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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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defendants express any remorse but prior to sentencing a defense attorneys told judge their clients were sorry. he did not feel comfortable making these representations himself. he in his words thought that he would screw it up4 to 5 years in prison three years of probation. leaving court his today dad didn't have much to say why and didn't he want to clear air and say he's was sorry? can you explain >> she's very sorry. she's just, i don't think she realizes how she got here either. >> now the two both finished their prison terms. they've ordered by judge to register sex offenders here in massachusetts. heaven also been ordered by the courts to stay away from the victim and her family here. live in salem tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> now turning to race for white house, donald trump put w.
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believers president obama was indeed born here in u.s. tim caputo joins us now with what republican candidate had to say. >> adam trump campaign republican nominee ended controversy in 2011 when he compelled president obama to release his birth certificate. even after that trump still questioned whether the president was born in the u.s. but today, trump changed his mind. barack obama has been president for nearly 8 years. yet his birth place is still the talk of the campaign tr confident the president is a u.s. citizen. president barack obama was born in the united states. period. for years trump lived led charge in so-called birler movement. president obama even released a copy of his birth certificate but trump still wasn't convinced. whether or not that was a real certificate because a lot of people question it, i certainly question it. today president obama jabbed at trump saying we won't sofbly solve our problems if we get
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>> we got other business to attend to. i was pretty confident about where he was born. earlier today hillary clinton blasted trump for fueling the flames of this false conspiracy theory barack obama was a born in a measure plain and simple donald trump owes him and american people an apology. first lady campaigning clinton also touched on the topic >> during his time in office i i think barack has questions with the example he set by going high when they go although. >> he owes an apology to president barack obama. he owes an apology to african american community. he owes an apology to the united states of america. he's not man enough to stand in front of a microphone and render it. >> while ending one conspiracy theory trump might have started another one.
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started the birther movement when she was running against barack obama in 200 eight primary that claim unsubstantiated and a has long been dew denied by clinton and her campaign. count down is on to patriots season home opener. team will take on miami dolphin at gillette on sunday. now we're learning who may be sitting on sidelines trey daerr joinses with look at the injury report. jadiann injury report for friday is out rob gronkowski listed questionable he actually may below 50/50 shot to make season debut sunday. daunte high tower erin more long shot listed doubtful knee injury leaving pats a little thin for their home opener. >> any time you play around your own fans, and excitement for you instead of against you is fun feeling. coming oh improbable win in patriots are hoping to care mo
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over confidence won't be an issue when pats take the field at gillette stadium on sunday. coach did good jock keeping us level headed never too high never too low kind of thing. you know just on to next week. it's a long, long season. sou just got to keep move thing on. it's looking more and more likely patriots will be moving on without rob gronkowski for a second straight week. all pro tight end officially listed questionable for team's first division game of 2016. they are important. count more in standing, y will look division games and they are important ones. so we're not take this game lightly at all it's a great team we got to get there and perform. for newcomer bennett game takes on whole different meaning. winning con tabling losing contagious you start losing next thing you know, you lose your car you lose your house, you winning daughter grows up to a winner i want my daughter to be i'm trying to win as much as
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home openers ned is 131 in first home game at gillette to start season dating back to 2002. live in newsroom trey daerr, 7 news. also at 7 a family from this school in woburn is outraged. their special needs son fell asleep on school bus, then he was left alone and they say no one noticed. >> this happened on second day of class. 7's kimberly bookman live where she spoke with really obviously concerned parents. kimberly. >> yeah, jadiann, they are really upset they say it happened week ago they still haven't received any answers or any apology. right here is my school bag with bag in tow he was ready to kick off school year right. on his way there second day back, lucas's dad says he got this voicemail message from woburn al elementary school. >> there was a situation on bus this more than everything was fine i wanted to follow up with
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he wasn't able to reach anyone at the school so when his son came home he asked lucas what happened. >> he fell asleep on the bus. and he ended up at the bus monitor's house waking up telling the bus driver, that he's still on bus i just woke up huh? what where am i. until he said oh, no. dad doesn't understand how this could happen. just six row once special needs bus a driver and a monitor. plus he says school waited hours to call him and let him know about the situation. >> i'm still trying to find the trust with the school. i haven't really got many answers from the school. seven news also repeatedly reached out to both the bus company and the school and didn't hear back. while lucas continues to bravely get back on the bus, his dad isn't as confident in people he entrusted with his child. it crushed me inside. you know, you came home when he told me the story, you know you saw tears in his eyes. you saw the emotion in his face.
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crumbled. again we have reached out to school bus company for two days and have not heard back. the family tells us now in front bus to make sure bus monitor and driver see him kimberly bookman. tonight police are hunt in easton. woman says she was abeinged at that while walking her dog officers are trying to find the person before he or she strikes again. byron barnet is live with the byron. still a lot of unanswered questions about this alleged assault near foundry road here in easton. early yesterday morning. now, easton police say that the incident took place somewhere near this condominium complex in easton. police say around 6:00 a.m. thursday a woman was reported that she was assaulted from behind while she was out walking her dog in this area. the woman also told police she may have been sexually assaulted. police say at this time there
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woman could not give police a description of her alleged attacker. now the detectives are continuing to investigate this case and anyone with information is urged to contact the easton police. that's latest live from easton, i'm byron barnet 7 news. man who prompted s.w.a.t. team stand off in >> he face a judge but was not arraigned. he is is concerned about north judge sent him to be checked out. kimball is accused of a threatening to blow up has rehoboth cumberland farms yesterday. he was trying to bring awareness to the lack of services for mental ill. swa s.w.a.t. teams fired two stun grenades before finally bringing stand off to an end. we're following more news mbta is teaming up with you beer and lift. mbta launched their ride pilot
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customers options for on sdmand service through their smart phones perkins cools schools also working closing with disability advocates for the mbta. the t has done a terrific job of developing new metrics, and restored what i would describe as culture of accountability and customer service that you don't move into the 21st century. >> as part of the pilot program, wi from will provide cheel chair axe sekible rental vehicles for lift drivers. still to come here on 7 news at 6 rob gronkowski proving once again he his skills off the football field. gronk showing some best dance moves. see what inspired this this performance from tight end i don't know if jr can match that. i'm available for wedding and birthday parties. as well an occasional meteorology. forecast up next. at least he didn't say
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news and how he's investing in new englanding future when we continue out news station. tonight incertain parts of boston, there's serious war between good and evil. >> william draws thin blue line that separates them. and if you have empathy, care and respect, for people, you're stronger. and andy hiller goes one-on-one with boston's first black police
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a special tribute at emerson college. seven news owner ad anson giving out scholarships in name of emerson alumni. dan hausle shows us today anson hopes to pass on to the next generation. >> emerson college conference room high above boston common, memory of a towering >> what we need here is not confrontation. we need compromise art was a voice of an anti defamation league of south florida for years. and an emerson grad, class of 1960. >> when i passed away last november at the age of 77, whdh owner ed san anson chose to create scholarship with financial need in the name of his long time friend.
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florida. particularly back in the 60s and 70s for exposing hate groups klu klux klan. emerson college president praised anson gift great way to support students who have social conscious. we believe that civic engagement is, is key. we want our, you know we want our students to be great citizens. and so this scholarship allows us to move forward. anson a worcester native has given to emerson before. including a million toward tht building that bears his name and quarter million dollars to establish the anson diversity scholarship. >> anson got share time with a students receiving both scholarships. i'm really honored and humbled to have this scholarship in memory of such a distinguished lum my. it shows that emerson sees potential in you to get to that point to be such a prominent figure in journalism. definitely room for more heart in journalism today i think.
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somewhere in here future >> times have changed, but, future his dedication and passion for what he was doing, absolutely. he started in radio but then worked anti defamation league for more four decades in new york nebraska, and miami. friends say he for him the adl was more than just a job, it was a calling. dan lots of sunshine tomorrow.
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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and now 17 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> all right. let's get this started. lots of sunshine. and 70s, a feel fall early in day. sunday, well more humidity few showers. not a wash out though. monday, downpours that might be a wash out. and let's root for it because we are in an extreme drought situation here across southern new england. that's map tomorrow with mix of clouds and sunshine here comes a weather system in new england on sunday. with lot clouds you notice blobs here those are showers they are scattered about not like this wall of rain is on top of us on sunday. that's why you're outdoor activity should okay just have
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that same weather system is with us on monday. but if you follow the trail of the green blobs, that connects down to what will be left of tropical storm julia now she will not come up east coast she'll fall apart her moisture has to go somewhere some of her moisture works up along this cool front late sunday and through the day. on monday. so we'll keep our fingers crossed. it's tough to get some significant rain into southern new england the last several months. but the potential is there for an inch of rain to fall during da most of this does not happen on sunday. so again sunday, a lot of clouds you see a little rain drop on my seven-day forecast, but it's not a wash out. and we got to start somewhere with this extreme drought. why not start sunday night and monday with that situation. right now, hyannis port is with us. doing a great job 60s and 70s city at 67. worcester at 68. dew point temperatures are low. down into the 40s. we will hold on to that crisp dry air tonight. then dew points will jump on
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for just a couple of days. here is that weather system which tonight its in land of cheese. then, by sunday night, it's in new england. 7 on 7 forecast, looks great for outdoor activities tomorrow. sunday a lot of clouds. again but no wash out patriots game a few isolated showers, humid temperatures that kick off gillette on sunday. mid 70s. see you at 7. >> and now, time for 7 sports with trey daerr. the third day this week rob growning could you ski list a limitedti daunte did not participate at all. listed a doubtful for sunday home opener against miami dolphins gronk or no johning jimmy garoppolo knows patriots offense could number for a long afternoon. that front 7, i mean very talented. as good we will see definitely have length to them overall up front they talentedthey do lot of things well and going to good challenge for us this week. we have to do what we do and handle them.
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whole. but a line. a lot of penetration and cause a lot of disruption. so got to do great job. >> well well wes eerie united with tom brady for private work outs while pats qb serves his suspension aoriginally sad brady. michigan. late saturday. as welker to play game of catch on sunday >> and red sox shock. they were dead in water last night trailing 5-1 heading to 8th but david ortiz injected life line up watch solo ham run. capped off thrilling come back with second career walk of
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swing a shot stock with homering fit time last eight games. 16 rbis in terpt up season total to 100. just second time in 12 years ramirez sit century mark in runs drooiven in not many teams you can is a three guys with 100 rbis last three no bigger than previous 97. so, you know, hanley gone along and had a come back year. i think when you look at the two years spent here. that's you know, all year we don't give up we play 27 outs, you know everybody just going out there, and you know get everything we got every day. and you know play as a team. we win as team we lose as a team. bruins veterans officially open training camp next thursday. but for six members of black and gold camp will be put on hold when they participate world cup of hockey. an event that capture attention of fans and players alike.
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think it will be a blast. it should be fun. great start for our season and kind of kicks the season off. you know against get them going, and i think people everywhere are very excited about this tournament. play of the day, brought to you by capital one. countries host brewer matinee wrigley a fly ball to left center field. chasing it down making it a nice back hand catch. slamming it into brick wall. taking a t he had to leave game with fracture right wrist but not before taking home or play of harvard open college fool ball season tonight under lights. the crimson hosts rhode island
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the patriots players treating fans to sweet surprise rob gronkowski la garret blount traded pats uniforms for some old fashioned ice cream shop shop uniform gronk toasted time to spike some ice cream and do that. sweet. i think pants are falling down. adam's theory all day. butler and blount even had special nicknames.
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v.o.: kelly ayotte says she's on our side, but on our rights, she's squarely with donald trump. trump: planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. v.o.: ayotte agrees, voting six times to do just that,
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safe and legal abortion. ayotte: well i certainly think that roe should be overturned... trump: there has to be some form of punishment. matthews: for the woman? trump: yeah, there has to be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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tonight, birther bombshell. donald trump finally admits president obama was born in the u.s. but ignites more controversy, falsely claiming hillary clinton started the birther rumors he spread for years. clinton firing back, accusing trump conspiracy and getting backup from the first lady. emergency gas hike, prices spiking at the pump for millions of americans, after a massive pipeline spill triggers multiple states of emergency. brought back to life. caught on camera, first responders saving a man at the drink of death from heroin overdose. the feds launching a new mission to battle a growing epidemic. and destroying your data, why all that personal information you thought you deleted from our old phone or


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