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tv   7 News  NBC  November 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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your wallet? >> now at 7:00 dramatic video a car plows through a cross walk hitting a woman. tonight police are on the hunt for that driver. >> reporter: gronk is out. the pats making the trip to california without their star tight end. >> anchor: a hoax prompts panic at boston university. >> reporter: much end of the weekend. >> anchor: mark walberg rolling out his new movie about the boston marathon bombing. >> anchor: it's national adoption day. >> anchor: how families in massachusetts are changing lives for the better. >> 7 news at 7:00 starts now. tonight on 7. a hit and run in chelsea. >> that's horrible. people are horrible. >> the police now on the hunt for the driver behind this cross
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minivan while crossing the street. >> anchor: police say they are looking for the person behind the wheel. tim caputo in chelsea with a closer look for us. >> reporter: but police do have decent leads to work on. thanks in part to that surveillance camera set up above where this accident happened. >> anchor: i think it's awful. >> reporter: the video is alarming. a 72-year-old woman is hit by a leaves the woman injured on the ground in the middle of the cross walk. >> that's horrible. people are horrible in chelsea. >> reporter: unfolded in broad daylight. the victim probably didn't know what hit her. neither would police if not for a surveillance camera on a street light that captured the entire thing. >> it was kind of crazy. this area is congested honestliy all the time.
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can't make out the license plate. there are distinct features on the minivan including a front right tire without a hub cap or a spare. on the back there appears to be a note taped to the window. the woman was helped off the ground by a good samaritan. she was taken to the hospital with a cut on her head. >> there's some good people. the driver i'm not sure. that's a jerk move. >> reporter: where that woman came into the street is where that minivan had a stop sign. doesn't appear that minivan stopped at all. we're told her injuries are not life threatening. tim caputo 7 news. ; following developing news out of foxborough. rob gronkowski ruled out for sunday's game in san francisco. >> anchor: gronk didn't board the team flight to california. 7's trey daerr in the newsroom with more.
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known whether gronkowski suffered a punctured lung. it wasn't enough to keep him from finishing the game. the lasting effects of the hit appear to be a different story. dealing with what the team is calling a chest injury. he did not travel to san francisco. gronkowski leaves bennett and engle as the only 2 tight ends on the active tom brady's arsenal taking a hit with roguan also ruled out. reporting live in the newsroom trey daerr 7 news. >> anchor: tray thank you. stay with the news station for the latest from the pats. download the 7 news mobile or tablet apps for updates on the go. >> anchor: 7 news turns to your forecast. the city was soaking up sunshine earlier today. how long will this type of weather last? here's our chief meteorologist
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decent. but not nearly as bright. norwood at 40. worcester up at the airport on the hill in the mid 50s. a lot of the neighborhoods in worcester in the 40s. clouds off shore from a storm system in the ocean sitting and spinning there. i think some of the clouds will break away from the store and work up into new england overnight tonight. clouds on the increase. cool 35 to 43. tomorrow start with sun. coastline. farther inland partly sunny skies upper 50s. metro boston north and south shore lower 50s. cold front on sunday. pick up the story from there in a few minutes. ; a scare on campus at boston university. s.w.a.t. teams swarm in after police say someone called in a threat. but police determined it was all a hoax. now they're trying to track down
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steve cooper with details. >> i've never seen anything like it. it was unreal. >> reporter: tense moments on the boston university campus shortly after 8 this morning. >> nervous. very nervous. at the same time it seems to be all too common. >> right behind there. thank you right there. >> reporter: police receiving a call from a man with a foreign accent claiming he was in a booby trapped room on the 4th floor hostage. >> and so you know it's very alarming. that's why you can see how serious we took it. [sirens]. >> reporter: quickly ceiling off the area. then determining the call was a hoax. police say what's so unusual here the caller stayed on the phone with the dispatcher for several minutes. >> in the process of tracing the call. it was not a robo call.
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other end of the line answering questions. >> reporter: frustrated police have no choice but to take threats like this seriously. >> it was methodical. you can't take these hoaxes without checking them out thoroughly. >> reporter: why do you think someone would do something like this as a hoax? >> friends hassled on the street for race in boston in the last few days. you never know. >> reporter: business as usual here at police say they recorded that call in to them earlier today. still investigating trying to locate the man who made that call. in boston steve cooper 7 news. >> anchor: following more news tonight sky 7 over the scene where one person was stabbedov tray mont street in roxbury. the victim's injuries are not life threatening. >> anchor: a school scare in manchester new hampshire.
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because of a strong chemical odor. staff and students left the building. some students began to feel ill. one had to go to the hospital. the source of the odor was a floor cleaning product used by custodians. >> anchor: police say he attacked a 14-year-old girl in bourn as she was walking to the bus. byron barnett has more on the alarming assault. >> reporter: john allen handcuffed in the courtroom. police say the 18-year-old from bourn tried to kidnap a 14-year-old girl in bourn while she was walking to the bus stop. >> the perpetrator in this case tackled her from behind placed his arm on her neck while she was on the ground. and attempted to pull her back towards the perpetrator's vehicle. >> reporter: allen drove away when a 13-year-old girl who saw the alleged attack screamed. they tracked down allen's car
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>> inside the vehicle was a maroon hooded sweatshirt with white lettering that had a long black hair on it according to the police report matches the type of hair that the victim in this case has. >> reporter: allen's defense attorney says there are multiple and conflicting descriptions of the suspect's vehicle and the suspect himself. >> the only eyewitness of the assailant is this young girl she was shown a photo array. she failed to identify anybody within that photo array. >> reporter: the allegations are totally out of character. outside court allen's mother walked away defending her son. >> he's innocent. i love him. any other comments you can talk to the lawyer. >> reporter: allen is held without bail. police say that sweatshirt and hair they found in his car are
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request for processing. in bourn byron barnett 7 news. ; following breaking news in the donald trump transition. we learned the president elect called former massachusetts senator scott brown today to talk about a possible cabinet position: also today mr. trump reaching a settlement in the trump university fraud case. the new york attorney general's office reports trump has elected settle 3 lawsuits related to the real estate seminars. this comes after students claim they were tricked to hear trump's investing secrets. >> reporter: and trump's latest picks demonstrate that the president elect values loyalty and isn't afraid of a fight. when donald trump was fighting for the white house sessions and flynn remained at his side. the president elect chosen flynn
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and kansas congressman mike pompio as director. >> he has a good reputation from what i've heard. >> reporter: flynn. >> was known as a bull in a china shop. someone who didn't work well with others. >> reporter: a hard liner sessions radically charged remarks cost him a federal judgeship. the black caucus opposes his nomination. >> who is go extraordinary attorney general of the united states. >> reporter: senator ted cruz and south carolina governor nicky haley among the republicans lining up behind trump and picks. former foes mentioned as possible cabinet picks themselves. >> i did vote for him. i was thrilled to see him win. >> reporter: he's headed to trump's golf course this weekend to meet with the next president to talk about the future.
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records of racism and anti-semitism do not represent core values. >> the large orange elephant in the room. trump ran an ugly campaign. a campaign that was filled with bigotry. so let me say this as clearly as i can. there can be no compromise with racism. there can bigotry. that is where we stand. >> reporter: warren talked about policy solutions to address inequality and closing the wage gap especially for low wage workers and minorities. ryan schulteis 7 news. >> anchor: coming up next on the news station a powerful premiere. patriots day the movie unveiled. >> anchor: a lot of clouds around tomorrow. and colder by sunday. forecast for the weekend up
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impact on children of all ages here in massachusetts. >> monday. >> might be a lot of trash talking in this week's who did it better. >> let's go. let's go. >> are going to get our hands dirty. >> nasty.
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>> anchor: a moving debut for
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the movie was actually rolled out last night in los angeles. >> anchor: about the boston marathon bombings. nancy chen with more. >> reporter: a star studded premiere for patriots day the movie about the boston marathon bombings debuting thursday night. the special screening closed the festival. left while wiping tears and mark walberg brought up several of the real survivors and first responders on stage. filming the movie took an emotional toll. >> when you see the movie you're shocked at how much you didn't know. real footage of ugly stuff. >> reporter: his character plays a mixture of real people. he wanted to make sure he connected with the audience. >> my character is basically their point of view.
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>> reporter: starring kevin bacon as fbi special agent in charge. >> are the decisions that had to be made to handle the release of the photos. how to break this case in 5 days. >> reporter: walberg grew up in dorchester and said he didn't have to prepare much for his role. >> knowing what it's like to be a bostonian. having that deep rooted in who i am where i come stand for. >> reporter: the movie got a long standing ovation. there are talks that patriots day could be a contender for the oscars. nancy chen 7 news. >> anchor: the boston common christmas tree arriving in the city today. this tree is an annual gift from nova scopia to boston. a crowd of people and santa claus were among the first to see the tree. >> anchor: and today and really
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much like we're getting into the holidays. that's going to change. >> anchor: i think half of the weekend will feel like what we've had and then a change a coming. >> reporter: a lot of clouds both weekend days. sunday the colder of the 2 days windy as well. and next week over all it looks cold. in terms of travel for the holiday good travel weather. if you're traveling tomorrow across the nation this is into new england sunday. most of the country is storm free. you go to the west coast seattle that will feature rain. if you're going to san francisco for the game on sunday bring the rain gear. they'll have rain tomorrow in san francisco. and i also think that will be the case on sunday as well. here is that storm system right now where it produced upwards of a foot of snow in minnesota this afternoon and this morning.
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move across southern canada. we will deal with the cold front. the cold front is way out to the west at this time. too far to bother us tomorrow. what will bother us tomorrow is this pesky low out here sitting and spinning east of new england throwing clouds on cape the next couple of days. we'll have more clouds moving off cape and up into metro boston by tomorrow morning. clouds on the increase. cool where you have the clear low top middle 40s. through the day tomorrow clouds and sun. most of the sun tomorrow is farther west you travel. here's where we have the clouds into the city. certainly the south shore and the cape. you're dealing with sunshine metro west worcester hills. that cloud shield primarily confined to the 95 corridor. inroads into metro west and worcester hills.
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could be string sprinkles around cape ann. norwood attleboro and drake middle and upper 50s. worcester hills clouds and sun upper 50s. the thing about tomorrow for everyone is there's no wind. this time of year if you've got a cloudy day and no wind it's manageable. great for yard work. sunday not so much. here comes the cold front. it's a windy day and cold. temperatures sunday falling through the 40s by sunday afternoon. have snow showers in new york state and western and northern new england. not our part of the world. certainly for ski country. i think that winter is going to get to a quicker start for new england overall as opposed to the last couple of years. next week it's chilly it's dry. thursday thanksgiving itself a lot of clouds with showers. i don't know why that turkey's dancing his days are numbered. >> anchor: i do love that little
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>> anchor: wiggling that little butt there. cute good stuff. coming up forever family how national adoption day is making a difference here in massachusetts. >> monday there's a drug so deadly state police won't even train dogs to detect it. >> the dog could die.
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>> very special milestone for families across the stated today. >> anchor: adoptions now finalized on this national adoption day. look at that little girl. 32 other children at the brockton courthouse today who found forever families. some just babies. some nearing their teens. all excited to start lives with their new families. their new parents echoing that today. >> he is the cherry on top of the sunday. >> that terrible 2s thing is a real thing. i wouldn't change it for the world. >> i'm always mom. but this puts that clencher on it. >> anchor: so when all 125 children were adopted into 95 families making this one of the state's largest national adoption days. >> anchor: they're all adorable.
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they were all so happy. that's what it's about. >> anchor: they'll be home for thanksgiving and a lot to be thankful for. >> anchor: 7 news at 7 o'clock will be back right after this. ? dylan: anybody can do parkour.
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understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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7 news at 11:00 new details for potential cabinet spot for scott brown. >> anchor: talk about his conversation with president elect donald trump. >> anchor: talk about the patriots plan in san francisco now that gronk is officially solided for sunday. >> anchor: that's it. time's up for the news at 7 on this friday night. >> anchor: and i'm kim khazei.
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it. new clues mariah is dating her back-up dancer. >> the racy moments caught on reality show cameras, did they trigger her break-up? now on "extra"! ? the pop superstar and her ripped dancer. >> he has a huge crush on her. >> is that what sent james packer packing? and their explosive new battle. will she give in and cut him from the show. plus mariah's ex nick, breaking news, he's about to be a dad again. surprise kiss, j. lo and marc anthony locking lips as


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