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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  August 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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to the hospital. we're waiting to learn an update on the child's condition. >> ryan: adam williams has much more on what is going on here. >> reporter: chelmsford police say at least one parent was home when they arrived. accomplishes firefighters and e. m. s. responded to the home just after 2:30 today after adults noticed that the 5-year-old drifted underwater. they pulled him out. rescuers say the child was breathing on his own but was not fully conscious. as you mentioned also breaking in lawrence fire broke out at an abandoned building on summer street. the mayor says the fire started at a known problem property. the city has been battling with the home's landlord for two years. the home was being used by homeless people. red cross is assisting them. for now i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> jadiann: also breaking news, out of mississippi,
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nuns including one with ties to massachusetts hae been found dead inside of their home. officers say there were signs of a break in. one of the nuns moved from massachusetts to mississippi in 1981 to work as a nurse in poor areas. we are going to stay on top of this and we'll deliver new information to you. >> ryan: police track down a person of interest in a murder in east boston that happened last june. now boston police found this woman and questioned her today after asking for the public's help in identifying her. is still ongoing. police responded to a call of a person down on princeton street. they found the victim dead in a parking garage. a 16-year-old from east boston has been charged with the murder. the victim blanca lainez was just 18. she was' from east boston. >> jadiann: marblehead police looking no a message of hate found at the high school.
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"jews did 9/11." they hope whoever did this will come forward, a big blast in salem being investigated. people heard the huge boom in the early hours tuesday morning. after a group of vandals set off an explosive in a newspaper box. the editor of the paper stand says she couldn't believe the size of the explosion. police are looking for the people involved. >> ryan: turning to a afghanistan. seven students killed when two people stormed the campus of american university in kabul. students barricaded themselves calling family members. >> she was' worrying crying telling me pray for me because maybe this is my last time that i talk to you. >> reporter: two attackers firing at well. the sprawling american university in central kabul. first a car bomb then two men with grenades and guns
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safe, so, therefore we jumped from the second floor. >> reporter: afghan forces responded with u.s. force there is to advise. >> the security situation inside of afghanistan is one that is concerting. >> reporter: this morning in kabul more than 100 students trapped inside were finally freed. police say the two gunmen were killed. no group claimed responsibility for the attack. three people are still in serious condition in the hospitals and the university remains closed. authorities in delaware investigating the death of a line. the 59-year-old fell 40 feet from the zip line. the safety procedures are thorough but it's important to pay attention during the training session. >> the staff basically takes you through how to hook up to the wires and everything as you are going across all the obstacles and stunt after you get up there it's up to you to make sure that you are hooked up safe. >> ryan: the park remains
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continue to investigate here what caused the woman to fall. >> jadiann: we're following more news tonight. the ceo of the company blind the epipen promising to cut costs for families who need it. the company has faced fierce criticism for the sky rocketing costs much the medicine and the sky rocketing salary of its c.e.o. but insurance companies are to blame. under fire the ceo of mylan. the maker of epipens says the compan immediate stops to lower the cost for some parents. >> as a more, i can assure you the last thing we would ever want is no one to have their epipen due threw to -- due to price. >> reporter: other customers could get the devices for free but the temperature is not lowering the drug's list price which is more than 600 for two devices.
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there is no generic version. the company's ceo blames insurance companies for raising premiums and deductibles. >> it was never intended that a consumer that the patients would be paying list price. never, the system wasn't built for that. >> reporter: the price hack has drawn outrage from users with high insurance deductables and no insurance at all and it's drawing attention from members of congress. >> there needs to b has risen 600 or 70% and what should be done about the broader problem -- >> jadiann: the ceo's salary has increased more than $2 million a year to 19 million since mylan acquired the epipen in 2007. some say the subpoena is not doing enough an the clinton campaign called for an immediate price slash on the medication. right, the victims of --
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regional medical certainty and florida hospital say they will not bill victims for their services of the terror attack. the two hospitals have provided at least $5 million in care. wildlife officials in florida are pushing for more housing for an animal that could lend a helping hand in the fight against the zika virus. we're talking about bats. one bat can eat up to 1200 mosquitoes in one hour which makes them a great defense. so they would like to see more bat boxes state as zika concerns continue to rise and some locals seem open to the idea. >> it's just now starting to happen and i'm 20 now. so i'm going to want kids in the future. >> i think would be a really good natural way to eliminate the problem or at least reduce the problem. >> ryan: officials say a second person in palm beach county contracted districto. this brings the total number of cases in florida to 43 non-travel related.
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physician in the country. he is warning them about the opioid ep ding. he a-- epidemic. he understands physician's desire to alleviate their patient's pain but said we arrived at this path on a path paved with good attentions. >> the world's largest aircraft comes crashing down in england. developers say it hit thegr test flight. the cockpit was damaged. all of the crew members are okay. the airlander is 92 feet long. it costs about $32 million. one of the nation's most iconic tourist attacks can be -- attractions could be heading for a lengthy shutdown. >> ryan: hope solo has been benched.
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she has been suspended for six months by the teams for "conduct is that counter to the organization's principles." she called the swedish soccer team cowards after the u.s. team lost to them in rio. olympic swimming sensation katie ledecky is passing up deals. last night ledecky showing skills on the baseball diamond throwing out the first she handed off her five medals to brice harper so they won't limit her pitching motion. she said she has been practicing and it showed firing the throw over home plate. she has to pass those off. >> hold my medals. a dog to gained international fame for his
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pulled from a pool being treated now at a boston hospital. >> jadiann: a woman and dog caught on the cross fire in dorchester. we're leashing how boston officers stepped in to make sure the dog got caution treatment. >> announcer: tonight, the global health cries i zika -- crisis, zika fears have reached american shores. now scientists in boston make an aplaysing discovery. >> the vaccine was 100%
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>> jadiann: a runner reunited with a little dog after marathon search comes to an end. he gained fun when she followed a marathon runner for nearly 80 miles. the runner launched a search to get his new best friend back. dog gone lucky. the little dog with the big heart and a global following is finally back with her adopted human. >> i don't think you could have written that. it's that amazing. >> reporter: ult ma marathoner deion lennard first bonded with the dog on a run against the gobi dearth earth in june.
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line. >> i'm looking down thinking this little dog is not going to stay with me all day. that is what she did. >> reporter: she became a social media sensation. lennard made plans to adopt the dog and hinge her home. gobi had to spend time in quarantine in china, gobi ran away. lennard flue to chin to find her. he spent several days searching the streets for his missing dog but it's million people. >> you think wow, this is really just needle in the hay stack. >> reporter: lennard was starting to lose hope and a phone call. someone found a dog that looked like gobi. >> i walked through the living room straight up into my arms. she ran up my legs. she yelping and just delighted to see me. >> reporter: man and dog
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the best days of my life last night when we, when i walked through the door and -- >> reporter: she hasn't left his sights since. gobi appears to be fine. he is giving the dog a tracking clips and walks will include a leach. >> i wouldn't have needed leach. she sticks to my side. >> reporter: gobi is off to buy -- believe his furry best friend is back. >> it was always a long shot. it was always going to be a miracle and i can't believe myself that it happened. >> ryan: if all goes as planned gobi should join her new family in scotland for christmas. >> jadiann: coming up here he has the heart and the look of a lion. he is turning heads over on the west coast. >> reporter: how about
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a chance for rain but a gorgeous weekend ahead. >> ryan: at 6:00 the helicopter pilot who hauled off a plane from the quabbin reservoir talk boston this extremely heavy task. >> jadiann: donald trump's message to a new hampshire crowd during his visit
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>> ryan: a mane attraction in oregon, this look alike bringing new meaning to beware of the dog. it's actually a huge english mass tiff wearing a wig. the dog named winston michael is a natural guard dog.
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look twice to make sure who that is and looks like a lion to me. >> jadiann: i would have to stop and figure it out for a second. >> ryan: what are you? awesome. >> jadiann: i like that, reminds us of something else. >> ryan: bri's cat named simba. >> i thought about buying him a mane. i don't think he would like that very much. we could use the rain at this point. we know that the drought conditions are deepening and this could e driest summer on record. we do have showers moving through central new england. but really staying in southern new hampshire. but getting a good share of that if you move up 93 north of manchester. there steadier rainfall that is sticking around in the spot but no drops for us. at least not at this . we got a shot at it tonight for an isolated shower but it's a slight chance. into tomorrow a better chance. midday into the afternoon, it our best chance of getting some of these
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isolated showers possibly rumbles of thunder to enter into the picture. dew points will be getting aloft overnight tonight and through tomorrow. it will be humid if you are waking up tomorrow you have an early morning run on bike plan -- ride planned you will notice the mugginess. a lot of moisture on the way for us but precipitation, that is a different thing. by the time we hit 11:00 am maybe some of these isolated downpowers developing but they're hit and mix some share of the mane event. i'll stop that but some of us might miss out on this. we can hope for .1 up to a quarter of an inch. some areas if you get set up under a downpour could get closer to an insure, maybe above that. i mentioned humidity with us in a big way early tomorrow but the front that is bringing through some of these showers, possible storms is going to keep out
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much dryer air. unfortunately dry weather not the best news but it's great flus for people that want to enjoy outdoor activities and even better news is that humidity will be on the downslide in the comfortable range as we get through saturday and sunday as well. not getting a boost until monday. weekend forecast about as good as it can get for the last weekend of meteorological sunshine. sunshine,st 70's now talk about the tropics tropical storm gaston did strengthen to a category 1 storm but it has deintensify sod we're seeing that expected to become a category 1 again. then we'll still be watching it but it does not pose a threat to land. where we're concerned, more concerned in 99 l.
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and in fact the winds have pulled back a little bit of but the plots as you can see a lot of different forecast models tracking it through the gulf of mexico and that would give it better fuel for development, warmer sea surface temperatures. the reason why i bring this up, it could possibility mean something for us down the line. i'm talking next weekend. so something will have to keep an eye on. game day forecast for the weekend, series looki 70s for boston, a little cooler along the coastline for the weekend but summer hanging on. a couple of days where we make a run at 90. >> ryan: uber encouraging their drivers to sign up for retirement plan. right now the program is in its early station and only offering in four cities. the company will extend the offer to other states as it
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weather may not be to blame for most flight delays. a report reviewed flight day delay data and the concluded the core problem is the companies. mechanical issues and crew scheduling are the leading causes of flight delays in the u.s. i think most us could figure that out easily. >> jadiann: yeah. >> ryan: the u.s. national park service is marking its centennial. >> jadiann: they're doing it mint. in honor of their 100 year of service, i'll get that ride the mint is issuing three commemorative coins. >> ryan: up next big news for fans of prince. how you can get a sneak peek into his legendary live. >> adam: i'm adam williums. staying on top of breaking news. a child rushed to the
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from a swimming pool in chelmsford plus a dog caught in the crossfire of a shooting that happened in dorchester. officials go above and beyond to try to save thal animal. chopper to yous a plane after the quabbin reservoir. we're going to hear from the man who piloted the helicopter. how did it do it? has he done anything like this before and give you another reason to look at the video because it's pretty incredible. see dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there?
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>> jadiann: at 66 bruce springstein is showing no signs of slowing down. >> ryan:' played a marathon show in his home state of new jersey and it was nearly for four hours. his longest perform appears just over four hours in finland was back in 2012. >> fans of late singer prince will soon have the chance to take tours of his home. ticket go on sale friday. r that will begin in october. it's not known how much a ticket will cost so that will be interesting. the compound is where prince recorded, somehoweddants mixed most of his hits. he died as you will remember of an accidental drug overdose in april. >> ryan: forbes listing this year's top acting male money makers, duane the rock johnson. the action star and former wwf wrestler raked in more than $64 million in a year. jackie khan is the number
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and tom cruise trailing not too far behind. they're doing fine. another 30 minutes of 7 news. i'm ryan schulteis. >> jadiann: i'm jadiann thompson. 7 news at 6:00 starting right now. >> announcer: breaking news, a child pulled from a swimming pool. the little boy rushed to a boston hospital then more duff talk in the race for the white house as the trump compaign makes a stop in new hampshire. >> you are >> announcer: a police officer caught on camera punching a suspect learns his punishment. the plies he will have to pay for crossing the line. >> reporter: maybe some rain on the way heading into tomorrow. we'll run through the timeline. >> announcer: plus a-story you will see on just one station. a helicopter towing an airplane. no easy job. hear from pilot who tulled off this tough task. 7 news at 6:00 starts now.
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child is pulled from a swimming pool in chelmsford. it was a parent who noticed the little boy in the water. >> jadiann: he was breathing when he was rushed to a boston hospital. brandon gunnoe has been on the scene and joins us with more of the details. >> reporter: here is what we know. t happened around 2:30 just after 2:30 on gorham street here in chemsford. closer to the lowell line. sky 7 h.d.was over the scene. police units, and emt responded to the house. when they arrived a 4-year-old boy was in a semi conscious state and breathing on his own. medical personnel made the decision to fly the boy on a helicopter to a boston hospital. we're told there were adults onscene including at least one parent of the child when they noticed the boy had gone under and they pulled him out before rescuers arrived. again the boy was breathing when e. m.t.'s arrived. the pool where it happened
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brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> jadiann: breaking news out of mississippi, police in jackson say two nuns including one with ties to massachusetts have been found dead in their home. officers say there were signs of a break in. one of the nuns moved from massachusetts to mississippi back in 1981 to work as a nurse in poor areas. as we get new information we'll update you. >> adam: a teenager shot right now, 18-year-old deshea mazeri is fighting for her life in critical condition. no arrests have been made but police are investigating. the teen's aunt saying chefs' caught in the cross fire of a dispute between other people who started shooting. a dog was also hurt in the shooting. officers rushed it to the vet and paid for its treatment with their own


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