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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  November 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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we cannot take anything for granted. >> we are the movement of the future. >> the only thing that's left to do is vote. s. the cubs win the world series. good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. hillary clinton entered the race on april 12th, 2015, nearly 19 months ago. donald trump rode into the race two months later. in 48 hours, the polls will be open. trump had a brief scare last night when secret service rushed
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he returned shortly after. hillary clinton hit the stage with katy perry and is calling on lebron james today in ohio. what's the road to victory for each of them? we'll get into that with our crack team. and kommon, a great conversation about history, music and america. years? >> yes, we have gotten better. honestly with kids being able to see a black president, with that they can see that anybody can be president. much more is kommon, plus more with tom brokaw later in the shot. a moment tear scare for donald trump last night at a campaign event in reno, nevada, when the secret service had to rush him off the stage.
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tower here in new york for us. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, willie pretty dramatic moment. 9 secret service sis somebody close to the stage yell something about a gun, yet no weapon was found. a man who was in the crowd who was holding up a sign, talked with our local station there in reno. he says he was trying to put out the republicans against trump banner when the crowd turned on him. listen tot >> all of a sudden because they couldn't grab the sign or whatever, bam, i get tackled by ought these people kicking me, grabbing me in the crotch and just beating the crap out of me. somebody yelled something about a gun. that's where things really got out of the hand. >> reporter: trump got back on stage a few minutes after the incident insisting he will never
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a statement, but made no mention at what happened in a late-night rally in colorado. colorado just one of the many states that trump is trying to push hard in in this last stretch. all in all in the nest, next 48 hours, he's hitting eight state but what's the priority? right now if you look at new polling, it looks like he has a shot in iowa, where he's up seven points, but his campaign also believes michigan is another ri is their best shot to flip a blue battleground. he'll be there today. >> hallie, thank. hillary clinton is relying on famous friends to help her make the case to become the first woman elected president of the the united states, the clinton campaign on saturday with katy perry, and today she will stump on the trail with
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>> reporter: they're focused, it's all hands on deck right now for the democrats. that was on display last night during the katy perry concert. it's just -- she is just one of the top entertainers and politicians lending their voices, and tonight she'll by join. clinton will be joined by lebron james. in terms of her ground strategy, let's look at the map where she'll be. she stops in ohio, new hampshire, north carolina, michigan and pennsylvania. that michigan stop raising some eye browse waust reason that hallie mentioned. it's a reliably blue state and donald trump is making a serious play for that state. if he were to win that could complicate her past to 270. the clinton campaign energized
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latino turnout in a state of nevada. they're focused on a ground game. more than a million volunteers stretched out pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, thousands coming in right here to philadelphia from neighboring d.c. and new york to try to get out the vote. >> kristen welker another one of our grinders since the beginning. let's head up to our election center for a the map with moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. you have hillary clinton in this moment at 274 electoral votes. >> that's right. it is, and it shows you this is donald trump's frustration. look at this, he can win florida, north carolina, ohio, of course we have her given hi iowa.
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electoral vote of nebraska, and he's six short. why michigan? michigan -- that's all he would need, but here's something i'm very focused on. look at what happens if she carries florida, she can afford to loose michigan. in fact she could afford to lose a colorado. she could afford to lose at nevada and still be over 270. the point i'm making, state, florida at the end of the day is going to end up being the most important state we're talk ugh about the math for trump is impossible without the state of florida. >> without spoiling things for the rest of the skin, is it fair to say when the poll closes in the northwest part of florida, the race could be over? >> we'll see. all the signs of hispanic
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reporting to record turn out-of-the-. that surge, maybe that makes up for the stack nstagnant, but there are a lot of nervous republicans, as they're digging through the early vote. we don't know how these folks voted, but when you dethe demographic makeup, it has republicans very concerned that perhaps trump is going to come up >> chuck todd gassing up the map for us earlier this morning. we'll have more on "meet the press" coming up a little later this morning. former advisory to president bush and the 2010 mccain campaign, nicolle wallace, good morning. >> chuck already has, where do you think trump could steal a
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he sweeps the battleground states which is a herculean feat -- we throw it out there, to win ohio, nevada, he's got iowa in his column, but historically it's difficult. he's doing the right thing. even if they does all that, he doesn't become president. i understand they have some encouraging news, but the clinton campaign disputes that they are really on their ins on states, so it makes it curious they're there protecting the states, but it's sort of the tale of two campaign analyses at odds at this point. >> the trump campaign is at least projecting confidence. >> right. >> you've been in this position. >> yes. the weekend before election day in 2008 you were projecting confidence in the mccain/palin --
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i've done one of each, a win, a loan and a draw. on at least two of those three mornings i didn't know how this would turn out. i think this is probably most similar to to 4. i think the clinton campaign feels confident, but on election day when the first exit polls you gets your first indication of how things are turning, and you really don't know until you see how the day of vote in, which is why you see these frenetic almost manic campaign schedules from both sides. >> there's been talk about a hidden trump vote. there's no way to note before the votes are cast. do you think there's a possibility of surprise in some states? >> i am in a family divided by trump voters and clinton voters. my folks were at the reno rally.
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a lot of republican women are quietly going to go to the ballot box and vote for her. maybe this is something i'm only seeing in my circles, but it speaks to what we've been talking about for many months. these are two candidates with a lot of baggage. who a a larger women vote, the fact that built this up for a generation in all 50 starkts offices, and donald trump has turned that over to the rnc, doesn't have much ground game at all? >> this is another test. presidential campaigns are great laboratories of political science. we'll know wednesday morning if all the traditional things matter or not, but he really doesn't have any of those traditional things -- yet he's got hillary clinton traveling to
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for it. at least his side thinks that that is a competitive state. we'll know more wednesday morning where all those traditional tools, voter turnout, advertising, having a campaign staff, we'll know if all those things matter. if he wins anyway, they probably don't. if she wins decisively, they clearly still do. >> i will see you wednesday morning for post mortem and have lie on the couch with a of psychiatry. >> i'll need it. we tart at 7:00 eastern on tuesday. police say the man accused of kidnapping a woman and chaining her up in a storage container in south carolina has now confessed to at least four merz. sa sara daloff has more. >> reporter: saturday night
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that he led deputies to two more possible graves. >> it is great news that we found out who brutally murdered four people of our society. >> this after authorities identified the remains initially found on a grave as belonging to charlie carver. many carver and his girlfriend she was found alive on his property. >> kyle's death of multiple gunshot wounds to the upper extremities. >> officials say colehepp, who 's charged with counts of murders, continues to cooperate. dylan is here now with a look at the weather. good morning. >> good morning. >> what's going on? >> beautiful weekend across most of the country.
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it very un-november-like. look at some of our highs, minneapolis 68 degreesings 22 degrees above average. chicago 68 degrees. dayton, ohio, st. louis, missouri, tomorrow the heat starts to spread east. buffalo could make it up to 60. 74 in charleston and we are looking for the w most of the week. so look at your election day forecast, most of the northeast enjoying sunshine in the 60s southeast besides a few scattered storms, the western half of the country looks pretty >> wren: we've had some pretty dry conditions, today waking up to more of a soggy start, but temperatures are very mild for us this morning. in the mid 40s in boston. these are morning lows.
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up to here this morning and despite the mild start we're looking at a below average day. temperatures in the low 50s, couldn't forget to set your clock back. day light savings time has ended for you, sunset tonight is going to be at 4:30. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks very much. stick around for the highs and lows of the week, including 108 years of miseryip on one night in cleveland. the cubs were smiling even before the last out was recorded. and trump applying self-talk, giving voice for his inner monolog. tom brokaw travels home to south dakota for a close look at south dakota for a close look at the impact of immigration on impressive linda. it seems age isn't slowing you down. but your immune system weakens as you get older
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dylan is with me to go through the highs and lows. where would we start but in chicago. the cubs on wednesday night won their first title since 1908. the historic last out in a classic game 7 coming on a slow roller caused kris bryant to break out into a smile before he had even fielded a ball. that 5-3 putout set o celebrations culminating in a massive parade through downtown on friday. the best celebrations were from cubs fans who had literally waited their entire lives. the internet was full of it. >> they did it. they did it. they did it! i can't believe it. i can't believe it.
8:19 am
how about the 108-year-old cubs fans born two months before the last title, living to see another one. >> we were all rooting for the cubs. suddenly they had the hit, they scored the run. oh! >> what was the feeling? >> happiness at long last. >> my gosh, she grew up in chicago. and there were the fans who did not live to e wayne williams drove to a cemetery in indiana to listen to the game with his old man, a cubs fan who died in 1980. wayne said we did it, and played the "w" flag over his father's grave. steve bartman, blamed unfairly for not making the world series after he interfered with a foul ball. he was harassed for years.
8:20 am
spokesman, he is overjody. >> he was nowhere to be found at the game. >> he said i'm not going to be a distraction and all the rest. he just said, good for the cubs. good enough. our first low goes to a presidential candidate have been to talk himself down ought an event this week in pensacola. we all got a window into his inner mo donnell, stay on point. no side tracks. >> that's called self-talk. >> i didn't know he had an inner dialogue. >> it's usually all outside. our next high goes to the british cricket player who became an international web sensation for a play against
8:21 am
physical disabilities team. he's purr seeing -- he prosthetic leg comes off. undeterred. he fires it back into play. he turned around, he said illustrate hit the deck hard. next thing i knew, i stood up and had no leg. >> myobrought has ash on hall oweek, he turns it around and covers it with blood. >> that's a little dark. >> and answers door. the star of timeless classics was awarded citizenship this week by the kremlin. a spokesman for vladimir putin said segal has been insisted for a long time asking for
8:22 am
he's also a well-known actor. he 'befriended putin and calls for impeachment of president obama. >> and he's a celebrity, so that works. >> our next high goes to the beams you'll bebe staring into if you use the brights on the cars improperly. drivers are leaving their high beems on too often causing accidents. if you're caught doing it, the police pull up a your and you have to sit staring into your blind lights until you learn your lesson. police say the embarrassment is brief. you also get a fine amounting to the equivalent of $44. seems like a long way to go. >> it's very involved, but you won't do it against. our final low goes to the feeling when you're going for a
8:23 am
a third wheel in the, especially when it's a crocodile. the incident caught on security video. it slips through the darkness into the pool. the guy jumpous immediately leaving his girlfriend to fight it off. luckily she's okay. >> i wonder how the rest of the vacation went. >> i would bent if they're still together. up next, kommlater harry sm takes us through the highlights, such that they are, through this conversation, plus tom brokaw has an important story, and head has an important story, and head over to facebook for a ( ? )
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massachusetts' newspapers rarely agree, but they do on question 2. they agree opponents have run a "campaign of misinformation" to spread "fear through white, affluent neighborhoods." they agree in the suburbs question 2 will have "no impact on their schools and their children." they agree it will provide vital "choices for urban parents" and help reduce "the achievement gap." question 2 is "a kid's civil right." join leading newspapers and governor baker in voting yes on 2. >> announcer: this is 7
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sunday morning. mild start to the day. especially compared to yesterday. wren standing by with a check of the forecast. >> wren: it's a mild start. a little bit damp. the main act already having pushed through. the showers are going to track off further to the southeast. as they do so we'll receive a good deal of sunshine for most of the viewing area. additional clouds, partly to even mostly cloudy skies 'em along the cape. that is where they're look at the shot for showers later today. not much inms rainfall totals. just trace amounts up to a couple of hundredths of an inch. temperatures in the mid 40s again about 10-20 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. >> nancy: one person is dead after a car crash in westport. firefighters say a single car overturned on route 195 eastbound at exit 10. a total of six people were involved. others had nonlife-threatening injuries. also a three-year-old boy
8:28 am
brockton. boy was inside but one of the bullets flew their their home and hit nim in the leg. police are looking for suspects in two vehicles who were reportedly shooting at each other. a new hampshire man facing animal cruelty charges after shooting a dog in mason last month. the dog's owner heard shots fire and called her dogs inside but when her dog came running, she says he has a gunshot wound on his back. the man tur because it game running toward his 6-year-old son. he will be in court in january. i'm nan kathy: it goes by so fast. kate: one day you're a kid - and the next...
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through challenges and struggles, she made our lives better. she's my inspiration in the senate - whether strengthening social security or medicare, protecting our environment, or helping make college more affordable... she taught me that with hard work... kate: you can do anything? kathy: anything. kate: my mom taught me that too. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, and i approved that message. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady o: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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she's a liar. i don't dmoe putin. i've never met putin, what is even a putin? >> i'm going to the story, kneeling anything? >> i'm good. >> he kissed putin on live tv. >> secretary, that could mean anything. let's get back to your e-mails. >> oh! saturday night live, alex baldwin and indicate mckinnon stepping out of the character urging people to vote on tuesday. the talented rapper whose new album came out this week. the chalk native has established
8:31 am
modern american story, using to challenge, question and comment on politics, race and justice. common is a fan and student of music with early influences rangings from nwa to coltrane to wham, and we met up as one of his favorite spots to talk about the new record and where america is is. it was the performance that left tears in the room and chills across the country. ? one day ? ? when the glory comes ? john legend and common wrapping and singing about the struggle for civil rights in the academy award-winning song "glory" from the movie "selma." ? glory ? ? glory ?
8:32 am
>> yeah, i just remember all the people that were part of the performance. i remember just being backstage with them, saying, hey, y'all, this is bigger than us. we're doing this for those who came before us and those coming after us. >> for common, the journey for glory began on the south side of chicago where he was born lonny rasheed lin jr. is his mom a teacher, professional basketball -- >> i was a ball buy for the chicago bulls, which i did see michael jordan in my reach. >> when he wasn't rebounding for michael, he was listening to rappers like run-d.m.c., nwa, and big daddy king, whose bick hit was "ain't no half-steppin'". >> maybe my favorite song of that era
8:33 am
and want to get the your highness unless you just address with and bless, the paragraph, i man fast. you know, i mumbled a couple words in there -- >> you got it. >> he wrote his first rhymes at the age of 12. by the time he was in high school, he earned such a reputation he wasn't big daddy kane, he was opening for him. that must have been blown your mind. >> i thought i had made it. >> common whose stage name was shortened from common sense, found commercial success with his first single "take it easy." he feuded with one of his idol "ice coupe" over "i used to love her."
8:34 am
erica badu. but at the center of his music is where the country is, where it's been and where it's headed. his new album and first single are called "black america again." >> trayvon will never get to be an older man. black children and their childhood, robbed of our names and our >> "black america again" tell me about the title. the word "again." >> it's there because of the repetition of ooppression, and really just not valuing black life. so when you see what happens with a terence crutcher, or sandra bland, or trayvon martin, those things have happened throughout the years.
8:35 am
again really ends off with, how do we write a new story? a new narrative? >> was there ever a point where somebody came to you manager, agent, somebody and said, hey, common, maybe if you went a little more commercial with it, you could sell more records? maybe if you didn't dive so deep and so strong into social issues your career might be bigger than it is? >> yeah, around '96, the label said we needed t for the radio? i was thinking how do i do this and keep it organic? i wrote a song about chicago, i wrote it from my heart, but it didn't turn out as great as i wanted it too. at the same time busta rhymes had dropped "put your hands where i can see" and i thought that's music, that's a hip-hop song. i hear the purity in that music. that song i released didn't have
8:36 am
delivering. i looked at myself in the mirror one day after that and i was like, i'll never do that again. ? on the count of three ? ? go go go go ? >> i'm sorry you were scared to play me. >> hey, i'm from chicago. we play in the snow, the rain, the hail, the sleet. >> in between albums, the 44-year-old common has been earning praise for his acting. >> i worked life. i ain't doing it anymore. >> from "hell on wheels" to "american gangster" to the odd car-winning "selma." >> learning about the dedication they had for fighting for freedom, protesting and changing laws so that everybody could be on an equal level. just experiencing that changed my life. improved my life, made me want
8:37 am
it goes ? ? go ahead up ? ? stand up ? >> he established his common ground foundation for education, and works with president obama on my brother's keeper, which helps young men of color. >> we have a presidential election in a couple days. we're coming to the end of eight years of the first african american president. are race relations better off today? have we gotten better in eight years? >> it starts honestly with kids being able to see a black president. with that they can see that anybody can be president. now hopefully it would be a woman president. >> i'm thinking the work you do outside might be, people could call you a modern-day civil rights leader. would you be happy with that label? >> i definitely want to do the work. i don't know if i've earned that title yet. i would like to be there, but i
8:38 am
i'm going to do it. common told me he was inspired to create something big on this new album after seeing "hamilton." "black america again" is available now. to hear more of my conversation, including what to do about the epidemic with gun violence check out our web extras. next week, anna kid, nominated for a tony at the age of 12, before moving on to movies like "pitch perfect." next week on "sunday today." dylan is back with another look at the weather. >> it's not going to feel like november this week. we have warm temperatures expected almost all week long. at the get rainy in the pacific northwest. we'll see scattered showers and storms down south tomorrow into
8:39 am
it looks mostly sunny, and we're going to see temperatures eventually start to cool down, especially across new england, >> wren: we've had some pretty dry conditions, today waking up to more of a soggy start, but temperatures are very mild for us this morning. in the mid 40s in boston. these are morning lows. some of us in the low 40s, that's where worcester woke up to here this morning and despite the mild start we're looking at a below average day. temperatures in the low c set your clock back. day light savings time has ended for you, sunset tonight is going to be at 4:30. and that's year latest forecast. tropical storm brokaw joins tropical storm brokaw joins us live. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain.
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in his first speech, donald trump spoke in harsh terms about immigrants coming to the united states and the impact they're having on the lives of the people already here. the issue has been at the center of his campaign ever since. tom brokaw went home to south dakota where id colliding. >> reporter: i m equality opportunity, but it has a problem. unemployment is so slow, just 2.1% there aren't enough workers, especially for the tough jobs. morrell's a meat-packing plant when i was growing up was the biggest employer. it was very hard work, slaughtering the animals, packaging the meeting, get it
8:43 am
the majority of workers were white, so they leave for better job, and the workers are know from somalia, sudan, mike's family escaped. >> there was war going on, everybody was getting killed, you know, like we just moved to america, now life is getting better and better. >> mike believes if trump becomes president, he will try to send everyone back. mi trump? >> i know once thing, he ain't cool. >> reporter: henry evans specializes in immigrants law. he as an ear for -- >> 36 different languages are spoken. >> what about assimilation? are they fitting in? >> yes and no. to a certainly extent they are fitting in, because they need to learn the language.
8:44 am
country's capital. i've been in the real mogadishu. it's one of the worst places i have ever experienced. betty of lutheran social services is proud of how it's all worked out so far. >> we have great support from congregations across the state. not 100% of the people, but we've built great and think we do a good job of bringing people to success. >> trump's hard line is changing the tone, even for successful programs like sioux falls. south dakota residents are resisting more immigrants coming in. >> it's a tough place to be in. we walk a fine line. we get a lot of push back and negativity, but we believe in
8:45 am
their hard lives, there are other lessons to be learned. >> i have seen people wanting to engage our community in a positive way, by becoming involved. it's an example for all of us. >> and tom brokaw joins me live. tom, great story, good to see you. is this a story about south dakota because of the jobs that are there? or are you seeing this more broadly. >> because turkey processing plants, meat-backing, the dairy industry, a lot of white workers have gone to better jobs, so they need employ crease, and they're getting them under a special federal programs. if people's lives are threatened, they can come in, and if you go to the former white bread towns, you find
8:46 am
american celebrations. it's quite striking. i stumbled on to that for other reasons, and my friends said we have something different. >> a different sioux falls? >> much different. it's still the a big city, and the only town, if you were going to go to a party, you actually had to get the address. all the towns i lived in, you just knew where it was. >> thank you, my this morning on "meet the press" and election night. and harry smith with a look back at the memorable moments of this 19-monday odyssey of a this 19-monday odyssey of a presidential campaign unlike t. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by
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ben hassan is my older brother. he is so funny, and so smart, and my best friend. all families have challenges, and my mom instilled in us very early on the importance of finding solutions to those challenges. and working really hard with your community to get things done. and she made it possible for ben and for me to have a family just like any other family. that's part of the reason that she got involved in public service, because that's what's in her heart... and mom's still that way today. i'm maggie hassan on march 23rd, 2015, senator ted cruz of texas became the first major party candidate to dive into the presidential campaign pool. at that point the idea of donald trump running for president sounded like an unlikely publicity stunt, and the smart moan was on a hillary clinton/jeb bush general election.
8:50 am
>> reporter: donald trump entered the race for the presidency by making an entrance. that moment provided a clue for what followed. it would not be politics as usual. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. >> reporter: language often incendiary became hiv calling card. >> i c and shoot somebody and not lose voter. i'd like to punch him in the face. >> reporter: he would not be kowed by parties. >> lyin' ted, little marco. >> reporter: his focus turned to hillary. >> crooked hillary clinton, oh, she's crooked, folks. >> reporter: as modern elections
8:51 am
reasonable comparison. thes had their own fight, a fight about ideas and ideals. >> this is one of the biggest differences between senator sander and myself. >> reporter: a fight about the future of the country. >> i do want to see major changes in the democratic party. >> reporter: sanders supporters made clear they were not happy with the choice they were left with. >> can i just say to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. >> reporter: hillary clinton would run as the ultra-marathon. >> we're on the brink of a historic, history unprecedented moment. >> reporter: moving forward, no matter the harsh climate. now a steeplechase bort of wobs cass, many of her own creation. >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. if i had to do it over again, i
8:52 am
differently. you can't put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> reporter: never has the electorate had a choice between two candidates so disliked. >> she's a crook. >> it's a circus show that he's the center of. >> reporter: whatever issues we may have thought the election would be about were left on the side. >> iran is taking over iraq. >> this is a conspiracy theory he's been spewing confide some time. >> reporter: this is personality politics. his versus hers, and so we choose. for "sunday today," harry smith, nbc news, new york. this week we highlight another life well lived. erling kindem, a devoted family miami, a veteran, and more recently a famous friend. he became a start a couple years
8:53 am
rich ner was the subject of a series. the pals first met when emmitt wandered into erling's yard next door to check out the tomatoes. >> i can reach the pedal. >> even after erling moved to a retirement home, emmitt, just days before the buddies were felt to the richners good-bye. >> listen to your mother and dad. they're going to give you the best advice they can. remember that. >> okay. >> thank you very much. yeah. thank you. thank you. >> you're technology is useful. thank you. >> you're i just bought a book.
8:54 am
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kelly: growing up, i watched my mom work so hard. through challenges and struggles, she made our lives better. she's my inspiration in the senate - whether strengthening social security or medicare, protecting our environment, or helping make college more affordable... she taught me that with hard work... kate: you can do anything? kathy: anything. kate: my mom taught me that too.
8:57 am
dylan is back for a look at our weekly predictions. on tuesday america votes, not just for president and congress, but for some lifestyle changes. among them the legalization of marijuana. vote decide whether weed should be legal in limited amount. we predict the initiatives will stack, and snoop can timely gets his hands on sticky icky. >> i've never heard sticky icky before on sunday. morning the past winners,
8:58 am
we predict this year it will be theo epstein, a man who brought anal 6-year curse in boston and one that ended a 108-year drought in chicago. he won't win, but should win. >> it's a good reputation he's building. and we have saved the biggest event of the year, maybe your lifetime. on tuesday american voters will choose president. we've been straightforward in issues, we've held our tongues long enough. this election is just too important. stop laughing. there's only one candidate fit to left the nation. we predict it will be, you guessed it, gary busey, with almost all of his votes written in with old pens stolen from a bank. he looks good in the oval office. >> look fantastic. i have to get the bumper sticker. thank you.
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8:59 am
deciyou're paying more foroat'? prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for ecial breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that's costing you.
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good morning donald trump rushed off the stage last night. what we are now learn being a gun scare in nevada. >> a child caught in and crimes in south carolina, a man confessing to seven murders. and dozens sharing their stories. how a barber is using haircuts to bring team together. this is 7 news today in new england. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. i hope you're having a great day, i'll jonathan hall. >> it is 9:00 on this sunday morning.


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