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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hampshire, sampson said he broke into a luxury home in meredith o spend the night and murdered the handyman, robert whitney whether he came by to cut the lawn. >> i grabbed the yellow rope, hooked it over his throat and tight tightened. >> he revealed he called the fbi shortly before his killing spree began but agents didn't show up to meet him at a park in >> the government will argue to the jury that sampson flew intoa violent rage in 2001 because the fbi did not take him seriously when he tried to turn himself in for bank robberies in north carolina. >> this trial expected to take 0 weeks. sentencing only, because sampson
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jonathan hall, 7news. >> election just five days away and new hampshire takes center stage. ivanka trump making a trip up north rallying support for her father. trump is focused on the swing state of florida meantime. 7's dan hausle is live in nashu, new hampshire, to bring us the latest on the trump campaign. >> well, if you really want to know what's going on in the campaign, look at what the candidates are doing, where they're going and who they're sending. with trump coming to new hampshire tomorrow and having been here so much it shows is important and it's winnable. now he's sending out some of the women survey fates, his family members, his wife, his daughter. that shows you they're going after the women's vote. >> thank you. >> ivanka trump out campaigning for her father in manchester today, visiting a charter school to highlight her father's suppot for school of choice. >> melania making a rare appearance and even more rare
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suburban philadelphia making a pitch for her husband. >> he had a great and fulfilling life, but donald felt he could not sit by anymore and watch wht was happening in our country. and that is when this campaign, this movement began. >> donald trump in the crucial states of north carolina and florida. in jacksonville trump warning of reports the fbi investigations into hillary clinton and the clinton foundation of hillary after the election. >> if she were to win, it would create unprecedented constitutional crisis. >> at a town meeting i have cana tried to convince undecided voters to get decided for her father. >> you can get a lot from the candidates themselves, a lot of times looking to their friends and family is a great way to get some more background informatio. >> i have can a touting her father's business success as
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change so many voters say they want. >> there's so many common sense reforms that can take place and i'm confident in my father to be a great president for this country and that's why i support him. he will be a great chief executive. >> donald trump with two stops planned here in new hampshire tomorrow and don't be surprised with the importance placed on nw hampshire to see trump or some f his family members here again before election day. we're live in nashua, new hampshire, dan hausle, 7news the key state of north carolina today. she's getting some strong suppot from president barack obama who hit the campaign trail today. 7's kimberly bookman in our control room with more. kimberly? >> well, adam, this is crunch time and the clinton camp is focusing its attention on bat ground states. today she'd in north carolina court black voters. >> are you ready to vote? >> hillary clinton in north carolina where she needs every
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hopeful she's made her case that she is the right person for the job. >> the last time the cubs won, women couldn't vote. i think women are making up for that in this election. >> she also disputes her rival's claims and insults. >> any of you see those debates? well, i spent four and a half hours standing next to donald trump, proving conclusively i have the stamina to be the next president. >> and she makes sure to give a dig to the >> if donald trump were to win this election we would have a commander in chief who is completely his of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly dangerous. >> clinton is relying on the current president to make the same case. >> what you are does not change after you occupy the oval offic. all it does is magnify who you are. >> clinton's daughter and obama will go to all-important new hampshire in the next few days.
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by 3700 votes. florida would have been the determining fact. >> those heavy hitters who have clinton's back are making sure granite staters vote. >> this isn't a joke! this isn't survivor. this isn't the bachelorette. this counts! >> and tomorrow clinton is sending her daughter to new hampshire and on the eve of the election, president obama will visit the granite state to encourage voter turn out. live in the control home, kimberly bookman, 7news. >> and tonight at 11:00, we'll have the hollywood -- polly poll. we'll have that tonight for you at 11:00. >> 7news turning a major commutr concern. it could cause a highway headace for your weekend plans. you might want to plan around i, because part of route 128 is closing down. 7's steve cooper is live in needham to bring us the details.
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of course we're talking about what's left of the highland ave bridge here that stands route 18 and over the weekend crews will have to shut the highway down. >> stay on that. that's my suggest drivers who ue 128 bracing for wicked turn out to be a headache on the highway this weekend. the first time in a long time, mass dot crews will be closing theoa being shut down? >> a long time in traffic, i'm guessing. >> with the new steel concrete bridge now in place, work crews starting friday night at 8:00 will begin dismantling what's left of the old arch bridge. business owners in the area say it's all about progress here. >> as far as flow through 128, the mass dot and the local vealing people are keeping it going. >> vealing officials say the
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layne project, so the northbound section on 128 will be closed from 8:00 tomorrow night until saturday afternoon. then the southbound stretch will be closed from saturday at 6:00 p.m. to sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon. traffic will be detoured around 128 at the off ramps. >> it can get pretty nasty sometimes, so i kind of take the back roads when possible. >> hearing it's going to be shut down over the weekend? >> i'm going to go away from the weekend. >> highway officials say as many manning this detail over the weekend. officials tell us that they -- doing this odd weekend to avoid any sort of a traffic nightmare during the weekdays. but as one official told me off camera today this is the last place he'll be this weekend and if you do have to be here, plan to pack your patience. live along 128 in needham tonight, steve cooper, 7news. >> a nude woman and her dog hit in the street. they were hit by a car while
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the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. >> the driver stopped and he has been talking with our investigators and the crash at this time remains under investigation. >> no word on how badly the womn was hurt. >> the mbta announcing an anti sexual harassment campaign to lt people know they will not encourage sexual assault and report any problem it focuss on people with disability. it will inform people about available support and services. >> coming up on 7news, boston university discovering a breakthrough in concussion research. the link scientists just uncovered and how they're gettig strong support from the family f a former patriot player.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you?
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sis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. >> a breakthrough with brain research at boston university. uncovering the effects of cushions on our brains. a former patriot player's family joined with efforts to raise awareness. >> kevin turner died last year t
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complications linked to cushions he suffered on the field. >> i don't regret that he playe. you know -- in a sense. >> raymond turner is speaking ot following the death of his son kevin earlier this year. former nfl player kevin turner. turner played for the patriots and the philadelphia eagles. he died in march at the age of 6 from complications of als. >> calvin dozens of others here at boston university where a postmortem study was done on his brain. it ties the number of years of playing football with permanent brain damage. >> years of playing football, 25 years of playing football can result in debilitating, devastating disease and death by the angel of 46. >> finding a direct correlation broad daylight on by football related head injuries.
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dr. stern, dr. chris. thank you you all. i'm so sorry. >> turner is just thankful the issue is being talked about is and recognized. >> i'm not mad. i'm more sad than anything. i love football. you know, as much as probably anybody, but i just want to see if it can be made safer. >> so parents not to let their kids play football until they get ino high school. >> all right. a refreshing -- let's positive. 56 degrees. some clouds. but we're also seeing camera angles showing the clouds moving out, jeremy. >> a nice day tomorrow, a bit breezy for the weekend. forecast up next. >> coming up next on 7 sports, the celebration ranges on for te chicago cubs and a couple of gus that came from boston really
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how do you feel about this red sox fans watching these former red sox celebrate? red sox celebrate? that's next inevery time a new , it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
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at 6:00. a somewhat gray and dreary morning, afternoon turns into a -- i can tell you it's perfectly clear and you wouldn't know the difference. >> based on this shot.
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rain? is it over and you said? >> yeah, it's out of there. we have some clouds that will break apart overnight tonight. cooler tomorrow. a cool breeze, but we are back into the sunshine tomorrow. weekend is mainly dry. there may be a few isolated showers that graze the cape on sunday. we'll get to that in a second. here's the rain that was at and you say moving through southern new england early to midafternoon. a little burst of some steady rain in the city of boston about 2:00 this afternoon. not much. most folks picked up about a tenth of an inch ofai not one of our bigger storms or rain events that we've seen this fall. you can see here the numbers are somewhat paltry. with that said with all the recent rains we have peeled back the stream category of the drought over the last couple weeks that's the good news ther. we're still in a drought situation in southeastern massachusetts and still in extreme drought in boston and
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september where we're picking up a fair amount of rain here and there. cool front moving through. so we get rid of the showers and unfortunately the cool front getting rid of the warmth from this afternoon. temperatures this afternoon made it into the 60s, but there is cool air to be had. it's not bitterly cold. it's not an arctic front that's another time down the road. but what this will front will do is get us back to where we shoud be for this time of year. not even tonight. temps compared to this morning e were in the 50s. overnight tonight, it's cooler, 44 to 47, mornings thus far in the month f november as well as october and through the day tomorrow, sun ad clouds, a cool breeze. temps between 51 and 56 with -- these numbers here are about where we should be for this time of year. i think the enemy tomorrow is te northwest wind. it may add a bit of a chill to the air. up in southern new hampshire, te numbers will struggle to make it out of the 40s.
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out on to the cape and kind. there's your weather map tomorrow. on the weekend it's cool on saturday with less wind. temps on saturday in the upper 40s to around 50. here comes a real weather system that drops right out of canada and through eastern maine and east of the cape, and that path right there, that's too far away to really do any damage or follw up your weekend, but i do think we'll still have a fair amount f clouds on sunday and there may e an isolated shower or sprinkle n the cape. temps over the upper 40s to the low 50s, and then as we look into next week, back into the sunshine monday ad election day and a bit of a warming trend for tuesday. temps in the upper 50s. see you at 7:00. >> sounds good. wide receiver julian edelman now a part time fashion. he took some selfies with fans. smiling big there.
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clothing. the shop is only open through sunday. >> and now time for 7 sports wih joe amorosino. >> here's the 0-1. this is going to be a tough pla! the cubs win the world series! he makes the play! it's over. the cubs have finally won it al! >> it's a celebration 108 years in the cleveland indians in 10 innings last night. over coming a number of questionable decisions by managr joe maddon to win game 7, ending the longest drought in american sports. the cubs were four outs away frm the title when the indians struk with three runs. davis delivered the big blow wih a game tying home run. but after gathering themselves during a brief 17 minute rain
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series mvp, ben zobrist kick starting the rally. the cubs offense coming through in the crunch to get their manager off the hook. helping the cubs win their first world series title since 1908. >> we just played good baseball. we cared about each other. we cared about getting outs. we cared about playing good baseball and we did that from dy one. >> it's got to be one of thees it's unbelievable. one of the testaments to our players. >> that was quite a series. and you knew somebody was going to go home happy, but they deserve a lot of congratulation. >> clay buckholz will be back in boston. on the 32-year-old, the sox also exercising the 2017 contract option on david ortiz.
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he is still planning on retirin. the celtics enter this season as one of the teams in the east expected to challenge the cavaliers and their first measuring stick comes tonight after they take on the nba champs. but it won't be a true measuring trick for the celtics. crowder suffered a sprained left ankle last night when he landed on rojo there. it will be >> amir johnson stepped up after crowder went down scoring 14 of his 23-point in the third quarter. it was lights out from beyond te arc. despite being shortly handed the celtics say they are embracing tonight's showdown against the
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hopefully we can come away witha win. >> expected to get the start in tampa tonight as the bruins look to make it three wins in a row. >> back stopping his team to wis in detroit and florida allowing just one goal on 58 shots. the bruins are a perfect 5-0 giving up that 1.2 goals per fame career tom brady has been named the afc's offensive player of the month. after sitting out all of september while serving his four game suspension, he led the patriots to a perfect 4-0 record in october completing 73 percent of his passes, throwing for over 1300 yards with 12 touchdowns ad zero interceptions and with zero points and a minus 7 rating through nine games, the bruins will be a healthy scratch for tonight's game against the lightning. that's sports. >> joe, thank you.
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that's all for the news at 6:00 on a thursday. thank you so much for being with us today. i'm adam williams. >> and i'm kim khazei. we hope you have a great evenin. we're back here for 7news at 7:00. we would love you to end your dy with us.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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tonight, nbc news exclusive, inside the government's massive separation to protect election day from a cyber attack. what we've learned about the threat, the risk, and the response, and those trying to sew confusion and chaos. rare appearance. five days to trail for her husband, pushing his softer side. and what she said about her role as first lady is raising eyebrows tonight. virtual kidnapping, a terrifying twist on an old scam. tricking people into thinking their loved ones have been abducted, demanding ransom to get them back. and curse reversed. tonight the crowd goes wild in chicago after a heart-stopping win for the ages. "nightly news" begins


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