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tv   7 News  NBC  November 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> now at 7:00 a developing story a man behind bars accuse have had attacking a teen analer on the cape. >> anchor: he was scheduled to meet with the president elect. is mitt romney joining trump's team. >> reporter: big changes by the end of the week. >> anchor: trouble on the tracks. a reckless drive leads to a >> anchor: will gronk be good to go. >> anchor: and holiday decorating gone wrong. a bucket truck gets stuck. >> anchor: fire fighters then called in to save the day. >> 7 news at 7 starts now. >> anchor: first at 7 we have breaking news. police are in a neighborhood. right there has been a deadly shooting. dorchester west cottage street. >> anchor: the alleged shooter
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alex with the latest. alex. >> reporter: the shooting happened this crime scene van that pulled up. we have video from earlier when police arrived a few hours ago. police say this man is in his 20s or 30s. he came here to the home and an argument erupted. that man was shot and killed. the 2 know each other. the shooter is in custody and interviewed by deiv a gun has been recovered. sky 7 with a bird's eye view of this area. police tell us the argument between the 2 was inside the home on west cottage street. the man died in the entry way. and the person who was shot is still here. we did speak with the police commissioner this is what he told us. do you know what the argument was over?
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that's something the homicide investigators are going to try to work with any witnesses. >> reporter: police say any charges will be filed after that interview with the man who fired the shot. live in dorchester alex deprado 7 news. >> anchor: on to breaking news right now. there are significant delays as we speak on the commuter rails framingham worcester line. someone was hit by a wellesley square. no condition on the person hit. we'll bring you more information here as we get it. >> anchor: bourn police arrested an 18-year-old accused of attacking a teenager on the cape. the girl was walking to her bus and apparently he started choking her. amaka ubaka live in bourn with the details. amaka.
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he is charged with attempted kidnapping and strangulation. he is still here at the bourn police department. this all happened a week ago on puritan road in buzzards bay. that's also where allen lives. a 14-year-old girl was walking to the bus stop when she was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground by allen. a witnessed intervened and was able to save her from the tell me they are relieved to hear an arrest has been made. >> i think it's great they have an arrest. they got somebody. obviously if somebody does that to a person it could happen to somebody else too. i'm glad they got him and he's being arraigned. that's super. >> reporter: police aren't releasing allen's booking photo or evidence that tie him to this attack.
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we will be there with the latest. amaka ubaka 7 news. >> anchor: turning now to donald trump's transition to office. meeting with mitt romney and considering the former massachusetts governor for a cabinet role. get to ryan schulteis in our newsroom with information. ryan. >> reporter: this is a surprising move considering the 2 have been advisories for years. romney led the never trump mont the 2 have started to mend their relationship. romney called him to congratulate him. president elect trump will talk to mitt romney about secretary of state. also in trump tower today trump aides confirmed south carolina governor nicky haley is under consideration for that job. michael flynn reportedly his pick for national security
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controversial. appearing on russian tv with vladimir putin. this comes after trump questioned if the u.s. would defend nato allies against russia during his campaign. making the former head of u.s. intelligence nervous. >> our nato commitment has to be reinforced. >> reporter: james clapper quit today as planned. >> which felt good. i got 64 da >> reporter: quick action on the trump agenda. >> rebuild our military. revive our economy. >> reporter: to put people to work. democrats like the sound of that. >> and we hope that we can have the biggest the most robust infrastructure legislation. >> reporter: the request for big spending could wipe the smiles off republican faces. newt gingrich says he won't be serving in the trump administration. saying he wants to focus on the
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>> anchor: stay tuned to 7 news for continuing coverage of the trump transition. >> anchor: 7 news focusing on your forecast. a calm and comfortable night in boston. mild temperatures making for a great day to get outside. what do we expect in the evening. jeremy reiner with a check of your weather. >> reporter: the city at 49. norwood 50 degrees. jaffrey and orange in the low to le we have lots of clear sky. a fair amount of clouds earlier today. they have since moved out of here. high pressure off to the west. there's a storm off shore. that stays off shore. high pressure takes it from here. that moves to northern new england overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. although you notice out here through the western part of the nation much colder out there. that's a storm taking shape.
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changes for new england towards the end of the weekend. >> anchor: also on 7 workers getting into a bucket of trouble in cambridge. putting up christmas lights in a park there when their lift jammed. john cocoa with a closer look. >> reporter: a happy ending to a holiday mishap when an electrical worker is rescued after getting stranded stringing christmas lights. >> i blew a got stuck up there. >> reporter: his crew tried to figure out what to do. >> told him to shut down his truck. i got down from my truck and tried to lower him manually from the controls on the platform of the truck. it wouldn't work. we lost all the hydraulic fluid. >> my guys tried to get me down. didn't happen. they called the brigged a. >> reporter: putting a ladder up to get bob down.
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got the guy out of the cherry picker and that was that. >> reporter: bob got his 2 feet back on the ground. he says he's fine. it was no big deal. as for finishing the christmas lights they'll have to wait for now. >> probably not today. >> reporter: we asked one of bob's coworkers if they thought he was afraid when he was stuck up there with the christmas lights. they said they spend too much time in bucket trucks to be afraid. >> anchor: the patriots taking the field in foxborough. holding practice ahead of sunday's match up with san francisco. >> anchor: gronk took a big hit during sunday's game against seattle. will he be ready to go this week. trey daerr from gillette. >> anytime you see a guy like that who takes a hit like that
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energize a team to want to play for him more. >> reporter: not many players in the league can take a hit like rob gronkowski. remains very much questionable for sunday. >> we have different injuries at different times. if it's something a doctor say you can't play with it you're not going to play with it. >> reporter: the potential absence of gronkowski would be a blow to the patriots who nearly unbeatable holding off a loss. >> we're not thinking about last week. we're looking to win this game. focus on this game. you know we got to win more and improve more. >> you hate losing. you wash it away. spilled milk. you don't put it back in the jug. you pour another bowl. >> reporter: the style of quarterback that's given the patriot fits all year long.
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looking to run. escape the pocket but look to pass. they probably could be different somewhere like that. you know there are similarities just able to make plays with us. >> reporter: he was effective the first 2 games gronk did not play as well as pairing with gronk throughout the season. one other player not at practice on thursday that would be nate soldier. his related. trey daerr 7 news. ; there is more news tonight a box truck goes up in flames in westminster. this happened at the mbt allay over station. 5 minutes to bring the fire under control. no one there was injured. >> anchor: a dangerous drive in revere. a car gets split in 2 after being hit by a commuter rail train. the driver didn't stick around. this wasn't the only upon
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involved that night. steve cooper has the story. >> it was like a miniexplosion kind of. it was really loud. >> reporter: the images captured on camera are chilling. a car ripped in half in revere around 10:30 last night. >> they said 2 people walked away after i got there. i was like you got to be kidding me. >> reporter: the 25-year-old driver from lynn had been bender and wouldn't stop to exchange information with the other driver. he drove around the gate and was struck by a commuter train. >> when the arms go down you stop. if you're from here you know. stop there's a train coming obviously. >> reporter: the crash brings back tough memories of a young
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>> reporter: the driver is facing multiple charges now. leaving the scene of the accident. and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. for now most are surprised no one was hurt here. >> there was a miracle. thank god no one was hurt. i can't believe how close the train got from the 2 seats they were sitting in. >> reporter: pieces what's left of the car scattered across the they do tell us he could be facing additional charges here by the time he faces a judge. in revere steve cooper 7 news. >> anchor: a vermont man called to court. he pleaded guilty to a crash that killed his best friend. gustano thinks about the crash every day and accepts full responsibility. he was mind the wheel in april
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friend in the passenger seat. >> all we wanted was that perhaps that a message would be sent. not just to this young man but to our community around us. to our other children. and your children. that all i ask is that you think twice before you act once. >> anchor: 19-year- sampson from vermont was killed in that crash. he and gustano were college students at endicott college. >> anchor: next on the news station. heading home why this weekend's west coast trip is special for tom brady and julian edelman. >> anchor: a shining star. why pete fradies is getting national honors. >> anchor: breaking news including the situation in
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dorchester. the suspected shooter is in custody. stay with us. news station will be right back. >> tonight the jewelly store lost her ring and sentimental stone. >> my mother's diamond. >> they offered cut ring.
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it's a home coming weekend for tom braidy and julian edelman. the pats get set to take on the san francisco 49ers. bridy and edelman grew up outside san francisco. >> anchor: 7's dan hausle has more. >> reporter: tom brady and julian edelman practicing for a home coming game this weekend. the first time playing near where they grew up and against the team they cheered for as kids. >> going to be pretty exciting. the new place is no candle stick it will be pretty fun to go back and play in front of friends and family and you know over in santa clara going to great america my whole life. it will be cool. >> reporter: surprising brady has gone this long without play nothing san francisco. the one time the pats played there during his career in 2008
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>> i never had to r a chance to play in front of my friends. great time for me to grow up. i remember it being all the super bowl rallies and my mom taking me out of school. and box and tans on the el camino after they win super bowls. those memories never go away. >> reporter: they've been swamped by ticket requests >> i think he's from this place called san mateo, but i'm sure it will be fun for him too. you know but to go home and play the san francisco 49ers a team i grew up loving and um, you know it's going to be exciting. >> reporter: and brady is looking forward to possibly seeing his childhood herose.
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49ers will be there to honor former 49er. brady says he's looking forward to that opportunity. foxborough dan hausle 7 news. ; ironic that the temperature is 49 degrees as we talk about the 49ers. throw that out there. at logan airport anyway. >> anchor: good enough. works for me. how does that stack up compared to typical temperatures. >> reporter: normally in the low 50s in the afternoon. should be this time of year. up near 60 tomorrow. the weekend 50/50. sunshine on saturday. saturday is the day for yard work. surrender if that's your day to rake leaves heads up. a cold front will come barreling into new england and rearrange the jet stream as it does so. the jet stream is going to look like this next week.
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northeast the eastern seaboard for most of next week. what about winter? what's coming at us this winter, jr. a facebook video at 8:00 to break it down. the x's and o's. la ninia winter coming at us. there's no el nino this year. he's got a sister la ninia. near normal. winter time in new england plan on cold. the storm track is going to be across new england. that storm track will waiver. some of the storms will feature snow. other storms feature rain. few that are a messy mix of the storm. i plucked out 4 winters that had la ninia winters 1966-1967. that was a heavy hitter.
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in that winter. 1988-89 only 16 inches of snow that boston winter. worcester at 28 inches. snow fall in the city would be pretty close to normal. not heading for a blitz or anything like that. western new england and northern new england. great for ski country. temps in upper 40s and low 50s. the city at 49. norwood 50 degrees. mostly clear high pressure off to the west. here is that next weather system which will wind up and already producing snow. nebraska and south dakota. walup minnesota north of minneapolis tomorrow. we have a cold front that comes into new england sunday morning. rain showers sunday morning in southern new england. that will be in the form of snow showers berkshires, white mountains, and green mountains of vermont. sunday for us.
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week. chilly temps below normal. >> anchor: thanks jeremy. >> anchor: an honored ? dylan: anybody can do parkour.
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understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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>> anchor: ncaa planning to honor a former boston college baseball players. ; inspiration award. fradies inspired the ice bucket challenge. this is fradies at his
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the inspiration award is given
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we are in charlotte where tonight the saints are in town to face the panthers, and both teams with the playoff hopes flicker i flickering. 37-year-old drew brees is set to lead the league's top passing attack against carolina who will count ont cam newton to salvage the season if there is in fact time for that. it is "football night in carolina." >> act like this is the defining win. >> a pair of teams trying to


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