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tv   Today  NBC  November 25, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget. this morning on "today's take," what's better than black friday? "freebie friday." plus, tamron taking you where no one's ever been before. you will not believe your eyes. wait until you see how we are re-inventing thanksgiving leftovers coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, welcome back to a friday. black friday. i am going to be honest. i don't like that phrase. >> why? >> i don't like black frooiday. >> why is it. >> because to me it is like a negative -- >> but isn't it a money? >> why don't we call it green friday then?
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but it means like i'm in the black as far as finances. >> i get it. >> because when you're in the red -- >> that's bad. >> yes. right. >> red friday would not be good. >> are we on tv? >> we're on tv. we're on tv. >> happy friday. >> yes! did you have a good thanksgiving? >> oh, my gosh. i did. i hung out at patti labelle's house which -- >> do tell. >> i can't tell you everything. it is on instagram. >> there you go. >> i did not hang out at patti labelle's house. >> 13 of my family members came over. i can finally host thanksgiving because we finally have a dining room table. so, yeah. >> that's important. >> just ate and sat on the couch. >> thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because there is no expectations. like christmas, you are looking for gifts, did i get the wrong thing. my family is in texas and because i had to work yesterday and today i didn't get a chance
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do a redo thanksgiving. >> there's nothing wrong with that. >> a thanksmas. >> you are such a big cook but you don't normally cook? >> i used to. but since we lost my parents and -- sorry. thank you very much. >> the suspense. >> back wash. >> i guess it is. >> just a little years ago. chef daniel invited us to his restaurant. we've eaten there. . it is like, wow, i'm not exhausted after dinner. >> you cook every day pretty much for your family. most days for your family. then to go and cook this huge meal -- >> it is nice to have someone else do it for you. >> exactly. >> it is feel-good friday. this being money green friday. because we don't say black friday around here.
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a dad and as a meteorologist, last saturday i got to see the launch of the goes r satellite with my son, nick. it is the most advanced weather satellite in the world now. and we watched it. the window was from 5:42 to 6:42. they launched it right at 6:42. i had never seen a night launch before. it was of the most amazing things. >> it looks like the t of a sunrise. there is so much science on that little ball of fire right there. >> how will this change our lives? >> it will change our lives in so many different ways because it is going to be able to give us better insight into hurricanes, lightning detection, fog detection, soil moisture, solar activity. much more enhanced solar activity. it is going to be with the resolution this thing will have,
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blocks at a time and so much more data is coming in as opposed to like every 30 minutes. this will be every five minutes. >> wow. >> it will help add maybe 10 to 15 minutes to tornado warnings. >> that's huge. that's so hard. >> that's huge. i just feel good about the fact that i got to see it. i got to see it with my boy and that we are going to have so much -- in -- >> is he taller than you now? >> he is taller than me. he's kind of stooping down. >> i can tell hold him down. >> first i thought it was the headphones. how old is he now? >> he's 14 1/2. >> and he's taller than you. >> he wears a size 12 sneaker. i'm buying clothes for him every three months. he sneezes and it is like the "incredible hulk." things rip off. every time "the incredible hulk" did that, his pants didn't rip. >> he wasn't flexing his legs.
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>> you should befriend people in the nba so that nick can get their leftover size 42 sneakers. what's your feel-good friday? >> well, brian and i being the nerds that we are, we have just gotten a new nintendo system. the original nes. >> that sold out everywhere! >> it sold out everywhere. >> how did you get it? >> brian just ordered it online. he was waiting for are it to come out online. i think we overpaid for it -- >> it is like the eight-bit thing. >> yes. entertainment system but it is a smaller mini version of it. super mario 1, 2, 3. 30 games already loaded on to it. this is me playing super mario 1. >> aw! >> it's got the original controller. >> that's when i stopped playing. this was like the last of the video games for me. this is so cool. >> so watch. we did it. i was very happy.
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daughter. we can't find it anywhere. >> i know where you can get one. i know an address. they're going to be busy with the baby soon. >> i told brian we need to be one, two and three mario brothers before the baby gets here. >> we don't have -- we have the cards but i love this. what is a rustic cuff? what are you happy about? >> i didn't know. a few weeks ago i was at an event in harlem, actually how i got the patti labelle it was a group of women. like we're from tulsa, oklahoma, we love you so much. you're our favorite. i looked down and said that's a beautiful bracelet you have on. she takes it and puts it on my arm. i'm like, wait a minute, what are you doing? she's like, no, no, this is a rustic cuff. in tulsa, it is basically like pay it forward when someone compliments you. so ali, one of our producers
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and i go -- click. >> so it is -- kathie lee is actually on their website. she was one of the first. you go on. but there are different ones. but it is kind of just this tradition now. here's my problem though. i want to say hi again to the lady who gave it to me. we took a picture. >> you don't know how to reach out to her. >> they kept the picture. on her phone. they said they were going to tweet me. if you're those ladies from tulsa who gave me the rustic cuff and we met the a t please call me. or tweet me or something. because ali now has the bracelet and i need a new one. >> it's a good thing it is not called rustic dress. if somebody said i like your dress -- >> but i just loved that idea of someone say, i like that, and then you are doing it because we have -- think about it. we're talking about shopping today. you're going to buy something you already have. that was the inspiration behind this company.
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jacket i was wearing. kind of a little loose on me. i was fortunate, lost some weight. so i gave it to him. what the heck. >> joan rivers, this was 15 to 18 years ago i ran into her. i said you smell so great. she opened her handbag and gave me her perfume. and i still -- i have a keepsake of things that really mean -- it was joan rivers who didn't even know me. i was like local news, local and she gave me the perfume out of her bag. >> love your car. >> al, i love your home. i love your life. >> on to this one. are you thinking about how much you ate yesterday and wondering what you need to do to burn off the -- >> these always drive me nuts. makes me just feel so guilty. >> our producers went online. to find out what you would need to do to burn off calories that you've consumed. again, we don't support this.
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enjoyers. we're sharing just in case you wonder. you have to do ten minutes of stair climbing for a quarter cup of stuffing. >> 37 calories for cranberry sauce, that's three sets of 20 push-ups? >> 20 push-ups only burns 37 calories? >> your body keeps burning after you are done with the workout. >> how many calories did you just burn off, jerry, bringing this? >> half a cup of mashed potatoes is mashed potatoes than that. >> 35 minutes of weight training is what they say you would need to do that. >> six ounces of turkey breast, 195 calories. 50 minutes of ice skating. >> now we get into the desserts and a slice of pumpkin pie, up around 316 calories. that's 60 minutes of yoga which calms you down. >> apple pie is 411 calories?
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in 30 -- what is 5k turkey trot? >> they do runs. three miles? >> they're on thanksgiving morning. it is like three miles. >> this is like a killjoy. this is popping my balloon. >> you don't eat like this every day. enough! enough! enjoy. chill. >> chill. back to your black friday deals. >> or whatever. friday shopping. the new store from business insider, they say the last year. it's been going down every year. people are going online. but wallethub says these are the best places to shop and save. sears an average of 43% discount. >> my first job ever -- second. i worked at toys "r" us and i went to sears and i worked in the men's suit department. i was like 17. hey, sears. >> hey, lady, i need to buy a suit. >> i could sell some men's suits. i was awesome. >> kohl's, they say an average of 58% discount.
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kohl's. jcpenney, 62%. macy's number one average 63% discount. you should aim for a discount of 39% -- okay. why not just say 40%? or higher. video games most valued. jewelry is expected to be the worst deal. >> i tell people -- i love to shop. i don't think you should buy anything full price after september. becausen november. and there's nothing worse than buying something, then your friend's got, i got that same thing. up next, if you are still stuffe from yesterday and plan on being a couch potato all day long and hanging with us, we've got the perfect game to keep you entertained. we'll stay with you as long as you want us. play along with us in this interesting game after this.
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back with more of "today's take." so everybody is home sitting on the couch. got your top button of your pants undone. got the stretchy pants. here is a game just for us. me iconic couches. all right. here's the first couch. >> first couch. >> "friends." >> easy. >> actually, i've they ever seen an entire -- >> that's "roseanne." >> boom. all right. >> clearly we spend a lot of time on couches watching tv. >> "simpson's." >> that was easy. come on, guys.
10:16 am
again. >> wow. >> we have spent a lot of time watching tv. that's oprah and tom cruise. >> considering the oprah -- >> it says oprah. that was a tough one. >> look at that. >> the bundys. >> "the golden girls." >> i said "the unbelievable. so -- >> don't play that game at home. >> thanksgiving is done. time to change the music over to christmas music. >> i'm ready for christmas music. >> pentatonics are out with their fifth album. they're pretty phenomenal. >> new country music album out
10:17 am
yearwood. they put out a christmas together. >> have you seen their amazon commercial for alexa? is three or four of them in a row. they're very funny. google it. it's like -- i would watch a show with the two of them. >> she's got her cooking show. >> oh, does she? i've not seen it. i'm a fan of both. >> one of our faves. jimmy buff f came out with "'tis the season." it is always summer with jim new but beach christmas isn't bad. a lot of these artists will be performing on our program. what's your go-to christmas song? ? and this christmas will be a very special christmas ? ? from me ? i can't sing.
10:18 am
i love that song. >> bruce springsteen. ? merry christmas baby ? >> you sound like jenna bush hager. meets bruce springsteen. >> mariah carey. all right. all right. that's what's goi . around northern new england looking for a chance of snow. in southern new england a damp ac drizzle off and on throughout the day up to a 10th of an inch of rain by this evening. head into tomorrow morning of a coastal storm and chance of showers across the cape, island and coast and further inland looking to stay predominantly high. highs today upper 40s and even low 50s for the cape and islands. patchy fog this morning mixing out and we have patchy fog again tomorrow. again tomorrow. >> and that's your late easy
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>> announcer: "eebie friday" is sponsored by lg electronics. so there's no better deal on a friday after thanksgiving than something free. our friends at lg are making a special "freebie friday" for you. tamron is on her way outside right now. tamron. >> i'm about to give out these two -- let me see! let me see! ? >> okay. here! all right. now, can you guess what the remote control is for? >> a television. not just any television, take a look at this.
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only offered by lg that gives you super amazing quality. the flat screen -- as thick as a credit card! can you believe that? dylan, back in to you! >> it's pretty amazing. for those ofou a 65-inch lg super ultra high-def 8500 series smart tv. the quality is four times better than full hd. go to's take. don't forget to like us. up next, tamron reaches new heights and gets a rare view of new york city from part of the empire state building very few people have ever seen. but first, your local news.
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that's one of the most famous buildings in the world. this year marks the 85th anniversary of the iconic empire state building. >> some have only seen it in the movies, others are lucky enough to have made it to the observatory on the 86th floor where you can take in breaki city. >> imagine getting to go even higher than that where no journalist has ever gone before. and somehow i qualified as the person to get this once in a lifetime chance. come with me. >> reporter: the empire state building, the beacon in new york city's skyline and an icon on the big screen from "an affair to remember" to "sleepless in seattle." >> i'm on the 86th floor of the empire state buildings.
10:31 am
millions of tourists come a year to see this iconic building. this is something special but i have something extra special for you. we are going -- up. how high? 250 feet higher, to be exact. this is the 86th floor observatory. see the dome with the antenna? that's where i'm heading. >> come on up, tamron. >> reporter: my guide is tom dorals with empire state realty trust. >> you into ed to get harnessed up. >> reporter: i fee croft/tomb raiderish. this is very odd. >> we call this the dome. >> we're in the dome, ladies and gentlemen. good thing i didn't wear high heels. i feel like i just went on a space mission. >> you're ms.ically outside the building. this is really higher than where king kong was. >> one giant step for tamron.
10:32 am
show. >> tamron, keep climbing. >> tom's telling me to keep climbing and stop talking. bye! >> you're almost there. you're about to get the best view of your life. >> oh my goodness. hello, new york! >> you're actually where very few people have gone, only construction workers have come up here. >> you think the construction guys take selfies up here? >> i know they do. >> all right. >> reporter: they're cocoon-like shell on top of the building, the first of its kind, so that workers can tend to it day and night without shutting anything down to the public. these antennas broadcast what? >> all the major tv stations are broadcast from atop the empire state building. >> so if i wanted to affect the competition -- >> we're not going to show you where the disconnect switch is located. >> but there is a switch for that. i have to tell you, i thought i was going to be terrified. but it's soothing.
10:33 am
here. on a clear day you can see 80 miles, five states. you're at the highest point beyond where very knitter has gone. >> my first new york apartment, right there. i can see it. hey, old apartment! that's where i get my facial. it's just the most incredible view. i will never see new york the same way. thank you so much! this has been incredible! now how do i get >> reporter: one last stop. only those who worked in the dome have signed their names. but they gave me the honor. so, tamron was here. >> hey, mom, i made it! >> this was an incredible opportunity. by the way, here's the thing. did you know the empire state building has its own zip code zp. >> i did not know that. >> it has its own zip code. the whole building has its own zip code. it was an incredible experience. thank you to the entire team out there because i was scared out of my wits. >> are you okay with heights?
10:34 am
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he is a hollywood star who's as famous for his voice as he is for his acting. >> you probably know him best from his golden globe nominated role as david palmer. >> now dennis is taking us into the future in the new thriller "incorporated." he plays julian morris, security for a corporation called spiga. >> what happened today in jakarta, someone is going to end up in the quiet room for that. do you understand what that means? >> we've all heard stories. if you really knew, you wouldn't send anyone my way on a 55% chance he's guilty.
10:39 am
>> run! run for our life! >> you play the figure of authority so well. little terrifying in this. but why do you think that is? is it the voice? >> i think it is a combination of things. on screen i am a lot more serious than i am off. with this character, i just love this character. first time i read it. i was in it a lot in the premier show, but he things that he does. >> this is one of these shows, it's set about 50 years in the future but everything that you are talking about in the show seems pretty plausible now in -- probably is going to be -- before that. >> very probable. i think unless we change our ways drastically, that's where we're headed. >> that was ominous. so was it like to sit down with 8-year-old dennis at the dinner table with his voice of
10:40 am
out. >> wouldn't that have been great? 8 years old -- you know, i'm not eating my green beans. >> this broccoli has to go. >> whatever you want. >> when did your voice change? >> i think it was junior high. >> you just woke up like this? >> well, two sisters. >> you are such a voice of authority. are you actually the voice of "meet the press" on sunday. >> yes. >> do you have a desire to do a light romantic comedy? >> well, that's funny you should mention that. two of my favorite roles have
10:41 am
romantic dramas. >> what's your favorite romantic movie? >> "love field" and ""far from heaven." "though i loved playing action. i love playing a julian, of course. >> but you would do both. your versatility is incredible. >> well, thank you. >> your voice puts you in a scary category but -- >> as you watch the show, you'll see just how julian is. >> this guy turns nice? >> i wouldn't say nice. i'll say this about julian. there's a red zone and there is a green zone. if he had his druthers, he would live outside both of them. >> okay. that's much like how you live your life. >> yes. >> the show's got a pretty good pedigree. comes from ben affleck and matt damon. when you see that, does that give you a certain level of comfort as an actor that you know that this is going to be something that's going to be
10:42 am
through their work. met ben once before, met matt once before but not enough to sit down and shoot the stuff with them. but the fact of their bodies of work suggests to me that this was going to be something really good, that they weren't going to pull back. i said, i have to be a part of this. >> it does only take place 50 years in the future but the technology, self-driving cars, the computers built in to from 50 years from now that you hope does appear? >> you know, i'm one of those people, i'm old school. i still have a dial phone. >> my grandmother's. >> mine, too. >> it works. >> tom hanks gave me one. >> name dropper. >> sorry. did somebody pick that up? >> we can't let you get away without showing this quick clip
10:43 am
>> how about we go inside so i can take down your report? >> we're not even sure burglars have left yet. >> it's been an lour. you really think he's hanging around in there taking a bubble bath? >> who said you can't do comedy! >> there you are. your voice was a little bit higher then. >> sometimes i can get up in the register. >> is this really your voice? >> yes, it is. >> thank you so much. wednesday, november 30th, at 10:00, 9:00 central, on our sister network sci-fi. sister network sci-fi. that's what's going on around northern new england is looking for a chance of snow today. here in southern new england a damp black friday forecast. we have a chance for some showers as well as drizzle off and on throughout the day dragging up to a 10th of an inch of rain for this evening.
10:44 am
the island and coast and inland looking to be predominantly high. highs in upper 40s and 50s for the cape and islands. patchy fog this morning mixing out and we have patchy fog again tomorrow. again tomorrow. up next, open up your fridge. pull out the leftovers. we'll show you how to turn them into two amazing dishes right after these messages. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans... ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but... ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to... ...gently remove more plaque and... ...oral-b crossaction is clinically proven to... ...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide.
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this morning on "today food," we are re-inventing thanksgiving leftovers. grab your turkey, sweet potato casserole. we'll create a couple brand-new dishes with help of our frien >> at this point i need my jaw wired shut! i've eaten so much. we're keeping going. this is the good thing. both of these recipes are super simple. we've got turkey buffalo dip. fantastic. we have sour cream, buffalo sauce, colby cheese, ranch dressing and our fantastic turkey from yesterday. this is a slow cooker which is great for football. honestly, i don't know about you
10:49 am
couch. >> what do you got in there already? >> colby jack, cream cheese, now we're adding our buffalo sauce. and then a little bit of ranch. then we're going to take this, mix it really, really well and turn this puppy on and let it go. >> elizabeth, is the buffalo sauce from a jar? >> it is. you can buy this at any grocery store. could not be any easier. >> you can make your own but why would you? >> the other thing is what i love is the -- cheese in he bleu cheese as well. if you didn't want to do colby jack. >> how long could you keep this in the slow cooker? >> i would say about three hours. >> it won't last that long. >> exactly. then just turn it to warm and you've got it all day long. all day. >> it is so good! >> isn't it good? the other thing, we even made sliders with this one time. took great little buns, filled it and then had those as well.
10:50 am
excited about is sweet potato casserole. i don't know about y'all, but literally it is in my refrigerator right now. it still halls the spoon in it because every time i walk by the refrigerator, i got tired of washing spoons. we're going to make a sweet potato biscuit. it is actually out of this world. use your sweet potatoes even if they've got marshmallows on them. here's our grid. we have our ba salt, butter, sweet potato, milk, cranberry sauce. >> does it matter what kind of flour you use. >> it's got to be an all-purpose flour. we don't want self-rising for this. anything -- a really light flour works beautifully for biscuits. we're going to have our sweet potato casserole. i hate to see it go, al.
10:51 am
now we have our cubed butter. make sure that it is really, really cold. >> does it have to be cold? >> yeah. i'll tell you why. almost frozen. once those little baby pockets of butter, you've got players of flour. once it melts it disappears. that's what makes our flakes. do you see what i'm saying? >> science! >> same thing for a pie crust. mix this together, don't overmix it. then start adding our milk. once we get it kind of mixed in -- we may not need all of this. you just try and judge it for yourself. >> what's tconsistency? >> we want it to all come together but we don't want to overmix it because then we'll have a tough biscuit. >> nobody likes a tough biscuit. >> we have it all rolled out here. one of our secrets, don't -- when you press it down -- it's our -- we want to turn this. we want to turn it.
10:52 am
press down and pull up. >> why not? >> what happens is if you turn it, it locks the sides of this and it will not rise beautifully. >> chef secret. >> isn't that nice? i could do this all day long. i'm going to let you do it though. >> in all my years of doing cookies -- >> i even bake biscuits together side by side just to see. i twisted one and i did the other because i didn't believe, and it did make all the difference in the world. >> you like parchment paper. >> absolutely. i just think it is really easy. once you are away. you don't have to wash your pan. at this point i'm exhausted, tired of cooking, i'm over it. but by making these few little things it keeps the family going over the weekend. >> what i like about both of them is they don't taste like thanksgiving. so it is a change of pace. >> mix your cranberry sauce, mix with just a little bit of room temperature butter.
10:53 am
thank you so much. >> oh, honey, thank you. >> happy holidays. >> this dip was amazing. all gone. >> i appreciate it. recipes are at we're back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it's black friday. november 25th. hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving. >> oh. >> i had a house full. it was fantastic. hope you're spending it today exactly the way you want. >> absolutely. hope you are -- probably still with your family, enjoying this. the holiday entertaining season, we've got a great show getting your home ready for guests and for the new year. >> first, the guys from "flipping boston" are back. >> they're crazy.


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