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tv   7 News  NBC  November 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> breaking news an elderly man pulled from a burning home in saugus. >> anchor: the developing story. police investigating a wild crash in a grocery store parking lot. >> reporter: who gets snow. who gets rain? we'll time it out. >> anchor: tracking the holiday rush. travelers on a >> anchor: under arrest a man accuse have had running down 4 officers. >> reporter: he was one of people's magazine's most eligible lawyers. >> anchor: the pats are preparing for a divisional show down. no sign of brady at practice. >> anchor: a little girl out of the hospital and back home. >> anchor: all now on the news station. >> anchor: off the top at 7:00
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pulled from a burning home in saugus. >> anchor: fire fighters are still on the scene. alex deprado live in saugus with the latest for us. >> reporter: fire fighters on the scene. as you can see fire fighters are still checking out pieces of the charred home. it was 2 neighbors who pulled this man in his 80s from the home. the neighbors pushed open the front door of the home and they the front door as flames devoured the house. they say the victim was covered in soot. as you see from this video from sky 7 the victim was dazed but alert when he was pulled out. they had to attempt the rescue several times. >> saw the house on fire. i knew that there was an elderly
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i was ran over able to knock the door in and drag him out with the help of our neighbors. >> he's an older gentleman. he doesn't get around well. luckily he was at the front door. just got taken over by the smoke. his face was black from smoke. >> reporter: it is unclear what the cause of the fire was. but that elderly gentleman did tell those rescuers he pulled something out of a socket then heard began. that man is in the hospital tonight being treated by doctors. alex deprado 7 news. >> anchor: and a developing story now in waltham a grocery store employee rushed to the hospital after a pile up in the parking lot of a super market. kimberly bookman with the details. >> reporter: when they arrived here at the super market that worker was on the ground by those carts.
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asked to use the phone. cars mangled and messed up. grocery store carriages crushed. and the worker pushing those carts taken to the hospital. this after fire officials say a female driver lost control of her car and hit them all. >> it was hectic. chaotic. all this damage before thanksgiving. that's pretty sad. with this damage it's going to affect them. >> reporter: a woman was backing out of a parking sp russell street parking lot around 4:30. >> one vehicle backed up and kept backing up. hit the cars. hit the carriage holder. hit a bunch of carriages. a lot of destruction but not much injuries to people thank god. >> reporter: many were customers shopping for the holiday meal who came out of hanivords to find the damage. >> i came out of the grocery
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damaged on the front and the side. i didn't know what happened but i was told i could get it fixed. >> reporter: the hurt worker was unconscious but lying on the pavement. >> some injuries. other than that it's fine. nobody died. that's what i'm thankful for. >> reporter: the driver of the car that lost control was taken to the hospital to get checked out. there's a language barrier. officials are having a hard time to here. this is the day before thanksgiving a busy time here at a grocery store where people are shopping and stocking up. >> anchor: 7 news turns to the thanksgiving holiday and looking live outside to the right the zakim bridge. people get out and hit the roads. it's thinning out right now. a chilly evening for travelers. >> anchor: that cold weather is sticking around.
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or not. bri eggers here with a closer look. >> reporter: there is a potential for a bit of a mess in the early morning hours of tomorrow. we'll run through that as we talk about the details here. you see those clouds are not far out from us. they creep in the overnight hours. a wintry mix mess over the great lakes through the ohio river valley at this point. and some of that sweeps in for us tomorrow morning. this is away from the and not widespread by any stretch of the imagination. however we can't rule out the potential completely to see spotty mix spotty light flurries and causing for slick spots in the morning hours of thanksgiving. into the afternoon conditions improve maybe a great football game in store tomorrow afternoon. more in the extended forecast in a few minutes. ; all right, bri. traffic jammed up on highways this evening.
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you combine that with rush hour time. slow go in places. >> anchor: airports are feeling the impact. let's get out to john cocoa with more from logan. >> thanksgiving busiest day to travel. >> i rushed here. >> reporter: that time of the year again. people heading out hoping to avoid most of that holiday scramble. >> running late i'm sorry. >> hi. >> sorry. >> it's all right. >> reporter: the massachusetts estimates at least million passengers will take off from logan airport on wednesday. >> heading back to dallas after my first term at dartmouth college. >> reporter: they're suggesting people arrive 2 hours early for their flight. 3 hours for people flying internationally. >> hoping we make it home in a decent time. >> reporter: wayne willis and
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>> we're headed to atlanta ap georgia to drive back to our home town spartans burg south carolina. >> reporter: another reason state leaders suggest people being as flexible as possible with travel plans. >> there are more ways than ever before to find out real time information about where the traffic congestion is. >> reporter: and for those real time traffic updates go to mass or call at logan airport john cocoa 7 news. >> anchor: sky 7 hd over charlton where police say an elderly man died in a fire. officials are not sure what sparked that fire. >> anchor: a dangerous drive landing a roxbury man in court. accused of hitting 4 police officers with his car. >> these are police officers for one thing to protect us and you
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why? >> reporter: a scare before 1 this morning when 2 undercover boston police officers investigating reports of a man with a gun approached a car in front of the dublin house. the driver police identified as this man peeled away dragging the 2 officers down the street before he sped away. >> when the officers had to handle him ask him to get out of the car he accelerated a high rate of speed. uniform taken to brig ham and women's hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> it's sad. sad that that happened. that's not good. >> reporter: a chevy malibu with license plates that weeks was driving. they are reviewing surveillance video from cameras in the area. >> the fact that someone would take off and not stop.
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it's unbelievable. >> for a guy to take off like that he must be on something, hiding something, something was going on. that's sad. >> reporter: weeks will face a judge on friday. as for the injured police officers they're expected to make a full recovery. in dorchester steve cooper 7 news. >> anchor: a renowned boston attorney in court. he's ac tim caputo live in boston to tell us more. >> reporter: as a prosecutor as a defense attorney and several times as a defendant. and today his attorney says the accusations against him are made up. he's been in this position before. gary 0ola hid behind his attorney in court today as he pleaded not guilty to raping a
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0ola featured in people magazine on a list of eligible bachelors. this is the 4th time 0ola charged with assaulting women. in all the cases 0ola was found not guilty or the charges were dropped. >> mr. 0ola is a target in this case. this is a case based upon a foundation of lies. we look forward to our court. >> reporter: the alleged sexual assault happened in the morning hours of november 10th. >> the alleged victim was kissing mr. 0ola affectionate to mr. 0ola. >> reporter: 0ola's attorney is confident. >> the truth is going to come out in a court of law.
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$10,000 bail. tim caputo 7 news. >> anchor: the patriots gearing up for a match up with the jets. where's brady. the pats qb missing practice with a knee injury. rob gronkowski was there. >> anchor: reports are saying gronk will still not play this sunday against new york. >> tom brady continues to do brady things playing at an mvp level. the quarterback was absent from wednesday's practice. matt slator also missing. rob gronkowski practiced. a report says that gronk is out against the jets and should return december 4th for the rams. >> i think every week we prepare the best we can with whatever we can as far as guys who can or
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>> and he's gone touchdown new england. >> reporter: the patriots are notorious for the next man up mentality. >> i think everybody's expected to do their job. it's a big thing around here. it is you know next man up. you have to know what to do if something happens. you know it's your turn. >> when a man is down somebody has to step up and fill that void. confident in everybody's ability the responsibility. >> reporter: and brady without a practice today due to a knee injury. offensive player of the week for the 27th time. he would tie peyton manning as the winningest quarterback in nfl history. >> anchor: all right still coming up at 7 heading for home why this thanksgiving is so special for a family in east boston. >> reporter: weekend ahead of us.
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looks to be likely all the way through sunday. talk about how much rain's on the way in a forecast. >> anchor: neighbors pull an elderly man from a burning home in saugus. fire fighters on the scene. we'll be right back. >> it's a holiday tradition high school football on thanksgiving with local athletes getting their chance to shine. the news station brings you the
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>> anchor: a little girl from east boston going home for the holidays. 10-year-old paulina lopez spent time in the hospital. she suffers from a neurological disorder. >> anchor: paulina with her family just in time for thanksgiving. jonathan hall has the story. >> reporter: home for the holidays. this east boston girl getting the send off from the staff san friskan children's hospital. >> reporter: what kind of food is your favorite food on thanksgiving. >> turkey. >> reporter: turkey. me too. the daughter of columbian immigrants spent 2 months in the hospital working hard at physical therapy every day. >> i feel very proud of her. she has been able to overcome all the things that been happening to her.
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fine this fall. doctors believe paulina's body responded badly. the doctor who treated paulina says germs can cause afm. they can have serious consequences. weakness in the limbs. >> she couldn't walk. she couldn't wiggle her toes. she couldn't do anything. >> reporter: paulina is doing much better. the staff says ? >> and they'll miss her. >> she is wonderful. she is sassy. she has a big personality. >> reporter: this is no forever goodbye. paulina will be coming back for outpatient therapy and hopes her progress will continue. jonathan hall 7 news. >> anchor: best of luck to paulina and her family.
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them. >> anchor: be one they won't forget i'm sure. >> anchor: speaking of the holiday. a lot of people like to go out, bri, after stuffing themselves with the calories. >> reporter: if the tryptophan gets you. the best news for right now winds have calmed significantly from the last few days. a bit of a breeze in boston. we have high clouds moving in right good radiational cooling. i talk about that a lot. temperatures drop quickly as they have been. we started the newscast at 4:00. sitting at 38 now. 31 in worcester. temperatures drop to the freezing mark and below it. upper 20s overnight and tomorrow morning. that's why this is a concern. not so much because it's going to swing a lot of snow or a lot of rain in our direction.
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direction we could find isolated slick spots tomorrow morning. 11:00 we're already below freezing in most spots. clouds move in for us and stick around through the overnight hours. this particular forecast model does not show precipitation showing up in the morning hours. there could be a chance that isolated locations get flurry or spot time getting slick spots. 9 a.m. though that threat has passed. temperatures warming above the freezing mark. dry for the afternoon. mostly dry conditions until after sun set. you get that football game in or that walk around the block with the family. here comes the light showers and drizzle in the picture for us thursday evening into the overnight hours. temperatures don't look like
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tomorrow night. here's my forecast map. as i mentioned before we can't rule it out completely that some areas see a quick wintry mix that could count for slick spots a coating to an inch. the berkshires the higher terrain. thanksgiving forecast into the low to mid 40s for most of us in the afternoon. if you're flying anywhere tomorrow i think spot you'll check ahead for in the pacific northwest. an unsettled weekend ahead of us. it stays on again and off again. rain showers, drizzle, snow for northern new england as we make it all the way into sunday. not a lot of rain on the way for us. you need to bold the type there that we're talking wet rather than white. how much rain is on the way
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best case scenario. and 32 days from christmas. if you're headed out for black friday deals friday you want the umbrella on stand by. wet weather in store for us friday, saturday into sunday as well. and wet weather middle of next week. >> anchor: all right, bri. it's turtle time. how rescuers managed to give
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>> anchor: well 51 endangered sea turtles rescued off the coast of cape cod. >> anchor: brought to new england's aquarium turtle hospital. these rescue turtles will be rewarmed over several days and treated for other nonlife threatening illnesses. >> what we'll do is rewarm those turtles slowly. 5 degree ace day. after they're rewarmed they will still probably ke case a month or 2 of rehab just in terms of getting the turtle fat again. getting them mobile. >> anchor: once they are healthy the turtles will be taken down
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america runs on dunkin'. fan in the face. >> the violent altercation caught on camera, now on "extra." ? the new shock individual joe as he smash as fan's face. the kardashian rally around kanye. was he a ticking time bomb set off by kim's paris rob ji new dames from the timeline to his psychotic break. >> laurie and val. >> the new dance champ, laurie hernandez moments after victory. >> how will you celebrate your


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