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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and a tsunami warning has been issued. wave is expected to be a few feet high, nothing like the 2011 tsunami there that killed thousands of people. the town where the earthquake hit is also home to a nuclear power plant. there are no reports of any injuries right now. >> we're also following breaking news from the patriots. defensive tackle branch has been suspend f the drug use for the league. >> also on 7, a deadly party in lowell leaving a mother beaten to death. altercation happening in a parking lot right in front of her son who has special needs. >> the family mourning her loss as detectives investigate her death as a homicide. steve cooper has more on this investigation. >> crime scene investigators are still working this case.
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imagine, there's a lot of shock and a lot of sadness not just from people who live in the apartment complex but family and relatives as well. among those speaking out today, the husband of the victim. >> senseless. i don't even know what to say. i'm in shock. i don't believe it. >> mick -- miguel is heart broken over his wife, a mother of four and grandmother to three. >> she was a devastated. i don't even know how to act or react. i'm mad. i want to do something about it but i'll let the authorities deal with that. >> she was with her 28-year-old son who has down syndrome when she was beaten to death in parking lot at the westminster village apartments late saturday night. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> it's scary that this can
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it's heartbreaking. >> police say she died following a fight with several people after she was asked to leave a party. now there's a message for the person or the people who murdered his wife. >> what is your message to the person or people that murdered your wife? >> my message to them, they're a bunch of cowards. bunch of cowards beating up on a poor grandmother. that's what they are. cowards. they go to house parties and jump all from what i heard, half of them don't even live there. >> family and friends are gathering right now for a candlelight vigil to remember a life lost here and police are busy actively trying to locate the person or the people responsible for all of this but they're also appealing to the public for help. who main may know about what happened here over the weekend, come forward. >> sky 7hd over the scene of a
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you can see where the flames broke out earlier this afternoon. this is at an apartment building on manning street. firefighters inspecting that second floor balcony. no word yet on the cause. police in new hampshire are looking for help identifying a suspect after a school break-in. police say the alarm went off at gilbert agehood middle school. when officers arrived, they found a broken window. it's not clear if anything was stolen. >> boat near new bedford rescued at sea. 72 foot boat was five miles from shore on sunday when it started taking on water. the captain and five crew members were rescued. >> we got everybody off and that's the most important thing. now they're working on it. they're able to bring it in to bedford harbor where the seas are calmer. they're pretty rough outside right now and they're working
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they'll have a better chance of getting it afloat and bringing it back to dock. >> the boat was towed back to shore and will undergo repairs. >> a man arraigned in court for assaulting two police officers. joseph demayo allegedly assaulted two officers on friday after they tried to arrest him for an outstanding warrant in connecticut. prosecutors say the officers first approached the suspect because he was smoking in the boston common that violates ordinance and he put up a fight. >> he struck officer o'brien causing to injure his well. the officers were transported for further treatment. they've been released. >> both officers suffered minor injuries and are okay. the suspect is facing assault and battery charges. a sign of hate posted against the mayor. mayor morris posted this picture of a defaced campaign sign on
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down. while he can handle the message, the lbgt youth in the neighborhood need to know they're loved examine safe. >> sacred heart university purchased g.e. building. the university is growing rapidly and the 66 acre property was too good to pass up. sacred heart plans to turn the property into an innovation campus. state audit is finding trouble with the massachusetts gaming commission. the ensure the state casino was meeting goals. they're required to hire 90% of the work force from the nearby communities. >> boston mayor walsh giving thanks and giving back to those in need during the 24th annual day of thanks. mayor walsh teaming up with the boston rescue mission to serve up hundreds of meals to the homeless and the less fortunate. he's calling on people to pitch
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>> we should grateful for what we have and i ask anyone to help the next few days. help during the week. there's a lot of needs still in our city. >> boston rescue mission says they've served more than 28,000 thanksgiving meals since the day things started. >> pipeline protests turning violent in north dakota as more than 300 people flooded streets there. the protest escalating when police started firing tear gas and rubber bullets. >> this all took place north of mayhem breaking out in north dakota on the construction site of a controversial pipeline. hundreds of protestors clashing with police over the dakota access pipeline. protestors say police are using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds and also say firefighters are intentionally spraying them with water cannons in below freezing temperatures. a spokesman for the fire department says the firefighters are using hoses to put out fires set by the protestors.
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members of the tribe say it will permanently pollute the water. 3.7 billion dollar pipeline is nearly 90% constructed. >> authorities looking for a man caught on camera attacking a clerk at a convenience store in florida. attacker is viciously hitting the clerk, alternating between his fists he hit the store worker on the back of the head trying to take him out but the worker fought back, preventing a robbery. the attempted burglary is under investigation. italian police released shocking footage of a shop keeper. the robbery happened south of the country there in italy. the robber smashed a battle over the shop keeper's head while his wife was desperately trying to intervene there. police arrested a 31-year-old man said to have a previous criminal record. >> close call in philadelphia.
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narrowly missing the woman inside. you can see here that massive tree. it crushed a green ford focus underneath it so crews rushed to the rescue and they were trying to get the woman who was inside out. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. and police are finally able to open roads closed following a 40 car pileup in ohio. icy weather conditions. police say a car was rear ended, causing a dominoff sliding into one another. drivers were asked to stay off the roads if possible for their own safety. >> ahead here on 7 news, are you travelling on thanks giving? what you need to know as the amount of traveller $ expected to spike up to record high numbers. >> two children were taken away from their family after police walked inside the new hampshire home. >> and on just one station, we hear from the woman who was run down in the chelsea crosswalk.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving. that's my stop & shop. >> all right. helpful travel tips as people are expected to be the most since 2007. longer lines at the airport and more cars on the highway. >> and they say the spike in people travelling is because of how much money you have in your pocket. it's thanksgiving week and you plan to get away, visit family,
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this. the whole family, we just are going to try something new every year so we trying vegas this year. >> turns out more americans have the travel bug. experts at aaa say it's all thanks to the economy. >> we see improvements with the economy, we see job growth and see that consumers are gaining more confidence and they are spending more. >> another big contributor, cheap gas. average trip more than 50 miles from home and of those travelling, roughly 90% will be hitting the saved upwards of $28 million so far this year on gasoline and you know, they're actually putting the extra money from the pump into their pockets and taking it on a trip with their family members. >> with many feeling great with money in their pockets, flights are more expensive. travellers we spoke with say they plan a longer trip. >> we're trying to get the -- pretty much the more bang for our bucks. >> flying doesn't mean you'll get there faster on top of
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delays, tsa warns a plan for tougher screening measures and long lines at check points. >> give yourself time. pack appropriately, make sure you double check things. >> if you're planning a road trip, check your road before you leave. aaa expects to help more than 375,000 travellers. >> who did it better? that's what you'll decide during the trash challenge. >> tomorrow, another cold, windy day ahead. >> at another victory for tom brady this weekend. he took a stroll down memory lane. >> plus a rock climber receives a gift of a lifetime after a
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>> weather forecast, getting an upgrid thanks to the new satellite. it was launched from cape canaveral over the weekend.
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launch was delayed for a bit because of a technical issue but the launch happened saturday night with no injuries at all. j.r. had a launch party, serving drinks. it was a big deal. >> it is. maybe he can explain a little more about why. >> you know, and basically what it would be, the analogy is when you went from standard definition television to high definition television. that's what's going to happen with satellite imagery. that's huge. i wish i had more time. also assemble more data in the clouds. not as good as twister, no. not quite there yet but that's on the horizon. so there we go. and it should come online probably in about six months or so. has to go through some calibrations, testing and things like that. it's awesome stuff. all right. right now boston at 35. bedford at 33. fitchburg at 33. there's some test products online already.
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good stuff. thanksgiving day conversation. it feels like it's the teens and the 20s. boston, it feels like 24. worcest worcester it feels like 16. here is the satellite picture from the antiquated stuff. on top of that is the radar imagery. we have clouds, snow showers and a big red l on the map, that's a cold storm pinning canada. high pressure does begin to nose in slowly. once that blue h gets in new england, that will shut the wind down. tonight windy, cold, mostly clear. 20s to around 30. tomorrow still cold, still windy, still very december-like. lots of sunshine. temps 29 to 34. if tomorrow is your dry day, boston 43. lakeville at 44. north of town, when you're out
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that is public enemy number one. it will feel like the middle and upper 30s tomorrow afternoon. it will feel like the teens and 20s for your morning commute. wednesday lots of sun, cold. temps on wednesday low 40s. if wednesday is your travel day, again, no issues here in new england. still chilly in boston, 43. but the major hubs, new york philly, d.c., atlanta a-okay. dry down the eastern seaboard. perhaps a few showers in florida. chicago and detroit, likely to be a little bit of rain and that might be a minor nuisance. this will not shut down airports in the midwest and denver at 55. los angeles at 68. seattle at 49. in new england, high pressure tuesday and wednesday. our next storm system will be thanksgiving day. it's way out there. it's much weaker than the one we dealt with the last 24 hours. but it will generate clouds and actually, i think a little bit of light snow flurry activity on thanksgiving morning. again, it's not going to be a travel problem. and then as we step through the
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there may be some sprinkles on thursday afternoon but it's chilly, raw day. temps thursday morning 8:00 a.m., low 30s and by thursday afternoon, with all the fixings in place, temps in the mid and upper 30s. seven on seven forecast, friday cloudy skies, pockets of drizzle. see you at 6:00. >> thanks. it's monday. time for who did it better and bri is rounding up the rubbish for a little he lost to me last year and now he wants to try to beat bri but i don't think he's going to. don't mess with us. you get to decide who did it better. >> a possible upside to less hectic black friday shopping this year, smaller crowds than years past but black friday is a few shades different than it used to be. >> so great friday, really, is actually a term that makes some sense. >> okay. that is not who did it better.
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really well. >> do you want to reenact it? >> picking up garbage? we have garbage here, right? a little technical issue. we'll show you that later on. she did really good. much more coming on that. >> we'll get it back. don't worry. >> all eyes on one local singer as she takes the stage in a few hours on "the voice." >> all right. and moving on, more news here, children were found living in a we'll get to that. and then also hear where a man police say was behind the wheel of his car hit a woman last week, answering to charges today. we'll get more coming up when we hear from the woman who was actually hit. >> she's talking to just one station. also ahead here, children found living in filth. we'll have that story coming up. this is the mug shot of the man arrested in connection with that. much more coming up tonight at 6:00. and a first of its kind procedure here at a boston
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bringing it back. it's monday and that means it's time for who did it better. so this is bri and hgtv star and they are doing the rematch. can i just say, because he lost to me last year, a friendly match. he wanted to come back. >> does he know how to take out the trash? pay attention. you'll decide who did it better. >> this week getting our hands dirty to help keep plymouth clean. >> isn't that cool? >> you asked for a rematch of who did it better. >> i lost last year. i'm not happy about it. i'm back. you're going down. >> the challenge, see how fast we can empty several trash bins from the park into a garbage truck. as a child, this was my dream job. see what's happening. >> i took out the traffic this morning.
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>> three, two, one. go! >> this is actually pretty fun. >> you don't have to wait until the truck stops to get off the truck. the whole barrel. >> that's nasty. >> there's a pizza back. see if there's any left. i'm kind of hungry. >> nopg. >> no! throwing up a little. i just saw somebody clean up after their dog and put it into that that's really great form. >> pretty good talking trash. >> i'm complimenting you. you're looking great. something is dripping out the back. give -- get back on the truck. >> three, two, one. trash! >> i can jump off while it's still moving.
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on to the next. >> pace yourself. >> will you hold this for me? >> yeah. i got that. hey, i shouldn't be helping you out. >> kentucky fried chicken. nothing like fried chicken on a monday morning. go, go, go, go, go! >> she's flying. >> you're cruising. where is she going? >> she's just running along side the truck now. >> >> last one. you're a very noisy trash lady. >> you know it. >> doing pretty well. time. >> is that it? >> that's it. chris came in at four minutes, one second. i finished in thee minutes, 50 seconds. it's not an easy job for sure. i got to leave this up to the professionals. >> no. that was tough. >> now we have to let them decide. you get to vote who did it better. >> all right. there it is. it's up to you to decide so head
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you can cast your votes there and then we'll have the results for you tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. disrespect she woshs fast with that trash. >> she was working hard. >> we have another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead on this monday. >> news at 6:00 starts right now. >> breaking news at 6:00, patriots defensive tackle allen branch is befrmed following reports he tested positive for marijuana on just one station, 7 news interview with the victim of a hit and run. this as police believe they found the man who was behind the wheel. filth inside of a manchester apartment. investigators say two children were found covered in feces. their own father now facing charges. >> cold overnight tonight as well as tomorrow. i'll let you know when the wind will fade away. >> 7 news at 6:00 starts now.
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news. disturbing behavior on a bus school. they've gone to police with their concerns. >> let's follow the story. he's live from hyde park right now. >> some very serious and very disturbing allegations here at the boston renaissance public charter school in hyde park. we're told that this matter that be passed from the child to reports. uproar of a 6-year-old sexually molesting other children on the school bus, bribing them with gifts or beating them up if they refuse. boston police were made aware of this november 3 but police say there's nothing they can do because the child is only six years old and that under massachusetts law the legal age of intent is seven which means a 6-year-old cannot be prosecuted. so police turned the matter over
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center which works with abused children and their families. boston renaissance school put out a statement saying we have taken this matter very seriously and have taken appropriate measures to ensure student safety. we've also taken appropriate steps to protect the privacy of the children who were involved. now, the department of children and families is also investigating and a short time ago, we managed to talk to boston mayor marty walsh. he said he was notified by the police of all of this and that to the district attorney's office as well. the mayor called this a very sad situation. that's the latest live here in hyde park. >> i seen this big white thing coming towards me and i said what the -- well, yeah. and he hit me. >> the woman who was knocked to the ground by a hit-and-run driver talks to seven news about that very scary moment. today the driver who hit her was


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