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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the former speaker was released after serving five years for corruption. a judge granted him compassionate release because he is suffering from cancer. dimasi spoke of what the release means to him. >> i just want to say how happy i am and grateful and thankful that i'm home in boston where i love with my family. i want to thank everybody for others who made it possible. it's a very emotional day for me. it has been a trying and difficult experience for me. and i'm looking forward to just being reunited with my family and my community, my friends, looking forward to regaining my health. >> reporter: he answered no questions other than to repeat something he said in the comment there, that he is looking forward to a very
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demassi is under house arrest for at least six months during which time he can only leave to see his doctor, his lawyers and go to religious service, dan hausle, 7 news. >> ryan: a school bus scandal at a boston charter school. parents claiming their young children were forced to perform lewd acts. >> jadiann: byron barnett has more on this investigation. >> i cried. i lost it. >> reporter: it's painful for this mom to speak out. she is not showing her she says he was sexually molested by another little boy on the renaissance charter public school. >> another child that was touching him and asking him to perform different sexual acts. >> was he was threatening
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this i'm going to shoot your mother. >> reporter: this mom says it was another child who told an adult whod then told the school. the school says they took immediate action and contacted police saying: >> very difficult situation. you know. there is clearly potentially going to be a need for therapy. a lot of therapy. >> reporter: this mom she says he is traumatized and afraid to be by himself. >> i think something needs to be done to the driver. i think he needs to be disciplined. i think the school should take more of a responsibility as far as getting kids in counselling and there must be a monitor on every bus. >>today other stunned
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>> we need monitors on the boston public school buses and the only way is us as parents need to advocate for it to boston city hall. >> reporter: the charter school is not part of the boston public school system, but the school system does provide transportation for this school. the boston public school system says it's currently reviewing the matter. it says 37% of its buses have monitors and schools can request additional monitors on a case by case basis. in hyde park i'm byron barnett,. news. >> ryan: stoneham a parking lot overnight. the victim is 64-year-old thomas sager from rhode island. investigators say his death does not seem suspicious. police are still looking into what exactly happened there. >> jadiann: a failed robbery leaves the owner laughing. the owner posting this video of the attempted break in. the suspect threw a rock at the glass door, and gave up.
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other potential thieves. >> don't waste your time. don't waste your time. there is cameras every we where. >> the camera captured the license plate making it a matter of time before the suspects is found. >> ryan: witnesses say grace santos drove into their bark yesterday then parked there. they called police who say santos was drunk and confused. the woman was charged with d.u.i. releasing a clue they hope will help catch a suspect in a deadly hit-and-run. police releasing several pictures of in hit-and-run. the man was spotted at a mexican restaurant before hitting and killing a man with his car in june. the victim died the next morning. police are still searching for the suspect's car. >> the star spangled banner about no longer fly over hamshire college in amherst
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here are the details. shamshire college's president released a same announcing neither the american flag nor any flag will be flown on campus. this comes after the school received harsh credit system over the flag that was' burned. >> it's a disrespect. so that shouldn't have happened in the first place. >> reporter: following the presidential election the campus flag was lowered to half-staff which offended veterans and community members then someone set it veterans day. many found it to be disrespectful. >> they can be upset but i mean it's a little -- they don't have a lot to worry about. they're going to a pretty nice is and i'm sure things are good for them so they need to show it a different way. >> reporter: for more than a decade there was debate about flying commemorative flags on 9/11 in the center of amherst. the excellent board voted to fly the flags annually. a student said the flag at
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>> to be hobbest the flag shouldn't have been lowered in the first place because that just shows outright intolerance for what happened. >> reporter: the president said the catch puss will continue to consult about appropriately utilizing flags in the future. so many flag burns were taken place on campuses protesting the results of the leaks. >> ryan: a sign switch has drivers on the cape doing a double take. this shows the sign that cape cod. mass d.o.t.says the sign was installed on november 15. the massachusetts department of transportation apologizes for posting of a state highway sign that included erroneous information. the district is in the process of reviewing all signage to ensure it's accurate and this doesn't happen again. california father accused of drowning his own daughter. police say he drowned his
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baptist mal pool on sunday. he is facing murder charges. he was scheduled to be in court this afternoon. police haven't said what a possible motive could be in the case. >> jadiann: a man in philadelphia rushed to hospital after opening a piece of explosive mail. police say he was targeted. police are telling us that the device was stuffed inside an aenvelope and addressed to the man. when he opened it it exploded. >> the package w the victim didn't open the package until sometime before 4:00 am and there was an explosion when the package was opened. >> jadiann: police say the package was placed at the man's apartment and not delivered by the post office. >> ryan: a woman tazed in a wheel chair afternoon getting into a heated argument with police officers. this happened last week in houston, texas but the video is surfacing. the woman is confronting police about her daughter's
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stun gun on her twice. >> i feel like they actually abused the law and used it to abuse a disabled person. that couldn't even fight back. he was like oh, she don't want to follow direction. she is resisting. i'm going to takes you. no, taser her. >> ryan: police say they are investigating the ins accidents. the woman was charged with resisting arrest. >> jadiann: police i fightage shows a robbery at a madison avenue jewelry store. about $300,000 worth of jewelry was stolen and you can see the men smashed the display cabinets and they got away with about five watches in all. a florida man runs himself over with his own car. you can see here people running towards the white truck over in the back of the screen. they're trying to stop him
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he -- the trucks crash nod a home and injuring a woman inside the home. the driver is facing several charges. >> ryan: pilot sticks to landing after an extreme wind pushed the plane as it approaches an airport in gibraltar. the plane shifts in the strong winds before correcting just in time to make a safe landing. the pilot earned a round of applause from ground crews there. >> jadiann: one person is found dead after wreckage from a mis discovered in california. the plane crash was found on a hillside this morning. according to fire officials crews found a body in the wreckage. they believe there was only one person in the plane. they've not identified the victim. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> ryan: a long time turkey day debate. roasted or fried. the they released this video of what could happen if you
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way. the most common fires on thanksgiving are kitchen fires and oven and stove top fires, be careful. >> jadiann: heinz is recalling hundreds of cases of gravy because of a mislabeling. the f.d.a.says it's pork but it may be the milk and soy containing gravy. there haven't been reports of illnesses but people who are allergic to milk or soy run the risk of reaction if they eat the wrong product. do what gran mah does, make it from scratch. >> ryan: i get so bored stirring it. >> jadiann: i got to figure out how to not get the lurches. >> ryan: you were' baking today? >> jadiann: how was it. i brought you one. mini pecan pie. >> ryan: delicious. a heroic rescue, how a truck
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>> jadiann: a woman is facing charges in connection it a brawl in lowell that left one mother beaten to death in front of her son. >> ryan: a man killed at a local ski resort. we'll tell you what happened there. >> announcer: tonight, they're mean and intimidating even threatening you with jail. >> i was scared to death. >> reporter: those phone calls are phoney. >> why do you say you are the i. r. s.? you are not the i.r.s. >> reporter: see what happens when hank calls them. she investigates i.r.s.
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>> ryan: rescue after a tanker truck bursts into flames. the driver saved by others passing by. this all taking place in michigan. >> jadiann: itself driver lucky to be alive as he is thrown from the truck before it explodes. kris kris has details. >> reporter: a tanker with more than 8,000 gallons of gasoline on board fueling the flames. the driver tossed from the wreck lands in harm's way. >> we got massive fire but down in the ditch i've three bystanders waving. >> reporter: the good samaritans outs in michigan saved the day. >> they found him next to the truck and pulled him away from the scene. they looked become and where he was at was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: the tanker was going too fast but the company says the driver was
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ramp. amazingly the driver was only hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. >> they put loo lives on the line. they're doing it with the close on their back. >> reporter: emergency crews are thankful the good samaritans were in the right place at the right time. >> if they hadn't acted we could be looking at a different story. >> reporter: christa del camp, 7 news. >> reporter: sunshine for tomorrow. and and then snow flakes for forecast up next. >> reporter: it's a holiday tradition. high school football on thanksgiving with our local athletes getting their chance to shine. the best high school matchups across the street. join me for the football
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>> ryan: snowboard season
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but two popular mountains will open on friday. you will be able to hit the slopes in jay peak and cannon mountain. thanksgiving and pretty soon it's going to be all snow around here. >> jadiann: i know, although we're not talking about a snowstorm, supposed to be clear,somes flakes and flurries flying around on thanksgiving morning. >> reporter: i think so. even around the metro a few snow flakes and flurries thursday morning. to ski they open on friday as well. early start this year. last year was a el nino winter. you have the la nina winter which is great for the ski area. they got the snow over the week. right now, 30s, the city at 39. this is the next weather system that will move into new england and weeken -- weaken at the same time.
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a couple of flakes in metro boston thursday morning but it doesn't look significant but some of the untreated surfaces may be slick early. for tonight clear, windy, code. lows in the 20s to the lower 30s tomorrow sunny and cold. tomorrow is a good travel day. temperatures tomorrow 39-45. boston around 43. north of town, numbers in the lower 40s merrimack into the worcester hills, fitchburg 41. jaffrey at 36 and on the cape and the islands chatham at 44 as well. now, thursday, thanksgiving, cloudy skies. there will be a little bit of light snow and flurry activity thursday morning. i think what will happen we'll see pockets of drizzle thursday afternoon with temperatures in the mid and upper 30s, here is the timeline on thursday noticing all the clouds. not much in the way of snow. again it will be a narrow ribbon of patchy flurries that will come out of new york state and graze southern new england as it fades away by lunchtime on
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features clouds then you notice green blobs showing up thursday evening so i think we're talking about some light rain although there may be a couple of colder pockets of air. this would be in the form of patchy freezing drizzle along and north of route 2 thursday evening. the snowfall potential on thursday morning a coating for a lot of us especially west of interstate 95 and some of the higher elevations including the berkshires up wards of an inch possible and those locations they picked up betwn snow. then in the worcester hills monadnocks, an inch of snow possible. then as we work through the day on thursday, cloudy skies. a lot of clouds. temperatures in the mid and upper 30s if tomorrow is a travel day by jet no issues in metro boston. airports a. okay. there will be showers working up to chicago and detroit so there may be minor were delays in these locations. also unsettled weather in
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if thursday is your travel day we have the weak weather system in new england. could be a couple of rain showers around metro new york city airport. atlanta i think is dry. that is a big one. chicago also dry and through the upper mid west. out to seattle clouds with rain showers in seattle and snow flurries in minneapolis in new england we have rain showers on saturday morning but that will be in formats of snow -- form of snow showers >> ryan: time for who hit it better. in this week's challenge brie and chris lamson cleared trash in plymouth. >> anchor: the goal was to empty several bins into a trash truck as quickly as possible. chris finished with four minutes and 1 second. bri beat the time finishing 3 minutes and 50 seconds. but you get to choose who wins, there is still points and stuff. bri was the choice of more
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for bri. and that is two wins in a row against chris for the ladies of 7 news. he asked for a repeat after i beat him last year. i don't know, girl power going. next week bri takes on troy brown. so they're making sure customers get what they ordered in time. it will be a good one. >> ryan: next here musicians are ringing in >> kim: good evening, i'm kim khazei. >> adam: i'm adam williams. we're still following some breaking news at 6:00. this is former house speaker sal dimasi just landing in boston. he is battling cans irand was granted a compassionate early release from prison. >> kim: a woman is charged in the beating death of another woman outside of a party in lowell. we have the latest on this case. >> adam: time for thanksgiving travel.
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perhaps you might be hitting the roads this week and we're hearing it could be a traffic headache. so we'll be checking the roads for you. >> kim: we've those >> kim: we've those stories hands much afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. >> jadiann: a local star hoping to advance on "the voice."
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>> jadiann: cortney harel taking the stage at thes final 11 and now it comes down to the voters. the dorchester native saying what i did for love from "a chorus line." >> i feel good because it felt good to sing it. that is the one sing every time i sing it it's like oh, my goodness it feels so good. so i'm happy with how it felt. all of the luck she needs to get through to the end. you can get the results tonight on 7 nbc at 8:00 followed by a new episode of this is us at 9:00. love that show and all new chicago fire. do you love that, too? then all the breaking news and headlines on 7 news at 11:00. a ringing record for more than 600 musicians. >> ryan: they're kicking off the holiday season
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for the largest hand bell performance. ? the 664 musicians gathered at the mall in america in minnesota for the performance. it parked the beginning of the red kettle campaign. sounds beautiful. they did it. right? >> jadiann: harder than it looks. >> ryan: have you done it? >> jadiann: just tried. leave it to the professionals. >> ryan: i'm ryan schult thompson, 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> announcer: anguish outside of the courtroom. as a woman is charged with beating another woman to death. a provocative piece of art is infuriating students at salem state university. how the school is justifying this painting of the k.k.k. bad news for millions of people gearing up for holiday travelling. why you should brace for longer delays whether you are driving, flying or
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day tomorrow. we have our holiday travel forecast. >> announcer: 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> adam: tonight at 6:00 we're following breaking news. >> it's a very emotional day for me. it has been a trying and difficult experience. >> adam: after serving five years behind bar, former massachusetts house speaker sal dimasi is out of prison. he was' granted an early as deteriorating health. >> kim: he landed in boston within the past hour. he received a warm welcome from list family and dan hausle also there joining us live at logan right now. dan? >> reporter: this is the first time that anyone has seen the former house speaker sal dimasi since he entered federal prison five years ago. it was an emotional scene here at logan airport as he in a wheel chair accompanied by his wife was greeted by their two children.
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north carolina. debby flew back from dimasi from north carolina where the 71-year-old former speaker was released from iceon after serving -- prison for corruption. a judge granted dimasi compassionate release because he is suffering from cancer. he had difficulty eating and swallows and that was a difficulty in prison during the short time allowed for prison meals. he spoke of what the release means to him now. >> i'm looking forward to just being reunited with my family, my community, my friends. looking forward to regaining my health and being taken care of by my own doctors and i'm a fighter. so, i'm going to fight this all the way. and just overwhelmed by


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