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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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home. >> joseph garguilo appeared in court handcuffed and in chains wearing a purple polo and tan cargo shorts, facing serious charges now. he denies them. >> i've known mr. garguilo for about 12 years. i know what kind of man he is. this is not something he would ever do. >> in a complaint filed about te court, an fbi agent writes, a raid of his holliston home revealed ammunition, parts to an ir15 assault rifle and chemicals used to make bombs. the fbi s garguilo planned to attack a mosque and planned to assassinae president obama while he was playing golf on the vineyard. >> a source was quoted saying he would like to planted bombs in police stations and kill as many homeland security officers as he can before they kill him. >> is drug use or mental instability a problem here? >> on whose part?
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>> his lawyer says these serious allegations stem from a messy divorce. his ex-wife has a restraining ordered out against him and they are at odds over who will care for their kids. >> make whatever you want from the fact up there are these ongoing custody issues, but i really can't elaborate on up. >> he talked about killing president obama? does up ring true for your client? >> no, not at all. >> no complete weapons found in the home, though. a federal magistrate has set a detention under the rules garguilo is beig held without bail until then. we're live in south boston, jonathan hall, 7news. >> we're following news out of rhode island where a crane has tipped over. >> kim, two people were inside a bucket at the end of the crane's arm when it tipped, but thankfully they're okay. this was the scene on the river
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turnpike authority says the crae is a piece of inspection equipment. up bucket protected by a cage preventing those workers from falling out. this is a look at the view from down below in the water where rescue boats were waiting just n case those two workers have sine been rescued by another crane traffic across the bridge was shut down during the rescue. the rhode island bridge and turnpike authority is now lookig into just what went wrong. in the newsroom, 7news. drivers facing charges for a led act. police in everett say they found him in his car without wearing pants. >> he did not have a passenger inside at the time, but police took him custody at the time. >> live in everett, steve? >> shocking allegations, adam, p have a lot of people here in everett and pretty upset tonigh. and we're now hearing that the
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a meeting with the ceo of uber. >> did you admitted to doing this? what do you want to say about te charges? >> 28-year-old paul griffin had nothing to say as he was led out of district court in handcuffs and leg shackles. >> can you tell us what's going on? >> in court the uber driver coud hear the proceedings but managed to steer clear of the cameras where he pleaded not guilty to charges of he can exposing as well. >> i can't even put into words, you know? the people that are walking around doing stuff like this. >> prosecutors say griffin was driving this minivan with his pants down sunday afternoon. one woman he approached managed to guess get his license plate and alerted police who later arrested him. >> he was acting inappropriate with young girls. >> an uber spokesperson told us
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after they were notified of the accusations but pointed out he wasn't driving a fare at the tie of the alleged acts. >> but we've since learned that he was charged with open and gross lewdness in 2015 in bosto, a case which is still open. now the mayor of everett has set a scathing letter to uber with deep concerns over their process for screening uber drivers. >> obviously he's told the polie he has an issue. so we'll see what he needs and get him some help and deal with the case in general. >> outstanding case from boston in fox 23, to griffin is being held without bail tonight, and police say by the time he returns to court next month, there's a pretty good chance he could be facing additional charges here. we're live in everett tonight, steve cooper, 7news. >> a up year duck boat driver wo crashed on storrow drive yesterday now cited for a height violation. he struck an overpass, ripping off the ladder and roof. the fire department you see
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boat. no one was injured. this boat had been detoured because of a ceremony at the state house, and boston duck tours did release a statement saying what happened. a up year driver was diverted of the standard tour route. duck boats do not typically travel on storrow drive and although the driver's acts while not intentional will be reviewed by experts. >> an everett police officer called to court today. he's the one accused of his pregnant wife in the stomac. the police officer according to investigators strangled his wif, kicked her in the stomach, she's 7 months pregnant and they say t all happened in their salisbury home earlier this month. he's also accused of threatening to get his gun. he made up statement to his wif. he's a three year police veteran now suspended without pay and facing assault charges. >> we are foot more news today. former congressman anthony weinr in the midst of another sexting
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messages to another woman. >> this is a sudden split betwen anthony weiner and huma abedin. the former new york congressman is facing another sexting scandl after a report from the new york post that he had been sexting another woman. he resigned from office in 2011 after admitting he sent nude photos of himself to another woman. his wife is the chairman of the hillary clinton this morning she announced in a statement she's decided to separate from her husband. it reads in part after a long ad painful consideration and work n my marriage. i have decided to separate from my husband. we are devoted to our son who is the light of our life. we ask for your support for our privacy. >> the new york post reported in one of the photos their son was in the picture. >> i'm ryan schulteis, 7news. >> family and friends are
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young frankenstein and blazing saddles. the actor died early this month in stanford, connecticut, after facing complications with alzheimer's disease. he was 83. >> we are tracking hurricane gaston. check this out. this is the storm. it was released by nasa today. it's about 500 miles off the coast of bermuda. it is expected to remain a powerful hurricane for the next several days. and gaston is not the only storm we're watching right now. let's go to ouret tropics for us. >> yeah, kim. we're headed into the peak of tropical season. hurricane gaston. a category 2 storm with winds 105 miles per hour. we just got the latest update from the national hurricane center at 5:00 and as you mentioned, expected to stay a category two storm. you see up it could send some hefty swells in our direction fr
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days. pay close attention to tropical depression 8 off the coast of te carolinas as well as tropical depression 9 form el known as invest 99l. we'll start with 8 here. td8, expected to strengthen into a tropical storm, sometime tomorrow. but it looks like it will happen midday until the afternoon. so tropical depression 9 would actually within the next six to 12 hours, so we'll continue to update on you this. those next two names, hermine, and ian. we'll get a look at the local forecast in a few minutes. >> what some are calling an unpatriotic protest by 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick after he refused to stand during the national anthem. he's facing plenty of criticism
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controversy. nick? >> it seems a lot of people have something to say about what he did this past friday. >> the controversy surrounding colin kaepernick heating up. >> fans burning his jersey after the 49ers quarterback sat during the national anthem during a preseason game last week. >> i'll continue to sit. i'll continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something up has something to change. >> the typically tight-lipped >> this is his decision. i think he has the right to make up decision and do as he wants. >> head coach bill belichick sie stepping the topic, focusing on football, not his sit in which the quarterback says is a way to continued up against wide specil racial injustice in america. >> we're really focused on what we do and get ready for the giants and proving our football team. i'm not here to talk about
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>> he has discussed his views online before and those who have talked about it online show he's committed. >> if they can take away football, they can take away my endorsement. that's fine. i'm standing up for what's righ. >> his team says he hasn't done anything wrong. in a written statement, the league addressed the issue sayig players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. >> and the 49ers says it respects his decision. >> live in the newsroom, i'm in this case -- nick emmons, 7news. >> 28% of you say you support i, but 72% say you don't. >> you can go to our web page or wdrb >> now in the latest in the race for the white house. donald trump says he will stop sending mixed messages to voters and finally reveal his new
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clinton is facing more fallout from the controversy over her emails during her time as secretary of state. >> hillary clinton is surging ahead with the four day fundraising tour. >> iowa native ashton kutcher visiting iowa over the weekend. and one issue wh fresh charges. there was too much coziness between between hillary clinton and the state department. democrats trying to turn the page. >> we think the behavior is normal. i don't see what the smoke is. >> trump is also preparing, huddling with friends, family ad top advisers. a hot topic for him, immigratio. >> media as it usually does has missed the whole point on immigration. >> speaking in iowa over the
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>> on day one i'm going to begin swifting removing criminal illegal immigrants. >> but originally the republican nominee said he would deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> we're going to have a deportation force and you're going to do it humanely. >> blanketing the shows, republicans arguing he's been consistent, but clarifying the details about his once signature issue. >> his position is going to be it's going to be humane. >> when asked about a possible deportation force. >> i think donald trump will articulate what we do with the people who are here. >> we're going to find out from donald trump very shortly. he's going to be giving prepared remarks. >> this is as clinton supporters try to turn up the heat on trum. >> basically we have a psychopah running for president. he meets the clinical definitio. >> the bad boy between the nominees continuing today as trump is challenging clinton to
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medical records. clinton fired back up it's trump who needs a more detailed assessment. >> apple will reveal a new product launch. the event will be held wednesda, september 7th. many speculate the company will unveil a new iphone and a new apple watch. >> still to come this evening a race in new jersey. a transit police officer puts himself in danger to save the life of another man. >> then ahead at 5:30. a child to death in nashua learns her fate. >> plus an overnight scare at ls angeles international airport. why were the passenger running away from the airport? >> then ahead here in just one hour. called to court. the suspect accused in an alarming attack in rockport facing a judge for the up time. >> and a pipeline protest escalating in west roxbury. one man going to extreme length,
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>> trouble on the tracks in new jersey. a transit police officer now called a hero for saving up mans life. you can see there's a guy just lying on the tracks and a train was approaching. >> and the officer managed to pull a guy to safety just in the nick of time. up risky rescue all caught on surveillance camera. here's 7 christa delcamp.
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spare. a new jersey transit officer going into save a man laying on the tracks and risking his own life in the process. >> i was bracing for the worst, you know, but hoping for the best. >> and the worst was an oncoming train speeding in their direction. >> in my mind, this is not going to happen. i'm going to do what i can to pull this guy through. >> victor ortiz it says it was a struggle, but he managed to make the save with just seconds to spare. >> had it not worked, we alr >> people call him a hero, but e says the choice popular clear one. >> i want to be able to bear the thought in my mind. that's my job. my job is to, you know, protect and serve. >> ortiz says the man apologized and thanked him. right now the officer is on vacation that he had planned before all of this happened.
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>> next on 7news, sharing the stage during a star studied night. some of america's favorite gold medalists hitting up the video music awards. >> a change of seasons ahead of us this week. a fall like feel heading into next weekend. we'll get to the forecast next. >> then ahead at 5:30. cost controversy, a pharmaceutical company making a change for coming under fire after dramatically raising up has people buzzing. >> what is that?
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meteorologist bri eggers. >> our highs today, well above average for this time of year. ctually made it up to 90 for a few minutes in boston. at logan, and sitting in the mid to upper 80s in m right now. we have clear skies at this point, but earlier this morning we did have the clouds with us. unfortunately up front up moved through was unable to bring us any of the much needed rainfall. we just were really hoping for t last night and it didn't happen. just a couple of sprinkles in isolated locations. but you see the cool air that is behind, it's trying to make its way in. it's just sort of slow to do so. >> however, we do have a bit ofa breeze out of the north, north west and that's going to help to
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churn down the cooler air which will make a very comfortable night ahead of us. right now it's still fairly war. low to mid 80s across the board. 80 degrees in plymouth. 80-degree in worcester at the current time. look at the dewpoints. i say it a lot, 60-degree dewpoints is a really good threshold. anything below up is a comfortable, manageable amount f humidity. we even have dewpoints in the upper 40 this is bedford, so soe drier air certainly making i making for very comfortable temperatures. 55 to 65 for overnight lows. it is very dry. into tomorrow, mostly sunny. really another summer stunner in store for us with highs in the 80s once again. we keep things dry into tomorro. then we wait until late wednesdy into early thursday for our next round of showers and storms. you see, yes, it's another front up wants to sweep through, and late into wednesday afternoon, another hot day for us, it could fire up some thunderstorms and
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enough, it could keep some showers going into the early hours of thursday. much cooler area behind the front. we've been talking a lot about the tropics and, yes, there area couple of things that are churning up the seas right now and sending some big waves in or direction, so if you are leaded to the beach in the next few days, please keep in mind the moderate right risk of rip currents, waves generally 3 to 5 feet generally speaking out of the southeast at 3 feet. mainly due to hurricane category 2 hurricane at this point. but eventually it will be due to td8. here's a look at your 7 on 7 forecast. there's up cool down. friday, saturday, sunday, highs in the 70s. >> bri, thank you. how about this star studied -- studded night at the m tv music awards. four members of the final five, including local medalist aly raisman even handed out one of
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>> we have some of the highs and lows of the night. beyonce taking over the vma's. >> she performed songs from her lemonade album for 16 minutes straight. complete with fire and of course those signature dance moves. >> beyonce also won eight awards including one handed out by the final five. >> the crowd went wild when the final five took the sta chanting usa as the team announced the winner for best female video and then they got o share the stage with queen b herself. gabby douglas was noticeably absent. she said she couldn't attend after being in the hospital fora mouth injury. >> the final five also got to meet several stars at the awards show. aly raisman tweeted out this picture of her getting to hold
5:25 pm
baby. >> another olympian made another appearance at the vma's. jimmy fallon took the stage dressed as team usa's ryan loche michael phelps popular fan of te i am person nation. >> fallon was announcing video f the year, but of course he cracked some jokes that he was robbed in rio. >> who has the best video of the year? i can't tell you up. they're all so great and so talented i could never choose. i couldn't tell you even he was a gun to my head. >> but there isn't. >> but, i couldn't choose. i still couldn't choose. >> britney spears also took the stage returning to the vma's for the up time in nine years. though many critics say her performance didn't live up to al the hype because she had to perform after beyonce. in the newsroom, i'm sarah french, 7news. >> all right. still ahead here on 7news.
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the year long experiment up coud put a man on mars. >> ahead on 7news at 6:00, under arrest as police and protesters clash over the creation of a pipeline in west roxbury.
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>> as always a real pleasure to have you with us. if you're just getting settled. another hour of news is straight ahead. i'm adam williams. >> and i'm kim khazei. stay tuned for 7news at 5:30. >> a nashua mother found responsible for her 3-year-old daughter's gruesome death. >> firefighters pushed to the limit battling multiple fires over the weekend. >> two pilots headed to the united states removed from take
5:30 pm
while drunk. >> back to the real world for a team of scientists, working to put people on mars. >> 7news is the 5:30 starts now. >> a nashua mother found guilty of a horrific crime. the woman convicted of beating her 3-year-old daughter to deat. she also lied to investigators about what happened. >> during the trial prosecutors said this wasn't the up time she was violent with the young girl. adam williams joins us in the newsroom with more. >> the judge, attorney general and city's police mince their words today calling the actions of 27-year-old katln marin horrific. on the morning of november 5th, 2014, she went into a rage brutally attack and killing her daughter brielle gage in her nashua home. she say that she was covered in bruises after being beaten over the course of several days. >> several witnesses testified p


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