers tomorrow morning that moves through then it kind of fizzles out for a few hours and then here come the warm front into new england midday and early tomorrow afternoon. now the thing about these warm fronts, when they interact with thunderstorms some times they can get them rotating so that's something we will have to watch on the radar tomorrow afternoon again i'm not going to be the boy that cries wolf but it's a situation tomorrow afternoon where there may be locally stronger storms. in any event these storms will be capable of brief, heavy rain
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humidity so some of those storms and downpours may quickly put down couple of inches of water in a short amount of time. of course when we talk thunderstorms wind maybe a little bit of hail and again it's not a 0% chance but it is just a slight%, a small chance, that somewhere in southern new england there may be a storm that trips to rotate. i would lean more on western new england. hartford, springfield and west of there toward water bury versus anywhere else. the amount of rainfall on the way it's a little bit tough to precisely forecast where we thino most but you notice these warm colors right here, they correspond to upwards of one to three inches of rain possible in some of those localized downpours. we could use rain again when you talk about meteorological summer june 1 until the end of ought, number one is 1957 when that summer the city only picked up about four inches of rain, so far this year boston has only picked up three inches of rain so if someone were to abandon today it would be the dry summer but we have more rain in the
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so tomorrow scattered showers and storms, temperature in the low to mid 80's. wednesday we start with clouds and humidity and then a nice westerly breeze takes over on wednesday and that will plush out some of that mugginess the air. still a warm day. middle and upper 80's for the rest of the week and right now granted it's only monday afternoon but up coming weekend outstanding. sunshine, low humidity. temperatures at the beaches and coastline in the upper 70's, farther inland low to mid 80's. see you at 6:00. >> anchor: also on 7, listen up. doctors say they are noticing a disturbing trend. the way you listen to favorite music could be a hearing hazard. more and more people are losing their hearing earlier in life. >> anchor: one possible cause is people "cadillac frank"ing up ear buds too dangerously loud levels. "cadillac frank" that, turn it up. whatever kids say these days it, goes against medical advice. music has never been no accessible or more personal so it's right there in your pocket. kids are listening to it in school and hoe. it's constant noise exposure all
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audiologists say the volume of your music should not be more than 50% of what your device is capable of. >> anchor: the louder it, the less time you have to safely listen to that sound. >> anchor: 85 decibels is the goal on this sound level meter, your ears cannot handle noise above that for an extended am of time. we test one person after anothe. you can listen to your ear buds at this level for about two and a half hours before it starts causing permanent hearing loss. most have reasonable volumes for short time you can listen to that all day long. >> reporter: here at the texas medical center we can hear this person's music just standing next to her. that means the clock isic canning. about 110 decibels have you 90 seconds before it hearts damaging your hearing. >> anchor: so imagine all of the times after a club, concert or sport event when your ears are ringing. >> reporter: your hearing may temporarily go back to normal but you have done some damage and the more you do that, the more times you expose your ears to that kind of noise, the more
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loss. >> anchor: good information there so you may have noticed that testing was done outside with lots of noise in the background. experts say that's the exact environment where people want to crank up that volume and not realizing the music doesn't block out the noise. it just adds to it. >> anchor: so ing out just one sugary drink a day with water could fakely improve your health. researchers at virginia tech found that replacing soda or juice with water was the most beneficial for people who average just one sugary drink a day. to those that consume more substituting just one calories to under 25% of their daily intake. that's small drop reducesry being of obesity, type two diabetes and heart disease. >> anchor: up next here on 7 news more scary sharks spotted very close to the shore. the spots where not one but two great white sightings have been reported. >> anchor: and good evening, everybody. i'm kim khazei. >> anchor: pleasure to be with you. i'm adam william. here what we're working on for 7 news at 6:00 of the lealone. an investigation under way after a grandmother is locked inside a
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we're live with the very latest. >> anchor: a home on plum island goes up in flames. fire fighters saying they know what started that fire. >> anchor: and the red sox back on the road for a matinee matchup with story francona's indians. we have the highlights. >> anchor: plus latest on gronk possibly injured at pats training camp we have those stories and much more coming up at 6:00.
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>> anchor: it's been a busy sum are for shark sightings. two more sightings have now been reported on cape cod. >> anchor: according to the app a pilot soed two great white sharks about 200 yards off the coast near prove ins town today. was seen feeding on a gray seal father a beach in chatham. that beach was of course closed to swimmers. 'tis the season. they are out there and be aware them. >> anchor: they are hungry. we wept north for the beach this weekend so we sort of dodged those. that's going to do it for us right here but there is another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead. >> anchor: i'm ryan schulteis. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: a scare for pats fans. gronk leaves the practice field injured.
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foxboro. a dialysis center now under state investigation. a grandmother locked inside the facility for hours after it closes. family and friends gathered to say good-bye to a woman brutally murdered while out on a in princeton. >> anchor: tracking another round of showers and storms heading into new england tomorrow. >> anchor: and dartmouth police making an unusual rescue after fining this six foot long boa concircuitor on the street. >>nc station. fists flying all over the place and then after that happened they threw me to the ground and then they started kicking me. >> anchor: an elderly man abeing tad by members of a wedding party at a hotel. he says this all happened after he simply asked them to keep the noise level down. >> anchor: 7's kelly o'hara spoke with the man and his wife and kelly johns us live from fall river with their story. kelly? >> reporter: that couple is very upset understandably and police are investigating but we
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now expected to be charged too. i just can't comprehended why people are so mean to him. i love him so much. eleanor skies as she looks over at her bruised and battered husband. police say members of aed withing water attacked the 79-year-old at this fall river hotel over the weekend. the man beaten and kicked he says for simply asking the other hotel guests to keep it down. i went out and i asked them we're trying to get some sleep. they said, well, what are you going to do about it? one thing led toer in and before you know it we're into an argument and a fit and what not. fists are flying all over the place. then after that happened they threw me to the ground and then they started kicking me. you can see the scratches, bruises and broken blood very else on al's left eye. the trauma still visible but what you can't see is his
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of the attackers are expected to be charged with felony assault and battery, the elderly man will be called to court too. a witness telling police he swung first. something this wife disagrees with saying he shouldn't be charged because her husband is the victim. i have been married 60 years to this man. he is a very gentle man. how could you do this to your father or grandfather? how could you do this to a man like this? i want these people brought to justice for what they >> reporter: we reached out to the hotel corporation for comment. they say they are looking into it and will get back to us. as for that 79-year-old he will be charge with miss demean all. in fall river, kelly o'hara, 7 news. >> anchor: also following some breaking news here at 6:00 scary mopes for patriots fan fans in foxboro when rob gronkowski leaves practicy. he appears to have suffered an injury during a drill. >> anchor: all we really know is that he never returned to that field. trey daerr is live at gillette


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