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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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it was a meeting of the minds find out if it was enough to make charles grassley change his mind about blocking a supreme court nominee. despite warnings about brain injuries ... football is as popular as ever amongst kids. a guest will be stopping by to talk about what experts recommend after a concussion. and is it the begining of the end of the presidential races? we'll break down super tuesday for you ... and where the candidates could stand at the end of the night. news at four front door open good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks for joining us. snowfall totals were in the 2 to 4" range from fort dodge into ne iowa early this morning. tonight, there will be no additional snow as skies clear out a bit into wednesday morning. wednesday will be a
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in the low 40s. there is another chance of a light rain snow mix again late wednesday into early thursday morning. temperatures will continue to climb into the weekend with highs back in the 50s and even 60s by next week. with highs back in the 50s and
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a big meeting at the white house today doesn't appear to have made senator charles grassley change his mind. iowa's senior senator still won't hold hearings on replacing antonin scalia until next year. grassley is the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. he is seen as the first hurdle a nominee from the president must clear before a full senate confirmation hearing. today grassley and senators mitch mc- connell, harry ried and pat leahy met with president obama to discuss
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grassley and mc-connell stood firm... insisting the next president will choose the next supreme court justice. after the meeting harry reid said it's another sign of a major shift in the gop way of thinking and governing. "i think that the republican party is changing before our eyes. donald trump, cruz, rubio -- they're all on the same kettle. i mean, look at the -- they're all agreeing with trump, in one way or another. so, you know, we're seeing before our eyes a new republican party." coming up tonight on the channel 13 news at five ... senator grassley will join us live to give his take on today's meeting... his reasoning... and whether anything could make him change his mind about this nomination process. now to the race to decide who will choose justice scalia's successor. today is super tuesday. while tonight's results won't end either presidential race ... they could deliver decisive blows to some campaigns.
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nats texas senator ted cruz cast his vote on a super tuesday that's do or die for him presidential candidate :05-:08"any candidate who can not win his home state has real problems" state polls show cruz with a lead over donald trump. mos - texas voter :12-:20 "i voted for ted cruz primarily because i dont want donald trump to get those electoral votes in texas we need to stop his momentum" but trump... without texas ... could sweep 10 of the 11 super tuesday states he and his new ally chris christie are talking tough s/ donald trump / presidential candidate :28-:33"i deal with rubio i deal with cruz...these guys dont know anything...they have no clue whats going on" s/ gov. chris christie / new jersey :34-:39 "in the next two weeks. his desperate opponents will say and do anything to try tear him down" america's top elected republican tried today house speaker paul ryan on trump not repudiating the kkk s/ rep. paul ryan/ house speaker :48-:48 "if a person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games, they must
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is built on bigotry." marco rubio... trying to hold on two weeks 'til the vote in florida ...called trump unelectable and democrat hillary clinton slammed trump s/ hillary clinton / presidential candidate 1:08-1:13 "im going to continue to speak out against bigotry where ever i see it or hear about it" like trump, clinton could win every super tuesday state but one vermont, where bernie sanders hopes for a big turnout in other liberal states s/ sen. bernie sanders / presidential candidate 1:22-1:24 "if not there's not we're probably going to be struggling." like ted cruz, if he loses texas. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, houston, texas. it's not all about wins and losses tonight. there are points for second place. geography, organization and momentum could all play roles in how super tuesday turns out. political director dave price looks deeper at the math. for the democrats... super tuesday...means super pressure for bernie sanders. he got throttled in south carolina after winning big in new hampshire. two person race superdelegates, the party vips behind clinton he has to have a good night where will that happen? look northeast...obviousl y vermont, and massachusetts
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delegates for vermont 116 for mass lets move west....minnesota and colorado...both are caucuses...reward enthusiasm...sander s feels like he could do well there. sanders almost beat highly organized clinton in iowa polls make it challenging to see how those two states could go... minnesota 93 delegates, colorado 79 delegates slide down to oklahoma...might be sanders best chance looking south. 42 delegates...sanders barely up there in the polls... now, hillary clinton strength in the south...much stronger with african americans arkansas, tennessee, alabama, georgia and virginia. heavier african american populations. does well with them as a whole. looks like shell do well in all of those states arkansas...37 delegates tennessee, 76 delegates alabama...60 delegates georgia...116 delegates virginia...110 delegates if those hold true, clinton easily gets twice the delegates sanders how those close states go now texas...always bigger in texas by far...the most delegates...252!
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could run up the totals there. probably wont finish him off for good. sanders raised 42 million bucks last month. hes isnt going away yet. republicans...texas, texas, texas. 155 delegates is by far most anywhere senator ted cruz from there...campaigning there in final day. not a good sign but unless he gets more than half the votes, he has to split delegates. unlikely not good. he could win state, still not gain much on trump. if he loses, might be over. how move on, how raise money, if you cant even win your own state cruz is leading polls in arkansas. arkansas 40 republican delegates 50% winner take all otherwise, largely need 15% to get delegates again, cruz...even with a win...and he really needs win...doesnt gain a lot on trump. by the way...this is just want that south wanted...more diverse populations... wanted to go sooner in the process
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lets look at the rest of this so- called sec primary...a take on college footballs southeastern conference... heavy evangelicals...suppo sed to be cruzs strength...although he didnt carry them in south carolina. alabama 50 republican delegates can win all delegates with 50% in state or in congressional districts otherwise, need 20% to earn delegates. georgia;76 republican delegates 50% winner take all otherwise, largely need 20% tennessee ;58 republicans 67% winner take all otherwise, largely 20% trump up big in all those states...hard to alabama he may make it close to that magic 50 percent threshhold bounce up to minnesota... only place where marco rubio favored. could finally win a state. democrats seem to fear him most in an eventual head to head matchup with hillary clinton minnesota...38 delegates its a caucus delegates awarded based on state total and each congressional districts so rubio has to split delegates i realize i havent even mentioned john kasich and ben carson. but in all states but virginia...candidates have to earn at least 10% to earn any delegates. kasich and carson may be big afterthoughts... super tuesday...if you like donald trump and hillary clinton...could truly be a super night. nbc news will have a special one ur report on the superesday rusartinane o-o here onchannel 13. 'll keep y date on sults tonight on the news at ten as well.
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investigating the actions of one of its agents yesterday at a donald trump rally. take a look. time photographer chris morris was choke-slammed to the ground by the agent after he appeared to wander out of the assigned press area. he then exchanged words with the agent before being taken to the ground. the secret service says it is reviewing the incident. morris was not seriously injured. as you probably know, iowa is shifting to a way of letting private companies handle the state's medicaid system... and today, lawmakers heard about a bill to provide oversight to that new way of doing things. senator amanda ragan says the bill will safeguard patients, encourage participation and protect tax payers. governor branstad's plan to privatize medicaid is set to take effect april first, a date that has twice been delayed. senator ragan says the bill has six goals to accomplish oversight. those include creating a medicaid reinvestment fund and expanding something called the medical assistance advisory council. 'our job is to protect the health care safety net for iowa
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all one accident or illness away from depending on medicaid.iowas health care safety net is simply too important to turn over to out-of-state corporations' the bill wasn't debated today. the senate majority leader said republicans are considering some amendments to it and the plan is to take it back up tomorrow. a who's who of business leaders from across the state are asking lawmakers to expand medical cannabis in iowa. yesterday dozens of leaders ... including jim cownie, ron pearson, fred hubble, gary kirke and bill knapp ... all signed an open letter to legislators encouraging cannabis legislation. their letter read in part ... as iowa business leaders, we join the 76% of iowans who believe that medical cannabis should be legally produced, iowa. now is the time to help suffering iowans and their families get
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hereby call on iowa lawmakers to debate and pass comprehensive medical cannabis legislation this session. an emotional day of testimony wrapped up the trial of a des moines man charged in a deadly crash. 24-year-old troy mure is facing one count of vehicular homicide following the death of his passenger, scaliticy perez boyd, last november. he claims they were being chased by several men following a recent shooting at evolution nightclub. mure says at least one of them was armed and he lost control when the pursing car tapped his bumper. today, authorities described the violent crash into a telephone pole at speeds of more than 80 miles per hour. 06:19:25 the force of the impact of the telephone pole, the amount of intrusion, that was on the passenger's side of the vehicle. i believe that scalicity, she took the brunt of the impact with the pole. and i think as the vehicle got ripped in half, it ejected her from the vehicle.. authorities say they found no
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shows mure was hit or tapped by another car. today both sides rested their hands of the judge who will issue a verdict. des moines daycare providers can will not conduct a city-wide crackdown on them. the city of des moines has a law on the books that limits in-home children ... even if they are licensed by the state to care for more children. according to the des moines register ... earlier this year a des moines woman's daycare was shutdown after neighbors complained about parking outside her home and the city decided to enforce the rarely recognized law. that daycare provider in turn filed complaints against 480 other daycares in the city she said weren't complying with the law and should also be subject to enforcement. city manager scott sanders tells the des moines register that the city will not follow through with that enforcement ... and instead city leaders will look into changing the daycare limit law. had the city followed through
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slots. the blank park zoo is opening some spots for childcare .... of the four-legged and long-necked variety ... coming up next ... find out the zoo is planning to expand and how many giraffes could soon be galloping moines. and coming up later ... dealing with life after concussions. we'll tell you about a conference this week that the parent of every football player should consider attending. a helpful hand and a helpful
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hydrated this week. prairie city is on its third day without drinking water today. it's all thanks to a weekend malfunction ... sunday morning is when we realized was lost pressure due to a pump malfunction at our colfax wells, so we had to quickly take the reserves and put them up in the water tower. the towns loss of water pressure under iowa d-n-r regulations means residents have to boil drinking water. the p-c-m elementary school remained open, thanks for 28 hundred bottles of water donated by hy-vee in newton. more is coming wednesday donated water from fareway in pella. in the mean time city officials are looking to try to prevent a loss of water pressure again.
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the concern is to make sure we have the proper communication devices in place to allow us to understand where our water tower is at as far as water pressure.' under dnr rules the water must be tested twice to make sure the water is safe to drink. a second test was taken today, and results should be known sometime wednesday morning. the blank park zoo is expanding its facilities in hopes of an expanding family in des moines. the zoo is planning to build a one- point-eight million dollar expansion onto its giraffe barn. the new facility would be open to visitors so they can still see the giraffes on cold and rainy days. it would also provide more space for what the zoo hopes will be a growing giraffe family. 0447-0506 "we intend to expand the herd ... some by birth ... grow our herd into our new barn." the barn will also have stalls where two different types of
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antelope will hopefully breed to save their species. snowfall totals were in the 2 to 4" range from fort dodge into ne iowa early this morning. tonight, there will be no additional snow as skies clear out a bit into wednesday morning. wednesday will be a quiet day with highs in the low 40s. there is another
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wednesday into early thursday morning. temperatures will continue to climb into the weekend with highs back in the 50s and even 60s by next week. snowfall totals were in the 2 to
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early this morning. tonight, there will be no additional snow as skies clear out a bit into wednesday morning. wednesday will be a quiet day with highs in the low 40s. there is another chance of a light rain snow mix again late wednesday into early thursday morning. temperatures will continue to climb into the weekend with highs back in the 50s and even 60s
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coming up next ... we'll talk
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by next week. coming up next ... we'll talk with a brain injury advocate ... find out how you can learn some stark realities about the impact of
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the movie ... this week doctors are gathering in des moines to discuss the science behind concussions. the brain injury alliance of iowa will is holding its 24th annual conference starting thursday at embassy suites downtown. the theme of this year's event is "now what?" ... focusing on what to do after a concussion. joining us now with details on the event and what you can learn from it
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alliance of iowa ... the brain injury alliance annual conference is this thursday and
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it's being held at embassy suites in downtown des moines.
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about attending at b-i-a-i-a-dot-org.
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welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior!
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keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. not the company should have to hack into a terrorists i-phone. find out how congress got involved in the fight today as well. the wrestling mats are gone ... lets play some hoops. we'll take you live to the girls state tournament at wells fargo arena.
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the week ... erin and sonya are kung-fu- fighting. news at four front door the u-s house judiciary committee is weighing into the privacy fight between the government and apple. a california judge has ordered apple to help the government hack a terrorist's locked iphone. the question lawmakers want to know: will that have far-reaching privacy effects for all phone owners? brian mooar has the story from washington. on capitol hill ... the fbi versus apple - with phone encryption on the line and congress playing referee. "until this, there was no closet in america, no safe in america, no garage in america, no basement in america that was not that could not be entered with a judge's order." fbi director james comey says apple's new encryption is so powerful - only the company can help it hack the iphone of san bernardino terrorist syed farook. but he acknowledges what the government previously denied: this fight is about far more than just one phone. goodlatte: "if the fbi is
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to unlock this phone, that won't really be a one-time request, correct?" comey: "well, the issue of locked phones, certainly not." apple says everyone's privacy is at stake. "building that software tool would not affect just one iphone. it would weaken the security for all of them. for lawmakers - it's no easy choice. "the big question for our country is, how much privacy are we going to give up in the name of security." gowdy: "the right to counsel, the right to free speech, the right to a jury trial just isn't of much use if you're dead." just yesterday ... a federal magistrate sided with apple in a similar case in new york - ruling there's no law forcing apple to hack a locked phone.
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that new york case won't affect the california ruling - but it shows that the fight between apple and the government is far from over. the only question is whether the war of wills will be settled by congress or the supreme court. after 365 days floating around the international space station, scott kelly will finally feel gravity again tonight. the nasa astronaut is ending his record setting run in orbit tonight when he and a russian cosmonaut return to earth. this morning kelly tweeted out these pictures. they are of his final sunset aboard the space station. kelly has made more than ten-thousand orbits of the earth in the last year. the old wives tale won't hold true this year ... the girls state tournament is the old wives tale won't hold true this year ... the girls
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the old wives tale won't hold
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underway and there's no major snowstorm in sight for des moines. with no snow to worry about, we can focus on the action inside wells
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that's where our michael admire is ... he joins us live with some early highlights from today ... mission to win it all elle ruffridge/pocahont as junior 00-05 mission to win it all
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snowfall totals were in the 2 to 4" range from fort dodge into ne iowa early this morning. tonight, there will be no additional snow as skies clear out a bit into wednesday morning. wednesday will be a quiet day with highs in the low 40s. there is another chance of a light rain snow mix again late wednesday into early thursday morning. temperatures will continue to climb into the weekend with highs back in the 50s and even 60s by next week. snowfall totals were in the 2 to
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cinna-milk! early this morning. tonight, there will be no additional snow as skies clear out a bit into wednesday morning. wednesday will be a quiet day with highs in the low 40s. there is another chance of a light rain snow mix again late
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continue to climb into the weekend with highs back in the 50s and even 60s by next week. coming up next ... erin and
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right now. senator charles grassley met with president obama today... to discuss filling the supreme court vacancy.. we'll talk with senator grassley live about that meeting... and see if anything was said that could move him to hold hearings... and state leaders want to make sure iowans are protected once major changes happen to medicaid. what they want to do to make sure people still get their services and it doesn't cost taxpayers
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41:36 we are making an anchochile rub beef tenderloin with a potato croquet. sounds good! but the meal isn't being served up in a restaurant... the competition that's a real pressure cooker for aspiring chefs... president obama met with top senate leaders today... including iowa senator charles grassley... at issue... the impasse over holding hearings on a possible supreme court nominee... good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dave price in for sonya. justice antonin scalia died last month. the president feels he has the duty to nominate scalia's replacement so all seats on the highest court are filled. but senator grasley say president obama's term is winding down so the next president should choose the replacement. republicans in the senate
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supreme court nominee will be considered this year. senator grassley is the chair of that committee... he met with the president today along other senate leaders.. after about 40-minutes, that meeting was over... and republicans don't seem to be budging. democratic senate leader harry reid says the senate needs to do its job... sen. harry reid/ nevada "we have that nasty little constitution that says they are obligated to hold hearings, they're obligated to vote that's what it says and more importantly when they swore their oath each time they become a senator again or the first time they swear to uphold the constitution, they're not doing that, they are walking away from that." no word when president obama will announce a potential nominee. this situation is unprecedented. there hasn't been a justice die in a president's final year in office. let's bring in senator grassley. senator grassley....was today's


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