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tv   Today  NBC  November 8, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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't remember!? his girlfriend, meghan markle. find out what he's saying that's got everybody talking. then we'll catch up with steve martin. and tips and tricks to save you time on thanksgiving coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. well, good morning! tuesday morning. anything going on today? november 8th? no? >> only something we've waited 20 months for. >> but it just seems like yesterday. election day! i'm al, along with tamron and dylan. it is decision 2016. >> it is indeed.
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we gussied up rockefeller plaza here. we've got the big ice skating rink. >> tonight that will turn into the united states of america. >> my husband, brian, has been out there because he's running the jib with the coverage tonight. that big arm that just pans around. he's been out there 12, 15 hours a day practicing. >> it is amazing. i was stationed out there last year. i was telling al last year on the ice it was like 400 below zero. today, 55 ice may melt around alaska. >> i tried to go vote this morning before i came in. line was crazy so i'm going to have to do it after. >> i early voted. then i was driving this morning and this was the line. it wrapped around -- i thought beyonce had shown up. it was like -- there was a line wrapped around the corner. i jumped out. >> i think you need to talk to dylan's husband, brian. >> full disclosure, i wear
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i jumped out of the car in my onesie to snap that video. i was ordinary, can you just legally take pictures of people on the street. b, i'm in the middle of i moo pajamas in new york city. >> be careful. >> one thing i discovered was when we moved and i changed the address on my license, i mean we moved within manhattan. i assumed it changed my voting registration. now i have to g back to the upper west side to vote if my old location because it did not change. i didn't decide to look until last night. >> take the subway up. >> have a nice lunch. >> right. we'll make a day out of it. >> let's go to ohio. take a look at a polling place. this is cincinnati. folks are getting ready and they're getting it done. >> this is one you can take pictures in. >> we can take a picture. >> we can always take a picture. >> i wonder if we can get the
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important states we'll be watching tonight. that's my camera -- people keep saying is it going to be an early night? what's going to happen? >> i think it is going to be decided pretty early. >> all of the experts, pundits, say that florida, donald trump needs it. that's his path. hillary clinton not so much. but we could have an early night or we could be here days. we could be father time and mother time through this. >> you got to travel to the upper west side to vote. how about astronaut shane space. we don't know how we voted and nor should we, but he did cast his ballot. basically they're saying this is no excuse. >> that's so cool. how about sasha edelstein who voted over the weekend. she was heading to the hospital in labor. the contractions were seven to
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girl named rosie. >> that's how easy it is. >> i love this story at the weather channel. a lot of folks are so stressed about the election. of course there will be coverage on msnbc. but maybe you want to dial it back. okay? our friends at the weather channel starting at 3:00 p.m., they're just going to show very nice nature shots. >> is that real? >> yes. and play jazz music, some smooth jazz. there will be a weather crawl at the bottom. >> that's very relaxing. >> that's right. kind of destress. from 3:00 p.m. until midnight. >> i kind of love this idea. >> i think so. it is kind of like an election yule log. >> like with the christmas yule log. >> exactly. just watching rainbows and waterfalls. >> if you don't want to do that,
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tonight. >> lester's going to be playing smooth jazz. on his base. >> savannah's going to be on the drums. chuck to chuck todd's going to be on the sax. tom brokaw is going to be tom brokaw. this is democracy. >> coming up later, you have a great interview with steve martin and kristin stewart. >> the movie is so different because it's shot in a format that we've never seen before. it makes it look to the people. so we -- before we interview a cast, we usually get a screener. right? we normally get a link we can watch from home. because this was such a special movie, it had to be seen in the movie theater. so the times were like 9:00 friday night or 8:00 a.m. saturday morning. really cut in to "weekend today." so i couldn't do it. then our producer who helped me put this spot together he said,
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i'm like great. i'm in my uggs, sweatpants and sweatshirt. i go to the 6:00 showing, it is the premier for the movie. i had no idea. i don't think matt had any idea. i'm not going to throw him under the bus. >> but you just backhanded. >> so you showed up at an actual >> yes. you're at the premier. everybody's on the red carpet. everybody's nice and fancy dressed. the whole cast comes out and they introduce the show and the cast. there i am just in my uggs. so i duck in the back door, i grab my ticket. but on my way to grab the popcorn off the table, i knock over like six bags of popcorn to the guy who's sweeping up popcorn right next to me.
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funny. >> he wanted nothing to do with me. >> he's thinking this is the woman throwing matt greenfield under the bus. >> some things in life, don't you wish it was like the "truman show" like please let someone be recording this moment in life. that's crazy. >> it was an epic fail on so many different levels. but the movie was actually fantastic. we interview six or seven people from the cast, including eng lee, the director of the >> that makes it all worth it. >> these are real life stories. "truman show." coming up, it is the fairy tale romance capturing the world's attention. i didn't know if this was real, but it's confirmed, guys. harry, prince harry, and hollywood beauty meghan markle. >> i thought he was going out with a steve usrkel. >> now.
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we are back with more of "today's take." little drama acr >> yeah. prince harry's apparently taken -- he's checking on his facebook page, what's the status change when you're dating? taken? >> i haven't changed in a while. >> in the middle of apparently falling for this beautiful actress, harry is hitting back at the media for the coverage of his relationship. if you've note heard, prince harry was reportedly dating american actress, meghan markle. she's been on our show before. we all think she is super nice.
10:12 am
she's gorgeous. prince harry says some people in the media have crossed the line. you may recognize her from the show "suits." that's on the usa network. the palace sent out a statement basically saying that he was objecting to this wave of abuse and harassment. prince harry's worried about miss markle's safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her. it is not right that a few months into a relationship with him that miss markle should be subjected to such a storm. this is the price she has to pay and that this is all part of the game. he strongly disagrees. this is not a game, it is her life. as dylan just asked the question, looking at pictures, why are people attacking her? well, meghan has revealed her father is caucasian, her mother is african-american. so apparently people take issue with her background and have come after her. >> sad. you got to meet her when you were visiting --
10:13 am
of "suits" up in toronto. it was wonderful. the show is known for its amazing wardrobe. she thoed showed me through the closet. i got to try on this very expensive dress. she's so lovely. whenever she comes here she remembers my name. so we're kind of like bffs. so if they get married -- >> might be a bit of a stretch. >> listen, a girl can cream. someone once dreamt of dating a prince and there she has it. he has a heinz 57. >> my dad used to say heinz 57. i love that. you have something for us that you have an issue with. >> i don't know i would call it an issue. of course, social media, these trends happen. ice bucket challenge, things like that. well, now we got the manikin challenge. okay? >> you know what it is? >> of course. people all of a sudden stand still and -- boom.
10:14 am
the gifls the girls of destiny's child, including queen bey. adele posting a western themed manikin challenge. >> look at adele. >> why don't you like this? >> it's not i don't like it. >> i know what you mean. sometimes it is good -- whether it's good -- >> when it's good, it's fantastic. >> for example, the dallas cowboys, they're doing great on the field but the executives n >> you're supposed to stop moving. >> i watched this yesterday like six times. i felt like it was moving -- look, this guy's moving. look at jerry jones. he's eating. you're supposed to be still. >> for example, we tried it yesterday on "today" show. you be judge. we did this in our 8:00 hour. and, there we go.
10:15 am
>> mr. roker then held it for like 20 minutes. >> savannah moved. then this one. >> al, you crushed it. >> he stayed that way for 15 minutes. >> i have an unfair advantage. as a kid, this is the kind of nerd i was and my friends were. we practiced sitcom freeze frames. in the '70s a sitcom, well, he'll have big problems then -- and then the credits would go. and did we miss the shot just then? >> no. ? >> our control room trying now. that's why nobody was listening. >> oh. okay. >> maryann. >> come on. christine! are they doing a magic trick? >> i love this! let's go to the back row.
10:16 am
what is that? the jerry jones of the "today" show. >> oh, come on! let's move on over. >> nice. nice. >> tammy's supposed to have a glass of wine in her hand. i'm going to make her laugh. >> oh, tammy! oh! >> oh, come on! >> crumble. she folded like a cheap suit. >> send us your video of your manikin challenge, #todays take. >> let's face it, no matter what you do, it can't be as bad as tammy in the control room. >> when we were kids, you tried to keep a serious face, my mom would always go, "i see that smile." it would make you so angry, you wouldn't help but smile.
10:17 am
so you mentioned wine. this forecast is interesting on election day. >> it sure is. again, for decision 2016, for the most part weather's not all that bad. we got warming weather along the east coast. unseasonably mild in the planes. a look at illinois -- we'll have some off and on showers, cloudy skies. by the afternoon, things clear out. by the evening it is going to be gorgeous, clear skies, mild temperatures. then as far as another one of our fabulous sunny in the east, cloud in the west, and fairly dry right >> we're seeing nothing but sunshine here this morning, and we're going to keep it that way as we head into the afternoon. a close look at your election day forecast. the temperatures, mid 50s by lunch hour and as we head into the late afternoon, in the 60s. 62 in bedford today.
10:18 am
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hosting thanksgiving is a lot of work. you don't want to spend the entire day in the kitchen.
10:22 am
will be thankful for. good to see you. >> thanks for having me today. >> one of the things the most expensive real estate or valuable real estate is the oven. you've got some great ideas to help free that up. >> thanksgiving can be a really stressful time in any household. i know myself, i have four kids. i am constantly shuffling things around. so any time i can save space and not put it in the oven, i am excited. >> slow cooker? >> slow cooker. very simple. you can use this to make a lovely green bean casserole, you can put your sweet potato casserole in there. you can keep all of your foods warm until you are ready to serve them. >> brilliant. gravy. people trying to get the lumps out of gravy. >> gravy is kind of the bain of my existence. but we're going to work through it. all we have to do is take a little bit of our gravy. pour it right into the food processor. you got nice lumpy gravy right there.
10:23 am
there we go. we pulse it. you've done this before, haven't you? >> i've gotten caught before. >> there you go. pulse that bad boy up. and then we have this luscious smooth gravy that you can actually keep warm in a thermos. >> that is brilliant! >> right? >> you just pour it in and it will stay nice and toasty warm until you are ready to serve it to your table. >> the other thing, trying to keep everything warm. again, you don't want to take up space in the oven. >> no, you don't. but we used to use coolers for just keeping drinks cold. now you can actually use y cooler with some lined tin foil and place your side dishes right in the cooler just like that. >> that's so smart. >> close it up. you're good to go. >> flaky pie crust. this is something dylan said she does. i never heard about this. >> this is a really nifty tool. pie crust can be really difficult because it is -- you're baking. but if you substitute vodka or any other liquor -- >> really! >> you can use bourbon for
10:24 am
you can use anything you like. but vodka will actually make your pie crust fluffier and it will actually be like a little bit flakier. >> that's really interesting. >> you put it right in here. >> i can put it all in? >> i say put it all in. you're going to do half vodka, half water. right? mix it all up. don't spill things. don't break things. >> couple of the crew members rushed over to try to get this. >> and there you go. >>n potatoes, what's your hack? >> last, but not least. so a little bit of baking soda goes a long way. adding a pinch of baking soda to your mashed potatoes works with the cream as an agent and makes your mashed potatoes if you havyer. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you, too. >> still ahead, steve martin showing us his serious side in a new movie getting a lot of buzz. dylan catches up with him and the cast after your local
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fa kathy: it goes by so fast. kate: one day you're a kid - twi?o and the next...
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it's the new movie being touted as a visual masterpiece. it's called "billy lynn's long halftime love." the film tells the story of a group of soldiers being honored during a football halftimeeroism it was filmed in 3-d at a staggering speed so you can see every single detail and i caught up with steve martin and the cast to talk about that. >> it is sort of weird being honored for the worst day of your life. >> first of all, this movie was unlike anything i have ever seen before. as actors, what was it like watchingy you are self-in that way? >> i've learned to ig no are myself on screen. i was talking to kevin klein once and he said, yeah, i saw a
10:31 am
i said what do you mean, doing a lot of this? he says i block myself out. i've learned to just watch others and not judge myself. >> this was as close-up as -- and as intense as you can get. did it make any of you feel different or -- >> i found it a little weird, yeah. but i mean i had never done it before. >> reporter: in his first movie ever, joe plays the title role of billy lynn, a soldier being grappling with ptsd from a terrible raid. you're the lead character in this movie. you're starring alongside icons like steve martin. you've got seasoned actors like chris and kristin and garrett. what was this whole experience like for you? >> it was overwhelming. the first few weeks, i had never been so america before. i obviously knew who these people were.
10:32 am
why is with a he so perfect for this role because he is playing this young, innocent soldier. >> nothing is like somebody's first time and it is incredible top-notch talent. it feels to me that i'm not teaching him, coaching him or directing him. it's like something he know through his life. it is like my "avatar" or whatever. >> will are a ton of ways you can get shipped home. >> reporter: kristinwa to convince him to return home and not return with his platoon to iraq. >> you had a lot of scenes with joe. how would you say he was going into his first movie. >> oh, man. >> yeah. ready? some of the most moving honest, present experiences i've had with people are not like trained actors. it was like -- i was going -- i know we're on tv. it was like such a pleasure. i love this movie. i think he's so -- so there.
10:33 am
and chris tucker will sbr er wi audiences in their dramatic chops. >> you guys have never been in a movie together before. have you? >> "rush hour." >> i don't think so. >> did you ever think chris tucker, steve martin, in a drama together? >> never thought about it but -- he's definitely one of my heroes, comic heroes. it's an honor to be in >> we were in the same scene together in this but we didn't exchange any lines, i don't think. right? >> yeah, we did. we had a great scene together. i remember it. >> oh, the kissing scene. i forgot. >> frankly, i don't think these studio folks have the moral fortitude to grasp the true stakes of bravo's story. >> you have a point. >> the movie will be in theaters in new york and l.a. this friday and nationwide november 18th. up next, get ready to open
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you open up the fridge, you just stand in front of it going, what am i going to eat in here? instead of ordering take-out, our nutritionest joy bauer says get creative. >> joy has a couple of tasty recipes. this is phenomenal. >> you know that i would do this. eo the fridge and saying there's nothing in here. but there is something in every single refrigerator. >> beverly witting ton from st. louis, missouri, her fridge. nice looking group of things. >> there is a lot of stuff in there. i was immediately drawn to the eggs. i could eat eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner and there are so many things you can make with them. first i took some vegetables. red pepper is busting with vitamin c. getting into flu season right
10:39 am
i coupled with some onion. and of course two large handfuls of spinach. spinach is like nature's multi-vitamin. it's got everything. plus it has two antioxidants that help reduce the risk for macular degeneration and cataracts. i saute them for eight to ten minutes. i threw the spinach in at the last minute. oil spray i love because it allows you to saturate the pan with very, very few fat calories. certainly you could pour olive oil, canola oil, grapeseed oil. for the eggs, i took four whole eggs. then i took four egg whites. i added half a cup of milk, all which she had in your fridge. reason i halved the whole eggs and egg whites, it allowed me to reduce the calories and saturated fat. al, put those vegetables right in here. tamron, this is sharp cheddar cheese that she had in there.
10:40 am
>> you're not eating that much. >> this is the best part about her fridge. she grows her own fresh herbs. this is parsley, basil, and rosemary. >> yum! >> we put that right in here, a little bit of salt and pepper. then all you do is -- al? a little oil spray. >> then you fill up about a half a cup in the muffin tins. you're going to put it on 350 degrees in the oven for just about 20 to 25 minutes. would you look at these >> how's about 65 calories each? >> you could have three or four for a serving. >> i make these for lela to take these to school. >> they're packed with protein. and you can eat them in the car. >> next photo, maria healy from chula vista, california. she's got pork tenderloin, peanut butter, chicken brought, soy sauce. >> that's a good looking fridge. there's some hot sauce in there
10:41 am
i saw pork tenderloin and i thought, okay, that is going to play a starring role. together with the peanut butter as well. first thing that i did was i sliced up the pork tenderloin. i soaked in water my wooden skewers. five minutes on each side again on the skillet, on a grill and you have pork skewers. now comes the peanut butter sauce. >> i've never heard of peanut butter sauce. >> like a thai. >> it's half cup creamy peanut butter, quarter cup of brout, two tablespoons of soy sauce. if you want a little bit of hot sauce, i put it in there. all you do is you mix and mix and mix and you're going to get this creamy, dreamy sauce. you're going to go ahead and dip that in there. it is very kiss-friendly as well. how's about a full serving of this is only 170 calories?
10:42 am
for birthday cake. >> it's a birth caday cake! >> it's your birthday. >> and it's smokin'! >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> when you eat healthy, there's always room for cake. i love you had no idea. you didn't see the flaming cake over there? >> noing! nothing! i was fixated on the re >> we love you so much. you can find joy's recipe now let's do a little weather for you. your election day forecast, record highs in the pacific northwest, heavy rain down through texas into the gulf warming up along the eastern seaboard. plenty of sunshine along the west coast. for tomorrow we expect to see more sunshine in the west. look for heavy thunderstorms continuing central and southern texas. wet weather along the pacific northwest coast.
10:43 am
as well. >> we're seeing nothing but sunshine here this morning, and we're going to keep it that way as we head into the afternoon. a close look at your election day forecast. the temperatures, upper 40s, mid 50s by lunch hour and as we head into the late afternoon, in the 60s. 62 in bedford today. and 59 in worcester. 52 in norwood. as we head to tomorrow, it's a different scenario, so get outside and enjoy the sunny and quieat by tomorrow afternoon, mid 50s
10:44 am
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goodness -- the 45th president of these united states. >> in honor of election day, msnbc's thomas roberts is here to quiz us on some of the biggest moments in presidential history. >> test your buzzers. >> do we have an answer to the question we went in? that's the second question? okay. >> don't worry. you'll be playing for something good here. i feel very confident that you guys are g we're going to see the questions up here. first up -- what was the first election result to be broadcast live on the radio? okay. >> a. >> al. >> no. >> yes. answer, a. warren g. harding. 1920. >> i was listening. >> then he was the first in 1922 to have his voice transmitted by radio. question number two, hands on
10:49 am
why is election day on tuesday? b. because voters used to travel. that is correct . >> i knew that one. >> i know you did. >> so, al is cleaning your clocks right now, ladies. >> who? >> what? >> al roker is winning. >> i thought that was a question! >> no, that's not a question. that's just fact. >> you couldn't vote on sunday, they needed monday to travel. >> he didn't even get to read the question. just concentrate on me. who was the first president -- al. >> richard nishgs xon. >> gerald ford. >> fun fact. made a cameo appearance in april -- >> what show did richard nixon appear on? >> "laugh in." >> too bad it is not on the list. you know this, we have these exact two questions last year. i mean four years ago on the election. >> we did? >> we played this game. >> tamron, i feel good about this next one for you.
10:50 am
the american president before michael douglas? al? >> robert redford. >> robert redford is correct. >> after a disagreement with the director on the direction of the love story, red ford parted ways and douglas landed the part. who is with a the love interest -- >> annette benning. >> al wins. okay. moving on, true or false, president bartlett played by martin sheen was originally scheduled to only be in four episodes per season. >> true. >> that's true. >> true. >> that after the pilot was filmed it was determined that he was needed as a permanent character. hands on the buzzers. how many electoral votes are needed to win the u.s. presidency. >> 270? >> yes, of course. >> 270. >> you've been watching msnbc. god bless you. >> i thought tamron would get that one right away. number seven, in the 1999 movie
10:51 am
president. what's her campaign slogan. >> be all you can be with tracy. >> no. >> al. >> vote for me, tracy. >> dylan. >> chick pick. >> who was the first president to live in the white house? >> that's a great question. john adams. >> al roker? had. >> john adams. >> john adams is correct. construction began in 1792. president washington oversaw the construction of the house. n in november of 1800 adams became the first president. >> i get that point. >> my buzzer came in first. >> al roker is our big winner today and we do have prizes for him. take a look at this. >> ooh! >> pez dispensers and a nice coffee table book. >> i love pez dispensers. just so you know about this election specifically, we filled those with valium. so after tonight, it is not candy. >> yeah!
10:52 am
thomas roberts. >> of course, you are going to be -- >> great job. >> al roker did a great job. thom >> thomas is going to be taking part in msnbc's all-day election coverage right here on nbc starting at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. lester holt, savannah guthrie, chuck todd. or as we like to call him, todd. mary todd who was married to of course abraham lincoln. we'll be back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
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? our neighborhood public schools. they are the bedrock of our communities. the place where 96% of our kids are educated. but even now, these local schools are losing more than 400 million dollars a year to privately-run charter schools. and if question 2 passes, it will only get worse. we can't let that happen. to protect our public schools and the right of all our kids to a quality education, vote no on question 2. can i just say how much we love kathie lee's hair. >> yes, we do! >> she needs to do a beauty book. >> oh, my gosh. >> tom just mentioned it to me. >> stop it! >> we're going to do a tutorial on it. >> i like this tease.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. it is election day. it's booze day tuesday, november 8th. make sure to get out and vote. >> get out there. just do it. just pull the lever. >> yes. that is "ain't my fault" by sara larsson, si sing for us. >> now opening for beyonce. one of those people, how can that happen? >> pinch me. >> good for her. >> singing for us in a little bit. >> going to sing "lush life."


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