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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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american intimers pulled from their plane told they can't even leave the country until they testified about getting robbed in rio while out with ryan lochte. >> a peeping tom lurking in the back pay. people in the back bay are on alert. >> local police pulling head stuck in a storm drain. good morning, everybody. happy nurse day. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. >> i'm christa delcamp. it's a little bit cooler out there to start. a little bit cloudy as well. >> let's send it over to chris lambert with more on the forecast. >> whole lot more comfortable too. we talk about lows in the upper 50s and lower 60s. we returned to close to 70 degrees in many suburbs.
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couple of sprinkles throughout plymouth to cape and islands calling on down. not much rain the talk about with this. boston breaking into sun. some little instability working from north and west later on today. we can't rule out a spot shower. much of the time will be dry with mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures this afternoon running back into the mid-to-upper 80s. it will be a warm one just like yesterday afternoon the humidity on the tolerable side. we're not dealing with high humidity. we deal with d the weekend. the forecast coming up. the latest on breaking news. two tractor-trailer collided on the mass pike east in auburn earlier this morning. leaving people at a stand still for hours there in their vehicles. let's go to nicole oliverio she's at the scene with an update. looks like things are moving once again, nicole? >> its no help for this morning hush hour traffic commute into work. if you take a look behind me. you can see this mass pike eastbound in auburn.
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you can still see what is left of that accident that happened just after 2:30 this morning. taking a live look -- taking a look you can see this sky 7 over the scene of the accident where two tractor-trailer collided. one rear ended the other. one was carrying building materials. the lumber spilled all over the highway. the driver in that back tractor-trailer had to be removed using the jaws of life. he was taken to umass memorial hospital with serious injuries. there's no update condition. as you mention the roadways just a mess. only one lane was getting through for much of that rush hour commute. the backup was more than an hour nearly an hour and a half if you were trying to get through. that finally cleared up about 8:00 this morning. and again just taking a live look here this the mass pike. now problems if you are heading eastbound according to mass state police they tell us the accident remains under investigation. that's the latest live in
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in new england." so roads are improving. let's send it over to danielle with the latest. >> as nicole was mentioning earlier this caused delays up to an hour and a half. all green now. problem free on the pike all lanes are back open as you saw there too. inside 128 a little bit of slow and go but we're not seeing major issue like we saw this morning on the ike. route 2 and 3 looked good. 93 from 128 into boston still pretty slow out there. route 1 slowing down as you braintree to boston northbound on the expressway. 23 minutes. you are slowing a little bit on 95 as you approach 128. let's check the drive times if in you get ready to head tout door. 22 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes into town on the pike. 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge. 23 minutes the t and commuter rail running on schedule. back to you guys
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their flights and led by authorities through the airport there in rio. bra zell january authorities say the swimmer can't leave the country until they testify about claim they were robbed at gun point. this story is now being called into question. nancy chin is joining with us the latest. >> security concerns resurfacing in rio. british athlete warn not to lee the village after one teammate was robbed at gun point. a spokesman athlete is safe and well. news of the robbery coming just hours after two american swimmer were pulled off of flight out of rio. they were with ryan lochte the night he claimed he was robbed at gun point. the usoc releasing a statement overnight that read jack and beguner were detained wednesday night shortly before their flight was scheduled to depart from rio. they were released by local authorities with the understanding that they would continue their discussions about
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their attorneys saying they will not be allowed to leave the brazil until they testify about the robbery. he said to be communicating with local authorities. all three swimmer expected to be questioned today. as for lochte he's already back in the united states. on wednesday he defended himself to nbcmatt lauer. i said, ryan there's people out here. there's this up. he stopped me quickly. he strongly denied that. said it's absolutely not the case. >> a bra zell january judge to found contradiction in the report order the passport of lochte and feegon be seized. he left before the order was issued. the judge's order stemming from this video obtained by the daily mail online show them returning to olympic village the morning after they say were held upful
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not shaken physically or psychologically. in his conversation lochte denying he made anything up and said he didn't get impression authorities didn't believe him. >> never did the question did they question his truthfulness. his story has changed. when he talked to billy bush you will remember on sunday, bob, he said that's when the guy took the gun, put it to his forehead and caulked it. when he talked to me tonight he said that's when the guy the gun in my direction and caulked it. and i pointedly say. you said before it was placed on your forehead and caulked. he said no that's not exactly what happened. and i think he feels it was more of traumatic mischaracterization. we will closely following this situation and will keep you updated. >> of course we will continue to follow this story on the investigation. and we'll be following it very closely with new updates
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three american runners made history and here is nancy with more on that. >> reporter: bolt all smiles finishing first in semifinal. the world's fastest man made it look all too easy leading the entire race only challenged at the end by des grass. the two friend sharing a look as they bolt has his sight on another gold and breaking world record time. >> i'm ready. i'm feeling good. i'm happy. i'm on the right track. >> he does have the big lead. ashton eaton off to strong start as he tries to become the third man ever to win back-to-back olympic titles. after the first five events the 28-year-old in the top spot. day one of two ending with eaton
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dash. >> these olympic and worlds are not like the other ones. it's tense. it ten now. it started at 10:00 this morning. three members of team u.s.a. making olympic history on the track. with biranna winning goal. nale christopher and christy swept the medals. >> and down. it's over. >> and it's bronze in beach volleyball for kerry walsh jenning and april ross. they cam back to beat brazil after losing the first set. >> bolt will run for his second gold of the games. in rio, nancy chin. 7news. we will hear from the
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with this when she helped the women who tripped her up on the track. and that's coming your way at 9:30. we're following more news today. a repeat sex offender arrested for a new crime in norwood. police are wondering why he was on the street in the first place. victoria warren has more on the story. >> reporter: a repeat sex offender cuffed and in custody norwood police say they are fed up with 49-year-old chad he was wearing a mesh shirt around his waist. he lifted it and exposed himself. he's done this before. that record dates back to the 80s and includes 14 cases of exposing himself and he has two open cases right now. >> this is a family neighborhood. it's an elementary school around the corner. >> neighbors equally disgusted.
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door. the chief said he wishes why he would explain why a sex offender with open cases was allowed out. i think we're past rehabilitation. he's been to counselling. he's been through that stuff. at this point, family are trying to raise their kids. and enough is enough. this is crazy. >> the suspect remains in custody. he went before a judge where he entered not guilty plea. he was held on $10,000 bail. police took a man into custody after a tense stand off that happened overnight in athol. the s.w.a.t. teamed that to be called to a home on chester street. the suspect was armed when he barricaded himself inside and after negotiating with officers the situation came to peaceful end. an everett police officer headed to court today accused of an alarming attack. investigator say he punched and choked his pregnant wife.
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wife who happens to be 7 months pr pregnant. so when officers arrived at the couple's home in salsbury they said she had bruises and scratches on her body. right now he's being held without bail. he's facing charge of assault and battery and has been placed on administrative leave without pay. whitey bulger's appeal headed to u.s. supreme court. the mob boss convicted of racketeering in 2013. for playing a role in several murders and other crim appeal and placed it on the supreme court docket. but that doesn't mean the court will hear the case. now to more news today. boston police on alert asking women to be careful as they search for a peeping tom lurking in a back bay neighborhood. people have posted fliers around the neighborhood warning about the suspicious person. police say they received report about the peeping tom in someone's yard several weeks ago. investigator say the suspect was
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residents in the neighborhood are now taking extra precautions. i live on the second floor. not ground level but a little too close for come forth. i haven't seen anyone suspicious. i've been extra cautious lately since seeing the fires. hopefully nothing happens. it's a little bit concerning. police have added extra patrols in the area. >> at 9:12 still ahead an olympic athlete looking to breaking news what ashton eaton said drives him to be the best in the world. firefighter have to come to the rescue of a racoon. >> pattern stuck on dry over the next few day. not a lot of rain. forecast ahead. tom brady getting father and son time on the practice field.
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>> i got a family of them living across the street from me. found three of them in the trash can rummaging around for that. a nuisance when rumbling through the garbage. severe drought to extreme drought much across southern new england. we've expanded there over the last week here from about 3% of the state to 17% extreme drought including the boston area. we haven't had a lot of rain and the lot of the rain we had over the last several days to a week has fallen near 495 and the
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highest chance of heavier showers sunday night and monday. 74 in boston. 70s low 70s at this in the suburbs. you see a couple of rain drops across the cape and island back to plymouth. there's nothing much to talk about. jus a couple of of spritz on the windshield. there's been a couple of showers across eastern new york into vermont. that's sliding on that instability later on today maybe enough to get a spot shower. as you can see they few and far between. there's a risk or passing shower or sprinkle. especially across worcester county. this area of high pressure electronic enough where most of the moisture remains back across western new england. so as we go into the weekend friday, saturday, and sunday if
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into vermont. i don't think we will see rainfall worcester east to the city of boston especially along the coastline. good news for the weekend plans. not so good news for the drought. although once we get into sunday and monday there's enough moisture that works in. the showers and storm become more widespread. we watch that. this is mostly sunday evening and sunday night into monday. not much during the day sunday. we may have more clouds into thi clouds breaking for some sunshine. couple of sprinkles passing on by. otherwise just a warm day and mainly dry day. isolated pop up shower chance tends to be further to north and west. if you head to gillette. bears and pats 80 degrees. close to it for kick off. falling into the 70s it will be comfortable evening. it's not for baseball reason. billy joel here pleasant weather for him, 81 degrees and then
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64 to 70 overnight. 70 boston. low-to-mid 60s in some of the cooler suburbs. winds out there. light tomorrow and that means sea breezes kicking. temperature holding close to 80 at the coastline. maybe a few inland. over the coast upper 70s to near 80. mid 80s inland. again mostly dry weekend sunday. more clouds around. and then sunday night into monday good opportunity of scattered showers in here. behind that front we d a little taste of fall. kind of fall like feel to the air. tuesday into wednesday. still looks dry thursday and friday of next week. coming up in the olympic zone. a world-class athlete looking to defend his title. ashton eaton talks about what inspires him to break his own record. >> in 7 sports the red sox sitting through a rain delay at cam den yards. it wasn't worth the wait.
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>> heading into the olympic zone. ashton eaton wowed crowds during the 2012 here's 7 nancy chin showing us how he is going for the gold. >> he did in loft and he hope repeat in rio.
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champion ashton eaton. that feeling of being on top of the podium isn't the only thing that motivates eaton. >> i'm driven by my own curiosity how could i could be. what i've done so far i feel like i can do better than i have. it's the aim to try to reach that point where i think you know what i don't think i can run faster than that. i think that was it. have i haven't reached it in rio. eaton hopes to inspire those watching. i want them to feel like they are witnessing the results of what happens when somebody commits their entire life to something. because that's essentially what eye done. that's what i am putting on display in the outcome of what humans can do when they commit to fully to something. >> the eaton family has raked in hardware in rio.
9:23 am
bronze for canada in women's. >> that's quite the time. those two will raise some olympic champion for sure. coming up next. patriot's preseason game number 2 tonight is jmy garoppolo ready to go. will donald trump staff help him
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ing new. are red sox winning sixth game in ray rain shortened game against baltimore. boston offense dominated jackie bradley junior homered to drive in four runs. rain forced the game to be
9:26 am
pumps called the game. sox won 8-1. the red sox also getting good news about pitcher uduardo rodriquez. he's set to make next start next sunday against the tigers. rodriquez left tuesday game after experiencing hamstring tightness. the lefty was feeling much better wednesday. the pats are back on the field tonight. new england hosting the chicago bears. no word if tom any action at all. we do know that rob grownkowski will be out. his tuesday practice left with lower body injury. gronc has not played in reseason game since 2012. brady spending time with oldest son wednesday. that's 8-year-old jack. he's hanging out with the team. he turns nine next week. i remember when he was born. goes by fast.
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abbie is sending a message after a terrible tumble on the track. >> plenty of high temperature in the 80s over the next few days. not plentiful from the rainfall department. we'll talk more on that, ahead. much more on the top story. two members of the u.s. swim team pulled off the plane stopped from leaving brazil. authorities looking into their story about getting robbed while
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my man friend that i've been seeing... your man friend. like, as i was leaving i was like, "goodbye, i love you," and like... (laughs) what'd he say? i said, "don't say anything!" oh god! (laughs) 'cause now like, this is the cliffhanger, so we don't know if he loves you. what's gonna happen if he doesn't? when i look for solutions, i don't start in washington, and i don't assume one party has all the answers. you know where i find common-sense ideas? right here in new hampshire... where i'm fighting for the good-paying jobs that strengthen our economy. i worked to make childcare more affordable and make it easier i've worked across party lines on clean air and energy efficiency efforts... and to strengthen social security and medicare. together, we're making new hampshire and america stronger. i'm kelly ayotte,
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>> lion lochte and teammates said they were robbed in rio. now authorities want the swimmer to answer more question. two tracker trailers collided. lumber spilled across the mass pike today. hillary clinton sounding off on donald trump's latest staff shake up.
9:30 am
i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. this kind of the warm up for friday. it's not too sunny to start today. let's send it over to chris lambert with more on your forecast. we'll get the sunshine back. we see it work from west to east. we started the morning off with clouds out there. even a few sprinkles 74 in boston. cooler start than yesterday morning. it's comfortable feel to the air. couple of sprinkles across the cape and island. if you planned on going to the beach today. don't write this off as beac the cape more sunshine pressing in from the west. already seeing that occur west of the city of boston. rain chance this afternoon most of it would fall well to north and west. pop up shower not out of the question. but a lot of the time will be spend on the dry side here this afternoon into the earliening. temperature this afternoon close to 80 across the cape. cape ann low-to-mid 80s. 87 in the city of boston. rather warm afternoon but the humidity still in check. pretty good beach afternoon for
9:31 am
forecast, ahead. we continue to follow this breaking news. a massive crash on the pike. nicole oliverio was on the scene with the latest to give us an update. nicole? >> sarah one of the driver had to be taken to the hospital. the good news now this mass pike has reopened. all three lanes opened. you can see where the mess was left on the one tractor-trailer collided with another rear ending it here in auburn. that shutdown two of the three lanes causing a major headache for the rush hour commute backing up traffic nearly an hour and a half. now crew responding to scene had to use the jaws of life to get the driver of one of the tractor-trailers out. you can see the cab just completely smashed.
9:32 am
it took about five hours to clear up that accident. it was just around 8:00 when all three lanes reopened again. taking a live look now in the mast pike you can see no problem with traffic moving. the cause of that accident remains under investigation. live in auburn. nicole oliverio 7news "today in new england." let's get the latest on the big picture. fast track with danielle gersh. things look better. all lanes open there as you saw. earlier this you saw. alls red. now you can see it's all green through auburn. no issues. closer to home on the pike you watch a new accident westbound and that's just after the ted williams tunnel there. heading into town on route 2 and 3 you're in good shape. 93 you slow down after 128. still no issue on route 1. braintree to boston northbound on the expressway. 24 minutes and south of town things looking mostly green. let's check the drive times if you get ready to head tout door. 22 minute.
9:33 am
from 128, 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge. 20 minutes the t and commuter rail running on schedule. >> following breaking news from rio. two american swimmer detained in brazil. they were pulled off their flight last night. brazilian authorities are barring them from leaving the country. and they want them to testify about armed robbery claims. >> 7's nancy chin has the breaking details now. >> repr: but changing the details. now when he talked to billy bush you will remember on sunday, bob he said that's when the took the gun, put it to his forehead and caulked it. when he talked to me tonight he said that's when the guy pointed the gun in my direction and caulked it. and i pointedly said to them you said before it was placed on your forehead and caulked. he said, no that's not exactly what happened. and i think he feels it was more
9:34 am
>> ryan lochte speaking to today show host matt lauer denying he lied about being held up at gun point. i said ryan there's people out here sceptism that you made this up to cover up embarrassing behavior. he said that's absolutely not the case. i wouldn't make up a story like this nor would the others. as a matter of fact we all feel it makes us l on wednesday two of the teammate with the swimmer on the night in question were pulled off a plane. they were brought in for questioning just before they were about to leave for the united states. nbc news reporting jimmy feegon was supposed to be on the flight but never showed up. james feegon is also communicating with local authorities and intends to make further statements on thursday as well.
9:35 am
temporarily confiscated by a court order. all three are expected to continue discussions with investigators today. police say they haven't founders to support their account of what happened. a brazilian judge found contradictions in the swimmer's reports. the judge cite thing video obtained by the daily mail online said the men appear to be joking. and noted they didn't seem to be shaken physically or psychologically after the alleged incident. lochte is already back i he left before an order was issued. he "today in new england" show he's not trying show anything and answered all questioned asked. he told them he was reachable and he would cooperate. they could get to him through his agent or his lawyer. we are closely following this investigation and we'll keep you updated. in rio. nancy chin, 7news. kerry walsh jenning and april
9:36 am
winning the bronze in beach volleyball. the team rallying to victory after losing the first set to take down brazil. both adding to collection of olympic medal. this is walsh jenning fourth and ross jenning second. >> this tournament has been so magical. we made it magical. we stuck together. i was doing my thing. april kept bringing me back. connecting. it was amazing. we had to i'm exhausted emotionally and physically. >> there were some other exciting finishes as well. that includes a clean sweep on the track. >> reporter: an olympic sweep for three members of team u.s.a. putting them in the history
9:37 am
ali taking silver and christy caslin grabbing bronze. the triple victory marking the first time a nation has ever swept the podium in the event. we did our job. we're happy. >> i'm so excited. we're blessed. we just came out here and did our best. we came out here and sweeped. i'm grateful to god. >> bolt sprinting way to finish of 200 meter summe the fastest man in the world leaving most of competition far behind. but he was challenged at the very end. degrass right there with them. the two friend crossing the finish line while smiling at each other. bolt is focusing on another gold. and breaking record time. i'm ready and feeling good. that felt smooth. i'm happy. i'm on the right track.
9:38 am
now. this 28-year-old hopes to become the third man to ever win back-to-back olympic dekathlon titles. he has five to go. he ended yesterday on a high note with his strongest event the 400 meter dash. >> of course i'm trying to win. if a record is there at the end. i will try to go for that. right now it's about getting the w. >> eaton will be back to compete the remaining five events. bolt will run for the second gold of the games. 7news. now to update on local runner who really just embodies the olympic spirit. she's stopped to help another runner on the track. who actually tripped her up. she will not compete in tomorrow's 5,000 meter final. the massachusetts native tore a ligament in her knee when she fell during the race. you could tell she's in race. she captured the world's attention when she help nicky hamlin get back up and continue
9:39 am
>> i feel grateful that nicky and i were used as an instrument their that message, yeah, we train for hours and hours but this is really special. and we are all united and like celebrating like the spirit of the olympics and like the spirit of humanity. >> such an awesome story. still to come nancy is taking a leap of faith jumping on a trampoline for lesson from a former member of the looks like fun. happening today the aclu will argue more than 24,000 tainted drug lab cases involving former state chemist should be dismissed. according to the herald the aclu will argue before the state supreme court that handled those acmes would slowdown the judicial process. she served three years in prison after admitting to tampering with more than 30,000 lab
9:40 am
chemist. a crash in door chest sent three people to the hospital. we're hearing from the family of a hero father who helped save his daughter and friend when they were all hit by a car. she said he saved my life. you know, he really, really took one for his family. he is one hell of a father. >> police say 40-year-old shielded his 10-year-old daughter and their wheelchair bound friend when a tuesday night. both his daughter and friend are out of the hospital but he remains there with severe head injuries. >> a judge is now thrown out charges against a lowell teacher's aide accused of throwing a rubix cube at a student. he threw the toy during an argument with 14-year-old basketball player. it bounced off the ground and then grazing another teachers a arm. he didn't seers he was targeting
9:41 am
i don't see a bit of evidence that shows that the dwft intentionally through it. >> frazier said he hoped that he'll be able to get back his job. >> now to race for the white house. donald trump will be heading to the battleground state of north carolina today where he will likely respond to hillary clinton critisism that the new staff on his campaign won't change who he is. >> he can hire and fire anybody he want from his they can make him read new words from a teleprompter. but he is still the same man who insults gold star families demeans women, maches people with disabilities and thinks he knows more about isis than our generals. >> yesterday trump got a new campaign manager and advisor as he tries to cut clinton's lead in the polls. >> we have much more ahead
9:42 am
resident in california forced to leave their homes as this wildfire rages on. >> pattern mainly dry for us over the next 7 day with the exception of one time frame.
9:43 am
9:44 am
ing new. >> firefighter continue battling this huge wildfire in southern california.
9:45 am
land. and it just started tuesday. 80,000 people have been told to lee their homes. officials say the fire is just 4% contained. this one spreads so quickly. it's unbelievable. and one of a couple of fires going on in california. really scary to watch in person. to see some of the reporter that are out there covering that. need to be careful out there. hopefully they get more containment. 4%. is zero% contain just a little bit 70 in norwood. dewpoint level for us have come down since yesterday morning. you knelted the difference yesterday afternoon. a little bit more comfortable. same case today. modest amount of humidity. not completely scouring out a lot of the moisture in the atmosphere. we have felt worse. certainly yesterday mornings one of those day where you started off and felt like tropical air outside. lighter winds too. that's the other thing to get rid of the high humidity we
9:46 am
it had a couple of sprinkles work through this morning. still remaining a few across the cape but returning sunshine from poston west as we speak. we'll have mix of sun and cloud throughout the day. there's a low chance of pop up showers. i think tend to favor the higher terrain across new hampshire through worcester county verses locations close to the coastline. but nonetheless maybe about 10 our 20% of us picking up on brief shower this afternoon. not appreciable in terms of rainfall tol. drought situation. high pressure not really helping us out either. the drought situation. yes, if you have weekend plans looks good for that as the bulk of the rain falling across western new england, connecticut and vermont during the afternoon storms over the weekend. worcester points east mostly a dry weekend in here. more clouds around on sunday. and i do see the opportunity of some of that moisture working eastbound by sunday evening sunday night into monday. that's when all of us have
9:47 am
showers. otherwise rather dry throughout the next several days. tropics more active. a lot of lowells in the season after getting the fast start with the first few names. tropical storm fiono in the atlantic. this not a threat to land. spend a lot of time over the open water of the atlantic over the next several day. winds 45 miles an hour. sunshine mixed with periods of cloud at time. warm, 84 to 88. partly cloudy skies tonight. comfortable night. a lot going on. how the pats at gillette. billy joel at fenway. the weather looking fine for all of it. sea breezes beach day tomorrow. close to 80 at the coastline. mid to few upper 80s inland. if this is the weekend you take a long reek toend the cape. weather working out just find. a little bit of breeze and humidity returning. and i do expect across the lakes region get more dry hours in there as well. lower-to-middle 80s. western new england.
9:48 am
scattered showers and storm especially in the afternoon which sunday. for all of us sunday into monday. nice and dry middle part of next week. >> up next we take a major leap. we take you inside the gym to learn how to master the trampoline an olympic sport. i could get into that. good thing she's doing the leap and not me. >> simone getting a visit from her celebrity crush. see what her brazilian boyfriend had to say about that. four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent
9:49 am
not just a select few. vote no on question 2. when i look for solutions, i don't start in washington, and i don't assume one party has all the answers. you know where i find common-sense ideas? right here in new hampshire... where i'm fighting for the good-paying jobs that strengthen our economy. i worked to make childcare more affordable and make it easier to save for college. i've worked across party lines on clean air and energy efficiency efforts... and to strengthen social security and medicare. new hampshire and america stronger.
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>> let's get back into the olympic zone. we're going up, up and away in trampolines originally used to train astronauts. did you know? people enjoyed so much an actual sport called the trampoline was created. they are in backyards all over.
9:51 am
our ever adventurest nancy chen had a chance to try it as well. >> many had a chance to jump on trampoline. these athlete take it to new levels. i got a chance to try it out. they flip, tumble and twist all while high in air. you jump in the air. there isn't really anything to stop you until gravity kicks in. this far crym down in your backyard. native shawn kennedy on the national trampoline team for two year leaping with the world's best. sometimes up to 25 feet in the air. but today >> are you allowed to do cartwheels. he's coaching me on the basic. you will sit down. put your hands by your side so you have good control. when you stand up put them over your head. first i had to learn now to pay attention. just do some bounces make sure you're in the middle.
9:52 am
we got off to good start. here we go. there you go. perfect. then it was time to take it to the next level with straddle jump. you jump up. try to bring your feet up to your hands. what do i do with my legs? you want to level them underneath you. leave them underneath. only move them for the straddle jump. >> okay. but maybe just maybe the full turn would be my salvation. i like to start with my hands by my side. when i'm ready to turn i put my arms up and turn. then it was my turn. literally. like that. it's okay. we're okay. coaches record cart wasn't the best. everything could use a little bit of work.
9:53 am
>> i don't know about a great athlete. maybe not great. but good enough. that has has me leaping for joy. >> i feel like i'm flying. apparently i don't have chance as future olympic trampolinest but thanks to shawn for teaching me. nancy chin. 7news. that's my favorite story we did all week. that was a direct question and hed nancy chin is good sport with the story. >> she is. michael phelps is waking up at home. how he is spending time now that he's retired. we'll take a look at the
9:54 am
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only at my stop & shop. >> closing ceremony aren't until sunday.
9:56 am
their time. mile phelps one of them. he's back at the pool. posting this family photo with the caption no place like being home. great way to spend my first day in retirement. of course it is summer. very laid back. i love this. two member of the final five. they are letting loose a little bit. ali raisman and simone biles enjoying fast food. french-fries and chocolate ice cream. about an hour later ali detailed her very healthy diet on twitter to first lady michelle obama who asked what healthy food the group eats. then ali tweeted again at mrs. obama writing ignore our recent tweet about eating fries and ice cream. sometimes you got to splurge. >> moderation. give yourself a bat on the pack. i love the fact they are indulging. makes me feel less guilty.
9:57 am
brazilian athlete gymnast arther nori who biles has joked he's her brazilian boyfriend. she's posted some pictures of the two of them together on instagram. he said zack i saw you first. looks like they having a good time over there. the time of their lives. >> we'll watch for that instagram as well. mid-to-upper 80s as well. sunshine mixed with cloud. warm day slight risk of pop up shower much of the time dry later on today. friday, saturday and sunday. a lot of dry hours. more clouds around sunday in the afternoon. can't rule out some scattered showers and storm across western new england. i think much of central mas and eastern mass remaining dry until sunday. then the rain chance goes up for all of us sunday night into monday. behind that front beautiful
9:58 am
thursday. a lot of sunshine and low humidity. enjoy the rest of your morning everybody. thanks for spending time here. i'm christa delcamp.
9:59 am
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people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. she is a 4'8" giant and they're going to play the star-spangled banner again. ? a busy thursday is under way in rio. and as the day of competition begins we turn our attention to the track on olympic stadium on day 13 of the 2016 games. from our home on c orcopacabana beach. later tonight usain bolt will


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