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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  August 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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it's a party in brazil. another successful summer games comes to a close. we're live in rio. a chance for some wild weather overnight. what you need to no he befor to know before you head to bed. a big police scene and a death investigation. and a deadly drive in east boston. a party bus involved in an accident. find out what the company has to say. we begin tonight in the olympic zone, a closing celebration. a big party as the rio olympics come to an end. >> and grabbing the gold in a dominant fashion, our men's
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rio. the winning medal count, it wasn't close. >> sure, the games were great to watch. nancy chen is live with in rio with much more on the final night. nancy? >> reporter: nick and nicole, good evening. what a way to go out. brazil ending the olympic games with a spectacular show. from competition to celebrate one last time in rio de janeiro. dancers in colorful feathers kicked things off, forming the landmarks we've all come to know the last two weeks. sugar loaf mountain. creating the olympic rings. the voices of children then filling the stadium. 27 selected to sing the national anthem to represent brazil's states and federal district. in the opening ceremony,
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simone biles carried the flag for the united states. at 4'8", she's the shortest athlete but a giant at these games, leaving with four golds, one bronze. rain couldn't dampen the spirits inside the stadium. athletes came prepared with up jackets. one last ceremony for t marathon medals. the stadium turned red. a surprise appearance by japan's prime minister. japan putting the future on display. the olympic flame extinguished in rio. the torch headed to tokyo now. and also today, all of the action coming to an end. it was a strong finish by team
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competition. team usa claiming their third straight gold in all of the glory. the americans in total control in the court. serbia didn't have a chance. kevin durant, on fire, putting up 30 points. for carmelo anthony, it was an emotional win. >> i've seen the worst and the best. and i've stuck with it. we stuck i'm here today, three gold medals later. >> bronze medal. down the line! >> reporter: the u.s. team rallying against russia, trailing 2-1, the team battled back, with one final spike by anderson. >> she's saying bring it on.
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can anyone dethrone me? >> reporter: shields showed her strength, any letting her opponent get ahead of her. once it was over, shoo he celebrated with a cartwheel. >> i'm not just a great female boxer. i'm one of the best that's ever lived. oh, my dodd. >> reporter: my god! >> reporter: she hung her medal around her neck. kyle men's freestyle tournament to become the youngest in wrestling in history. the bronze medsal was met with a unique protest. after it was ruled that the mongolian lost, two coaches threw their clotheth t clothing to the disgust. dennia anken app and ethiopia going at it.
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run the distance but it looks like he has a future in it. >> you know, he says he's a hockey player. you know, maybe this is my best event. >> reporter: former boston marathon champion looking somewhat off his game at his last olympic marathon, slipping up at the finish. but he played it off, dropping and giving the crowd a couple of pushups before crossing into 33rd the games are about more than wins medals. they are also about sportsmanship and abbey was honored for her act of sportsmanship when she got tripped up by a runner. she got nikki up and running again, only to go down herself. that's when she had -- she had the chance to help her and they
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medals, 121 overall. that does put us in first place as we finish these games. so a spectacular time by team usa. but ryan lochte and his teammates who are at the center of this fabricated robbery claim, discipline could be coming. the head of the olympic committee said there will be further action against them but did not elaborate. we can expect to hear more of matt laur's intvi you can catch that after 7 news new england. before we go away, i'm gonna take you back, because some of my highlights have been a wonderful 21 days. but the moments i will remember long after i leave brazil. but for now, back to you, nick and nicole. >> and nancy, you will be heading back to us along with our photojournalist. you've been doing a tremendous job out there. a lot of hard work goes into it. >> reporter: absolutely. >> you've done a lot of job.
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hard-working women behind us, kate and kitt katie have been given you gold medal coverage. and turning to the forecast. it's calm in boston but we could see wild weather knight. so we need the rain, but thunder while we sleep? bri eggers has the forecast. >> there's the hope we don't get woken up before that monday morning possibility is there we could get thunder boomers out of this wet weather that's working through. right now, we have heavier, more steady rain working through northern connecticut. all of that inning pushing north as it tracks closer and closer to boston from west to east. you can see those scattered showers trying to make it across 495. the real main event holds off until after midnight into the very early hours of tomorrow morning. while we're not seeing any lightning or hearing any thunder
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the question that that could come as we get into the early showers of tomorrow morning. all of this pushes out by 7:00 or 8:00. we will have pleasant weather to start out the workweek. we'll get to the extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. we're following some breaking news. a death investigation in winchester. police have been coming in and out of this home all night. the night team's reporter is live with what we know so far. >> reporter: well, nick, the middlesex district attorney's investigation of an elderly woman at a home here on edgewater place within the last ten mits. investigators cleared the scene. here's video from just a little while ago, around 9:00 p.m. investigators went inside this home at 3 edgewater place and started to search inside. technicians went in with gloves, searching near the front window of the home for evidence. the d.a.'s office said they responded to the home at 2:00 a.m., where they discovered an
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neighbors saw her put upon a stretcher and she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. winchester police guarded the for hours before anyone was allowed inside. neighbors say a married couple lives inside the home and they had been here for more than 35 years. both of them in their 70s. >> very surprised. they just very, very pleasant couple that were great neighbors over the years. she was terrific and he kind to a neighbor years ago, checking on the care of the elderly mother. this was not his patient. >> reporter: back out here line, police are still waiting to notify next of kin. so we're not going to name the couple that we believe lives inside the hope. at this point, investigators are not calling this a homicide and they are not even saying this is a suspicious death. we'll stay on top of this story
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them. for now we're live in winchester, back to you. well, tonight two preschool-aged children remain in critical condition after they were pulled from a pool unresponsive in lowell. investigators say the children were guests at a birthday party at this home on freda lane. two nurses who were next door heard the calls for happen and ra -- for help and ran over. both kids were flown to boston deadly drive in east boston. one person dead after a tragic accident involving a party bus. a second person was also hurt and sent to the hospital and tonight we're hearing from the bus company. the night team's kelli o'hara is live on the scene with the latest. kelli? >> reporter: that company says that they are cooperating with police. the driver has not been charged. as for investigators, they are still looking into what happened and why it happened.
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lined this area in boston after a party bus and person somehow collide. police say they got a 911 call around 2:00 a.m. with reports of two people hurt along this highway. by the time police arrived, one of the two develop victims was dead. the other hurt and rushed to the hospital. this road was shut down for hours trying to figure out how this tragedy occurred. you could see officers with flashlights the road. all pd will say is their investigation into what happened is ongoing. the bus company says we extend our deepest condolences of the families of the victims. we're cooperating with police and will provide officials with whatever they need to. our driver was questioned by police briefly before he was
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two decades of running, they've had a clean driving record. as for the ville, they are still at the hospital. kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> thank you. authorities in turkey are blaming isis for a deadly blast at a wedding. at least 50 people were killed and dozens more wounded at this outdoor wedding party yesterday. officials say the attack was carried out by a young suicide bomber believed to be and 14 years old. it's still unclear why this particular wedding was targeted. turning to the race for the white house, we're seeing a campaign shift from donald trump. today, the billionaire businessman backtracking a bit. his campaign suggesting his pomcy for dealing with undocumented immigrants may not be set in stone. hillary clinton hitting the road as she raises money here in massachusetts.
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script. >> thank you very much. >> last night, the outsider, calling for a more inclusive gop. >> the gop is the party of abraham lincoln. >> it's won him praise from the party chairman. >> he's shown maturity as a candidate. >> his new campaign manager suggested that trump might walk back parts of his law and order immigration proposal. >> we have many illegals in the country. we have to get them out? thursday -- >> that will plan include a deportation force? >> to be determined. >> trump supporters are trying to make hillary clinton the focus, raising questions about the clinton noun's dogs to bait afoundation to see if she gets elected before it stops accepting donations. >> donald trump refuses to disclose his financial debts
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world. >> clinton spending the weekend behind closed doors on martha vineyard's raising money. on sunday, in provincetown with a private celebrity fund-raiser with cher, staying out of the spotlight, leaving the focus on trump's efforts to get himself back on truck. polls show hillary clinton is still ahead by 9 points. the republican national committee chair is trump and clinton will be even in the polls by labor day. up next from the night team -- the summer games wrapping up in style. we'll take a look at some of our reporter in rio, nancy chen,' most memorable highlights. we have wet weather moving
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all right. some wet weather, finally. we know we need it. not bad timing either. we had a really beautiful weekend. showers and storms moving through the overnight hours, out of here by tomorrow morning. sunny, dry, pleasant weather to knoll. temperatures much more seasonable for this time of year. highs topping out near 80. it's been a dry month so far. hard to believe that we're two-thirds of the way through august. we've seen rain. this is likely to go down as the driest summer on record and we're quite a ways from that number two involvement i thi slot. hear we go with that wet weather overnight tonight. not seeing any lightning showing up yet. but it is possible that we get some embedded thunderstorms in this activity, which could be loud, could wake you up. and also, some heavy downpours that are sort of embedded in this action.
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pushing up through the connecticut river valley, hartford, heading towards worcester. all of this energy, pushing north as it tracks from west to east. the main event doesn't happen until after midnight tonight. but you can see those colors of oranges and reds that are making their way through here. it's really hard to pinpoint exactly where that heaviest rain ends up and who hears thunder, who doesn't. but it's a possibility for really any area as we head int as you can see, by 7:00, 8:00 a.m., all of that pushing out of here and we're in for breezy conditions as we get into tomorrow morning. the sunshine back in store. how much rainfall are we in for? .25 to .508 looks to ..50. the potential is there for 1, to 1.50 as we make it through the downpours. current temperatures, 0 in
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atmosphere is goof. the atmosphere is good and prime. you can find the front here with the drier air behind t that's what pushes in for us. while the humidity is hard to bear now, it gets much better, not just for tomorrow, but also for tuesday as well, keeping the dry weather condition. around. here is a topping out near 80 for the next couple of days and a warming trend for the end. week. have a good night. >> bri, thank you. also, the coast guard making a rescue off the coast of martha's vineyard this morning. officials say a boat started taking on water with six people on board just before the:00. the coast guard jumped into action sending out a boat and helicopter to the rescue. they were able to pump water and -- and tow the boat back. nobody was hurt.
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on dry land, a ride to remember in boston. bikers from around the state came out for the 4th annual boston marathon today. riders went along the same route as the boston marathon. more than 200 motorcyclists crossed the fame us finish line on boilton. all of the proceeds go to the jim mip fund. comi jimmy coming up -- nancy chen, wrapping up her time in rio. when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know."
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your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you.
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? back to the olympic zone now. plenty of memorable moments in rio. among them, michael phelps becoming the most decorated olympian ever. >> and nancy c offer rio the past few weeks. she's back to share some of her favorite moments from the games. i have to imagine some of those have to involve aly raisman. >> reporter: oh, yeah. we've been covering her in the final five. it's incredible to watch. we've been there for every single time she competed. it's hard to top being in the crowd for aly and simone biles' floor routine. aly started to cry after her
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because they knew that she had killed it. i also enjoyed getting out to the area to catch my first game of rugby. we went out there to cover nate ebner. the crowd was incredibly boisterous and excited to be there. i just love that energy. i think rugby may be my new favorite sport. it's intense. it's fast. it's easy to follow. fun to watch. we were busy coverage. but i did get the chance to sneak out and see the famous steps before the games started. there are more than 2,000 tiles from about 60 countries all over the world. it's just incredible to watch. you know, guys, it's hard to just choose three top moments because there have been such incredible moments and memories that have been made here. i also want to give you kind of a preview of what's coming back. i have souvenirs for everybody back at channel 7.
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i also have the beer cups. i'm sorry. the cups. [laughter] >> nice save. >> reporter: i didn't -- i got these as presents from everyone else. i didn't actually get them myself by buying them. they have different things for gymnastics, swimming and running. they've been a good item there. i also have to show he's the brazilian live shot. this is my last live shot. i have to say a big thank you to everyone who has been part of this. it's not just me who is out here it's our photographer who has been doing a lot of hard work. our producers, katie as well as kate redding and kelsey, we've had an amazing team. i just want to thank, the viewers, i'm being told to
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nancy chen. >> thank you, you did a great
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tom brady enjoying a long weekend. not related to his thumb
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back will have a second surgery on his left knee after tearing his acl. lewis took part in the team's spring practice june 13th without a knee brace but has been placed on the physically unable to perform list to start training camp. csn's tom reporting the procedure does not involve the acl or any other ligaments. the recovery timetable is expected to be eight to ten weeks which means jim to start. not encouraging with sebastian vollmer, likely headed to the injured reserve. he's he has a -- he had shoulder surgery during the offsee -- offseason. also news today that shaq mason who missed thursday's game against chicago is out with a broken hand. henry owens, not exactly set
11:30 pm
short notice after eduardo rodriguez decided last night he wouldn't be able to pitch due to the hamstring issue. owens was scratched from the pawsox. landed in detroit at 9:00 a.m. and was on the mound. and then eduardo rodriguez had a front-see seat. the sox intentionally walked cabrera to load the bases for main martinez, makes him pay. ripping a double down the right field line. two runs score. tigers take a 2-0 lead. next up, justin upton, he smashes a three-run shot to left. the tigers break this game wide open. putting up a five spot in the third. it gets worst in the fifth. another three-run home run to left.
11:31 pm
owens lasted five innings. the only offensive fireworks, courtesy of andrew benintendi, in the 6th, he records his first triple, a rocket down the right field line off verlander and then benintendi blasting a two-run shot. he's batting .322 in the big leagues. it's not enough. tigers win it 10-5 earning a split in the four-game series. team usa dominating the 121 total medals, china with 70 and then great britain with 67. usa basketball wins a third great medal rolling past serbia. saving their best performance in the olympics last. that's sports. >> thank you. and that will do it for us tonight. i'm nicole oliverio. >> i'm nick emmons. join 7 news beginning at 5:00 a.m.
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michael phelps is going to do it again! they reach for gold. >> he did it! at every olympics there are memorable characters, remarkable achievements, moments of exultation. over the last 17 days and nights, these games have provided all of that. new stars ascending boldly to the stage alongside legends


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