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donald trump.. in second with 24- percent... followed by senator marco rubio with 23-percent, stephanie moore joins us first on thirteen...... stephanie, the ground game may have made the difference here... ted cruz rose up in the republican ranks by meeting one-on-one with voters in every corner of our was that effort that he credits for the win... 'ted, ted, ted.' there's no denying it ted cruz has a strong following in iowa... 'i caucused for him, i spoke for him tonight at our caucus, he is the man.' 'its exciting, its awesome, i after-party, i like ted cruz a lot and i just was all about.' cruz made iowa a priority early 1127' this campaign has been a movement from millions of americans from across this country to organize, to rally to come together, whatever
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the people down.' 1139 cruz focused his campaign strategy on connecting with iowans...he visited all of iowa's 99 counties where he held events and answered questions from voters. it was that personal approach that first caught the eye of now cruz volunteer richard heizer... 'hes true to his word, very unique in politics, so thats the reason were here, first time weve ever done this, never done this for any candidate.' heizer came up from texas and joined the 12-thousand other volunteers in iowa who did everything from make calls to going door to door... heizer credits cruz's ground game as the reason he won... 'he is very personable as well and he will stand up and answer the questions of the people, those people that send out a piece of literature or something else you cant face them and ted will face up to them.' and cruz recognized the success his campaign has by their boots on the ground approach... 628 'tonight is victory for the grassroots, tonight is a victory
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across iowa and all across this great nation.645 cruz supporters say this is only the beginning and they'll continue to do what they can to build on the forward momentum of a caucus win..... 'its huge, its awesome its the first step that he needed and its going to be a spring board for the rest of his campaign, its going to be great for him.' cruz didn't waste anytime...he left iowa after his victory party and headed to new hampshire... he has a packed schedule with nearly 20 scheduled events leading up to the new hampshire primary one week from today. donald trump is taking to twitter... saying he's not getting enough credit for his turnout in iowa. trump tweeted this morning.... the media has not covered my long- shot great finish in iowa fairly. brought in record voters and got second highest vote total in history! trump also posting, that he spent a fraction of the money that cruz and
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strong second...which he called "a great honor" steve king is taking heat for what he posted on twitter last night. it reads, "carson looks like he is out. iowans need to know before they vote. most will go to cruz, i hope." carson did not drop out of the race last night... and now his campaign is calling the tweet, a dirty trick... political director, dave price joins us now... dave, a lot of talk about the post... a lot of talk because it wasn't just congressman king talking about this carson rumor. cnn reported that after carson left iowa...he would go back home to florida to get fresh clothes... candidates usually go straight to new hampshire...which holds it primary a week after iowa's caucuses. carson's campaign says ted cruz's supporters like king...tried to convince iowans carson was dropping out of the they wouldn't back him in the caucus last night. rob taylor...5140 i think iowans got hosed last night. it
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iowan from my perspective." particularly this iowan. state representative rob taylor co-chaired ben carson's iowa campaign. taylor one campaign leader to's time for king to take responsibility for spreading false information that carson was dropping out of the race. taylor says he's called the state ethics and campaign disclosure board he wants to find out if king or
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ethically wrong. while he waits for an answer...king did offer this on twitter. . i respect ben carson & regret any miscommunications. taylor says there's something still apology. congressman king's office says he wasn't available to talk with us today. meanwhile...ted cruz's campaign has apologized for spreading this false information about ben carson. the democrats are in a race so close, every detail is being scrutinized. but hillary clinton is coming out on top... democratic party shows the final
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percent of the vote ... and bernie sanders 49-point-six-percent. that's the closest vote in iowa democratic party history. so close, as many as six caucus sites, decided delegates by coin toss... according to the rules for democratic precincts-- ties between two or more candidates can be broken by a coin toss. presidential candidate "well, as you recall, my luck was not that good last time around and it was wonderful to win the caucus and to have that experience of all the hard work, the grassroots organizing pay off the way it did." clinton came in third in 20-08...behind barack obama and john edwards. the sanders campaign says it doesn't have a problem with the coin toss tiebreaker. 14:47: 13 folks that don't follow it as closely can get a little jumpy - oh there was a coin toss here or a coin toss there- you know, it's part of
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before it starts 23 but since first and second place were so close, the campaign is asking the democratic party to check its count. it wants to look at all the paper reports to make sure that the results from each precinct matches what was reported. the sanders camp says isn't questioning the integrity or the party or any caucus volunteers, but it does want to rule out human error because any change could alter the outcome. 14:48:06 but the fact that this thing turned in such a short period of time in such a competitive caucus race in the history of democratic caucuses, everyone wants to get it right and i include the party folks in that 19 the democratic party says what the sanders campaign is asking for - the paper records- is not going to happen because it isn't a primary or straw poll, it's a caucus. some iowa voters are heading to the polls today... but the snow is
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voters in the bondurant farrar school district are deciding on a 21- million dollar bond... to improve the high school and morris elementary. polls are open until eight tonight. voters in the nevada and ballard community school districts are deciding if they want to renew physical plant and equipment levys for another ten years. polls opened at noon instead of seven... because of the snow storm. polls still close at eight. the secretary of state has postponed the election for earlham community schools. the madison county auditor says travel was not advised since gravel roads were not cleared today. the special election will be next tuesday. the snow held out just long enough to let people caucus.. but several schools canceled classes today... ed... have we seen the last of the storm?
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but the excitement is not just limited to sunday... coming up, the big draw nearly a week before the broncos and panthers take the field... and the performer who will sing the national anthem... and a snow storm threatened to ground flights as the caucuses wrapped up... how the des moines international airport prepared for the rush... and number of flights that are canceled this evening. and a new phone scam is duping iowans out of their money... the reason officials say you should always question this type of call... even if the caller claims it''s from law enforcement. a new phone scam going around...
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falling for it.. the call comes from a recorded service.. and the polk county sheriff's office says that's what makes this type of phone scam different. the recording states that a federal lawsuit will be filed against the person receiving the call if they don't take action. they're asked to call a number - or risk being arrested. that number is an 804 area code, but keep in mind that could change. the polk county sheriff's office says phone scams are always evolving, but there is a rule of thumb. 50:02 there is no law enforcement agency that's going to threaten arrest because of owed money over the phone. it's not going to happen 50:08 if you get that kind of call,
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make a payment. call your local law enforcement agency and verify what's going on. 50:18 sergeant brandon bracelin says phone scams like this also pop up around tax time. a man was killed after he was hit by a car while crossing a busy road last night in west des moines. the crash happened in the 700 block of ashworth road around seven. the area around lutheran church of hope and st. francis of assisi was busy because of people caucusing. the man was crossing at a spot without traffic control devices or marked crosswalks. police say the victim died at the scene. they have not released his name.. police say it doesn't look like any traffic laws were broken. the airport was busy overnight, as journalists and campaign staffers headed out of town after the iowa caucuses. the des moines international airport saw a few canceled flights as the snow storm hit... but most people made it out before the snow started falling. airport officials say they were
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scheduled extra staff to handle the caucus crowd. rental car companies and t-s-a also brought in more workers. kevin foley says the airport will keep the runways clear, but cold temperatures could still affect flights... "ice, would be the worst possible situation for an aircraft. but snow decreases visibility and it causes and some flight disruptions as well. " a flight to denver and minneapolis has been canceled this evening... and a detroit and chicago flight have been delayed... if you are heading to airport try to get there 90 minutes before you're
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the iowa hawkeyes had a great football season... and that success carried over to the basketball season.. coming up... the latest honor for the hawks... and how it marks a first for the
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what's america's best-selling brand of trucks? you're in for a big surprise, pal. actually, you're not. it's ford f-series, again. and, it wasn't even close. same trucks that have been leading the industry for 39 straight years. why? game changin' innovation. like f-150's high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy. which helps make it stronger, more capable and more efficient than ever. innovation. it's why f-series is making every other truck brand... history. super bowl 50 celebrations are
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from street parties to pass competitions, there's something for every football fan ahead of the big game. and as the festivities got started... the players met the media for the first time. and as jim crandell shows us, media day has turned into a big event .. there was no scoring..not even a timeout..still, thousands of fans lined up, and where psyched up to see the players... sot: panthers fan -- absolutely. that's another reason to come here, because i won't be able to go to the game. so, i can see this and get to see the players up close. tr: at nearly 30-dollars a at the s-a-p center in san jose were more than entertained by cam..petyon..and the rest of the broncos & panthers using a audio feed provided by the nfl, and pumped into a tiny ear piece... sot: broncos fan -- have you only listened to peyton, or is that all that matters? well, it doesn't matter but i tried to listen to the coach a little bit but he was kind of the super bowl brings everyone out..there was miss
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up like miss america..even puppets speaking spanish..and of course, former football talking about the biggest game of the year on sunday... nat: tr: there was also..vernon davis..the long-time 49er who was traded to the broncos mid- season... sot: vernon davis, broncos tight end -- i was just here. i'll look around a bit and get a gauge on things, then i'll come to the realization that i'm playing in the super bowl at levi's stadium... tr: and..sacramento native shaq thompson..a starting linebacker for the panthers... sot: shaq -- 4 years ago today i was signing a letter of intent to the university of washington..and now i'm in super bowl 50..that is crazy. the super bowl is this sunday. dy gaga will perform the tion them... eo hawkeyes basketball am is getting somerecognition...the hawks are featured on this week's regional cover of sports illustrated... it's the first time in school history that the football and basketball team have graced the cover in the same year. the hawks take on penn state tomorrow night in iowa city..
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