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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 8, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> jadiann: we begin here at 4:30 with voice your shows coverage. decision day, everyone, finally here. a collective sigh, month of campaigning leading up to this one moment. donald trump and hillary clinton both casting their ballots teared. >> ryan: we've team 7 coverage of this historic day starting with adam williams. he is in the newsroom with what the candidates are up to. >> reporter: both donald trump and hillary clinton making their voices heard in new york today. trump made his way to manhattan's lower east side voting alongside the presidential nominee was his wife and daughter ivanka. sound like he said a great feeling there. a lot of reporters there, a lot of noise. the trump family will be at
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election results come in. hillary clinton also heading to the polls today voting in chappaqua in update new york about an hour north of new york city just after 8:00 this morning. she was' joined by husband bill clinton, timm kaine voted in virginia today. here is what clinton had to say after costing her ballot. >> it is the most humbling feeling, dan, because, you know, i know how much responsibility goes with this, and so many people are counting this election. what it means for our country,ed on i'll do the very best i can if i'm for the nature enough to win today. >> reporter: clinton and kaine will head to new york city for their campaign party later today. clinton's aides will deliver her speech when the results become more clear. she is preparing two speeches, one for winning and one for not winning. >> jadiann: as hillary clinton and donald trump watch the results come in new york city supporters
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the very close eye, jennifer egan joins us live with some of the local democrats are saying leading up to this night tonight. >> reporter: some will be gathering here inside the fairmont copley ballroom. they're hoping for a hillary clinton win. some of the state's biggest political heavy weights spent the day outside of massachusetts. massachusetts democrats making a swing through new hampshire with the bay state this election day was best spent in this battle ground station. >> the election may turn out to happen right here in new hampshire. >> reporter: elizabeth warren rallied voters alongside others. >> people were opening doors we weren't knocking on saying go, hillary, go maggie. >> reporter: marty walsh greeted voters.
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and ask them to consider hillary and mag. >> reporter: a win by maggie hassan who is looking to up seat ayotte could help tilt control of the senate to democrats. a race being watched closely here. >> the way i see this the republicans have poured tens of millions of dollars into new hampshire. they think they can buy the race. but all the volunteers are out here because they think what democracy in new hampshire is about is per future so it's exciting to be here. >> reporter: of course elizabeth warren is a known outspoken critic of donald trump. coming up at 5:30ler latest comments about him. live in boston, jennifer egan, 7 news. >> ryan: tonight local republicans supporting donald trump gathering in braintree. many of them were in pem baroque. steve cooper joins us with the feeling there. >> reporter: it's an
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the phone banks. you can see them hard at work late in the day. they say they're not taking anything for granted. they were' joined by the governor. they say it's all about making sure voters get out and vote. >> my name is karen. i was calling to see if you had -- >> reporter: state republicans including the governor gathering here in pembroke with the last-minute push on the phones to get out the vote. >> it's great. there is a out there. i've been out there since about. my own polling location, up here to pembroke, there is a lot of excite 789. >> reporter: party leaders not focused on the top of the tect but pushing the down ballot candidates running for congress, state rep and state senate plus sheriff. in the down balloting -- great that's what i'm been mostly focused on which is state rep, state senate races. those positions matter to
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trump focused his campaigning in the key battleground states not so much massachusetts, republicans are convinced a silent majority my bring surprises before the night is through. >> there is a throat that people don't, may not show up in the polls. so there may be a hidden vote for trump. >> reporter: so the phone bank will continue here until the polls close. the governor has come they'll sit tight and wait to see in fact if there are any surprises when all the ballots are counted tonight. live in pembroke, steve cooper, 7 news. >> ryan: our live reports in new york city will continue throughout the night and into tomorrow morning. byron barnett, christa del camp and dan hausle will be at the trump and clinton headquarters for update. 7 news has you covered in the race for the white house, we'll have team coverage including live
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>> jadiann: following more news today. two children found a man who was shot in easton. the victim was alive when he was found near languagewater pond. he was taken to an area hospital. miss are investigating but -- police are investigating but do not believe there is an active shooter situation goes on. there emergency crews were on scene of a plane crash in stowe. the ultralight aircraft went down in a river there. the investigation into what ongoing. also on 7 crowd chaos leading to a frantic scene in a mall in cambridge. police using pepper spray at the event there where a rapper and a celtics player were appearing. nancy chen has more on what happened. >> reporter: police say a crowd of more than 1,000 quickly got out of hand. the video taken by a viewer shows hundreds of people as they overfilled the cambridge side galleria.
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screaming, running outside the mall. >> reporter: a huge crowd for an appearance by celtics rookie jay len brown and the rapper named desiigner. people started cramming in before doors were opened. >> people started rushing and they started pepper spraying kids. little kids. >> reporter: police say they were' forced to use pepper spray. leaving many people shaken up. >> they shut down the street. it >> reporter: the teens have been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. napsy chen, 7 news. >> ryan: a georgetown police officer rushed to the hospital after being injured in a crash. he was rear ended on the highway. it happened on the northbound side of i-95 near exit 54. we're told his injuries are not life-threatening. the officer was you will pulled over working as a detail officer when he was
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right now investigators don't suspect drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. burlington police are searching for an alleged bank robber. detectives say this monrobbed the salem 5 bank there. he took off after handing a note demanding cash. >> jadiann: the city of arora, colorado will pay $2.6 to a the family of a man shot to death. it wasco wanted on several serious charges. the officer who killed him was not charged. both sides say beyond the settle 789 police will make significant changes to improve existing policyings and create new ones. >> i'm thankful that aurora has agreed with the polity changes, and i'm thankful for their time. i miss my husband everyday. >> jadiann: the family hopes the settlement will make sure other families
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loss they have. nuda tails about plans for the poms nightclub in orlando. the city will buy the club and turn it now into a memorial for the people who died there in june's mass shooting. 49 people were killed. 53 injured at the nightclub on june 12 after a 29-year-old omar mat teen walked in and started shooting. that is worst mass shooting now in u.s. history. >> ryan: an scuba diver rescued after being lost at sea for nearly 18 hours, he is recovering after being helped. he forget to back his personal locator beacon. when he failed to return a friend called police. >> i was feeling exhausted. when i thought the choppers missed me i didn't think i was going to make it because i was getting swept south. i thought i was going to spend another day in the
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sharks because i've seen them, you know. >> ryan: finding him was like looking for a needle in a hay stack. massive sink hole in jap. watch as the remaining parts see swallowed in the hole. authorities ejack waited nearby buildings. no one was hurt but the hole did cause widespread disruptions to power, water and gas supplies. it was 49 feel deep. >> jadiann: ahead, -- rivalry on hold. >> ryan: we continue our voice your choice coverage. more on what you need to know about the other things you will see on your ballot
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>> jadiann: a touching tribute to are a live lost too soon. high school players from hull honoring a teammate who
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was a play-off but everyone on the field knew it was more than a competition, amaka ubaka has more. it has been a tough weekend but we made it here so -- >> reporter: shawna and victoria embrace crying as they remember their teammate 15-year-old emma ryan. she died suddenly from national causes in -- natural causes in her sleep one week ago. >> we're more than a family. >> reporter: the hull pirates played cohasset high in a play-off team. caitlin, a star player helped lead them here and while she didn't want to talk about her sister, she did want to talk about the team. >> champions for the first time in history, girls soccer. since we eliminated the first round but it was a great season. >> reporter: the pirates had the support of the entire crowd which didn't go unnoticed. >> seeing the community come out was unbelievable and the
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continues to grief emma's memory and the number she wor, number 20, lives on as community near and far come together. >> she is definitely a good factor on our team. it was hard but the fact the team was so close we all were coping with each other. >> the girls showed what courage is all b. i want to say a big thank you to the town of hull. community for sticking by us.>> 7 news. >> jadiann: coming up here on 7 news, prince harry seeing red. delivering an angry message to the media. what prompted this royal out burst. >> reporter: more clouds around tomorrow but mild. forecast for the mid weekend up next. >> ryan: voice your choice coverage continues. we're watching the results with several crews in new york city including our very own christa del camp. >> reporter: we're live
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that's why we're here. to learn more, contact us for our free medicare guide with no obligations. you can call us at 1-888-800-8813 or visit us at ? >> ryan: have you sign this video in a surprise 30,000 feet up. a snake falls from the ceiling behind an luggage compartment. it dropped down into the cabin. the plane was given priority landing in mexico city when workers were able to get to the snake. can you imagine seeing that? >> jadiann: no, i would not, i would jump out of the plane. >> ryan: i think most people would be taken aback by that. >> jadiann: that wouldn't work well for moe at all. let's move on and let
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so much political news going on. >> reporter: snakes on a golf course, gives me the heeby jeeby. temperature in town at 53. a bit of a sea breeze. the city 53. 60s farther inland. bedford 62. fitchburg made the low 70s this afternoon. showing off. right now at 66. there are some clouds out to the west. new york and pennsylvania. that is out ahead of the next weather system. these are clouds. they don't contain rain drops. even when we contend with the weather symptom, essentially it's a dry day. it's a cool front coming out of canada and when that happens, sometimes the fronts run out of steam. they run out of moisture and they're moving along at a good clip think can't reenergy identifies and i don't think there is much in the way of rain from this cool front. maybe a couple of sprinkle, maybe an isolated shower
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cool front, there is not a lot of chilly air. green bay is on the cool side of that weather system so you are going from 59 detroit, 54 green bay, not a significant correction. cloud on the increase. temperatures between 39-51. tomorrow a lot of clouds but little in the way of rain. i think a few sprinkles tomorrow afternoon. finances between 55 and 60. 7:00 tomorrow morning even a few pe will thicken up and tomorrow afternoon features a lot of cloud. still some breaks in the overcast. but in terms of rain there is not much. when we show you the little green blobs those are the sprinkles and showers. rain gear? you might not be a bad idea to have it tomorrow morning, but it may remain on stand by the entire afternoon. temperatures tomorrow upper 50s to around 60. the city at 58. norwood at 60.
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cloudy skies. fitchburg 57. on the cape mostly cloudy. mid 50s. on thursday, mostly sunny skies. cooler on thursday. but normal highs about 54 so. that not too far from normal. friday upper 50s to around 60. saturday 40, chilly, sunday, mild again. you see the, we're going back and forth. see you at 5:00. > ryan: thank you so here is matt with an update of the ride. >> reporter: fly flying high about 93 north. you will be tough from spot pond up to commerce way. 128 north at the bottom tough are route 20 up to wakefield. jammed from before allton brighton past newton corner then from route 16 out to the police barracks, jammed on the expressway south from the o'neil tunnel most of
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split. we had an earlier broken down vehicle in the h.o.v.lane but the o.o.v.lane has since reopened. we'll check the drive to the split, a 28 minute drive and from the split to route 24, 15 minutes. i'm matt fids gerard 7 news. >> jadiann: prince harry regarding an angry statement. he is attacking racial undertones surrounding his american girl friend and he safety. harry and the suit actress started dating two months ago, sources say the two are moving quickly and marco has met harry's father prince charles. harry's statement read prince harry is worried about miss marco's safety and is deeply disappoint that had he hasn't been able to protect her. it's not right that a few months into a relationship with him that miss markle should be subjected to such
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say this is all part of the game. >> ryan: we continue our voice your choice coverage. take a live look from the helicopter this. this is hillary clinton's motorcade. we have nonstop coverage right here on 7 news. stay tuned. ? tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto?- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow,
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>> ryan: a local contest ant is moving on. >> jadiann: she just made the cut thanks to a lucky save. ? >> jadiann: i got the newsroom going. corddry performing in the first night of the live shows. she was' just about to be eliminated but coach blake shelton saved her. family's emotional reaction after the decision. there it is. coming up. she will be back on stage next week. so good luck to her. >> ryan: great voice, we're pulling for her. >> jadiann: it's election day. still have time to vote if you haven't already. much more to come. all election coverage next 90 minutes, i'm jadiann thompson. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now.
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an historic campaign. >> this is the most like our country has never seen before. >> let's make history together. >> announcer: from the candidates' headquarters in new york to new england and an important swing state here. we have team 7 coverage and you voice your choice. >> kim: here is a look at voters lining up to cast their ballots in an important battleground state that. is ohio. donald trump and hillary clinton have spendor courting voters across our country. in ours we should know who will be our new president-elect. >> adam: we're watching numbers closely nationally and the important races here across new england. we'll begin with christa del camp live in new york city where both presidential candidates will be waiting for the results along with the rest of you, christa. >> reporter: adam, kim, good evening from times
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making purchase we've been waiting for this. we do one thing for sure. the next president of the united states will be in new york. as you mentioned both campaigns will be here in the big apple tonights literally boston red sox away from one another. i'm at west 47th street and broadway and a few blocks north of me, donald trump's campaign headquarters. so the south hillary clinton's campaign headquarters, the day getting started very early with both candidates voting in this race for president. decision 2016, we know donald trump made his way to a voting booth in manhattan's lower east side. his wife and daughter ivanka a fixture on the campaign trail with both with him. before he voted he took sometime and bought treats from some kids who were inside. gave them high fives. after he voted he tweeted videos telling people urging them to vote then after that he has been keeping a low


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