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tv   7 News  NBC  November 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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for the content of this advertising. >> now at 7 new developments in a violent home invasion in sterling. >> i've been robbed by men. >> anchor: police still on the hunt for the suspects. >> anchor: a car goes up in flames in leicester. >> we track rain for tomorrow. >> anchor: a driveway tragedy on the south coast. a father searching for answers. >> anchor: 6 days and counting. >> anchor: and ceeta bear is jamming on. he's a boston street icon. >> anchor: what's he doing in the big apple. >> 7 news at 7:00 start nous. >> anchor: targeted by vandals. a family outraged. someone etched racial slurs into their car. the offensive behavior didn't stop there. >> anchor: tonight that family
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>> reporter: well these are clearly racist crimes. jacky stimson who is white lives her with her 7-year-old biracial african american son and they've been the target of racist attacks. some fried chicken that was thrown into their yard with water melon. jacky stimson says that she woke up one morning and her car had been keyed with racial slurs. n word after that a few days later there was another situation where a sign was thrown into her yard. n word go home. and a few days after that this morning we had the incident with the chicken and the water melon. lived in dairy for 5 years. cannot figure out why this is happening. police in dairy say this is out of character with their community. they agree these crimes are racially motivated.
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where i think everybody is good. i'm not sorry. i didn't do anything wrong. and um, you know my son's beautiful. he has no reason to feel ashamed. we're not ashamed. >> reporter: what does your son say about this. >> he's upset. he's 7. he asked me what he did wrong. why people may not be liking him. i just -- how do you answer that? i wasn't ready to answer that question. >> reporter: jacky stimson has put up security cameras in her house. police say if anyone has information they should give them a call. in dairy new hampshire i'm byron barnett 7 news. >> also on 7. >> 911 where is your emergency. >> i've been robbed by strange men. >> anchor: a frantic call for help. we are hearing from the
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invasion in sterling. 3 men tied her you took off with cash and her car. >> anchor: the attackers are still on the loose tonight. live in sterling with more information for us. tim. >> reporter: adam, kim, that's exactly right. no arrests made in this case yet. they may believe that a 4th person was involved in this robbery and they believe this home invasion was well planned. a remarkably calm victim freed herself after being bound and gagged with duct tape and immediately called police. >> where is your emergency? >> 13710 lane. i've been robbed by strange men. >> reporter: the robbers wears masks to cover their faces robbed her home tuesday morning. they took off with cash and the victim's black cadillac deville.
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they have to be in sterling in my 2004 seville. >> reporter: and today detectives searched that area looking for clues the robbers might have left behind. sterling police now believe a 4th person in a separate get away car might have been involved. >> asking anyone who saw this vehicle parked there to contact us. >> reporter: the victim lives in this million dollar hous he wasn't home at the time of the robbery. they can't say if the husband's many real estate properties he rents in worcester have connection with what happened here. >> we have had conversation with worcester police. looking at everything at this point. >> reporter: despite being tied up in that duct tape that 70-year-old victim was not hurt. both she and her husband have spoken with detectives. tim caputo 7 news. >> anchor: a train off the
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officials say 6 cars from this pan am freight train carrying hazardous material derailed. people living in the area were on alert in fact in case evacuations were necessary. fortunately none of the chemicals according to officials spill. >> reporter: a calm and comfortable night in boston. how long will this type of weather be hanging around. jeremy reiner standing check of the weather. >> reporter: a nice mild afternoon. temps in the upper 60s to around 70 in boston right now. numbers backing up 50s and 60s. still mild along the eastern seaboard. there is cooler air now beginning to reveal itself across southern canada. green bay 54. bangor the cool air never left. still at 47. it's this weather system out of
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of the cooler air. when you move air around warm or cool you get warmer weather. just the clouds. mild overnight tonight. 50 to 55. morning commute features mostly cloudy skies a few peaks of sun. mild tomorrow morning 52 to 54. others will stay in the 50s. we'll sort it out in a few minutes. ; a new hampshire man facing sobering charges after a crash. todd gurley was arraigned via video today. the 45-year-old is facing several charges including driving under the influence. crash happened yesterday on route 111. gurley pulled out on the street hitting a car pushing it into on coming traffic. killing a 69-year-old woman. >> anchor: defense attornies making a case for life in prison
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today. defense saying their argument will focus on head injuries sampson suffered as a trial. it was thrown out 5 years ago because of juror misconduct. sampson admitted to murdering phillip mclusky. he admits he killed 2 other men during a violent crime spree in 2001. family of the victims aren't buying sampson's defense. >> i don't know any of us wh or fallen off bikes. we didn't all turn out this way. i don't place a lot of stock in it. >> i could have sworn he fell off a ladder. now it's down the stairs. ; jurors heard sampson's confession tape today and hear more of it in the morning. >> anchor: police are investigating after a 3-year-old is run over by a car. police say her father was
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driveway. dan hausle has more. >> reporter: this neighborhood still reeling with a father's pain after his car rolls down the driveway and kills his little girl. >> it's a tragedy amongst the family over there. it's a bad thing. >> reporter: the state police says his father was repairing his ford excursion. the this neighbor's car across the street. >> horrible, awful. i was upset because i saw him leaning over there just screaming. he was leaning over the body. then i saw the cops come. they put the blanket over the little girl. >> reporter: leo bodewin was nearby. bodewin wonders if he could have done more. >> he could have been stuck in a situation where he was trying to
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being under it possibly. and trying to keep it from rolling back from him getting injured. it bothers me knowing i might have been able to do something. >> reporter: the father's sister answered the door. neighbors who know them and heard the father's screaming are hoping he can find some peace. >> just a bubbly happy family. just absolutely wonder on him. he was a wonderful father. >> reporter: nothing to indicate anything wrong in this case. not going to say anything more. they don't want to add to the father's pain. dan hausle 7 news. >> now on 7 the candidates starting their final push. >> we are going to win back the white house 100%. >> are you ready to work hard and win this election.
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>> anchor: it's a campaign blitz for donald trump and hillary clinton. trump is holding rallies across the country. democrats are taking a different approach. new hampshire is playing a major role in the election. donald trump will stop there friday and monday night the eve of the election. and president obama will also be in new hampshire but on election day campaigning for hillary clinton. start with ryan schulteis in our newsroom with the latest. >> repr: african american vote today. hillary clinton today she needs a big turn out in the swing states. >> you guys win florida it's just done over there's no path. >> reporter: near ft. lauderdale hillary clinton was greeted by african americans. the turn out of black voters is down. black turn out is down more in swing state north carolina
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to be expected says roland martin. >> she's not that different a candidate and not african american. >> reporter: a crowd lined up to see president obama win a better turn out. >> we don't win this election potentially if we don't win north carolina. i hate to put pressure on you but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulder trump. >> trump is demonizing hillary clinton and washington. >> you can beat the system, the rigged system and deliver justice. >> reporter: a new gop ad targets african americans. >> we are asking for your vote vote republican. >> reporter: in a contest. >> donald trump. >> reporter: in whose voters show up. >> reporter: clinton is ahead in
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in the newsroom ryan schulteis 7 news. >> anchor: tomorrow night at 11:00 the exclusive new 7 news u mass lowell poll. the senate race that could shift the balance of power in the nation's capital. our political editor hiller and u mass lowell poster dr. josh dick will answer your questions email at they'll answer some of your questions tomorrow night here on 7. >> anchor: no rest for the patriots on this by week. bill belichick is shuffling the deck and keeping the team on its toes. tom brady and the guys back at practice today. >> anchor: with jamie collins trade then it sounds like he got his point across. trey daerr more now from
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work out well what are your options get rid of it or do something with it. >> reporter: linebacker jamie collins was arguably the best player on the patriots roster. difficult to comprehend 2 days later. >> you're a how many an. you have relationships with a lot of players. >> your teams change. and the teams that you're playing may have 1. bill belichick electing to make a major change and now the team must adapt. >> there's always change in the nfl. it's a challenging part of it. the older you get the more you see. that's the way it has to go. >> i speak for most of the players we wouldn't want to be in bill's shoes to make decisions like that. our job is to be ready to go. >> reporter: change is something tom brady himself may not be
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the world will keep spinning and the sun will come up tomorrow without you. that's the way it goes. >> reporter: trading away a player of the caliber of jamie collins will be impactful. the pats defense this year mediocre. ranking 15th in the league in yards allow. >> reporter: as we continue on the news station a run down work place. why the medford police department says they were forced to take their city. >> reporter: back in the 60s tomorrow. tracking showers. timeline up next.
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to get something done about it. the state is investigating a discrimination complaint filed against the city of medford. looking into what they call quote an employment related matter. it's a police officer whose upset with what's happening inside here. we spoke with mayor stephanie burke before the discrimination complaint was filed. you see why they're upset? >> absolutely. i see why rome wasn't conquered in a night. spend time to do it right. >> reporter: we believe that it is important for the citizenry to be aware of the conditions under which we work. these conditions have not just happened over the past few months the conditions have been deteriorating over the last decade and longer. today we do not have a locker room for female officers. burke says she's try torg get as much done as possible.
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it's not going to go under the rug. >> reporter: the mayor says she can't comment about the discrimination complaint because it's under investigation with the state. kelly o'hara 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: mild tomorrow south of the mass pike. there will be clouds tomorrow and showers tomorrow afternoon early tomorrow evening tied to a cold front. upupper 50s low 60s. a high of 70 in boston this afternoon. without wind. that's nice. we got the warm air in southern new england. cooler up to the north. the cooler air behind this weather system here. an area of low pressure generating clouds and showers. down pours in illinois. not tracking severe weather. perhaps a rumble of thunder on
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50 to 55. morning commute is dry. grab the rain gear. i think we'll have showers midday and more so mid-afternoon boston into early tomorrow evening a scattering of showers. warm with temps 54 to 56. coolest conditions out of new hampshire. i think you're warm day is 1 and done today. holding on to the warmth tomorrow. 7 o'clock tomorrow morning a lot of clouds. then i think sunshine for a time at lunch time tomorrow. over here this is where the rain is at that time at lunch. you can be out and about for the first part of the afternoon. showers charge into the worcester hills midafternoon. during the evening commute some showers maybe a down pour or 2. this is not a weather system that has the oomph that storms had this fall.
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commute. hit and miss showers. most of us a quarter of an inch of rain or less. temps little bit tricky around the metro. boston upper 50s low 60s. here's the warmth southeastern massachusetts upper 60 tors around 70. tomorrow afternoon noticeably cooler than boston south. into the worcester hills low to mid 50s. one of the last places to get the cool air temps tomorrow in the 60s. as we work toward friday sunshine returns so does that november chill. over the weekend below normal low 50s. >> anchor: jeremy, thank you. >> anchor: where in the world is ceetar bear.
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>> anchor: popular boston icon spotted on the streets've new york cit spotted by the same artist he was covering. did you catch that? it was stop me up by the rolling stones in the video. look up at the top of the screen there. posted by mick jagger. jagger appreciated the bear's rendition calling it a cuddly cover. >> anchor: best honor of all. >> anchor: joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests.
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$1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? lear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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>> a evit takes money away from the, regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
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joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. for the content of this advertising. [ roars ] [ up tempo music ] dinner! may i be excused? get the new xfinity tv app
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and download your dvr shows anywhere. about my rya's billion dollar split. >> and the new report about her $50 million prenup with james packer. now on "extra." mariah's ex, nirk breaking his silence about her break up. >> how is she doing? have you spoken to her? >> what james packer reportedly demanded from mariah in a 100 page prenup. more breaking couple's news. taylor swift's song about breaking up with calvin. and prince harry ready to marry. donald trump, the in a "extra" interview.


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