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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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international and domestic policy to the differences between the two. >> i look forward to being with you. >> reporter: the president-elect is spending most of the day in washington, d.c. in an extraordinary moment many thought would never happen. donald trump meets president obama to talk transition to the new administration. >> it was wide-ranging. we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a white house. we talked about foreign policy an >> try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful. >> we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. he's -- he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets and some of
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>> reporter: trump also meets paul ryan to plan an agenda for the neighbation. he wants to repeal and replace obamacare, reform taxes and build a wall on the mexican border. there's a lot of work to get done in the next ten weeks as protests continue across the country. a majority of the protests were peaceful where people marched and blocked streets. governor chris christie is the chairman of his transition team and says republicans have a mandate. >> because n federal government, and we have an obligation to get things done. >> reporter: the whole point of the meeting at the white house today was for president obama to explain to the president-elect that the obligations, the duties are so much different in the oval office than they were during the campaign, and according to the obama administration, that meeting and that message was spread successfully. >> i think when you consider the profound differences between the
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the fact that they've never met before in person, and when you consider the high priority that the president places on a smooth and effective transition, i think that qualifies as excellent. >> reporter: after his visit to the white house, trump met with republican leaders on capitol hill. house speaker paul ryan, in fact, showing president-elect trump and his wife nell melania and vice president-electricity the view from the office. be inaugurated in january. they met with mitch mcconnell. mcconnell supported trump during the campaign, but now both men say they hope to work hand in hand with the president-elect. >> we had a fantastic, productive meeting about getting to work, rolling up our sleeves and going to work for the american people. donald trump had one of the most impressive victories we've ever seen, and we're going to turn that victory into progress for the american people.
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running to make sure that we can get this country turned around and make america great again. >> we're starting. we can't get started fast enough. and whether its health care or immigration, so many different things, we'll be working on them very rapidly and i think peel be putting things up pretty quickly. >> reporter: behind me here in front of the white house, the election of donald trump isn't sitting well with some voters. there have been protests across the country. a peaceful one back in boston, but it's not the case everywhere, the case of peaceful protests. back to boston in the control room. >> well, adam, we're talking more about the protests. they continue across the country. while many are guagainst so are out to show their support now for president-elect donald
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voices continue to echo across the country today. a wave of emotions, fear, anning rer and fraugs trags pushing a flood of protests overnight. thousands spilled into the streets from los angeles to new york. >> just to set up a sign to let people know and to wake up and tell them, you know, how we feel. >> feelings exposed by a close and over in oakland where crowds burned flags and damaged cars. fires burned in chicago as well, and in houston protesters battered a donald trump pinata. others are gathering to support the president-elect. >> this is a fractured country, and trump is the doctor. >> so everyone will be watching closely tonight to see if there's another night of
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>> reporter: the first 100 days of presidency are looked at very closely. not just at home but abroad. there's a lot of speculation right now about how much president-elect trump will be able to get done in those first 100 days. kris anderson reports now. >> reporter: he ran on a campaign promise to shake up washington. >> we together are going to drain the swamp! >> reporter: now that his transition to t underway, just how realistic are president-elect trump's goals? one of the first priorities is tearing down obamacare. >> real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. >> reporter: trump will lead an all-out assault on the affordable care act, president obama's signature law providing health care to millions, but can he do it? file this under maybe. first, congress would need to
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getting the 60 votes to get it to the president's desk, a vote to repeal did make it to president obama earlier in year under a special budget procedure that required only a simple majority. he, of course, vetoed the repeal. if it makes it to a president trump, the results would likely be a different story. also on his jaernd, reshaping the supreme court. >> the supreme court is what it's all about. >> file this under highly likely with republicans controlling congress, trump's all but secured a supreme court pick. >> the american people have spoken, and president trump will send us a nominee soon early next year. >> trump released his list of picks to fill the vacancy. among notable names is senator mike lee of utah, who did not vote for his party's nominee. what about some of the candidate trump's more extreme plans? >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> his mexican-funded border
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part of the problem? the cost. estimates range from $8 bill ton to $122 billion. while he says mexico would pay, they said yesterday that's not happening. also unlikely another staple of the campaign. >> he's calling foy a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> thiz temporary proposed muslim ban is unpopular even among some republicans. candidate trump already signalling he won't take such a hard l before trump can act on his agenda, he's got to get situated in the oval office with president obama's help. he's also created a website to fill thousands of political appointment, in the newsroom, kris anderson, 7 news. >> reporter: we're watching wall street closely today. it's a roller coaster. the night of the election dow futures plunged drastically with fears about the change of power
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yesterday stocks rebounds and today we have a new all-time record high because the dow closed up 218 points to close at 18,805. it's been a very busy day here in the nation's capital, and there's still a lot more to get to as our coverage continues. still to come tonight, lebron james spent some time on the campaign trail supporting hillary clinton. coming up, why king james was in washington today. we'll cover that. then ahead in our next half hour, some backlash in boston what he was offering after election day. and coming up on "7 news at 6:00," a show of support in boston schools. the district reaching out to students and parents offering counseling. that's right, counseling, for anyone having a hard time with the outcome of the election. so much more to get to here from the white house, but for now i'll send it back to kim and ryan in boston for more on the day's other top stories. >> thank you.
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there's other news today. we learn more about a troubling encounter in arlington. a man accused much impersonating an fbi agent. investigators say he was faking it. police also tell us what they found on the man is disturbing. >> jonathan hall is live with much more. >> reporter: the case has the fbi's attention tonight. the suspect in this bizarre case allegedly posed as an fbi agent in arlington knocking on a random door loong bathroom. police say he was really just a loan officer for the m.i.t. credit union. prosecutors say 23-year-old gannon leblanc an m.i.t. employee was heavily armed as he tried to get inside another employee's home by passing himself off as an fbi agent. >> he was described as being dressed in a black suit, black pants, black shoes, and
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ball cap. >> reporter: the police say a married couple living in this two-family dialed 911 last night because leblanc knocked on the door wearing the ball cap. he showed the couple this fbi poster for jason derrick brown and accused killer on the fbi's ten most wanted list. >> after this conversation was done, the male asked the couple if he could enter their home and use their bathroom. the couple was uncomfortable with this and asked the male to leave. that's the point at which they called said can i use your bathroom, and they were like, that doesn't sound right. >> a police report shows a long list of items found in his backpack, including a .38 special handgun, rope, zip ties, and a military-style knife. he carried a stun gun in his pocket also. police write in that report after they found the gun, they were alarmed and did more checking of the backpack and found four post-it notes with names and personal information.
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addresses were people that work at m.i.t.'s lincoln laboratory, and a fourth was an m.i.t. professor. his lawyer says he has no record. >> he asked to use the bathroom and they said no and he left. >> reporter: the attorney says those m.i.t. employees on the post-it notes were applying for mortgages and that's why he had the information. weird case definitely. the judge said you're being held without bail for now. we're live in a hot pursuit stretching from connecticut to massachusetts today. a man and woman suspected in a stabbing and two carjackings eventually chased down in worcester. we're live in dudley where at least one of the two will face a judge. >> this started around 10:00 this morning in connecticut. that's when a man dressed in pajama bottoms showed a knife and stole a car, and that was just the beginning of his spree.
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worcester jewelry store shows a black nissan rouge with two police cruisers hot on his trail. they spotted the suv that they say was involved in a carjacking and stabbing in connecticut. >> i just saw cop car after cop car flying down the street like it's very unusual because it's a dead end. nobody really goes very fast. >> reporter: troopers say the suv rammed into their cruisers trying to get away before barreling on this driveway to instead, the people living inside say the male driver and female passenger hit their parked car and spun around. >> everything got under control. she was trying to escape. >> this woman watched it play out from an upstairs bedroom. >> i was hoping she would get in the house, because she could have done that. threatening the police with me or my daughter. >> reporter: she ran to get her 2 1/2-year-old daughter downstairs and stayed inside
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>> reporter: troopers took 21-year-old christopher harding and 21-year-old celina from connecticut in custody. they carjacked a vehicle and crashed and went to a neighboring town and carjacked to her car and stabbed the two women inside. captured in massachusetts, their ride is now over. >> it was scary. i was shaking. >> reporter: police say the two women stabbed in the second carjacking are expected to be okay. any arraignments that hap reporting live from dudley, kimberly book map, 7 news. much more ahead on 7 news this afternoon. >> whether we come back we head back to washington, d.c. >> reporter: and live here in front of the white house. the protests have started up again, but we're also talking about the highly anticipated meeting today between president obama and president-elect trump. that wasn't the only meet and greet here at the white house today. rolling out the red carpet for the best in basketball.
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champions, but all the talk surrounding one player and his political views has people talking. all right, and then in foxborough the patriots gearing up for a super bowl rematch against seattle on sunday. locked up during a pipeline protest. protesters change themselves to a bank in downtown boston. we have the latest on the search for a man that attacked a teenager walking to her we have those stories here on
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>> reporter: welcome back to our live coverage from a boisterous washington, d.c. president-elect trump wasn't the only guest at white house today. we look at live pictures of the executive mansion. the cleveland cavaliers stopped there was one player with strong political views that had everyone watching very closely, and that, of course, was lebron james. a big supporter of hillary clinton during that campaign. but the nba all-star didn't run into trump. during the event the president gave a shout-out to each player speed limiting them for their contributions both on and off the court. that ended with the president getting a personalized cavs jersey. i know that we have some sports
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want to cover. that, of course, kim, would be the patriots rematch with we know who. >> yes, we do, adam. new england off the bye week gearing up for a showdown with the seahawks. both teams have something to prove here with the first time the two faded off two years ago. some say this is a super bowl match-up we could see again, and for more on that, let's go to trey adair. >> the marquee game on the patriots h carroll back for the first time with the seahawks. seattle/new england combining for five conference championship appears in the past three years and one unforgettable super bowl. >> coach says if you love football, sunday night at 8:30 here at this stadium it's a great place for it. >> for the first time since stunning seattle in super bowl xlix, the patriots square off against the seahawks sunday night in what could be a preview
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battle that could come down to the game's final play. >> that game came down to 60 minutes mrafing good football. there's no question this week will be the same. we have to play good football for the whole game. >> they like to compete. they have a great quarterback, great defense, good receivers, and we just got to be ready to play. this is one of the best teams in the nafl, and they're going to compete for the whole 60 minutes. >> it's rare to find the patriots dwelling on the past, but tom beneficial to revisit it. >> i watched it a couple of times. i watch as much as i can over the course of the week to try to -- you know, so i can play with anticipation and get to know their players and know their scheme. >> one of the best match-ups to watch on sunday night, that of tom brady and the nfl's top defensive back richard sherman, brady got the better of them in the super bowl. it was thirst first meeting in 2012 that put sherman on the map. >> 7 nbc is your home for the
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sunday. we get it started with 7 on the sidelines at 6:30 followed by kickoff at 8:30. next on 7:00, a set of twins with quite the story. samuel was born first, so why is brother ronan actually older on paper? we'll tell you how. >> that sounds like a math problem. i'll let you handle that. forecast for tomorrow is up next.
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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sunshine is back with us tomorrow, but tomorrow is a windy day especially midday through the afternoon. winds gust up to 30 miles per hour, and that's a cold front moving through. it doesn't arrive until tomorrow night and saturday. saturday is a chilly day. the cooler of the two weekend days. rye now 40s and low 50s and the city at 51 norwood at 47. decent late fall day. we had a beautiful sunset, a lot of folks taking pictures and sharing that. here are the high, thin, cirrus clou clouds. they won't lead to precipitation overnight. they will keep on moving and we're back into the clear sky. where is that cold front? it's slicing through southeastern canada, and not a lot of activity along the front in terms of clouds or precipitation, as the front moves through, that will get the
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the afternoon hours tomorrow. ahead of the cold front, it's mild. toronto and buffalo in the mid-50s. so for tonight mostly clear and not as chilly. temps are 39 to 44. through the day tomorrow lots of sunshine. now, tomorrow, again it's warmest around lunchtime tomorrow. upper 50s, and then as that wind begins to krang up, it will start to pull the colder air in. northwest winds gust 15 to 30 miles per hour especially at lunchtime and through the afternoon. veterans day tomorrow. thank you to the you veterans out there. my dad and uncle both served. the parades in brockton and boston feature lots of sunshine and windy conditions. it's not a cold wind. temperatures across southern new england tomorrow middle and upper 50s. warmest on the south shore and south coast. near 60 in dartmouth and boston in the mid-50s and into the worcester hills near 50. you see it here the farther northwest you go it's cooler.
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tomorrow night and through the day on saturday it's chilly. temps on saturday in the mid-40s. sunday we warm it up into the upper 50s with a breeze. next chance of beneficial rain in terms of a drought, tuesday of next week. see you at 5:30. here's a solution to that math problem. a state trooper and his wife welcome twin boys into the world, but there is some controversy over their birthday. who is older. they were born on sunday at cape cod hospital 31 minutes apart. because of time, they have to fight over who is older. samuel was born at 1:39 a.m. on november 6th. his brother ronan was born half an hour later. since the clocks jumped back an hour, his birth certificate reads 1:10 a.m. how about that? what are the odds? still ahead, a scare at a brookline animal homent. the concern for people and animals.
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>> reporter: there is still another hour of 7 news straight ahead. i'm adam d.c. >> stay right there for 7 nuzew at 5:30. >> major meeting, president-elect donald trump visits his future home. anger and outrage as protest says hit the street as cross the country after trump wins the leak. >> high-flying protests taking it to the bank cuffing thementz to a bank. >> stealing hearts and bases. a 4-year-old takes the field for a local college baseball team.
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marlboro. an infant is dead after being found unresponsive at a home on harrison place. police raced to the home around noon after receiving a 911 call, two adults and a 19-year-old woman and 21-year-old man were found unresponsive in the home. the d.a.'s office we're told is now investigating. also at 5:30 a white house welcome. the closed door meeting ran long. both said they're committed to a smooth transition. >> trump met with paul ryan and other republican leadership. adam williams joins us live from washington, d.c. he has more on trump's big day in washington. adam. >> reporter: a lot of energy here in front of the white house, one of many protests that have happened over the last couple of days. you know that president-elect trump and president obama have shared some harsh words in the


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