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tv   Today  NBC  November 15, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take," a super man. dean cane joins the fun as our celebrity guest host. plus, a surprise announcement from new kids on the block, boys 2 ne abdul. ments and super model gisele bundchen. from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, november 15th, 2016. a little rain out there. i'm tamron, along with dylan and the person who is going to warm your heart, our co-host for the morning. we're just sitting here. dean cane. it is all about dean.
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turkey trot" in maryland. so the only person who could repla replace al is super man. >> it was raining today and al didn't tell me it was raining today. didn't know. >> he didn't call you? >> no. >> al's list of personal forecasts is very long. >> you made it here. in one piece. >> happily. >> not a drop of rain on you. >> well, not now. it's great. i'm very happy to be here. excited to be here with you guys. yo g >> how are you doing? i feel like christmas is coming up. it is your season. >> i am the unofficial king of christmas movies. yes. i love christmas. i love the holidays. this is my favorite time of year, bar none. i love making movies about it. >> you have at least ten movies with christmas in the title? is that true? >> probably just on the hallmark channel alone. >> name them. >> "the case for christmas."
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at least? >> let's do that. >> how old are you? >> i'm so sorry. did that hurt? >> no, i will not stoop to your level. well, that's it. you're a dead man. >> bring it. come on. come on. admit it, you're scared. >> what? >> yes. why you didn't come with mere six years ago? >> what are you talking about? >> we had a good thing, em. >> i know. >> we told each other that no matter what happ job at whny you and i would be fine. what you really meant that we'd be fine as long as you were the one that got the job. >> ooh! >> now i just want to sit and watch christmas movies. >> or have a snowball fight. >> where do you film these movies? like in the off-season? >> this is fastest turnaround i've ever seen for and film in my lifetime. normally you shoot it in the summertime and pretend it is wintertime and it is horrible.
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>> i never get sick of christmas. >> my heart sank. >> i was just asking these tough questions. >> go ahead, dylan, just hurt me more. >> holidays year round. >> is that real snow? you were holding on to that snowball for a long time. >> yes, i was. no, it's not. about you it is a movie. it was a little warm. we were in connecticut but it was a little warm. they had to make these fake balls -- fake snowballs. i could really whip these things. >> so lucky al roker's not here. >> he would but you can really throw those snowballs. >> melissa seems like she's got a good arm, too. >> she's a great actress and a good sport and she has a pretty strong arm. >> the movie is a love story? is trying to rekindle? >> well, yeah. we were together. then i got a job in new york. she didn't follow me. we had to both try to get on a morning show. big, giant, huge morning show. we're the new co-hosts trying to fight for it. and lot of hi-jinks ensue.
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get together or anything like that. >> because we don't know any morning people. not a single one. >> by the way, hallmark channel, this airs on wednesday, november 23rd. we also -- is this not our ideal producers? they love embarrassing. it is kind of like welcome to the family. >> great. >> what they do, mr. cain, is that they go digging in vaults, they call your friends and say what it is most embarrassing video that you have of d time to show all embarrassing videos. >> they're not embarrassing. just some of your greatest hits. >> i have some embarrassing stuff, for real. >> let's start. "beverly hills 90210." ? you rattle my brain ? ? too much love drives a man insane ? ? you broke my will ? >> what were you doing? >> embarrassing myself?
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"90210." i was a huge fan. >> thank you. but my character was -- i was supposed to break up with her because she was doing this whole fake french accent thing. in the end they turned me into a dork. they turned me into a singing guy. and i don't sing. >> you did a great job there. >> well, thank you. that's very kind and very charitable for you. >> full disclosure. what were you sinking when i came in? stuck in ? >> it's in there. it's in the vault now. >> we'll talk a little bit later, huge tour announced. back street boys, boyz ii men, paula abdul. we're going to catch up with them. >> i think you might have just called new kids -- new kids on the block. do you know who did that the other day? matt. it was another band -- he did the same thing. >> just throw matt under the bus. right under the bus. sorry, matt.
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>> new kids on the block who i love and know every lyric. world adoption day which is a cause near and dear to you. >> i'm actually adopted. so my biological mother remarried and my father adopted me which was a huge deal. he is like my favorite human. there is my dad. he is so wonderful to me and did a great job raising me that i named my son after him. kind of like george foreman. cain. going to keep doing that. >> it is important for you to spread awareness of what family means and your journey. it reminds everybody else out there. >> truth of the matter is i was an aggressive young man and i could have gone off the rails a lot of times. and without the strength of that family bond and my father being such a strong father, i very well could have ended up down some wrong paths and i have him to thank for pretty much everything. so, yeah. adoption is huge. i'm sure at some point in time i'll adopt.
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>> i feel like because so many kids can benefit from having a loving, caring home, and there's just so many obstacles, so much money, so much time spent on trying to adopt a child. i think it is really hard. >> it's interesting you say that. we have a piece that's coming up a little bit later on basically a kick starter that was designed to help families raise the money for their adoption journey. we'll talk more about that and there are many more support groups available the agencies want to place children in the right home and the complexity. it can make it very, very tough. we have a great story coming up later on what i think is the most beautiful things about empowering families and giving them financial assistanassistan. we're asking you to draw a smiley face on your hand and take a picture and post it with the #worldadoptionday. just do a smiley face.
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involved. that's the best smiley face i got. >> mine looks the same. >> i did that and i drew a little hair on it. >> is that hair? >> that's one. i'll give him a couple more. >> use that, post it. let us know. >> looks like he got electrocuted. >> it's very simple. there you go. when you see people today, give a wave and support world adoption day. beautiful. we like to eat around here, too. >> we have a special surprise for you. >> >> yes. i think we actually kept this a surprise. you love frosted flakes. >> i eat a bowl of frosted flakes pretty much every day. >> how would you feel if frosted flakes upped their game a little bit? what if they created a new flavor of frosted flakes, maybe a cinnamon flavor of frosted flakes? >> kick it up a notch. well, here it is. >> what? >> i am so excited to try this because i love cinnamon serials. >> t
10:09 am
note? dear tamron, i heard you were a big frosted flakes fan like me. tony the tiger. >> did you call this in? because you've got a thing with -- >> tony and i are good friends. we go back a long, long way. >> he said don't forget to drink the milk. you are in for a sweet surprise. >> look at tony. >> is that you? >> that's me and tony. there we are. i spoke to tony personally. this to you. >> what was your role in the commercial with tony tiger? >> he was my volleyball partner. >> you played volleyball? >> we are tight. i played in high school and college. and i played with tony the tiger which really tops them all. >> why doesn't that top your resume? >> i put it up there. >> lou does it taste? >> i love it. i'm curious to see what a diehard frosted flakes fan
10:10 am
a bowl of frosted flakes. it is like the last thing i eat. i get in the bed. >> it is good. >> mm. that's tasty! >> she likes it. >> tamron likes it! wait. wrong cereal, right? that's okay. >> this is great. >> here we go. you like it? i'll start my morning with a regular bowl, then i'll end my night spicy. >> what are we talking about? coming , nutella burger. it is the new craze sweeping italy. >> aren't you glad you came in? >> i'm hungry. >> it could come to a mcdonald's near you. we're going to give it a try and test it out for you as well. and brazilian bombshell gisele bundchen on life after retirement from the runway after this i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual... he said sure, but don't just get any one.
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great co-host, dean cain, is still here. we didn't run him off. "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. >> oh, thank you! >> that's what i say. >> but you've been in. >> i was in the running once. >> that's cool. that's awesome. >> i was top five. like 49 1/2. what number was i? doesn't even say. >> i don't think they were counting. just putting you in saying >> who is it this year? >> you really don't know? >> i know who it is. >> we did guess, in all fairness. based on that silhouette. i was thinking it was like john cena or a bulky build. >> bulky build. boom! >> dwayne "the rock" johnson. sexiest man alive. he is in everything. we were talking about, he is the kind of guy, like you, where women like you and other guys want to hang out with you.
10:15 am
i mean when i saw him as sexiest man, i agreed. >> you did. >> i was like, yes! that's a man's man. i want to hang out with him and just chill. hang out. >> we have to quiz you though. he exfoliates his face. what say you, mr. cain? >> i say that's a little bit on the feminine side but i will not mess with dwayne. he can do whatever he wants. he can exfoliate his whole head. >> like what beauty grooming tip do have you for fellows that >> i don't -- be quarter japanese. that's all i got. >> wow. >> that's it. >> raise the bar. >> sorry. that's all i have. we told you we eat a lot around here. surprisingly, dylan is not craving this particular thing that's coming up. i'm surprised. >> i love the idea i'm just not hungry right now. >> we're like eating machines on the "today" show women. and she's expecting.
10:16 am
sensation, the nnew burger sweeping the nation -- of italy. a nutella burger. >> there is no meat on this burger. >> does a burger have to have meat? >> i guess not. >> a veggie burger has no meat. >> that's a good point. >> you take the bun, spread the nutella. >> isn't this just a nutella sandwich? >> but in italy they call it a burger. >> you said you had burger. >> on buns it is really popular when i've gone to italy. even here in new york there are a couple places. >> i could feed this to my son. >> is it's got good nutrition in it. >> i'm going in. >> will mr. roker enjoy something like this? let's see. he's in middleton, maryland eating turkey. would you eat this? >> i'm not a big nutella fan.
10:17 am
much. >> pretty good, al. >> no. don't like it. don't like it. >> turkey? >> but i like turkey. i love the fact that it is world adoption day. i've got a sibling who is adopted, one of my daughters is adopted. i think it is wonderful. think it is great to adopt the idea of frying turkey with tom mcglister, his whole family. it was our first stop on the "today' "today's turkey trot." tomorrow we'll be down somewhere else to surprise somebody going on as far as your weather is concerned. here is the deal. not too bad. the weather has not been horrible. but you can see we do have wet weather down through florida. we had some showers here earlier but that's moving out to the northeast. another big storm coming in to the pacific northwest which may be our first winter storm of the season. 80s through the southwest, into texas, 70s down through florida. 40s in northern new england. again, much of the weather day, we aren't looking at anything really severe but a lot of
10:18 am
wildfires, possible record highs as you get into the northern plains. that's what's going >> reporter: showers likely today. we are seeing that this morning. that will intensify through mid morning hours. pockies of heavy rain possible and isolated storms. our concern will be urban street flooding as well as minor coastal flooding we have a coastal flood advisory from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. a mild active day the flood advisory in affect with high tide at 11:08. >> tom, the turkey man, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family and all your nice neighbors. thanks so much. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody! >> guys, i will see you tomorrow from our next location on "today's turkey trot." >> you got off to a phenomenal
10:19 am
of it. good start, al. >> i want some of that turkey. i'm not lying. >> he wouldn't give the rub out. coming up, your first look at all the floats that will be parading down the streets of manhattan at this year's macy's thanksgiving d kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe.
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10:22 am
right now. john piper is vice president and lead designer of the macy's parade studio. >> good morning, john. i love seeing what you guys have on tap for us. what's new this year? >> good morning. we have four fantastic floats to give you a sneak peek today, including with fartherer inspar girl scouts we are building a better world. this float has all of the makings of everything that is truly the spirit of girl scouts. sun, the moon, the the moon is actually a giant crane that the girls will be inside maneuvering it to build the giant world a better world for us all. but you know what? for the 90th, we decided to go just a little bit crazy. and here i am inside the fun house from crazy glue where the floor's on the ceiling, the ceiling is on the floor. it keeps going back and forth. i feel a little bit like fred
10:23 am
but you know what? it is not just fun when it comes to the holidays. it is time to deck the halls. we have a brand-new float that we're doing in partnership with balsam hill. it is decorated with five giant christmas trees all around in this lights and garland and sparkling and shimmering and ornaments. and a carousel that the kids will be riding on with two reindeer, a polar bear and a sleigh. but you know, not away. some people want to enjoy thanksgiving out of town. how about coming to hawaii? kings hawaiian has helped us build this great float with an active waterfall. it has foliage all around it. and i'm standing on top of -- it could happen -- it could happen at any second now -- three, two, one -- happy thanksgiving from
10:24 am
join us for the 90th parade. back to you. >> john, can you bottle up that energy and just ship it our way? every year it is bigger and better. >> i thought the volcano and he was just going to be gone. i was like, this is going to be amazing! john piper, we adore you. you love your job. no one loves their job more than john piper. >> thank you so much. you can catch the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade starting at 9:00 a.m. next thursday right her coming up next, oscar winner kathy bates takes on the mother kathy bates takes on the mother of all roles in "bad remember 2007? smartphones? o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. a projector. a camera that actually zooms. it's a phone you can change again and again and again.
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cathy bates has appeared in over 120 films and shows over her career. you don't believe me? here we go. let's look down memory lane, shall we? >> what else is new? we got to change the world now. >> why me? >> thanks, baby. >> oh, what a night. >> go outside and get some air. >> welcome to scranton, joe. you're nicely on the right track. >> you make me a better woman. >> you're being very rude. >> the liquor store. >> the tribe has spoken.
10:31 am
>> and now kathy stars in the fun holiday film "bad santa 2." she plays sunny, the mother of billy bob thornton's character, and she is not exactly the best parent. >> even when i was in the joint, i thought of you. i always had a drink on your birthday, january 3rd. 7th. >> august 4th. >> 4th? >> and august, yeah. >> kathy bates, good morning. that -- what a hysterical film. i'm still laughing. i watched that scene 15 times. >> i'm very happy. >> so good, amazing. certainly, we're all in the holiday mood, but that's not usually your uplifting fantasy, here we go into the christmas spirit kind of thing, is it? >> i think so. i think by the end it is. in the beginning it is a bad santa, that's for sure. i really got to role that's i guess the most deviant character
10:32 am
jumped in the deep end. >> jumped in with a splash. >> crass dialogue is an understatement, but that's up your alley, you like doing that sort of thing. >> well, yeah, this takes it to the nth degree. but it was a dream of mine. i've been a big fan of the first movie, "bad santa." so when they said do you want to come and play billy bob's mother, i said where do i sign? >> is that before you >> i think so. when i read the original cast, i thought, okay, great. mark water is our director. he kept us from going too crazy. >> i think that's impossible. >> you're reading this and saying, oh, i'm saying this? i'm wearing a tattoo? >> i think i wanted to do all of that. i just wanted to create somebody so different from her disguise and i wanted the tats. they stayed on for a couple of days.
10:33 am
mike mccash from american horror story helped make them. i went right from there to montreal where she shot the movie. lot of fun. >> you shot it in montreal in february. >> in january and february. we had to shoot three nights. we had three night shoots on an ice rink. oh, my god. it was almost 40 below. >> that's that glamorous film making, isn't it? glamorous life. >> billy bob and i were sitting in a warming tent like this. >> not so warm. >> you scarred me with "misery" with annie. the hobbling thing. i've known you for many, many years. >> many years. you stayed away from me all those many years. >> i'm still a little terrified. scooting away. but you're so diverse as an actress and done so much. it is just amazing. to see you in this, it looked like it was a great bit of fun. >> we had a great time together. tony parks cracks me up. just with a look. it was just so much fun.
10:34 am
at each other. it was great. so much fun. >> you're a perfect addition to it. of course we love you in "american horror." >> thank you. it's been a great season. i've had a wonderful time. i just started shooting "disjointed" with chuck lorre. it is our sitcom for netflix that starts in july about a woman and her kids who run a medical dispensary. >> you're getting edgier and edgier! wow! >> yes. >> they say that the good roles are drying up but i don't buy that. not with you. >> no. i mean after starting "american horror story" with ryan murphy, it's just been -- boom. my whole career has opened up and i'm so grateful. >> we're grateful you came by to see us. "bad santa 2" hits theaters november 23rd. up next, check out this lineup. the world's most famous super model, gisele bundchen. plus, new kids on the block. and wait, there's more.
10:35 am
and did i mention paula abdul? it is a full house and they're all coming up after this. they'
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. gisele bundchen is one of the most recognizable women in the world. not only is she the most famous super model on the planet, she's also a mom, entrepreneur and philanthropy. >> gizelja her passion for savi environment back to her home country of brazil. >> while she witnessed firsthand the destruction of the rain forest. here's a look. >> the cattle rancher arrives. he burns everything. >> cattle is not even natural of the amazon. it is not even supposed to be. >> no. it is not. 65% of all the deforestation. >> you got to be kidding me. i mean look over there. look at the cattle.
10:40 am
with all dry land. >> gizele is with us. good morning. this is so beautiful because it is a genuine reaction and journey for you. we're watching through your eyes. >> yeah. i'm very emotional person. i'm very sensitive and especially when something that you see so -- like it's such a contrast, and especially coming from brazil, i'm from the s of brazil. rain forest is actually on north of brazil. when you -- as a child i grew up thinking this rain forest is this magical place. you know? just untouched and it can never be destroyed, it is untouchable. then you grow up and you realize, wait a minute, it is actually not indestructible. people are cutting it back to profit from its resources in so many different ways. when you're in it and see it and you have this different idea
10:41 am
they can't do that! you know? so it is a kind of shock. >> as a kid growing up, you think it is going to be there forever. now as a mom you want this earth that you want to be protected animal magical for your own children. >> yes. it is like we don't have another earth. you know? we are all sharing. in the end of the day we are all sharing the same air, same water, the same natural resources. the natural resources are fine night. you can't just keep taking and taking and think that it is going to be h obviously i want my children to grow up not only for my children but for the survival of human species, quite frankly. be a good reason for all of us to kind of get educated and see what each of us can do to make changes. you know, to help preserve not only the rain forest but all our natural resources. >> you are so great in balancing your privacy with the public side of you and sharing stories about your kids. "people" magazine, you were talking about who is the disciplinarian if the house
10:42 am
is. right? but i don't really think so because, you know, our daughter goes daddy, can i -- and he's like everything yes. i'm like you are not helping. we are raisings an individual for the world. we have got to have healthy boundaries here. but daughters. she knows. she's very clever. >> tom is the superstar, first ballot hall of famer. i was a football player for a long time. what a great guy he is, he is still out there crushing it at the ripe old age of -- 30-something. >> stand down. that's my man. >> as long as he loves it, you know i think it is important we all find what we love to do and i think it is wonderful that he found something he loves to do. >> we love what you are doing as well. "years of living dangerously" airs wednesday nights on national geographic channel. thank you so much. >> i'm watching that for sure. >> thank you.
10:43 am
>> just when you thought the song was out of your head. for those of you who missed it earli earlier, the guys from new kids on the block are here this morning along with boyz ii men and paula abdul. they are announcing their upcoming concert that's set to kick off in may. i have to admit that all of my childhood drooms a hohood dreamg true right now. i am very star struck. donny, i had a doll of you growing up. i had the donnyah it had an earring and everything. you guys going to help me with the weather, right? talk tour dates. you love the weather. >> listen, i've worked these boards from coast to coast. all right? the tour opens in columbus, ohio. i'm going to check the weather for columbus, ohio. >> he knows how it works! >> open in columbus, the possible home of the ncaa football champions this year.
10:44 am
the weather is going to be great in ohio. >> we're going to make our way up to the pacific northwest, portland, seattle. >> this is today's weather. >> we're going to be there june 7th. >> i do weather, joe. you do the statistics. it is going to be very rainy. very rainy. it's going to be rainy then, too. seattle it has to rain. it is seattle. we're going fenway park. >> fenway park. >> it is going to rain, which it has to, because that's the tradition but it is going to also be fiery hot. you see the red? that's fiery hot. thunder and lightning and explosiveness. that's the weather. that's the weather. >> reporter: showerers likely today we are seeing that this morning. that will intensify as we make our way to mid morning. pockets of heavy rain and
10:45 am
severe weather risk are low. urban street flooding as well as meaner coastal flooding as we have a coastal flood advisory from 10:00 to 2:00 this moon. a mild work week ahead this is an active day the flood advise we in affect with high tide at 11. . 08. >> that was the best forecast i've ever heard. coming up, it's world adoption day. amazing journey to bring their child home right after this. she's the reason the good times are great. ...and the reason the tough times are easier. because she's your best friend... and your true love. presenting the ever us two-stone diamond collection... new rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. one diamond for your best friend...
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10:50 am
>> one of the hurdle tz s of adoption is finances. we were looking for a crowd fund-raising site we could draw our friends and family to to help us, and support us. we heard about adopt together. it was specific to adoption. we loved the heart behind it. >> my story started almost 100 years ago. in 1928 my grandfather was adopted. my parents chose to foster 36 kids and then adopted eight kids from five different countries. so adoption's been a part of my life as long a and decided we wanted to help families do what they had done and bring kids home to be a parpt part of their family together. >> 87% of people who said they considered adoption said the only reason they didn't adopt was it just costs too much money. the reality is there's legal fees, travel fees, fees for agencies who help you map the family. this could amount up to $60,000
10:51 am
adopt. we remove to barrier and allow other people to support that family as they bring that child home forever. >> reporter: the website operates much like kick starter where families create profiles with a photo and letter speaking to their adoption story. this profile is shared with family, friends, co-workers and community and allows them to donate and help the family with their adoption journey. the shaw family's friends and family helped them raise over $40,000 to bring their child home. we adopted him domestically. our daughter ivy is 3 yeex owee. we used >> they really made it feasible and possible for to us bring our little girl home. >> we created a profile and shared it with our family and friends and we were shocked the a the support and outreach we have been given.
10:52 am
the receiving end of those donations but also to donate to other families who are on the same journey. >> when i see them it is such a blessing and a gift to us, to our family. >> adoption made that possible and friends and family, community and donations made that possible and so we couldn't be more thrilled to have the can idz that we have. >> reporter: after launching in 2012, has helped 2,300 children home. >> today is the only global celebration of adoption. we ask you to recognize this by drawing iing smiley on your han po posting. >> for more information on how you can help fund a family's dream, go to we're back in a moment.
10:53 am
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