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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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to you because they are on the ballot. not just my name and my opponent's name in north carolina bill clinton telling voters his wife has shown she deserves to be their commander in chief. i think hillary has proved by enduring what she has endured that she is strong enough to be president. >> reporter: in her final campaign swing, clinton is hitting the bale el ground states of pennsylvania, north carolina and michigan where polls have tightened in recent days. clinton tryio voters she is on the side of working people spoke it a coal miner at the pittsburgh rally. i know how hard times are and as i have said and you can take it to the bank i will not forget you and i will do everything i can to help people who have given so much, work so hard throughout their lives for generations to build this
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american. >> reporter: j just a little while hillary clinton will hold a big get out the vote israeli in philadelphia along with her two of her big heavy hitter surrogates, president and initial hello bama. that's latest live from new york city, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: and donald trump also focusing on battleground states such as pennsylvania where the latest polls show he does trail hillary clinton. dan hausle has more on the trump can pain live in new york where trump will also spend election night. dan? trump will be at the midtown hilton you see behind me here in midtown manhattan where his campaign is half a dozen blocks away from trump tower. we see increased security, no parking, no driving in some of these areas here all from preparation the trump campaign hope will be a victory party. i am not a politics. my only special interest is you. >> reporter: with less than 24
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donald trump in sarasota, florida appearing light-hearted and upbeat joking with supporters about hats and masks in the crowd. nice head of hair i will say that. >> reporter: but trump isn't smiling about the f.b.i. decision that newly discovered e-mails don't reveal anything that calls for a reopening of the investigation into hillary clinton's private server. hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. >> reporter: trump has been expanding the map that n these time days of t michigan that have been considered safely in clinton's column. mike pence even in minnesota today expressing confidence in his running mate and the election results. i join this campaign in a heartbeat. you have nominated a man for president who never quits. who never backs down. he is a fighter, he is a winner. we're going to run through the
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election day tomorrow. >> reporter: the trump campaign is acknowledging though it can't win out florida and north carolina. trump this afternoon speaking in rally. in one day, do you believe this, one day we are going to win the great state of north carolina and we are going to win back the white house. trump finishes up in new hampshire tonigh three of them will be repeats. they will be north carolina, pennsylvania and again am indications of how important the trump can pain considers those three states. live in new york city, dan hausle, 7 news. hilary clinton supporters lining up in new hampshire to see our current president campaign for clinton. both campaigns putting new hampshire in the spotlight hoping to take the key state tomorrow. 7's steve cooper continues our coverage now live in durham, new
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motorcade leaving a few minutes ago but he didn't disappoint the party faithful who crammed into the whitmore center today here on the university of new hampshire careful campus president obama whose been on campaign trail all day long for hillary clinton spoke for 45 minutes. the state's four electoral votes are crucial teal tomorrow. that's pretty clear. people waited in line for hours here to get in to see the president, the president taking no shortage of swipes at donald trump while saying hilary clinton is more qualified to be the commander in chief again a last minute push to urge voters to get out and vote even had some thoughts on trump's tweeting. donald trump is tempermentally unfit to be commander in chief. this is not just my opinion, this is the opinion of a lot of republicans over the weekend his
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account away from him. if you your closest advisors don't trust you to tweet, how you can trust him with a nuclear code? you can't do it. >> reporter: more than 7,000 people crammed in here to listen to the president of the united states. again the motorcade left here, they are headed back to the airport and on their way to philadelphia to gin the clintons as they have one time get out the vote live in durham, familiar tonight teach steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: well, donald trump still working for a win in new hampshire. he is headed there now to opener squeeze his granite state supporters and appeal to any undecides. jonathan hall live in manchester new hampshire. that's where trump will speak very soon. jon? hi, kim. this is the first presidential election with widespread early voting allowed and yet that election day get out the vote
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donald trump whose putting on a big effort and that's why he is coming here tonight. donald trump due to arrive shortly there there is mounting excitement here at the southern new hampshire university arena. people are lining up, hoping for a position close to the stage. i am pretty gassed to see trump. you know? he is going to make a lot of changes to the country. it's a colorful scene out front with a boat and a bus decked out for trump. i think he is like one of the only options to end all make america great again. team trump is working the phones. good morning, ma'am. my name is tony. i am a volunteer from the donald j trump campaign. >> reporter: tony t-shirt said he is a veteran for trough of the leaders say they have thousands of volunteers working the get out the vote the. here they are calling in the calvary from near and far. this cars the stop hillary sign
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from southern new england. be connect may be a lost cause. i have already voted in absentia and so i was planning oncoming up here to do some good where i think we can make a difference. >> reporter: their candidate speaks from the heart. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. team trump wants to as well. i am all in for trump. accepted him a bit of cash. i think he is my man from the way. i love that he have businessman. i am really into business. think the country would do well run as a business. >> anchor: getting out the vote is a business. how vibrant is that trump effort here in new hampshire? well, one campaign spokesperson tells me they have done 1.8 million door knocks here in the small state of new hampshire since the primary. live in manchester tonight, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> reporter: jon, thank you. 7 news has you covered on election night.
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7 news team to bring you live reports all night long and our election coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. our live reports from new york city happen tonight and i didn't delcamp will join them tomorrow for updates throughout the day. plus, a quick scheduling note for tonight here on 7. there will be a special one hour edition of "nightly news" start act 6:30 then 7 news will immediately following let's turn to the forecast as we start a new workweek. a lot of you are home after finishing your first day here. things are looking up for election day weather wise. let's check the forecast now with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> anchor: more sun. >> reporter: more sunshine toll. numbers bagging up down into the 30's. the city at 93 but everyone else falling through the 30's, norwood 35, beverly at 37. jaffrey, 34. this is a chilly day of we didn't make it out of the
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high pressure is the reason we had sunshine. with a high over here in pennsylvania that puts new england on the cool side of high pressure but on the backside that's where air moves out of new england. they reach 60's for much of the afternoon, even right now grown by at 58, detroit 60. cincinnati at 54. and that milder air streams into new england after a chilly morning. temperaturn to middle 30's. your morning commute will feature lots of sunshine by 9:00 a.m. the numbers are into the 40's. election day weather no weather issue sunshine all day long. clear skies tomorrow evening. milder tomorrow afternoon. temperatures tomorrow afternoon in the upper 50's to the low 60's. >> anchor: coming up changes coming of a frightening encounter for these two boston police officers. >> anchor: plus, a familiar feel for the bruins. what's behind their struggles on
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? at's you're paying more forou? prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and
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rking for new hampshire. kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything. kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate: and we approved this message. massachusetts' newspapers rarely agree, but they do on question 2. they agree opponents have run a "campaign of misinformation" to spread "fear through white, affluent neighborhoods." they agree in the suburbs question 2 will have "no impact on their schools and their children." they agree it will provide vital "choices for urban parents" and help reduce "the achievement gap." question 2 is
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join leading newspapers and governor baker in voting yes on 2. 3 the machine accused of a murder in everett called to court today. keith herring arrested this morning. the 27-year-old is charged with murder, armed robbery, carjacking and illegally owning a gun. he is accused of shooting and kill a 1-year-old stoneham man in everett yesterday. yesterday. the scene happened after 2:00
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carjacked and robbed the victim. >> anchor: a billerica man accused of injuring a police officer. 28-year-old eric oblinis as accused of assault and battery on a billerica officer. police say he and another man hit and dragged that officer with a van on friday. the officer had approached them for acting suspiciously and that's when he is accused of bagging the van into the officer dragging him about 15 feet. the officer should make a full recovery. tewksbury police investigating a deadly man was killed when he was hit by a pickup truck last night. the driver stayed and is cooperating with police. investigators believe that man was not in the crosswalk when he was hit. >> anchor: changes being made to the city's constable process. weeks after two police officers were shot, the boston police department is notifying the city's nearly 300 constables that they must be fingerprinted so authorities can run out-of-state background chicks of them. now this comes amonth after kirk
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again shot two police officers in east boston. his constable application was approved in april without debate but officials say they didn't know he had a criminal history out-of-state. officers were responding to a domestic incident at his apartment when he began shooting a them. he was shot and killed. two officers matthew morris and richard santolo were shot multiple times. both have been released from the hospital and are continuing to recover at home. >> anchor: and 7 news will have your forecast when we come back. taking away our right to choose. restricting our health care choices. this is senator kelly ayotte's record. ayotte voted six times to end funding for planned parenthood - putting access to birth control and cancer screenings at risk. and she supports overturning roe v. wade. woman 1: kelly ayotte says she's for women. but it's just an act. woman 2: voters definitely cannot trust kelly ayotte. vo: senate majority pac is responsible
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. he is so funny, and so smart, and my best friend. all families have challenges, and my mom instilled in us very early on the importance of finding solutions to those challenges. and working really hard with your community to get things done. and she made it possible for ben and for me to have a family just like any other family. that's part of the reason that she got involved in public service, because that's what's in her heart... and mom's still that way today. i'm maggie hassan
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>> anchor: as promised we begin to talk about the weather and apparently it's a little heart to keep track of because it's kind of an up and down sort of thing according to jr. >> anchor: this morning it was clear, but quite cool and jeremy you are saying that tomorrow we're going to get the clear skies but also a little bit of a warp up in. sunshine tomorrow, milder tomorrow afternoon, we have a cold night tonight and then tomorrow afternoon upper 50's to low 60's. thursday is cool, friday is warm and then saturday chilly. you will see that in the 7 day forecast. only chance of rain this week it's tied to a cool front wednesday afternoon. a few showers possible wednesday afternoon. current temperatures sliding through the 30's. the city at 43. worcester at 40. orange 34. south coast on to the cape 30's and 40's.
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through new bedford and as well as truro and wellfleet. tied to that warm system that storms peels out of the way. makes way for high pressure to then take its place and when high pressure gets east of new england that will grab some of this milder air and yank it into new england after we get through the chilly night tonight. mostly clear skies for tonight and we'll all head down into the 20's and 30's for the morning commute. city of boston upper 30's but for the rest of us pe morning this through the day lot of sunshine i'm fantastic day tomorrow with that sun. milder, temperatures tomorrow 57 to 62. the normal high for boston is about 54. we'll be above that probably late tomorrow morning, certainly early tomorrow afternoon. these will be the temperatures about 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the south shore near 60 degrees. dunn through buzzard areas bay, dartmouth at 58. north of town the merrimac valley, seacoast low to in some locations in the merrimack
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fitchburg around 61. barre 58. jaffrey 57. no northeast wind tomorrow. mostly sunny skies, nice southwesterly breeze mid and upper 50's although if you are right on the water's edge it will be in the lower 50's. so there is tomorrow for you. wednesday a lot of clouds and again our lone weather system for the entire week is wednesday. it's a cool front and that will generate the clouds. 7:00 wednesday morning here are those clouds but not much in the way of rain. this is a cool front that comes out of canada and when they come from that re have a lot of moisture to work with. so i do think there will be a few scattered showers wednesday afternoon into early wednesday evening. most towns probably less than a tenth of an inch of rain and i think a love of us maybe few sprinkle. out ahead of the front again temperatures on thursday will be in the 50's and then friday we are also that's wednesday actually. thursday we're back into the 50's with sunshine and then another cool front comes at us late friday night and more so on saturday.
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that's a tough one dressing kid ohs. you get one mild day and the next this s chilly. tomorrow is the mild day after the cold front then on wednesday a few showers and then look at the weekend. both days are kind of cool. mid 40's. sermon saturday. see you at 7:30. the dance card is awfully full for the bruins this week. black and gold looking at five games in 7 days a stretch starting tonight against the sabres at the garden where the b've home ice advantage so far this season. the bruins are just one three and 0 on causeway street and not like they are dropping nail biters here. opponents out scoring them 15 to 6. not the kind kind of rebounce the bruins were banking oncoming off last year where they finish below 500 on guard nights. you can tell it's starting to wear on claude jewell yen. we try to stay away from talking about the home record because everyone else is talking about it. we have to focus on our jobs and
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enough to win hockey games so we can't get caught up in this whatever we want to call it curse or lack of or whatever it is. we just have to come out there and play well. >> reporter: if you spent sunday on your sunday with your eyes glued to the television so did tom brady. he will have his eyes glued to the next opponent seattle sea hawks. he says jacket sell as strong as ever. they are a good team them are a the team we played in the super bowl. i used to play the miami dolphins earlier in my career and some of the worst games i ever had was playing against miami and they would basically call two or three defenses the whole game and you knew what they were in, they knew that you knew what they were in and they didn't care and they just went out there and they tried to kick your, you know, tried to kick you around. that's what seattle tries to do. >> anchor: plenty of questions about the celtics.
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can they win a play off round but they very least we figured they would still be stout defensively. turns out that's not a sure thing either right now. brad stevens's team is giving up 1123 points. that wasin last night's game again the nuggets and through six games they are allowing just under 112 per game. that's second worst in the nba. this have a team that was getting talked up as a top three defensive unit before the season started. i only ev statistically possible based on our week. i don't know if you can make it up in 76 games. but we can get a lot better. at this point we're all talk. that's all we're doing so until we put it together in a full game and show what we can do in that end, then we're not going to be a top defensive team. >> anchor: out in arizona it's starting to look like fenway west with mike hazen interviewing tory lovulo as his
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thanks to his friends an mentor who helped him along the way and made it possible, john farrell. along the way, you know, we walk through some very difficult times. he was the guy that take a chance on me, that gave me my first opportunity and basically helped me sit down in the seat today and i just want to make sure that i acknowledge him and what he has done for me. s. >> reporter: rocco and raiders this goes down as a 69 yard touchdown pass from trevor simeon but he only did about three yards worth of work because bibbs takes the screen pass and weaves his way through the oakland d for the score. his beauty gets our play of the day. al horford remains in concussion protocol. he cannot practice today. it's unlikely the celtics will have him wednesday in
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every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system... so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. ? we serve new england, and energy brings us together. ?
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massachusetts' newspapers rarely agree, but they do on question 2. they agree opponents have run a "campaign of misinformation" to spread "fear through white, affluent neighborhoods." they agree in the suburbs question 2 will have "no impact on their schools and their children." they agree it will provide vital "choices for urban parents" and help reduce "the achievement gap." question 2 is "a kid's civil right." join leading newspapers and governor baker on 2. >> anchor: that is our time on this monday as we get prepared for a busy tomorrow. thanks so much for being with us at 6:00 of i am adam williams. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei.
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news" is next and we'll see you
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this message. tonight, it's crunch time. the whirlwind final hours for hillary clinton and donald trump. the campaign nearly over, the polls soon to open. both sides barn storming battlegrounds with rallies past midnight. and after a marathon campaign, it all comes down to this, the math hand? also tonight, securing the election. intelligence sources tell nbc news, it's all hands on deck. an unprecedented plan, top secret facilities, security locations underground. and a massive show of force in new york city, where team clinton, team trump, and the eyes of the world will converge. we have it all covered. our team is in place. "nightly news" begins


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