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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 28, 2016 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> anchor: powerful flames leaping out of a home on plum island. the intense heat causing the fire to spread. >> heavy hearts in lunenberg. a teen who just graduated tragically killed on the road. >> a flight forced to make an emergency landing after the engine stops working. >> record-setting rain soaks parts of the country. why it's fears about the districtaire, virus -- zika virus. >> i'm jennifer egan. >> i'm kris anderson. first up we want to take a live look outside because, it was a beautiful day yesterday. did you enjoy it? >> i did. it was great. it looks like it's going to be another nice day today. >> so nice we'll do it twice, good morning, everyone. temperatures starting off in the 60s picture perfect
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mid 60s but not overly oppressive and winds are light. sea breezes will kick in. if you are heading out to the coastline it will be coolest with temperatures about 75-08 at the coast closer to 85 inland. you can see quiet weather here across much of southern new england. couple of showers skirting the new york, canadian border. could have an isolated one across northern massachusetts overnight tonight. that should be about it. so inland. cooler along the coastline thanks to the ocean breeze but it will be a great night at fenway park. rubber match of the series, temperatures running about 74 degrees at 8:00 pm. more dry weather than wet in the seven-day forecast. starts off warm but ends with a little fall-like feel to the air. >> thank you, a home in northboro catching fire. happened on hudson street around 4:00. you can see the smoke pouring outs of the roof
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fire. there is no word right now on the cause. >> right now investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire at this home on plum island. boaters capturing the flames and huge flume of smoke congress from the water. witnesses tried to use garden hoses but it spread too quickly. >> the fire spread to nearby cars. john cuoco spoke to witnesses who saw it all unfold. >> there was a small little within seconds. >> reporter: flames engulfing a three-story home on plum island around 1:00 saturday afternoon. >> everything outside is gone. >> reporter: kenny dorr is one of threats people that live on the house from 20th street. he came up from the beach and saw this. >> oh, my god. >> >> reporter: one neighbor says he rushed over when he saw the smoke.
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-- >> the fire leapt up into the house up the side of the house. >> reporter: alex says he called 911. the newbury fire captain happens to live nearby. >> heavy fire showing due to heat we called in another arm. >> reporter: flams torched several cars, emterse bought -- >> people were able to knock it down after probably about 15, 20 minutes to save at least two of the homes. >> reporter: the main fire was under control within a couple of hours but firefighters retreated from heat exhaust shun, one was taken to the hospital. no one was home when the first began bushing. the question is how did it start.
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who just graduated high school was killed in a crash. officers say the driver was under the influence. kelli o'hara has more. >> i didn't believe it. it just -- i didn't, it wasn't real. it's not real. i can't wrap my head around it. >> reporter: hours after the death of one of their friends these teens cry and hold one another as they remember a life taken way too soon. >> he was a great kid to be around. >> reporter: austin roberts or his friend called him had just graduated from lunenberg high school,s was excited about the future. a.j.was someone who was a friend to everyone. >> everyone loved him. no matter what he knew how to put a smile on edge's face. just the kind of guy he was. no bad things about a.j. >> always smiling, always had a joke, making people smile. constantly. >> reporter: but the 18's-year-old live ended
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crashed into several trees along this dark and hilly country road. the district attorney says the 19-year-old driver was under the influence and is now behind bars. friends and neighbors say crashes like these happen way too afternoon around here. >> it happens to a lot of people. it could happen to any one of us. it's just, it's really unfortunate. it's heart breaking. >> reporter: kelli o'hara, 7 news, today in new england. >> a jamaica plain feet away from their homes. man in a wheel chair was shot outside of a 7:11. neighbors say they're concerned for their safety. >> i'm totally freaked out. i go there all the time. i take my doggies down. there i know there is shootings and stabbings in the area since i've lived here. never something so close. >> with everything that has been going on lately, it's kind of sad to see that you
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without worried about coming out in one piece. >> anchor: police are asking anyone with information about this shooting to give them a call. also, dorchester police arresting a man in connection with a double shooting from last weekend. 22-year-old aaron ammadio is facing several charges including murder and unlawful possession of a firearm. he shot two people on dudley terrace. one of the victims died. the other was taken to hospital with life-threate i tufts after someone broke into an offcampus house. the suspect ran out of the house on college avenue and drove off. police are warning students to lock their doors and window, turn on outside lights at night and be aware of their surroundings. >> stunning passengers from passengers on board a southwest plane. the engine ripping apart.
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the pilot had to divert when passengers heard explosion and noticed the engine was on fire. amaka ubaka explains what happened. >> reporter: a terrifying moment in the sky. >> we're zoned out then all of a sudden it was huge loud noise. >> reporter: what sounded like an explosion on a southwest flight from new orleans to orlando opinion a few minutes after takeoff the pilot made an emergency landing in pens cole. >> this is a boeing 737 in an emergency status. >> i was crying, after hearing how it could have been way worse. >> reporter: the jet landed safely carrying 99 passengers and five few cream. in a statement southwest said it was a mechanical issue with the numbers one engine. southwest says it bought the plane in 2000. >> we're grateful we were still safe and watched over
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>> reporter: the national transportation safety board now investigating this engine failure. southwest says they'll inspect the plane but believes it was an isolated incident. amaka ubaka, 7 news today in new england. >> anchor: donald trump campaigning in iowa. questioning hillary clinton's track record with minorities. >> how quickly people have forgotten that hillary clinton called black youth superpredators. >> anchor: while he is on the offensive some have called his appeals to black meshes insensitive and tone deaf. hillary clinton is stopping to meet with the f.b.i. it was her first standard intelligence briefing. the meeting happened despite calls to cancel it -- >> heavy rain and flash
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be pulled from the vehicle but that's not the only storm system thats has people on edge. bri eggers has a closer look. >> reporter: with more than 40 people in florida already affected by the zika fire u.s. growing fears more rain could increase that threat. the soaking will put spraying on hold and create more of the perfect mosquito breeding ground. >> look at the property. drain it, cover it so we don' of mosquitoes. >> reporter: miami beach authorities are threatening fines starting at $1,000 if home owners and businesses don't do their part. >> property own don't comply the public health is at stake so they'll begin enforcement. >> reporter: indiana was slammed by record rain and storms on friday night. water taking many by surprise. hally became stranded when her car started flooding down a flooded interpass.
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and got out. thank god i didn't have my daughter in. i would have freaked out. >> reporter: downed trees became unintentional road blocks. in missouri about a half a foot of rain in the kansas city area. entire neighborhoods underwater. this is what it looks like driving through the downpour. as rising water turned roads into rivers drivers were stranded all over the area. bri eggers, 7 >> anchor: a wild scene on a busy highway, a bridge falls right on top of a truck. >> anchor: sunshine ending this sunday. we do start off with a comfortable morning. comfortable afternoon ahead. >> a home coming fit for a champion. that is exactly what she is. we'll take you to needham where the community is
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>> anchor: how about a live look outside. the city of boston, sun shining down on it. another great day. >> anchor: it was worth the did you get outside and enjoy the sun. >> we went back to school shopping. >> you enjoyed it, the kids not too much. >> they got to pick out their binders, all that cool stuff. pencil holings. >> you have to ease into it. >> 4th grade, nothing too serious. >> i remember back, that was' exciting. you go back to school and you get to pick out -- maybe new lunch box, pick out the next batman or spiderman decorated theme.
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the wind dead calm. if you don't have to scramble to bring the kids for good supplies get out. enjoy. going to be another nice sunday afternoon. ongoing drought but it has led to plenty of beach weather. temperatures mid to upper 60s dew points low 60s so not bone dry air mass but here we g. winds hardly a wind out there so it's easy for the sea breeze toic so it's southeast wind to east wind. expect temperatures to be coolest at the coast. with the sunshine we'll be an enjoyable beach at the beach, golf course, anything you got planned outside. i think the weather is going to cooperate for that. right across the u.s. canadian border, there are a couple of state house, a lot of moisture missing new england to the north and to the west. it may spark off a couple of
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and perhaps a passing shower across northern massachusetts, southern new hampshire. there is front that comes on through tomorrow. we start off with more clouds around tomorrow. mixed in with sunshine. a bit of humidity in the morning then we dry it out nicely for the afternoon. there may be one or two towns that get away with a passing spot shower but monday, tuesday, much of wednesday looking dry. 30% on wednesday is for after talk. talking late inhe front sliding on through may trigger off showers wednesday into thursday morning. by friday we're talking about a taste of fall. once again into the forecast, i would say friday afternoon the coolest afternoon ahead of us. low to mid 70s with a decent deal of sunshine and low humidity. that's going to set the stage for a couple of cool mornings late in the week mainly on friday morning and again next saturday morning. down south of florida between florida and cuba
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wave. continues to push off to the north and to the west there. some indications are that it could still strengthen in the eastern gulf of mexico. folks from essentially louisiana into florida will be keeping an eye on that storm system in the next several days. 82 will have 86. cooler at the coastline. sunday partly cloudy skies. warm start to the week but we finish off on the cooler side. high pressure system builds back in. labor day weekend building warmth second half of the hometown hero being celebrated in needham. it's a rally for aly raisman. >> anchor: tonight she will present at the mtv video mikes awards. amaka ubaka has her story (sirens). >> reporter: needham fire department brought the
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to the rally in her honor in site. the crowdful of fans who admire aly's skill and competition and grace around. >> i found her like a really good role model because she is so sweet and nice. >> reporter: a few fans like this godgot to ask her a question. >> what was the highlight of the rio games for you? >> highlight of the rio games. >> highlight of the rio games was winning the team gold medal because it's really special to be able to accomplish something together. we worked as a to accomplish it together. working so hard for a common goal is the high light. >> reporter: what advice do you have for gymfasts? >> the harder days make you stronger. if you always had a good day you would never be able to improve. >> reporter: aly has accomplished so much bringing home three more medals from rio bringing her
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exactlily exactly slowed down. >> i only been home for two days. , it hags a hectic last couple of weeks but it has been a lot of fun. >> reporter: after enjoying the recognition from her hometown she took a moment to thank those right in her own home. >> i want to thank my parents. they're in the rooms with me now for all their support. you know i'm story for putting them through all the stress. >> reporter: amaka ubaka, 7 news today in new england. >> anchor: she busy. >> anchor: while -- whirl wind. going to shoot down to the big apple. >> a lot ahead including an nfl star stirring up controversy. what the quarterback did and how his team is responding. >> the unique weapon that a family uses to try to scare off that intruder that tried
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>> anchor: stan fran 49'ers quarterback collin kaepernick makes a risky decision during friday's pre-season game. he choose to sit out during the national anthem saying he won't show pride for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. he was refersing the recent shooting deaths by police. the 49'ers required to stand during the national anthem. >> anchor: also this morning a bridge collapsing on a truck and it shut down a busy highway in england. a piece of equipment on the back of a different truck hit the bridge which fell on top of this truck. the driver was not hurt but obviously shaken up. >> anchor: a michigan mom and her two sons fight off an intruder with an unusual weapon. when the man started to
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defend themselves. >> they did manage to scare the attacker off. >> my mom said there are real monsters in this world. >> reporter: riese says he came face to takes with a monster when a man tried to break into their michigan home. the family dog started barking when something came to the door. riese asked who it was. >> the man turn around and he saw that the man had a bandana over head. he realized that was a stronger. >> reporter: riese slammed the door shut. shara says when she ran to see what was going on the man broke the lock. >> first instincts is to protect yourself so i started screaming get out. get out. pushing back against the door. at that time he came over to help me. he and i were holding the door. >> reporter: the man managed to get his arm
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sprayed them both. that's when her oldest son joined the fight. >> i ran and grabbed the sword and ran at the guy as fast as i could full intention of doing as much damage to him as possible. >> reporter: ward says they don't know who did this but she is not taking any more chances. she bought a gun. >> don't ever think that you are safe. not for one moment. this happened in my home with an aggressive dog and the doors locked. >> reporter: nick england. >> anchor: had to be incredibly scary. >> anchor: glad they are okay. >> a final check of your forecast. >> anchor: stay with us.
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>> anchor: i have a question for you. >> >> anchor: okay. >> do students learn more from good looking teachers and professors? >> maybe, do you pay attention more. >> if you said yes it goes to the head of the class. researchers at the university of nevada designed a simple experiment using college students. colleges r the lectures delivered by professors they found attractive. the lead author says it boils down to mother nature here. >> human insting. >> i would think it would be a distraction. >> maybe. if they're learning, that is all that matters. >> threaten them with pop quizes. you got to pay attention. you learn that way. no spacing out or day dreaming, 82-86. sea breezes kicking in along the coastline. still looking great.
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taking a being look the a the seven-day forecast, weather a little distracting for kids heading back to school because even as we get past next weekend, the summer theme rolls on with temperatures close to normal or above average. a little cooler than friday. >> you said that dreaded
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. hillary clinton is a bigot. >> like a bomb fell down. >> just price gouging is morally bankrupt. >> i over story. good morning, and welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. long time no see. i'm happy to be back after the olympic break. i'm no simone biles, i can't do a cartwheel. we'll catch up on the presidential campaign and we're hanging out with fred and his


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